I have split ends on my hair extensions help lets fix this

I Have Split Ends on My Hair Extensions, Help! Let's Fix This

Low Maintenance Doesn't Mean No Maintenance

Extensions give women us a break from everyday hair styling. I have very curly hair that requires a lot of TLC. One reason I choose to wear extensions is to give myself a pause from my daily routine. Another great benefit of wearing extensions is the ability to able change up my color and style without damaging my natural hair. Unfortunately, many weave wearers don't realize that multiple dye jobs and improper cutting techniques wear down the integrity of their extensions immediately or over time. The result of too much handling will cause your once beautiful extensions to look weak, limp, and damaged.

How to Choose Quality Extensions

Split ends are a natural occurrence in Human Hair. Hair grows from root to tip, so your ends are the oldest part of your hair. They are also the most fragile part of your hair, so it's essential to care and prevent damage to your ends. Starting with a high-quality extension is the first line of defense against split ends. You need to choose a vendor that provides the best quality hair that you can afford. While it's easy to visit your local beauty supply store and grab a few packs of hair, the bargain buy will haunt you in the end. The article covers false advertising, mishandled hair, and overpriced selections found in beauty supply stores. Private Label Extensions provides 100% human hair that can withstand a reasonable amount of heat, color, and styling at an affordable price.

Caring for Your Extensions

Once you've made the investment into hair with superior quality, you need to understand how to care for your extensions. Although split ends are standard in human hair, the longevity of your extensions relies heavily on proper hair care.


Your extensions need to be installed by a professional stylist. These days, there are many options for wearing hair extensions. Lace fronts, wigs, sew-ins, tape-ins, glue, etc. You name it. There's a way to get that hair in your head! But there's also a correct, and incorrect, way to install extensions. Many salons offer free consultations. Schedule an appointment with your stylist and ask how he or she installs and takes down your extensions. It's important that your stylist follows steps that protect your natural hair and your extensions from damage and can explain those steps to you.

Sleep Pretty

You've heard it before, and I'll repeat it: Don't sleep on your extensions! Human hair easily snags and snaps when it rubs against cotton pillows and sheets. It's best to wrap your hair up in a satin or silk scarf or bonnet at night. If you have trouble sleeping with something on your head, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase and tuck away your ends. If you're wearing kinky extensions, loosely braid or twist your hair at night. Curly styles benefit from pin curls. Roll straight hair into a bun at night. Protecting your ends at night will result in beautiful hair in the morning.

Clean and Soft

Human hair gets dirty and dry. Your extensions require similar care that your natural hair needs. Hair extensions need shampoo and conditioning on a regular basis to protect them against color and heat styling. Remember, your extensions are not growing out of your head. Hair extensions require a gentle touch. Don't scrub shampoo into your extensions. Doing so will damage and cause split ends. Follow these easy steps and safely wash and condition.

Uninstalled Extensions

Step 1.

Pour warm water into a bowl or a sink

Step 2.

Mix in a little shampoo

Step 3.

Dip the extensions into the water-shampoo mixture and gently massage into the hair. Avoid tangling the hair

Step 4.

Continue dipping and working the shampoo into the hair until the hair shaft feels clean and free from excess oils and product buildup

Step 5.

Rinse the hair with warm until the water runs clear

Installed Extensions

Step 1.

Run water downward onto your extensions. The water should go in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangling

Step 2.

Add shampoo and gently massage through the length of your hair

Step 3.

Avoid working the hair into a ball. Balling up your hair causes tangles that are damaging to remove

Step 4.

Rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clear, and your extensions feel clean

Soften Your Extensions with Conditioner

Uninstalled and Installed Extensions

Step 1.

Wring the excess water from the shampoo out of the hair

Step 2.

Apply conditioner to the length of the extension. Be sure to saturate the ends; this portion needs to most fortifying.

Step 3.

Allow the conditioner to set according to the package instructions

Step 4.

Rinse your hair with cool water until the water runs clear Tip: Rinsing with cool water helps to close the cuticles of the hair shaft, protecting the hair from damage.

Avoid Excessive Heat

100% Human Hair is great for heat styling but too much heat will cause permanent damage. Just because it's not hair growing out of your head doesn't mean that it can't be damaged. Before you use heat on your hair, apply a heat protectant. Heat protectants come in many forms. From sprays to creams there is a consistency appropriate for every hair type. You also need to know the proper temperature to use on your extensions. Human hair can tolerate high heat, but too much will fry your hair and cause split ends on your extensions. Get a recommendation from your stylist of the proper protectant and temperature to use on your hair. Watch tutorials and read articles to educate yourself on the best hair care practices.

