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Are Vaping Vitamins A New Approach in The Beauty & Wellness World

Are Vaping Vitamins A New Approach in The Beauty & Wellness World

Vaping Vitamins: New Health Wave We Should All Jump On

The beauty and wellness world is always coming up with new and more natural ways to achieve a younger look, healthier skin and longer, healthier life. We went from taking pills every day to getting the vitamins injected through an IV, and now we can vape vitamins; how cool right?

We all know how important it is to take our daily dose of vitamins but with this new trend, we can now remove that step of swallowing pills every day. For people who are already vaping, this will be a smooth transition.

Vaping has been around for some time now, and it looks like it will be here to stay. Vaping caters to everyone now, not just tobacco and marijuana users. They have found a way for us health nuts to join in on the action: vape our vitamins!


What is Vaping and How Does it Work

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling aerosol, which is called “vapor”; vaping is produced by a device that resembles an e-cigarette or a pen. It has become widely popular in the United States of America since 2006-2007, especially amongst teens and young adults.

Primarily vapes were being used by tobacco smokers as a healthier alternative; recently they are also being used for marijuana smokers. There is still some debate about whether or not vaping is healthier or not than the traditional method.

Many think it is healthier because it removes the harm that would typically be caused by inhaling smoke.

How Do Vapes Work

Vape companies have created liquid flavors of marijuana and nicotine which is then heated on a heating coil.

That then liquifies the nicotine or marijuana. Once the flavor is liquified, a vapor mist is created instead of actual smoke. The vapor mist comes out of the end of the vape pen which is why it is sometimes called an e-cigarette.

For the most part, taking vitamins is nothing less than positive but with everything comes some challenges or cons. Vaping has its pros and cons, and now we can take a look at a few pros and cons of vaping vitamins.


Vitamin Vaping: Pros and Cons

We all know vitamins are good for us, and they should be a daily part of our routine, but how beneficial are vaping vitamins? Here are a few pros and cons of vitamin vaping, check them out:

Pro #1

Inhaling vitamins allows it to direct get into your bloodstream

Pro #2

More efficient way to get your daily intake of essential vitamins

Pro #3

Vaping is way less addictive to the alternatives

Pro #4

Anyone afraid of needles, this method would be more comfortable and less painful

Pro #5

There are no proven health risks

Pro #6

It easy to get your daily dose of essential vitamins

Pro #7

More efficient than taking vitamins orally by pill

The jury is still out on just how beneficial vaping your vitamins is but research is again being doing, and people are testing it out. If we can get our vitamins through an iv, why wouldn't we be able to vape them and get the same benefits?

With all the research, some nay-sayers think vaping vitamins is just smoke and mirrors.

Check out some of the cons they say about vaping vitamins:

Con #1

There are no alleged health benefits of vaping vitamins

Con #2

Vaping goes directly to the respiratory tract - may prove to be harmful

Con #3

No one knows what the chemicals of vaping do to the body

Con #4

All vapor ingredients are different and have different effects

Con #5

B12 cannot be completely broken down through a vape

Con #6

There is not much evidence to show its effects

So let's state the facts, vitamins have significant health benefits so I believe vaping vitamins could be a great thing.

There are common vitamins that one should smoke with vapes, and you need to know how they aid your beauty and wellness.


Common Vitamins Used with Vapes

A lot of us know what vitamins we need to take and why but if you are anything like me; there is always room to be more informed. If you decide to try out vitamin vaping, you should be knowledgeable about what vitamins you need and how they are beneficial.

There are a few common vitamins that are essential and should be in your daily routine. Vaping vitamins have become a new trend in the wellness and beauty industry because of its popularity with the healthy crazed “millennials.”

So far there are only a selected few that have been used quite frequently: vitamin A, B, C, and D. All of the vitamins help with maintaining your beauty and wellness.

Vitamin A

  • Perfect for achieving a more healthier and even looking complexion
  • Improves the quality and appearance of your teeth
  • Improves your eyesight
  • Helps fight off cancer
  • Enhances the immunity system
  • Fights off heart disease
  • Lowers your cholesterol
  • Quality of your bone increases

Vitamin B

  • Contains folic acid which helps regain any lost red blood cells
  • Helps the body produce bone marrow
  • Fights off acne
  • Helps skin glow
  • Vitamin B12 is not sensitive to heat, so this makes for a perfect vapor pen. To meet your recommended dose and see the benefits, you should Rey at least 15 puffs.

Vitamin C & D

  • Wards off the flu and the common cold
  • Bone and muscle growth
  • Mood booster
  • Companies you can test out
There are a ton of smoke stops and companies that sell vitamin vapes. Here are a few that you can research and check out for yourself.

VitaminVape Co.

They offer only B12 vapes


This company specializes in aromatherapy vapes

Vita Vape

They have not only vitamin vapes, but fruit flavored vitamin flavors.

As this trend continues to grow, you will see many more companies. Companies are taking the time to craft the vitamin pens and ensuring that they are safe for use. When you are deciding on a company to purchase from, please do your research and do not be afraid to test anything out.


Vaping Vitamins Here to Stay

With today's technology and the power of the internet, we are living in a time of needing instant gratification. We often want what we want, as soon as we want! There are so many trends that come and go, but I think vitamin vapes are here to stay.

Although doctors can speculate, there has been no proof that vitamin vapes will cause harm. There are many pros to this method of self-care, instead of eating certain foods that you’re you may hat; take a few puffs and wallah.

Do your research, know what you are purchasing and do not be afraid to test vitamin vapes out; it might be the answer the answer to our simple health questions.

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The Reason Why All Beauty Products Don't Do Clinical Testing

The Reason Why All Beauty Products Don't Do Clinical Testing

What Is Clinical Testing?

Clinical testing refers to a series of tests ran on the active ingredients in makeup, medicine, or supplements. As well as the reaction in humans and the effectiveness of the mixture. Testing is for safety and efficiency. Clinical examination can be done on a variety of products and looks differently for products. Even if they are in the same field such as differing tests for beauty products like lipstick, mascara or concealer.

Why Do Beauty Products Undergo Clinical Testing?

Products use clinical testing to perfect their formulas, gain opinions on the effectiveness and insight on potential adjustments before the launch of a product. Companies use clinical testing to lend credibility to their product. Some people find comfort in knowing that they aren't guinea pigs for a new beauty product. Especially when it first hits the shelves and that they can trust they will gain the desired result. Similarly, mainstream companies utilize product testing, clinical trials and ongoing tests to combat lawsuits and mishaps once their products gain popularity. These companies can list possible side effects, as well as the best conditions under which to use their product. The results of the testings are used to explain the outcome that the majority has had and highlight oddities in reactions allergic or otherwise to their product.

Do All 'Clinically Tested' Products Hold Weight?

Contrary to belief, cosmetic or beauty products being labeled 'clinically tested' does not lend credibility to their success, or back their branding. If a product says that it is 'clinically tested' it's referring to it's testing but does not mean that it is effective, safe or useful to the buyer. Only products that boast 'clinically proven' have published their results. And they stand by a positive, and noticeable outcome for the consumer. Technically, it is not a false advertisement but a coy branding move. Ultimately, being clinically tested and doing nothing to make the results public, or changing the formula means that the test does not amount to much in the interest of the consumer. Thus, some products skip clinical testing altogether.

Why Do Some Products Skip Clinical Testing?

For companies, clinical testing costs money. These companies have to provide samples to people they've recruited to try the products as well as sample packaging, and compensate individuals for their time and reviews. Then, companies have to repeat these trials or bouts of testing multiple times to be able to lawfully and rightfully say that their products have been 'clinically proven' to perform a task. For some companies, testing and reconfiguring is too expensive, and if not required by law or regulated by the state, an often skipped step. Additionally, some products do undergo testing, but if their results are unflattering and unfavorable for their advertising needs, they will not announce their testing process.

Clinical Testing Facts vs. Myths (or Assumptions)

Myths (Assumptions)

Myth #1

All Clinically Tested Items Are Safe

Myth #2

Items that are Clinically Tested will produce better results

Myth #3

All beauty companies test and correct their product before sale based on their testing results and data

Myth #4

If a product says 'Clinically Tested' it is a better product to use


Fact #1

Clinically tested items can be just as dangerous as things that have not tested. The proof of safety for beauty products is in the ingredients and side effects not in the clinical testing stamp.

