How To Travel The World By Selling Hair Extensions

3 Steps to Hair Business & Travel Success

I know what you are thinking. Is this really possible? Travel the world for free while running your hair business?

Absolutely. Let me walk you through the steps to run your hair extension business remotely while selling hair extensions online.

Full disclosure. Like any business, this is not going to happen overnight. But for those that take the hair industry very seriously and follow the techniques we talk about on our Hair Biz Radio podcast and in this blog then you will have a better chance.

Also, don't give up. If other people are successful selling weave then you can too. Education is going to get the key to your success.

Selling hair extensions

Step 1: Selling Hair Extensions Online

We all know how selling online is the way to go these days.

Every day you hear about that brick & mortar chain that was unstoppable in the '90s is now closing shop.

Shopping online is only gaining in popularity, so it is never too late to get started. The key to selling online is a Hair Extension Website.

With your website, you can take payments online and sell them in your sleep. Or, for the sake of this article, you can sell why you are flying over the Atlantic Ocean!

10 Tips for Website Success

  • Make sure all your social media accounts link back to your website.
  • Post informative content on your social media daily. Utilize the 80/20 rule which is 80% valuable info and only 20% sales.
  • Create a MailChimp account right away to collect emails. Give away a free E-book or coupon to entice visitors to subscribe. This step is crucial.
  • Use "Retargeted Marketing" on Facebook and Instagram. The return on investment is huge!
  • Stay consistent with all your hair extension marketing efforts.
  • Work with social influencers in the beauty industry to help promote your products on their social media.
  • Make a goal to post at least one awesome blog post weekly. Statistics show that websites with blogs have higher sales.
  • Reach out to every customer and ask for a review. It is impossible to get all the positive ones, but that is OK. It's just part of the business.
  • Add customer photos to your product pages to let your visitors see how the hair looks once installed.
  • Upgrade your email address. Don't just use a Gmail account when you can have something like For a couple of bucks a month it adds a lot of professionalism to your appearance.

Your website is going to be the backbone of this plan, so it is essential to make sure you are using every technique possible to promote it. A website is also much like a house, never finished!

Tips for Website Success

Step 2: Utilize Drop Shipping

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

When you are out traveling the world your mom, sister, friend, or ex-boyfriend does not want to pack & ship your orders.

There is a much easier way!

A few years back the team at Private Label Extensions created the most cost-effective and straightforward way to start and manage a hair extension business. Our Dropship Bundles system takes the difficulty out of running your hair business from home or abroad.

10 Benefits of Drop Shipping Hair Extensions

  • No upfront inventory cost. Only buy hair once you have sold hair.
  • Trips to the Post Office suck! Don't worry; we do all the packing & shipping!
  • Branding options are available to make your bundles have your brand on them.
  • Save on office costs by not having to buy a label printer, laser printer, shipping supplies, and ink cartridges.
  • Ability to manage your orders remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Access to the Private Label Extensions growing catalog of products including sew-in extensions, frontals, closures, wigs, 3D mink lashes, edge control and more!
  • Spend more time on your marketing while the PLE team is managing all your shipments.
  • Zero office lease or rental costs. You can work from a Starbucks in Bangkok.
  • Lower monthly operating costs. Run your business with costs about the same as a steak dinner.
  • Don't try and re-create the wheel. The Private Label Extensions team is already doing this for hundreds of clients, join the club!

When you are on the move, you can't have those bundles slowing you down.

The key to selling hair extensions is to spend more time on your marketing. This is the #1 thing most people struggle with. If you have to worry about inventory, supplies, shipping, post offices, and all the other tasks then you not have the time you need to market your brand properly.

Buy hair with credit card

Step 3: Rewards Credit Cards

This step is the key to free travel!

Remember, if you are selling hair extensions then you also must be buying hair extensions. With our dropship program, you buy at wholesale and sell at retail for a sweet profit. Yes, you set all your prices which will determine your actual profit.

The takeaway here is that you have to purchase the hair after you have sold it. So why not do it with a credit card that is going to give you Skymiles, free nights at hotels, and tons of other travel perks?

All you need is the right credit cards.

My Top 5 Rewards Cards For Travel

  • Chase Ink Preferred Card - 80k point signup bonus and 3x point opportunities.
  • AMEX Platinum Card - 60k point signup bonus and tons of travel perks.
  • Chase Saphire Preferred - 50k point signup bonus with no annual fee!
  • Marriott Rewards Premier - 80k point signup bonus with sweet hotel perks.
  • Ritz Carlton Rewards - because it is better to travel and stay in style.

Once your hair business starts ramping up, I am certain you will start spending money on online advertising. The Chase Ink Preferred card will give you 3x rewards on all your online marketing.

Imagine spending money to not only boost your sales but also get rewards to travel. Life is so sweet when you know how to live it! Having a business selling hair extensions can be a dream come true!

You can start cashing in your SkyMiles for free flights and redeem your hotel points for free stays!

The only downside to this is that you need a credit score of 700 or higher to qualify for a business rewards card. Take that into consideration before applying.

Is Selling Hair Extensions a Passion?

This plan can 100% work with dedication.

If you are passionate about hair and have always wanted to be in business, then the extra potential travel is just a great perk.

When first starting out, you are probably going to struggle a little bit. That's OK. It's just part of the process, and it is what every successful business owner goes through.

Selling hair extensions has been great over the past few years. Helping others sell hair extensions has been even more rewarding!

You might be reading this and have thought about getting into the industry but don't know where to start. Don't worry, the Private Label Extensions team has helped over 1,000 people like yourself get started.

Let us know how we can help!

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