Can You Hear Me Now? Starting A Podcast for your Hair Business

Give your Business A Voice

Time has shown just how many customers and target audiences are listening to what businesses are saying.

They want to stay updated and, most importantly, connected. Sure you have your social media platforms to keep your audience informed and engaged. But can they really hear you? Podcasts are a proven business tool not only to share more in-depth about your business but to add personality while doing so. It’s known that customers can learn to trust and grow more with a business by being more connected with them.

Research has specifically shown an increase in people listening to podcasts by over 5% each month since last year, especially if it’s a business podcast. What does this mean for your business? It means that as an entrepreneur, who is always looking for ways to elevate their business, you can implement a podcast as a content tool in order to be at a higher engaging level with your audience and successfully grow your business. How do we know? Because we have Hair Biz Radio to prove it. On demand, you can grow your business exponentially by learning more on how to actually start a podcast.

Most importantly, learn how to maintain it to stay relevant, interesting and engaged with your audience. There’s no need to be technical or an expert to get started on creating a business podcast nor does it require a lot of money.

As one of the top hair business podcast, let us show you that there’s nothing to it but to get started, how it works, why you should start one, how to record, and so much more.

Your Podcast As A Content Platform

Getting started with your business podcast requires the bare minimum.

But before we can dive into what you’ll need to get started and what’s required, let’s talk about its beneficial factors as a content platform for marketing. Time and time again, here at Private Label Extensions, we talk about content whether it’s different strategies or marketing. We’re back again to show you how a podcast can be another content platform while also helping to elevate other content platforms you may have such as a blog.

Why are podcasts easily considered as content platforms? Because they’re easy to use! Whether you’re in the car, in the gym, at work or walking the dog, you’ll have easy access to freely listen to your favorite podcast. Some of the latest home devices, like Amazon’s Alexa, make listening at home easy.

Because they can be listened to using just about anything makes them even easier to use which allows comfort to listeners. Since you have direct contact physically into your listener’s ears, you are permitted a more intimate connection over a duration of time. As if it is a one-on-one session and more personable.

With this connection, you are allowed to show more personality helping your listeners to get connected and stay connected with you. As they become more connected, the content you have to share is more likely to be received and implemented into their lives possibly producing results. Lastly, podcasts are free but help you to monetize.

Not only are you giving profitable information and entertaining content, but it’s free and who doesn’t love free?


All About your Podcast

This is your podcast, and you own it, so act like it!

Whatever you’re looking to offer through this content tool offer it with the most important thing in mind: your listeners. You first have to identify your theme and tone to make sure each episode you create connects with that. Being in the hair industry, your main theme can focus on a lot of things.

As a hair business podcast, you could focus your theme on the journey of being a hair entrepreneur, insight on marketing and branding, interviews with hair professionals and moguls in the industry and so much more. Determining your theme is extremely important because it will determine your listeners. It all depends on what you’re an expert in and how passionate you are about what your podcast focuses on.

Finally, before you commit to a theme, make sure you have plenty to talk about! Can you truly make your content stretch without becoming boring, redundant and repetitive? Your first challenge is to come up with at least ten episodes connected to your theme and compare the level of popularity with other podcasts who have similar episodes.

Don’t be intimidated by others who may be doing the same thing as you! Competition helps you to focus on ways to stand out and offer more.

What You Need

There are several things you’ll need to have in place before your big launch date. All of these things will not only help with production but will help define who you are as a podcast. Check out the list below:

Podcast Icon

Give your audience a visual! Having a podcast icon or artwork allows you to provide to listeners some visibility of who or what they are listening to.

When creating your icon, put all you have into investing in the perfectly crafted image. This helps channels you may host with to be more likely to promote your show when things are looking professional and grab attention.

If you’re serious about your hair business podcast, be serious with your investment and pay someone to create and design what you may not be able to. We all love to save a little here and there, but in the end, making the sacrifice is very much worth it. Make sure words are legible and clear, perfectly sized. You also want to make sure, if you will have an actual image, that it is of high quality and resolution.

Not sure where to start? Gain some ideas from some of your favorite podcast shows that were successful in grabbing your attention.


Podcast Name

With your podcast name, your audience should be able to identify with your podcast and what it’s about automatically.

When coming up with your podcast name, ask yourself, “what does it do? What subject does it focus on?” Even think about this when it comes to your hook right after your title.

This will be much help when it comes to searching for your podcast.

Podcast Categories

Another key way for listeners to find you is by category.

They may not be aware of your name but can easily identify with the specific thing they’re looking for and end up finding you! You always want to choose the best category that fits with your theme. Going according to your theme will help you find the perfect category, in fact.

When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to look at other podcasts if you’re stuck on which category to choose.

Podcast Description

Yes, your podcast name should be an instant giveaway to what it’s about in connection with the theme, but that doesn’t take away the need for a detailed description.

Let your description show and tell that there is more to your show. Don’t forget that our favorite, SEO (search engine optimization), needs to identify effective keywords. A great way for this to happen is by including them in your podcast description.

iTunes is used for searching, and you want to make sure that while people are searching that they find you.


Featured Guests

It’s always great for any podcast to have featured guest and collaborate with others of substance in connection to what the show is all about.

For someone like you, in the hair industry, we mentioned you could always collaborate with other hair professionals who can add even more value and influence. New listeners will definitely want to tune in especially if someone is well-known based on reputability.