Fact #2

Clinically tested items that have good ingredients or altered will produce good results. However, it is too much of a generalization to assume that any clinically tested item is better than things that haven't undergone clinical testing. Because every person will have a different experience and the experiment itself based on the formula for the product. With the results being ignored or based on the results of the majority.

Fact #2

While many beauty companies will test their products with trials and formula tests; this does not ensure that they have undergone 'quality control.' And will fix the inherent issues with their product. An example is those inexpensive charcoal peels in stores like Walmart and Target. While these peels will make your skin appear smoother, and provide a satisfying peel they can often cause peeling or redness on the surface and harden too quickly. A complaint that's been seen across the board. However, there has been no formula change.

Fact #3

An item labeled as clinically tested or clinically proven means that it has undergone testing and has significant data to claim its product. Which could be essentially true and backed by data. However, they exclude the information about the 'cleansing beads' being abrasive to the skin and possibly causing craters and scarring. Considreing this was not the overall intent of their testing. And their product does clear the face, even if it leaves its users with a weakened skin! Consequently, the stamp of clinically proven or clinically tested does not translate to a product being safer or more effective.

So What Do I Keep Off Of My Beauty Shelf?

Now that the clinical testing myths debunked, how do consumers know what to keep off of their skin and away from their lips? The sad part is, you don't! The best way to shop is to make smart decisions for your beauty goals (aesthetics or medical) based on ingredients, reviews, and your body sensitivity. Choosing products is a personal process and is mainly based on trial, error and Youtube reviews!

No Need To Have Fear of Clinical Testing!

It can be disheartening to realize that a big part of your beauty products decision-making process has thinly veiled lines of truth and safety. But this experience doesn't have to be all bad, think of it as medicine. The FDA approves medications, and they get the job done, but they still may have side effects or not work well with other drugs. Additionally, some vitamin supplements may not be FDA approved at all, but they have given you stronger nails or hair. The point here is that there is not a magical stamp that proves a product is inherently 100 percent safe and effective. So, using your own set of criteria to judge a product is what's best.
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Kerry Washington's New Neutrogena Line and Her Teachings of Beauty

Kerry Washington's New Neutrogena Line and Her Teachings of Beauty

Kerry Washington & Neutrogena's to Increase Diversity

I'm excited to share with you Kerry Washington's most recent collaboration with Neutrogena and how I see her defining beauty for women of color.

I don’t want to pigeonhole her into only being a positive example for just brown women, because she is a shining example for all women. However, women of color continue to fight to shatter negative social stereotypes and struggle to get the same respect and opportunities.

Kerry is a brand ambassador for Neutrogena and is in her second collaboration with them. She has been working with them since 2013, and it’s obvious this partnership is a great one for both parties. In her role, she provides creative input on marketing campaigns and products. In this article, I am going to discuss the success of Kerry’s Neutrogena collaborations and her bomb beauty tips.

You know what you have to do. Press play on your Chante Moore playlist and let's vibe together!


Kerry Serves as a Brand Ambassador

Kerry is one of the most stylish women in the industry, and it only makes sense for her to be a brand ambassador for the company.

Her reason for deciding to work with the company is because it is one of the few that showcases a woman’s beauty. She assists the company in expanding its product line to attract a diverse demographic. The bonus is she also has the opportunity to create makeup lines with the company.

Her input is key to them increasing their shade offerings in the foundations.

Kerry’s First Makeup Collaboration

Kerry launches her first makeup collaboration in April 2018. This makeup line has two palettes available exclusively through

Her Essential Eye and Cheek palettes are filled with neutral shades to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. The “Grateful” bronzer, “Elegant” highlighter, and “Captivating” blush are to be worn together for a healthy skin glow. This palette is excellent for the Spring.

The eye palette has five shades to help you go from day to night. All of the eyeshadows have a built-in primer to ensure it’s smudge-proof and long-lasting. The shadows range in color from champagne to chocolate.

Kerry’s Second Makeup Collection Launch

Kerry is launching her second makeup collection “Force of Nature” exclusively at Ulta. The desire with this line’s color concept is to add a little bit more drama. The collection has more deep earth tone colors. This collection has five shades for the eyes and lips.


Kerry’s Beauty Routine and Tips

She keeps her routine very simple which I think is one of the reasons her skin continues to look radiant. Let me share with you her routine and what products you can use from the Neutrogena product line to create a beauty routine just like hers.

You can follow her routine below:

Step 1:

Wash your face with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel

The facial cleanser is a lightweight product that removes makeup and other impurities. It includes hyaluronic acid.

Step 2:

Exfoliate your skin by using the Hydro-Boost Exfoliating Cleanser.

You can use it as your cleanser since it removes dirt and oil while exfoliating th3 skin.

Step 3:

Moisturize your skin with Neutrogena’s Visibly Even Skin Tone Correcting Facial Moisturizer or Hydro Boost Gel Cream

The Hydro-Boost Cream plumps skin with intense hydration and releases it as your skin needs it. There is no alcohol in the product.

Step 4:

Apply Neutrogena’s Healthy Volume Mascara

The Healthy Volume Mascara is made up of olive oil that penetrates and plumps up every lash.

Step 5:

Apply your Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer

This concealer is great for reducing dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. It also contains SPF 20.

Step 6:

Put on a sheer lip color

Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine is great for an all-day shine for your lips.

  • Drink a lot of water. The recommended amount you should drink is 64 ounces per day.
  • Take your makeup off nightly with Neutrogena's Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes

Kerry & Red Light Therapy to Combat Bacteria

One of the unique tips Kerry has for keeping her skin glowing and looking flawless is the use of red lights.

I had to look this up because I have never heard of it before. Although there are differing opinions on this process, I want to share it with you. If you are wondering if this process is an expensive one, you may be surprised to find out it is an at-home treatment.


What is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is an invention which has been around, in one form or another for decades.

Niels Ryberg Finsen won the Nobel Prize for his use of ultraviolet light to treat lupus. Over the years, the terms have changed as well as advancements in the treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia.

Red light therapy (low-level laser therapy) uses low levels of LEDs to promote good cell functions. The wavelengths improve the way the parts within the cell use nutrients to create energy molecules. This, in turn, improves cellular respiration.

The at home kits are excellent for the face. The face mask is a hand-held device you can hold on your face.

Pay attention to the amount of energy emitted from the device you have because different wavelengths affect the skin in different ways.

How does Red Light Therapy improve your Skin

Red light therapy improves the skin because of the following:
  • Responses from the cells during the treatment. The light penetrates beyond the skin and improves blood flow. The light causes the blood vessels to widen which improves blood flow.
  • Decreases inflammation because of the improved process of getting rid of waste. This improvement can prevent fluids from building up.
  • Improves elasticity of collagen fibers because the therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It also increases the growth of capillaries which primary function is to get the blood flowing to tissues. All of the oxygen-rich blood helps to plump and smooth skin. This is what women should use if they are looking to combat wrinkles and aging.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

The therapy is not known to cause cancer nor mutation of any cells in the body. Unlike ultraviolet radiation, these red lights are safer.

There are minimal side effects to the treatment and are as follows:

  • Nausea or dizziness can be attributed to overuse
  • Mild burns are caused by overuse
  • Eye strain and headache is caused by glaring at the light (wear eye protection).
  • Skin sensitivity after treatment. Make sure you use sunscreen if you are going outdoors.


Creating Diversity in Products and Consumers

Kerry Washington's position within the Neutrogena company allows her to speak for many women who usually do not have representation within the beauty industry.

Her creative input on products and marketing campaigns shows her commitment to women on a global scale. It's nice to see a celebrity responsibly utilize her platform. It is apparent Neutrogrena values her because of her makeup collaborations with them.

I know this is a partnership that is going to last for a long time to come. It's a great way to build a legacy. Have you tried her new product line?Share with us what you think by leaving a comment!

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Become A Boss Like Jackie Aina

Become A Boss Like Jackie Aina

Jackie Created Her Own Lane

My dark skin and full lips sometimes make me insecure about rocking a colored lip or eyeshadow. If you need the confidence to be bold, be sure to check out Jackie Aina. Nude colors are my friend, and I appreciate them to no end. However, looking at the beauty tutorials created by one of Youtube’s top influencers, Jackie Aina I am starting to rethink my position on Crayola colored pigments on my brown skin. Jackie Aina also referred to as a Youtube Style Warrior stepped into her creative calling ten years ago when the Youtube beauty game primarily featured the White and Asian woman. Known by her friends as the dark-skinned girl with the colored eyeshadow Jackie reluctantly started to build her social media brand when there was no Fenty beauty to reassure her of her foundation color or provide her with the eyeshadow palettes curated for her complexion. Now in 2018, Jackie is not only a beast with the brushes, but she is also an army reservist and an NAACP award winner, who is impacting the lives of her 2.4 million Youtube subscribers and over 900,000 Instagram followers. Aina is doing this by not only giving makeup tips, but also giving advice on money, and commenting on the state of racial inequality issues all at the same time. Keep reading to see what you can take away from Jackie Aina’s rise to success. And learn how you can use her journey as a blueprint to jump start your brand.

