styling tools guide brushes and combs for amazing hair

Styling Tools Guide: Brushes and Combs for Amazing Hair!

There is a wide range of brushes and combs in the world to choose. It can be challenging to know what type of these styling tools you need to accomplish your desired look. You may have come across an array of combs and brushes at your local beauty supply store and have no idea what comb or brush to buy. This dilemma is understandable, because combs and brushes come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t necessarily come with an instruction manual. So here is your instruction manual to the styling tools you may have collected over the years.

Types of Brushes and Combs

Lets go over various types of brushes and combs, what type of hair each is for and what they do.

Fine Tooth Rat Tail Comb

This comb is an excellent tool for any hair type. If you have a more delicate hair texture, you can use this comb to tease your locks for a more voluminous look. For the natural girls who like protective styles, the handle on this tool is excellent for sectioning your hair for braids or any other style that requires neat parts. If you are curling or straightening your hair, I would recommend you only use the handle of this comb to section your hair. Though this comb has teeth, I would avoid using it for combing or detangling. It can cause breakage due to the small teeth.

Wide Tooth Comb

If you need a comb for detangling, the wide tooth comb is the tool for you! This styling tool is my favorite when detangling hair while wet without pulling or breaking you're locs. This comb can be utilized for every hair type and texture. If you like washing and conditioning your hair in the shower, this comb is excellent for detangling your hair with minimal breakage. Using this tool with conditioner while combing hair from tips to root is recommended.

Pick Combs

We all know about the pick comb giving us those voluminous afro-chic looks. They’re an essential to anyone trying to get maximum volume. This comb is excellent for doing curly, thick, or kinky hair. This styling tool can be utilized for detangling with minimal strain and damage to the hair strands. It also lifts from the roots to create sizable voluminous hair. To detangle with this comb, you should start combing your hair in sections from tips to root to prevent any damage. If you are trying to create a voluminous look, you should use the comb on the roots of your hair.

Heat Resistant Combs

Have you ever wondered how to get your hair bone straight without going over your hair with the flat iron more than once? If you have, this comb is the answer to all your flawless hair prayers. This tool is also great for all hair types. It allows you to get that sleek, straight look by directing and containing a section of hair without the comb melting from the iron. Even though this tool looks a little more complicated than your average comb, it is not complicated to use. If you are not sure how to use it, here is a quick guide: 1. Take a section of hair 2. Take the teeth of comb to the root of the section as if you are going to comb it 3. Clamp the comb shut and proceed to move it down section about 1-2 inches 4. Follow behind comb with iron 5. Continue these steps with every section of hair

Vented Brush

If you are looking to do a blowout, this is the tool for you! This brush is best to use on wet hair in conjunction with your favorite blow dryer. The holes in this brush allow shorter blow drying time with the holes allowing your hair to dry from multiple angles. This tool comes in a regular flat brush shape and a rounded shape. If you are looking for more volume, the rounded vented brush will give you those big curls. For shinier curls, it is best to use a ceramic vented rounded brush.

Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is great to use for detangling. This tool is excellent to use to detangle wet or dry hair. Remember to prevent and breakage while detangling you should start from the tips of your hair and work up to your roots. Be very gentle with your hair while detangling, making sure to work out the tangles when you run into them gently. I love to use this brush to detangle my extensions when they are in my hair or on their own.

Teasing Brush

This tool is great for adding more volume to your hair. If your hair just falls flat even when you curl it, using this tool can give you a more Victoria’s Secret bombshell look. If you wish to give your hair a thicker look, this device should be an essential. This brush is only intended for the roots of the hair, using it on the ends can cause split ends. So be careful not to be too rough utilizing this brush, so you don’t cause any damage to your hair.

Denman Brush

If you are working your natural curls, this brush is heaven sent. This brush is great for detangling your curls, coils, and kinks. It is also great for styling your hair even after detangling. To prevent any damage, you should use the brush vertically with the handle pointing towards the ground while detangling. Use this brush horizontally while styling. It will give your ends the most definition. This brush can also be utilized on other types and densities of hair. It works great for anyone operating a short, sleek bob look. I hope this guide gives you all the information you need to create your perfect style. Just remember when detangling your hair with any of the recommended tools above, it best to start from the tips and work your way up to the roots. Also don't be too rough with your hair, take your time, and it will yield the best results. We all love our hair and try to take good care of it. Using the right styling tools correctly can prevent damage to your lovely locs.
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