Guide To Edges: How to do Edges and Style Them (Full Guide)!

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Edges Are An Art

“Keep your edges laid” or “show off those baby hairs” are phrases that you have probably heard before. These phrases refer to the styling of your baby hairs or what most people call it in the hair world, your edges. Although it is just hair, creating art with your edges is a favorite part of the hairstyling routine.

The designs and patterns of someone’s edges create a conceptual style that can overpower the look of a hairstyle.

The appearance of your baby hair is significant, especially in the hair world. The aesthetics matter. Poorly styled baby hairs can throw off the entire look of a hairstyle. So here is a full guide on how to do edges.


What Are Edges?

Edges refer to the hair around the hairline including the baby hairs. You can style baby hairs apart from the primary hairstyle.

These little hairs are usually fine and are either brushed smoothly, gelled down, sleeked back into place, or flyaways.

Let’s go back in time.

The 70s and 80s were a time where styling your edges was the new popping thing. Instead of people hiding the shorter strands of hair around the perimeter of the head, people started to show them off.

Many of the poster images of the American girl group, TLC, show Chilli who styles her hair, keeping her baby hairs as an essential feature of her hairstyles. Chilli was probably one of the first mainstream celebrity to rock her edges in a cute way and trendy way.

In 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, Chilli rocks a messy high ponytail, and her edges are styles to complement the style.

In 2004, at the Mercedez Benz fashion week, Chilli styled her baby hairs in a waterfall effect. The very next year in 2005, Chilli has a very soft style of her edges at the 4th Annual GP Foundation.

At the 2014 Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta, Chilli shows off her edges while having her hair in a bun. Same for her appearance at Sirius XM in 2017 where she shows off a little bit of baby hair action with her wet water waves look.

Even today, Chilli still does a great job of presenting her hair with and graces us with her edges.


Why Edges are Important

The same way you take care of your hair, take care of your edges. You want your edges to stick around for a long time. Keep your edges healthy and thick to help you look presentable with any hairstyle.

All edges are not the same.

There are different hair types, and your edges can reflect that. Many times your edges are thinner and softer than the majority of your hair texture.

Hair Types

Type 1 hair and type 4c hair differ in hair patterns and textures. The edges of these different hair types probably too, differ. It is possible for a majority of your hair to be type 3c but have type 1 baby hairs.

Some baby hairs are thinner than others. This is where genetics and DNA come into play.

When styling your edges, be mindful of the type of hair you have and how mindful you need to be with your edges.

Thick and Thin

Realize that not all edges are thick. Some people can have a full head of hair but have fragile baby hair. Others can have thicker baby hairs. Take this into account when styling.

Some people may not be able to pull their baby hairs back because it is too thin to style.


The length is also significant too. Some baby hairs are very low in height while others are longer. Those with short baby hair may need to use more edge control than longer baby hairs.

It is important to know that the styling of your edges has its babes on the height, type, and thickness of your baby hairs.


Losing Your Edges

Some hairstyles lead to edges breaking off. Certain hairstyles can lead to hairline receding, and a person can experience severe hair loss. This is called traction alopecia. But also take into account that hair loss around the hairline causes could be hormonal or genetics.

What is Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia is a form of Alopecia or gradual hair loss that is caused by pulling force applied to the hair. Braids and weaves are great, but be careful, about the installation process. The severe pulling of the hair can cause traction alopecia and cause baldness.

It is not advisable to install weaves around the edges. This can cause severe hair loss, and it’ll be potentially hard for someone to grow their edges back.

Heavy brushing, tight styles, gels with alcohol, lack of moisture, and lack of oxygen access to your hairline (wearing wigs) can all contribute to hairline breakage.

Let your edges breathe. Try styles that do not require the pulling of the hair. There are some braiding styles out there that prevent your edges from thriving. Don’t be a victim.


Ways to Take Care of your Edges

Treat your edges because they are sensitive. Love them, and they will love you back. There are great ways to take care of your edges to prevent them from thinning.
  • Hair Products that can rejuvenate and stimulate hair growth.
  • Letting your edges breathe. Try not to style them every single day.
  • Wrap your hair at night with a silk hair cover. Silk hair covers prevent friction with your hair while you toss and turn at night allowing it to thrive and grow smoothly.
  • Moisturize your hairline. Stimulate your scalp with oils.
Things that you should not do to your edges
  • Use cotton scarves when you sleep at night. The friction can cause your baby hairs to break easily.
  • Using bobby pins or hair clips to pull the baby hairs back is not advisable. Wigs with wig clips can damage your edges. You can cause traction alopecia if done regularly.
  • Do not cornrow or braid your baby hairs. Try to get hairstyles that will not mess with your hairline.
  • Drying gels: These are gels that are supposed to dry out. Please do not use them on your edges. Once you try to get rid of that gel, some of your baby hair will eventually pull out.
  • Try not to put a lot of heat (hot comb or flat iron) on your edges.

