get into scalp exfoliation and change your hair life

Get Into Scalp Exfoliation and Change your Hair Life

Exfoliation is For More Than The Skin on Your Face and Body

Let’s take self-care to a new level, shall we? Scalp exfoliation, though not original is a more popular way of treating your hair. Not sure what it is, let me explain it to you! Scalp exfoliation is just as it sounds. You take a fine hairbrush to target your scalp and brush up and away the dead skin cells.

Sounds Gross, Right?

Well, don’t click away just yet because there’s a method to this madness! Scalp exfoliation has a plethora of benefits including giving breathing room to hair follicles, improves blood flow to your scalp and hair growth. Basically, don’t wait to treat your scalp until it becomes a problem that is hard to reverse. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body. It is vital to address every area of it, including the parts buried by millions of pieces of hair. In the age of detoxing trends and ways to enhance your beauty, scalp exfoliation falls right in line with all of the hype that Instagram continually promotes. If you have yet to see a video, search your trends; you might be surprised at just how widespread this is becoming. If you suffer from thinning hair specifically, creating a scalp routine treatment could work wonders while on a healthy schedule. The same concept goes for those of us who have scalp conditions with irritation, blemishes, and breakouts. This remedy is an additional process that could help to relieve some or all of your symptoms. If you still aren’t convinced, just pay attention and see what all scalp exfoliation can do.

Exfoliating for Treatment

So maybe you are suffering from an oily scalp, follicles that are not producing or some type of irritation issue. Have you ever thought about the fact that your scalp needs love too? Just like we pay attention to our facial skin, we have to start doing the same to our scalp's skin. You would think that we would take the extra step to give our scalp that extra loving. But that isn't always the case as we resume our normal wash day routines to focus solely on the follicles. Doesn't it make sense to treat the root of an issue and then take on the issue itself? We find ourselves always searching for how to get more hair moisture or how to prevent breakage. Maybe our biggest problem all along is the fact that our scalp needs a little spring cleaning. Taking care of your hair is always going to be a priority. But taking the extra step to get it to its fullest potential starts with just a few easy steps. These steps can be done once every other week depending on your current hair state. If you depend on styling products, heat protectants, heat tools then trying this treatment is worth the shot! The same goes for us girls who are work out fanatics. In reality, the amount of sweat and product build-up is unimaginable. But just think about how much build up, dead skin cells and dirt you are missing by skipping this step! I would say tons of it. However, by giving this trend a try, you'll find yourself on the road to healthier hair sooner than you thought. Give it a go and if you don’t know how, there will be tools, ingredients, and steps to guide you below.

How to Exfoliate Your Scalp

When exfoliating your scalp remember that you first have to be gentle because this is skin and super delicate. The types of products you choose to use for your exfoliation process are all dependant upon your current hair state. No one person is the same. Individualizing this process is even better because you are sure to get real-life results that give a testimony to your journey. A few tools that you may need are:
  • A natural exfoliant like brown sugar, ground cornmeal or oatmeal
  • Silicone brush or toothbrush
  • Hair conditioner or clarifying shampoo
  • Peppermint, tea tree or olive oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Apple cider vinegar
Remember, these ingredients vary from person to person. So, make sure that you do a skin test of different mixtures that work for your hair. If no irritation occurs, go in! Once you have gathered your tools, figure out what works for you. If you have a more sensitive scalp, I would avoid tea tree oil because of how strong it is. Instead go with clarifying shampoo, brown sugar and olive oil. But, if you have a scalp that is not as sensitive tea tree oil mixed with oatmeal and hair conditioner might do the trick also. No matter what you choose it is super important to be gentle, the last thing you want to do on this journey is to create more scalp problems than what you may already have, and if you don’t have any issues, you don’t want to create any. Are you not so much a DIY girl? If not then there are a plethora of product lines out there that can get you that squeaky clean scalp in no time!

5 Exfoliant Lines That You Should Try Today

No, your best hair days are not behind you and don’t let your thinning, oily or breaking hair tell you so because honestly, you are just getting started! If your “problem area” happens to be your hair, then you may want to give these products a try:

Alterna Haircare Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial

While this product will run you a few pennies, it is said to help remove build up due to its built-in bristles, gentle touch and sulfate free base. It gives you two products in 1! Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo, $29 If you know anything about Aveda, then you know their love for top of the line ingredients is worth the money spent. This exfoliating shampoo has natural ingredients to rid your follicles of dead skin cells, dryness and itchiness. In the long run, you will see your locks truly flourish.

