hair inspiration from Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It

Hair Inspiration from Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It

The riveting Miss Nola Darling once again graces our screens in this remake of the original Spike Lee Joint She’s Gotta Have It. From the second I saw the trailer I knew I had to watch this show. Like another show with a black female lead, I'm all the way here for it. And like many other Netflix watchers, I didn't just watch one episode a day, but I binge-watched the entire series. I absolutely loved every minute of it. She’s Gotta Have It is trending everywhere and its leading lady Nola Darling is taking viewers by storm.

About the Show

Adapted from the original film written and directed by Spike Lee, the new Netflix series is nothing short of amazing. It pretty much stays true to the original with a few differences here and there. It captures more of Nola’s life and also has some modern relevance by incorporating the story of gentrification. At the time the film was released Nola (played by actress Tracy Camilla Johns) was seen as a woman ahead of her time. As a “sex-positive, polyamorous, pansexual” in 2017 Nola fits right in. In this new remake we get to see more into the life of Nola Darling and her three suitors. Much like in the original movie Nola is juggling three very different men that when put together would create one perfect man. These men include Mars Blackmon played by Anthony Ramos, Greer Childs played by Cleo Anthony and Jamie Overstreet played by Lyriq Bent. In the new series she also develops a romantic relationship with Opal Gilstrap who in the original film was just Nola’s friend, who tried to get with her but that was shut down pretty quickly. With that being said each man brought something to the table for Nola and 31 years later they are still the same men. Mars is seen as the funny guy who audiences instantly fall in love with because he is that one sneaker-head that everybody seems to know. Spike Lee played this character in the original film. Greer is a is extremely self-absorbed and cocky, but Nola describes him as fun and spontaneous. Then there is Jamie who is the only relationship minded one out of the bunch. Jamie is an older guy who knows what he wants but often seems to get left in the dust.

New vs. Old

Though much of the storyline is the same, we are introduced to a renewed Nola in the Netflix series. One of the most significant differences is the fact that Nola has friends now. Spike Lee also incorporates modern issues such as gentrification, paying bills, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The new Nola is also much more involved in the art scene. In the original Nola talks about art but we never see her creating. Spike Lee brings to light different Black artists and how the Black experience is portrayed through art.

Nola Darling

Nola the naturalista... Now let’s talk about Nola’s hair. One thing that cannot be ignored is Nola’s kinky coils. In the original film Nola rocks a classic 80s look. For most of the film she wears her hair as a tapered cut. She switches up her hair once by sporting a slick back look but other than that her hair remains unchanged. Now when we look at the remake we can’t ignore that Nola is again a naturalista and her hair is always on point! Her hair is one way the series stays true to the original Nola. She gives us total Issa Rae in Insecure vibes with the cute hairstyles and the light brown coils. Her ever-changing hair portrays the free female form in which she was trying to capture through her art.

Recreating Nola’s Hairstyles

Though her hairstyles aren’t as detailed as Issa’s in insecure, Nola rocks looks that every naturalista at any skill level can easily achieve. For these styles all you'll need is: Here are a few of her hairstyles that you gotta have and recreate by following these steps:

The Twist Out

The twist out is Nola’s go to hairstyle throughout the entire season. She may have changed up her hair a little bit here and there, but this right here was the reoccurring do. To get this look first you're going to create sections in your hair. You can make the part as big or small as you want depending on how defined you want your twists to be. Side note: If your hair isn't at your desired length you can add clip-ins to achieve this look. Next apply your styling lotion or leave-in conditioner thoroughly to your hair in sections to prevent it from getting dry. Doing this will also help with unwanted frizz. From there just start twisting your hair up. After you’ve completed all your twists you can either sit under a dryer or just sleep in your twists overnight. Make sure to wear a bonnet or silk scarf when choosing to sleep with the twists overnight. Before taking your twists out you should add oil in your hands to prevent frizz. Take down your twists and begin to separate the twists to add some volume. If you're looking to have big volumized hair pull out your afro pick and start pulling your hair from the roots to achieve a fuller look. Last but not least don't forget to use edge control to lay your baby hairs!

The Head Wrap

A head wrap is one of Nola's simplest styles that can be achieved under five minutes. For this style all you need is a scarf and maybe some edge control if you want to have your baby hairs peeking through. This style is perfect when your hair does not come out how you wanted or if you’re just having a lazy day. First, put your head wrap on your head making sure that the ends are towards the front of your head. Then, make the two ends into a big twist. After creating the twist wrap the scarf into a bun on the front of your head. There you have it, in just a few easy steps you've achieved this super simple style. If you want to be just a little extra you can add a septum and then you are looking just like Nola.

Side Swept Curls

Side swept curls are a perfect look if you’re trying to spice up an old twist out or wash n go. You can rock this look for a date night or on a girls night out. Create a deep side part going from the front to the back of your hair. Then, cornrow or flat twist the section towards the back of your head. Lastly, using bobby pins to secure the tail of the braid into the hair that has been left out. Fluff your curls, and you’re ready to go.

Rolled and Pinned Up-do

This style may be a bit harder to achieve but its perfect if you're going for a sleek, classy look. For this style you need a ton of bobby pins and some hair pomade or a gel of your choice. First, you’re going to create a U-part in the front of your hair like you're creating bangs. After creating the part, clip the hair to the side to move it out your way. Next, begin rolling your hair until you reach your nape. Make sure to the brush! There is no need to use gel for this look unless you have short hair. Don’t forget to stop periodically to make sure it’s secure. Once you reach the end of your nape start twisting your hair. Next, get some bobby pins and pin the twist underneath the rolled hair. Lastly, with the hair that you pinned to the side create a bump and then bobby pin the hair into the roll. Voila, you're done!

Fro Hawk

A fro hawk is perfect for an edgier look. This is another style that's perfect for refreshing your old twist out. This style also looks super cute on the little ones. Use some leave in conditioner or oil to add moisture to your hair. Next, make a part in the middle of your hair going from ear to ear. Section the bottom half into three subsections. Taking only one section, smooth some gel into your hair and for a sleeker look use a brush to smooth it down a little more. Using a rubber band, tie your hair into a ponytail. Then, repeat the last step in all sections. After tying up all your hair add some curl enhancer to have your curls popping. Make sure to fluff your hair so there are no gaps in your frohawk. With these styles, you’ll be slaying all day just like the lovely Nola Darling. Which one of these styles are you tempted to try? Let us know by leaving a comment, we'd love to hear from you.
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