your popular questions about hair extensions answered

Your Popular Questions About Hair Extensions Answered!

Hair extensions have become a major factor in the evolution of hair.

I have been an avid consumer of hair extensions, over the years. I have learned to use them for lengthening and dramatization of hair. Hair extensions help me to achieve looks I desired and even as means of protection! But just like you, my knowledge at one point was limited, and I had so many questions about hair extensions.

How to use them? Where do hair extensions? What’s the point of them? Are they any good for my hair? And most importantly, for me, how can I find the right ones?

As the development of hair extensions has evolved, so have your questions. I’d like to cover various questions about hair extensions. This article will shed light on what hair extensions are all about and even break a few myths.

After reading, you should leave feeling more knowledgable about hair extensions.


What are Hair Extensions?

I believe this is the most vital question to the origin of hair extensions. It can help hair virgins choose the right option. Asking this question also broadens the knowledge of those who are more ahead in the hair game.

According to Google, hair extensions are “artificial hair integrations” that is for the enhancement of your natural hair. There are various ways for them to be applied. Stay tuned as we’ll dive in a bit more on how you can apply them. For years, hair extensions have been the thriving, driven factor for the evolution of the hair industry.

I believe if women were limited to the options of hair enhancement with hair extensions not being one of them, we’d all go bald so I think we owe hair extensions and those responsible for their creation a standing ovation and round of applause!

But, this then poses the question...

How are Hair Extensions Made?

Most hair extensions hail from the world’s largest continent, Asia including various countries like India, Cambodia, and even Vietnam

Some hair extensions, known as “luxury hair,” can also come from other countries like Brazil or Peru. As part of heavy devotion to their religion, many temple worshippers sacrifice their long hair for rituals.

Do you think all that hair would go to waste?

Many hair experts and profit-driven individuals determined to incline their way in the hair industry successfully made it a growing multibillion-dollar market. Little do people know, much of the hair extension branch of the hair industry isn’t governed and properly regulated.

Much of the production of hair extensions and how they make them is in their home country which consists of being soaked in germ-killing acids and the hair being wefted to be auctioned off.


What is Hair Wefting

You’re probably wondering, “what is a hair weft?”

Hair wefting is the technique of binding the hair together by machine, by tape, or even by hand. The most popular option for hair wefting is by machine as the hair sews on by the machine creating tracks and then clips being sewn on and added afterward.

This technique of hair wefting helps create a more natural look making it high quality and allows for easy application. It is easy to manipulate hair extensions that are bonded using a machine for trimming and styling. They are more stable, and the weft is less affected.

These luscious bundles of hair then take a global trip to your nearby hair suppliers for you to conveniently purchase. Now, you’re thinking…

Which Brand of Hair Extensions is the Best?

There are tons of hair distributors in the world today.

I mean, we are talking about a booming multibillion-dollar industry and growing. After extensive research, I’ve found many suppliers who are getting at the top of their game to be the best. And I’m sure as a consumer; you want to go with the best. However, I have to say Private Label Extensions is ranking to be the number of hair supplier and technology company in the game.

With only four years in the market, it has had exponential growth providing nothing but the best top quality grades of hair known to man. Review after review, many consumers have raved how this hair has very minimal shedding, takes color well, and has phenomenal pricing.

What more could you ask for?


Private Label Extensions is not your typical hair company.

From supplying wholesale services to create your own business and branding, to retail, to technology and eCommerce services, to a wig marketplace where people will have the luxury to customize and purchase a wig to their liking, they have it all and much more. They are wholesale hair extension specialists and successfully taking the hair market by force.

Because hair extensions are an investment, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself to determine what brand of hair extensions may be best for you.

Questions like: what type of hair extensions would work best for me, natural or synthetic?

What type of hair extensions suits my lifestyle and does this brand offer it?

Are they of quality?

Do their customer reviews weigh more as positive than negative?

Getting the right answers to your questions will help point you in the right direction towards the best brand!


Are Hair Extensions Expensive?

The cost of hair extensions always depends on the type of hair the extensions are of and their quality and the technique used to install them.

It’s also important to vary in the factor of getting them installed professionally or at home. Now even though these are two different costs, you still want to incorporate both into your decision making on whether to get hair extensions or not.

First, I’d like to share specific installation methods used in a salon for the specific type of extensions to help you determine how much you’re willing to spend.

After much searching, I’ve found that clip-in hair extensions and sew-in hair extensions are the most affordable and durable ranging anywhere between one hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred dollars.

Sew-ins are used with needle and thread to connect the extensions through the wefts to your braided down hair, and clip-on extensions can just clip onto the roots of your hair. Tape-in hair extensions fall within the same price range but are not durable at all. On the high end, fusion extensions are ranging from fifteen hundred dollars to two thousand dollars because it takes a lot of time to apply the hair strand by strand.

Which would you be willing to pay for?


Where to Buy Your Hair Extensions Online?

In today’s evolving virtual world, brick and mortar is not the end all be all option to purchase your hair goods.

Can you buy hair online without touching and feeling it before hitting the ‘confirm pay’ button? Even though PLE is a top local hair vendor, they also offer the convenience of an online store that is super easy to navigate but most importantly provides fast shipping. To create a great customer experience, they offer shipping directly from their office which makes it faster to get into your hands. Online shopping, especially for your next bundle of hair extensions, should be easy, efficient, and effective.

Some may question if a website is legitimate as an actual hair company and if they provide top quality.

Hair Extensions Online

One method you can use to determine where to buy hair online and the best brand is the quality of the website.

Legitimate and distinct businesses truly invest in their branding and marketing to make sure their business is well-represented. Taking a closer look at their outline, about section, and product page can shed light on what type of company you may be buying into.

Not only do Private Label Extensions offer a high-value website, but they’ll also help you take your business to the next level with their custom packaging and branding services!

Are These Hair Extensions Real?

Now, you may be wondering are the hair extensions you are interested in purchasing or may have already purchased real.

Battling with this is not uncommon especially since some scam hair companies intentionally falsify their product information. Falsification can happen in stores and online but is very frequent in local beauty supply stores.

