how social media has fueled hair inspiration and trends

How Social Media Has Fueled Hair Inspiration and Trends


Social media has paved the way for all industry dynamics worldwide being the #1 information source for market research.

Every major industry or company around the world use social media to create a platform for consumers to buy their products. There are multiple ways social media has influenced the hair industry. Are you selling hair? Buying hair? Are you doing hair? Are you getting your hair done?

All of these questions are factors that help the social media hair world thrive. Modern-day millennials rely on social media for all of their everyday problems. Be honest. How many times have you been asked about anything and didn’t turn to Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

In this article, we are going to discuss how social media and hair coexist and why social media is such an excellent platform for any of our hair journeys.


Market Research

Market research is debatably the most critical component in social media.

It is an organized effort to gather information about a company’s target audience and consumers. The first step in having a successful brand or business is learning who your target audience is.

Social media has indeed evolved over the years and have done a fantastic job of helping self-employed individuals discover their target demographics to make it easier to appeal to them.

Each Social Media Platform has ways to help grow your hair businesses at the palm of your hands!


New Place Myspace

Myspace has taken a turn for the worst, we can't not pay homage to the barrier-breaking site that taught us how to be comfortable expressing ourselves via social media.

Myspace was created 15 years ago on August 1, 2003. Speaking from personal experience, I had a myspace page, and I was hooked because it was the first time I could communicate with my friends limitlessly.

We have to think around the time myspace was popular, and it couldn’t be accessed right from our phones, it had to be on your computer. I had a cell phone, and I was limited on the number of text messages I could send, and my cell phone wasn’t free until after 7 pm or sprint to sprint.

All said to say that Myspace started the trend of communicating with our friends via online free of cost and sharing photos, videos, and pictures.

Me or Youtube

Before Youtube had added all of the excessive ads they have now, I remember when Youtube was commercial free!

Youtube started on February 14, 2005, making the site at 13 years old to date. Doesn’t seem like a long time but I can certainly reassure you that much has changed since then. The video-sharing app allowed everyone to post videos on their youtube profile for the public to view.

Youtube has been very helpful to large corporations allowing them to pay Youtube for 15-30 second commercial ads that run when you turn on a video. But did you know that Youtube can also be very helpful to you if you have your own hair business? Many women who sell hair or do hair use Youtube to market themselves to an audience by creating a hair page.

They record themselves testing hair or doing hair, and maybe the public will be interested in buying from them or interested in a new stylist. Either way, if you have marketed yourself correctly and have attracted a lot of traffic to your Youtube page, Youtube will pay your earnings for your views.

How extraordinary is that? Not only are you helping yourself benefit from growing your brand but you have earning potential from the site you are advertising. My only suggestion would be making your video of excellent quality for the best results!


Hooked on Facebook

Facebook made its debut appearance in February 2004 but was limited to college students at first.

It allowed students at Harvard to have their own social media pages within the app without the bother of family. It was nothing too intricate or deep, but just like Youtube, Facebook has evolved over the years to fit the modern-day society needs. I feel Myspace didn't do that.

From your page on facebook, you can create additional business pages all controlled under your main personal page. This is a great organization tool when keeping your multiple sites running at once. You can have a page that promotes selling hair and another page of the client’s hair you have done or combined the pages and make one.

Analytics are essential when attracting that target audience, we are geared towards pleasing, and the Facebook business page will track the traffic viewing your profile for you. Great way of seeing if your numbers are increasing rather than decreasing.

Although sometimes I fall short of continually generating content, I have embraced Facebook live! It is so convenient rather than editing footage. I am a hair stylist and sometimes instead of recording myself doing my clients hair and doing some long video I have to cut and edit later, I will hop on Facebook live. This way, I am still producing content to my audience and answer any questions consumers may have without all of the added work.

Either way, Facebook had done an extraordinary job allowing you to take control of your brand’s destiny.


Instagram Instant Fame

Since 2010 Instagram has done massive numbers and my favorite social media site to date as of the moment.

Instagram was the first of photos, and a like or comment or two, not they have expanded and made severe developmental moves. Instagram added video in 2013 which allowed people to record a 15-sec clip and posting. That 15 seconds turned into a minute, and now we have insta-stories.

My favorite part about Instagram is the fantastic hashtags. Hashtags are life on all social media platforms, but on Instagram, they help you find things at a quicker pace. Most of the time these hashtags help us connect with individuals like our self. Adding hashtags like #Hairstylist, #BeautyBlogger, #UnicornHair will help people gravitate to whatever you are selling or showing to the public.

Instagram makes it very simple for you to change your page to a business page. Also, if you want to leave the page personal but you have a business page under your own account via Facebook, you can link to two pages and create an Instagram business account for your brand.

A brilliant tactic to remember is that all of your social media sites can connect. For example, your Facebook can relate to your Instagram, and your Instagram can connect to your twitter and so forth. It makes it easier to manage things if they are organizing. I’m proud to be a millennial and watch how social media has developed over the years.

Although I didn’t name every single site, you can market from, and I gave you the top sites that will help expand your business.


The Hair on The High-Speed Internet

I have witnessed many hair videos and pictures on social media. When I was younger, I would see videos of girls cutting their hair or playing in hair.

As I have gotten older, I have seen real women, with real dreams, make hair not just a job but a lifestyle. They eat sleep and breath hair on social media. I have seen tutorials on hair masks, frontals, braids, styles in general and they never seem to get old.

Hair is an everlasting journey, and there is always new material you can learn about your hair. If you are a stylist or have a hair company or brand, use social media as your marketing tool because I can guarantee you there is nothing else that can help your business prosper more nowadays. First, find your target audience, what gender, what age, what ethnicity? Then produce constant content.

Consistency is vital in any business.


New Opportunities

The way social media has expanded today, there is honestly no way you can fail in this hair industry.

Connect with like-minded individuals and put together events for your brands. Another idea would be to host contests on social media telling people to repost, share, like comment and hashtag. Which gives your audience a chance to win something you may offer.

The opportunities are endless, I could go all day with the ideas, and they are all up to you. Whoever said you couldn’t be a social media hair extraordinaire?

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