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What Are Lash Lifts & How They Transform Lashes

What Are Lash Lifts & How They Transform Lashes

Lashes Are A Frame for Your Eyes

Whether you are rocking a beat face or a natural look the eyelashes always see to draw attention to the eyes and make the world focus on the windows to the soul. It seems like the beauty industry has taken notice because the days of coating your droopy lashes with a coat of mascara are no longer cutting it. Lash strips, clusters, individual extensions and now lash lifts are the most popular ways to enhance your natural set of lashes and sometimes even add a little more to them.

What is a Lash Lift?

Eyelashes are manipulated continuously lengthened, lifted, and thickened to achieve one result: lashes that POP! The lash lift is the newest beauty craze sweeping the lash care world. In the fashion and beauty blogosphere, it looks like more and more women are trying the lash lift during their summer vacations because of its low maintenance results. Trendsetters and trend followers alike have experimented with lash extensions. The addicting service adds everything you need to your natural eyelash without the glue or self-torture involves in the lash strip application process. The natural look of lash extensions is the real draw because they are attached to the root of your natural lash and look like they are coming straight out of your eyelid. However, the unfortunate thing about lash extensions is the shedding process. As the extensions start to shed, we all know that you will struggle with uneven lashes until your next refill appointment, or worse spend more money on camouflaging the transition with lash strips. Lash extensions also seem to hurt your real lashes. The remaining lashes that don’t fall out with the extensions are always short and stubby with little to no movement. Besides the issues that lash extensions have plagued us with, there are times that lash strips seem no better. For hours I have tried to stand in the mirror and master the art of trimming lash strips and fitting them across my upper eyelid. And let’s be honest, I know I have not been the only one to throw my hands up and create clusters to glue pieces of lashes in between my own because the large lash strip would not blend correctly. It seems like the lash lift could be my solution. Lash Lifting involves a perming solution. The popular Keratin lash lift uses a solution made of the natural ingredients: water, keratin, collagen extract, elastin, silk protein, amino acid, raw vitamin B, liquid biotin, coconut oil. Vitamin B6, zinc, and folic acid. This solution is being applied to your natural lashes to give you the semi-permanent lift and curl of a lash extension or strip.

Who Performs the Lash Lift Services?

You should only get your lashes lifted by a trained professional typically found at a lash bar, beauty spa, or salon. Because you are applying a chemical to your lashes and it does involve curling the lashes from the base of your lash you would not want an uncertified technician to get any chemical into your eyes or permanently damage your lashes by pulling them from the root.

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost?

Lash Lifts can range from $75 to $150 depending on the brand your lash lift provider uses. However, because lash extensions can run you around $200 the lash lift service is less expensive than those mentioned above, and it can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on your lash cycle most service providers will suggest that you come in after the 8th week to get a touch-up. Even though your permed lashes are treated to be lifted and curled, remember as your lashes shed the new lashes will come in straight and will need the same treatment to curl and lift.

Preparation Options

To prepare for your lash lift refrain from wearing makeup like waterproof mascara and using a curler on your lashes for about three days before your lash lift appointment. You want your lashes to be dry and not irritated so that it is easier for your lashes to take to the perming solution. Other than that there are no big things that you need to do to prepare for your lash lift session, just show up!

Customize Your Lash Look

The fantastic thing about a lash lift is that you can customize how you want your eyelashes to look. When you are talking to your lash artist be completely honest with her about your daily habits when concerning your lashes; the more you tell her, the easier it will be to help you get the lashes you want.
  • Do you wear mascara a lot?
  • Are you looking for lashes with volume and bulk?
  • Do you like your lashes to spread out like a fan?
An easy way to answer these questions would be to use the type of lash strips or individual style that you gravitate towards as a guide to let your lash artist know what you're interested in. From this conversation and your actual eye shape your lash tech will know what size curl to and lift your lashes too. For those interested in more length you may want to apply a growth serum to your lashes. Unfortunately, the lash lift can only lift what you already have. If you want a drastic change in length, you will have to grow your lashes out first naturally.