There are three significant tactics to use to identify synthetic hair extensions from the real deal. The first is just doing your research in the most thorough way possible! Doing your research goes back to scoping out the company you are interested in purchasing from and checking out various reviews, specifically by video. YouTube will become your most trusted source. Secondly, put some heat on it. Put the lighter away, girl, and whip out that flat iron. Set your temperature to 350 degrees or 400 degrees and apply it to the hair.

Check the hair fibers and how they react. Did it seem to melt? Curl up?

Are Hair Extensions Hard to Take Care Of?

As mentioned before, hair extensions are truly an investment.

An investment is something that you sacrifice to receive a beneficial return. With hair extensions, from the seller, you are guaranteed durability and great quality, each of which has to be maintained based on how you care for them.

Hair extensions are not hard to take care of, but they can be if you’ve never made an effort to care for them in the first place. Gaining the right tools and creating the best regimen for the care of your extensions will set you up for success. Depending on if you are savvy with hair extensions and well educated on caring for them will determine how successful you are in how you care for them. If you are new to the hair extension game and aren’t too confident or sure how you should care for the extensions you have or desire, simply think of them as your natural hair.

You want to consider them as your own and how you care for them because then you’ll never neglect them just like you wouldn’t do to your natural hair.

You have to also keep in mind that there is commitment involved when it comes to caring for your extensions such as time commitment. Properly caring for your hair extensions consists of deep conditioning them to keep them soft and hydrated, thoroughly detangling them to avoid matting and frizzy knots, and keeping up the proper regimen for when to wash them.

If you are not much of a hair extensions type of gal, take your time learning about them and how you can become well prepared to care for them. Be sure to ask your professional stylists for different tips that can help. Because caring for your investment is an ongoing process, it’s up to you, your efforts, and the knowledge you gain that determine the results.

May the hair odds forever be in your favor!


Are They High Maintenance?

Again, girl, it’s an ongoing process when it comes to maintaining your extensions.

How much maintenance depends on your type of extensions, including the type whether they’re clip-ins or fusion extensions and the type of texture. Depending on the kind of extensions you have installed, it may be a better option for you to visit a professional stylist. Deciding to invest your money into extensions is super convenient and can help your everyday life but maintaining them to keep them looking as good as they did when you first got them is most important!

In my opinion, I don’t think extensions are high maintenance and anything worth having takes work.

Are Hair Extensions Bad for You?

Most consumers of hair extensions believe they are heaven-sent.

I mean, they’re convenient, save time and money, and super versatile to achieve whatever you look you want. But some users who have too much tension placed on their roots and in result lose hair, beg to differ, but we’ll get more into that a bit later.

Hair extensions? Bad for you? How can this be?

Well, it can simply be due to your extensions not being correctly installed, even if you do visit a professional, so just make sure you go to the best one. Do your research and seek testimonials to find the right stylist for you. It’s not that hair extensions are bad for you, they just need to be properly installed and keeping up in the maintenance department.


Is Weave Bad for Your Hair?

Going to a professional stylist can take a lot of stress off when it comes to the idea of getting hair extensions.

Not having to worry about doing them yourself and having someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in not only a convenience but a step in the right direction. To ensure that extensions aren’t “bad” for your hair, going to a pro who has the best training under their hair belt and consistently visiting them for routine maintenance is what you should do. The investment you make to visit your stylist for that maintenance will allow them to do any reapplying, readjusting, and even rotating the area of where the extensions are placed to ensure there is not too much stress in one area.

The rotating method will help your hair follicles to remain intact over time rather than more damage which will result in that hair loss.


Are Hair Extensions Uncomfortable?

Anything that is not a part of your normal routine or that is not naturally apart from you can take some getting used to.

Depending on the type of hair extensions you get installed, they can be uncomfortable initially. Our scalps can tend to be sensitive to the tension placed on our roots after getting extensions. It’s all about getting adjusting to them. Ensuring that your extensions are secure, your stylist will normally put them as close as possible hinting the initial discomfort.

For instance, a sew-in of hair extensions can cause a bit more agitation because of the braids made to secure the sewing of the extensions.

Think about it?

The thread is pulling through to tighten the braids. Various factors can cause you to be uncomfortable with your new extensions like the hair weight or them simply being too tight. Mild discomfort is completely normal and will pass over a short course of time but if you are experiencing excruciating pain be sure to contact your professional stylist to help relieve the pain.

Don’t try it at the homegirl!


Are Hair Extensions Permanent?

A specific type of hair extension known as fusion extensions is a great option to get a convenient semi-permanent look.

There aren’t many options for extensions to have installed permanently throughout a lifetime. Fusion extensions, which provide a very natural look for the consumer, are individual strands bonded to your hair lasting you up to 6 months with proper care.

Now if that’s not permanent, I don’t know what is! Another great option if you’re looking for more durability over time is getting hair extensions sewn in. This method can be worn for up to 4 months, doesn’t cause much damage, and is easier on your wallet. Your stylist would simply use a needle and thread to sew the wefts of the extensions to your braided down hair and voila!

Which option do you think you’d go with?

Are Hair Extensions Common?

By now, people around the world are pretty familiar with the concept of hair extensions and how they work.

Considering this is a multibillion-dollar industry, most people have found ways to be innovative and spread the word about this phenomenon. Even with their commonality, the purpose of them is to be an artificial modification or enhancement to your natural look without everyone knowing.

Funny right?

To think hair extensions as common in a way that they’re basic is a misunderstanding. Hair extensions are common to the idea that they are known and making a huge impression on the hair world. Many celebrities have become more open about their stylists, who they are, how you can achieve the look, and why you should rock hair extensions.

Their openness is helping shed light on hair extensions and why they are so beneficial.


How Hair Extensions Changed My Life

For me, hair extensions have brought me a long way.

