The Perfect Rose Gold Wig For The Fall

Rose Gold Wig Color Tutorial

Who doesn’t love color?

The fall is here, and that means its time to switch my hair for the season, and what better color scheme than pink and Auburn, the perfect mix of rose gold?

I used Private Label Extensions Brazilian Body Wave bundles in inches 22, 20,18, and an 18in frontal. You can achieve this color with any of Private Label Extension’s Brazilian hair, Raw Indian bundles, or Vietnamese. Both of them will allow you to lift the hair to a suitable level.

I had a blast creating this color, so without further introductions, let’s get into it!

Bleaching The Hair

To achieve this rose gold color, you will need first to lift the hair color. Lifting the hair color means merely using hair lightener/bleach powder to lighten the hair. For this project, I used L’Oreal Quick Blue lightening powder and L’Oreal Oreor 30 vol developer.

Private Label Extensions has impressive hair that is strong and can handle a color process well. Hair lightener is still a powerful chemical and will compromise the integrity of the hair so still take precaution.

So to protect the hair as much as possible and minimize damage, I highly recommend choosing a bleach powder with some buffer in it. Look for ingredients like Aloe Vera or oil in your bleach powder. Here are some of my bleach powder recommendations:


Mixing The Bleach

To mix the bleach formula, I used about three scoops of powder at a time. I measured it to the developer with a 1:2 ratio, so with every one scoop of bleach, I used about 4 oz of the developer.

If you’re not too keen on measurements, no worries! Simply mix powder and developer until you get a loose pancake batter-like consistency.

Using a color-brush, I applied the lightener formula to the mid-shaft of the hair first and then continued down the rest of the hair. Because I was creating an ombre look, I used a small amount of lightener to drag up the roots of the hair.

Grab medium-sized sections, and ALWAYS remember to SATURATE the hair in the bleach formula. If the sections are not well saturated, the hair will come out patchy with dark and light spots. Be sure to separate the sections with your fingers to ensure each strand is saturated.

I started from the back of the wig and worked my way to the top, moving quickly but not missing any hair. I added foil to the hair to aid in processing, but I still had to go back in and do a second bleach process to the hair.

Later I found that sitting the entire wig in a plastic bag allows me to lift to high levels in one sitting, so I HIGHLY recommend using a bag instead of foils.

I let the hair process for about 45min before I shampooed it out. To shampoo, I used Shimmer Lights purple shampoo to combat some of the brassiness.

I then allowed the hair to air dry overnight before bleaching the next day again.




The Second Round Of Bleach

Before a second chemical process, always analyze the state of the hair. The hair on my wig was looking pretty good. No shedding, the hair was still soft, shiny, and was not stiff. Based on my observation, I decided I could proceed with the bleach.

If your hair is showing signs of being over-processed, i.e., shedding, breakage, dry, brittle, I would not continue with another chemical process.

For the second bleach out, I just repeated the same thing. Section the hair, apply bleach formula to subsections, and ensure saturation. After 45 minutes I rinsed the hair out, and I had reached a level 6/7, which is a medium level blonde.

This hair color level is perfect for an Auburn rose gold! Now on to the fun part; COLOR FORMULATION!


Coloring The Hair

For this formula, I used Guy Tang MyDentity demi-permanent 7RG and permanent 10RG with Pink Glow color booster. MyDentity by Guy Tang is a professional color line and requires a cosmetology license to purchase from CosmoProf or for about $5 a color tube, but if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, each color tube retails for about $15 on Amazon.

Guy Tang’s color line mixing ratio is 1:2, so in my first color bowl, I mixed 2oz of 7RG to 4oz of the 30vol developer. I then added about 1oz of Pink Glow color booster.

In my second color bowl, I mixed 2oz of 10RG with 4oz of Pink Glow Color Booster and 4oz of the 30vol developer. I then mixed each formula until all components were evenly combined.

Similar to applying the bleach formula, I started in the back of the wig and sectioned the hair. I then applied the 10RG mixture (we’ll refer to this as Color Formula 2) to small subsections and thoroughly saturated the hair.

The 10RG is a more transparent formula and will allow the orange undertones in the hair peek through the rose and blush shades. I apply color to the blonde parts of the hair shaft and allow drag it up into the roots.

Moving into the medium section of the hair, I used 7RG (Color formula 1) and Color Formula 2 on different subsections of hair to create a dimensional color. I apply color to the midshafts, then to the ends, and then disperse through the roots.


Adding Highlights

At the top of the hair, I used the remainder of Color Formula 1, using the same technique. To get some hot pink highlights, I applied the third formula, Color Formula 3 (a mixture of 20z of Pink Glow and 6vol developer) to the small sections in the crown. I staggered the formula to keep the flow of color.

I let the color process for about 30 min before I shampooed it out. Once again, I used Shimmer Lights Purple shampoo to remove the color from the hair. I deep conditioned the wig with Aussie 3 Minute Moisture for an hour to revitalize the hair and add moisture. Next, I rinsed it out and blow-dried the hair.

I choose to wand curl the hair because it gives volume, texture, and complements the dimensional color.

What do you think of this Rose Gold Wig?



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