Computer, Laptop, or Phone

You have to have a device that will actually record all this great content you’re sharing.

Start by using what you have like a computer, laptop or even your phone! The convenience of using a phone is the downloadable apps available at your fingertips that can help your phone become a podcast audio recorder, regardless if you have an iPhone or Android!


A microphone is known to be the most essential piece of equipment to have when it comes to being a podcast host.

They are easy to connect and hook up to whatever device you may be using, at that. With a podcast, it’s all about listening. Your audience won’t do much of that when you don’t sound clear, crisp and audible. A microphone helps with this! Keep in mind about investing in a microphone designed for things like podcasts or radio shows.

However, don’t get caught up in something that is overpriced. Find what works for you and your budget and something that is also simple.


Audio recording software is essential when it comes to editing your content.

Whether you’re looking to adjust the volume, insert an overlay of music, or cut something short, this software will do the job. There are various options of software to use, and you can base this on what you’re trying to do with your podcast.

But if you’re looking for something simple to learn and use, those types of software are available as well for free!

Get your Podcast Flowing

How are you looking to format your podcast in order to determine its flow? When we mention format, we’re talking about how many hosts there will be? Will you be telling a story with each episode and narrating? Or will you be featuring guests for engaging interviews? How will your podcast flow?

Just like the products and services you offer as a hair business owner, you have to decide who you want your buyers to be. Who do you want to sell to? The same thing goes with having your podcast and who you desire for your listeners to be. Based on this you can determine your flow, even down to the duration of your episodes.

If you’re catering to listeners who are productive, working and in school, you can tailor your podcast according to what works for them. Research the statistics on this type of audience down to how their time is spent, and you’ll see the impact.

Get flowing!


Editing your Podcast

Editing your podcast episodes allows you much flexibility to get it exactly how you want it.

You can easily add your intro and outro for each episode. An intro and outro provide three things: reminders to new listeners of who you are and what your podcast is about, consistency, and a call to action. Never leave out your intro and outro!

They’re simple voiceovers with a little character using some music to introduce sponsors, tell the episode number, provide announcements and so much more. As you edit, you can stabilize this along with the remaining volume throughout the episode and the freedom to remove gaps and mistakes or bloopers. Too much for you to take on when it comes down to time or expertise? Hire someone!

This can save you from a consistent monthly subscription as well depending on the editing software you use.

Hosting your Podcast

Determining your hosting site that you want to use in order to host and store all of your recording files for the show.

Having a specific media host site hold your files allows for the proper space based on how long they are which determines the megabytes and bandwidth you may need. Think about how many podcast episodes you want to record weekly or monthly and how long you want them to be.

Considering these two factors can help you determine how much you want to pay with what media host site. You may be thinking of the convenience of just hosting your podcast files on your already built website. There are three reasons why this would be a huge inconvenience. The first reason is space. Your current web server for your site may not offer that kind of space regardless of what plan you have.

Next, things could become a lot more costly even if you think you’ve paid your website host for the storage, think again! Lastly, speed can be limited and slow things down for your website. Who likes things to go slow? Your visitors want things at the speed of lightning and to access your content with no delay.

You should want this too!

Get Channeled and Launch

There are various channels to use to get your podcast out into the world for everyone to hear.

Finding out where you want to channel your podcast depends on your goal of reach. Consider channels like iTunes, Soundcloud, and even YouTube. Using YouTube as a channel allows you to give an even more visual of your podcast.

A great reason to utilize iTunes for channeling is the benefit of the ‘News and Noteworthy’ section where you have the opportunity to be featured for several weeks. Talk about exposure! And this is great for free advertising. Increase your chances to be featured where you can gain listeners and views immediately after launching.

This is a great time to utilize family, friends and social media. Don’t just tell them about but build up the anticipation. Use this as an opportunity to host an event or even a listening party as a live podcast recording. Be sure to use hashtags!

Take it to new levels with your email marketing to include the information in your next newsletter and be sure to tell your customers.


Grow and Make Money At The Same Time

After you’ve gotten everything down packed, it’s all about growth from here on out.

Keep in mind that this growth will make you money. Consistently ask listeners to leave reviews and ratings and to share your podcast. It’s also your job to do so through other platforms such as your website and social media pages. How well are you advertising your podcast with what you currently have?

Not only will growth help you collect your coins, but consistency will. Honestly, the growth will happen and continue to happen when you start with consistency. Remember why you created this content platform and, as we mentioned at the beginning, be passionate about your theme.
Regardless of your pace of growth, be consistent and patient.

When it comes to monetization, there are a few ways to do this with your podcast. Sponsors and promoting relevant products and services is a great and popular way to monetize your podcast. Another very effective for someone like you as a hair business owner is to promote your own products and make it worth listeners while. Don’t hesitate to over a promotion code.

In the end, never let the money be the focus. Keep in your forefront the building of your audience through connecting, engaging and trust.


Be Heard with your Podcast!

We’ve covered so much as to why podcasts can be a great help for your hair business.

Whether you’re looking to make a profit or have the desire to equip others with the knowledge of what you do, a podcast can work for you. When getting into it, get comfortable and confident with what you have to offer. Be consistent, engaging, and yourself to connect with a broader audience to grow your business! Giving your hair business a voice with a podcast can offer many benefits.

Check out Hair Biz Radio for some creative insight into how you can get started. Got questions? Comment below and share with us your thoughts on starting a podcast!

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