Steps and Takeaways for Success

Step One: Find a Void and Fill It!

Before she was a famous beauty blogger Jackie Aina was a married, Army reservist, who at the age of 21 was living in Hawaii and downright miserable. However, it was her love for all things beauty and the nagging tug at her creative side that prompted her to start her YouTube channel and dig herself out of her unhappiness. After realizing that there was a need for women of color on YouTube Jackie would go to makeup counters and ask the makeup artist to help her recreate looks that she would see broadcasted on YouTube. Extremely dark, smokey eyes and new lip trends would be easy to find when searching for the tutorial. However, the content creators would be women with fair skin creating and using the colors favorable for other women with fair skin. After approaching the makeup counter and receiving her instructions then Jackie would go home and tape her process. But she didn't realize that she was speaking to brown girls with a complexion like her Aina just thought that she was putting her personal twist on the look. It was when she decided that she was going to stand up on her own two feet and stop looking for other beauty bloggers to create the look for her. She realized that it wasn't just her that needed to see these visuals, but the other people realized that the content creators on YouTube at the time did not look like them as well. The looks that those mainstream Youtubers were creating did not reach the audience of color that had nothing else to watch.


Jackie was able to benefit off of the momentum that YouTube was building at the time and get in on the platform early. She was also able to see the void that was forming on the platform and fill it for herself and an audience.

Step Two: Create Your Brand and Stick to It

Outside of being a fantastic makeup artist Jackie's success comes from her being able to talk about the uncomfortable issues in the beauty market that alienates a lot of its consumers because they can. Ten years ago the beauty industry was not even thinking about diversity. Jackie being a beauty content creator of color had a glass ceiling that she needed to reach and then break to continue to create content. The products that she was using to build her brand and speak to her audience with did not exist for her skin tone. And the amazing thing about Jackie's brand is that she was able to build it on it making her lack of resources a topic of conversation.


We know that up until about five years ago there were little to no options for darker shades of foundation. There were 10 to 20 shades of lighter hues that cater to Caucasian women and those with lighter skin. Up until last year, darker shades were not significant enough to advertise. This disparity in options is something that Jackie spoke about without thinking of the consequences, and it is also something helped place her in her position as a complexion expert. Her focus on complexion would be what afforded her the opportunity to collaborate with huge brands like Too Faced and Artist Couture later on in her career. Ironically, when she first started, she didn't even know that you could make money off of ads as an influencer. Jackie was authentic in her beliefs and what she was vocal about regardless of the money, and it made her content appear genuine to her audience. Her authenticity also gave her content more depth in comparison with other beauty vloggers because she was talking about something else other than the product.


Jackie took on the challenge of talking about color in the makeup industry before diversity became a thing. Diversity is now a topic of discussion in the attempt to market to a broader range of customers, but Jackie is someone that beauty brands wanted to reach out to when they start to look for influencers of color to represent their brand because of her stances years ago. Her being an authority on complexion helps her to attract big dollars at this point inside of the makeup industry. Nevertheless, because diversity has just recently become a focal point of big brands, Aina had to put work in for the past ten years. She talked about unpopular topics like race and discrimination while suffering the consequences of not being their first choice at times.

Step Three: Build Your Audience & Get to Know Them

Jackie credits herself as the first dark-skinned Youtuber to get over 1 million subscribers. Yes, regardless of the cultural behemoth that is “Black Twitter” colorism on social media is a thing. She did it by asking her audience how she could reach them and why a Youtuber of color had not achieved that follower count when so many of her white counterparts were able to do so. Unfortunately, a lot of creators make the mistake of becoming too niche. Then they make that worse by only talking to that one group, not realizing that other people who don’t fit their mold might genuinely like their content. Jackie makes a conscious effort to ensure that everyone learns something when watching her channel. Whether they are man, woman, non-binary, White, Black, Asian, Latin or any other ethnicity Jackie knows that all of these people are in her fan base. As a successful creator, it's imperative that Jackie knows who is watching her content so that she can ensure that she's not leaving anyone out. She was able to use that to advantage and talk to them directly to get her to her goal of 1 million subbies. Before reaching 1 million, Jackie specifically asked the audience that she did have:
  • Why were there no dark-skinned women of color with 1 million subscribers?
  • Do darker women of color appeal to broad audiences?
The answers to these questions are relevant. And when she got that feedback, she was able to tailor it to ensure that she did reach a broader audience, and make the right content to appeal to more people who would want to see her again and again.

Organic Growth via Adaptation

Jackie credits her growth in viewership to her ability to be herself. Initially, her videos started out extremely technical. With a military background and her spot at the oldest of 7 kids, the videos teaching her viewers how to recreate these different makeup trends took on a militant vibe. However, after the release of "Trends We’re Ditching" where Jackie makes fun of beauty trends that should've never even become “a thing,” she realized that people like the funny quirky her. The mistakes that she made on camera were relatable, and her audience genuinely loved her for her. They liked her so much that the video went viral. This impacted her content, and she realized that her personality is something that can grow her audience tremendously.


Jackie's approach to knowing and growing her audience is rooted in common sense. She knew that the average human gravitates towards someone who looks like them. To grow, she informed the audience that she was already able to secure that outside of her look her personality was something that they can engage with as well. Outside of the brushes, she wanted to talk about real life issues, and that was able to bring in more viewers. The audience didn't have to worry about not gravitating to her content because of how she looked or what makeup tip she talked about; they just had to worry about if they liked her content and her personality. Isn’t that how you make friends in real life? Think about how you diversify your circle in your everyday network. You crack jokes, bring up what you’ve seen on the news that may have resonated with you, and then others gravitate towards you in agreeance or your ability to hold a conversation. Is it similar? This approach was something that she was able to translate onto a multimedia platform, and it enables her to attract more virtual friends.

Step Four: Create Your Content & Publish

Jackie creates content very differently from a lot of her counterparts. When a YouTuber reaches a level that Jackie has reached they've begun to go out and hire a production team. Things like storyboards come into play and content takes them days or weeks to create. They also become so dependent on a sponsor that their content it more sales oriented and brand approval is crucial to publishing. However, Jackie admits to being self-sufficient when it comes to creating content, and she does not have a production team. She edits all the videos herself and creates a list of content to execute and publish weekly. Publishing entertaining beauty tutorials like: “Makeup for Finessers” and “Life’s a DRAG Or Is It?” she can merge the hot trends in pop culture with the beauty world, and she doesn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do so!


Your content does not have to be perfect. Your content does need to be published. Don't get caught up and how everything looks! You and your aesthetics will get better with time. If you are collaborating with a lot of brands, don't forget to still feed your base by giving them the content that you captured them with. A lot of influencers and content creators abandon their platform once they get a check, but the check should be a springboard to make what you were already doing a lot better.

Step Five: Know When it is Time to Grow

After ten years of struggling with the lack of foundation to match her complexion, Too Faced presented Jackie with an opportunity to focus on complexion shade expansion. Too Faced is a makeup company that knew that they had limited foundations available for people of color and they wanted to change that. The Too Faced x Jackie Aina 'Born This Way' foundation collaboration makes sense for Jackie's brand. It introduces 11 new shades of foundation into the brand's assortment. This is a need in the beauty industry that she has been vlogging about for the entire span of her career and she was finally able to fulfill it.


Many influencers would take a check and collab with anyone whether it aligned with their message or not. When it comes to the green, there are not many who would worry about the brands intent behind giving them the money, but that was not something that Jackie wanted to do. Too-Face had always given Jackie some recognition when it came to sharing their platform throughout the years. And she knew that when Too-Faced reached out for her help and expertise, it was the right move. Jackie was able to swatch test the new foundation colors, change the undertones to fill the gaps in their existing line, and help them to create the names for the colors. Her input enabled her to become a partner in with this line, and it was the right move for her brand.

