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Bey Fabulous Style: Slayed Times from Beyonce

Bey Fabulous Style: Slayed Times from Beyonce

Bey Style Like Beyonce!

As you may know, Queen Bey, better known as Sasha Fierce, also known as Mrs.Carter aka Beyonce's birthday was the 4th of September. Since she's come into the spotlight, she's had impeccable style.

Besides making our summers by having a lit joint tour with her husband Jay-Z, and placing our favorite dread-headed sisters to rock the stage; Beyonce has offered us SO many hairs looks to die over!

But in honor of the Queen turning #37, Here's a small list of the top ten times! Beyonce has slayed our lives with her beautiful honey blonde-hair! And as a bonus, I will throw in my four personal favorites.

Top Ten Beyonce Looks

1. Beyonce's Signature Look

A sleek middle part with deep beach waves and a variation of her blonde and brown color mix. Throughout time Beyonce has come back to this style switching how big or small the curls are as well as the length and combination of hues. It's a look that is as timeless as she is.

2. Lemonade Braids

Who can forget the braids that were made iconic because of Beyonce.

She has gotten that style coined on Style Seats around the world as lemonade braids on her recent album. These braids were blonde, of course, and went from one side of her head to the other. The braids were smaller and had all of Bey's baby hairs snatched.

The twists were around before Beyonce but were brought back to the light after she wore them. Her braids went down past her knees and looked terrific! It's hard to tell whether Beyonce got this look through a braided wig or endured long grueling hours for the small size and long length.

Which required to make the style unique. Either way, they were a huge hit.


3. Black on Beyonce!

With the half up and the half down style, Beyonce paid homage to Lil Kim with a beautiful jet black wig with minimal baby hairs.

I enjoy seeing Beyonce in black hair because it is a switch from the norm for her. Additionally, black hair makes her look even younger than usual.


4. Buns and Bangs!

In this look, Queen Bey rocked a bang that was longer on the ends.

And even the rest of the way across, with a bun in the back of the style. She used a scarf between the bang and the bun to as an accessory. To get this look purchase straight bundles of ten or twelve inches and wrapped around the base of the ponytail.

Additionally, your natural hair (Check out this article: Beyonce natural hair) can be used as the bang or clip-ins used in the front and cut to the desired length.


5. Two-Layer Braids

In this picture, she wore 'girl gangstas' or two layer braids divided down the middle. She topped this look off with beads on the endings. I like this style because it was another childhood or boyish style made girly.

6. Dark Brown Single Braids

These braids were like regular individuals but slightly larger and not braided fully down to the ends. To add your style to these braids the ends of your braids can be curled using rods and water, beads could be adhered throughout or gold/silver jewelry pieces.


7. Topknots on the Top spot!

Well being number seven on the list is close enough! Beyonce wore a topknot that was both neat and sloppy. Instead of wrapping the hair around into neat and tight layers, the hair is sloppily pinned together and overlapped atop her head.

8. Short Hair Don't Care

We were like Yass Bey give us life when she pulled out that two-toned, short and wavy blunt cut! The style is excellent for summer or winter and adds a fun and light effect to any look.

This cut recreated by getting 12-inch Brazillian Wavy, or Brazilian Deep Wave hair in Platinum Blonde 613 or black hair lifted to lighter tones if you want the same color!

Another option is to get a wig that is cut evenly around the circumference and waved, wet or wand curled to achieve the curly look.


9. Throwback Pigtails

I'm not sure if she was flossing her style or being near the Mona Lisa, but either way, I adored the braided pigtails. Despite the location, the style reminded me that everyone loves a chill hairstyle, even someone who is one-half of one of the most potent power couples!

Although it's not the same, having two feed-ins braids is pretty close to Beyonce's hairstyle. It will have a more extended hold, is easy to maintain and doesn't have a long styling time!

10. Grammy Cornrows!

Again, we are unsure whether it was a braided wig, her real hair, or extensions but it didn't matter because they still look fabulous! She opted to wear the look with minimum baby hairs at the very front of her hair, and around the edge of her ears.


My Favorite Four Beyonce Looks!

1. Half Up- Half Down Crimped Hairstyle

Kicking it off at Coachella, Beyonce took the stage wearing her hair in her signature color in half up half down kind of style.

The front of her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail while the back hung down to her hips. Additionally, Beyonce's hair was crimped and full-looking providing a sort of free-spiritedness to her hair choice.

This style is my ultimate favorite because it made the songstress seem younger than other styles; plus I could tell she adored the style too considering that she wore it for most of her looks while OnTheRun... again!

There are too many variations of this style to count! But a few Instagram favorites include making the top ponytail a bun, or adding curls throughout the hair to add volume and flair to the simple style that we've loved since girlhood!


2. The Messy Ponytail

This look had a sense of organized chaos that I love! Her hair was slicked into a high ponytail and waved on the endings to make a beachy pony look. To finish off the style a few accent curls plucked from her ponytail at the nape of her neck.

This style is easy to recreate with your real hair or with wavy extensions such as Brazilian Body Wave wrapped around the base of your ponytail and adhered using bobby pins or glue. Recreate by getting a partial sew-in with wavy or wand curled hair.


3. Curls for Girls!

On August 11, 2017, Beyonce posted clips of her at the Kendrick Lamar concert. She was rocking some puffy curly hair that I began immediately searching for! Beyonce's hair stood out like a curly fro with a side part. To get this look purchase deep wave hair and lightly comb through it or tightly wand curl wavy or straightened hair until you have the desired puffiness.

4. High Long Tour Braid

That braid had length, color and it was secured, honey!

The long braid is created by brushing your hair up into a ponytail, and either wrapping your hair into a small topknot or braiding your hair into the Kanekelon hair that's added later.

Next, using the hair color and brand of your choice, attach this to your ponytail using the rubber band that comes in the middle of the hair as a separator. After the rubber band is bound safely around your initial ponytail, begin braiding, integrating your hair into the long braid. You can add spray to polish it off, clips or ribbon to spice it up for younger girls!

If you want to feel like, Beyonce adds a pair of big hoops or dangle earrings to bring more attention to your face and accentuate your hair.


Bey Fabulous!

Since she stepped on the scene years ago, Beyonce has graced us with class looks and perfect hairstyles.

As you can see from my list of hairstyles and tips and tricks, you do not have to be Beyonce to enjoy these hairstyles. Each of these styles is accessible by using extensions, wand curlers, and the right edge control. Don't be afraid to branch out and try one of these styles.

To Bey Fabulous you need Private Label Extensions blog, Youtube and that Beyonce confidence!

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Our Favorite Insecure Season 3 Hairstyles!

Our Favorite Insecure Season 3 Hairstyles!
New Hairstyles for A New Season Insecure has shown diversity in their taste in hair throughout their previous two seasons. We have seen the main character Issa, played by Issa Rae, with curly and braided natural styles, while her best friend Molly played by Yvonne Orji rocked weaved styles. Not to mention the plethora of supporting characters that have had honey blonde styles and a fluffy natural afro. And let's not ignore the men with low cuts, afros and side parts etched into their fades. Let's be honest, and this show has some looks. Issa Rae has rarely disappointed us when it comes to her eccentric hairstyles, quirky attitude, and catchy rhymes. And now she and her castmates (except for our man Lawrence) are back with Season 3 of Insecure with even more hairstyles that have us wanting to try them out in the mirror.

Issa's New Looks

Although I love this show, I must admit that I'm a little jealous of Issa. All of these fabulous hairstyles she hardly spends any time struggling to braid or detangle her hair. She can switch up her hair faster than I can flip the channel on a commercial. The changeup is too real. Anyway, Issa Rae is back with more looks that are easy for naturals or perms to pull off. One of Issa's first styles was a braided ponytail with her natural hair. The front side had three braids and one that came up the back of her head ending in a ponytail. This style showcased Issa's hair growth throughout the seasons and also an obtainable hairstyle for naturals or those with weaves. For naturals, a few braids, some edge control and a sturdy ponytail holder to pull the look together. To obtain this style with weave, one could use braided hair to get smaller cornrows around their head upwards and at the end use crotcheted hair on the ends for a fluffy ponytail. Another version of Issa's braided style is the braided ponytail coined the "Nicki Braids" that's created with braiding hair with small cornrows placed firmly together and a few wrapped around the base of the ponytail to create a 'genie' effect. Issa also dawns a mohawk for the Season 3 Premier of Insecure. In the show, her sides are braided backward, while the middle is allowed to be free-flowing dripping into her face. The best part about Issa's hairstyles on Insecure is their convenience and cuteness. Most of Issa's styles are a combination of braids, or flat twists and her curls. So grab a braider and your favorite curl defining products and get to work.