Losing your edges can be a dramatic feeling. So hold them close.

There are products out there that can reduce the speed of losing your edges.


Edge Control Being a “Thing”

In the early 2000s, the brand Pro Style Gel was a form of an edge control gel. It was a darker product that gave a little hold to your hair.

As time went on, products such as Let's JAM was a form of an edge gel.

The problem with many of this old-school (probably still used today) products was the fear of flaking after applying the edge control. The edge control product would be great for the first few hours, but flaking was a problem.

There have been creations of edge control products over time that not only do not flake but are friendly to the hair. Being that hair is a billion-dollar business, companies, and brands have been very good with the quality of edge control products and results they provide for hair.

There are edge controls that not only hold hair and do not flake but moisturize hair.


Private Label Extensions’ Edge Control

The perfect edge control that does not leave white flakes and gives a fantastic hold is Private Label Extensions’ Edge control. Not only is this edge control holds very well, but it promotes growth and moisture for healthier and shinier hair.

Private Label Extensions offer mini portions of their edge control as “samples” and their Black Edition Edge Control.

Styling your Edges

Many people use their fingers or a toothbrush to style their edges.

How to Apply:

With your fingers, take small portions of the product and place it on the selected hair section until the hair stays in place. You can also use a very fine-toothed and smooth comb to do the same.

With specialized tools such as an edge brush or the tail of a rattail comb, you can use them to make elaborate designs such as waves and loops.


10 Inspirational Ways to Style Your Edges

Hairstyles with designed, styled edges are a great way to create a hairstyle that fits you and your personality. Just like anyone else, major celebrities style their edges.

1. FKA twigs

A British musician is known for her elaborate designs with her baby hairs. Her photographs taken in New York City for Out Magazine in 2014 are breathtaking. Her baby hair’s defined loops spill into graceful spirals. FKA twigs are the queen of styling her baby hairs.


2. Rihanna

Pulls off a messy ponytail with ruffled curls at the Christian Dior Cruise 2015 Show on May 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. A portion of her baby hairs is styled in the front with a slight swoop on both sides, creating a casual look of style.


3. Zoe Kravitz

She gives us her styled gelled down wavy edges with a braided updo hairstyle at the Divergent Series: Allegiant' world premiere red carpet at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City in 2016. When getting braids, it is always best to not braid or pull your edges but to keep them free. And, gelling them down can be an option for a nice style your edges can partake in. Zoe’s edges were indeed in a wavy formation.


4. Actress Zendaya

Attends the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch launch party at Michael Kors in, 2016 with her hair in an unconventional bun. As her hair pulls into a bun, her edges are gently styled in a slight curve, adding to the flavor of her bun.


5. Actress, Skai Jackson

Have her edges snatched at Nickelodeon's 2018 Kids' Choice Awards? With a braided hairstyle tied up, she had her edges laid in curved shapes around her single braids.


6. Cardi B

She was looking so fabulous at the 2017 BET Awards! She pulled off a high ponytail hairstyle, and it was not complete without her designed edges that created the perfect look. Her elaborate semi-circular designs were the cherry on top.


7. Beyonce

Queen Bey posted an Instagram photo of a side pic of her hair.

She styles a piece of her edges apart from her hairline near her ear. This is a cute way to design your edges. Sometimes edges are not just to slick down, but you have fun with them.

Take a tiny section of baby hairs by your ear and style as desired.


8. Amandla Stenberg

Stepped out at the Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast event. This naturalist gelled down her edges for a refined look in the front of her hair.


9. Musical artist, Ashanti

Rocks a pulled back braided bun at L.A. Reid’s post-Grammy Party on in 2009. Her edges are neatly slicked back in a light curved style.


10. Teyana Taylor

Blessed us with her all wavy long jet black hairstyle at the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas. She had unconventional loops around the front of her hair creating a slicked style.


Tools for Slaying Your Edges

In addition to styling your edges, be sure you get the DIY tools or tools out there.
  • A very soft and small toothbrush (or an edge brush). It's incredible what a toothbrush could do.
  • Mascara brush wand (or an edge sleeker). Create a defined neater look with the hair.
  • The tail part of a rattail comb used for the most delicate baby hairs to create that unique design.


Show Off Your Style with Your Baby Hairs

Creating elaborate designs for your edges is a phenomenon that works for almost hairstyles that show off your hairline in the front of your head. Not only are these styles of baby hair snatched but styled in such a way that the designs are beautiful and presentable. Designing your baby hairs are a fun way to show off your style.

Which celebrity’s edges did you like the most? What design would you go for?

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