Hair extensions changed my life by creating a way of convenience, a progression of my hair, and feeding my desire to be more flexible with my style and looks. If it weren’t for hair extensions, I wouldn’t have had the necessary growth and protection for my natural hair. Using extensions not only helped me get the look I wanted but they also allowed me to gain the confidence I needed. There’s nothing wrong to use artificial things for self-modification! I knew that my hair was lovely and not a flaw of mine but just something I wanted to enhance.

Hair extensions are simply beauty tools of enhancement, and they’ve helped me a lot.

With my natural hair braided down and avoiding a lot of tension from constant combing, brushing, and pulling, my hair has retained much growth over time.

My way of wearing hair extensions is using them to construct wigs that provide full head coverage hence my growth. After years of struggling with hair breakage and my hair is vulnerable to damage especially from heat, I’ve successfully transitioned my hair where it is super thick, strong, and longer than it has ever been.


How Hair Extensions Are Applied

There are various ways to apply and install hair extensions.

It's most important to determine which application method is best for you based on different factors. The method you use should always be a solution for your hair needs and to help achieve the look you desire.

Just to briefly cover all the methods you can use to get your perfect look, there is the sew-in method, clip-ins, microbeads, tape-ins, and fusion method. Depending on which method you would prefer, it should always go best with what works for you.

How Hair Extensions Clip In

Clip-in hair extensions have become popular because they are so easy to apply.

You also have the flexibility to take them in and out when it suits you to change up your look easily. It is important to clip them in, correctly, so there aren’t any unnecessary humps, and it blends effortlessly with your natural hair. How you clip them in depends on what style you desire whether it is a top knot bun or flowing beach waves.

The way to clip in the extensions is super simple and straightforward. You’ll first need to make sure you have the right tools which include a paddle brush for detangling, a rat tail comb for parting, and a clip to hold the hair in place.

Begin by brushing your hair thoroughly with the paddle brush. Use the end of the rat tail comb to part straight across your scalp and clip in the extensions along the created part, securing the comb of the clip at the weft with your hair strands and repeat.

A couple of tips that can help ensure that your hair extensions stay in place is lightly teasing your natural hair at the root before installing the clip-ins which can also give your look more volume. One of the most important tips is to make sure your natural hair is tangle-free to the ends so that you can properly blend your extensions.

Now, clip in hair extension wefts come in the same length most of the time, so it is important to distribute them evenly, so they fall properly and are nicely layered. Not evenly distributing your clip-ins can cause your hair to look thinner or fuller in one area more than others. It is a good idea to start one end of the weft to be clipped in on one side of your head and clip the other end where it will land. Once you have done that, add the next clip-in extension from where you landed the last one and repeat the same step.

Use filler pieces of clip-ins to fill spaces that may seem to be lacking in fullness.


Why Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in extensions are the most convenient version of extensions when you like a lot of versatility for your looks.

A lot of consumers enjoy using clip-ins for many reasons like savings in cost and the ability to install them without the hassle of visiting a professional stylist. The option to not be committed or feel restricted to one way of style. You’ll have the freedom to place your clip in extensions however and wherever, clipping them in and out. It sounds super easy and convenient, right? It’s easy to switch up your style with even having clip-ins of different lengths.

Some clip-ins are even without seams making your hair look as authentic as possible but if you decide to go for clip-in hair extensions with the clips, use those banded with silicone that does not harshly grip at your roots.

How Much Hair Extensions for a Full Head?

When it comes to determining how much hair extensions you need for a full head, most people go based on the number of extensions versus the weight. It is easy to determine how much extensions you may need simply based on what you prefer.

The majority of the time, if you are looking to have a lot of hair length, you’ll need more extensions to get the right amount of fullness. It’s all about getting the right amount of extensions to be personalized and fitted to your head.

For those with thin or fine hair, you’ll need more extensions from about 20-30 pieces for maximum coverage. I’ve found that if you’re looking for a stress-free way of getting maximum coverage, just go for a sew-in versus clip-ins or fusion extensions. Longer hair extensions, like twenty inches of hair, tend to be thinner along the weft so if you are looking for a super long look from eighteen inches and up, it is best that you use up to three and a half bundles of hair. I like a natural look when I wear extensions so, even if my extensions are long, two and a half bundles including my frontal works for me. Closures and frontals have a decent amount of hair that you can apply to your look to finish it which can help give you fullness for a full head.

How many ever bundle you decide to go for, always consider what works for you!


How to Wash Hair Extensions

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to caring for your hair extensions is to wash them.

Extensions are meant to last over time but to keep them looking their best treat them to a wash day just as you would with your natural hair. Depending on how you installed your extensions can determine how intense your efforts need to be to wash them thoroughly. With clip-ins, you have the advantage to remove them for proper washing which is much easier. Regardless of the type of extensions you have, you will want to start by detangling them to avoid any knotting or hair loss.

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle ensuring that all kinks are out.

If you are cleaning clip-in extensions, it’s best to fill up your sink with cold water and submerge your extensions to get them wet and ready for washing. Using hot water could be a bit harsh on your hair extensions, so always use cold water almost lukewarm. Using cold water is also helpful to lock in moisture for your extensions creating a luxurious shine and softness. Apply shampoo that is sulfate-free and paraben-free making sure your extensions receive nothing but the best hair care system to help prolong their lifespan.

Once you have thoroughly washed your extensions apply a conditioner to lock in moisture and hydration; rinse them with cold water, squeeze the extensions using a dry towel and allow them to air dry.


Why Wash Your Hair Extensions

Some may wonder about the importance of washing hair extensions. It all starts with maintaining their lifespan and getting the bang for your buck. Hair extensions, as we already should know, are an investment, and washing your hair extensions can bring them to great lengths of preservation. It is important to determine how often you are to wash your extensions which all depend on the type of hair extensions they are and if they’re real.

Determining how often to wash your hair can help to make sure you are not washing your hair too much which can cause natural tendencies of your extensions to be stripped away causing them to lose much life and bounce.

That’s a no-no!

You have to remember to treat your extensions with as much TLC as you would for your natural hair.