Molly's Bringing Braids Back

Molly (Yvonne Orji) has been the Queen of Wigs and weaves from the other seasons. Molly wore an above shoulder length wavy bob that could easily recreate with twelve or fourteen-inch wavy extensions and a matching closure. Then she switched up her look and rocked a black bang style one longer weave and a matching shorter one. At one point Molly asked wore highlights to offset the darker color in her bob. I was happy to see that Molly's hair was able to change up from the weaves and the wigs we were used to seeing her in, although they were fierce! I was screaming 'YAS" when I saw that she and I had matching styles #Telepathy! Season 3 brings a new Molly with jumbo straight backs or feed-ins. Molly kept her feed-ins simple going straight back, black and without jewelry. However later in the episode, she did switch it up and place it in a side bun that added some professionality to the style. Feed-ins take many forms and although they are corn-rows allow for space for one's personality and creativity to shine through. Feed-ins can have jumbo braids with smaller feed-ins, the style can be half up half down, straight back like Molly or sideways like Beyonce's infamous lemonade braids or up into a ponytail. To include more accessories string like gold or silver can be wrapped around the chunky ends of the twists or shells placed throughout the style. With the comeback of cornrows, it was refreshing to see Molly rock her straight backs like so few women have done on public television over the years except for our girl Tracee Ellis Ross. We love seeing Molly in her braids and hope that she pulls out more of the braided looks.

How Background Characters Love To Pop Out

I hate to spoil the episode for our die-hard Insecure fans. But as a Private Label Extensions writer, it is essential that I give you all the tea on the latest episodes hairstyles. In a few of the scenes, there have been background characters that stole the show with their styles. One of the styles featured on the show included a fabulous rendition of the tribal braids. Tribal braids are two layered braids that have cornrows in the front coupled with cornrows or individuals braids along the second layer. Some people do this style with a bun in the back or a thicker braid to make the style more accessible to manage. For added flair braids can be brought forward with beads on the endings of the frontward braids. An honorable mention for the guys was Dro's hair. He had a traditional fade with a spin, the top of his hair is slicked and slightly straightened, one side of the head is longer than the other.

There's Nothing Insecure About The Shows Hair

While the show may be labeled Insecure, there is nothing unsure or insecure about each character unique hairstyle choices on the show. Insecure is making a statement for the hair styling choices of women on mainstream television. With the inclusion of different forms of braids, Issa's evergrowing 4C curls and the integration of different textures, Insecure has set the bar for diversifying hair. Each season filled with re-creatable looks that make us wish we could do that with our hair. The good news is we can, and we will have a lot of room for inspiration when the rest of Insecure unfolds.
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Netflix Alert: Nappily Ever After Natural Hair Journeys

Netflix Alert: Nappily Ever After Natural Hair Journeys

A Hair Journey Is Coming to Netflix

A relatable hair journey is coming to the Netflix platform and showcasing the passage of a woman finding herself and creating the life she wants to live. While this may seem like a simple task, she undergoes this journey through something she values the most: her hair. With putting so much identity and pressure to have the perfect hair, which sparked her need for the ideal life, she noticed that things weren’t always as they seemed. Undergoing a breakup with a man she thought was the perfect lover, it opened up her eyes to see her true self. Played by Sanaa Lathan, the main character, Violet Jones is on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and sometimes hair crises.

A Look Through The Different Identities

Violet Jones struggled with connecting her idea of perfection to having the perfect hair, the movie journeys through multiple looks. With each look comes a new “identity” and a test of confidence or even a lack of confidence. The movie teaches a valuable lesson about self-discovery but also displays multiple looks throughout the film. You see each woman in the movie wear different hairstyles, but the lead character goes through the most switch-ups.

Hair Looks That The Women Served

Recollecting her hair journey as a young girl, you see Violet placing perfection on having the perfect straight hair. Sitting in the kitchen getting her hair done with the infamous hot comb, this begins her journey. Always striving for perfection, her mother, played by Lynn Whitfield, is also seen with straight, long tresses. As a kid, Violet loved getting a press and that soon carried over to her adult life.

Straight Hair for The Win

Transitioning into her adult life, Violet's signature look is long, straight hair. Her hair is flawlessly pressed out and worn down for every occasion. Being a businesswoman at a top firm, you see her embrace her hair and not wearing it pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

Natural Hair Is A Critical Theme in The Movie

There’s always a naturalista in the crew of women, and this movie is no different. One of Violet's closest friends in the film wears her natural hair. Sporting styles like twist outs, braid outs, and a curly fro, natural hair makes a statement. A favorite look was the “fro-hawk” one of her friends wore in the movie for a girls night out. The little girl that plays the daughter of Violet’s future love interest also rocks her natural hair. Coming on the scene with a traditional wash and go look, it teaches parents and kids to embrace the natural hair curl patterns.

Switch It Up with Extensions

After Violet’s life seems to go downhill, you see her begin to experiment with different looks. When you don’t want to cut or color your hair permanently, extensions are always a go to. Violet tries out a short, blunt cut bob that’s a platinum blond color for a girls night out. This look is meant to help her step outside of her comfort zone and meet new guys. You also see her mother sport different hairstyles throughout the movie. At the beginning of the film, her mother has long hair. As time progresses, she is seen wearing a shoulder-length, wavy look. In other scenes, she is wearing a bob, something sleek yet subtle compliment her face.

Cut It Off

When nothing seems to be working, she reaches her breaking point and decides to take matters into her own hands. A signature transition in the movie, Violet takes clippers and shaves her head. Usually, when cutting hair off, women start with trimming or chopping subtle lengths of hair. However, Violet was ready to start all the way over and free herself from all the styles. She starts with a completely shaved head which gives everyone closest to her, a shock and takes some adjusting to get used to. As time goes on, you see her hair begin to grow back. Before the movie previews, the public saw Sanaa Lathan rock her freshly shaved head and expressed how well she looked.

The Natural TWA

The TWA, popularly known as “teeny weeny afro” is usually the first stage when you’ve decided to go natural. This small afro is very easy to maintain and helps to show off your curl patterns in the beginning stages. You can add your moisturizer or use a pure gel to help establish your pattern a bit more. Switch it up from time to time with a scarf or headwrap and lay your edges down for a sleek look.

Never Be Afraid to Switch It Up

While every hairstyle may not be for you, there’s nothing wrong with switching it up and experimenting. If you don’t want to alter your hair permanently, look into extensions for a quick switch up and new style. Wigs and clip-ins are always a go to and help create fun looks. Towards the middle and end of the movie, you see Violet gain a new love interest. The love for her didn't come from her new look but more so her confidence and newfound freedom. For so long, you witness her trying to achieve perfection and making sure not one strand is out of place. This movie serves as a metaphor for being able to take control of not just the way others see you but how you see yourself.

There’s A Lesson Through Each Style

Overall, Nappily Ever After is a must see for all women who may struggle with tying their identity to their hair. It’s important to know that you can be fearless with short hair and have confidence. The beauty of hair is that you can always switch it up and rock different looks. A different style to complement your mood or even your outfit for the day is still fun. Nappily Ever After is a movie that every woman and girl can relate to. It is a film that is needed in today’s society and will be a fun journey of love and hair.
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The Top 7 Best Hairstyles of Celebrity Kids

The Top 7 Best Hairstyles of Celebrity Kids

These Celebrity Kids Are The Bomb

When you think about the fountain of youth, rarely do we ever actually think about the youth. They are setting the standard for style, fashion and hair today. Celebrity kids have been killing the game. If I have learned anything about style, it is that we must not undercut the celebrity kids who are setting new standards of style in 2018. From the limelight to our Instagram feeds, these celebrity kids are without a doubt killing the style game, but when it comes to their hair, it makes us all want to know how they did it and how can we get it! With bright and bold colors to stylish cuts to long braids, laid locs and slayed updos, they have the game all the way together and do not miss a beat. Outlined below and in no particular order are seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids and we must say, to know these kids are to love them! Well, maybe we should not call them kids. But it is hard to believe that they have grown up and blossomed into their own way right before our eyes.