Focus on Your Foundation

These five steps are not the only thing that has enabled Jackie to serve her country and her community in ways that a lot of us can benefit from! Nevertheless, they are some of the significant components of her brand. Aina’s ability to find a void and fill it using not only her technical skills in her content but also her fearlessness in speaking about taboo topics has enabled her to create a lane in business that is all her own. The Jackie Aina brand has a set foundation. Everything that she's doing now to grow her empire is on solid ground. What do you think about Jackie’s ability to mix her influence as a beauty vlogger with her unique form of activism? Drop a comment and let us know below!
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Sephora Stands Up: Makeup Classes for Transgender Women

Sephora Stands Up: Makeup Classes for Transgender Women

What Does It Take To Be a Brand?

So many people in business can give you their opinion on what it means to create a meaningful brand, but what is it? Sephora seems to have an idea. Is it the logo or the color scheme that creates the lasting impact of a quality beauty business? Perhaps a brand is defined by its mission or the outreach that the company pushes through its marketing techniques. Regardless of what "it" is Sephora has stepped up and shown that it is the beauty retail brand to beat when it comes to crossing gender lines and catering to all members of their potential customer base. Sephora has proved that they are all about inclusion no matter the audience. And in 2018 it seems like the company is again taking another step by welcoming all customers through their recent addition of an in-store makeup class catering to the transgender community. We are here for it!

Sephora Stands

Do you remember the last time you walked by a Sephora and noticed the calendar posted on their front window? You might have keyed in on the list of makeup classes that they offer the everyday customer. It serves as a way to make the store about more than just makeup and reach those of us who may need a little help executing the latest beauty trend. The classes focus on techniques like creating the perfect brow, contouring 101, and mastering the cat eye; and they are brilliant! I have sat in on a few of these quick classes to familiarize myself with new products and get a “girls night out” look together in my head. Well, it looks like Sephora has taken these exclusive in-store experiences and expanded by creating Classes for Confidence through their Sephora Stands initiative. Sephora Stands was designed to help women to make the bold choices in their lives. And the Classes of Confidence portion is a 90-minute hands-on beauty class for women going through a life transition. We can all agree that both the Brave Beauty class and the Workforce class are amazing concepts. Think about it, one on one makeup sessions with someone who knows what they are doing, great idea, right? For gender binary women with traditional features, yes! However, Sephora is also going into uncharted territory by offering a Bold Beauty class that caters towards transgender women. We know what you are thinking because we are thinking it too…BOSS!

Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community

The Bold Beauty classes are taught by a Sephora trained makeup artist who is classified as trans-sensitive. And they may or may not be transgender themselves. A detail like that regarding the instructor selection is a fantastic touch for the program. It enables all customers to feel more comfortable in their tutorial with someone who knows exactly what they are going through because they have been through it too or can empathize. On top of that, the customer is still getting the traditional shopping experience offered to everyone else, and they receive a one on one experience with the product and their desired technique before buying. These Bold Beauty classes include:
  • Skincare advice including smoothing tips
  • Application Techniques
  • Complexion tips including color correction advice

What Went Into Creating the Bold Beauty Class

Sephora has been working on rolling out the Bold Beauty class curriculum for the past two years. The company wanted to make sure that they were sensitive to the needs of both their employees that may have been going through their journey in regards to transitioning AND the journeys of their consumers. Sephora accomplished this by creating a focus group and finding out what their customers wanted to learn. Then they took the next step and put the participating makeup artists in sensitivity training. The Bold Beauty class is being rolled out across 150 predetermined Sephora stores based on their locations and customer base.

Why Is This So Important?

Unfortunately, for transgender women or the gender non-binary with stronger facial features, traditional makeup classes are not useful for them. There are certain things that they are missing and the focus group step allowed for Sephora to address those needs. Moreover, not everyone can benefit from watching a Youtube video. Sometimes you need an in-person tutorial to help you with your everyday slay! To eliminate any feelings of alienation and attract all women to the Sephora makeup counter, Sephora has stepped up via their “Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community” and invited transgender women to come get some beauty advice just like the rest of us.

Sephora Is An All Inclusive Brand

Representation in the LGTBQ community is missing across many industries. Aside from a handful of famous beauty influencers, there are not many transgender women or gender nonbinary people who can aid to assist recently transitioning women on the everyday basis. If you cannot find a Bold Beauty class in the Sephora at your local mall, you are in luck! Sephora will be uploading tutorials featuring their trans-sensitive instructors to their Sephora YouTube channel to reach everyone in need of some Bold Beauty! Drop a comment below if you have been able to attend a Class for Confidence and tell us what you’ve learned.
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How You Can Prepare Your Brand for BeautyCon 2018

How You Can Prepare Your Brand for BeautyCon 2018

Get Your Team Ready For Everything

As we’ve progressed in society, we’ve started incorporating more interactive and engaging ways to talk about and participate in beauty regimens. As someone only just recently exposed to different beauty regimens, different hair-care routines, and products, I had no idea how vast the world of beauty was. This year, I learned that between hair, and beauty, BeautyCon is the best event to attend to get your business out there. Beauty con’s popularity has grown, and now it is one of the most significant fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destinations for companies, ambassadors, and influencers to learn, showcase, and network. I’ve never been to a BeautyCon before, but I have some friends that have attended, and they loved the experience. Something that I didn’t know about BeautyCon was that you didn’t have to be a vendor or a makeup guru to attend. If you’re someone that wants go for the sake of the experience, you can! BeautyCon typically is a little pricey, but if you’re willing to spend, you should attend. You might come out with some new connections and some goodies. BeautyCon is a big event, and if you are a brand that’s participating for the first time, it’s important to be prepared. You’ll want to develop so that you are presenting your brand in the best way possible. Here are some tips on how to prepare for BeautyCon!

What Is BeautyCon

As many of us know, a lot of festivals have gained popularity within the recent years. We have festivals such as SXSW, Afropunk, FilmFest, and more. BeautyCon is just like these festivals just mentioned except it focuses primarily on everything beauty related. At BeautyCon, you are bound to see everything from beauty products to hair products and more. BeautyCon is recognized worldwide, and people from all over come to discuss and showcase different things. At BeautyCon you can expect to experience a very versatile environment. Various topics about culture, trending news, beauty + fashion, and a plethora of different essential issues. The mission of BeautyCon is to bring creators, brands, and fans together in one place. At BeautyCon, hundreds of people, including celebrities come together to mingle, discuss future media, and participate in panel discussions and Q&A’s. Despite this festival being names “BeautyCon,” it’s about more than just beauty.

Do Your Research

Before your brand can attend BeautyCon, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve done your research. There are many things that you’ll need to know before attending your first BeautyCon as a brand. You’ll want to have a checklist of things needed along with information from BeautyCon before you can get started. Although BeautyCon is a world-recognized event, it’s important not to be intimidated. Even if you’re a small brand, you can do well as long as you prepare yourself and your team. It is important to ask yourself the right questions while preparing. An important question to ask is what kind of message you want your brand to represent. These days, it’s not enough to be a brand sells beauty products. You need to own a brand that sells great products and represents something essential and vital. If your brand represents inclusivity, you’ll want to make sure that is what you showcase at BeautyCon. Also, if you have a large team, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best team members to help execute your vision. BeautyCon is all about bringing innovative beauty ideas to life, so you’ll want to be creative. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out places like Pinterest, and Instagram. However, make sure that what you present is original so that you can leave a lasting impression.

Contact BeautyCon In Advance

Before you can attend BeautyCon as a vendor, you’ll need to contact BeautyCon to ensure that they approve you. There’s usually not much that brands need to be involved, but there is a high cost to both vend and attend. You’ll also want to make sure that you contact BeautyCon months in advance. The reason for this being if you wait last minute then you’ll have a harder time getting everything together. Ask the representative that you speak to about the setup process, locations, lodging, and other relevant information needed to execute in a professional and timely way at BeautyCon. BeautyCon is a world-renowned event, and there will be thousands of people there to see your brand. The more prepared you, the better off you’ll be. Also, getting as much information as it will help you decide whether or not BeautyCon is something your brand should attend this year or the year’s to come. I’ve heard of companies sending representatives of the brand to get hands-on information about vending at BeautyCon. Sometimes taking that step before actually selling at BeautyCon can be helpful.

