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Customized Hair Care Products by Prose is a Win for Stylists!

Hair Care Done The Right Way

If you thought that only your Doctor could prescribe your prescription, you thought wrong. Just think, you creating your hair care product, to solve all of your hair issues; doesn’t that sound genius? Well, that’s what Prose is all about! For years, many of us have struggled with finding the right hair products to tackle our tresses. We waste money and time, which are two things that you should not waste. Thanks to Prose, days of struggling with our hair are long gone. The pros behind the name Prose have over 40 years of experience in the hair business. They wanted to change the game and create personalized hair products for a responsible price. I mean, it’s about $25 a bottle that has ingredients just for you; who can pass that up? They are changing the way we view hair products while also improving people’s lives, all over the world. Continue reading as I take you through the process of how Prose works!


Okay, so you know when you pay $25 for that consultation with your hairstylist, and they barely tell you anything? Well, forget that because Prose’s consultation is nothing like that! When you first go onto their website, you have to create an account, of course, so they keep track of your information. You begin the process by answering a bunch of questions about your hair, and it all takes about five minutes. The first portion is pretty basic. They ask you what your age is, how curly your hair is if you have issues with dandruff, etc. Remember, this company is creating a product specifically for the customer. Therefore, they want to know as much information about you as possible. They even ask you if you currently have hair color. A lot of people have issues with finding hair products that work and its because they aren’t well educated on their hair. They haven’t studied their hair or even went through experiments. So if someone has curly dry hair, they find a product that says “moisturizer” and thinks that’s what they need. But that couldn’t be more wrong. Understand all aspects of your hair, in the beginning, is the start of having healthy hair.


After the necessary information is complete, Prose moves on to the ‘Lifestyle’ section of questions. At this point, they begin asking questions about what type of styling products and tools are you using. They want to know if you regularly use flat irons, or moose or dry shampoo, etc. I can tell this was an important question to ask because if there's someone who always uses a flat iron, then they will know that a person may be at risk for damage or dryness. Therefore Prose would create a product that has a lot of moisture or repairing ingredients. Prose also askes questions about your diet and if you're around smoke. Yes, because both of those are big deals! Now, I’m not sure what exposure to smoke can do to your hair, but I’m sure Prose knows so don’t skip out on that question! There’s even a part where they ask you for the zip code of the place you will be in for the next two months. Strange right? I know. I thought the same thing until I keyed in my zip code! Once you enter your zip in, Prose will break down all the information there is about the weather in that area. Their focal point is to find out everything they need about your environment. Well, it's essential! You’ll find out specific numbers on the UV rays, pollution, humidity, water quality and wind levels. If you don’t think knowing that information is crucial, trust me it is. I remember when I moved to Atlanta from up north a couple of years ago, I couldn’t figure out why my curls were becoming puffy as soon as I opened my front door. I didn’t know why the hair product I had always used wasn’t working anymore. It wasn’t until I realized the air pressure and humidity was utterly different from up north. Case in point, know your environment and adjust your hair routine as needed.

Hair Goals

Since the future of your hair counts, too! Prose does a great job at figuring out what you want your hair goals to be. They provide a measured lined bar for customers to adjust which would tell them how curly they may wish to their hair, how shiny, etc. And yes, even this section will have an impact on the hair product they will create for you. Not only that, they provide about four different fragrances for you to choose that gets added to your recipe. We all know that a head that smells good is a good head! Nobody wants an excellent working hair product that feels like trash! Why not have people smell roses petals and lavender as you walk past them? Exactly.

Formula Foundation

A great thing about the Prose hair care line is that they are all natural. You wouldn’t believe all the ingredients they don’t put in their product. Prose hair product is free from: • Parabens • Sulfates • Mineral Oil • Dyes • GMO’s (Genetically modified organism) How healthy is that, seriously? Sign me up! But it doesn’t stop there. Not only does their product not have the above ingredients but Prose will also ask if you want your customize hair product vegan, gluten-free or silicone-free. This is starting to sound like you’re ordering food, right? Well, you know what they say; if you can’t eat it, then it shouldn’t go in your hair.


So after all of the information you keyed in, Prose provides you with a synopsis. They tell you everything from whether your hair is damaged, dryness levels and dandruff issues, plus much more. Have you ever had anyone school you on your hair like that before? I’ll bet you haven’t. Of course, I took the questionnaire to see what the hype was about and it blew my mind! Prose told me that I had healthy hair. I didn’t need damage control; greasy hair wasn’t an issue and sensitivity wasn’t a huge concern. And honestly, that sounded about right. I was so happy to know that we were on the same page with my hair care and felt confident in knowing that my customize hair product would work!


Now, do not act as you know what’s in your current hair product, because the chances of that are slim. Most of the time the label on the back of products are full of essential ingredients, and then it dives deep into a slew of big words that make no sense. Bottom line, many times we have no idea what we’re putting in our hair. Prose gives you a complete guide on all the ingredients you will have in your personalized bottle. Not only do they break down the ingredients they even tell you the purpose of each one! For instance, my product has eight healthy ingredients. They are all names I have heard before! The elements include sunflower oil, castor seed oil, arginine and a few others. Prose gave the break down of each ingredient, and I know that my hair will have protection against damage; it will be moisturizing, and my scalp will always be balanced. I haven’t even gotten their products yet, and I know already that I can trust them.

Check Out

At the end of your questionnaire, Prose will show you a photo of the products you can get. You have the option of purchasing a hair mask, shampoo or conditioner or all three. Now, many people don’t know, but a hair mask is on the same level as a deep conditioner. Also, many people tend to leave this step out of their routine. However, a deep conditioner should never be left out. It penetrates your scalp to add long-lasting moisture acts as damage prevention and protects your texture. So although at times it can be a little on the pricey side, know its something you need. Prose also makes the check out process smooth with their free and fast shipping. Who doesn’t like free shipping? I know its one of my favorite things! Prose will also ship out your product within six days too. They even tell you how long your “prescription should last.” Yes, at check out they call the product a prescription! Mine stated it would last roughly six weeks, which I’m sure all of them are the same, but you’ll have to fill out your questionnaire to find out!

Dear Prose, Thank You

You know, I knew one day someone had to create a hair product that was going to be just designed just for the person. I mean, why not? As I mentioned earlier so many people are always wasting time and money on products that claim they will help your precious tresses but either do nothing or do the opposite. With Prose, we don’t have to do any of that. Our ‘prescription’ is just for us. So if you’re battling dryness or you feel your hair just isn’t growing anymore, check out Prose. They are here to help with any of our hair care needs. Also, if for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your product, Prose will allow you to return the product 100% guaranteed! I mean, it just doesn’t’ sound like anyone can loose with them. Prose: Hair products created just for you, by you! So, how does customized hair care products by Prose sound? Do you think you would try it out one day? Let me know in the comment section below!
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