First Up, We Have Marsai Martin

The Little producer and Black-ish actress has not only warmed our hearts but has always managed to keep her hair laid, no matter the occasion. One of my favorite looks from the star is when she effortlessly rocks her long box braids. Like many of us, box braids are not only a summer staple but are a way for us to express ourselves without the struggle of trying to keep our hair straight and our closures laid. The best thing about box braids is how versatile you can get in the process. Try braiding them all the way down for that really sharp look or braid them halfway with a little crinkle or curl for the carefree look. Add in your favorite hair accessories, and wow, you have a look that every hair lover wants to recreate.

Zonnique Pullins

Daughter of 90’s Xscape group member, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Atlanta rapper, T.I., Zonnique has managed to create her own identity even early on in her music career. If you remember, Zonnique helped set the trend of colorful hair and great length when she was apart of the teen group “The OMG Girlz.” Though her days as a teen sensation are behind her, she has managed to transfer some of those stylish parts into her young adult life. Back then you could catch Zonnique with bright orange hair complimented with hot pink streaks, blue spiral curls with lime green highlights and even spiky high ponytails. These days, Zonnique still rocks out of the ordinary colors, but they are definitely turned down in terms of color. One of the most bomb looks that she has recently sported is a blue curly do that she has worn up with a headband or down and fluffed out with the best sunnies and earrings. Outside of her curly style, dark blue seems to be her signature color these days where she will move in between chunky braids or long extensions. Overall, it is safe to say that Zonnique has a plethora of styles that always has a way of finding a life on our Instagram feeds.

Reginae Carter

Now when it comes to laid hair, this young lady is the epitome of the phrase! If you follow Reginae Carter, then you know exactly what I mean. The daughter of rapper Lil Wayne and businesswoman Toya Wright had to make this list of the seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids because you will rarely see her without her hair done. From our television screens on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta to making her move at Clark Atlanta University, Reginae shines merely no matter where or what she is doing. Speaking of shine, have you ever noticed her hair? In the trend of warm weather, Reginae has ditched the inches and has been rocking her signature short bob with a middle part and occasionally a side part. So why is this style so bomb? I have the perfect answer, and that is confidence and taking the risk to change when you feel like it. Even though I don’t know Reginae personally, she always shines when she enters a room. She expresses herself through fashion and style, with her hair choices included. Hairstyles can still be a hit or miss situation depending on how well your execution is, but for Reginae, it seems to be a hit consistently.

Riley Burruss

For the past few days Riley Burruss, the daughter of boss lady Kandi Burruss, has been in the media discussing her 52-pound weight loss. This beautiful girl who is seemingly quiet has blossomed right before eyes since meeting her on our television screens during the first few seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. With all the talk about her new healthy lifestyle, I have always been curious as to who does her hair because she never falls short on the bundles or the curls okay! In our fourth spot of 7 bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids, Riley definitely had to be mentioned. Have you all seen her full bundles? If not, then pay attention because she is definitely out here giving lessons on quality. If you visit Riley's Instagram, you will see Riley wearing her signature side part paired with waist length extensions that frame her face perfectly. Complete her look with a body wave or a few loose curls and ladies and gentlemen; you have an entire look. However, do not be fooled by the dark hair color. She gives us some variety too as she has had her fun playing with bone straight pink hair, an wanded ombre red look, and a blonde number that provides us with the summer feels.

Jillian Hervey

Her mother was the first black woman to receive the title of Miss America. And if you love a good movie, you have probably seen her mother in projects such as Soul Food, Ugly Betty, and more. If you guessed Vanessa Williams, you are right! However, looking at her daughter Jillian Hervey may have you confusing mother and daughter for sister and sister. Jillian, however, is the queen of unique and daring hairstyles and has earned her spot on the list of 7 bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids. Where do we start with the Lion Babe singer? There are so many directions, but what first caught my attention was her initial entrance to the music scene with her golden curly fro. Her hair was big, lively and certainly took on a personality of its own. Follow that up with her various fashion and ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Over the years, Jillian has traded in the curly fro for blonde braids. So much inspiration!

Yara Shahidi

When talking about hair, you cannot leave Yara Shahidi out of the conversation. This activist and actress has always pushed the boundaries when it came down to her hair. When selecting which bomb hairstyle to pick, I had a difficult time because they are all so amazing. For this reason, I chose the editorial spread of Yara’s pom-pom ponytail mohawk. This profile shot of the do does not serve it justice. Yara serving face from the side view. She is also giving us inspo for what to do next when we get bored with our current hairstyle. Honestly Bantu knots and twist outs get boring. However, Yara’s hair will have so many of us ready to take on the day. All in all, this is definitely what we call “a look.”

Chloe and Halle Bailey

Perhaps these sisters are the most talked about duo in music right now and for a good reason! Honestly, have you seen them and all of their natural glory? It is so amazing! These ladies have rocked their locs since we saw them in Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. The way that they style them today proves that hairstyles do not stop at straight hair and flat irons. Yes, I know it seems like I’m cheating but you cannot mention one without the other. Locs are a bomb hairstyle itself, they manage to take the way they get styled to the next level. One of my personal favorites is the 2018 Wearable Art Gala and Silent Auction at the WACO Theater. Both sisters opted for a low bun with flat twists in the front. The precision on this style added to their look for the evening without taking away from their presence.

Skai Jackson

Last but never least we have our favorite fashionista, Skai Jackson. This young lady slays social media trolls. She also slays some of the best looks in young Hollywood. Skai takes the cake when it comes to being one of the seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids. Skai makes it known that her small stature is not to be taken lightly. The 16-year-old actress can pull off any look! From half up and down dos to rocking her beautiful natural hair, the little sis can do it all. One of my favorite looks is the blown out hairstyle that she slayed in an editorial spread for Paper Magazine. Miss Skai gave us different looks for the shoot. The blown-out hair reminded me of Diana Ross in the 70’s. Her hair paired with a fringe mustard yellow jacket and of course a smile. If you want this look, then it is your best bet to try Private Label’s Brazilian Spanish Wave. Brazilian Kinky Straight hair works as well. Make sure you blow it out and flexi rod overnight. Take them down the next morning and separate lightly with a paddle brush.

These Celebrity Kids are More than Alright

Who says that just because you are young, you cannot inspire? It is the younger generation setting new trends and helping the world take new risks when it comes to hair! I mean, let’s take a look in the 1990’s, we saw an emergence of weaves, color, shine, texture and length. The beautiful things about the seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids are that they were not afraid to stand out! These looks definitely defy the odds. There is always an inspiration in their looks, and you can achieve them to your liking!
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Superfly Hair! Great Hairstyles from the New Movie!

Superfly Hair! Great Hairstyles from the New Movie!

Superfly Shows Off Super Dope Hair

Superfly debuted last week, and before the credits ever rolled people everywhere were talking about Trevor Jackson, the lead actor known as Priest, blown out hairdo. The movie had plenty of styles that had audiences raving! Hair has a way of stapling itself in time, and like any styles, they come back around later on. Nothing is new, not even hairstyles! Just like fades have made a comeback from the nineties! Fro's hail from the movie Superfly original airing time in the seventies. Here's a look at some of the new, and old styles that took on the big screen this past week:

Andrea Londo (Cynthia)

Andrea Londo stole the show with her eye-catching hairstyles! Every scene she commanded the screen with different hairdo's that left us snatched! In real life, Andrea Londo sports midlength brown hair that flows naturally across her shoulders. Her hair is usually teased in 'natural' looking beach waves. In the movie, however, Andrea spices things up and gives us a variety of looks that are easily repeatable with our Private Label Extensions hairline.

Blonde Bombshell

One of Andrea's looks started with black at the roots and sprayed out into a high blonde color. Instead of ombre, it's a "dark rooted" look that we have seen on many celebrities before. To get this look, one can purchase light brown hair in any texture or length, and have it bleached, and this will give the hair a dirty blonde look with darker roots. Another option is to get black hair extensions and have them lifted! Ombre extensions work as well, due to their preprocessed lightening effects; this option will also save the most time as the hair dyeing already completed, and easily manipulated for a quick change-up.

