sporty hairstyles how to reduce sweating out your hair

Sporty Hairstyles: How To Reduce Sweating Out Your Hair!

Sporty Hairstyles While Winning!

Being an athlete and keeping fit is filled with hard work and determination. Just because you have to work up a sweat doesn't mean you can't look cute while doing it. Whether you're a track star or tennis athlete your hair deserves the same dedication and attention as your sport does. I have run track, and competed in softball tournaments almost my entire life and trust me, taking care of your weave, natural hair, or testing different sporty hairstyles can be very tricky. My coach would always tell us that to play good you have to feel good, and to feel good you have to look good. I have never agreed with something more in my whole life. After hearing those words, I knew that the right appearance had something to do with how well I would perform. So, I have discovered several tips on how to keep your hair healthy and looking good if you're a consistent athlete who is always on the go. I will also show you some unique hairstyles to try for some specific sport. These will be great ways to style your hair the next time you compete or just working out (Check out this article: working out with weave). So let's get started!


For my tennis stars, you want to have a cute but efficient hairstyle. The best look to go for would be a high ponytail. If you're going to be running back-and-forth across that tennis court, you don't want to risk any chance of your hair slapping you in your face or hitting you in the eye, so the key is to make sure that you position the ponytail at the very top of your head. Now there is a less angular movement for hair to get in the way of your face. Give some of these cute pony's a try the next time you're on the tennis court.


The fishtail braid is an excellent look for volleyball players during and throughout competitions. This game does not require a vigorous back and forth running like tennis. You can have a little more versatility when it comes down to styling your hair. What's so remarkable about getting braids is that there are so many different types to try; we have fishtail, Dutch, or the classic three strand twist. No matter what, braids are a statement piece and can be simple to do. All you need to achieve this look are a few extra minutes before your match or workout session. You can try this look with hair extensions as well, but that may be a little risky. I would say make sure your extensions are secured in your hair before you braid it up, and then bobby pin for extra security. If you want a unique braided hairstyle to try, give highlighted goddess braids a look. This style is super edgy, and you can look good while still giving your all on the court. Whether you have long or short length hair, these braids are probably something you'd want to try the next time you work out.

Track Athlete

Track and Field is one sport where you can show off your creativity when it comes down to sporty hairstyles. When you are watching the Olympics on television, you'll see many contestants wearing neon green hair, short Afros, full luxurious weave bundles, and many more. The reason for all the versatility in hairstyles is because when you're running your hair goes straight back due to gravity. Whether it's a long or short your hair is less likely to be in your face when you are running at a fast pace. Low ponytails will work as well in this sport, and you can rock it in a color or shape, now you can look great and leave your skills on the track!

Powder Puff Football

It may not be the most common sport for women, but I'm seeing more and more females getting drawn to Powder Puff Football. It's a great way to release some built-up aggression. For my ladies who are not in a professional league, a messy bun or top knot bun will do the trick, as long as it is secured, and your hair is off of your neck this style will be just fine. To add a little spice, pick a cute colored scrunchy or hair accessories to spice up the bun. Since most Powderpuff games use flags to play, you don't have to worry about getting tackled or having your hair pulled out of place. Now for my professional ladies who have to wear a helmet, you can still treat your hair well underneath, just make sure to wrap a bandanna or headscarf around your head to protect yourself from your helmet hair.

Soccer Star

Soccer is the ultimate cardio sport and workout for athletes. You want to make sure your hair is out of your face for this game. A Pull-Through braid is an excellent hairstyle for my female soccer players. Like I have stated before this look is just an alternative to putting your hair in a regular ponytail, this adds a little spice, yet comfortability while playing.


Let's face it if you're a gymnast you don't want to worry about your hair . You don't have time for that while you're 15 feet in the air doing flips and trying to impress judges. If your hair can be as diverse and flexible as you are in this sport, then you're sure to have a great time. Gymnasts are notorious for wearing topknot buns and braided ponytails. These looks are clean cut and sure to score a perfect 10 of 10 for the judges. To spice up this look, try a mini bump in front your hair before you put it in a ponytail. It's normal to want your hair a little longer, but if you're too afraid to wear extensions or weave while doing gymnastics, try the extended ponytail trick. Some call it the longer fuller ponytail. It gives off the illusion that your hair is longer than it is. You want to divide your hair horizontally from ear to ear. The first part of your hair will be in a high pony the second half will be in a low one, the hair should be even on top of each other so that way the top ponytail falls over and covers up the lower half of your hair. And there you have it, a fuller and more voluminous ponytail, sure to boost your confidence on any mat or high beam.


