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Hot New Color Trend: Shadow Hair Highlights

Embrace your Roots, Don't Cover Them Up

Summer is winding down, and maybe you’re thinking about what is your next hairstyle. Well, there is a new highlight trend that is taking over and will be perfect for the fall! Usually, women color their hair to cover up dull and sometimes even grey roots. Shadow hair highlights do the exact opposite, they bring out the best in your roots and add dimension to your overall hair color.

What Exactly are Shadow Hair Highlights

Shadow hair highlights take the existing color of your roots and either make them darker or lighter. These hair highlights allow you to embrace your dark roots, unlike traditional highlights. Not only is this new trend taking over the hair dying experience but it revamps a previous trend. Shadow hair highlights mimic the ombre effect that many still love but adds so much more. With this technique, you will have the ombre appearance but with levels of dimension added, which brings out the richness of your natural hair color. These highlights blend in with your hairline which adds to your overall look. Instead of dying your entire head lighter or darker, you can achieve natural looking shadow tones that give your hair the appearance of multiple colors.

What is So Great about Shadow Hair Highlights

These type of highlights are perfect for anyone who doesn't like to be in the salon that often. Also great for someone who wants a pop of color but not too sure about getting their entire head dyed. Shadow highlights are great for anyone who wants to dye their hair but keep it subtle and natural looking. Shadow hair highlights allow your hair color to appear more natural while allowing it to grow out to perfection. You won't have to worry about any chunky streaks of color. Once the shadow roots begin to grow out you’ll love the highlights even more because of how lived in color will become. Try this highlighting technique since it's a great summer style but even better transitional style for the fall.


With traditional highlights, you will need to visit the salon every four to six months for upkeep. Shadow hair highlights last four months up to six months without any retouching. You won't need to touch up your shadow hair highlights that often, which saves time and money. We all look for low maintenance hairstyles every day that keeps us current with trends as well as helps us with day to day functionality. Not only does this highlighting technique last longer than the traditional highlight, but it is also healthier for your hair. There should never be hair dye used on your directly on the hairline. The less hair dye you can put on your hair is better, no need to overdye your hair. Hair dye placed directly onto your scalp can irritate your skin not to mention it can affect your natural hair/curl pattern. Although the name of this technique is shadow, these highlights make your hair appear to be brighter because of the root to highlight ratio.

Can Anyone Achieve this Look?

This technique isn't only for women who want to go blonde; this technique is for anyone using any color. Think outside of the box and get rid of any traditional color patterns you may have seen. With shadow highlights you can dye the roots any color to make your natural hair pop or stand out; red, purple, green and even yellow. Customize your shadow hair highlights with warm blondes, sultry browns, and even pastels hues. Traditionally blondes are the ones who seem to get highlights the most, and with shadow highlights, brunettes and redheads can join in on the fun too. For brunettes, adding some caramel or ashy blonde-brown to their roots will bring out the richness in their hair color. While for redheads, anything color in the copper family will bring out the brightness in their red roots. Anyone can get shadow hair highlights, and that is what makes them so impressive!

How Is it Done

Achieving shadow highlights is such a tricky technique, and it can be time-consuming. Although the steps to highlight someone’s hair can be simple, certain things that can set apart shadow hair highlights. The overall goal of shadowing highlights is to create a real depth; which means that its best to go with colors that compliment your natural hair color. Typically it’s best to go two or three shades lighter or darker than your hair to keep the naturalness. Because the roots are the focal point of this coloring technique, it is essential that your stylist keeps the roots moving during the process. Whether you go to a salon or attempt this at home, make sure that the roots combed while applying the color. This crucial step ensures even coverage and no chunkiness. To give the roots a more in-depth and more dynamic look, make sure a to use a cool neutralizer so there won't be any brassy roots. Another critical thing to know is that the hairline is essential and cannot be neglected as well when doing shadow hair highlights. The hairline should always be lightly colored so the stylist can have control over how dark or light the roots will be painted. Shadow hair lights don't require much dye, do not overdo it! An inch of dye per highlight is all that is needed to achieve this bomb look. Not so hard huh?

Loving your Roots Has Become The New Thing

There is never a dull moment in the beauty industry! Every day it seems there is a new way to enhance our looks and shadow hair highlights is that new best thing. Sometimes highlights can be bulky and stand out against your natural hair color. Trying this new technique, you will not only have definition in your color but seamless highlights from root to end. Even though the maintenance is low, this technique will not be a cheap one, but it’s so worth it!
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