Blue Hairdo

Andrea adorned another 'ombre' style that started with black and ended in a mixture of beautiful turquoise and green tint. This look achieved by ordering a special order set of bundles that can be custom dyed. Additionally, there are other ombres such as Brazillian Copper Ombre, Raspberry Ombre, Dark Root Gray, and Honey Blonde extensions available. 613 Hair can be purchased and then dyed to achieve the turquoise color. There are tons of PLE articles that walk you through coloring bundles and maintaining a popping hair color all year.

Fireball Red

Andrea kicked the movie off wearing a head full of reddish hair, that drooped down her back, can we say inches? Andrea wore her red extensions long and layered, with a slight wave pattern. This look can be achieved by purchasing 613 Blonde hair and dying it red, or a mix of custom color red hair and black extensions, as well as the Raspberry Ombre option. Andrea Londo most likely wore wigs during the making of this movie; which would be a good option for those of you looking for an effortless way to switch up your style and add a pop of color without damaging your hair or continuously redying your bundles. My favorite option is getting Honey Brown Ombre Extensions. These extensions offer versatility, worn in three different colors without much changing. Initially they serve as ombre extensions, but later on, you can lighten the brown for a softer look, or dye the ombre a purple color; the possibilities are endless.

Trevor Jackson (Priest)

Trevor Jackson's hair reaches back twenty-odd years before he was born in the movie where his character Priest, rocks a "flat-ironed" shortcut. During that period, it would have more than likely achieved with a perm. But don't cringe, I'm sure Trevor just had his hair pressed out. Matter of fact, it could've been a full wig! It's incredible that this style hasn't made a comeback for African American men considering Katt Williams and Snoop Dogg's press out in the 2000's putting my kiddie perm and church girl bump to shame. Trevor wore shorter hair in the 2018 version of the film compared to the original where the first Superfly wore long hair with soft curls at the bottom. However, he pulled off the hair with the same amount of flair and confidence as his predecessor.

Lex Scott Davis (Georgia)

The seventies is not the only period that loves curls! Lex Scott Davis' rocks a curly do for most of the movie, and we aren't surprised that the curly fro has lasted the test of time. Everybody, regardless of their birthdate, loves a good wash-n-go or flexi rod set! Another way to get her gorgeous curly look is to rock a nice deep wave wig made with Brazilian Deep Wave Extensions and a matching closure. Another option is to get three bundles of Brazillian Deep Wave Extensions, Brazillian Spanish Wave into a sew-in or a Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Front Wig! You could also try Raspberry Ombre Deep Wave Extensions for a pop of color to make the style your own. Kinky curly extensions are another alternative to Deep Wave Extensions, these hair extensions have more natural looking texture and are perfect to add to your pineapple or half up, half down look! Kinky curly extensions look even more fabulous for shorter styles to get a cute bushy-curly hairstyle. To keep deep wave extensions fresh its best to braid them into four sections at night, wrap the edges with a scarf and finish it off with a long bonnet that can keep your hair from tangling or being pulled while you sleep! Be sure to detangle the hair from the tip up to the root for minimal shedding. And last but not least, if your hair is becoming frizzy or tangled get a spray bottle with a little water and leave in conditioner that you can quickly spritz onto the hair before using a "paddle brush" to get out knots. However, only use a "paddle brush" if you want your curl pattern to become looser, otherwise, stick to finger detangling and your spray bottle!

Achieving Super Cute Hairstyles and Diversity!

Whether it's 1972 or 2018, hair has a way of unifying people and coming full circle. Afros, press-outs, curls, and extensions all have their place in the hair world, and sometimes they cross over! The hair in Superfly was not only chic, but it matched well with the times. The movie allowed men to wear man buns, dreads and Trevor's hot combed short style and offered the world of hair a break from all the main female characters wearing the same long, shaggy hairstyle and having the same hair color. Kudos to Superfly for stepping away from high top fades and Blake Lively beach waves if only for a moment!
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Kim Kardashian West and Her Controversial Braids

Kim Kardashian West and Her Controversial Braids

All Eyes On Kim

Kim Kardashian West has done it again, commanding attention with her controversial tribal braided hair or Fulani Braids as she walked the carpet at The Movie and MTV Awards last week. Some questioned Kim's reasoning for rocking the braided look instead of a sleek pony or her dirty blonde blunt cut after the wave of IG trolling she received awhile back. For those that do not recall, Kim faced massive backlash months ago for rocking blonde and black braids on her Instagram with the caption "Bo West" to mirror actress "Bo Jackson" whom she claimed was her inspiration for daunting the braided style. Now, let's dive into the argument that has swept social media surrounding Kim Kardashian's controversial braids.

Kim Kardashian West Makes Everything Stylish

I can attest to the fact that Kim Kardashian has a way of selling her looks that makes everyone want to try their hand at two-piece sets, trench coats and Instagram modeling; an attribute that has gained her more than a few nasty comments and eye rolls.

Or Does She?

It's no secret that braids, especially cornrows, or elaborate braiding designs have their roots in African culture. Different braiding designs signifies tribe connections, different designs worn at weddings and births, and the overall world of braiding has deep cultural roots and significance. Additionally, braids were used to add a bit of flare in professional settings where afro's and bushes rejected. Later, twists have had a widespread attachment to African American culture, where braids are used to protect the natural hair.

Where Did The Braids Get Their 'Claim To Fame'?

The issue begins with the reasoning behind Kim wanting to wear the braids. She credited actress Bo Jackson, for making the twists popular and inspiring her to get the braids herself. Countless people of color took to Instagram to express their distaste of her giving Bo credit, stating that Kim could have used this time to shed light on some of the histories behind braided hair or at least, spotlighted an African American woman for wearing the style. The second time Kim stepped out in the braids, at the Movie and MTV Awards, she credited wearing braids to her beautiful and biracial daughter North, stating that the five-year-old wanted matching hair with her Mom. A sweet sentiment!

Fashionably Appropriate or Cultural Appropriation?

Instagrammers and blog readers alike called Kim out on cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation means taking from another culture in a derogatory way, passing off traditions, habits or styles of another culture as your own or blatantly 'white-washing' an aspect of another's culture. Whether she purposely meant to appropriate culture or not; many feel that she contributes to the stigma that braids, afro's or voluptuous bodies are not fabulous unless not showcased on black or brown individuals. Defenders of Kim Kardashian have argued that 'it's just hair,' and, 'Kim has a right to name a style 'Bo Jackson Braids,' just as some call braids, box braids, individuals, and poetics, by a multitude of names, it is just a name. Others argue that Kim cannot be responsible for the comparisons and descriptions made by the media regarding her style. However, other women that have sported the braids, that are African American have gotten negative replies. Women such as Nicki Minaj have been told they look like 'jailhouse braids,' or Gabrielle Union, being told that she is too old for beads in her hair, while Kim has received praise for being edgy, youthful and unique has sparked outrage and has fueled the evidence for cultural appropriation and bias. The problem, for many, is not directly with Kim wearing braids, whether because of North or Bo Jackson, but because of the adverse reactions when the same styles wore by women her same age, and women of color who have worn the styles literally for centuries, and made the wigs for Kim herself.

Culture Vulture or Style Icon?

Alright, to be fair I have to put out a disclaimer that I love watching the Kardashians, I think their show is funny and real. Kim is a woman who has built an empire (despite how it got started), and has propelled herself and family into millions of dollars, appearances and business opportunities. She has mastered the art of 'influencing,' and has millions of women, regardless of the color of their skin, copying her looks from clothes, to hair to her actual face structure. As a black woman, I cannot overlook the places where people feel that Kim has utilized the "exotic" or black look as far as hips, lips, and hair to get ahead in her career. Is it possible that Kim can be a little of both? Kim has a love for neat things, and I must say that black people originate the coolest stuff, while she cannot be held responsible for how others decide to comment on her looks, she can be held accountable for what does with her platform and where she lays tribute for inspiration and ideas. No culture gobbled for pleasing consumers is acceptable.

Where Is The Line?

