strategies to attract a larger audience for your hair business

Strategies to Attract a Larger Audience for Your Hair Business

The More, the Merrier

One of the reasons I know about so many hair businesses, such as our very own Private Label Extensions, is because of visibility.

In order to expand your audience and clientele, people need to know who you are, why you are unique, and how using your products and services will benefit them. Here are some strategies and ideas to help broaden your audience and build your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Social Media Advertising

It’s essential to create a social media presence where you can show off your products, promote hair offers, provide discounts, and offer tips to your followers.

Social media platforms can also be a useful advertising tool to broaden your target audience. Social media advertising can be an effective use of money because you can get very specific about the audience you’re targeting.

Explore different Facebook or Instagram advertisement options to reach new potential clients. You don’t have to break the bank to buy an ad to reach a broader audience.


Instagram or IG for short is one of the best social media tools to use for business.

With millions of registered business accounts, Instagram has become a proven social media platform for attracting customers and brand building. Finding ways to market your company in a sea of competitors can be a daunting task for hair business owners.

But have no fear, here are some strategies to help you stand out from the crowd.



1. Instagram stories:

Otherwise known as IG stories are videos that can serve as a way to showcase a new product for example.

Videos can captivate your audience to read the post's content. Instagram is about visual storytelling so with a video you can actually bring your story to life.

2. Emphasis on hashtags:

Creating an interactive or popular hashtag is a great way to create instant engagement. Develop your own hashtag to use in product photos and consumer-generated content.

3. Biography:

A clear, concise, and catchy biography is essential to any business's Instagram page. Use the link in your bio to connect to a website landing page.

4. Special offers or discounts:

A great way to bring clientele to your business is through offering specials or discounts exclusive to your followers. People love a discount, so what better way to expand your following.

5. Cross-Promote Instagram posts:

Ensure that your Instagram page connects to other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Cross Promotion offers your followers another way to connect to your brand via social media.

6. Be human:

Show who you are to your followers.: Create short videos and or pictures of yourself, employees, and customers.

7. Engage with your followers:

Have an interactive post which allows customers to ask inquiries regarding your hair business and products. These are just a few tips to get started with promoting on Instagram.


Whether it’s a new product, service, or an educational how-to video, creating consistent posts on a hair business blog can help you become an industry expert and leader. Write content that intrigues your target client base and share it via social media or email.


Mobile Website

You may already know that an updated website is essential if you want to be found by new clients and grow your audience.

However, in today’s digital age, your website needs to be mobile-friendly as well. Data from StatCounter reveals mobile devices now drive almost 20% of all global internet traffic.

If your salon website isn’t mobile responsive, you’ll not be seen by a large part of your potential clientele.

Personalized Letters

Writing a personal and friendly letter is an oldie but goodie. Sending personalized cards for clients’ special days such as their birthdays, anniversary, a baby announcement, or during the holidays is a great way to build rapport and show stellar customer service.

Email Marketing

I love a good e-blast with inspiring quotes and useful tips.

Although the people on your email list may be familiar with your business, you still need to keep them engaged. I want to be honest about email marketing. Maintaining the viewer's interest is one of the most significant challenges in email marketing.

But with dedication, consistency, and useful content, keeping them in tune with your business can be done.


1. Value

You can send multiple emails about your hair business, but it probably won’t achieve the results you desire. You'll have to stand out from the plethora of other email campaigns and add value to the viewer. There’s a ton of angles and content to write about in the hair business world, so make sure the majority of the material is valuable to them as a reader.

Ideally, your readers should be eager to see your next email, rather than trashing the email before they even open it.

2. Subject Line

Your subject line has to capture the reader.

Ask yourself, "What is going to get someone who receives the email to actually open it?" Think of something catchy and exciting to grab their attention.

Like with any solid plan or strategy in business, email marketing has to be a consistent and long-term game. Keep track of your email list and send regular emails on a schedule that you feel you can keep up for the long term.

In speaking with various business owners, I discovered that running your own business is time-consuming and exhausting. And sometimes you might not have the time or even energy to try a new marketing channel.

You’ve Got What It Takes

Focus on the strategies listed above and take time to dissect and research what will work best for your hair business. The more you plan and strategize, the more followers you will gain which in turn will lead to growth and more dollar signs.
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