how social media is changing the hair industry

How Social Media is Changing the Hair Industry

The Hair Industry Has Gone Digital!

Social media has completely revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with the world and those around us, and for that, it has greatly impacted the hair industry.

With millennial audiences glued to their cell phones, it is no question that people are addicted to social media. It has become the go-to marketing technique that many in the hair industry are using to get their brand in front of potential customers from all over the world.

What was once a distracting hobby is now a strategic business. For those in the business of hair, this can be the perfect opportunity to leverage your brand's reach as well as influence.

The hair industry is taking note of the increasing importance of social media. Hair companies are rethinking their marketing plans by incorporating new social media strategies. This is to expand their brand's presence across various social media platforms.


Evolution of Marketing in the Hair Industry

Similar to the world of hair, the world of social media is fast-paced and always evolving.

New social media trends are increasingly rising, one of those trends is influencer marketing.

An influencer is someone with a large following on social media who through their social media posts have the power to influence their followers to make decisions that can even result in sales.

Within the last year, the trend of influencer marketing has risen and is creating new opportunities for both influencers and hair brands.

Collaboration between influencers and brands allows brands to reach larger audiences through influencer's social media platforms.

Hair Influencers are Hot!

When speaking regarding influencers the key right here is trust.

People buy from brands and individuals they trust.

Small hair businesses can struggle to become trusted in the world of hair. By partnering with an influencer of confidence, an upcoming brand can increase their confidence with consumers thus resulting in sales.

The loyalty of an influencer's followers makes them the perfect brand ambassador (Check out this article: brand ambassador contract) to evangelize your brand especially if they are an influencer within your niche.

As we all know, "niches are where the riches are" and finding an influencer who influences the area of hair can be a great marketing tool to bring exposure to an upcoming hair brand on the rise. Influencers are now becoming the go-to people when companies need faces for campaigns because their faces are trusted, and their following is large.

Many look to their favorite hair influencer when choosing their next hairstyle so if you can get your hair product on such an influencer the results can be great for business. This should be a part of your marketing strategy if you currently have or are starting a hair line.


Social Media Strategy

The world of social media is fast-paced! For one to be on top you must not only know the latest trends, but you must be knowledgeable of how to effectively utilize various social media platforms.

All social media platforms are not the same, and you can not speak the same language at all.

You cannot use the same content strategy you use on Twitter on Instagram and expect to be effective.

It is important to have a clear understanding of various social media platforms, their purpose, and the types of content that should be posted on each to maximize your brand's impact.

A hair video may do great on Youtube but not so well on Twitter. You want to post content that will increase your engagement on each platform. Engagement allows you to get feedback on your product allowing room for improvement.

Social media also makes it easier to track hair trends so you can better navigate where to go next with your brand. Not only that but you can see your competitors all around the globe and find new methods and techniques in which you can use to market your products better online.


Go Viral with Hair Videos!

Social media has taken brand evangelism to a whole other level.

There has been a surge in hair and beauty related videos going viral like crazy.

Some posts are even garnering over a million views just on Instagram alone. Quick and fun one-minute hair videos are always going viral on Instagram and have become the mini hair commercials of our time.

The fact that millions of people are interacting with your product can build clout and momentum for your brand and increase your sales as well as follow.

Many social media platforms have features that allow the sharing of content which increases the viral potential of your posts.

Tag Me On

Customer relations between hair brands and clients have grown closer.

Tags enable customers to show you how they are wearing your hair product and allow other customers to see how others are wearing and using your product as well.

Tags also allow your client's followers to find out where they got their hair from and can influence them to buy as well.

It becomes a win-win situation for all because clients can serve as brand evangelists for your hair brand through their social media platforms without you even having to compensate them. It is a great way to showcase your popular hair extensions and styles.

Who doesn't like free advertising?


Get Exposed

When it comes to how social media is changing the hair industry the keyword here is exposure.

Social media gives those in the hair industry exposure to audiences that they cannot reach through early year marketing methods.

In the past, upcoming brands would spend millions on billboards and commercial advertisements. Therefore, these were the go-to marketing techniques back in the day. Not only can such advertisements be tremendously costly but their reach can also be limiting.

Instagram posts are now replacing huge billboards and advertisements on highways.

People are now watching YouTube videos and skipping right over two-minute commercial videos.

Sell Online to Reach a Wider Audience

Brick and mortar businesses can only reach the community in which their location is, and because of this, online stores are proliferating.

Hair businesses can now run online without the cost of a high lease, maintenance, and staff.

It serves as a free marketing tool for future small hair businesses. The power behind social media is that through your cell phone you reach people from all over the world.

Social media is changing the hair industry.

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