Because your hair extensions are lacking the natural oils that produce from your scalp for moisturization, they can lead to possible dryness. But so can washing your hair especially with shampoos that may be strong with certain chemicals like parabens or sulfate. Dry hair can mean breakage, but overwashed hair can also mean a loss of vibrancy. Don’t be scared to wash your hair extensions but always remember to treat them with care, keep them clean, and do not overdo it.

Let’s prolong that hair extension life ladies!


How to Store Your Hair Extensions

Learning how to store your hair extensions properly is another method and great practice to preserving their life, which in the long run will save you time and money.

Before storing and after washing your extensions, always allow them to dry naturally. There is no reason to put a blow dryer to your extensions just to damage them, no ma’am! How you store your hair extensions especially for traveling is very important as well. Some recommend the good ‘ol Ziploc freezer bag method, but that is just not my favorite. Invest in a hair extension organizer which you can find at online stores such as Amazon.

How you store your extensions can affect their style and texture which could cause you to add more heat and lose their spunk.

Using a hair extension holder or hanger that comes made out of satin will be your hair extensions’ best friend. Hair extension hangers are like large clips where you can securely place the wefts of the extensions to be held and hung up properly. Hanging your extensions is a great method of storing your extensions especially after a good wash allowing them to dry thoroughly.

Do not be afraid to invest in things that can help keep your hair extensions lasting.


When Hair Extensions Get Tangled

My number one rule for tangled hair extensions is to take your time.

You do not want to risk losing your valuable extensions by yanking at the hair strands so harshly where they break off. Always start at the ends of your extensions to clear the end route and work your way up. Starting at the end will allow the knots and tangles to become loosened because the direction you are combing them in is already free from tangles.

To avoid your extensions ever getting to the point of entanglement and becoming matted is to brush out your hair on a consistent basis. Notice I said consistently not excessive.


To get your extensions untangled, you will, first, need to brush them out and start from the ends.

That is plain and simple.

You will then want to apply a pre-shampoo product or conditioner while the hair is dry. Let whatever product you decide to use to sit on the hair for about fifteen to thirty minutes ensuring that it has become as soft as possible. The longer you allow this, the better. Then wash out the product using a moisturizing shampoo and apply a conditioner afterward. Let that conditioner sit for about ten minutes and then begin combing out your extensions using a large wide-tooth comb and let them remain sitting with the conditioner for another ten minutes and then rinse. To stop your extensions from tangling in the first place, brush them!

Besides brushing your extensions, consider upgrading your hair care product system that is not damaging to your extensions and provide great moisture and hydration. Ta-da!

How to Curl Hair Extensions

Switching up your look with your hair extensions is always fun!

What is more fun than adding some curls to your look?

There are many ways to achieve the perfect curls for your extensions and one of the top recommended tools for doing so is the curling wand. This innovative hair weapon has taking curling your hair to a new level with less hassle and less time. To get started, first determine the type of curls you like. Depending on how you manipulate your hair on the wand will result in your type of curl whether they are wavy and free or a tighter curl with much bounce.

Begin by setting your wand at the right temperature where it will not scorch your hair, but it will thoroughly curl the hair causing the hair to retain a pattern. After that, start parting your hair by taking a comb and choosing a small section to curl. Then, you will take the wand, carefully, starting at the root of your hair and wrapping the strands around the wand towards the end. Leave your hair positioned around the wand to ensure a good curl for up to fifteen to twenty seconds to avoid hair becoming damaged and burnt off.

Now, you may create a full head of curls using your extensions, but you wonder how they can last? A great way to save your curls is to curl them at night and use the pin curl method using bobby pins to secure them overnight.

Once removed you will have gorgeous curls with tons of volume to last you your entire day.


Curling Hair Extensions Without Heat

We just touched on how you can curl your hair extensions using a curling wand but what if you want to skip using heat?

We all know that using heat continuously over time can become very damaging to your precious cargo of extensions so let’s talk about a couple of ways you can get the right curls minus the heat.

A super-easy way to get heatless curls is by using flexi rods. These plastic hair curlers are easy to use, and they hardly take any effort when applying them.

They can bend in any direction based on what curl you are looking to achieve. Simply take the small section of hair you plan to curl and begin wrapping it around the flexi rod starting by securing the very ends of the hair at the base of the rod and twist it around.

Lock your hair in place on the flexi rod by bending in the ends. Another great way to get heatless curls is the pin curl method which, as I mentioned earlier, can help preserve your curls. Start at the ends of your small sectioned hair with both index fingers and form a wheel shape in a backward rotating motion.

Lay the pinwheel of hair down and secure with a bobby pin. Curling your extensions without heat is effortless and avoids any heat damage.


When to Wear Hair Extensions

If you’re going on a week-long vacation or travel spree, love the gym, or just lazy when it comes to styling your natural hair and looking for a more convenient option, then it is time for you to start wearing hair extensions.

Determining a time for when you should begin wearing hair extensions is very important as it is conducive to how well you will maintain them and care for them. Whether you’ll have time to brush them out or wash and dry them properly solely depends on you!

Hair extensions are a great way to preserve your natural hair and protect it from any heat damage or chemical damage. Let’s admit that sometimes our natural hair can be a bit unruly driving us to get hooked back on to that white stuff! If this is you, then it’s time to wear hair extensions. If you work out frequently wearing hair extensions is a great way to keep up your look. It is a pain when you just got your hair pressed out until the end of your gym workout where it becomes a sweaty mess.

Hair extensions will save you stress, money, and time.


When to Cut Hair Extensions

It’s a perfect time to cut your hair extensions if you need to refresh your look and switch things up without the hassle of getting new extensions.

Knowing the right time to cut your hair extensions is also important to know how well you can properly blend them with your hair. When blended correctly, it will help create a gorgeous illusion of your fabulous hair.

Cutting your hair can also be an aid for when it has become damaged due to heat or just having that pesky split ends. Cutting your hair extensions is just a great way to expand and secure their lifespan and help them look their best versus disposing of them which all in all will save your pockets from heavy expenses to buy new ones. Coloring your hair can also be a way that can cause damage, therefore, provoking you to cut the frayed ends.

To avoid this, keep reading for more tips on dying your extensions.

