stylish hair and makeup combos to know

Get The Ultimate Look: Stylish Hair and Makeup Combos To Know

Make Your Get Ready Routine Effortless

We all know that hair to makeup is like peanut butter to jelly and that the best things come in twos. Making sure you have the right face to go with the perfect hairstyle is a strategic process in a girls regimen of getting ready. Sometimes it can be a complete struggle to complete the best beauty look for any occasion. To make things a bit easier for you, I’d like to share a few hair and makeup combos that can make your process of getting ready effortless. I created these five combinations in hopes that they would help you look your flyest with a few product suggestions along the way.

The Ultimate Style and Makeup Combos

Sleek part with bone straight hair & smokey eyes

Nothing says fierce more than cut to the bone straight hair and hot smokey eyes that will set any room you walk into on fire. This daring pair is perfect for date night, girl’s night, or anything that has to do with nighttime. It’s dark, silky and sexy. This hair and makeup combination is timeless, and that is why it’s at the top of my list and hopefully climbing to the top of yours. When it comes to achieving that bone straight hair look, the longer, the better. Lacking in the hair length department? Try our new body wave Indian remy hair that will give you a natural flow to your bone straight style. Whether you decide on a middle part or side part, having a part is what goes well with this hairstyle. Extensions are always a great hair tool method to getting you a step closer to your desired look. Take this look to the next level and add a cat eye if you dare.

Voluminous curls & red lips

I love curls, curls, curls, curls; curls I do adore! Jay-Z could not have made it easier to transition that chorus hook into a girl's curl anthem. Let’s face it; curls are flirty and fun especially when they are full of volume. What’s more flirty and fun than pairing your curls with a hot red lipstick to set the look off Red lips are the signature makeup piece to having an ultimate look, and with this hair and makeup combination, you’re sure to have heads turning from every direction. A great way to achieve your big curls is to use large rollers either velcro or plastic, or even the largest size of flexi-rods. If you decide to use velcro rollers, be careful when removing them not to pull your hair and cause breakage. Once removed, lightly tease your curls at the root and use a large wide tooth comb to separate. Who knew curls could look so good?! Regardless of where you are wearing this hair and makeup combination, it serves as a statement. The go-to red lipstick that I like to call ‘ol faithful is MACs infamous ‘ruby woo matte.’ This red lipstick is unlike any other because it is bold, vibrant, and deep. Did I mention that it stays on for hours? Get the look!

Ninja bun & contour

Nothing says ‘hey fierce cheekbones’ than a bomb contour and a ninja bun to compliment it. This hair and makeup combination is sleek and slightly on edge and goes perfectly for the office or happy hour. Wearing the ninja bun could also be considered as a protective style with your natural hair. If you need more enhancement to reach that dramatic level for your bun, try out our Brazilian kinky straight hair which is very versatile in matching most hair textures and it’s super soft! Better yet, to make sure you achieve this look successfully, check out the natural hair clip-in extensions that allow you to be flexible with your look. You want to make sure your edges and hair at the nape of your neck are as sleek as possible and what’s a better way to make sure of that than by using edge control. Now, this look definitely accentuates your facial features like those cheekbones so getting the right product to contour them is key. Section and part your hair evenly to place your clip-ins around your head. You want to make sure that you have enough hair left out around the parameter of your hair to hide your clip-ins naturally. Gather all of your hair with the extensions to be secured with a hair tie at the crown of your head. Once secured, twist the hair to form a tight bun and use bobby pins to ensure it all around.

Low ponytail & rose gold cheekbones

Just like the ninja bun, the low ponytail allows you to show off that gorgeous face of yours. A low ponytail is classy and chic with the right touch of a rose gold highlighter to add to your cheekbones. Just like other styles, this is also a timeless look perfect for all seasons. Highlighter has become a major staple item for many people’s makeup routine. It’s all about topping off the look with a beautiful blush metallic shade which is great for various skin tones, especially warmer tones. You want to make sure when using such a potent product that you apply the right amount and not add too much. Show off your gorgeous highlight by having your hair pulled to the nape of your neck. Add a little sass to your ponytail by taking a few strands underneath your ponytail to wrap around the hair tie secure the end of it with a bobby pin. Just like most of these styles, you can enhance this look with the perfect clip in extensions to make your ponytail long and free-flowing.

Beach waves & dewy finish

Create your summer vibes with the ultimate beach waves and a fresh face with a dewy finish. If you are into a natural makeup look, then a dewy finish is just for you! Dewy makeup allows your skin to have a youthful, gorgeous glow without looking too oily. Beach waves are easy to achieve and guess what? It does not have to involve heat on how you get them. Whether you are sporting a cute long bob or long extensions, beach waves go great with any length. The easiest way you can accomplish your waves in a matter of minutes is by using either the two strand twist method or by applying a few large braids in various sections. Spraying a little bit of water before twisting or braiding will help the hair be easier to manipulate with whatever method you use.

Perfect Pairs For the Ultimate Look

Now with various options for hair and makeup combinations, your process of getting ready should take no time and less effort all the while looking fabulous. Finding the right hairstyle to go with your ideal makeup look can be a headache at times but create your own hair and makeup combination arsenal, and you should be good to go! Now it is time to get ready, set, glam!
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