Calculate The Cost

Attending BeautyCon is an expensive task. Vending at BeautyCon is even more costly than visiting. There are some things you’ll need to take into consideration when selling at BeautyCon. The first thing I suggest is calculating the cost to travel. If your brand isn’t based in any of the headlining cities, then you’ll need to travel to attend. Hopefully, you don’t live far because going to any major city with products can be expensive. I suggest not paying more than $500 per ticket. Ensure that you have a big budget to cover all expected and unexpected costs. If you’re a small business, you’ll want to start the saving process at least a year in advance. After purchasing the tickets, the next thing you need to do is calculate lodging. The BeautyCon lasts about two days. Find a decently priced hotel, not far from the venue so that the transfer between each day is smooth and easy. Book the hotel at least three months in advance so that you’re not stuck with insanely high prices. To make the best of your budget, make all necessary plans in advances such as travel and lodging. Figure out how many team members you’d like to bring with you and book what is required. The next cost to keep in mind is the production cost. Production can be the most costly part of the entire vending process depending on how much you decide to produce. This is especially true when you have to ship the product to a far distance. For an event like BeautyCon, you will need to be stacked with products. Have just enough product to sell, and to give away in goodie bags. It is better to overestimate than to underestimate when it comes to BeautyCon. Since the event lasts for two days, it’s essential to have all costs calculated and checked especially unexpected values. To make this easier, create a BeautyCon spreadsheet that assists you with keeping track of all your expenses, updates, and so on.

Have An Elaborate Marketing Strategy

A marketing plan is an essential piece to having a blast and making an impression at BeautyCon. A marketing plan will help you present your brand in the best way possible without feeling flustered. Think profoundly on how you want to show your brand and how you wish to make your brand interactive and fun. Although a lot of vendors will be stationing in the same area as you, you will want to ensure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Include games, and questionnaires into your presentation to keep the audience engaged. Contact a leading influencer and see if you can work out a marketing contract with them. By having an influencer at your booth, you’ll attract attention from a variety of individuals. A great example would be teaming up with them while they host a meet up at your booth. This kind of collaboration is beneficial to both parties since it will allow both the brand and the influencer to gain exposure. It’s also possible to link up with other beauty brands to enhance exposure. Some companies like to look at BeautyCon as a way to be competitive, and snobby but working together can bring more benefits than you think. Make sure that you tie all these possibilities into your marketing plan and then choose the best one to suit your needs and desires. Always have a backup plan just in case your original idea doesn’t go as planned.

Learn From Other Brands

Even though the beauty market is competitive, don’t hesitate to reach out to other brands for advice or information. As someone that is just starting out, it’s important to have a mentor, someone you can trust that works in the field already. Don’t be scared to reach out if you haven’t already acquired one. Most people remember what it was like to just be starting out and won’t mind giving out some advice, or showing you the ropes of how the industry works. If you find that you’re shier than you thought, then watch from the sidelines. Take notes on how brands present themselves and how audiences respond. During this time, it is essential to think about your audience and what demographic you’re looking to target. Which individuals would you like to buy your products? Are your products for all ages? These are the kinds of questions you’ll want to ask yourself and the team members of your brand. It’s also important to pay attention when a scandal occurs. If a brand is caught being sneaky or saying obscene things, you’ll want to pay attention to that so that you don’t make the same mistake with your brand.

Consult With Your Team

One of the most important factors that play into the success of a brand is teamwork. If you’re doing everything alone, it’s okay. However, you won’t want to go to BeautyCon alone. Having a solid team with help, you build the name and integrity of your brand. Your team members will also be able to help you brainstorm ideas. Bouncing off ideas in meetings can lead to some innovative and creative ideas. A solid team will be able to let you know when something works and when something does not. A team that isn’t afraid to speak their mind is the best kind of team because they won’t be scared to let you know when they disagree with an idea. It is essential to understand that disagreement doesn’t mean that it should turn into an issue. Healthy disputes and agreements should be familiar with your team, especially as you attempt to take on BeautyCon. Your team will be your greatest asset. When deciding on who to take to BeautyCon, think about the individuals that are most organized. Who can you trust to keep everything in order should you need to step away for a moment or two? These are the things you will want to keep in mind for when you have to choose.

What To Remember

BeautyCon is a huge event that is recognized worldwide. If you decided to go, it is imperative that you do your research. Understand everything you will need to have a successful BeautyCon vending experience. If there’s something that you don’t know, make sure you ask. Reach out to brands that have done this before. Reach out to the organizers of BeautyCon. Make sure you have triple-checked every possible source of information. Make sure you calculate the costs necessary for attending and vending at BeautyCon. Save for this event at least a year in advance so that you’re not scrambling to gather the money. Look up flight and lodging costs and try to save as much as possible by booking in advance. Also, make sure you have incorporated production costs into your budget. Producing material and shipping it to BeautyCon can be pricey, especially since you will want to bring a lot of product with you. Don’t ever underestimate what you need to bring with you. Utilize your team as much as you can. Allow them to bounce ideas off of each other so that you can brainstorm the best ways to showcase your brand at BeautyCon creatively. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box.
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The Cost of Beauty: How Much Influencers Spend for A Perfect Shot?

The Cost of Beauty: How Much Influencers Spend for A Perfect Shot?

Beauty Price Tag

Filters, hashtags, brand partnerships, and follower counts are good problems to have when you’ve invested in your brand to become a social media influencer. In an instant, the perfect picture can send the internet into overdrive and make you the next “it” girl on Instagram. But what happens when you get the coveted number of followers that you’ve sought after for so long? You have to work to keep them.
Your favorite influencer has to take advantage of the latest trends and techniques in beauty and fashion to keep your feed filled with their content. Newsflash, these procedures are not cheap! We’ve uncovered some of the things they are doing to make sure they do just that! Keep reading to find out some of the latest in non-surgical procedures and beauty industry services that have influencers spending their social media money.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

The most prominent focal point on your face could make for a challenging time when adjusting your head for the perfect Instagram angle. Your favorite influencers can quickly thin out their nose or even out a hump on the silhouette of their nose with the help of a filler. Yes! The same filler used to plump Kylie Jenner’s lips, Voluma and Bellafill, can be injected into the nose to create the opposite effect, a thinning effect. The procedure is perfect for an influencer because they can do it in a lunch hour with little to no recovery time needed. This small window of time can help them out when they need a quick fix before shooting a sponsored campaign or have scheduled a photo shoot to provide their feeds with content for the month.

The Price

Surprisingly enough the nonsurgical nose job costs as much if not more than a traditional rhinoplasty. Keep in mind the average nose job requires about $5000. Voluma, which serves as the more temporarily filler of the two mentioned above will run you about $2,500 a year. You can stretch the injections to once every 18 months and get your money’s worth. However, the permanent option, Bellafill, costs about $1,500 a session for three sessions to complete the whole process. That totals up to about $4,500.

Cool Sculpting

Have you ever wondered how your favorite beauty influencer flawlessly angles their body with no hint of cellulite? CoolSculpting may the answer. Outside of the influencers aggressively advocating for veganism and Herbalife the influencers who are not about that #GYMLIFE use non-invasive procedures to help their IG filters do less of the heavy lifting. A lot of influencers are known to partake in CoolSculpting, a non-surgical fat-freezing method that results in fat-reduction. The treatment uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat. A machine similar to a vacuum sucks in the areas that you are a little self-conscious about and kills the fat cells permanently. The results of this almost paint free system are allegedly noticeable, and lasting. Bear in mind that it takes a few weeks for your body to work to get rid of the fat. CoolSculpting has to be done in sessions.

The Price

The costs of the CoolSculpting procedure can range anywhere from $2000 to $4000 total depending on the treatment area. This price bracket includes the cost of more than one treatment but may vary per CoolSculpting professional.


Inches! Have you seen the wig masters like Alonzo Arnold and Mr. Cliff whipping their hair around like a Willow Smith video? Nine times out of ten they post multiple times in one week and each day their hair is a different style, in a different color, and hanging at a different length. They can achieve that versatility with their wig assortment! Frontal wigs, closure wigs, and more including both human hair and synthetic hair run the hair game of IG. As much as they like to hide it your favorite celebrity influencers are rocking them the most. The two wigs showing up the most on your feed:

The Full Lace Wig

Full lace wigs are the beasts made by celebrity wig gurus like Tokyo Styles and constructed from a lace cap that covers the whole head. 100% human hair is then knotted into the lace cap by hand to create a flat and flawless scalp. These wigs are so popular because you can create a parting anywhere that you want. The most significant draw about a full lace wig is its versatility all over. You can even wear the hair up at the back in an updo without detection that you are wearing a wig! In reality, influencers are on the cutting edge of trends in the fashion and beauty industry. Full lace wigs allow them to keep their feeds up to date with all of the latest hairstyles and coloring techniques without having to damage or prep the hair on their head.