If you're a regular swimmer, protective hairstyle will be the best to keep your hair safe from chlorinated waters. Try box braids or Senegalese twists if you are someone who spends a lot of time in the pool. If you are not too fond of putting weave or extensions in your hair try a bubble ponytail, this style looks cute and keeps your hair from tangling while swimming.


For my Lacrosse girls, I have the perfect intense look for you when you're out on the field. The mohawk braid is a creative way to give your hair some style. In this style you will still feel comfortable while playing the game. Lacrosse is a competitive sport; it is also one of the fastest growing high school sports in the nation. With a sport this fast growing you got to have a rocking hairstyle to match. Have a little fun and give this fierce look a try the next time you step out on the field.


If you are an active basketball player, you know how to work hard and play even harder. Recent WNBA stars like Skylar Diggins and Candace Parker has given us so much inspiration, in showing us that we can look bomb and work our butts off at the same time. Most Female basketball players now are known for rocking hair bundles. A 360 lace frontal is an excellent choice as well since you can put it in a bun effortlessly. Also, weave and hair extensions can be dyed and cut, giving more options for versatility. So check out Private Label's virgin hair if you are an athlete looking for a sexy sporty look. Another cute look for your hair when on the basketball court is the half braided half Ponytail look. It's quick, easy, and a statement piece. When you're an athlete, it's so easy to just throw your hair in a ponytail or bun and step out onto the field/court. But by taking the time adding in twists, braids, even a colorful headband can make you look and feel good while bringing your A game.

Give It A Try

Even if you don't do any of these specific sports, these hairstyles can be interchangeable with a lot of other activities that you may do. They are beneficial to the particular event and for the average woman who loves to work out. So be sure to take your time and be truly inspired by this impressive list of Sporty hairstyles.

Tips to Keeping Hair Healthy While Doing Sports

Wear Sweatbands

Wearing sweatbands really help with keeping the front of your hair intact and edges safe from breakage. Sweating out your hair is single-handedly the worst thing to do when you have just gotten it done. Protective headbands are the first step to preventing your hair from sweating out. We all know the apparent use of sweatbands, which is to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes or further down your neck. But they can also lessen the amount of sweat that comes into contact with your hair. This useful hair accessory can leave you with a better chance of not having to wash your hair. You won't have to take a full shower if you need to rush back to work or an event. The great thing about wearing sweatbands is that it minimizes the puffiness of your natural hair from humidity. This is key for those of you who have partial leave out. Your hair that is left out would be able to blend better into your hair extensions if you were the right athletic headband while you work out.

Purchase Hair Weave and Extensions that Compliment your Everyday Look

If you're a serious athlete or even just serious about working out, you want to make sure your hair compliments your lifestyle. Private Label Extensions offer many different hair patterns and textures to purchase, from loose wavy, tight curls, body wave, and the list go on and on. There is a massive benefit to buying hair that is already a good match for your natural hair texture. That way it is easier to support the movements and intensity of your workouts. The more humidity that hits your natural hair will cause it to become more frizzy. If your hair is already a close texture to your weave or extensions, it will blend more effortlessly once you finish training.

Wash your hair with pH Balance Shampoo and Conditioner

Human Hair has a pH balance of about 5 or 6.5, and this is slightly acidic. When we work out or train hard sweat can build up in our scalp. This sweat can cause our hair to have a pH above 7. If the pH of our hair is too high, it can strip away our natural acidic sebum in our scalp that fights bacteria. Shampoos with lower pH can cause less frizzing and breakage. So, to help maintain your hairs protective layer try using a conditioner or shampoo with a pH balancer, it will be very beneficial and decrease the chance of you sweating out your hair. You'll notice your curl pattern will be more natural to maintain and more controllable when it's time to style.

Purchase Dry Shampoo

Use Dry Shampoo right before you train or during your sporting event. Dry shampoo prevents you from sweating out your hair roots. It also helps to absorb and decrease excess oils and moisture that comes in contact with your scalp.

Bring On Your A Game, Give These Tips A Try

I hope I have given you all the inspiration to try these creative hairstyles. Give these tips a try when managing your natural hair or weave the next time you are working out. Whether you are exercising, training, or playing sports, your hair does not have to suffer in the process. It's so easy for the internet to attack athletes if their hair isn't in the best tip-top condition that viewers think it should be. No matter how we may do our hair, we are all beautiful in our own way. So, I applaud athletes like Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles who have owned and rocked their natural hair proudly. Hair comes in so many different lengths and textures. We should be happy and feel beautiful with what we've got! We all can test our creativity when it comes to our hair, and treat it the best way we can. If you thought this post was helpful please leave us feedback. Let us know which one of these sporty hairstyles or tips were your absolute favorite.
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