15 things to look for when searching for a new hairstylist

15 Things to Look For When Searching For A New Hairstylist

How to Start the Search For A New Stylist

Searching for a new hairstylist can be daunting, but staying in the dark with your stylist or not having one at all can become tiresome and damaging to your hair. Venturing out to find a new stylist doesn't have to be as heavy as it once was, you can use this list of fifteen things to look for in a hairstylist.

10 Things To Look For in a New Hairstylist

1. The Stylist Is Truthful

Honesty is the best and only policy when it comes to receiving and providing a service, especially a service dealing with hair. Usually, most people go to the salon with what they want or need for their hair in mind, for instance, you go in wanting a trim and pin curls, and after inspection, your stylist recommends you should have a protein treatment and some added clip-ins that will be an additional $75. When picking a stylist, you want to be sure that your stylist is truthful about the needs of your hair, and the reasoning for suggesting add-ons at your appointment. Furthermore, you'll want a straightforward stylist that will tell you the strengths and weakness of your hair. Some stylists will bleach, perm or flat iron your hair with no regards to what will happen to the integrity of your strands, while others will refuse the service and give you insight to why specific services might be detrimental to hair health. Additionally, a truthful stylist will let you know if she is running late, overbooked or is not confident in his/her abilities to complete the look you desire; instead of making you find out later or stringing you along about her capabilities. A truthful stylist is right for your pocket, hair and time.

2. Your Stylist Cares About Hair

Anybody can do a sew in, or a complete a polished silk wrap, but not every stylist is knowledgeable and caring when it comes to hair and hair care. Any good stylist cares about your hair worries and the natural strength, look and health of your hair and scalp. It is easy early on to tell if your stylist cares about your hair health if she asks questions about your last trim, perm, relaxer, and touch-ups; your stylist may ask you to book consultations before coloring and other precautions to avoid damaging your hair as her new client. While you will need to make an appointment to see some of this concern if your stylist uses style seat or acuity scheduling you may be able to see some of their questions and regulations before ever going in. This list of rules can tell you a lot about their attitude regarding hair practices.

3. The Prices are Affordable for Your Budget

I understand wanting a switch in your stylist, but it is vital that your new stylist's new prices still fit within your old budget. Your stylist prices should be in the ballpark of other stylists for the same services. For instance, if your old stylist charged $125 for a closure sew in, and your new stylist costs $200, it is okay to make that jump. This increase is due to their demand, experience, and location, and there should be some slight differentiation. However, you should not make that jump if that $75 will put a hole in your budget. If one of their prices is much higher, it is likely that their trims and color consultations will be at an influx price. You have to keep in mind that styles come with upkeep and your hair need redoing. Consequently, it is essential that you are still able to upkeep your hair with the services and frequency you enjoy the change in price.

4. The Stylist Can Do Your Style

I will not pretend that I am so loyal to my stylist. I am a person that has someone for everything because I'm so particular about how much I will pay, vibes and whose work I like. So I have someone that I love for wigs, braids, and closures. However, the best way to do things is to have one stylist that fits the page for everything; it's easier to have one stylist that can learn, treat and style your hair regularly. Be sure that your stylist can do a variety of styles, and you want to be able to turn to him or her for different things and know that you are in good hands.

5. Keep Your Stylist Booked But Not Too Busy!

As I mentioned, I have three dependable hair stylists that I lean on to get me looking gorgeous! But the main issue with my favorite stylist was booked continuously! It is a good thing that your stylist stays busy and reinforces the idea that your stylist is good at what she does. You want her to be a little less in demand near your birthday and trips, so if you can find a stylist that actually has time on her schedule and isn't just your stylist once a year when you can break through the admirers beating down her chair! While this is not a definitive cut off reason to overlook a good stylist, it can become tiresome and inconvenient and blocked out continually and unable to book their hairstylist when needed.

6. The Salon Is Not Too Far From You

No one should have to travel an hour or more and then have to sit in the salon for three hours! Your new hairstylist's salon should be close to you for nothing other than convenience. It is for sure that if your stylist is affordable, accessible and quick to get to, you'll be a faithful customer, a win-win situation for you both!

