5 ways to rock your senegalese twist

5 Ways to Rock Your Senegalese Twist

Get the Senegalese Twist Style

It is perfect weather to wear a Senegalese twist!

These are traditional protective styles for Afro-textured hair but worn by many women everywhere. The concept of Senegalese twists is to protect the hair from over-styling, heat tools, and weather conditions.

This particular style protects the real hair and helps you avoid breakage, and gives you the potential to retain hair growth. When installing Senegalese twist many people use hair extensions or braiding hair, and the process can take up to 5-8 hours.

The twists can be large, medium, or small; they will last much longer if they are medium to small size. The hair you choose to use can match with your natural hair color or a variety of assorted colors.

You can wear them very long with straight ends, or short with curled ends. You can wear Senegalese twists in many ways.

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Many women choose to decorate their twists with hair accessories.

Once you have this gorgeous style installed, they will last a few weeks if maintained correctly. It is important to wash and moisturize your real hair after installation.

The easiest way to do this is to pour a small amount of shampoo in a spray bottle and dilute it with water. Spray the mixture onto your scalp, and use the pads of your fingers to remove build-up.

Rinse your scalp while in the shower very carefully, as the twists will have more weight when they are wet.

To moisturize, just add a leave-in conditioner to a spray bottle of water, and spray daily (or every other day).

After you have had them in for a few weeks, you can cut them even shorter for a chic look.let’s move on to styling!

Top Bun

Styling the hair in a high bun while wearing the Senegalese twist is an easy way to keep the twists out of your face.

The top bun is also one of the most favorite ways to wear this protective style.

This style is also gym-friendly. There are various ways to create a top bun, but let’s start with the basics.

To achieve the top bun, start with a high ponytail and make sure that it is secure. Next, you’ll want to divide the hair into two parts and create one big twist.

Wrap the twist that you just created around itself, thus creating a top bun. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins, and you will look fab in your high bun!

To take the bun down, carefully remove the bobby pins and unwrap the bun.


High & Low Ponytail

Another fun hairstyle is a high ponytail.

If you are meeting up with some friends or about to enjoy a night out, rocking a high ponytail with these twists will surely turn heads. For a more conservative look, you opt to wear a low ponytail.

The low ponytail is one of my favorite ways to wear twists. They present a polished look if you are in a work environment.

High Ponytail


The high ponytail style is quite simple.

Gather your twists to the top of your head (Tip: flip your head to the side to quickly gather all the twist at once), and secure with a hair tie. You can wear your ponytail to the left or right.

That’s it!

For the low ponytail, part the twist down the middle or side, and gather the hair into a low ponytail.

Low Ponytail


The High Braid

If you are looking to make a statement, then let’s discuss the high braid.

The high braid ponytail demands attention when you enter any room! This style can be worn in the day for a trendy casual look, or night for a cocktail event. It will spice up your outfit, giving you an edgy look.

I honestly feel like a million bucks when I wear this hairstyle.

For this style, create a neat high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Next, start braiding the ponytail. Make sure not to braid too tight, because the ponytail will be stiff and it will not have any movement.

Secure the braid with a small black or clear rubber band.


Side Braid

The last way to style Senegalese twist is a low side braid.

This hairstyle is great if you are on the go and need to style your twists quickly.

If you are not the best braider, grab a friend or family member to help achieve this style. Feel free to add some accessories to your high braids, such as gold or silver braid clips.

To start, bring all your twist to one side. Split the twist into three equal sections, and begin braiding down. You can wear a middle part or a side part of this style.

Secure the ends with a hair tie or small rubber band.


Senegalese Twist Tips

Now that you have the Senegalese twist installed, and have picked one of the above hairstyles as your BFF, you are ready to rock your fresh look!

I self-installed my twists, but you can always contact a braiding salon or have a friend help install them. Doing them yourself will save you money, and you will gain practice for next time.

Remember to maintain your actual real hair by washing your scalp and moisturizing your real hair often. To sleep in them, tie a satin or silk scarf around the perimeter of your hair, and put the twist into a loose ponytail or braid.

When you are ready to part ways with your twists, taking them down is much quicker than the install.

Cut the twist halfway up (be careful not to cut your real hair), and gently unravel the twist.

Apply a conditioner or moisturizer to help detangle and get rid of any shed hairs before shampooing.

What is Your Favorite Senegalese Twist Style?

I hope that you have found your favorite way to wear Senegalese twists!

These are just a few of many ways to style them.

Depending on the occasion, they can create a romantic look or a head-turning edgy look. If you are looking for diverse ways to experiment with your mane, give these a try.

Comment below with your favorite style!

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