reasons why you should start selling edge control under your brand

Reasons Why You Should Start Selling Edge Control under Your Brand

Spice Up Your Brand with Edge Control

Hello to all my boss babes out there, we're back with another insightful post on how to build your hair brand. Now if you are in the hair business or thinking about starting one up, then this information could be essential in an increase of sales to your site. It may sound simple but adding edge control under your brand could skyrocket your sales within in months if not weeks. With all of these extension and weave companies that are out now, you need to make your brand more distinguishable and exciting adding this little lifesaving product could be the trick to do just that. This method applies back to the old school way of selling products, for example, so you want a burger, or would you like to supersize for a combo? Or what about you go into a store for some shoes but end up buying laces, and cleaner on top of that. The moral of the story is clients will only buy hair if that's all that you offer them, but once you place more products underneath their noses, this leaves room for them to buy all that you have to offer. So if you are thinking about adding edge control under your brand, here are or 5 different reasons on why you should do just that.

Create Customer Convenience

Good edge control is hard to come across these days; you could spend all your money only to buy a product that's stiff, has no hold, or turns your precious baby hairs white and clumpy. What's great is that Private Label Extensions gives you the chance to not only add edge control underneath your hair business but even make it your brand. We have hundreds of customers who can't keep their hands off our edge control formula, so we are sure that you will love it too. You can choose your color and size on our website from clear to the black edition that is selling like hot cakes, what makes this even better is that you can add your logo and label of your brand on to the product. Now, if you are already looking into buying a brand name edge control that you can also buy in bulk that's fine too. The point is to offer your customers a good quality product that will make them keep coming back to shop with you.

Overall Increase In Sales

It's almost a guarantee that the more products that you have in stock, the more a customer can buy. You should start promoting and letting your future buyers know that you offer this product they would probably love to support and get a few. If you have yet to start your hair business, then this will give you excellent upper hand on all the competition. If you have just added the edge control to your growing brand then would be amazing is sending out a small sample to every person who purchases your hair, this will give them the ease of trying the product out on their own and who doesn't love free samples? One quote of business that always seems to stick with me is "all you need is one" if you can get one person to try out your edge control you would be amazed on how quickly word-of-mouth can travel. Once you get a steady flow of purchases, then the sales will continue to rise. If you do not have a website you may want to think about getting one, selling online is an excellent way to expand your business. I am telling you, if you put it out there you will be surprised on how fast it will sell. So if you are hitting a rough patch in your business and want to spice things up a little then you should think about adding edge control underneath your brand.

Your Brand Will Be Distinguishable

If you want your hair brand to stand out then you have to research and figure what can you have that these other businesses don't. When you typically look up a store that sells weave extensions more than likely, that will be all. If you offer your customers something, then you will be at a considerable advantage over your competitors. Everyone wants a successful business and when thinking of ways to make your brand the best of the best always ask yourself "What makes me different than everyone else? How can I stand out from my competition?" Being Distinguishable will get you very far and trust me, adding edge control will do just that.

Customers Will Continue To Buy

If you drop something new to your site like edge control, it will leave your customers thinking what else this company will bring? That means it is up to you to keep the fresh ideas and inventory rolling. Today it could be edge control, but tomorrow you could add gel for your whole hair, or even mink lashes. The main point is just by just adding this product underneath your brand you have given customers a taste of how spontaneous you can honestly be, and this will leave wanting to come back for more. Also, imagine if you create or find an edge control that no other brand has this will make not only make you unique but the sole provider of that product. This means customers have no choice but to come to your business for their particular product needs.

Who Doesn't Love Edge Control?

The last reason you should add edge control underneath your brand is that it is just amazing! Laying down your baby hairs is what you need to take a natural hairstyle over the top and straight fabulous. If this one little product can make such a big difference, then why not add it to your brand? Who knew that we could fall in love with swoop edges so quickly? We have, and I don't think we will ever give it up anytime soon. So, if you want to keep up with the trend, we suggest adding this beauty to your business as quickly as possible.

Tips on how to Market your new Edge Control Product

Tip #1

So I've already mentioned that giving out small samples of edge control to your already faithful clientele is an easy way to promote sales. But, to make your customers feel even better, reward them if they post themselves using your edge control product, maybe by giving them a percentage off or free shipping on their next order.

Tip #2

Make sure that anyone that takes the time to promote takes a picture or talk about your products. You too must make sure that you also take the time re-post, comment, or like the positive thing they have to say. Also ask for their feedback, what they like or didn't like about your product, this will help you know where you stand if you need to do a brand revamp.

Tip #3

Use your Instagram to post stories about updates you make to your site and any new products that you are thinking of adding. Instagram now has a feature to where you can take love polls from your audience. You are now able to see what your followers will like before you even post anything to your site.

Tip #4

Going Live is also another feature that is taking storm on Instagram. Using this feature gives you a real-life platform to connect with your audience at any time. You get to broadcast live and maybe even give a demonstration how to use the edge control and how well the results will turn out.

Tip #5

Depending on what your budget is for your brand you can also use Instagram advertising. This is a quick way to get exposure to all the latest things you add to your business. You can pay to run a sponsored ad that will reach hundreds to thousands of people. You can also use this feature on your Facebook. So long story short makes sure you have multiple social media platforms that way you can broadcast to a broader audience.

Tip #6

Free Shipping on your products can also add to an increase in sales to make your customers feel special by giving them a code like "edges," and this will result in free shipping on any order of edge control they purchase. If you need more ideas on how to market your edge control check out our marketing guide blog post. This is full of beautiful ways you can promote your brand whether it be hair extensions or edge control.

Will You Add Edge Control To Your Brand?

I hope this post is encouraging you all to add edge control underneath your brand. We know that some of this information can feel overwhelming, but we're here to tell you that this process can be straightforward. Of course, it will also take a few researching techniques on your part, but just using a little bit of your free time to increase sales will be beneficial. If you are eager to add edge control underneath your brand, then please make sure to check out Private Label Extensions and the various edge controls that we offer! If this post was helpful in any way, then let us know in the comments.
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