7. Your Stylist Is Not A Product Pusher

Although your new stylist needs to use salon quality products and tools, products do not need pushing you as a client. There's nothing wrong with your stylist suggesting products to you for at-home use, but every word from your stylist should not be about the bundles she sells, the drops that are on sale today or the wigs she makes part-time. An appointment with your stylist should be flowing with good conversation, an exciting movie or an excellent background soundtrack, it should not feel like an infomercial, or like you're passing the people in the mall with samples! A stylist has to be more concerned with meeting your hair needs than making sure that you buy a list of things that they sell on the side.

8. The Hairstylist Has Good Communication

Your new hairstylist needs to be amazing at communication. Communication about added fees, lateness, changing appointments, and hair care are essential to the relationship between you and your stylist. A stylist that is easy and swift with communication before, during and after appointments can save you a lot of frustration over your hair's health and the finished product.

9. Your Stylist Has an AMAZING Reputation

I like to read good reviews or see banging hair videos and pictures from my stylist. I also love when a stylist has others that use their hashtags; Now, popularity does not translate into professionalism or good practices. Though, stylists with a steady flow of clients who speak of them are encouraging. I have met so many people who have gone to well-known stylists, and have negative reviews. Do not take all of their reputations at face value; take surveys and recounts into consideration.

10. You Enjoy Your New Experiences As Their Client

Enjoyable, quick and I love my hair! Positive reviews are the only ones cross your lips after the first few visits with your new stylist. If you are already experiencing too many red flags, go to the nearest Style Seat and get out of there!

11. Your Hairdresser Is Up On New Trends

A pivotal part of advancing in any career is to continue to learn and evolve. Your new hairdresser should be someone who is keeping up with the times, and able to follow trends. A new stylist needs to stay relevant and able to provide any style you may desire.

12. The Hairdresser Isn't Afraid to Recommend Another Hair Professional

As a professional, if your new stylist seems to be apprehensive about trying a new style such as doing a frontal or braids, they should be willing to recommend someone else. A real professional is truthful about their ability to do styles and will be ready to allow someone else the chance to style your hair. A professional is not concerned with competition or losing money as long as their clients are happy; they are satisfied with a job well-done.

13. Your Hairdresser Is Always Willing To Change Things For You

It has happened to all of us at least once and we may feel like we like the style, just not enough. In fact, totally left of what we wanted our hair to look. Instead of telling people that we hate our hair we smile in the mirror, fork over the money and sprint to the car to cry and plan our restyling plan. NO more! If and when, hopefully, you do, speak up about your unhappiness with your style, your stylist should be willing to change or alter the form for you, with genuine concern. The few times I have spoken up, I have met with mixed responses, but only once has a stylist went above and beyond to attempt to fix it for me. Most of the stylist, brush out a curl or add more gel and sent me on my way. Please, find someone that genuinely cares about pleasing you and making sure you leave the salon with exactly what you wanted!

14. Your Stylist Is Optimistic

For me, optimism and positivity play a prominent role in whom I go to and spend my money and time. It's essential to me because having thinner, short hair I used to be very cynical about the styles and things my hair could do. But after visiting two very professional and optimistic stylist, @A4_Ava and @Sydney_December, I felt much better about my hair. They talked me through hair options and were confident in my hair's ability and their skill. I think whether you are natural or getting a weave it is essential to have a stylist that has both the expertise and attitude to make your hair appointment worthwhile.

15. The Stylist Is Respectful of Time

Listen, honey, wasted time is the pet peeve of women everywhere! Somewhere right now a woman is waiting 45 minutes for a blowout when her style finished. Even worse, you can be waiting for your hairdresser to eat, or get off the phone. A good stylist is respectful of your time and will work to get your hair done quickly with few distractions or deterrents.

Finding Your New Stylist

Finding a new stylist can be difficult, and you won't know where your hair soulmate is until you go out looking for them. Some of the tips on the list can only be determined after you have made an appointment; so dive right in. Trying out different salons, and keeping an eye out for red flags, as well as praiseworthy qualities can make the search for a hairstylist easier. Do not be afraid to find leave your current stylist behind or to want to put your trust into a new hairdresser, your hair and comfortability is the top priority. Find a new stylist who is honest about your hair and their skills. Every head of hair needs someone who has knowledge and passion for their craft and can help hair become as healthy and full as possible. As a paying and concerned client, you need a hairstylist that is respectful in demeanor and of your money and time. Finding a new stylist doesn't have to be hard, create your list of criteria for what's important to you or go by our list of what to look for in when scouting a new hairstylist. Drop a few suggestions in the comments of what you look for in a stylist!
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