signs its time to take a break from routine salon visits

Signs It’s Time to Take A Break From Routine Salon Visits

New ‘Do, New You

Your responsibility when it comes to your hair's health has to be more of you than anyone else. Be able to know when your hair is in the right hands if ever in another. Nothing is better than the feeling you experience when you first get your hair done. We are more confident and do better, naturally, when we feel good about ourselves. Being able to go about your days knowing you look great is essential for your self-esteem and well being. Some of us are talented enough to fix up our own hair into the styles we love. And some of us are fortunate enough to schedule routine hair appointments. Remember always to do research beforehand to ensure you are receiving proper treatment. Getting your hair done is actually more than a routine; it’s more than a doctor’s appointment or going for your annual dental check-up. You spend a long time preparing for your next style, and possibly an even longer time when you finally get in the chair. Chatter and laughter fill the air, and the environment is similar to visiting a friend or family member’s house, not the beauty salon. If you don’t form a relationship with the people at your local salon, then you’re doing it all wrong.

You and Your Stylist

Many salons offer a variety of services for individuals. They say too much of a good thing is bad, and this may include your hair appointments. Many women go through life with beautiful hair, just to end up with extreme hair loss or damage. Most hair issues are due to improper styling. Your hairstylist might be able to give you the newest hair trend. But you have to ensure they are using products and techniques that are beneficial for your hair in the long run. If you depend solely on your stylist for everything when it comes to hair care, consider asking them for tips on how to maintain hair at home. Taking care of your hair helps you and the stylist when tending your hair outside of the salon. Choosing a trusted stylist takes time as well since not all professionals are suitable for everyone. Read reviews, ask questions, and pay attention to their methods. Beware of stylists who have you feeling any level of skepticism. You and your stylist should both be aware of your exact hair type and know what your hair needs. Although visiting your stylist frequently may become a part of your life, there may be signs that you need to either slow down on the visits or take a break from the salon altogether. One significant factor is cost. The cost of each visit varies depending on the style you desire, the salon prices in that area and whether you receive discounts or not. Besides cost, there are many other reasons why you should be cautious of your visits to the salon. You never know how specific styles affect your hair over time. So, it is better to be as knowledgeable as possible with an expert to help your hair achieve its fullest potential.

What To Notice

Depending on the service you receive from your stylist, it could be beneficial to your hair growth or not. You want to be aware of how doing the same style often or wearing certain hairstyles affect your hair. From trims to hair extensions, whatever your hairdresser approves of your best. In everything you do to your hair, your number one concern should be about its consequences. Some services are risky, but if handled correctly, your stylist can go through with minimal issues.


As funny as it may seem, trimming your hair while growing it out encourages healthy hair growth. It is recommended to cut the hair between six to twelve weeks to keep it free from damaged or split ends. Since there’s nothing wrong with getting trims when necessary, the only significant signs to look out for are:
  • 1) making sure trims aren’t scheduled too often (or too far apart)
  • 2) a hairstylist who knows the difference between a trim and a cut. Your hair’s strength and shine depend on its health from root to tip. So, it's extremely beneficial to keep up with trims, especially if you usually wear protective styles, or deal with colored hair.
Note: Trimming your hair will not help, as there are proper techniques and tools used for cutting hair. If you do not have experienced, it would not be advised to cut your own hair.

Heat Usage

Naturally curly and coily hair types are fun to play with, and being able to give yourself a new look with a little heat is cool too. A stylist should always take the required precautions before using any heat towards the hair. Heat is unavoidable. Even if you’re not using a flat iron, you have to remember the sun exists and has an effect on natural hair. It becomes a problem when there is excessive heat used directly on the hair, or if the hair becomes exposed to degrees hotter than 450. Heat protectants and moderation are vital for being able to change up your look now and then. A stylist who doesn’t speak up about a client’s risk of constant heat or overuses hot tools are signs to find someone new to help.


Using chemicals is another method used by many women to alter their hair’s texture and color. It is very popular and common to dye hair to be able to rock a new hue. There are precise instructions when it comes to coloring, especially when going to extremes such as to bleach hair. You have to take a break from too much manipulation with the hair since particular colors can cause weaker hair that is more prone to damage. One of the reasons you and your hairdresser should have a good relationship is so they can help you decide if your hair can withstand certain procedures. And if you choose to do so, your stylist can help you maintain your hair outside of the salon.

Hair Extensions

When we wear protective styles, the goal is to be able to keep the hair unbothered to allow it to grow. However, relying on those protective styles to bring forth healthy hair can be detrimental to your hair’s overall health. In between your hairstyles, take a break from your appointments to care for your hair and give it time to breathe. Remember that after each wash, you should deep condition and detangle to keep the strands strong and healthy. Every so often, you should try DIY hair masks and protein treatment. They’re used to give back the natural moisture that has escaped and to fortify your hair cuticles. And when it’s time to style hair again, be sure speak up if the styling feels too tight. Hair extensions can easily cause tension if designed too tightly or too often.

Making the Best Decisions for Yourself

Ultimately, it is best to take any time you can to learn about your hair to be able to help yourself. It is great to have a stylist to always assist in giving you the best looks. However, you want to be sure there’s more good than harm coming from your hairstyles. It is essential your stylist becomes acquainted with your hair type and pattern. This is so any signs of damage will become apparent and they can take action to reverse it. Unfortunately, not all stylists will catch the warning signs, so it is up to you to stay updated on how your hair is reacting to each visit. Some common warning signs of hair damage include drastic changes to curl pattern, split ends, dry and brittle hair strands and consistent breakage. You can depend on someone to help, but stay informed about what exactly is being done to your hair because I’m sure it is a huge part of your identity. Your hair’s health is equally as important as your overall health, so know what’s going on up there! Whatever you need frequently done, know of the long-term effects to be able to choose the best hairstyles for yourself.
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