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Standing Out with Hair Color: Russian Blonde Hair vs. Gray Hair

Elephant in The Room

Russian blonde and gray hair have been super trendy this past year.

Celebrities like Rihanna and Jourdan Dunn sported the trendy gray hair while Nicki Minaj and Rita Ora rocked Russian blonde bundles. We have traditionally associated gray hair with old age, and most women pay a substantial amount of money to cover them in hopes of elongating their youth.

Therefore, it is such a crazy phenomenon that young women and coloring their hair to be gray! Just goes to show you, you always want what you don't have. According to Glamour UK, 28 percent of women included in L'Oreal Professionnel research are embracing or considering silver hair.

As a result of the new craze, L'Oreal Professionnel noted that sales of silver shampoos increased by 55 percent in comparison to 2016 sales. If you're looking for a way to stand out but still stay on-trend, this article is for you!

Why You Should Go, Gray,

#1 Unique

Although you may have been taught to believe that gray hair is drab and boring, it is unique. Even though more women have been embracing natural grays, most women still choose to cover their grays with hair color.

Not only does embracing your natural grays automatically make you stand out, but everyone's shade and tone of gray is different. No one has the same kind of gray, and that is so beautiful! Some women have a golden gray while some have an ashy gray.

Some women gray only on the crown of their head while some gray all over. Diversity is beautiful!

#2 Save time and money

If you have natural grays, you can save so much time and money by not coloring them. Think about how many hours and how much money you spend in the salon trying to hide your beautiful gray strands from the world! Think about all you can do with that extra time and money.

#3 Absolutely beautiful

That's it. No debate.

If you aren't ready to take the plunge and color your natural hair gray, you should check out Private Label Extensions gray bundles. This is the perfect way to experiment with beautiful gray hair without the commitment.

Have I convinced you to go gray yet? Okay, before you call the salon to make your appointment, read to the end of this article for valuable tips on achieving and maintaining your new color!


Why You Should Go Russian Blonde

Blonde hair has always been popular, but recently the Russian Blonde hair extension trend has been on the rise. With celebrities like Nicki Minaj rocking #613 bundles down to her ankles, its no wonder why so many women have been following suit.

Perks of Russian Blonde Hair

#1 You don't have to bleach your natural hair

So many women want to experience blonde hair but fear the health of their hair will decline. Powder bleach can be detrimental to your precious strands if you do not keep up with proper maintenance.

A lot of women do not have the time or patience to keep up with necessary treatments to keep their processed tresses healthy. That is where Russian Blonde Bundles come in! This hair may be a light color, but it is ever so silky and smooth. This hair comes blonde, so there is no need to lighten it yourself.

#2 You can create any color with Russian Blonde

Because these bundles come with a very light blonde color, they are perfect to be toned or colored to your desired shade. With Russian Blonde, you can create Ash Blonde, Honey Blonde, Rosey Blonde, even Strawberry Blonde.

The possibilities are endless. Russian Blonde is also the perfect base to create bright fashion colors like screaming red, electric blue, and any other color you can imagine.

#3 It's always on trend

Blonde is never going out of style! Blonde is a classic and timeless hair color that is constantly evolving to stay modern.

Anyone can go blonde. So many women are scared to try blonde because they are afraid their complexion will complement the blonde. The color of your skin does not depict whether or not you can go blonde! What all the color of your skin determines is what blonde tone you rock.

Some women look better with warm or honey blonde versus ashy blondes. Just remember that you can rock whatever you want! With a talented stylist and confidence, any hair color is possible.


How To Achieve Gray Hair

To achieve a deep gray hair color, you must first lighten your hair up to a pale blonde level, similar to the inside of a banana. Even though the gray color may appear dark, it is just a super light blonde with tons of ash tone, making it appear dark to the eyes.

When lightening hair at home, I recommend using Wella Blondor and 30vol developer. Mix the bleach according to the directions and apply generously to your hair. You need to wear gloves while applying the bleach.

If you have very dark or resistant hair, you may need to apply a processing cap to your hair after you have used the bleach mixture to your hair to speed up the lightening process.

Once your hair has reached a light blonde color, you need to thoroughly wash the bleach formula out with a moisturizing shampoo to avoid the hair tangling. I recommend using Aussie Mega Moist shampoo.

After all the bleach is out of your hair, proceed to towel dry the majority of water from your strands.

Now to mix the color! For this gray color, we are going to be using ION Color Brilliance Demi-Permanent Crème Hair Color in the color Chrome. Mix 2oz of Ion Color Brilliance Chrome with Ion Sensitive Scalp Crème Developer in 10vol. Do not use the 30vol developer as it will continue to lift your hair color.

The processing time is 10-40 minutes. Be sure to watch the color. Once it has reached the intensity that you desire, wash it out immediately. The color will continue to get deeper and deeper as time progresses.

Once the color is washed out, be sure to condition your hair with Redken All Soft Mega conditioner to restore the protein and moisture that has just been taken out of your hair by the bleach.

This formula uses a demi-permanent color, meaning it is less harsh than permanent color, but it will wash out after about 24 washes. I only recommend a demi-permanent color for bleached hair because you can achieve the same beautiful colors without the damage. Demi-permanent color also gives you the option to change colors when you get tired of the gray. Versatility is key!


How To Achieve A Gray Tone/ Ash Blonde

If you don't want to go full-on gray, and you prefer a silver-tone, I have the perfect formula for you! Similar to achieving gray hair, the tone of your hair has to be a light blonde with a pale yellow color.

After you have achieved the pale yellow tone of hair, mix 1 part Wella T18 Color Charm toner with two parts 10 Volume Developer. Develop for up to 30 minutes, but remember to watch the color as it processes. Once it reaches your desired shade, wash it out immediately.

Be sure to condition your hair with Redken All Soft Mega conditioner to balance your hair with protein and moisture.

You can also achieve gray hair and ash blonde hair with Russian Blonde bundles! Use the same color formula on your Russian Blonde bundles to create a gray color. Remember there is no need to lighten the Russian Blonde hair as it is already at the perfect level for coloring.

When coloring Russian Blonde bundles, remember to buy 3x the amount of color you would use on your natural hair. The number of bundles and length of the hair will determine how much color and product you will need. I suggest buying a little more than you think you need just to be on the safe side.


Rock Your New Color

By now I hope I have convinced you to stand out from the crowd with either gray or Russian blonde hair. Whether you chose to rock your natural gray hair, slay with gray hair color, or experiment with gray bundles, do with confidence that you are beautiful and can rock whatever color you choose!

If you choose to slay in some Russian blonde bundles, be sure to consider using Private Label Extensions Russian Blonde bundles, closures, and frontals for the best experience with blonde hair. With the best quality hair extensions, it is hard to go wrong.

What color are you considering trying? Will you color your natural hair or experiment with extensions? Let us know in the comments!

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