everyday things you didn't know that stunts your hair growth

Everyday Things You Didn't Know That Stunts Your Hair Growth

Want to Have A Hair Growth Spurt? First Figure Out What May Be Stunting Your Hair Growth

You may not notice or even think about it, but every day you lose about 60 to 100 hairs from your scalp. No need to stress new strands are supposed to grow back, but we sometimes know that may not always be the case. Our hair has a particular lifestyle that we modify and treat throughout the days. Our hair cycle goes through three phases, and they are growth, shedding, and resting. If suddenly you begin to lose more strands of hair than usual, or not see any change in growth there is probably a disruption in your hair cycle. If you destroy the follicles in any way, scar tissue will take its place, and that can also result in hair not growing. The main point is your tresses' growth can be stunted due to a myriad of reasons. But at the same time hair loss can be attributed to a routine that you do every day, and you may not even know what you're doing wrong. So, if you're stressing out over your precious curls, here is a list of everyday things that stunt your hair growth.

Not Eating Healthy and Not Taking Vitamins

Not eating healthy or getting enough nutrients can be stunting your hair growth. Who would have thought something as little as what you eat would have such a significant effect on your tresses? Our hair flourishes when you give it the right diet that is full of vitamins. Your hair is apart of your body, and without the necessary nutrients, your curls will reap the damaging aftermath. Here are a few vitamins you should add to your everyday diet from this point forward.


Zinc promotes tissue growth and repairs any damage on the hair and in the body. This product encourages growth because it keeps the oil glands around follicles in excellent condition. Eating foods like beans, eggs, nuts, or whole grains will help tremendously. Unfortunately, if you have a low zinc intake, you will build up excess dandruff and on top of that experience slow hair growth. If these benefits aren't enough for you zinc also helps balance your hormone levels, this is key to preventing hair loss. So, if you're not into rocking the salt and pepper or grey looking strands at an early age, I would suggest taking this vitamin asap.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B aka Biotin is one of the best vitamins for hair growth. Studies link biotin deficiency is the primary source of hair loss in people. This mineral helps to create red blood cells in our bodies; these cells carry nutrients and oxygen to the cuticles on your scalp and follicles. The more oxygen on our heads will stimulate our strands to promote hair growth. You can find vitamin B in whole grains, fish, almonds, and dark leafy vegetables. A plus to remember is that you can mainly find B12 in animal foods, so if you are on a vegetarian-friendly diet, we suggest taking a supplement.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only fantastic for colds, but it works wonders for growth in your hair. This mineral helps in the production of collagen, which is a structural fiber our follicles need to grow exponentially. The lack of this nutrient will cause your strands to appear dull and, can make your hair dry or brittle. The absence of Vitamin C will result in less new hair growth which could be the reason why your noticing stunted growth. Eat more foods like oranges, mangoes, or tomatoes because they are full of these healthy nutrients. You wouldn't starve your body so don't do the same to your tresses, feed them well and you will notice a big difference. Gradually over time you will lose your strands or stunt your hair growth by over styling. If you are continually trying hairstyles that pull tight on your head, it will only be a matter of time before you start seeing the damage. Putting your hair in constant ponytails, cornrows, braids, pig-tails, and weaves without a set break will stunt your curls growth. Alopecia and other hair loss conditions stem from tight overbearing styling. Try wearing your curls down and out whenever you get the chance. Switching up your hairstyle every couple of weeks can make a significant difference in retaining length. Try alternating between individual braids, or sew-ins, and make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals on your head before picking a particular style. If your natural hair is too much to maintain and you live off doing protective hairstyles try getting scalp massages. If you have olive, coconut, or castor oil place on fingertips and massage throughout the head. So, give that ponytail and to knot bun a rest, that everyday routine could be stunting your hair growth.

Extreme Workouts

Rest up your muscles and drink plenty of water because that daily exercise could be the main reason your hair isn't growing. During very intense workouts or sports, our muscles consume a lot of energy. In this process, we are draining our body of power as well as our hair. Our strands need less strain put on them to build up and become stronger than ever. Performing an in high-intensity exercises and neglecting proper hair care is the most significant mistake people make. You can't let sweat build-up in the cuticles on your head for days without adequately washing your tresses. Clogging your follicles with dirt or sweat will lead to less new hair growth. On another note beware of the drinks you consume, high-level energy drinks and coffee before workouts can be a double no. Energy products boost physical performance and make your scalp produce an excess amount of sweat. On the plus side, some shampoos are caffeine-based and contain nutrients and vitamins that can stimulate hair growth. After working out eat fruits full of protein, this will provide your hair and body with essential components it needs to promote growth. Protein plays a critical role in DNA and RNA production, which creates a regular division of hair follicle cells. So, pack some extra bananas and peanuts before hitting the gym this week.