The Front Lace Wig

A lace front wig is a traditional wig machine sewed wefts sewn throughout the cap, but with a twist. There is a lace strip in the front of the unit that is about 2 – 3 inches wide. They can be glued to the front of your head and have straps that can be tightened at the back to fit around the head. Combs at the sides of the cap are used to secure the wig to your head. An upside to these wigs is its composition. You can make a lace front with either human or synthetic hair. A lot of influencers are on Instagram straight flexing in synthetic silky straight lace front wigs with highlights and lowlights seamlessly. The selling price of these units is dependent upon the kind of hair used, and also other critical information such as type and length.

The Price

Full lace wigs are the more expensive options of the two ranging from anywhere between $500 to $1000 depending on the density and hair texture used on the unit. Private Label Extensions sell front lace wigs ranging from $200 to $350. Textures like silky straight, body wave and deep wave are on the website for purchase at length all the way up to 20" at 130% density. You can even special-order wigs at longer lengths and higher densities including 150% and 180%. All of the hair used in a PLE wig is 100% human, so it is a higher quality unit than synthetic front lace wigs.


Another way influencers switch up their locks to achieve the perfect look for a flick is to use tape-ins. Tape in extensions is the newest hair extension trend on the market. Tape in hair extensions has thin wefts that are about 1 inch in width and pre-taped. The extensions get “taped-in” in between your hair in “sandwich” like bonds. This method requires no tools or chemicals and lasts up to three months. Bonus the hair is reusable! A lot of influencers like them because they provide versatility for people who like to rock their hair straight. The small tape like pieces can be manipulated for the wearer to do their hair any way they please.

The price

Private Label Extensions sells tape in extensions anywhere from $49 to $139 per pack starting at 50 grams. Salons will charge anywhere from $150 to $300 do a full install of tape-in extensions and to $75 an hour to remove and re-apply them.

Lash Extensions & Microblading

The eyes are the window to the soul. This saying is especially true when your eyes attract over 100,000 social media followers across all platforms! Over the last two years, techniques to enhance the features surrounding the eyes like eyebrows and eyelashes have been huge money makers and trendsetters. But these subtle changes to lengthen the lash or extended and thicken the brow are extremely popular amongst influencers because they are natural looking enhancements. You will barely notice if you are following someone whose eyebrows are perfectly arched. It’s one of those things where you know something has changed, but you just can’t quite figure it out! When Kim K started the trend of barely-there makeup in 2016, she focused on her brows and lashes to shape her face. It is almost like investing in these two things can help you get away from no makeup at all.

Individual Lash Extensions

To achieve the look, individual lashes are dipped into a medical-grade adhesive and bonded to your natural eyelash. Technicians usually do this one lash at a time, so it usually takes a few hours for the whole procedure. The adhesive can last about 4-6 weeks depending on how careful you are. There is a possibility that one day you could wake up with what looks like one naked eye and one eye covered by a tarantula because the more you rub your eyes, wash your face, or agitate that area the more likely you are to come up missing a few lashes. If you get regular touch-ups (re-application of adhesive) the lashes can last longer. Individual lash extensions are great because you can customize how you want your lashes to be. It’s kind of fun to mix and match pictures of your favorite lash and create your flare. You can pick the color, texture, and length of the lash every time you go for a new set.

Eyebrow Microblading

When I think about microblading, I think of the eyebrow goddess that is Beauty Mogul Huda Kattan. Microblading involves using a hand tool with nine or more tiny needles to create shallow cuts on the skin and then letting pigment seep in. It is ideal for making hair like strokes that match the hairs already growing in your eyebrows. Microblading is also a temporary procedure. The effect of Microblading lasts only one to three years depending on how your skin holds pigment. Influencers will opt for this over an eyebrow tattoo because, well we are no longer in the 1990s. No one wants those hardened dark brows. It is also not a blanket service. If someone has thick brows, they might choose to get some color added to the length of their eyebrows.

The Price

Lashes are lavish, and they cost a pretty penny. Your favorite influencer is spending anywhere from $120 to $500 for a set of lashes. Yes, one set. You also have to consider the cost of refills which can be $40 or $50 per visit. Here is where I would cheat if I were an influence. Custom lash strips can give you a similar effect for 10% of the budget. Private Label Extensions sells thin line eyelash strips for $11.00 a set at the wholesale price and $12.50 for a set of thick line lashes. My money could go far here, and I could get a few lash sets to try out. Microblading has no set costs. Charges for this service can range from $250 for the initial visit to over a thousand dollars for the initial appointment with free touch-ups included.

What's The Price?

Let's face it; you may have to spend money to get the perfect look in your picture for social media. Non-surgical procedures and beauty services like a lunchtime nose job, CoolSculpting, wigs, lash extensions, and Microblading can help to enhance your natural beauty and your Instagram feed if you are committed to perfection. But before you go crazy keep in mind, your favorite social media influencer has built their brand before doing all of these, so you may want to try out one or two before spending thousands of dollars to post a pretty picture. Have you ever thought of what goes into the perfect social media picture? Comment below on some things you do before you snap a selfie!
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Pretty in Pink: 10 Great Pink Makeup Looks With That Go Good With Voluminous Curly Hair

Pretty in Pink: 10 Great Pink Makeup Looks With That Go Good With Voluminous Curly Hair

Curls for Love Day

Valentine's Day is not the only time of the year to rock some popping pink makeup. Cute, feminine and playful describe this vibrant springtime color and looks well paired with big, curly hair. There is something about big sweet curls and gumdrop makeup to match that makes you feel feminine and powerful. Even a touch of pink lipstick can drastically boost your mood, and I am always down to making people feel more confident in themselves. Don't worry if your hair is not huge or curly, we at PLE got you covered with our wide variety of voluminous curly and wavy extensions, clip-ins and wigs. From makeup gurus to the newbie, we have your pink makeup inspiration. Here are ten perfectly pink makeup beauty looks that are sure to compliment your voluminous curly hair and give ethereal goddess vibes wherever you go.

#1 Pink Slight Work

For the pink makeup novice or the girl who only wants a touch of pink, lining the eyes with pink eyeliner adds just enough pop of color and balances the sexy look of a traditional black cat eye. A sleek cat-eye with a bright or deep pink gives you the right amount of sultry and playful. Pair this simple and sophisticated look with our Malaysian Body Wave extensions. Using a large barrel curling wand, create large curls that frame your face and fall on the outer corners of your eyes. This style will bring the attention to your gorgeous pink cat-eye and highlight your cheekbones. Now with a pink makeup look and smooth curls that focuses on your eyes, you have free reign to practice your smize and capture that perfect selfie!

#2 The Perfect Pink Pout

Whether you always have your lipgloss popping or cannot live unless your lipstick is matte, pink lipstick will give the right amount of confidence at your next executive meeting or date night with your beau. When choosing the right pink makeup for your perfect pout, opt for shades that complement your undertone. One way of assessing your skin's undertone is by looking at your veins on the underside of your wrists. If your veins appear green, then you most likely have a warm undertone. Go for pink shades that seem redder or orange tint. If your veins are bluer in color, then you most likely have a cool undertone. Pinks with blues and purples mixed in will highlight the cool colors naturally found in your skin. If you cannot decide whether your veins are blue or green, you may have a neutral undertone, which means that you can choose either pink lipsticks with a warm or cool undertone. They all will look great on you! In keeping the rest of your makeup simple, a perfect pink pout looks excellent with an afro or small textured curls. Try our Brazilian kinky curly extensions for a hairstyle as bold as you!

#3 Blushing Beauty + Curly Bun

The beauty of pink makeup is that it is versatile and worn from subtle to bold. Blush is a staple I believe every girl should have especially in pink. Pink blush makes your face look vibrant and youthful. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and then with a brush pull the color back toward your hairline in a "C" curve. This method highlights your cheekbones and adds color to your overall look. Curly hair looks fabulous with blushed cheeks. To make sure that everyone takes note of your gorgeous face, pull your curly hair into a bun. The bun does not have to be perfect and sleek. I prefer a messy curly bun with a few curly wisps to frame my cheeks and face. Adjust your bun until it fits your style. You will know your flirt game is on ten with this effortless look.