The Procedure

The total time it takes to complete the lash lifting process is about 1 hour. After your initial consultation and the selection of the curl size, the lash tech will start with cleaning your lashes, hence why you may want to already come in with a clean face and no makeup. After your lashes have are clean the tech will separate your lashes (the bottom from the top) and tape down your lower lashes. Typically the lower lashes are not treated. The upper lashes are then combed out, detangled, and separated. Then a silicone shield is placed on top of your eyelid. The shield sticks to your eyelid with an adhesive that is similar to the glue used to apply lashes so if you have an allergy be sure to let your tech know so that they can plan accordingly. Once the shield is on to your lid, the lash tech will apply another layer of adhesive to the top of the shield. Next, the technician will comb your top lashes upward to stick to the shield. This is to get them in place to take their shape and where eye safe perming solution is applied. The perming solution is applied onto your lashes with a brush and stays on for about 6 to 12 minutes depending on the person. The length of time it takes for your perming solution to take effect really depends on your hair type. You can use the hair on your hair as a reference for the amount of perming time you will need to endure. If your hair is typically hard to curl and you have to curl it around the curling iron multiple times, you will definitely be on the 12-minute end of the spectrum. This is something that you should communicate to your lash tech during your consultation portion of the appointment so that they know they are in for a longer appointment. Sometimes the lash tech will have to remove the perming solution after the first 12 minutes and reapply for a second treatment in order to get your curl to form correctly. This is not abnormal. If you are wondering what the perming solution is actually doing and you are a little nervous about the word “perm” let me put your mind at ease. The perming solution is a softener and helps to soften the bond of your lashes to make it moldable and ready to change its shape. Following the perm, the lash tech will brush off the perming solution and then add the setting solution to harden the lashes. The solution restructures the bond so that your curl holds. After the setting solution is applied, the tech will put a nourishing lotion that doubles as a keratin treatment on the lashes. The lotion contains keratin, sodium PCA, aloe vera, grapeseed oil, glycerin, and a humectant to add moisture back into the lashes.

Lash Tinting for the Extra POP

Depending on whether or not you wear mascara on a daily basis you may want to ask your lash tech to really darken your lashes and create an illusion of more volume and length. If you are on vacay mode and you do not want to wear mascara you can add a lash tint to the lift service as well. The typical lash strand starts off dark at the base and lightens to an almost see through existence as the lash gets longer. The lash tinting process consists of adding a dyeing solution to your lower and upper lashes to make them darker from root to tip and look even more separated after the tech has combed through them. The lash tech can tint your lashes before adding the nourishing lotion to your lashes. The tint can stay on from anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes depending on how dark your lashes are. My suggestion would be to get the top lashes lifted, and the bottom lashes tinted to be more defined and really make your eyes POP!

After The Lift

The first 24 hours after the lash lift are the most important. You don’t want to do anything that could jeopardize the curl locking in so please take heed to the instructions below. 24 Hours After DO NOT:
  • Get your lashes wet
  • Expose them to steam
  • Expose them to any time of moisture or humidity
  • Apply Mascara
  • Agitate the eyelid with eye makeup; you could affect the shape

Maintenance Tips: The Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

The result of the lash lift is significantly lower maintenance than the effects of lash extensions. While lash extensions cause you to be more cautious sleeping, washing your face, and wearing makeup the results of the lash lift is the complete opposite. Because the lashes curled are your own lashes, you do not have to worry about the lashes coming off as you complete your day to day activities. This makes the lash lift results extremely low maintenance. The only thing experts suggest: Apply a conditioning oil to the lashes nightly! The same oils that you use on your skin and hair are the same oils you can use to condition your lashes. Grapeseed oil or coconut oil is the perfect moisturizing agent to add to your lashes at night to keep them nourished. Think about it like the aftercare for your hair after you have colored it. Once your hair has processed you need to make sure you keep it moisturized to ensure it looks its best. It is the same with processed lashes.

Wearing Mascara

The great thing about the whole lash lift process is that you can still wear mascara, especially if you are opting out of the lash tinting service. You may be wondering why you would want to after paying for the lash lift. Think about wearing mascara before a lash lift. After using mascara, the lash that is straight and jutting out of your eyelid will get thicker, darker, and longer. However, when you are applying mascara to a lash that is curled up, and you can now see the lash will have all of those properties and be more visible. I repeat, you can wear mascara.

Loving the Lift

A quick hour and a lash lift and tint will give you the lashes you have been dreaming of. With the lash lift procedure emerging fewer women are opting to do the strip lash set or lash extensions when going on vacation because it is such an easy way to do less and have more time to relax. If you are looking for a lash spa that does the lash lift service, you can find one on Google. Just remember to call them to ensure that their technicians are certified before you make your appointment. If you do decide to try this new procedure, please be sure to leave us a comment below dishing on on the details and results!
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Lash Allergies: Are False Eyelashes For You?

Lash Allergies: Are False Eyelashes For You?

