lush has new shampoo bars get into them

Lush Has New Shampoo Bars! Get Into Them!

What Are Shampoo Bars?

Lately, in the haircare world, shampoo bars have been all the craze. Now, as someone who is just now getting settled into the world of hair, I admit that I sometimes can’t keep up. There are so many different products that hit the market at once. Sometimes, the product will stick, and consumers will buy. Sometimes, the product won’t hold, and consumers won’t buy. The most important products hit the market and make the biggest mark. Shampoo bars have been the most significant thing to hit the market lately, but what are they even? It seems like the “no shampoo” faze was going to last a lifetime, so why make something like a shampoo bar? Well, the well-known skin, hair, and beauty care company decided to make shampoo bars and people love them! Of course, with any new product, there are pros and cons. I haven’t had the chance to try them, but plenty of my friends have. There have been mixed reviews, but so far, people don’t have anything terrible to say. We’ve gathered up all the pros and cons of Lush’s new shampoo bars, where to get them, and whether you should. Let’s get into it!

Why A Shampoo Bar?

There’s not a serious reason as to why you should use shampoo bars over liquid shampoo. The biggest reason that comes to mind is convenience. Using a bar instead of liquid is a little more convenient. My only question would be whether it would last very long since it’s out in the open. Bars of material do diminish more quickly. Shampooing isn’t an everyday thing either. However, despite all that, they are easy to travel around with. Also, Lush is known for making their products with organic ingredients. Their shampoo bars are any different. It’s been said that shampoo bars, specifically Lush’s bars, are fantastic for bringing your hair to a voluptuous, and shiny state. Lush shampoo bars don’t strip hair the same way that a regular shampoo cleanser would, especially since their ingredients tend to be on the natural side. After using one of these shampoo bars, you should notice a difference in your hair. The texture of your wet hair should be softer! Shampoo bars also don’t include any of the additives used in commercial shampoos such as ammonium sulfate, or sodium sulfate. Changing to a Lush Shampoo bar may change the way you look at shampoo. After reading about all the pros, I decided that I’m going to buy some and try them out.

So, Why Not?

I know that Lush shampoo bars sound like a complete win, and they can be! However, you’ll need to consider some things. Although some of the products are said to be organic, some of them have had harmful ingredients before. Before purchasing, make sure that you read the label, and ask your Lush representative! Whenever I want to try a new product, I look up reviews from random people, and from people that I trust. I also want to make sure that the people I ask, have hair textures similar to mine. When getting a review, you always want to make sure that the person knows what your hair texture is like, and how this new product can affect it. The new Lush bars have a waxy consistency. The wax tends to build up in hair. If you have kinky or curly hair, this will be a more frequent issue. Experts call it “Soap Scum.” It occurs because the shampoo bars are made from oils and alkali which reacts with water when you use it. The bar can tangle up your hair depending on your hair texture and how it responds to different products. However, despite this, there is a fix for this issue. People, with kinky hair that have used the product before suggest cutting the shampoo bar into pieces before using it. By doing this, you’ll be able to apply it much more comfortable and much quicker. If you’re still lost on how to use a shampoo bar, try watching some tutorials to get you up to date.

Which Ones Should I Try?

So, the verdict on Lush shampoo bars is still out there, but you should try them. There are about five different Lush bars that are the most popular on the market right now. Lush shampoo bars are made to last, but that’ll be up to you after you use the product! If you do buy any of them, the ones that you should purchase are Brazilliant, New, Jumping Juniper, Honey I washed my hair, and Godiva. In total, there are about 15 shampoo bars on the market. Brazilliant is terrific for easing frizz and smells fantastic. New is perfect for getting that clean feeling that is needed after a long week. Jumping Juniper is a balancing lavender shampoo bar made to relieve stress while you wash. Honey, I washed my hair has a fantastic, sweet scent and is used best when paired with colored hair. Finally, Godiva is a wash and condition combo that will leave your hair feeling softer than ever before. All of the shampoo bars are amazing, but these five have gotten the most buzz in my opinion. Also, since I’m focused on kinky hair, I’m going to use the ones that I feel work best for my hair. Make sure that you check your hair texture, and condition before applying a new product like a shampoo bar. Lush representatives are typically super kind and will help you find something that works for you!

Go Out And Try It!

As with any new product, there are always pros and cons. Lush is always trying new things, and these shampoo bars seem to be doing well in public. Don’t be afraid to try them. Make sure that you check the ingredient before trying them out. Make sure you choose something that works for your hair type and condition. Trying new things can be fun, especially when they deal with your hair care regimen. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, but be mindful of all the necessary information. Lush makes amazing products, and we’re sure that these are fantastic. Let us know what you think of them if you’ve tried them!
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