Get Influential: How Referral Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Get Influential: How Referral Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Word of Mouth = Referrals

We’ve discussed various forms of marketing and, most importantly, how imperative it is that you implement the right kinds of marketing into your hair business.

And while all of them are great, nothing tops referral marketing. Referral marketing, best known as ‘word-of-mouth,’ is the major influence someone has on another person who decides to purchase from you. It can be based on influence or even opinion.

Why is this considered to be a powerful marketing tool? That’s what we're here to share with you! These reasons that follow the power behind this tool will help give you better insight and understanding for you to incorporate it into your marketing practices for your business.

There are three simple reasons that are fundamental to referral marketing that we will be sharing along the various ways you can use it for your hair business.

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The Power in Referral Marketing

Let’s take a peek at the three fundamental reasons for referral marketing! Knowing what these reasons are will help you properly utilize this marketing strategy to be most effective. It will also help to know just to help grow your expertise behind all the details of marketing.

Reason #1 Laser Focus Targeting

A lot of times we invest in different marketing strategies like Facebook ads and end up not seeing a profitable return.

Why though? It seems like you end up just wasting money! But this all has to do with proper targeting! Versus just winging it, hoping that your marketing tactics come into contact with the right audience, you can be more head-on with referral marketing.

How? By making sure those referrals are being more targeted to people who know who they’re referring to regardless if that’s their family, friends, or social media followers! There is much influence there.


Reason #2 Component of Trust

I would consider this reason to be more like number one as the top reason.

When trust is involved in a referral, there isn’t much need for convincing. As humans, if we don’t trust, it’s simple, we don’t follow or listen. But if we do trust, there’s a much bigger impact of influence. When trust is involved, there are fewer doubts and hardly any hesitation.

With referral marketing, it is coming from someone you know and has probably seen using the same product or service. People tend to trust those they know more than general advertisements or pitches, and this could be because of an established connection. Referrals come in many forms besides just people though.

Consider your favorite blogger and influencer, testimonials, and reviews, which we’ll dive more into later.

Reason #3 Limitless Reach

No longer are you limited in who you can reach in marketing when it comes to referral marketing. Now, you have social media working in your favor with the opportunity to reach thousands of people in seconds. And again, through social media, you still have that trust factor working simultaneously with others influence.

How to Use Referral Marketing for Your Hair Business

We have a few ways to help you implement referral marketing into your hair business. But it’s up to you to determine which strategy will be most effective. When you began to use these ways for referral marketing thoroughly, you will be able to see an impact on your sales and your customers!

Level Up in Customer Service

Embedded in every good effective referral is the experience of great customer service.

Exceptional customer service is imperative for the growth of your business regardless of the industry you’re in. Great customer service does many things from providing value behind your business and brand, retain most of your customers, and, the topic of the hour, creating loyal customers who have the power to influence through referrals.

There are various ways you can begin to level up in your customer service for your hair business. Take the time to evaluate each exchange of goods with every customer. If you have someone buying a few bundles, follow up with a customer experience survey. Or get more personal, versus something general and automatic, and shoot over an email. When going through this evaluation get into a customer’s perspective.

What would you, as a customer, expect in order to be an influence to others through referrals? What would make you want to share about this company?


The WOW Factor with Products

An effective and easy way to instantly wow your customers is packaging.

For instance, if you sell hair or any other product online for your hair business, the detail incorporated with the packaging can make the unboxing of it an experience. It would be an experience that your customer won’t forget.

Or if you’re a hair stylist, you can provide a small care kit for each of your clients after you’ve completed the requested service(s). This does so much for your brand and causing you to stand out from the competition and connecting you to your customer. It helps to structure your brand more and make how your business does things more tailored.

When thinking of new ways to give your customers the wow factor, make sure it’s so effective that they would want to share it with everyone on social media. This gives great visual for others to identify with who your company is. Make them say wow!

A Referral Program

It doesn’t hurt to give your customers a little push in the right direction for a referral.

Everyone loves receiving or winning a reward for simple work. And nothing is more simple than a referral. This is a where a referral program will come into play. Providing an incentive or reward for a referral can drive your customers to share your business with those they have influence with.

We’ve previously discussed the basics of loyalty programs and how tools like gift cards are a great way to implement them into your business. There are many different apps at your disposal that you can use to enroll your customers into your program. You may be wondering, “how can I get them to make the investment to actually enroll?” By offering them rewards they can’t refuse.

However, be realistic when it comes to what you can truly offer and budget. Most importantly, be creative and tailor it to how you run things behind your brand.


Influencer Collaborations

As we discuss the level of influence with referral marketing, it’s only right that we talk about how influencer collaborations is a great way to utilize this tactic.

Influencers within your spectrum of work are perfect for referring others to your brand. It’s all about focusing on the target market and working with influencers that have a following that models that. And now is the time to start working with micro-influencers.

It may seem the larger the following, the more influence is had. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that even a smaller following can produce major results with being referred because of the loyalty level and they’re easier to reach. This type of influencer has a stable, strong connection to their audience making them loyal.

It’s as easy as getting connected with a blogger or YouTuber for sponsored posting or product review.

Referrals through Reviews

Finally, there are reviews. Of course, reviews are the ultimate referral.

Here at Private Label Extensions, we’ve talked time and time again on ways to earn positive reviews. But do you truly understand their impact? It goes back to the trust factor. Other people trust what other people say! Sometimes they may trust them more than you.

At every opportunity you get, request that a customer leave a review.


Get Your Referral On!

You’ve heard how referral marketing can be extremely powerful for the growth and health of your business.

Now, it’s time to put it to the test and make it work. As an entrepreneur, you are never limited to the opportunities of growing your hair business. Be open to trying new things, like referral marketing, to see how well they can work for you! As always, we’re here to help.

Share a comment with us below to let us know some ways you may think referral marketing will work with your hair business!

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