#4 Goddess Braid + Pink Lashes

Nothing says springtime like goddess braids. You can use your hair or try adding some clip-ins for a fuller looking braid. Our goal is to look effortlessly fab, so there is no need to create the sleekest braid. You can add small flowers for a more ethereal look. With most of the hair out of the face, you can accentuate your eyes with pink mascara. I know this look sounds intense, but trust me, the subtle pink color on your lashes will warrant you tons of compliments. If you have dark lashes, the pink mascara will give them a deep pink, almost purple tint, and shine best in sunlight. For my ladies with lighter colored lashes, the pink will shine through with a little more intensity. Pink mascara kicks your traditional black mascara to the curb in light for a beautifully bold color that is ready for picnics, festivals and more!

#5 Hello Highlight!

You know I had to talk about adding some highlight. The highlight trend is not going anywhere and thanks to Instagram, we can gain inspiration for any highlight color imaginable. Pink highlights are abundant thanks to brands such as Anastasia. Try a pink highlight with gold or silver mixed in and apply to the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your chin for a romantic glow. You cannot go wrong with a highlight in fantasy colors. When using your pink highlight, keep the rest of your face simple with mascara and a sheer pink lipgloss. Any curly hair will complement this makeup look. Tuck your hair behind your ears or style it away from your face. You want your highlight to show and turn heads!

#6 Cut Crease + Double Puffs

I would venture to say that the cut crease is for the more seasoned of makeup hands, but this style is not impossible to pull off even if you do not consider yourself an MUA. The easiest way to achieve this look is, to begin with, a dark, dusty pink eyeshadow color and place it in the crease of your eyelid and blend. Next, take a small flat makeup brush and your favorite concealer and add it on your eyelid and create a sharp line at the crease of your eye without covering up your eyeshadow. On top of your concealer add a light shimmery pink eyeshadow. Complete this makeup look with black eyeliner and mascara. The cut crease makeup look is not for the faint at heart and with this much boldness comes a playful hairstyle for balance. To add a cute touch to your cut crease makeup look, pin up your curly hair into two high puffs. If your hair is longer or has a looser curl, you can make your ponytails into buns. I recommend the extensions with a tight to kinky curl for voluminous puffs.

#7 Smoked Mauve Maven

When I think of sultry and mysterious, I think of a classic smokey eye makeup look. Now you can keep them guessing with a mauve rendition of an old classic. Instead of using the traditional black, gray and silver eyeshadow colors, try dark brown, mauve and frost pink. Since the colors are not as dark and intense, you can work this look day or night. For a romantic date night, pair your smoked mauve makeup with dusty pink lipstick and large curls. Use big rollers to set your hair for the most romantic curls that are sure to leave everyone else blushing.

#8 Glitter Glam

Nothing says glam like sparkle, shine, and glitter. Much like eyeshadows, pink glitters come in a ray of shades and sizes. Adding glitter to your makeup can give you a touch of glitz with a small amount or full on diva with an eyelid full of sparkle. Use a facial glitter adhesive to ensure that your glitter stays on all night long. Work your Diana Ross vibes with voluminous brushed out curls. Our curly Virgin Indian Hair will have you ready to dance and step out with your girls like you are the show! Bonus points if you add glitter lips. Simply, put on a cream or satin finish lipstick and pat on the glitter of your choice with your finger.

#9 A Touch of Edge

We all fell in love with Kim K's reverse smokey eye! With the sun staying out longer, you can use a gorgeous pink color to brighten up this trendsetting look. Add a dark or bright pink eyeshadow to your lower lid. With a blending brush, smoke out the color over your lower lash line. Using a precision makeup brush, bring the pink color back to meet the top of your top lid to create a flawless cat-eye. Add mascara and nude lipstick. I imagine someone to try this look has to go all out. Therefore, pull up your luscious curly hair into a rockstar-approved faux mohawk. Use bobby pins to secure this hairstyle to last all day and night!

#10 All Pink Everything and Total Volume!

Last but certainly not least is the ultimate pink makeup look. That's right, all pink everything. With springtime comes new beginnings and a time to experiment with your style. Try using two or three of these makeup tips together for a Beyonce's Pink Panther-inspired look. I would recommend trying the pink highlight with pink mascara or the perfect pink pout with a matching pink blush. Whichever you choose, know that you have endless options for pulling off fabulous pink makeup and voluminous curls.

Poppin' in Pink

Pink is the color of spring and feminine beauty. Go out and flaunt your makeup skills with big fierce curls to match. We at PLE got you covered! If you try out any of these looks or have a few perfectly pink looks to recommend, make sure you leave them in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you!
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Get The Ultimate Look: Stylish Hair and Makeup Combos To Know

Get The Ultimate Look: Stylish Hair and Makeup Combos To Know

Make Your Get Ready Routine Effortless

We all know that hair to makeup is like peanut butter to jelly and that the best things come in twos. Making sure you have the right face to go with the perfect hairstyle is a strategic process in a girls regimen of getting ready. Sometimes it can be a complete struggle to complete the best beauty look for any occasion. To make things a bit easier for you, I’d like to share a few hair and makeup combos that can make your process of getting ready effortless. I created these five combinations in hopes that they would help you look your flyest with a few product suggestions along the way.

The Ultimate Style and Makeup Combos

Sleek part with bone straight hair & smokey eyes

Nothing says fierce more than cut to the bone straight hair and hot smokey eyes that will set any room you walk into on fire. This daring pair is perfect for date night, girl’s night, or anything that has to do with nighttime. It’s dark, silky and sexy. This hair and makeup combination is timeless, and that is why it’s at the top of my list and hopefully climbing to the top of yours. When it comes to achieving that bone straight hair look, the longer, the better. Lacking in the hair length department? Try our new body wave Indian remy hair that will give you a natural flow to your bone straight style. Whether you decide on a middle part or side part, having a part is what goes well with this hairstyle. Extensions are always a great hair tool method to getting you a step closer to your desired look. Take this look to the next level and add a cat eye if you dare.

Voluminous curls & red lips

I love curls, curls, curls, curls; curls I do adore! Jay-Z could not have made it easier to transition that chorus hook into a girl's curl anthem. Let’s face it; curls are flirty and fun especially when they are full of volume. What’s more flirty and fun than pairing your curls with a hot red lipstick to set the look off Red lips are the signature makeup piece to having an ultimate look, and with this hair and makeup combination, you’re sure to have heads turning from every direction.
A great way to achieve your big curls is to use large rollers either velcro or plastic, or even the largest size of flexi-rods. If you decide to use velcro rollers, be careful when removing them not to pull your hair and cause breakage. Once removed, lightly tease your curls at the root and use a large wide tooth comb to separate. Who knew curls could look so good?! Regardless of where you are wearing this hair and makeup combination, it serves as a statement. The go-to red lipstick that I like to call ‘ol faithful is MACs infamous ‘ruby woo matte.’ This red lipstick is unlike any other because it is bold, vibrant, and deep. Did I mention that it stays on for hours? Get the look!

Ninja bun & contour

Nothing says ‘hey fierce cheekbones’ than a bomb contour and a ninja bun to compliment it. This hair and makeup combination is sleek and slightly on edge and goes perfectly for the office or happy hour. Wearing the ninja bun could also be considered as a protective style with your natural hair. If you need more enhancement to reach that dramatic level for your bun, try out our Brazilian kinky straight hair which is very versatile in matching most hair textures and it’s super soft! Better yet, to make sure you achieve this look successfully, check out the natural hair clip-in extensions that allow you to be flexible with your look.
You want to make sure your edges and hair at the nape of your neck are as sleek as possible and what’s a better way to make sure of that than by using edge control. Now, this look definitely accentuates your facial features like those cheekbones so getting the right product to contour them is key. Section and part your hair evenly to place your clip-ins around your head. You want to make sure that you have enough hair left out around the parameter of your hair to hide your clip-ins naturally. Gather all of your hair with the extensions to be secured with a hair tie at the crown of your head. Once secured, twist the hair to form a tight bun and use bobby pins to ensure it all around.

Low ponytail & rose gold cheekbones

Just like the ninja bun, the low ponytail allows you to show off that gorgeous face of yours. A low ponytail is classy and chic with the right touch of a rose gold highlighter to add to your cheekbones. Just like other styles, this is also a timeless look perfect for all seasons. Highlighter has become a major staple item for many people’s makeup routine. It’s all about topping off the look with a beautiful blush metallic shade which is great for various skin tones, especially warmer tones. You want to make sure when using such a potent product that you apply the right amount and not add too much. Show off your gorgeous highlight by having your hair pulled to the nape of your neck. Add a little sass to your ponytail by taking a few strands underneath your ponytail to wrap around the hair tie secure the end of it with a bobby pin. Just like most of these styles, you can enhance this look with the perfect clip in extensions to make your ponytail long and free-flowing.