Extreme Stress

Yes, enduring stressful situations and having a higher stress level than usual can stunt your hair growth. Severe anxiety can shock the hair cycle and lead to an increase in shedding. Remember at the beginning of this post we are talking about the three phases of our hair lifecycle. The first stage is growth, and if you are going through stress levels, fewer follicles will be available to grow new strands in the growing phase. In some instances, telogen effluvium can occur, which is a condition where about 70 percent of the scalp hairs start shedding. People with high anxiety will notice strands coming off their head in handfuls. On a good note, the body will begin to go back to normal once you relax and all the stress is over. Once that happens, the hair lifecycle will ignite and you the growth phase will be as usual as before. So, it is vital that you are maintaining your physical and mental health, this will reassure that the growth cycle is unaffected. Try doing yoga or meditation twice a week; any relaxation exercises will surely help you maintain healthy looking hair.

Using the Wrong Hair Tools

If you are using damaging heat tools on your hair every day, you can expect to see some stunted growth. Now, what do we mean by wrong hair tools? Anything that is producing heat at high levels like, flat irons, curlers, or blow dryers without first using proper protectant is a no go. It doesn't just stop and start at with these products, but what about your combs and brushes? Are you using a fine rat tail comb when you need to be using a full tooth or bristle brush? You must pay attention to all the products you put on your head daily. Stay away from ponytail holders with metal claps, opt for a fully elastic hair tie. When tying your hair with a headscarf make sure it is not too tight, too much tension near your temple can lead to receding hairline. Let's not forget about those pesky bobby pins. Always make sure you use soft or plastic pins instead of metal ones. The reason being is that they can be very troublesome and cause discomfort on your strands while pulling and tugging on them in the process. The simplest things you are using could be what is preventing proper length retention. So, think hard the next time you pick up your hair tools to style those tresses.


Hygiene can refer to the cleanliness of your hair, as well as your body regarding rest or sleep. When our bodies do not get enough rest our hair, unfortunately, may suffer the consequences. The growth of our locks will slow down as a result of long-time fatigue. So, when it comes down to the topic of sleep make sure that you are getting enough. Cut down on late-night outings or not correctly resting, because this could be related to stunted hair growth. Now in the regards of cleanliness, a clean scalp gives the follicles more air and a chance the breath. Bacteria and other harmful organisms thrive on dirty surfaces and are less likely to grow on a clean scalp. Dirt and germs can be clogging up the pores on your head causing follicles to weaken and die off. Something as simple as washing your tresses and keeping them in tidy condition will make all the difference in growing your strands. If you're not going the extra mile to take care of yourself, we encourage you to try some of these tips today.

Using the Incorrect Products

If you're using the wrong regimen for your hair, this could lead to you stunting its growth. So, what do we mean by using the incorrect products on yourself? Try not to buy shampoo that is for dry hair when your texture is oily. A study shows that 60 percent of women are using the wrong hair care products, and that can contribute to stunted curls. If you have relaxed hair why are you buying things that are for naturalists? Be sure to read labels and buy products that cater to your exact texture needs. For the most part, if the shampoos, lotions, and conditioners you are using have vitamins, minerals, and healthy ingredients you should be in good hands. Keeping your hands out of your hair at least as possible is the best way to see longer lasting curls. So, if you must do a complete clean out your bathroom cabinets then, by all means, go right ahead. Get past your growth stunt and start using the correct hair care products.

What Everyday Things Help Your Hair to Grow?

As you can see the simplest things we do throughout our everyday lives can be the exact things stunting our hair growth. We must be cautious of the food we eat, the way we work out, and our hygiene routines. Remember to take products such as vitamin and mineral supplements, and these are good for your body as well as your hair. If you don't like swallowing too many supplements opt for purchasing shampoos and conditioners that include these healthy vitamins. Many hair care products contain the necessary nutrients that will stimulate the scalp and promote growth. Increase circulation on around your follicles is the primary key to encouraging regrowth and faster development. Maintain a balanced diet or stay away from sugary and fatty foods. If you're someone who loves to workout that is great, make sure to add a protective shield over your hair or clean the scalp thoroughly after sweat buildup. We want to know what everyday things help your hair to grow. How do you get past your growth stunt? Tell us all about it in the comments down below.
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