Before you get started, make sure to measure out your hair and the trim length you are desiring.

If you want a more dramatized cut, like going from thirty inches to less than twelve inches for a bob, you may want to consider having your hair professionally cut. A great hack to doing a simple cut on your own is to gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie, and you will then cut the hair bluntly at the top of the hair tie, not the bottom.

Cutting this way is a great guide to easily cutting your hair on your own, and even though it cuts bluntly, you can always add layers. Sometimes a person may want to cut their hair extensions if the long length is too much for them and interrupts the productivity of their normal routine and habits. You may want to cut your hair extensions just to have them properly match the length of your natural hair.

Have long flowing hair is not for everyone.


When to Wash Hair Extensions

Stringy, oily hair extensions are not attractive whatsoever so knowing the best time of when you should wash your extensions is super important.

As discussed previously, washing your hair extensions is a major key to extending their lifespan and making sure they look their best. Knowing when to wash your hair extensions is also important so that you know you are not over-washing them and stripping them of their natural goodness.

So when should you wash your hair extensions?

For those who may be active or have the tendency just to sweat at the scalp profusely, it is good to wash your extensions, whether they are easy to remove like clip-ins or semi-permanent like sew-in extensions, once a week.

Washing them will help your extensions from having any foul smells or unpleasant odors and always look fresh. How you wash your extensions, as we know, is very important in the process to avoid any leftover moisture on your scalp which can harbor overtime those unwanted smells and odors. If you have clip-in extensions and they're dirty, wash them twice every three weeks.

You have to think about how fast a week flies but consider your daily habits and normal routines and could they affect the state of your extensions and how much.


When to Remove Hair Extensions

A few ways to know when it is time to remove your hair extensions is if you notice a heavy load of dandruff, major hair growth from the roots, and if it is just an odor you cannot get rid of.

How you remove your extensions is very important if you are looking to take this step especially depending on the kind you have installed. Removing hair extensions can be a hassle so if you aren’t looking to take your time and have patience, look to have a professional stylist assist in removing them. It also may be time to remove your extensions if your scalp is just too itchy. An itchy, dry scalp could be a signal that it needs proper moisturization and hydration and just to breathe.

If you’re just interested in a new hairstyle, then it could be time for you to remove your hair extensions.

Removing hair extensions can be tricky, and you want to make sure you do so with care.

This one major way you can damage your hair. Another reason that can result in when you should remove your hair extensions is when your natural hair has become thinner, or you have noticed more hair loss than normal. A lot of stress can be on your strands, so you want to give your hair time to breathe and regain its strength.

Pay attention to your hair care needs and be aware of when it may be time to remove your hair extensions.


What Hair Extensions are Best for Thin Hair?

Hair extensions are a great solution for thin hair as it adds volume, density, and body to what may seem to be lifeless hair.

However, it can be a challenge for those with thin hair to find the right type of hair extensions that will enhance their current state. You’re probably wondering if you have thin hair, which type of hair extensions will work best for you. Well, you have come to the right place to find out! Tape-in hair extensions are your number one solution to getting a fuller look for your thin hair.

These extensions are bonded at their wefts with single or double-sided tape and are put in between your parted natural hair. These hair extensions are also beneficial to those with thin hair because they are lightweight, less damaging, and lay very flat making them easy to blend with your natural hair.

There is only a single method of applying them which of course makes the applying process without any hassle.

Another great benefit of using tape-in extensions is there is no tool or chemical necessary for applying them. Some may think that using clip-in extensions is another good option because like tape-in extensions, they are easy to install, you can remove and install freely, and they can blend well.

However, I have noticed with these types of hair extensions, due to the combination of the weight of the weft and clip, they will not hold as well with thin hair which can also lead to breakage.

Try out these tape-in extensions today!


What Hair Extensions are Best for Fine Hair?

A lot of people misconceive that thin hair is just the same as having fine hair, but this is simply not true.

Thin hair relates more to the lack of hair strands that you host in your scalp allowing your scalp to be more visible than normal. Fine hair is the lack of thickness your hair strands may have. In contrast to thin hair, which can be very vulnerable and weak with a lot of breakages, fine hair can be very strong as long as it is properly taken care of. Any hair type you may have can be strong as long as you care for it, but sometimes the hair is the way it is due to genetic factors.

When it comes to fine hair versus thin hair, it is all about learning the difference between density and volume.

With the characteristics of fine hair, all signs point back to tape-in hair extensions as the best hair extensions for fine hair.

They are designed specifically to reduce weight on hair, and because fine hair lacks thickness, they can also add volume. You have to remember because your hair strands aren’t as thick, they will appreciate less stress that could cause you to lose strands.


Which Hair Extensions Look Most Natural?

The type of hair extensions that look the most natural are clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions because of how they closely apply them to the scalp and root of your natural hair.

Besides making sure you have the right type of hair extensions, you want to make sure to follow certain guidelines that will help make your extensions look natural effortlessly. Of course, to ensure the look you’re aiming to achieve in the most natural-looking way, you want to have plenty of hair extensions that properly fit your head where it is not too much but not too little.

Making sure you have plenty of extensions is important so that it matches up with your hair density, this is a major factor in achieving that natural look. Determining how much hair you will need, depends on how thick, fine, or thin your natural hair may be.

You also want to make sure the length is comparable.

Now, I get it, if you are looking to enhance your look with some length when you currently have short hair, so it is important to go by the next guideline which has the proper color-matched and incorporate one or two additional lengths for a layering effect.

The most important guideline out of all of these is making sure you have top quality hair!

You are a real human being, with real human hair of natural human quality...why not wear the hair of one as your extensions? It is understandable that synthetic hair extensions are affordable. However, you will prohibit yourself from have a gorgeous natural look because the quality of the hair does not match yours.

Not only will it not match but they just won’t last. Invest in hair extensions of great quality with plenty to install, matches your hair color and right lengths and you are on your way to looking very natural with your extensions.


Which Hair Extensions Last the Longest?