Aids to Beauty

To prevent lash allergies or irritations, you have to be able to work hand in hand with your options when it comes to finding the right style for your safety and beauty. There’s just something about eyelashes that bring such liveliness to looks. The bigger, the better, or should I say the fuller the finer! There are so many ways to lengthen your lashes, so be sure to do the research beforehand to find the perfect method to achieve your desired volume. When we see lash styles on those we love, we tend to copy those of others, but never honestly find unique methods. I know a lot of girls wanting to enhance their makeup for the most natural-but-noticeable looking styles. But I hear of too many who experience short or long term issues when it comes to wearing false eyelashes. This may be due to unknown lash allergies or improper application. Not every woman prefers falsies, and every woman cannot wear any type of lash. It just depends on you! Your eye shape, eye sensitivity, the chance if you wear contacts or not, if you’re a swimmer, and the list goes on. You have to find the option that fits you and your lifestyle.

Beauty is NOT Always Pain

A lot of women experience lash allergies or irritations either during or after the process. It doesn’t even matter whether it is strips or extensions, you have to know exactly what you are in for when it comes to putting anything foreign near your eyes. As eyes are the windows to the soul, we should be mindful of how we treat them. Wearing lashes might look good on you now, but over time how will the state of your eyes and lashes be with your routine?

Allergies vs. Irritations

Your natural lashes are never the problem. Almost anyone can apply false lashes, especially those with fine or little to no hairs. You should always check the adhesive used to find the ingredient(s) that might be causing an allergic reaction. The most common reason for these come from cyanoacrylate, which is the component that helps create the sticky texture of the glue. It is possible to be allergic to something that causes your eyes to swell and become itchy. If you are working with a lash technician, don't be afraid to speak up about any issues. The way to know if it is an allergy or irritation is by the severity. If it is bothersome, try using a fan to keep the fumes away from your eyes. This is the best way to finish the process without any added pains. And if it continues to feel uncomfortable even after using lightweight alternatives (such as saline solutions, medical tape, or less glue), it is most likely lash allergies. If this happens, you must remove the lashes as soon as you can. In the case of lash extensions, you would probably have to wait because you need to get medical help to relieve the puffiness before a lash technician can remove them safely. Lash allergies are rare, but possible when dealing with eyelash extensions. You should let your lash technician know beforehand whether it is your first time or not, or if you've ever experienced any problems in the past. It is better to use sensitive adhesives, as the amount of cyanoacrylate is lesser which helps reduce the chances of swollen eyelids, and itchiness and redness in the eyes. Once an allergy starts, there is no steadiness until glue removal is complete. If you've endured a bad experience, do not let that discourage you from opting for other procedures that might lessen your cause for the reaction. We all deserve chances to brighten up our look, even if it means taking an extra step to do so.

What to Look For

We know to look out for what we put in our body, but we must pay attention to what we put on our body as well. Even if you have had a stress-free experience with fake lashes, continue to practice safety by always making sure everything you are using is safe for you. Do not go to a procedure blind about the products and tools that professionals use for your extensions. Better to be safe than sorry! We want to make sure that our lashes will continue to thrive on our own with falsies, so we need to be mindful of the effects of long-term use as well. Never pull on your lashes, if you need mascara, do so lightly on the tips of the lashes only to avoid clumps. If the lashes fall out, it is perfectly fine since it's falling out with the natural lash. Too much touching or messing with your lashes can also bring forth bacteria buildup near your eyes.

My Personal Experience

I remember the first time I got lash extensions. I was very nervous to sit knowing I was about to have sharp objects near my eyes for beauty. At a point, I tried to fall asleep as my technician suggested, but I couldn’t get myself to do so, so I had to sit and experience it firsthand. Throughout the process, I felt some discomfort because of the glue touching my eyes. It was a slight burning, itchy feeling, so she tried to help with the use of a fan. It helped temporarily, but all throughout the process my eyes watered and when we finished, my eyes were so red, but my lashes were worth it. I didn’t experience any issues after my appointment, but I decided I wouldn't get a refill and stick to strips, although I tried it again at a later time and received similar results. As convenient as they are, the irritation is not worth hurting my eyes every time I get them done. The process is supposed to be painless, and my eyes are just way too sensitive to keep them entirely still and closed the whole time. If you’re that type of girl who can sleep through her lash extensions, I applaud you because I could never. Luckily, what I experienced was irritation and not an allergy. It is best I stay away from extensions until necessary. And it was just too much to work around while I was getting ready every day. I just had to factor in everything I do in my day to day life.

How to Improve Your Experience

You have to consider the condition of your eyelashes to decide how you want to go about lengthening them. If you ever feel any burning or itching during any part of the process, stop and don’t even go any further, because the longer something is wrong, the higher chance of irritation which can cause problems.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Just consider all your options when it comes to deciding the lash style you wish you always had.

