why its not too late to start a hair extension business

Why It's Not Too Late to Start A Hair Extensions Business

It's Too Late To Start

Procrastination is the thief of all coin! So many women dream of starting their hair extensions business but are too afraid to make the first steps because they think it is too late. I’m here to debunk all the lies, misconceptions, and insecurities that are keeping you from flourishing in the hair industry. Ready to live out your dream? Keep reading!

“I’m Too Old”

So many women complain about how they have let so many years pass by, and they haven’t taken their dream seriously enough to start a business. You are never too old or even too young to start a hair extensions business. Your age is irrelevant to the level of success you can have. If anything, you will be taken a little more seriously due to your maturity. Take advantage of your age and sell some bundles!

How To Get Over Your Inhibitions

If you want to succeed in the hair extensions industry, you have to let go of your inhibitions. If you expect yourself to fail; nine times out of ten you will. Learn to encourage yourself to be brave, bold, and unafraid to go into the unknown. If you can’t think of anything positive to say about you starting a hair extensions business, no worries, I’ve got you covered.

Why You're More Than Ready to Start Your Hair Extensions Business

1. Hair Extensions are Still More Popular Than Ever

The hair extensions industry has billions of dollars passing through each year. It is no question why! How many women do you know that wear hair extensions? Think about the teenage girls getting perfect sew-ins for prom, influencers wearing beautiful pastel colored wigs, or everyday women with clip-ins to enhance their look. Think about the Kyle Kardashian and her wig closet. Think about all the new hair extension storefronts popping up. People are buying hair extensions, and they are spending lots of money on them. From church wigs to prom princess waves, extensions are everywhere you go.

“The market is too saturated.”

In that case, every market is “too saturated.” This is everyone’s go-to excuse for procrastinating on starting their business. While Asian suppliers dominate the hair extensions industry, American, Black-owned hair extensions brands are not very common. Nothing is new in this world, so don’t expect to find many industries that aren’t “too saturated.” Remember, no one is like you! Be yourself, and you will stand out even in a saturated market.

“I can’t find a good hair supplier.”

It is so easy to find a good hair supplier. Whether you choose to dropship hair or keep inventory in your home, finding a supplier that can satisfy your needs is not very hard!

2. You Are Already Good At Selling

People perceive sales to be annoying and a less than respectable job to have. I disagree. You sell to people every day, all day. How many times do you wear a new perfume and a coworker asks what is it and where you bought it from, and the next week she’s wearing the same perfume? How many times have you referred a friend to a salon and brought your stylist, new clients? Let’s bring it down to a smaller scale; how many times have you asked someone to follow you on Instagram and they did? These are all examples of everyday sales we make without even knowing! When your coworker smelled your perfume, you sold her on it. All she needed to know is where you bought it from, and she purchased the next week! When you referred your friend to a stylist, you sold her on your stylist's work when she was admiring your hair. When you convinced someone to follow you on Instagram, they were sold by your personality, looks, or lifestyle and they wanted to know more about you and keep in touch. Now, it’s time to take your selling skills and upgrade them so you can sell some bundles!

How To Start Your Business

The easiest way to start your hair extension business is with an online website. Online websites are cost-effective and make it easier for you to reach as many women as possible. You do not need a storefront to start selling extensions. Have you taken notice of all the retail stores shutting down (tears for Toys R’ Us)? People are shopping online more than they shop in-store and that is a win for you as the seller. This means no rent, no decorating, no wiping windows, etc. In addition to your spanking new website, you will need a dashing logo, an awesome drop shipping company, wholesale hair extensions, and some beautiful custom packaging. You may be thinking, “That sounds like a lot, where can I get all that?” Private Label Extensions offers website development, logo development, custom silk bags, and even drop shipping services. Private Label Extensions is here to help you succeed in your business. With all the tools offered here on our website, they only thing you need to worry about is your knowledge of selling hair extensions online. I’m not saying it is easy, but it can be easier for you when you educate yourself on the business. Most women want to create the life of their dreams but need some motivational help. Now enough small talk, let's get to set up.