Unfortunately, some believe the false theory that hair extensions are perishable, but this can only be true if, one, your hair extensions are not made of real human hair or, two, they are not taken care of.

It is apparent that hair extensions are amazing enhancement tools that we spend tons of money on so, of course, we always want to get our money’s worth. This also includes making sure that your hair extensions last for a very long time. Now, you may be looking to get hair extensions that last a long time for the sake of time and money, you’re a gym rat, or you just do not have the patience to tend to your hair. Whatever your reason is, I feel you girlfriend!

What are some hair extensions that can last the longest though?

First up are fusion hair extensions.

We’ve briefly talked about this before, and I have to say they are truly magical and highly expensive. But, we are talking about getting our money’s worth, right? Fusion hair extensions are customarily applied using a keratin bond and attached to the hair using a heating mechanism. These hair gems are so easy to blend and give you an au natural look! Did I mention they can last you up to six months? Also, these hair extensions do not require in touch-ups routinely, but they should be well maintained just like your natural hair.

Another great type of hair extensions for lasting a long time is bead weft extensions.

Bead weft extensions are custom cut to where small metal beads are then attached to the strands of hair that lay flat. Regardless of your hair type, they’ll work for you. Plus, they do not require heat or glue! Bead weft extensions can last up to three months however they do require a routine touch up about every three to four weeks. Keep in mind that, even though these different types of hair extensions may be the best options to lasting the longest, the key to them lasting long is maintenance and routine touch-ups.

Creating a regimen or routine to consistently caring for your hair extensions is the true factor in making sure your hair extensions last the longest, regardless of the type of hair they are made of.

Raw hair extensions, which are hair that is completely unprocessed and unmanipulated, are great options when you are looking to have extensions that will last. You may wonder why and it is because they are in their natural state, untouched by any outside chemical products, with no additives, straight from the donor with high quality.

Most hair that is in hair extensions is processed and determining which hair extensions to get that will last you a long time, pay close attention to the manufacturing process of them along with the origin, but most importantly, the process like what chemicals are they using and how does this affect the extensions.


Which Hair Extensions Should I Get?

Finding the right hair extensions for yourself all depends on your hair needs and lifestyle.

Extensions, as we know, are there to make life a bit easier and meet your hair requirements. It is also very important to consider your hair type and characteristics to determine the type of hair extensions you should get. It is also important to remember the length of time you want to have your extensions installed which can make the decision process much easier. I believe it is always great to go by a standard of hair extensions that are long term and short term to get a good idea of what hair extensions you should get.

Counting in your budget for your extensions is at the top of the list on making your decision.

As we just discussed, fusion hair extensions and bead weft extensions are great for long-term benefits.

If you travel a lot and it may be hard for you to get in to visit your top salon and professional stylist, you may want to go long term. These hair extensions also work well with all hair types however they are on the pricey end starting at sixteen hundred dollars a pop. If you want to save a few bucks or a thousand, try tape-in extensions or a sew-in. These two hair extension options will last you between two to four months of installation but will require maintenance along the way. For that travel junkie, consider that. For a short-term look, where you can install and go, clip-in hair extensions and halo pieces are a phenomenal choice.

They are a breeze to install, take little to no time, are removable at any point and time, and are very affordable. 


Will Hair Extensions Suit Me?

Over time, the good has outweighed the bad when it comes to hair extensions.

They have benefited many over the course of years for many reasons. Some, however, can count them out due to bad experiences with extensions like improper install, damage to hair due to lack of care or, again, improper install, or them just not meeting the wants and needs of the consumer.

On the other hand, hair extensions are a great way to manipulate your look however you choose, saving you tons of money and time, which you can never really get either back in this industry. If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, but aren’t sure if they would suit you, there are plenty of reasons that I can share with you on why they would.

Hair extensions will suit you if you’re looking to boost your confidence. Sometimes our natural hair just doesn’t do what we need it to, or we get inspired by a certain look our favorite celebrity is rocking, but we’re limiting to achieving it. Hair extensions can change that! You now have the power to change your look to whatever your heart desires and give you the confidence you need to look your best.

If you’re bored, hair extensions will suit you! This goes hand in hand with boosting your confidence. You also have the option to change your hair color without adding chemicals to your natural hair or the option to cut your extensions without cutting your hair. The possibilities are endless! Another reason you will know that hair extensions will suit you is if you are looking for progression and protection. If you need to progress in your hair journey and protect your locs to live their best life, hair extensions are for you.

That transition of growing your hair out can be excruciating, but extensions can come to your rescue to help.


Can Hair Extensions be Reused?

With the investment you make in getting hair extensions, you have the benefit of reusing them to give you long-lasting looks over time.

With a higher quality of human hair extensions, you have the option to reuse them for your convenience. Depending on the type of hair extensions you may have had installed could depend on how you should go about caring for them in preparation to reuse them.

Installing extensions with glue causes the residue to remain on the wefts as well as the natural roots of your hair. So, it’s important to clean them so when you reapply them. They will be sealed and secured. A couple of ways that are great from removing leftover gunk and glue is using an actual glue remover product, soaking the extensions in warm water and simply washing them off with shampoo, or patiently removed chunks using hair tweezers.

I’d have to say that the latter option is my least due to it being an option for your extensions to be prone to damage and unraveling your wefts if you began to pull the wrong thing.

Hair extensions that are great for being reused include clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, and extensions that were sewn in.

All of these types of hair extensions lack the use of glue or heat for applying them so reusing them should be a breeze. It is important to consider certain products you may use to apply to your hair to ensure they don’t damage your extensions so that you can reuse them. Treating your extensions as your hair can create a prolong life for them.

Not manipulating the hair wefts will promote the hair extensions for reusing like not cutting the wefts when creating a new track to sew along. It is better to use the fold-over method to help the hair extension life. Not cutting the hair extension will also prevent much shedding. Another way to preserve hair extension life for reuse is to limit as much heat application as possible just like you would your natural hair.

Try your best to put these guidelines and your hair extensions can last forever!


Can Hair Extensions Help Hair Grow?