Strip Lashes

Strips are the most popular way to lengthen your lashes yourself in seconds. They are much easier to apply than individuals, but still, require practice to apply precisely. Now, we have even more options when it comes to wearing strip lashes: You can use an adhesive or magnetic strip to apply the piece. For glues and adhesives, they should dry to a tacky texture before applying for less messiness when securing the lashes. Just place the strip right along the lash line, above your natural lashes. To remove, you can use a makeup remover or oil-based serum to slide the lash off.


Magnetics set just as you would imagine. With accurate strip placement, they hold together well enough to be able to go a whole day with them on securely. The magnetic lashes might differ in instruction with each brand; however, the general idea is the upper and lower lash pieces that grip the lashes together. This can be an excellent alternative for those who experience any issues after trying to reduce the tenderness from glues and chemicals.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are great for women who want to showcase an open or cat eye look. It allows for perfect placement to frame the eye entirely. Attach each lash to the lash line for the most natural look possible. Practice makes perfect, so do not be discouraged about how long or more advanced it is compared to using strips.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the most expensive and time-consuming option. However, they are the most long-lasting and convenient way to style a glamorous, natural look. It boosts confidence when makeup-free and saves so much time during day and night routines. If you want to keep up your look you must refill every three to five weeks. You always want to style your lashes in ways to favor your eye shape, whether through every day or glam style. You also wish to make still sure your technician is certified and that you check on reviews and their work to ensure they can achieve the exact style you want.

Eye Sensitivity

The sensitivity of your own eyes factor into your choice of lashes. Make sure that the lashes do not deviate from your standard eye shape and length. The composition of false eyelashes ranges from mink, silk, or synthetic. These are all good and safe to use, as long as there’s no discomfort. Highly sensitive eyes should stick to strip styles because they are the most simple and most comfortable option to be done for yourself. Unless you trust someone to handle you gently enough for lashes, you can work with them to make sure they can use a medical grade adhesive that helps for those with more sensitive eyes. False lashes are applied directly to the lash itself and not the eyelid. You don't even have to fill in the entire lash line, and there are individual sets as well for augmentation. Eyes that can withstand standard procedures are not too sensitive for any specific techniques, so like I mentioned before, if you don’t have any issues when it comes to lashes, you’re lucky! All you have to make sure is that the style is safe for you to use as well as proper positioning.

Lifestyle Habits

If you are very active in life, wearing strips can be beneficial. But, if you have them on at times where you are engaged in some vigorous activity or bad weather, there are higher chances of them falling off rather than you taking them off. Extensions are very secure, but it also depends on the type of activity. If you love to swim like me, then those options will depend on my ability to do both. Some people can, and others can’t. Just do what’s best for you!

Finding Your Signature

We all have unique features and interests. Everything we do in life is accounted for when we make any decisions, down to our lash choices. I want us all to learn about ourselves enough to find the looks that are best for us to exude confidence whenever we enhance our look. It takes time, patience, effort, and trial and error to create that signature look. If allergens are the reason you cannot wear most false eyelashes, try the glueless options and see how that works for you. You can also just consider routines to go about lengthening your natural lashes, which takes time, but the result should be worth it! Let us know about your personal experience in the comments below and tips to help others be aware of the best methods to take when interested in false lashes!
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How Selling 3D Mink Lashes Can Help Your Hair Brand

How Selling 3D Mink Lashes Can Help Your Hair Brand

Add to Your Sales

You’ve had your hair brand for a while now, and your hair brand is doing well. You are getting a little satisfied with the sales, but you feel like you could gain more profit. Great. You are ready to take on a new business venture that aligns with your hair business. Mink Lashes. Yes, I said it, lashes. Lashes are a great way to add on to your hair brand. For one, people love them. People want to add a little pizazz to their face. And two, it is a great way to stay in business and have a little more income when the human hair extensions sales slow down. With Private Label Extensions’ 3D Mink Lash line, you can easily sell lashes along with your hair extensions. These 3D mink lashes come ready for resale and are a perfect addition to your brand.

Six Big Reasons Why Mink Lashes Can Help your Brand!

1. Everyone loves lashes!

Especially the mink ones. Mink lashes create a luxurious and chic look. These lashes blend great with your natural lashes. There are premium lashes that are also affordable. On the contrary, synthetic lashes are unnaturally looking and stiff. These are reasons why people love lashes:
  • Longer lashes are a symbol of beauty.
  • Lashes help with someone's confidence and self-esteem. We want to feel great all the time!
  • Longer lashes make up for the extra time on applying makeup. It is a shortcut from applying makeup because lashes can make you look automatically attractive.
Offering a product that people love, will make customers want to purchase items from your hair brand continually. Cater to what customers like and what aligns with your ideal brand, and you will start to make a significant profit. With these reasons why people love lashes, why not sell them? You will be doing your hair brand a favor selling these lovely things!