It may be hard to decipher what's cultural appropriation and what's not. Can black people, who share some cultural ties with people of Jamaican descent able to wear dreadlocks? Are people that are not of color able to rock tribal braids? If I am not apart of Indian culture is it okay to wear Bindis? Is Nicki Minaj infringing on Asian culture by calling herself Chun-Li or it is considered cosplay and appropriate? When I dance around in straw skirts am I perpetuating the notion that all people of South Pacific Descent dance at luaus and wear lay? Or are we as a people only contributing to stereotypes and participating in cultural appropriation when it is clear that we have no regard for the history, people or meaning behind traditions and garments?

To Braid Or Not To Braid

Comment with your ideas: Do you agree? A) Kim Kardashian should not wear the braids because the style is offensive on her. B) Kim Kardashian West, if she chooses to participate in things universally recognized as a 'black thing,' should give credit where due and not attempt to get all the praise for things. She should step up and defend those that are attacked by the media, especially for the same activities that involve her brand. C) It's just hair, don't be a hater. Go 'Bo West'! In my honest opinion, it is up to all of us to make a decision when it comes to being respectful of our culture as well as others. Additionally, we should be held responsible for the things we do that may offend others and go out of our way to inform yourself and the audience of the importance of avoiding cultural appropriation. Maybe next time Kim could give at least give a nod to Janet Jackson for a braided style and she could avoid the hot seat.
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Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Rock With Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair

Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Rock With Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair

Hairstyles Worthy of the Hollywood Treatment

Right alongside the fashion industry, celebrities are our go-to for hairstyle inspiration. The glitz and glamour can make any girl dream of the day when all eyes are on her as the crowds watch in amazement as she confidently struts into a room. There are a number of gorgeous celebrities rocking the most beautiful and elegant natural hairstyles, and with a few tools and tips, you can become your own celebrity this summer. Who can forget Zendaya’s faux locs or when Viola Davis ditched the wigs for an all-out fabulous head of copper curls? You do not have to go natural or even worry about manipulating your own hair for these styles. With our Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair, you can create elaborate hairstyles while protecting your own hair from the elements. Let’s check out these five fabulous ladies who are killing the kinky hairstyle game and get the tea on how to pull off the same styles.

Let’s Prep!

Before we begin, you want to prep your own hair to protect it as well as keep it healthy while you have in your extensions. Depending on whether you try our tracks for a sew-in installation or clip-ins, will determine the style of your hair underneath your extensions. A general rule of thumb is always to wash, condition and moisturize your hair before installing your extensions. This process will ensure that your own hair is getting the nutrients and moisture it needs while you are styling and profiling in these celebrity-inspired looks. True beauty starts with healthy hair. We’ll dive more into hair prep as we go through each celebrity style. Remember, with extensions, you always want to take the utmost care of your own hair.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Ethereal Bun

Ms. Nyong’o can pull off any hairstyle from bald beauty to Bantu knots. And that is just digging into her hair repertoire. Her fashion sense is another article. But the perfect style to try from Lupita’s hair closet is her kinky curly bun she wore at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. This hairstyle is as simple as it is elegant. The hair is fashioned as a high top bun full of hair and texture and adorned with a dainty pearl headband. Follow these steps to achieve this other-worldly style:

Step #1

This style would be best with our clip-ins, but it completely doable with a sew-in as well. Lightly mist your hair with water and brush the hair gently to the top back of your head. Secure with a hair tie.

Step #2

Once the ponytail is in the place where you desire, tighten the ponytail and ensure that it is secure in place. This step is essential to do before you begin the bun so that you do not feel like your hair is wobbling as you wear it.

Step #3

With a large bun sock or a thick old sock (with a hole cut at the bottom and rolled), loop the ponytail through.

Step #4

Begin wrapping the hair around the sock and folding the hair underneath the sock. Be sure to have tons of bobby pins on hand to secure the hair along the way. Be patient at this step; it may take some time to get all of the hair secured.

Step #5

Finish the style with some hairspray to get rid of flyaways and add to that sleek look.

Step #6

Top off your style like Lupita with your favorite headband! I love this style! A simple hairstyle that effortlessly makes you look regal and ready to take over the world! It is time to strut, Queen!

Tracee Ellis Ross’s Voluminous Curls

Arrayed in a shiny bright red cutout dress on the red carpet, Tracee Ellis Ross’ curls speak volumes at the 2017 American Music Awards. As the always bold, playful and ever-fabulous fashionista, Ross is unafraid to be herself and showcase those gorgeous curls courtesy of her pop-queen mother, Diana Ross. With our Brazilian Kinky Curly hair, you can let your inner confidence shine everywhere you go. Here are a few tips to get your hair bouncing like Tracee:

Step #1

Brush out your extensions and lightly dampen with a spray bottle full of water. With your favorite curling product, apply a small amount all over your hair.

Step #2

Section your hair into one-inch sections. Using large rollers, begin rolling each section from the ends to the roots. Try to use a looser grip than usual to retain some of the kinky texture in the final style. Also, try using a few medium and small rollers for curl variety.

Step #3

Once you have completed rolling all of your hair, you can either sit under the dryer or air dry overnight. When your hair is completely dry, gently remove each roller from your hair.

Step #4

Separate each curl into smaller ones for more volume. Pick and primp until you get your desired look.

Step #5

Finish off this look with your favorite red lipstick (the perfect tool to bring out your inner diva) and take your day as if you were stepping onto the red carpet!

Cardi B’s Curly Blowout

Our favorite girlfriend-in-our-head, Cardi B, killed at the 2018 Met Gala. Not only was she fashionably showing off her baby bump with regal flair in the event’s theme Catholic church regalia, but her hair was large, billowing and all around fabulous! Adorned with a Catholic-inspired headdress, Cari B’s hair was nothing less than show-stopping. With our Brazilian Kinky Curly hair, you can pull off a fantastic curly blow out that would make the Pope do a double take. Here’s how:

Step #1

The tools you will need to achieve this look are heat protectant, a blow dryer and a small amount of oil.

Step #2

First, begin by applying your favorite heat protectant all over your hair. Anytime you are using heat on your hair, and even on your human hair extensions, you want to ensure the health and lifespan of the hair. Heat protectant prevents irreversible damage to your hair and some brands also deposit nutrients into the hair.

Step #3

With your blow dryer on medium heat, began running the blow dryer over small to medium sections of your hair. The comb extension of your blow dryer is best; however, you can always use a brush and chase the hair. Try your best to minimize the number of passes you’ll do. You should already start to see the volume!

Step #4

Once you have blown out every section of your hair, add a dime-sized amount of your favorite oil all over your hair for that Met Gala shine. To preserve this look for a few days, simple braid your hair in large sections at night. When you wake up in the morning, merely fluff your hair and go. Who says you can’t wake up like this? Those are the simple steps to get it poppin’ like Cardi B’s blowout. Now you are ready to go from rap battle to the red carpet in no time.

SZA’s Sizzling Waves

A style chameleon in her own right, SZA can rock trends for a Coachella festival and dawn a gown and crown and ignite any formal event. Of course what drives us crazy is that no matter the event you can bet that SZA’s hair is on point. At this year’s Grammy awards, SZA strutted on the red carpet adorned in a light blue Atelier Versace FW17 dress that flowed and moved effortlessly. The dress played the supporting role against her wavy tresses that glided down to her waist. You do not have to lose CTRL; we are going to give you the best way you can rock this free and formal style.

Step #1

Begin this style by lightly misting your hair that it is damp but not soaked. The more water you add, the more your hair will be weighed down. We want the waves and yet the feather-like volume as well.

Step #1

Using your favorite curling product, apply a small amount all over the hair.

Step #1

Then section off a medium section of your hair. With each section, begin braiding from top to bottom. To get the most volume at the crown of your hair, start braiding a few inches away from your scalp.

Step #1

Depending on the amount of time and patience you have, you can either sit under the dryer for a few minutes or keep your braids overnight. Either way, you want to make sure the hair is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step #1

After your hair is dry, apply a small amount of oil to your hands and gently unbraid each section. A dime-size amount of oil should be plenty for your entire head. Keep in mind that we do not want to add excessive products to weigh down the hair.

Step #1

After unraveling each braid, begin to separate the sections of hair. Separate and fluff until you reach your desired volume and curl. It is a balance!