In my opinion, your logo is the LEAST important factor in this process. Most new entrepreneurs obsess over their logo for weeks, wasting valuable time. Think about big brand names like UGG, Louis Vuitton, or even Google. Each of these billion dollar companies has one thing in common; clean, simple logos. When consulting with a graphic designer about your logo, keep in mind these simple, yet crucial aspects of your logo: color, text, and practicality. Pick color than you like and that would look nice of virtually any background. Try to avoid bright neon colors like bright yellow and neon green. Avoid large pictorial graphic that may not translate well to some mediums. Focus on a sleek and clean design that is classic and timeless.


You need to have a fast, well-designed, mobile-friendly website that is easy to maneuver through. Private Label Extensions can design a beautiful and efficient website with your products already loaded on the website for you! Your website should be complete with an about page detailing who you are and what your brand is about. An FAQ page with any information a customer may be wondering about like processing time, shipping costs, etc., and contact details. In addition to the fundamentals, your website should be consistent with it's them and easy on the eyes.

Drop shipping

You more than likely won’t have the funds to order tons of different hair extensions from bundles, to closures, to frontals, to wigs, to clip-in and oh my gosh, are you going crazy? It’s all too much! It doesn’t have to be too much when you dropship! Drop shipping is when someone places an order with you on your website, you place an order with your supplier and they ship the hair to your customer with your branding on it. Checkout Dropship Bundles for an easy drop shipping experience.

Wholesale Hair

While you can working with supplier across the world that speaks little-to-no English and doesn’t wear hair extensions, it may be a little easy to do business with a USA based wholesale hair supplier. When you chose to work with Private Label Extensions, you can expect knowledgeable customer service reps that wear hair extensions and can help you with the nitty-gritty details. If you live in Georgia, then you also have easy access to the office. You can visit the Private Label Extensions office Mon-Sat in downtown Atlanta. Imagine walking into the office and picking up some bundles to sell. No more spending thousands of dollars to fly to China looking for a decent hair vendor, your hair vendor is right here in Atlanta!

Getting The Word Out

Marketing will be the hardest part of starting your hair extensions business. Marketing can be difficult because every brand is different and there are many components to curating the perfect marketing strategy. In the beginning, stages, focus on learning how to be a better marketer on a daily basis. Here are some simple and easy ways to break the ice and let everyone know about your new hair extensions business:

Social Media

Social media is the easiest and most efficient way to get the word out about your hair extensions. Just ten years ago, business depended on flyers, radio and TV commercials to get the word out. Now you have the power in you the palm of your hands. Make a business Facebook page for your hair extension business. Make your it is complete with a few photos, and the about page filled before you share the link. You can then use your business Facebook page to create a business Instagram account. Your business Instagram account will allow you to track valuable analytics about your follows and what they like the most about you. Your Instagram Business Account will even allow you to sell extensions on Instagram! On Instagram, you have to put in a little more effort with the aesthetic. Instagram is all about visuals, so its time to get your Insta-Model game on. Take pictures of you sporting the hair outside on a sunny day. Take photos of your clients wearing the hair. Try to curate a theme to your page, so it looks neat and organized. Post more photos of the hair than you post photos of promo flyers. Don’t forget about a video! Videos are way more engaging than photos, so record a few clips on you styling your extensions, so your followers know its real! Building your Instagram page will take some time, so be patient and take lots of pictures. Find the best hashtags so people can find your page easier.

The Basics

These are all the basics you need to know to start your hair extension business. It’s never too late! The best time to start is NOW. I mean, right now, build your website! Don’t expect to be an overnight success, building your brand will take time but it is worth it. Learn from your mistakes, and you will be fine. Here are a few last tips to keep you from falling on your face:
  • Don’t spam your friends and family’s pages about your promotions. That is SO annoying! You will only get ignored.
  • Don’t run your website on a cheap website platform that is slow. Don’t you have a slowly loading website? Your customers do to and will get frustrated with you and will not shop with you simply because your website is slow. Invest in a quality server, and you will be ready to go.
  • Stop wasting your time handing out flyers or paying for newspaper ads. It's 2018, sis! Learn how to run profitable Facebook ads, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Get Started!

Now, I was serious when I said to start today! I’ve given you more than enough reason to convince you that it's not too late for you to start your hair extensions business! The team at Private Label Extensions is here to help so don’t hesitate to contact us! If you have overcome a struggle to start your hair extension business, comment below and encourage our readers!
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