2. Your hair brand should be a one-stop shop

Ever when to Target for one thing, like sunglasses, and you end up buying ten more things? Yup, because Target offers more items than sunglasses. They offer shoes, makeup brushes, and even bicycles! Let your brand be a one-stop shop. Allow your customers to buy multiple items in one store. This helps your brand fell extensive and thorough. Think about products other than hair extensions and lashes that you can sell. Another product such as edge control is an excellent addition to a "one-stop shop" brand. Private Label Extensions offers wholesale prices for those that want to start a hair business or already have a hair business. They make it easier for anyone wanting airdrop services. With the one-stop shop method, customers can buy your items more often, lessening their buying options anywhere else. You want your brand to feel like it has a variety of things that customers can get while shopping. Offer “more” to the brand and the brand will offer more to you.

3. Gain customer retention, bring them back every time

Of course, you want your customers to come back after their first buying experience from your shop. Selling lashes brings a great impression to your shop because your customers will know that you offer more than just hair and if they trust your hair brand, they will more likely trust your lashes brand. Customer retention is important because it helps to increase your profit in your business. You want to have loyal customers that will continue to buy your products over and over again. Although offering great 3D mink lashes in addition to hair extensions could retain your customers, remember always to provide excellent customer service. Customers will always want to come back to your online store and look at your available products every single time. This is the best way to have a high retention rate.

4. Lashes have a shorter lifespan, use this to your advantage

Human hair extensions have a longer lifespan than mink lashes. Customers are going to buy lashes over and over again if they love them enough to wear them many times. You have probably bought many sheer tights in your lifetime. And, even the most expensive tights, you've had to replace them because they did not last. Let’s be real. All lashes, even the most expensive ones do not last. Maybe after 10 to 15 uses, they become worn out and useless, and then it is time for you to buy more. Selling lashes with your hair brand allow customers to continue to buy more and more lashes. Some customers even come with the mindset that they will have to purchase many lashes at one time instead of purchasing them over and over again. They end up buying 3 or 4 at a time. This will help your brand grow a significant profit.

5. Variety of Lashes

Sometimes, when it is hard to choose from three or four 3D Mink lashes, we tend to buy all of them. Private Label Extensions offers over 30 different types of 3D Mink Lashes. Your customers will have a range of lashes to choose from. Private Label Extensions offers 3D Mink Lashes through such categories as 3D Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Thinline, and 3D Faux Volume.
  • 3D Mink Lashes categorize regular lashes that have a standard lash line and a lesser lash volume.
  • The 3D Mink Thinline categorizes lashes due to the visibility of the lashline.
  • 3D Faux Volume classifies the thickness of the lashes.
Your hair brand will stand out with these different types of lashes to choose from insisting that a customer should buy more than one pair of lashes. Customers may want to purchase a relaxed 3D mink lash like “Toronto” with a more flamboyant style of lash such as “Eden.” Having a variety of mink lashes just like the variety of your hair extensions will help your hair brand.

6. Lashes help define the “beauty” in your brand

People buy hair extensions to feel great about themselves. It is something that adds to the beauty. People want to feel beautiful like when they buy your hair extensions. Adding on lashes elevates the “beauty” in your brand. It allows your customers to know that you want to add to their beauty and providing 3D mink lashes is a great way to do that for your brand.

Add Value To your Brand

Selling 3D Mink Lashes is a great way to help your hair brand grow your business easily and exponentially. Private Label Extensions makes it almost effortless for you to make that step into increasing your hair brand. 3D Mink Lashes is a great way to add value to your brand and long-term profit.
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How To Grow Your Lashes with Lash Extensions

How To Grow Your Lashes with Lash Extensions

It's All About The Growth!

False lashes like lash extensions or strip lashes are an easy and beautiful way to get longer, fuller natural looking lashes. But what about if you could have a look without the false lash? You can! Lash extensions, or any extensions, should be an option and a means of enhancing or growing what is already there. While many think 'that's it I just have thin, stubby lashes,' this is not the case; do not confine yourself to a life of thin or false lashes. Lashes can grow through natural methods while using lash extensions.

Why Lashes Are Important

Besides the fabulous look lashes provide, lashes are essential to positive eye health. Eyelashes help keep dust, sand and dirt particles out of the eyes. These little hairs lining your eyelids also help retain moisture like water and rain out of your eyes. Eyelashes help send alerts to your eyelids for potential dangers like insects or particles that can be harmful to your eye health. Risking your lashes is ultimately exposing your eye to a world of trouble.

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions have become more popular than ever recently. Lash extensions add fake hair strands to the natural lash extending the length of the lash. This method typically costs around $60-$100 and can last up to five weeks before they completely fall out.

