5 ways to spice up your short hair look

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Hair Look

Add a Dab of Style to Upgrade Your Short Hair

From a tapered look to a low fade, short hair (Check out this article: hair extensions for short hair) can be fun, versatile and unique. If your searching for a way to take your style to the next level, you can look no further. Private Label Extensions gives a variety of choices to jazz up your short hair this summer and beyond. Pixie and bob cuts are perfect for an everyday hairdo and a few curls added can keep you looking fun and fierce. Whether highlighted with blonde, purple or red, you can wear revamp any short hair for with class and confidence. A woman’s hair is one of the best accessories, and great asserts next to clothing and makeup. Collect pictures of styles you like and choose which ones will be best for you. It never hurts to ask your friends and family for their opinion as well.

Short Cut With a Shave on the Side

Be bold and unapologetic with this style! Shaved hairstyles used to be associated with punk rock culture, but now this look can be for anyone. More and more ladies choose the shaved styles because they look edgy and but feminine at the same time. Color your short hair with a fun shade such as pink, teal or orange for a look that will stand out, even more, when you shave the sides of your head and styling it into a mohawk. The versatility of this style is endless and so much fun to create.

Curls Are Fun

I have seen the pin curl style circulating on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and I must admit that I love it. You can rock short hair with bouncy curls on top. This style will make you swoon. Try a pixie haircut with curls that are much longer on the top, which gives you plenty of styling options. You can rock this style by wearing it in your natural texture or try a twist out style to have an extra definition in your curls. You can achieve these curls by using a hair curler or foam or hard rollers. Make sure to give it a bit of teasing them to be a big, voluminous hair. The hairstyle can be quickly transformed into a mohawk if you shave the sides of your head which leads to our next style. You can also try comb coils and once you take them out it will create a tight curl that will last for some time.

Spike It Up

When I think of a celebrity with a bomb spiked do, I always think of the powerhouse singer Fantasia. Her spiked hair is bold and fly. This spiky pixie cut is a proof that low maintenance hair is attainable and manageable. This is an excellent hairstyle for Women with short pixie hairstyles that don’t want to spend a lot of time straightening and curling their hair. You want to pull off a really unique style try the bold punk-inspired side swept spikes. Of compliments on this style! Grab some holding spray and gel and try to put!

Throw In A Splash of Color

If you want to add some boldness, beauty, and adventure, consider coloring your short hair. Get ready to show off your lovely face with confidence when you add some color to your hairdo. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, I would advise seeing a professional stylist to color your hair. Keep it conditioned and moisturized to avoid breakage. This gorgeous lady brings out a fantastic example of a short hair with a unique color solution. I love a brave woman who isn’t afraid to dye their hair in bold colors such as pink, teal, green or even a rainbow color colored style. Make it edgy and exciting. Whether you are digging your shortcut or wanting your cropped hair to grow, you can add highlights and lowlights to give it some depth. Just remember it’s not wise to switch hair colors too often. Some specific ideas are as follows: blonde, red, ombré hair (dark blonde to light blonde), brown and blue or teal, rose gold and golden blonde combos, to name a few.

Faux Hawk/ Mohawk or Fro Hawk: You Decide

If you want to make a bold statement with your short hair – try this a faux hawk or a Mohawk which is a chic and trendy hairstyle. Nothing says fashionable and stylish like some form of a short Mohawk hairdo, arched eyebrows, and a beat face. Take the time to make a faux hawk your own! Don’t forget the option of an undercuts with maybe a splash of color. You can also add the color of your choice to jazz it up which will make you stand apart from the crowd. This type of hairstyle isn’t only a low maintenance idea, but also a trendsetter. There are many options on how to style your mohawk such as The natural mohawk aka fro-hawk. This look is a great way to add a new dimension to their look. Despite its rocker-chick reputation, a natural mohawk can be elegant, classy and professional. It is a great way to spruce up your short natural hair and can be done in a variety of ways. The edginess of the mohawk looks great on natural hair and is perfect for those thrill seekers who are ready to make the commitment. You can add even more flair to your frohawk by adding shaved sides or braided sides.

Try It Out

Short hair can be a lot of fun if you have the right tools and ideas to spruce it up. There are some great style options on YouTube and Pinterest that will aid you in your quest to add some life to your haircut. Don’t be afraid to step out and create a style you’ve never tried. You never know how much you will like a hairstyle until you take a leap and try it out.
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