Kiehl's Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Now I’m pretty sure we all know and love the brand Kiehl’s for their skincare items that keep us all the way together. But one thing this brand also offers is a plethora of hair care items including a scalp exfoliator. Kiehl’s Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment also has natural ingredients that help to loosen and remove problem areas on our scalp with the use of micronized apricot seeds and argan shell. Now that sounds like some removal!

Palmer’s Scalp Scrub Shampoo

If you are familiar with Palmer’s brand, then you should also know that this company makes an exfoliating shampoo as well. Advertising the product as an anti-dandruff shampoo may have you glossing over it, but don’t walk away too soon. The benefits of this shampoo do more than relieve dandruff for those who deal with it. But it also puts the moisture back where product build-up and dead cells have made a home. Give this inexpensive alternative a try!

Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Revitalizing Mask

So maybe you have or haven't heard of the brand Keranique before, but this exfoliating shampoo is said to be a favorite among many. This sulfate and paraben free hair mask is specially designed to penetrate the root and follicle of the hair, ultimately giving your scalp a new life. Yes, it does come with a hefty price tag but who can put a number on self-care? Whether you try the $7 option or the $45 alternative, you are definitely going to give your scalp the makeover that you never knew it needed. From penetrating the roots actually to seeing flakes of skin wash away from your scalp, these treatments are the best thing that you never knew you needed. When it comes to hair care, it is always important to treat yourself to things that will not only smell great and make your hair look amazing but will make your hair feel both of those things too. Are you convinced that you need to “detox” your scalp yet?

Exfoliation Isn’t For Everyone

While scalp exfoliation is a plus for some, it can be a hindrance to most. In most of this article, I have talked about the benefits, especially to those with itchy, dry and flaky scalps but there is always another side to a trend. If you are someone who suffers from eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, severe follicle damage or a condition that requires a dermatologists approval, then it is advised that you do not exfoliate this layer of skin.


Your skin on your scalp is already sensitive to most things. And adding further irritation only heightens the likelihood of bacteria, infections, further damage and of course in some cases hair loss. The purpose of exfoliation is to use something that can full at the dirt and dandruff of your skin without harming your scalp any further. To properly clean your scalp if you suffer from a scalp condition gently wash and lather your hair as usual. Lather your tresses well and rinse until clean. The chances are that you may already have some form of recommended shampoo as well so if you do, proceed with your regular wash day routine.

Get Into This The Right Way

Before you just hop into the exfoliation life, make sure that your scalp can handle the movement that it will experience. Yes, the freshness and squeaky clean part will feel amazing, but you do not want it to be followed up with dry scalp and potential breakouts. To make sure that you are giving yourself a quality hair care routine try out different mixtures and products in a more gentle fashion and when I say gently I mean to be as soft as you can be. Try using a silicone shampoo brush to get you started or gently work the product in with the tips of your fingers until you feel that it has dissolved and pulled up the extra dirt. Once you have your favorite product or mixture figured out then it is safe to say that you can go full throttle in thoroughly exfoliating your scalp. When it comes to following up after you have exfoliated there are a few extra steps to take. With newly cleansed hair, you want to take the adequate amount of time to make sure that you have thoroughly rinsed your hair of product and build up. There is nothing worse than wanting a clean scalp and not thoroughly cleaning it because you did not rinse properly. It is all but essential to take your time on this step because leftover product creates more scalp issues which leave room for more irritation, breakage, and dryness and I can probably guess that this is something that you don’t want. After you have rinsed the product entirely be sure to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to repair and restore the moisture back into the follicles. If you want to go the extra mile, turn this into a deep conditioning treatment by sitting under a hooded dryer for about 15 minutes to make sure that the product has thoroughly seeped through your hair. Once you condition or deep condition, rinse the conditioner out with warm water and gently detangle. Follow up with your favorite leave in and moisturizer and style as you like!

Will You Give Scalp Exfoliation a Try?

Are you convinced that this is worth the hassle? I hope so because a clean scalp is a healthy scalp! Of course, you do not want to strip all of the oils and good bacteria away, but you do want to get rid of anything that could potentially harbor your hair growth and the things that are causing your scalp to itch and flake more than it should. If you are having trouble figuring out where to start and what to buy, scroll back up through the article and give your hair a proper assessment, you will surely find a product or DIY that relates to your current hair struggle. Are you flaking more or itching more? Do you use styling products in your hair every day or on occasion? These questions and more are something that you can ask yourself, but they are also something that only you can answer. Do not be afraid to try something new when it comes to hair care either. I know that scalp exfoliation sounds kind of different, but it could definitely be worth your while.
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