Avoid Lash Loss

Lashes naturally fall out whether real or extensions. Natural lashes shed every sixty to ninety days. The shedding of the natural lash is often, and natural lashes replenish quickly. The growth and shedding cycle of lashes happens rapidly so that we usually do not notice the change in our lashes. To enhance the look of our lashes or ones that are non-existent, this is where lash extensions come into play. Lash extensions should help your natural lashes grow longer. However, many find their lash growth dwindling after getting extensions several times or consistently wearing strip lashes. The key to avoiding losing lashes while getting lash extensions is to brush your lashes, clean your lashes properly, keep up with refills and know when to give lashes a break or find a new lash technician.


After your lash extensions application, your lash technician should give you a small lash brush. The brush will resemble a mascara applicator; lashes should be brushed daily to rid the lashes of clumping of the false lashes. The clumping of the lashes causes the lashes to fall out faster, and to look lash naturally. I know first hand that skipping the brushing of lashes will make the false lashes hardened and twist together.


Using the lash brush and a mild soap or water, brush your lashes in a curved upward direction to rid the lashes of dirt and weak lashes. Your technician may also have a cleansing option available.


Just like nails, lashes have 'fills,' which means that the lashes that have fallen out. Fills occur after about 50 percent of the lashes have shed. Typically, should take place every two to three weeks to ensure the best lash look and style.

Proper Lash Application/Removal To Avoid Loss of Lashes

For lash extensions to be beneficial instead of detrimental to the growth and retention of your lashes, it is imperative to get your lashes done regularly and heed the advice of your lash technician. Removal of lashes at home or professionally is not mandatory to maintain a lash style or healthy lashes. They will fall out on their own with time. However, if your lash extensions are irritating your eyes because of clumping, burning or otherwise, one can return to their lash technician for removal. If lashes aren't taken care of properly, they will fall out or be roughly pulled out and can snatch the natural lash out with it. Lash extensions, when done correctly, will never affect the growth rate or future growth of lashes. Following these steps to keep your lash extensions looking fresh and from ripping out your natural hairs will ensure lash growth and health.

How To Get Longer Lashes

Did you know people also wish on eyelashes that fall out? Right now you may be hoping with all your might that your eyelashes will grow long and full overnight! Well, I can't promise overnight results, but I can promise growth if you follow these critical steps.


Brush your lashes at least twice a day to get rid of clumping and ensure that the lashes are straight and even. Brushing the lashes will help you retain more false lashes than leaving them alone.

Oils For Lash Growth

With each oil, be sure to apply with a q-tip, cotton ball or lash brush. Castor Oil is excellent for lash, or any, hair growth. Castor oil is an aggressive oil and can breakage, be mindful of how much and how often you apply this oil to your lashes. Consider using this oil once a day for a few weeks to see growth. Olive Oil helps lashes grow longer and is a gentle, natural oil that is safe to apply to lashes. Olive Oil can be added to the lashes every day, twice a day for at least a month. Emu oil, which is not vegan-friendly, has also been used on hair and lashes because of its ability to quickly penetrate the hair shaft while conditioning and strengthing the hair follicle. This oil will help your lashes retain their length and grow thicker. Vaseline used in conjunction with all oils to stimulate lash strength. Vaseline helps lashes stay soft and full. Apply vaseline at night time before bed for best results, after the oil of your choice applied.


Supplements like Vitamin A, E, and C help promote hair growth. These can be Biotin vitamins, fish oil vitamins or lysine tablets. These vitamins will work on lash growth from the inside out and can also have positive effects on eyebrow and hair growth. All vitamins should be FDA approved and taken with water. Vitamins are essential to lash growth, putting the rid nutrients in your body will ensure that future lashes grow in longer and stronger.

Growing Your Lashes Is Easy!

As long as you wash your natural lashes and take care of your lash extensions, you are sure to see lash growth. Lashes grow and shed naturally; but promoting lash retention and growth can be done by brushing regularly, taking vitamins and adding natural oils into your lash care regimen.
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Lash Strips Life: How to Wear False Lashes

Lash Strips Life: How to Wear False Lashes

Longing for The Lash Life

I cannot remember the exact day that I fell in love with the idea of wearing lash strips. It had to be sometime between my discovery of the thick band Grace lash, and the thin band Milan lash in Private Label Extensions assortment. That’s when I realized that I could master the wide-eyed doe look without applying multiple coats of waterproof mascara. However, it still took months for me to commit to purchasing a set of mink lashes because the thought process behind attaching them to my upper lid was too intimidating. So, I did what I always do before I take the first step with anything, I researched and experimented with every aspect of how to apply eyelashes. Trial after trial, I styled and maneuvered the composition of different faux lash strips. Now I am sharing the gems that I’ve gathered! Because let’s face it, whether you are a veteran in the false eyelash game or a beginner struggling with how to put on faux lashes, if I can save you from losing an eyelash strip before the end of a date night or your big work presentation then I have done some good in the world! Keep reading to find out how you can find the right lash application technique and style for you!