Step #1

For more volume, take your blow dryer and add medium heated air to your roots. You can also run your blow dryer over a few sections of hair for more volume as well. A little frizz won’t hurt and can add to the effortless goddess vibe of this look. This look will be perfect for a date night or evening with your best girlfriends. You are now ready to take the night and be the life of the party. Go, Gina!

Beychella Ponytail Slinging

Saving one of my favorite celebrity styles for last, I have to shout out the curls rocked by the one and only, Beyonce (Check out this article: Beyonce natural hair)! From the HBCU-inspired performance to the reuniting of Destiny’s Child to everything that is the bomb about a Beyonce’ performance, fan-dubbed Beychella was a show of the year. From the time she stepped on the stage as Nefertiti, to changing into the blonde curls and yellow bee sweatshirt, her hair was nothing less than perfection. Who is the stylist on set? My favorite was the wavy and sleek ponytail when Beyonce’ was performing in her pick Beyonce Delta Kappa sweatshirt with pink dancers ready to rock. It seems that no one can rock a ponytail quite like The Queen. With the Brazilian kinky curly hair, you can pull off the same look (maybe not the same strength) as Bey. I cannot promise that your crush will fall “Crazy In Love,” but you will look absolutely “Flawless” as you don this Beyonce’ inspired pony.

Step #1

To get the replica of Beyonce’s ponytail, will require you to dye your extensions. Since our hair is human hair, you can treat it much like your own hair, including dying and applying heat. As always, I recommend visiting a professional colorist when thinking about bleaching your hair to minimize damage and to achieve the exact color you want.

Step #2

With your own hair, apply a generous amount of gel and water to your hair. With a thick bristle brush, brush your hair up to the top of your head. The goal is to brush down as many flyaways and curls as possible. Secure your hair at the top with a hair tie.

Step #3

With your extensions, begin to wrap the track around the bun you created. As you wrap, consider pinning the hair in place with bobby pins.

Step #4

Once you have added the desired amount of hair, take a small piece of hair within your pony and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal any pins, tracks or hair ties.

Step #5

Finish off with some hairspray and fluff your pony. Now it is time to show those “Bugaboos” who's boss!

Endless Summer Equals Endless Styles

With these fantastic tips and tricks, you can create an arsenal of endless hairstyles with your Brazilian Kinky Curly hair extensions. Whether you are dressing up for date night or dressing down for a dip in the pool, you can be sure that your hair will look nothing short of red carpet ready. With a few changes and minimal prep work, you can have hair that will give you more time out and about and less time prepping in the bathroom. Did you find these tips helpful? Which style is your favorite? If you have tried our Brazilian Kinky Curly hair, share what hairstyles have been the best for you by writing them in the comment section below. We want to keep the conversation going and help everyone have a great hair day!
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Chasing Waterfalls with TLC Inspired Hairstyles

Chasing Waterfalls with TLC Inspired Hairstyles

Don't Be a Scrub and Check Out These Hairstyles

It seems that no matter how many years will go by we will always find a way to reminisce about the lovely role models in the past. There is one girl band in particular that we have so much love for and owe a lot of our everyday style too, and that group is TLC. T-Boz, Chilli, and Lisa Left Eye Lopes always had the upper hand when it came to their eccentric taste in fashion and hair choices; they would experiment with many different things and think that's one of the main reasons why we love them so much. TLC's music always sent out such, confident, beautiful girl power vibes, and in a matter of seconds you would be screaming out their lyrics at the top of your lungs. These three women knew all about color coordinating and would apply this when it came down to choosing their makeup, clothes, and hair color. There is so much that you can learn from this fantastic girl group from their close knitted friendships, beautiful personalities, and spectacular taste in fashion trends we know that there will forever be a piece of TLC in our hearts. If you ever were wondering how these women put their hair together or even how to pull off the hairstyles back, then and incorporate them in this time you are in a lot of luck. In this post, we will show off all the beautiful ways you can wear your hair and look just as amazing as TLC did back in the day. So, let's go ahead and dive right in!

TLC Go-To Looks


Let us start off with Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas signature hairstyles in this group. Now, although it seems like having your edges looking good is a must have, a lot of women were not as concerned with adding that finishing touch back in the day when they did their hair. But we give big props to Chilli because whenever you saw her, you knew that she would lay those baby hairs down like it was nobody's business. Some of the biggest hip-hop and R&B artists even some men would wear their perfectly smooth baby hairs down, for example; Brandy, Ginuwine, Mario, Missy Elliott, and many more. Growing up seeing and hearing about the girl group I remember I always wanted to be like Chilli from her rocking dance moves to her amazing flowy hairstyles this woman could do no wrong in my eyes. She was the only member of the group who always opted for a classic type of vibe. When it came down to her hair choices, it was long, dark, and usually in water wave curls or straighten from time to time.

Half Up Half Down and Added Braids

Yes, we love Chilli because of her signature baby hairs, but there were also some other looks we can remember her by. This artist would like to incorporate braids into her style whether it be individuals or midway cornrows this made a splash on her uniqueness to the group. If she didn't wear her hair down it would probably be in half up ponytail this was such a cute, flirty, and fun look at the time and it is still carrying on to this day. As months went on in the group Chilli changed her hair color from black to a honey brown, this gave her a more mature look and added the sexy element that the band needed to further their career. Coloring your hair from black to brown is a smooth transition and won't cause much damage to your tresses. Anyone looking for an immediate switch up in the shade of their hair should take some tips from our heartthrob Chilli. Her look is probably the simplest one to recreate now a day because it is timeless and will never be out of style. If you want to give the wet and wavy Chilli look, try to check out Private Label Extensions Malaysian body wave or our wavy virgin Indian hair. I think either or will do the job just well in replicating this singer's beautiful hairdo. If you want to try adding a few individual braids throughout the weave and that will complete the total 90's hairstyle package.

Lisa ‘Left Eye' Lopes

Not only was Lisa ‘Left Eye' Lopes one of the best and most iconic female rappers from of the 90's and her girl group but she never disappointed us when it came down to her wild and outrageous hairstyles. From wearing vibrant colors to rocking three hair cone pigtails, we can honestly say that there was no other woman at this time capable of pulling off the fantastic hair trends as Left Eye did. Left Eye was undoubtedly ahead of her time adding very futuristic elements to her hairstyles. At one moment she would be sporting a neon green wig, and the next second wearing crazy sexy cool hair jewels and accessories. Although she left this earth too soon and her choices in hairstyles were exceptionally out there somehow, we still find a way to recreate them eleven years later.

Pig Tails

It is safe to say that the style of pig/ponytails belongs to the beautiful Ms. Left Eye, she had a way of making a look meant for younger girls edgy and fresh. Lisa was a big fan of wearing twists, buns, Bantu knots anything that would stand out and catch any fans attention. She reminds me a lot of my personality and what I look for when I try to find a new hairstyle. What makes this late rapper stand out was the wild and colorful headbands and hair scrunchies she wears to match her outfit and makeup looks. A perfect example of this style in this day in time was Cardi B's 2018 Coachella performance where she pays homage to Left Eye not only by her wardrobe but also in the way she wears her hair. Cardi B steps out with two high ponytails on the side of her head, another one in the back, and long side-swept bangs just like Lisa Lopes would wear them. Sometimes it takes artists that are out now to remind us all of how styles that were popular back then can still be famous now. If you think you are too old to pull off the pigtail look, we are here to tell you that you're wrong, even just adding beautiful accessories as Lisa will spice up your hairdo. So, if you are feeling on the adventurous side and want to try something new we suggest you take a careful look at Lisa ‘Left Eye' Lopes lookbook. You are sure to find some great styles that you can recreate.


T-Boz was another very essential woman apart of the TLC girl group. She was the sweetest most sincere, and downright grateful out of the group due to her sickle cell disease. She never let her disease come in the way of her singing and her priorities in the group. And I think that is what made her so inspiring to all the younger girls around the world. She was undoubtedly the glue for the group and held everyone together in my opinion. When it came down to hairstyles, T-Boz would always keep her locks sassy and short; this brought a certain edge to the group. She was the blonde Goldie locks of that generation that brings a punk softness to the look and feel of the band.


