better hair care would you let bae help remove your weave

Better Hair Care: Would You Let Bae Help Remove your Weave?

Changed Times for Men Helping Women with Their Hair

Ladies, let's talk! So, would you let your bae help take out your weave or are your remaining solo dolo? For decades, men were known for not caring about women’s hair. They wanted nothing to do with it! They never understood it and also didn’t want to. But as times have changed, thanks to social media, we now have viral footage of men assisting their better half with their hair! And well, their work isn’t half bad either! Sure, viewing a man doing hair may be cute from afar, but I think it poses a question; are there any benefits from bae helping you remove your weave? Can it better the relationship and your hair care regimen? ‘They’ say there should be a purpose in all that we do, right? Well, continue reading below as I discuss how your relationship can get better with bae and his hands!

The Struggle With Extension Removal

Honestly, who wants to sit and remove their hair extensions? No one! Also, no one wants to spend their coins on having someone do it either. But have you thought about allowing your bae to help you? If you think about it, they have hands just like we do! They just aren’t skilled at using them when it comes to hair. Has your bae ever played with your hair? It seems like sometimes they barely want to touch it! But if you guide them, you will find yourself with a built-in hair assistant. When it comes to remove your weave, sometimes it can be a real struggle. If it’s a sew-in weave, then it’s common that we fear to cut our hair instead of the thread. Or even making sure we properly remove our lace front wigs can even be a struggle. The entire process can be overwhelming at times, but with bae by your side, it will be a much easier process. All it takes is a simple question to ask if they are willing to assist and if they agree, snatch them up and put them to work! You can learn a lot from bringing your significant other into your hair world. We’ll explore some benefits below.

Education Moment

If you’re thinking about having bae remove your weave, think of it as a learning experience. When it comes to hair extensions, most men think of it as a waste of money. They don’t understand all that goes into it. For instance, when bae is taking your hair out discuss the details of why hair extensions cost so much. Go over the different hair textures and versatility options it gives you. He may think it’s a waste of time until he knows it’s replacing your real hair and is super convenient. Opening up this door to him will give him a better understanding of hair extensions in general. If you’re a busy person, you could open up with him on how weave provides you with more free time. About everyone struggles in the morning time, but I think women have it a little hard. Tell bae how sometimes you spend $300 on weave but it lasts a long time, and you can get more things completed in the morning. Maybe you’re a mother and don’t have an extra 40 minutes in the morning to do your hair, eat and prepare for the day. Hopefully, bae will be able to gain some knowledge from that bonding moment. Bonding in a relationship is crucial because you’re letting the other person experience something that only you know.

Fathers Doing Hair

What happens if you and bae have a daughter and your schedule doesn’t permit you time in the morning to do her hair, what happens? Well, many mothers run and get braids put in their daughter’s hair. But why can’t the Father do her hair? Because most fathers don’t know how to do hair that's why! During that bonding you have educating bae on hair extensions and hair in general, you’re also opening up the door or him to put those skills to the test. If you guys have a little girl one day, it would be a huge benefit if the father knew how to do hair. I remember there was a time when I was little, and my dad was laid off from work. It didn’t make sense for my mom to do my hair in the morning if my dad now had extra time to help out. My mom taught my dad how to do ponytails in my hair. Now, they weren’t nearly as tight as my moms, but it got the job done. Men aren’t as clueless as we think they are! All it takes is a little practice and communication. Bae will get to know about hair, and you guys become closer in the process.

