best natural and weave styles for job interviews

Best Natural and Weave Styles for Job Interviews

Getting Your Hair Interview Ready

They say don't judge a book by its cover, but that is what happens in an interview. Employers read your synopsis or resume and look over your physical profile. This analysis of who you are and what you have to offer starts at the outfit you wear to your jewelry, your shoes and all the way up to your hair. When you're up for an interview, it is essential to keep a professional, and polished look regardless of your style or personal preferences, and don't worry, and it only takes a few small adjustments!

Best Extensions Styles For An Interview

Extensions provide some of the best styles for an interview. A few go to styles are a sharp blunt cut bob. The shorter look achieved with Brazillian straight extensions of twelve to fourteen inches. Another option is to get a sweet top knot bun; top knots are fashionable and professional. Top knots mean slicking the hair backward and twisting your natural hair on itself until you have a bun, or braiding the natural hair and wrapping the extensions around the base of the ponytail to build the layers of the bun. Longer styles in Brazilian Straight, Peruvian Wave or Brazilian Deep Curly are suitable for interviews as well. Despite many people believing that longer hair is unprofessional, long styles are acceptable as long as they are kept in one uniformed style. And that it doesn't become the focal point of your attention with excessive hair touching, flipping or fixing.

Best Natural Styles For An Interview

I love the pineapple fro look, and it is a classic that is low manipulation on the hair, fun for nights out and professional as well. Wearing your hair in its natural state is always an option, adding in a beautiful black or white headband or letting it all hang out is not the worst idea. Allowing your natural hair to be free is a good idea for the interview because you will not have to continually change who you are or what you look like after securing the position. Furthermore, an excellent natural style to wear for an interview is a twist or braid out. These styles for an interview add definition and order to your hair and align with your hair goals as well as the professional look of the place you are applying. My favorite natural style to wear for professional events is a nice pin-curled look. Your hair does not have to be straightened to look neat. Contrary to popular belief or stereotypical ideas, styles like locs, braids or twists look professional when braided.

Hairstyle Dont's For Interviews

There are so many different things that we are told not to do in interviews, but the only thing we hear about hair is to 'keep it neat,' well here are two don'ts for neat and professional hair in an interview.

1. Try Not To Have Colored Hair

I used to love wearing colored weave. And I know a lot of my hair enthusiasts out there are less than excited that the majority of jobs frown upon their employees having colored or bleached hair. For most positions, (except this hair loving one!) that I have had have required me to have a 'natural hair color' such as black or brown. If you can step away from the developer, and modge podge hair color, try to wear your natural hair color for your interview. However, if your hair is already colored follow the other tips mentioned. Place your hair in a neat hairstyle such as a long bun, two braids, wear a style that will still look nice with your color but will not draw extra attention to your hair.

2. Don't Overdo it on the Flair

I love hair jewelry such as beads, string, color, or fleeky edges but those items have their time and place, and neither are at your interview while you are making the first impression on your future employer. Tone down the swirls and designs and you should be fine!

Hairstyle Do's For Interviews

1. Keep Your Hair Sleek

Now I just told you to lay off the edge control, but that doesn't mean that your hair cannot still be sleek. Use that extra energy that would've been spent on your edges to make sure you have no flyaways, your hair is not caught in your outfit and prepared for any mishaps that could happen like frizz, keeping an extra hairband and tons of extra bobby pins!

2. Make Sure Your Hair Is Out Of Your Face

Bangs are beautiful, but you don't want to walk into your interview with wild hair dangling in your face distracting the interviewer from you. Pull your hair back using a headband, ponytail holders or cornrows or twists in front of your hair. Try to avoid wearing a scarf even if it's a bad hair day, and a scarf is too casual.

Merging Your Personal and Professional Preferences

Getting your hair ready for an interview doesn't always have to be stressful. The most important tips are to make sure your hair looks polished, secured and does not interfere with the position you are interviewing. Typically, colors or styles that incredibly long tend to frown upon in the corporate world. However, when hair is neat and clean, these issues resolve themselves unless expressly against the dress code. When interviewing the goal is to impress, but be sure to give an explicit representation of your self, something that starts with your look! However, if you are unwilling to compromise on your hair for religious or moral reasoning don't fret jobs that overlook you for the style of your hair. It's essential to work for a company that values you for your skills, experience and what's in your head not just what's on it.
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