Take Note of Your Eye Shape

Not all eyes shapes were created equal! Meaning that although we purchase most faux lash strips in a case that caters to the perfect almond eye, this shape is useless for most people. Because of that, you need to know your eye shape so that you can reform your lash strips to frame your eyelid. Take note of some of the most common eye shapes below:

Almond Eyes:

Think Janet Jackson and Cleopatra. If you look straight into the mirror and you realize that a part of your iris disappears under your eyelid, then your eyes are almond shaped. You can also just use an actual almond to reference your eye shape.

Protruding Eyes:

Think Mya and Nicole Richie. If your eyelids look like they are protruding out of your eye socket or there is a slight bulge around your eyelid, then this is your eye shape. You should keep in mind that volume on your top lid is an asset!

Downturned Eyes:

Consider Eva Longoria and Katy Perry. If the outer corners of your eyes drop down slightly and you are consistently able to pull off a sultry cat eye, then this is your eye shape.

Upturned Eyes:

Think Angelina Jolie and Tiffany Hines. If your eyes appear to be the exact opposite of its counterpart the downturned eye; your outer corner will seem to have a slight lift, and your lower lid can sometimes look more significant than your top eyelid.

Close Set Eyes:

This is more Jennifer Aniston. If your eyes appear to be less than one eye length apart, this is you!

Wide Set Eyes:

Think Brandy and Former First Lady, Jackie O. This eye type is the exact opposite of the close-set eyes. You can prove that you have this eye shape if your eyes are more than one eye length apart. A plus in regards to this amount of spacing between your eyes is it can help give the illusion of youth. Nevertheless, if you want to create the illusion of close-set eyes or narrow some of the space between your two eyes, you will have to stack on the lashes closer to your inner eye.
These are only a few eye shapes, but be sure to research and find out your eye shape before practicing these faux eyelash strip application and styling techniques below. Whether you are sporting lash strips of individuals, you ought to know where to place your lashes and how to finesse the best look for you!


Removing the lash strips from their case is a very sensitive task! If you rush the job or pull the lashes from the middle of the box outward, you could ruin the inner lash. Instead, tease the lash out of the box with some tweezers and roll or pull from the outer band of the lash strip. With the majority of lash strips being too long for the average eye anyway, you can afford to ruin the outer tip of the lash since you are more than likely going to snip that off anyway!

Shape & Measure

Next, wrap the vein of the eyelash around your pinky finger or the body of an eyeliner pencil. Do this for three to five minutes! This hack will add shape and curl to the body of the lash. Now the eyelash is not so stiff and straight when you go about applying it to the lash. Sidebar: If you have ever wonder why the outer and inner corners of your lashes always seem to pop up at the most inopportune time, it is because you missed this step. Finally, take the lash and measure its length against your upper lid. Use this time to rid yourself of any excess lashes that do not fit on your eyelid. Cut the lashes off of the strip by cutting through the vein of the lash from the outside. Be careful not to cut off the lashes you need.

Application/Style Tips

Now that we’ve got the basics of shaping and measuring down, here is the fun part: application and customization! Because the lashes are a foreign object that you are placing on your natural lashes you may want to coat your natural lashes with some mascara. Doing this will help your lashes support the weight of their new friends, especially if your lashes are naturally thin! However, I am big on preserving the health of my natural lashes. I did not want to risk drying them out or making them brittle with the use of mascara. Putting something on top of my natural lashes before applying lash strips just seemed to be a bit too much.
When you are typically going to put on false eyelashes you want to key in on three things: 1. You want to ensure that you use a thin line of glue on the eyelash band. No one wants to glue their eyelids shut because globs of glue escaped the applicator. 2. After applying the glue to your lash, wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before try to administer it to your lash. However, it is not sanitary to blow on the lash. You could transfer germs from your mouth to your eye and this begging for an infection. 3. It is easiest to apply the false lash strip where the bulk of your lashes rest, in the center of the eyelid. Then adhere the outer or inner edge of the false lash to your natural lash. Keep these three things in mind and use these styles tips below to cater to your eye type and wear your lashes the right way!

