favorite timeless short hairstyles

Favorite Timeless Short Hairstyles You Should Consider Trying!

Short Hair, Don't Care

It seems so effortless to stick with a safe hairstyle that you know will compliment your image. Although long hair looks fantastic on almost anyone, there is something so intriguing about a woman with a short haircut. Let's face it short hair (Check out this article: hair extensions for short hair) is more natural to take care of, and since its simple to take care of its easier to maintain its long-term healthiness. With all of these positive benefits of having short hair, the best would have to be the timeless hairstyles you can achieve. Once you know how to style your hair, it becomes gratifying to rock the short haircut look. Now you probably think, 'hey, what if I have long hair?' It seems that whenever we get our hair length exactly where we want it, were ready for a change. But what's less scary about this is that short hairstyles can be achieved by a pixie wig, quick weave, or sew ins. This way if you're too afraid to chop your hair off, there are different alternatives to try. So with all that said, here are five timeless hairstyles that any girl with short haircut would love.


Bob haircuts are super edgy and very chic. A Polish hairdresser named Antoine de Paris who lived in France was the first to create this style. It has been over a century since his creation of this hairstyle, and we still can't get over how fabulous this look is. This look is an excellent solution for those of you who have weak or thin hair. A standard Bob will be about a collarbone or chin length; any length longer than that would be considered a lob. Either way, a Bob is a timeless hairstyle for anyone who has or wants short hair. There are several categories of the bob, so I will give you the top three that you can try at home. The first one is the A-line Bob. This type of hairstyle will frame your face shape, and you can try it on different hair textures; it also can add a perfect voluminous effect that will make your hair appear bouncier. This style works in a layering method; you would cut the back of your hair short while the front remains long or about shoulder length. The number of layers you want depends on how thick or thin your hair is. If you want an, even more, edgier look you can add curls, whether it's tight, large, or wavy adding curls to your bob cannot do it any wrong.

Get The Look

Achieving this look with weave or extensions is possible, you can try purchasing 12 or 14-inch hair in any color you'd like, and it is also an option to do a quick weave or go to a salon to get this style. After the hair has is installed, you or someone experienced can proceed with cutting the hair in an angular motion to create the A-line Bob. The second bob to try is the blunt cut style. You can get this look by cutting straight across the ends of your hair with scissors. The blunt cut hairstyle has no layers, making it very bold and an intense look. When it comes to getting this style, it helps even more if your hair is already thin, this will add structure and weight. When your hair is thick cutting layers may add too much volume, the inverted bob would be a better look to try. But don't fret, even if your hair is thick and you still would like to try this look, adding hair extensions, or getting a quick weave would do the trick just as well. The last bob you can give a try is the lopsided bob. This look is one of my favorite styles. Celebrities from Kelly Osborne to Beyoncé have been seen sporting this hairstyle from time to time. This lopsided cut can soften up your look if you have sharp facial features. But at the time still give you an edgy, but contemporary feel. What is also great about this hairstyle is that if you try it on your real hair, it is easy to grow out and there is no long-term commitment. I hope these different looks help next time you want to try this timeless short hairstyle. Tip: You want to remember if you want a textured layer look to use a razor and if you wish to have blunt shape use scissors.

Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is not for the light-hearted, this style blends the two ideal personalities of a woman, the dangerous side, and the sophisticated side. I believe it takes a certain level of confidence to pull off this daring haircut. That rare moment when we want to make our look more dramatic and decide to a do a nice chop, the most exciting style to try is the pixie cut. I give credit to all the women who have this hairstyle and rock it so naturally. From dying it blonde to adding swoop bangs you can be diverse with this hairstyle. I thought that if we're talking about pixie cuts, we might as well talk about the one person who made this style a must-have. That's right you've guessed it, the one and only Halle Berry. Now if you want some real inspiration on how to style a pixie I'd say grab some pointers from this Academy Award-winning actress. From since we can remember Halle Berry has claimed the pixie cut as her signature look. Not only does she slay this cut but Halle shows us all the many ways you can style it.

Get The Look

Pixies can be cut and layered where you can place the bang on any side of your head. Halle has worn it slicked back with hair gel too for a more regal look. She has done curls, tapered, cut edges, and this list honestly go on and on. In any way, Halle has shown us that you can take this timeless hairstyle and still have extreme versatility. Another standard way to style this hairstyle is the shaved undercut pixie, and one celebrity known to look super-hot with this style is no other than Ruby Rose. Her personality is wild, vibrant, and uncontrollable so why not have the hair to match. To go even more bold with this look some may also shave the sides of their head and get a design cut into them, talk about chic! And if you are already taking the big leap to cut your hair off you might as well go all the way and dye your mane as well. Adding highlights or even entirely dying your hair platinum blonde will make the pixie cut stand out. One important thing you must remember when it comes down the pixie cut is that you have to choose a style that suits your face shape. Some people may have a triangle, round, square, oval, heart, or diamond shaped head. Don't worry I'll help you figure out which pixie cut and style are best for the different type of shaped heads.

Round Shape Face

Try going for a pixie cut with lots of layers or bangs; this helps even out your face shape.

Square and Triangle Shape Face

If you have this kind of shape, this means that your facial features are more defined and you probably have a solid jawline or cheekbones. If your head is in the form of a square or triangle, try going for a more shaggy pixie cut.