Exposing The Real You

Okay, ladies listen up! When it comes to bae, I know there are tons of you out there who love to hide the real you, until you can’t hide it anymore. I know people who would never want their bae to see their real hair underneath of hair extensions. Many of them feel bae won’t look at them the same, but I’m here to tell you that is far from the truth. Most men prefer your natural state! They want to see how you look without anything “extra” on you. So the next time you’re in a relationship, and it’s time to take your hair extensions out, do it with bae! When you have reached the level of your relationship when it’s time to open up a little more, this will be the perfect case. As bae is helping to take your hair out, he’ll get to see how dirty and dry your real hair is. Yes, this may be nasty at first but what you’re doing is opening up. A relationship can flourish when you let all your guards down. Bae should be able to see you at your best and be a part of the times when you’re not the best. Bae will see the raw and uncut version of you and be able to gain a new sense of feel for you. Now, I can’t speak for all bae’s and say that yours will love you even more, but I can say if bae doesn’t then bae needs to go! Exposing your raw self will also let you know how bae truly feels about you. If they end up not liking what they see, then letting them take your hair extensions out was still a great thing! You would be able to their true colors!

Second Pair of Hands

I think so far we have been honest about bae helping to take out our hair extensions but can we be a little more honest? What if we want them to take our hair our simply because we don’t feel like doing it! I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times when I didn’t feel like doing my hair and only dreamed of having an extra pair of hands! Like I mentioned earlier, bae has the same two hands we do! All we have to do is show them what we need and boom it’s done. Allowing bae to take your weave out will shine the light on the fact that they aren’t hesitant to serve you! Have you ever been with someone who didn’t want to do anything for you? Well, me either but I’m sure some people have! If you want to know if bae is a server, tell them you’re tired, and you need them to remove your weave. I don’t know about you, but I want someone who I can rely on, for all my needs, especially if we get married one day! It will be in our vows to always serve one another regardless of how we’re feeling. Sometimes life forces you to take a break and relax. So making sure you have someone in your corner who can support you during those down times, it’s important.

Communication Improves

Why must women always run to their girlfriends to vent about their hair issues or drama? What about bae? Another benefit of letting bae help remove your weave is the communication grows. I believe communication is very important in a relationship and believe it or not, bonding over the removal of your hair will increase it. While bae can remove your weave, I’m sure you will be discussing your weave; the different brands, hair types, prices and even how you feel about them. Therefore if you ever have a bad hair day or want to discuss weave, you now have bae as an option! Typically, when women complain about their hair to their bae, they get told they are just complaining, and everything goes in one ear and out the other. Well, that has a lot to do with the fact we never brought them into our hair world, so they gain an understanding. Once bae learns about weave and how to remove your weave, they will now be able to hold real conversations with you when you bring the topic up. This new level of communication in the relationship should make you feel like they are your best friend. You should be able to talk about anything with bae and not have to run to certain people depending on the topic.

Help With DIY

So you can skip over this section if your bae isn’t a chef! So far we have discussed the certain things you and bae will go through if they help remove your hair extensions. But what about the impact it can have on your hair regimen? If you're exposing bae to remove your weave and they are also a chef, then my friend you hit the jackpot! After the removal of your weave, you’re now going to have to endure the wash and condition process. If bae is a chef and you have already schooled them on your hair, they can help with creating DIY (do it yourself) hair recipes. Why not? Bae should be able to know all the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and even mayonnaise. Before bae could help remove your weave, you probably had no idea just how beneficial they could be in your hair journey. They may even be able to school you on what type of hair products you should use on your hair! So when in doubt, bring bae out! Bring bae out into the living room to help remove your weave because honestly, you have no idea how it can benefit your relationship.

So is Bae Free Friday Night Or?

No, you should find out! As you can see, having bae help take your weave out, can be a great thing in your relationship. It’s not just a moment for you to watch television while bae does all the work. It’s a moment for two people to come together and embrace one another. One of the main reasons some relationships don’t last is because of communication and misunderstanding. Who would have thought to let bae into your hair journey would have such an impact! Overnight, they can become your hair partner and the one who you learn to rely on, for everything that you experience. Over time, weave and men have had the biggest gap ever! But that was because they didn't know anything about weaves and hair. Now, this generation has made it their priority to include their bae in their hair journey. There have even been countless viral videos on the Internet displaying men stepping up and helping out! So again, the next time your weave needs to go, ask bae to join you and have a great bonding experience! Have you ever had bae help remove your weave? If so, tell me all about in down in the comment section!
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