Cut and Color: Leave it to the Pro's

Experimenting with extensions is a lot of fun. There are tons of new hair products, tools, and trends within the hair industry. On the flipside, if wrongly applied, your bleach it will permanently damage your extensions. When it comes to using chemicals on your extensions, especially if you're inexperienced, leave it to your professional hairstylist. Chemical treatments require lifting the cuticles of the hair shaft. Your hair cuticles protect your cortex. When the cuticles are open, your hair is susceptible to extreme damage. Sure, there are informative videos that show you steps to get the perfect unicorn ombre hair, but it's not worth cutting inches from your hair due to novice mistakes. Play it safe, book an appointment with a colorist.

Stop! Don't Chop!

The same goes for cutting your extensions into a new style. There's a huge difference between trimming off a few inches and going from Blac Chyna butt length extensions to a Teyana Taylor pixie cut. Scissor sharpness and technique all play a big role in your hair health. Want a drastic new cut? Let your stylist handle it. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, ask your stylist to talk you through the process. He or she can recommend what type of tools and technique you need to do it correctly.

Hands off

Much of the damage to your ends are right at your fingertips, literally! Playing with your hair too much results in split ends and weakening, I know this firsthand; I'm guilty of putting my hands in my hair. There's just something about that soft, silky or textured hair that begs you to touch it. But, please, try your best not to! Twiddling, twirling, and stroking takes its toll on your hair. Those old, fragile ends can't handle too much attention and will snap under pressure.

Handle with Care

Coarse brushes and rough combing also have adverse effects on your ends. Make sure you're using a soft boar bristle brush and a wide tooth comb on your extensions. Avoid brushes with plastic bristles. These will only snap and rip your hair. Fine tooth combs don't glide gently through the hair and cause you to pull too hard. Detangling your hair is a smooth process. Any tools that make you work too hard are not the right tools. You only need to comb and brush your hair in the morning and again at night. If you exercise, leave your hair wrapped up for the duration of your workout to avoid over-brushing your hair and potential damage from ponytail holders.<

How to Trim Your Extensions

You've purchased 100% human hair. You've had it professionally installed and take great care of it. For some reason, you notice that your hair isn't flowing the way it used to. The ends are straggly, and your hair falls lifeless and limp. It sounds like you're in need of a good trim to rid yourself of split ends! Don't worry; human hair dies, that's normal. Trimming those few bad inches of split ends can be done at home with the proper tools and technique. First, you need sharp trimming scissors. Don't use craft or kitchen scissors. You need to use scissors that are designed to cut the hair shaft bluntly. Dull scissors will give you an uneven cut and will snag small bits of hair, resulting in more splitting! Hair trimming needs to occur on clean, dry hair. Once you have the right scissors and your hair is freshly cleansed and conditioned, you're ready to rid yourself of that pesky split end. Follow these simple steps to trim off any dead or damaged ends:

Step 1.

Section your hair into four parts that you can see in the mirror

Step 2.

Start at the back. This will be your guide. Pull your hair forward and comb the section so that all the hair lays evenly

Step 3.

Run your fingers down the hair shaft until you reach the damaged section. You can also use a fine-toothed comb for this part Tip: The damage usually starts where you can see through the section of hair

Step 4.

Trim straight across that section of hair right above the visible damage. You should be able to complete to trim in one or two snips. If you need more than two snips, the section is too large

Step 5.

Continue trimming your hair in the same fashion until your entire head of hair is complete Tip: If you can't see the back of your hair, set up a mirror or ask a friend or relative to assist you. If you're worried about trimming unevenly, compare each new section to your first section. The first section you trimmed is called your "guide" and will help you maintain the same length around your head. If you're not confident with trimming your hair, watch GlamTwinz Kelsey Murrell's YouTube Video on hair trimming. It's informative and easy to follow.

The Reward of Longevity

Have fun with your hair but don't overdo heat styling and chemical treatments that will cause pesky split ends. Follow up with a hair trim to keep your ends healthy and strong and avoid causing split ends. Starting with great hair, like Private Label Extensions, and sustaining it with proper hair care will reward you with extensions that can stand the test of time. What are your best trimming tips to keep away the split ends? Drop a comment below and share how we can keep our extensions healthy! Don't forget to Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram for hair care tips, trends, and inspiration!

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Hi! I recently got tape in hair extensions. How often should I wash them? The lady put them in and pretty much turned me loose. I have had to call and call with questions or look it up online and I don’t know how much to trust online. I had to save and save for these. We don’t have a lot of money at all. We are self employed and business can be slow sometimes. I appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you!

Shelly Routh

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