From as long as I can remember when I think of T-Boz I see a golden bob cut in a myriad of ways. In an interview with Essence, she says that "many people criticize me for always wearing different variations of bobs, but this look will never go out of style." And years later the singer was right you see artists from Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé rocking this iconic cut. Do you remember when she would wear her hair in an asymmetrical bob with the two strands hanging alongside on her face? She would jokingly call this style her "waterfalls sideburn." That cut wasn't all she would wear though, one of my favorites was her cornrows that lead into a high ponytail or just her braids in general. I think all together it was refreshing to see these three women with these three different personalities all come together as one. When you were little, I bet it was always a struggle trying to figure which person you wanted to portray. Every girl in TLC held their own, I do not believe that anyone outshined one another, and it was easy to fall in love with every one of them. If you are sweet and sassy, draw some inspiration from T-Boz who we all know for her simple, yet sexy hair looks.

Quick Outfit Inspiration

Although the 90's are over, and we are almost twenty years into the 2000's. Yet, we can still draw some great inspiration from this girl group classic wardrobe. So, if you are in an outfit crisis, take a quick look at this list of items you can add to your closet to complete the overall TLC look.

Brand Name Clothing

A few things you can add to your wardrobe would be brand name boxers and sports bras. That's right, Tommy Hilfiger was a popping brand back then and many stores now like Urban Outfitters and ASOS carry the style as they did back in the day. Even though years went on, the price of these brand name items have stayed the same or went up in price. So make sure to save up If you want to incorporate these materials into your look.

Halter Tops

Halter tops and Bandeaus were the hottest trend and clothing item of the 90's, and I am glad to say that they have still yet to go out of style. I own a few myself, and it is the perfect item to wear in the warmer weather seasons. These beauties show off your beautiful neckline, arms, and midriff all at the same time. So, if you are a showstopper and in for something daring give these risky tops a try soon.

Large Sweatpants

Baggy sweatpants is another go-to item every fashionista must have to accomplish the 90s era look. This generation now may refer to them as joggers, but they are still the same back then as they are now. And if you are too worried about looking like a complete boy add a colorful crop top and bright tennis shoes to the outfit. And in a matter of seconds, you will look exactly like one of our lovely ladies from TLC. One person who screams sexy tomboy in this day and age is Teyana Taylor she is the master of making baggy clothes look extremely attractive, and I honestly don't know how she does it. She is one of my style inspirations, and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets some of her dressing ideas from 90's R&B artists

Which TLC Hairstyle was your favorite?

So, we have seen a close look at the hairstyles that the group TLC brings us and how we can incorporate these looks into our daily lifestyles. I think that whenever you are in a hair, wardrobe, or style crisis, it is always good to look back at old celebrities and stars in the past and draw some inspiration from them. TLC distinct sound and style will forever remain a part of our hearts and souls. "Crazy, sexy, cool" was the perfect way to depict their personalities and as time evolved, we still look up to the group in many ways. I hope you found some enjoyment reading this post, let us know which TLC hairstyles your favorite in the comments down below!
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Meghan Markle Gives Us Princess Inspiration!

Meghan Markle Gives Us Princess Inspiration!

Meghan’s Princess Evolution

I am so elated to witness the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Prince Harry has never played by the royal rules, and it is refreshing to see he followed his heart instead of the royal aristocracy. Meghan is an example to all young girls and women that you can redefine social standards by being yourself. Being biracial may concern some, but for most of us, she’s a mentor and woman we can look up to. Her ethnicity is a bonus because it shows there are no limits to what someone can achieve in life. Her hairstyle choices match her demeanor. She’s simple yet trendy and mixes classic touches into her fashion as well as her hair. Her easy and effortless style choices which makes it attainable for all other women to channel their inner princesses and wow the world. Let’s get started!

Going from Blonde to Dark Brown

If you want to get dark brown strands just like Meghan Markle, I’m here to help you. For best results, it’s best to fill the brown color back into your blonde hair before you color your hair dark brown. The following directions are for a diy coloring process:


  • Mixing bowl
  • Brush
  • Ion Brilliance intensive shine demi-permanent dark color 6N (2-3 tubes depending on hair length)
  • Ion-sensitive scalp 10 volume developer
  • Gloves
  • Applicator brush
Now that you have your supplies it's time for you to get your tresses looking as royal as hers so let's get started!

Step 1.

Put on your gloves

Step 2.

Squeeze both tubes of color into mixing bowl

Step 3.

Add 2 ounces of developer in with color

Step 4.

Mix the color and developer together well

Step 5.

Apply the mixture to your roots first

Step 6.

Allow it to process for about 15 minutes

Step 7.

Apply the remaining mixture to the rest of your hair

Step 8.

Rub the color in with your hands to make sure it gets on all of your hair

Step 9.

Leave color on for about 20-30 minutes

Step 10.

Rinse your hair to remove all color and style as desired You can use a darker color in your hair to have a richer and deeper tone.

Sleek Style

Princess Meghan Markle always hits the mark with her sleek hairstyle. It’s simple yet just right for a busy day. I am including two ways to recreate the look. If your hair is long enough or if you need to add just a few clip ins you won’t need to follow the sew in instructions. Here’s how you can replicate this trendy hairstyle easily:


  • Organix shampoo and conditioner
  • Blow-dryer
  • Butterfly clips
  • Private Label Extensions
  • Comb
  • Braid hair
  • Heat Protectant
  • Nylon sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Edge control
  • Hair scissors
  • Hair Sheen
  • Argan oil or Jamaican black castor oil
Steps to Achieve a Sleek Style

Step 1.

Shampoo and condition your hair

Step 2.

Add an oil to your scalp (argan or Jamaican castor oil)

Step 3.

Section your hair off into four parts

Step 4.

Clip each section up with a butterfly clip

Step 5.

Take a section and remove your clip

Step 6.

Spray heat protectant on the section

Step 7.

Blow dry the section and repeat steps 5-7 on each section

Step 8.

Once your hair is dry part your hair in the middle

Step 9.

Section hair into four parts and clip up

Step 10.

Remove one clip and spray hair with heat protectant

Step 11.

Comb through the section

Step 12.

Chase your comb with your flat iron to get your hair smooth

Step 13.

Keep an eye on the temperature of your iron to protect your hair from damage

Step 14.

Repeat steps 10-12 on each section

Step 15.

Trim your ends as needed or have someone trim them for you

How to Trim your Hair

I have trimmed my hair often, and it's not as hard as you may think.

Step 1.

Start with clean hair

Step 2.

Trim hair that is not layered by combing the hair straight down and trimming the ends. Always use your fingers as a guide.

Step 3.

Trim hair that is layered by combing hair out to the side and trim ends. Always use your fingers as a guide.
Roller Set To get curls like Meghan Markle, I recommend an easy roller set (Check out this article: roller set natural hair). Once your hair is set your curls will be popping!


  • Organix shampoo and conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Plastic rollers
  • Duckbill clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Hooded dryer
  • Brush
  • Scarf
  • Hicks edge control
Let me share my technique with you! Steps to Achieve a Roller Set

Step 1.

Shampoo and condition your hair

Step 2.

Apply a leave-in conditioner

Step 3.

Part hair as you will wear it

Step 4.

Apply rollers to the top and crown rolling toward the back

Step 5.

Secure with a clip or bobby pin

Step 6.

Apply rollers to the temples rolling toward the back

Step 7.

Secure with a clip or bobby pin

Step 8.

Apply rollers to the sides and back by rolling the hair down

Step 9.

Sit under a dryer for about an hour

Step 10.

Once the hair is dry remove the rollers

Step 11.

Brush out your curls to get the fullness you are looking for Note: To maintain this style, wrap the hair at night and use your scarf to protect your hair. The next morning remove the scarf, touch up your edges, and style as desired.

Low Chignon

Meghan’s wedding look is simple. I like the fact that she did not feel the need to be over the top on her special day. Below are step by step instructions on how to recreate the style:


  • Private Label Extensions/Clip in’s
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • ⅝ or 1-inch curling iron
  • Alligator clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
Ok! Let’s get started!
Steps to Achieve a Low Chignon

Step 1.

Comb or brush to remove any tangles

Step 2.

Using a ⅝ inch or 1-inch curling wand curl your hair in sections

Step 3.

Secure your curls with a clip to help them set

Step 4.

Once you complete curling the back of your hair, curl the midsection the same way

Step 5.