Heart or Oval Shape Face

Congratulations! If you have this head shape, this means that you can pretty much pull off any pixie cut whether it's voluminous, cropped, or buzzed you can do no wrong with any style you choose.

Diamond Shape Face

If you have a diamond shape face, your primary goal is to find a pixie cut that will add volume and dimension to your hair. Try tapering or shaving the sides down a little bit lower than the rest of your hair, this trick will make your hair appear fuller. For all my lovely ladies who have tried or currently have the Halle Berry styled haircut, we salute you! Your confidence is through the roof, and that is an inspiration.

Finger Waves

Finger waves came to be around the 1920's; they were meant to soften up the harsh and edgy appearance of the short bob hairstyles that were a big deal during the flapper period. Ever since then many Hollywood actors and movie stars would wear their hair in this style too as a dedication to the 1920's era. When I think of finger waves, the blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, comes to mind who was notorious for rocking this signature look. What's so great about this style is that it doesn't only have to be done on buzzed length hair as many people would assume. You can achieve this technique in short and even sometimes longer length hair. Although this style is timeless, it may be a bit tricky to conquer when you first give it a try, so I will help you out along the way on how to master a perfect finger wave look.

Get The Look

First, you want to wash your hair with any shampoo and conditioner. Second, you want to towel pat dry. If you want this look to hold, your hair has to be a little damp; you want to make sure your hair isn't dripping wet or else the curl won't stick either. Next, Add Gel, and when I say add Gel I mean pile it on there. You want to add more to the front and sides of your hair, because that's where the waves will be, and then you can go a little bit easier towards the back of your head. Now go on and create the part in your hair using a fine-tooth comb. You can choose any side you want, because I know we all have a preference.

Shape The Wave

Once you have established which side you'd like your part to be on its time to start the finger wave pattern, you'll need some banana clips or bobby pins to help you out on this next step. You want to place your hair clip at the beginning of the part that has the vast amount of hair on that side. Hold the clip down with one hand and begin combing the hair forward. You want to begin creating a back and forth movement. You're forming the shape of a wave. After you generate each wave pattern, you want to use your hair clamp or bobby pin to hold it in place. Continue this step until you have the desired amount of waves on each side of your head. If your hair is about shoulder length, you don't have to create the waves all the way down, while your hair is still wet add in hair curlers. Next, you must let your hair dry. This step is the most crucial. If you take the hair clips out and your waves are still damp, then the curl pattern will fall out of place. Once your hair is free of moisture, you can now remove all the clamps or rollers out of your head. You can use hairspray for extra hold to finish the look off. I hope these steps have helped you feel more confident about trying this timeless finger wave style.

Short Feathered Hair

Some say the feathered hairstyle is for people who have naturally straight hair; this helps add volume and a creative look at the same time. This look became popular in the 1970's. Celebrities known for rocking this feathered style were Princess Diana and Farrah Fawcett. It received its name because of how the appearance of it, once curled resembled that of a bird. Contrary to what most people believe. It is pretty easy to feather your hair, and it looks even more amazing on short hair.

Get The Look

What you want to do is grab a round barrel brush and blow dry your hair away from your face. Blow drying your hair makes it more voluminous and we need a significant amount of volume to achieve this look. Next, you can use a curling wand, a flat iron, or a curling iron either one will do the trick. What you want to do is curl the hair away from your face or in the opposite direction that your hair would usually lay. Once your whole head is nice and curled up begin to tousle and shake the hair around, this is so you can loosen the curls up. If your hair still isn't as big as you'd like it to be, use a wide tooth comb to tease the roots. This method will add even more volume. Finish it off with hairspray, and now you have mastered that Farrah Fawcett feathered hairstyle, a timeless look for any shortcut.


The last short hairstyle to finish this list off is the classic afro style. Now what makes this hairstyle so timeless for short hair is that it has been around since the mid-1960's. Members of the Black Panther Party back then would wear their afros proudly. Now, it is 2018, and numerous amount of people still wear this style. If you want to attain the perfect afro on natural hair, it helps if it is left untreated by perms, relaxers, or over straightening.

Get The Look

To help your hair get more volume try using a hair pick or wide tooth comb to fluff it out. You can wear afros in a myriad of ways. From middle parts, side parts, even in an elegant updo. A common misconception is that an afro can only be worn out. But you can add a little unique twist to this look here and there. One style to try is the braided sides; this adds a sassy and flirty feel to the afro. You can try twists as an alternative to braiding. Another way to wear your afro is in big barrel curls. Just because our hair has its natural shape and pattern, it doesn't mean that you can't alter it in different ways. To get this look, you first want to wash you your hair and towel pat dry. With your hair still damp use a wide tooth comb and section out pieces of your hair; be sure to comb it out and that it is free of any knots. Then use jumbo curlers to wrap around every section of hair. Let your hair dry and remove the curlers. Proceed with brushing or combing out lightly. This look is a perfect style to try when you're not in a rush or want a technique you can do overnight. The afro is a timeless hairstyle for short hair. It screams empowerment and confidence.

Give These Short Styles A Try!

I hope now you all have realized that having or getting your hair cut is not such bad thing at all. Short hair exudes confidence, and it also helps your hair grow healthy, and make you look and feel sexy. For the majority of you who already wear your hair short hopefully, these five timeless styles will have you switching up your look in no time. Please let us know if you want to give short hair a try. If you've already been on board tell us which timeless short hairdo you wear the most in the comments down below.
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