How to Rebuild Strength Back Into Your Weak Hair

6 Tips to Save Your Weak Hair

Have you noticed that your hair is looking a little limp these days? Is your hair thinning out or looking droopy? These are signs that your hair has lost its strength and needs a little TLC to revive it! Before we dive into this topic, please consult with your physician first about your hair to figure out why it's losing its strength. Weak hair can also be a sign that there is a medical issue going on that you should address. If you know that your problem is not medical, let’s talk about how you can rebuild your hair strength!

Causes of Weak Hair

Often, weak hair is an issue of genetics. Now, don’t be mad at your parents – it’s not their fault! However, if you have close family members who suffer from hair loss, hair thinning or limp hair, you may be at risk for having the same symptoms. Weak hair can also be a result of hormonal changes such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Certain types of medications, such as birth control, may affect the strength of your hair (once again, consult with a physician before determining if that is the cause or not). Whether you’re into changing your hair color frequently or you’re a fan of using relaxers, please note that chemical processing strips your hair of the necessary nutrients that give it strength. Excessive heat usage can cause damage to the cuticles within the hair shafts which leads to a loss of strength. It is also very likely that your hair isn’t getting the proper amount of proteins. Other common causes of weak hair are stress, poor eating habits, environmental factors such as excess exposure to sun, etc.

Commons Signs of Weak Hair

So, is it even possible for you to tell if your hair has lost its strength or not without the help of a stylist? Yes! As previously mentioned, when your hair loses its life, it becomes thin, limp and lifeless. You may also experience breakage and split ends. Also, take notice of the natural oils your hair is producing because if it’s too oily or too dry, your hair may be losing its strength. Shedding is normal, but if you see that you’re losing more hair than usual, then that’s also a sign of weak hair. Overall, weak hair lacks a natural shine, elasticity, and bounce.

How to Strengthen Weak Hair

Get to the Root of the Issue

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so make sure that you do not neglect it. If you’re experiencing signs of weak hair, your scalp is most likely suffering as well and may even be the cause. You may notice that it’s dry and has a lot of dandruff, or that it is super oily. Moisturize your scalp regularly with oil, and make sure that you’re conditioning your hair from the scalp down. - Massage Your Hair with Different Types of Nourishing Oils You can use coconut oil or essential oils (grapeseed, lavender, rosemary, etc.) to heal your weak strands. Gently massage your oil or a mixture of choice into your scalp, then work your way down each section of hair. Allow the oils to set in your hair for about 15-20 minutes, giving them a chance to penetrate your cuticles. Massaging your hair with oils will revitalize your hair’s natural shine and luster while feeding it with the necessary nutrients.

Limit Exposure to Heat and Chemicals

Excessive heat usage (or even exposure to the sun) and chemical processing causes extreme damage and breakage. Both heat and chemicals take the moisture out of your strands and leave hair dry, brittle and weak. I know we love our straightened or curled hair as well as a popping hair color. But if you’ve altered your hair a lot lately, give it a break and rock your natural texture and current hair color.

Get a Trim

Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is essential when growing healthier hair. If you do not trim your hair, your ends will become weak and split. Split ends and breakage will not be a threat to the health of your hair if you suck it up and let those ends go!

Change Your Eating Habits

Sometimes our hair reflects the things that we are putting into our bodies. We all love junk food but indulging in your favorite unhealthy snacks is not going to contribute to making your hair healthier. Eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and protein will rebuild your cuticles and make your hair stronger. Certain vitamins, such as A, C, and E, are great for feeding your scalp with nutrients. Also, be sure to drink lots of water daily. A better diet will improve the strength of your overall body, so your scalp and hair will follow suit.

Don’t Just Breeze Through Wash Day

You’re probably very busy and find it hard to dedicate a few hours to wash your hair – trust me; I get it. However, the only way to nurture your hair back to life is to take your time and make sure that you’re giving your hair all of the love that it needs. During wash day, thoroughly massage the shampoo and conditioner in your scalp before rinsing them out. Also, don’t rush when you rub your scalp with any oils or leave-in products that you use. Run each product down the entire length of your strands to ensure that you neglect none of your hair. Properly caring for weak hair will take longer than a quick 30-minute wash and style. I suggest you make room in your hectic schedule if you want your hair to flourish again!

Say “Bye, Bye” to Weak Hair!

Rebuilding your hair strength may take a little time, but the effort that you put forth will be rewarding once you revive your beautiful locks! We put our hair through a lot of stress and often that causes our hair to give up on us for a while. Full, healthy hair is achievable with the right products, the right maintenance and the right amount of time spent on caring for it. Don’t just settle for weak hair; reclaim your strength! What methods do you use to regain hair strength when your hair is looking a little weak?
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