thinking about starting a hair care line do this to get started

Thinking About Starting A Hair Care Line? Do this to Get Started!

What YOU Need To Know!

These days, there are a ton of beauty and hair care companies opening up. I’ve always wanted to start a business but never really had the mindset or the proper information needed to make it happen. When I was young, starting a business was hard and painful because of the taxes and paperwork that I didn’t understand. Nowadays, when someone is looking to start a business, they can quickly go to google for all the information that they need.

Beginning a haircare line is one of those tasks that can be difficult. However, if you have the right information, a mentor, and the proper paperwork, you can start a successful haircare line. Beginning a haircare line isn’t easy. However, if you care about making a haircare line that represents you and your brand, then make sure you do the proper research to get it started.

By combining research, passion, and understanding, you’ll be on your way to having one of the best haircut product lines out there! Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Every business owner will tell you that you’ll fail before you succeed. Here’s some vital information you’ll need to get your hair business started.


Find A Mentor

When it comes to starting any business, it’s important to find or have a mentor. A mentor will be able to let you know the ins and outs of the company you’re looking to enter. For hair care, you’ll need to find someone that knows about the hair industry such as the latest trends, and what consumers want.

A mentor isn’t someone that is going to give you all the answers, but it is someone that can help you during your journey. Your mentor should be someone that you trust, and someone that also believes you. It’s much like a friendship except way more professional. When I had a mentor, it was the best experience I had because I learned so much.

Not only did I learn so much but I was able to be connected with a various amount of people within my field. Connections and networking are significant when it comes to starting a new product line because without the proper connections; it’ll be much harder to get your foot in the door. Hopefully, you already have some contacts in the haircare industry that’ll be able to help you along the way.

We also HIGHLY suggest joining our Hair Business Facebook group! It's a great place to share ideas with like-minded Entrepreneurs.


Identify Your Target Market

Think about the market that you want to target and how. Your market will be essential to your success so doing an adequate amount of research is necessary. Make sure that you know your target demographic. Are you looking to create products for people with kinky hair, or people with curly hair, or both? Are you looking to target anyone that enjoys haircare products?

Also, are you looking to have a specific niche within your haircare line? Some product lines promote hair growth, hair moisture, or hair rejuvenation. Other hair care lines encourage adding shine and sheen. This is something you will want to keep in mind. Once you figure out your target market, you’ll be able to decide what kind of products you want to make.


Research The Products You Want To Create

Now that you know your target demographic, you can think about the kind of products you’d like to make. For example, I know that if I wanted to start a hair care line, I would focus on natural and organic products.

I would want to do that because those products, in my opinion, would be logical to make. However, whatever product you decide to make will be excellent. If you choose to create products with chemicals, you’ll most likely need to find a wholesaler.

When deciding to produce organic products, you can still find a wholesaler, but you’ll usually be able to cut out production and make the items yourself. As mentioned before, it’s important to know what your niche will be when selling the products.

If you want to focus on diminishing frizz, target that. Focusing on easing dryness? Target that. It’s essential to have a niche that you’re known for before expanding your haircare line.


Test Your Hair Products Before You Sell

This is extremely important when it comes to your products. If you don’t test your products before you begin selling, you won’t know how people will react.

Of course, the reactions shouldn’t be terrible if you know the ingredients within your products. However, everyone doesn’t react the same way to haircare products.

Be mindful of that when promoting your items and be completely transparent about everything that is in your hair care line. Make sure you check the FDA rules. You can risk harsh penalties if you don’t follow FDA guidelines.


Price Your Hair Products

Pricing your products is essential if you want to find a distributor. You should look up what other hair care products are selling for. After checking their prices, you should research whether they are doing well, and whether or not consumers trust them.

You can price your product however you want, but if you want someone to buy, you’ll need to be reasonable. It’s important to incorporate your audience when it comes to pricing.

If you have an audience that trusts you, you will be more successful despite your price.


Get your Marketing Right. (Essentials for Hair Product Marketing)

The last part to take care of when starting a haircare line is marketing. Marketing is essential to the longevity of your brand. Without proper marketing, you risk losing your audience which is a critical part of your success.

Some essential marketing tools to have are things like social media marketing, influencer marketing, and in-store presentation. Take time to think about how you’d like to present your brand and work from there.

For example, think about how you can find influencers that can represent the nice of your brand the best. Many factors play into marketing so be sure to do your research before taking on this task.


Get Your Legal In Order

The most important part you’ll want to take care of is the legality of your business. The legal part is typically natural if you have a designated professional to consult with.

Acquire an accountant, or a business consultant and follow the directions they give you. When you don’t pay attention to these details, you risk being reprimanded for actions such as tax evasion.

Even though it may not be intentional, it’s something that can deplete your entire business. Be diligent about making sure you have all your needed aspects covered.


What To Remember

Starting a hair care line is fun but tedious. If you want to be successful, you’ll need to be organized. Find a mentor that can help you and make sure that it is someone that you trust.

Figure out what market you’d like to target and get your marketing in order. Test all your products before selling them so that you don’t risk making something that people don’t react well to.

Make sure all your legal information is taken care of as well. Your haircare line can be the bomb if you let it! Don’t be afraid to take that first step.

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Is it possible to find a manufacturer to just produce and label my products? I know all of the ingredients I would like in the product.

Nicole Thomas

How can I get a mentor?
I’d love to start. Thanks

Princess Ugo

I need a mentor.


I want to start a hair care products, where do I start and how can I get referred to a mentor?



I would love to find a mentor to get my business started. I have ideas and created samples but would love to connect to someone that can help assist me with any questions I may have.

Undria Wilson

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