This is a theory of hair extensions helping your natural hair growth is in retrospect.

This is a very psychological theory because even though your hair extensions protect your natural hair, this does not mean your hair extensions are contributing to the actual growth of your hair. Your hair may seem to grow and grow faster while you wear hair extensions because you are not routinely combing, brushing, and manipulating your hair with products and heat.

Therefore, because your hair is abstaining from these things which may cause more tension and stress, they have some time to relax a bit and just grow causing you to retain that length.

I’ve been wearing wigs for the past eight months now, and I have seen my hair grow exponentially over the course of time. Considering that my natural hair is braided down and hardly ever touched except for a good wash and deep conditioning every several weeks.

It’s magical!

But it is not my extensions making and helping my hair because in actuality I could have my hair braided down and not touch it without extensions. If you notice substantial hair growth after wearing your hair extensions as you allow it to breathe, it’s important that you take the proper steps to maintain and keep that growth which has a lot to do with what you do with your hair while you have extensions installed. It is also important to take into account what you fill your body with internally that will produce the external results.

So, while you have your hair protected and extensions installed, consider reconstructing your diet to benefit your natural hair growth or intake vitamins and drinking plenty of water.


What Hair Extensions Cause the Least Damage?

Hair extensions that lack the cause of straining and pulling could be the best hair extensions to cause the least damage.

This includes tape-in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions. These extensions are super lightweight and don’t take the most effort to apply. I have noticed that extensions that may take much effort to apply and install could cause more strain on your hair because they take more preciseness and focus just like braided sew-in hair extensions and fusion hair extensions.

Less tension and stress is on your hair when you use tape-in hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions. The lack of heat and chemicals for these extensions is great for causing less damage which can help some people who may even be allergic and break out into allergic reactions.

It's important to make sure they are installed correctly and cared for which can also contribute to damage.

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Extensions damage natural hair if you don't care for your hair.

It cannot be stressed enough about how important routine care is. It is all about how they are applied and if done correctly and after applied how well you keep them up. Allowing the installation of extensions to damage your natural hair and prevent growth is what you need to avoid.

But how are some ways we can avoid extensions from damaging your hair? Consider the weight of the hair.

Do you feel any pulling or heavy tension where your head feels weighed down? Are they too tight? Your hair extensions should fit comfortably without any pain; if they do, they did not install them properly. Permanent hair damage can be the result of constant pulling and uncomfortable tightness on your natural hair and even lead to traction alopecia. Take the time and make an effort to have regular visits to your stylist for routine maintenance.

Keeping in mind to maintain the healthiness of your hair is the goal, therefore, wearing hair extensions should be effortless.


Hair extensions and swimming

Most people who wear hair extensions find themselves along the sideline of the shore fearful of the water and waves damaging their extensions.

But did you know you could wear your hair extensions and swim? Hair extensions are perfectly fine to swim in as long as they are of human hair. Many of us live by the misconception that swimming is not an option when wearing extensions but wearing the proper type can permit you for any outside activity but keep in mind certain guidelines when doing so.

It is also important to consider where you may go swimming like a pool that may contain chlorine which could harm your extensions as well as the type of extensions you have installed.

Water may not threaten certain hair extensions as others.

Clip-in hair extensions, sewn-in hair extensions, and micro beaded extensions are great types of extensions you can swim in. None of these types of extensions have glue or an adhesive to bond them which could lose its stickiness and grip.

A few good tips to keep in mind if you decide to step out and swim with your extensions confidently is to braid your extensions, especially if you are swimming for a long time, which could leave a gorgeous wave pattern once taken out and avoids tangles. Another tip is to thoroughly brush your extensions before jumping in which can also help your hair remain tangle-free.

If you happen to swim in a pool with chlorine, a great way to make sure your hair extensions don’t soak up the chemical is to wet them before swimming.


What Hair Extensions do Celebrities Use?

Celebrities are constantly on the go and live very hectic lives. When it comes to their hair extensions, they are in search of a solution to enhance their hair that is quick, efficient, effective, and hassle-free.

For these bright stars, it is not all about the cost because most of their pockets run deep. It is all about rocking the right type of hair extensions, no matter the cost, that will make their hair live a bit easier and stress-free in a matter of minutes. After we’ve looked at various types of hair extensions, it is safe to say that the few that are favorable to most celebrities would be tape-in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions.

Why; because it goes back to how interchangeable they are.

These types of hair extensions allow celebrities to switch up their style from the photoshoot they had that morning to the awards show they will be attending that evening.

Wigs are another common form of hair extensions that you find to be very popular among celebrities especially wigs with frontals. Because wigs give such a versatile look and many stylists use such precision when creating them causing them to look very natural at the edges and root for the perfect part causing them to range anywhere between $700 to $5000 based on their structure and the type of hair used.

The type of hair used for wigs will range like the prices mentioned can be super fine and of very high quality from all different parts of the world making them a high commodity. It all goes back to not having to stress or worry about your natural hair, and now wigs are just looking better than your hair and very easy to style.


Hair Extensions Without Glue or Heat

Micro-beaded weft extensions, clip-ins, and sew-ins are great options for hair extensions exempt from glue or heat.

It is also possible to have tape-in extensions as an option as they can be with or without heat. Wearing hair extensions that do not require glue or heat for application is always a better option because you avoid the possibility of damage to your natural hair. This also eliminates great tension to your hair and for those who may be prone to allergic reactions from certain chemicals.

Extensions that do not require either of these are also great when it comes time to reuse them helping you save money.

Clip-in extensions are installed simply by attaching the clip to your hair to be held and clipped in place, with no heat, no glue. Tape-in hair extensions allow a single or double-sided tape to be “sandwiched” in between your hair and securely attached to the safe adhesive on the tape specifically meant for hair. Sew in hair extensions are, sew onto a collection of braids using a hair needle and thread.

Lastly, the most expensive option is micro beaded weft extensions. They attach to your natural hair by being tightened around a small group of hair strands that loop through the microbeads. Now you may wonder because these are all glueless and options out him, which could be the best. Determining which could be the best for you all depends on your lifestyle and budget.