Beach waves & dewy finish

Create your summer vibes with the ultimate beach waves and a fresh face with a dewy finish. If you are into a natural makeup look, then a dewy finish is just for you! Dewy makeup allows your skin to have a youthful, gorgeous glow without looking too oily. Beach waves are easy to achieve and guess what? It does not have to involve heat on how you get them. Whether you are sporting a cute long bob or long extensions, beach waves go great with any length. The easiest way you can accomplish your waves in a matter of minutes is by using either the two strand twist method or by applying a few large braids in various sections. Spraying a little bit of water before twisting or braiding will help the hair be easier to manipulate with whatever method you use.

Perfect Pairs For the Ultimate Look

Now with various options for hair and makeup combinations, your process of getting ready should take no time and less effort all the while looking fabulous. Finding the right hairstyle to go with your ideal makeup look can be a headache at times but create your own hair and makeup combination arsenal, and you should be good to go! Now it is time to get ready, set, glam!
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10 Makeup Products To Use For Your Hair

10 Makeup Products To Use For Your Hair

Double The Use Of Your Makeup Go-To's to Slay Your Next Hairstyle

We all love products that can pull double duty. Hello, coconut oil!

When we have products in our cabinets that are multipurpose not only can we save money but also bring new life to our old ways. We can especially upgrade our hairstyle by using makeup and beauty products we have in our cosmetics drawer.

Take your hair game to new levels of slaying with these ten makeup products you probably already have handy in your home.


Easy Ways to Help You Slay

#1 Mascara For Flyaways

Have you ever succeeded in creating the perfect sleek style and then you have a ton of flyaways ruining your look?

You do not have to worry about flyaways with this hair hack. Only use a small amount of mascara to tame flyaways. For an array of different hair colors, you can also use brow gel for the same effect.

Mascara and brow gel are common tools almost every girl has available in her makeup bag. Now you have more than one reason to use your favorite shade.

For more edge in your hairstyle, you can experiment with fantasy colored mascara such as purples and blues.


#2 Makeup Brush Curling Wand

If you do not have an excellent curling wand but want those cascading curls, you can just use something you have on hand such as a makeup brush.

Ensure that the makeup brush you use is a metal one and not plastic to avoid damaging your hair or ruining your brush. Section hair in half and secure one half of your hair. With the other half, secure it with a clip and work in small sections.

Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your metal makeup brush. Using a flat iron, carefully press the plates for a few seconds against your hair around the makeup brush. Let your hair cool slightly and pull the makeup brush from your hair.

Repeat throughout your entire head of hair. You will be left with gorgeous curls for practically free by using a tool already in your kit. This hack is especially useful for when you travel or go on vacation.

You will have fewer items to pack and more room for souvenirs and clothes!


#3 Translucent Powder To Rid of Oil

Your favorite translucent powder does not just help you get rid of oils in your T-zone but can also aid in getting rid of oils in your hair!

The loose translucent powder in your makeup bag can act as a dry shampoo when you do not have access to one, or you do not have the time to wash your hair.

Just dust a small amount of translucent powder on your roots or on any section of your hair that is too oily. A little goes a long way. Rub in the powder to rid of any excess and viola!

Your hairstyle can last longer with this hair care hack. This hack can also take out the extra sheen of your hair extensions. Be careful not to use too much as to not contribute to buildup, but this hair care hack helps when you do not have time for a full-on wash day!


#4 Eyeshadow For No-Bleach Color

Add a little edge to your hair with some color. Maintain the health of your hair with this no-bleach hair color hack.

With the many varieties of eyeshadow types, you have options on how to color your hair whether you are going for an ombre look or desiring to add in highlights. With pressed powder eyeshadows, take the tin the eyeshadow is in and press it against a small section of your hair. You can smooth the color with your fingers.

Finish with some hairspray for your color to last all day or night. One hair wash in the shower, and your canvas is blank to try another color. You can even use the same technique with gel textured eyeshadows. For my raven-haired beauties, try using a small amount of eyeshadow primer on your tresses before applying the eyeshadow for vibrant color.

Again, seal with hairspray or makeup setting spray to ensure your new rocker look lasts. This hack is perfect for girl’s night, date night or just expressing yourself through hair color without the commitment.

Who doesn’t love that?!


#5 Concealer To Blend Wigs

A little concealer can go a long way from brightening up you're under eyes to concealing blemishes.

You can now add one more duty to this magical tool, and that is blending your skin with your wigs. The idea behind this hack is to make sure that the front portion of your wig matches flawlessly with your skin especially if you have a part.

Typically, the concealer you use matches to the color of your scalp. Taking a small makeup brush, dab a tiny amount of your favorite concealer on the area where your wig frontal meets the top of your head. Blend the line to give a more natural look.

You could also add a tiny amount of pressed powder to seal the concealer.

Now your parts look beautifully natural and ready to slay!


#6 Liner For Fuller Baby Hairs

Something about baby hairs can just pull a hairstyle together and make it look effortless.

If you have luscious baby hairs, then you can skip to the next hack. For those of us that could use a little umph to our hairs, this hack is perfect. Since you are probably already using a brow liner to snatch those Instagram-worthy brows, you can add one more use of your brow liner.

Style your hair as usual whether in an updo or with your favorite extensions and then style your baby hairs. You can use a small brush and gel to set your hairs in place. Once you have done that, take your brow liner (or any brown eyeliner will work as well) and make small “wisps” along the edge of your hairline.

The lighter the pressure you apply with the liner will create a more natural hair-like look. Fill in baby hairs as much as desired. Add a small amount of gel to seal the look or smooth out any hairs you may have missed.

Now your style is complete, and those baby hairs are popping!


#7 Highlighter Is Not Just For Cheeks

Yes! That is correct! Your highlighter that keeps those cheeks on fleek can also be used to add shimmer and shine to your tresses.

Let your hair shine with a highlighter that matches your skin and walk into any room feeling like the goddess that you are! Depending on the type of highlighter you own will determine the way you can apply it to your hair.

For pressed-powder or potted highlighters, you can use the same method as with the eyeshadow hack by pressing small sections of hair against the pot or palette. Do not forget to seal with hairspray or makeup setting spray. For liquid or cream highlighters, you can use your finger to apply your desired amount to small sections of your hair.

Transform your hair with tints of gold or illuminate every room with bold streaks of silver and rose gold! Shining is no longer only for the summer time!


#8 Lip Balm As Your On-The-Go Smoothing Cream

We all know the limitless ways you can use your lip balm. Here is one more way to get the most out of your go-to product.

Use your favorite lip balm as a smoothing cream for flyaways and updos. Nothing ruins an updo like a bun or pineapple than those rouge strands.

A few swipes of lip balm onto your strands will keep them in place all day long and warrant you a ton of compliments on your flawless style.

Smooth lips and smooth hair sound like a recipe for awesome if you ask me!


#9 Serums! Bring On Shine And Nutrients

Serums are wonderful to seal moisture to your face with a dewy finish.

The same nutrients and sheen can add luster to your strands. As you add your daily serum to your skin use the remainder on your hands and run it through your hair.

This hack is primarily for your natural hair instead of your extensions. The nutrients can penetrate your hair’s cuticles and improve the health of your hair.

A little shine helps your strands to show off their natural beauty.


#10 Hydrating Face Masks Give Life To Thirsty Strands

Self-care is essential to our busy lives, and nothing says wind down than with a relaxing hydrating facial mask. But you can also give some much-needed moisture to your hair as well with these masks.

Just like our skin, our hair experiences damage from the environment, manipulation and daily wear. All these factors can suck the moisture from our hair and leave us with thirsty strands.

Instead of searching for the perfect hair mask and facial mask, simply use a hydrating mask for both. The cuticle layer of our hair works similarly like our skin where moisture agents and nutrients can penetrate through and nourish them from the inside out.

Come into your work week with a fresh face and hydrated hair that can give you major girl boss vibes.


Lit Hacks for Effortless Styling

Now you will never look at your makeup bag as a place of one-job tools but as a plethora of endless spins on your style. Your mood and style change often and why not slay to match that mood while saving a ton of money. This minimalist thinking of your beauty products can change the game on how you use items already available in your home!

Are you up to trying one or more of these makeup product hacks for your hair? Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comment section! We would love to hear about your hacks that keep you looking bomb!

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