Once you get to the crown of your head curl your hair going away from your face to help you blend your extensions better

Step 6.

Allow your curls to set for about 10 minutes If you want to use a holding spray to keep your hair in place.

Step 7.

Remove the pins and prepare to install your extensions

Step 8.

To add a dramatic or different touch to Meghan’s hairstyle, try some complementary color extensions. I love playing with color so it’s definitely something I will try on my special day Clip-in extensions provide a quick style change without long-term commitment. I also like clip-ins because you can pre-style them and then install them. Noone will be able to tell you have them in if you style them correctly.

Step 9.

Curl your extensions with the same curling iron you used on your own hair.

Step 10.

Once you curl all your extensions, clip them in where you want to add length, volume, and/or color

Step 11.

At this point, your hair is curled, your extensions are installed, and you are ready to create your Meghan Markle updo.

Step 12.

Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them

Step 13.

Hold the front side of your hair with your fingers to keep the loose wavy shape of the curls *The side you choose will be the side you want less hair on. So, if you want a fuller flowy look on the right side, twist up the left side.

Step 1.

Gently twist the section of hair inward toward your scalp, bring the twisted section toward the back midsection of your head and secure with a bobby pin

Step 14.

Take the section of hair that is right below the section you just pinned and gently twist it up to meet your first pinned section. Pin it in place right at the end of your first section. It will start to look like one continuous twist

Step 15.

On the opposite side of your head take the front side and twist it back to meet your other two twists

Step 16.

Pin it in place

Step 17.

Divide your remaining hair into two separate sections because your pinned twist will create a ridge

Step 18.

Take the unpinned hair hanging from above your twist and gently clip it up and out of the way

Step 19.

Grab your pre-styled extensions and clip-in them in right above the twist

Step 20.

Clip them in to add the length and volume if you desire.
You can install your hair extensions side by side or one on top of the other. At this point, you will have the front and sides pinned in the back. One bottom section (left or right) is up with the other two twists. Your loose hanging hair is clipped up above the twists, your extensions clipped in, and you have your pinned twists going across the back midsection of your hair and the bottom portion below the twist hanging.

Step 22.

Add more hairspray to the unpinned hair I recommend using hairspray because you want your curls to last the whole day.

Step 23.

Pull the top section of hanging hair up and pin it right above your twists

Step 24.

Pull the bottom section of your natural hair and extensions up and off to the side of the twists Note: Remember, this is the side you desire to have more volume on so don’t pin the hair up tight.

Step 25.

Allow your eye to guide you and pin the hair up until you see it taking on the shape of the look you want. Note: The pinned sections should blend and not look like two separate sections on your head.

Step 26.

Spray your hair with holding spray to tame it and keep all your stray strands in place Ok boo! You are done, and you look gorgeous I’m sure!

Showcase Your Own Royalty

We all are excited about the new princess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It seems like a once in a lifetime occurrence that we are able to see such a historical union of two people. Meghan Markle breaks barriers by being the first African-American princess. So, of course, I’m celebrating her #blackgirlmagic! Remember you have your own magic as well. You don’t have to be Meghan Markle or even wish you were her to be amazing on your own. Take a self-care day, create one of the styles above and sprinkle your magic everywhere you go. We all are princesses at heart! Comment below with your questions and thoughts! PLE loves hearing from you!
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Fresh Hairstyles Beyonce Switched Up On Tour!

Fresh Hairstyles Beyonce Switched Up On Tour!

Her Best Look Yet!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Beyonce. I mean, I love Beyonce. In my opinion, Beyonce is one of the hardest working people that I’ve witnessed in the music industry. Not only is she extremely hardworking, but she has also become known for her various fashion and hair styles. When people see Beyonce, they almost always expect her to have a dirty blond variation of hairstyles. Beyonce’s staple color is always going to involve some blond color, but he doesn’t always keep the same hairstyle. In fact, many people get excited to see what she’ll do next when it comes to her hair. So far, on every tour she’s had, she’s looked stunning. Even when she’s not on tour, she never fails to give us a fresh style to obsess over. Beyonce has been becoming a hair icon throughout her career, and I’m so excited to see what she does on this next tour! My favorite tour hairstyles came from her past “Lemonade” tour. Her current OTRII tour is up for debate when it comes to outfits and hairstyles, but I’m sure she won’t disappoint. Let’s get into our favorite fresh styles Beyonce has shown us on tour, and how you can achieve something similar!

Beyonce’s Best Tour Styles

It’s hard to choose Beyonce’s best fresh styles from her tours because she’s an Icon, but we’ve narrowed it down to her best hairstyles yet. As mentioned before, you can guarantee that Beyonce will have a blonde color regardless of the style that you see. When trying to replicate these styles, understand that it’s not necessary for you to be blond. All you need to do is rock your favorite fresh styles with confidence! If you don’t want to manipulate your natural hair (Check out this article: Beyonce natural hair) then you can quickly grab some extensions and bring any style to life. Throughout her career, Beyonce has tried different hairstyles, but the best fresh styles have been the blonde curly bob, the wet look, the whip braid, and the naturally curly textured long style. These four styles are our favorite styles from Beyonce on tour, and we’re going to show you how to achieve each one.

Blonde Curly Bob

Beyonce debuted this style in her “Mrs. Carter” tour, and everyone loved it! When I first saw this look, it was in 2013 when her tour dates were announced. Before utilizing this look, she had worn her usual hairstyle which was the long blond wavy look. Beyonce’s team of hairstylist always know what look to give her so that she’ll look flawless. At the time, the blond bob, or even just the regular bob, was a favorite hairstyle, so it made sense for her to rock this hairdo. It seems that to achieve this look, she wore a wig or sewed in extensions. To complete this look, you can curl your real hair by using rollers or curling iron. Get some mousse so that curls hold during the day. Also, a wide tooth comb will help you keep your curls without ruining them. This style is one of my personal favorites, and it looks especially great on those with defined jawlines and cheekbones. Try out this look today!

The Wet Look HairStyle!

When Beyonce performed “Freedom,” I was so astounded at the power of her movement throughout the song. If there’s anyone that knows how to hold a note while making so many moves at once, it’s Beyonce. Another thing I was shocked to see was how she included water into there performance of this specific song. Her hair looked wet and flawless the entire time. Anyone that knows Beyonce’s career knows that you never really know when she’s wearing extensions unless it’s explicitly clear. However, just because we don’t see that she’s wearing extensions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to achieve this look. A lot of people think that having the wet hair look means you have to keep a spray bottle on you at all time. To achieve this look, you can use natural hair or extension depending on your hair type. The best extensions to use would be any deep wave style. You’ll need wave gel, and mouse to keep the curls looking great!

The “Whip” Braid

Remember the iconic moment when Beyonce whipped her braid around her body right on cue? It was terrific, and the hairstyle was equally as great. It was nice to see Beyonce in a different hairstyle during her “Formation” tour. Her edges were utterly snatched to perfection. Luckily for us, achieving this look is simple and straightforward. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of people with that style before and after that iconic moment. Most people don’t have hair long enough to make a braid like that. Even wigs are made to maintain that much hair. The best way to achieve this look would be to get some kinky straight hair, or some Kankelon braiding hair and French braid it however long you like. Get some clips that will be able to attach to the extensions as well as your natural hair. Slick back your hair so that your edges look flawless. You want to make sure you use a gel that won’t make your hair hard, or flakey. This is a tight hairstyle so be mindful of how it makes your head feel while you wear it!

Half Up, Half Down Curly Style

In her most recent concert and tour appearances, Beyonce has been making use of a style that many seem to love on her. This hairstyle is charming and easy to achieve! Beyonce looks like she’s wearing a few bundles to get that full look that seems to be perfectly layered. To get this look, you’ll need extensions. The “Brazilian Wave” is the best option since it has a curl that would match Beyonce’s. This curl is known to stay curly, but a little mousse wouldn’t hurt. To achieve the full look, you’ll need to get some edge control to keep your edged intact. The ponytail can be created however you like. Once you’re done, you’ll be left with a fun, curly and lengthy look!

Fresh Styles For Everyone!

The great thing about Beyonce’s hairstyles is that they’re practical. In most cases, you can achieve Beyonce’s looks with the right tools! Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new! Check out our extensions to get that perfect blond look to fit your Beyonce inspired look!
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