If you are looking for the more self-sufficient route, which won't cost a trip to your stylist and that you can constantly change, clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions will suit you best.

Will Wavy Hair Extensions Stay Wavy?

Wavy hair extensions are a great option for less maintenance and styling.

The way you care for them will determine how well they will maintain their wave. Avoiding heat or chemicals can help maintain the natural wave and curl your extensions may have and cause them to disappear. It is always best to purchase human hair extensions when you are looking to wear wavy hair extensions because the natural wave of the hair will always be well retained when washed properly. It is also important to consider the type of hair wash system that you use to care for your wavy hair extensions.

Shampoos that are less likely to strip human hair extensions and their gorgeous waves will be free of sulfates and parabens, chemicals that are just too harsh for the hair and clean too well.

To keep your extensions living their best wavy life, avoid brushing them while they air dry.

Also, avoid using a blow dryer which could cause your wavy hair extensions to become coarse once dried. Use products that help with proper detangling to avoid any unwanted knots and matting.

Conditioners that are for moisturizing, hydrating, and detangling are perfect for this type of hair extensions.


Will Dying Hair Extensions Ruin Them?

Color can get a little boring. From time to time, we want to be able to add a little more pizazz to our current look in different ways like changing your color. Are you scare to ruin your hair extensions by dying them?

Dying your hair extensions can be a process but with a high return if done correctly.

If this is your first rodeo and you are looking to get a warm honey blonde color for the Summer, which involves bleaching your hair, it may be preferable for you to visit your local stylist to achieve the look.

I will say it is better to suggest to color your hair extensions versus your natural hair, but we have to remember to treat the extensions just as we would with our hair. Depending on the color you want, and if you are looking to obtain it at home, it is all about how you go about coloring it. Nowadays, a lot of box colors which can be in your neighborhood Target or corner beauty supply store, do a great job of coloring hair extensions.

Box hair color is always a great option to avoid major damage to your extensions because detailed instructions are inside. Most box hair colors are semi-permanent which benefits your hair extensions because they lack peroxide and ammonia which can cause harsher processing causing unwanted damage.

Ways you can damage your hair extensions when dying them is using bleach alone and not properly rinsing and washing it out after coloring. Bleach tends to leave residue behind that can still be active and continue processing your hair.

It is vital that you do a thorough rinse with hot water for however long it takes to get it out. It is also imperative to deep condition your extensions after using such a stripping chemical which can cause your hair to be easily prone to breakage and look brittle.

If you are looking to lighten your hair extensions, save yourself a headache, and visit a professional today.


Are Hair Extensions Still Popular?

Yes! Hair extensions are getting popular by the minute.

A lot of hair trends from this past year heavily involved all types of hair extensions. You may wonder why hair extensions will never go out of style. Well, you first have to ask and consider will saving time and money, efficiency, and flexibility to change your look in minutes ever go out of style? I think not!

Hair extensions are here to stay and are evolving every single day to become better and more advanced for the top enhanced looks.

Hair extensions have given many women the boldness to rock any look they choose with the improvement of extensions in any way, and you can have the best of both worlds.

For everyday people and not your filthy rich celebrities, I believe the major key to the evolvement of hair extensions has been the benefit of convenience. Just like celebrities, regular consumers live hectic lives as well, so, it is important to have a hair regimen and style that is custom to not just their hair wants and needs but also their lifestyle. Most people appreciate things that make life a little more comfortable like hair extensions.

Therefore, they will continue to buy them, and as long as they continue to buy them, hair extensions will get even better.


Are Hair Extensions Worth the Money?

Let’s face it; hair extensions are not cheap.

Well, there are some that are cheap but not worth the money. You’ll find a lot of hair extensions that claim to be worth the money but suck in quality. If you are looking to invest in buying hair extensions that are top quality, prepare yourself to pay the cost. In the end, just know that it is worth the money. When you weigh it all out, a woman’s hairstyle is her most prized asset.

Because of this, you can understand why the hair industry has made many improvements and major strides in hair extensions because they knew women would invest.

Some look at the cost of hair extensions being a con versus a pro but you have to change your mindset on things that are important to you like your hairstyle. You wouldn’t buy a house that was not in proper condition for a lot of money.

Why? Because it wouldn’t be worth it and you have to consider extensions in the same light.

Yes, these are too large and different circumstances but both fall under the same principle.

When it comes to your hair extensions, it is understandable to spend the money. Some extensions will last you up to six months, like fusion extensions, That is half of a year! Take a look at the time and money you would save over that time frame by having extensions.

You could pay fifteen hundred dollars for your extensions but the trip to the salon over six months to treating your natural hair including gas, time, and the cost of each visit will rank up close to the cost of your extensions.


Are Hair Extensions Worth It?

If you appreciate less hassle and convenience, then hair extensions are worth it!

Hair extensions are the new holy grail of hair. We have covered how beneficial they are as an investment monetarily but what about just overall? Some say extensions aren't worth it because of the damage they cause or because they just may not look right on someone. We recently discussed how important it is to maintain and properly care for your natural hair while rocking hair extensions.

All in all, this is what will prevent hair damage and make wearing hair extensions worth it in the end.


Final Thoughts

Now you know the truth of how they make hair extensions. We now know what are they really and how they can change your life for the better. We have also discovered guidelines on how to successfully own and wear them with everything else in between.

People ask a lot of these questions and topics, so it was beneficial to bring them all under one roof. As the hair industry continues to grow, competitors become sharper and quicker. Demand will grow higher, and extensions will remain the top tier for most consumers. Many people ask questions, and we will always continue working towards achieving the answer.

I hope this sheds light on the mystery of extensions and how you can enhance your look for the better.

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My sister is searching for methods to restore the volume in her hair because she has become quite aware of the thinning of her hair. It’s good that you pointed out that length and volume may be added with hair extensions. I believe it would be wise to give this a try as it is non-invasive and does not harm natural hair. I’ll be sure to let her know about this and look into services that can assist her in getting personalized hair extensions.

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