save your hairstyles and reduce scalp sweating

Save Your Hairstyles & Reduce Scalp Sweating

Sweating Is A Natural

Our body’s natural response to cool itself is to sweat, but as we all know sweating can cause problems. One problem being scalp sweating which can ruin a hairstyle. We all love the summertime; the sun, the pool parties, the beaches. It is a time of the year where its hard to decide what to do with our hair. You don't want to press your hair out because it can sweat out, it becomes too hot for hair weave, but sometimes we get tired of braids. On top of our bodies being hot during the summer, so does our scalp. Our scalp sweats way too much which can ruin a hairstyle. Our scalp doesn't just wait until the summertime to sweat; it can sweat during daily activities like exercising. At any moment during the year, our scalp can become oily and then creates sweat. Medical conditions can also cause our scalps to sweat more than usual.

Causes of Scalp Sweating

Besides the apparent heat of the weather, excessive scalp sweating can be due to a medical condition. Many people may not even know that sweating a lot can be a condition beyond your control but that you can manage. Another primary cause of excessive scalp sweating can be mental as well.

Overactive sweat glands

When you suffer from overactive sweat glands, you will sweat an excessive amount. Overactive sweat glands become overactive by alcoholism, diabetes, heart problems, menopause, and weight gain. Overactive sweat glands can mean that you possibly have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a very common disorder which causes excessive sweating. This disorder mainly is focused on the sweat of the face, head, hands, and scalp. With this disorder, the affected glands aren't just set off by one particular thing. There is no real medical cause for this condition; it is almost a random disorder that can run in your family. Many people could have this condition and not even know it because they think its normal to sweat. People who suffer from this condition can have a hard time wearing certain hairstyles and making them last. If you think you suffer from hormonal imbalance or damage to your nervous system, please see a doctor if you have hyperhidrosis or not.

Stress and Anxiety

People underestimate how powerful stress can be. Stress and anxiety can cause us to excessively sweat whether we are consciously stressing or not. Both stress and anxiety cause our body’s temperature to increase which the cause the sweating. If you take any medications for your anxiety, be careful as a side effect could also be sweating.

Hot, Humid Weather

This one is a no-brainer! When in extreme heat, our body instantly begins to sweat. For us natural ladies, that make our hair go from straight to a frizzy fro. Similar to the effects of stress and anxiety, hot weather can cause our bodies to become extremely hot and sweat acts as a coolant.

Braids Can Keep You Cool

Braids are always the go-to hairstyle during the summer time. Not only are braids convenient to wear but they also allow your scalp to breathe and get the proper air it needs; which helps with reducing scalp sweating. Getting braids is one of the best styles to get to keep your head cool, alongside buns and ponytails. Rarely will your scalp sweat when you wear braids because nothing is covering your scalp, it can breathe. Feed in braids and box braids are great for hot weather, they keep your head cool and will last through the scalp sweat. Other styles help keep you cool during warm weather which acts as alternatives to braids. But braids are the best for your scalp when it needs some air.

Alternatives to Reduce A Sweaty Scalp

Regardless if you suffer from a condition that causes the sweating or not, there are always natural alternatives to help reduce a sweaty scalp.

Dry Shampoo

I usually do not recommend the use of dry shampoo for women of color who are natural but in this case it does help. Sometimes our favorite shampoos can cause our hair to become oily, which when triggered by weather, stress, etc. can lead to our scalp sweating. There are some over the counter medicated shampoos that you can use, but if you aren't too sure about that, dry shampoo is the way to go. Dry shampoos should be lightly applied to your scalp and worked into your roots so that it can absorb any excess moisture causing the sweat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a miracle for skin, body, and hair. Because of its acidic nature, it helps to balance the body’s ph. Not only can ACV help cure any itchy scalp, but it can also reduce the sweating of the scalp as well. Add a tablespoon or two (depending on how bad the sweat is) to a cup of water and pour the solution onto your scalp. Let this solution soak and works its magic for at least thirty minutes before rinsing out. This alternative helps to control the secretions of sweat.

Lemon Juice

Do not apply lemon juice directly onto your hair without diluting it with water. Too much of an acidic thing can cause irritation and even a slight burned scalp. Similar to acv, lemon juice also helps to stop the secretions of sweat on your scalp. Mix a small amount of lemon juice to warm water and apply to your hair and let sit for no more than ten minutes.

Stop Excessive Head Sweating

While sweating sometimes is uncontrollable, you can manage it. Instead, it's by making lifestyle changes, diet changes, health changes and even mental changes; you can stop excessive scalp sweating.
  • Wash your face regularly, day and night. Excess oil and dirt can be built up causing sweating once the area makes contact with the sunlight, warm weather, etc.
  • Make sure you are washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, it helps with pulling out any extra oils and dirt.
  • Eat less spicy foods. A lot of spices and a lot of garlic lead to a sweaty scalp.
  • Pay attention to the patterns you see when you begin to sweat, if preventable.
  • Try to remove any stressors out of your life
  • Invest in hydrating shampoos
  • Use more vitamin E and argan oil on your hair.
  • Work out with a cotton headband on, and hair pulled up out of your face
  • Use a spray leave-in conditioner on your hair before hitting the gym; this will help your hair not to sweat as much
  • Meditate

Know The Causes, Fight The Symptoms and Stop Scalp Sweating

I know how annoying sweating can be, especially from your scalp but there is a way to reduce and in some cases stop scalp sweating. During mild and hot seasons, wear hairstyles that keep you and your scalp cool. Make lifestyle changes to reduce the chance of excessive scalp sweating. Know what causes your scalp to sweat and seek medical attention if necessary. Remember sharing is caring!
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