Style Tip #1

For all of the ladies with downturned or close-set eyes, this style tip is for you! Once you have unboxed, shaped, and measured your lash strip cut each of your lashes in half. Then take the equivalent of one lash and separate it into two pieces. You can apply one half to the outer lash line of your left eye and one half to the outer lash line of your right eye. This style tip helps you to lift the outer edges of your eyes by creating a cat eye effect while still giving you natural looking volume and length on your lashes. It also makes for a more comfortable application, and not to mention, you are getting double the wears out of one set of lash strips. You can use this same tactic if you have wide-set eyes. Reverse it! Remember, you need to create the illusion of less space between your eyes. Do this by adding a single lash half to the top of your inner eyelash line. You can go as close to the tear duct as you would like because that narrows the space between the two eyes.

Style Tip #2

If you happen to have almond shaped eyes, you can easily apply you lash strip center first and then smooth the lash strip onto your inner eye. When you begin to smooth the faux lash over your outer lid, go slightly above your natural lash line, and it will create a slight lift!

Style Tip #3

As women, we all want to look good, but we also tend to stray away from being run of the mill and regular shmegular degular. So even though most faux lash strips are pre-made and every drug store carries the same ten lash styles, you can make your very own custom set of lash strips by stacking the lashes on top of each other. Follow these steps below:

Step 1.

Grab a thick band of lashes that speaks to your inner diva, and a thin band of lashes that speaks to you the corporate powerhouse inside you. After shaping and measuring each set of lashes place them back in their lash case but keep your lash glue handy!

Step 2.

Turn to your thick band of lash strips and line the band with a thin layer of lash glue or hair glue and let it sit for about thirty seconds. Remember, this wait time is crucial for a tacky base!

Step 3.

Then pull your thick band lashes from the case and place each lash on top of its respective thick band counterpart! When it sticks, you can rest assured that these two lashes have become one and created a beautiful lash strip! To ensure that neither lash goes anywhere you can add a little glue to the outer edges of the top lash band. There you go, now you are officially stacked! This method is perfect for anyone who likes full top lashes or has that protruding eye shape mentioned earlier. It will bring the attention up and widen your eyes. Feel free to stack three pairs together as well and recreate a Kardashian look.

Style Tip #4

The last style tip I want to share is for those who may be a little more coin conscious. I know that getting and installing individuals can be a bit of an expensive inconvenience because artificial eyelash prices are ridiculous. However, if you are comfortable with your lash strip and you find yourself working with them pretty well, you can create individual lashes. Do this by using your laser vision to zoom in on the clusters apparent on each lash strip. Then separate each group of lashes by cutting at the vein of the lash. Apply each cluster throughout your natural eyelash line to create a more natural layered effect and add volume where you feel you need it the most.


When you're over your lashes and ready to give your natural eyelashes a break use a cotton ball and coconut oil to loosen the eyelash strip’s adhesive and, voila, you now know how to remove false eyelashes. It is also vital that you wash your false lashes, you can use a simple mix of warm soapy water to disinfect them, and a tweezer to pull the excess glue for the eyelash band. These methods of sanitation will keep them in good condition for your next wear!

Living in Lashes

I have had a lot of fun experimenting in the world of mink lash strips thanks to the Private Label assortment. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate for a while because of a severe latex allergy, but when I finally found the glue that was perfect for me, I fell in love with the idea of creating new looks with new lashes! I took steps to figure out my eye shape was and how I could style the different lashes in the PLE assortment to widen my eyes and frame my face. I hope you can use some of this advice to ease into your transition of rocking lashes! Comment below when you discover your eye shape and the perfect way to style your faux eyelash strips!
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The Best False Eyelashes for Every Eye Shape

The Best False Eyelashes for Every Eye Shape

Lost in Your Eyes

I think it is time we discuss a topic that is often enjoyable to look at but never usually taken directly into consideration, the eyes! You have heard the saying before! “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, if that’s the case, eyelashes are the curtains, and it is essential to select the right eyelashes to compliment your beautiful soul. See what I did there? Your eyes are the most extended lasting feature that you can do so much with, but most people don't realize that when it comes to choosing lashes, there are such things as selecting the wrong ones.

Are Lashes Even the Right Choice for You? Of Course!

Have you ever put a pair of strip mink lashes on and realized you didn't like the way they looked on you? I'm sure it's happened to most people. At that point, you probably were thinking that maybe lashes were not for you. If this were the case, then we wouldn't have eyelashes in the first place! It's all about finding what works for you and your eyes! Picking out the right lashes isn’t always an easy task. Most women find it tricky to pick the right set of eyelashes for them because eyelashes are a relatively new favorite concept that’s now taking mainstream attention. Choosing the right lashes can compliment your eye color, eye shape, face shape, make your eyes appear brighter, bigger, and more awake and bring out other small features you may have. Everyone wants lashes! But, how do we know which eyelashes are the best for our eyes?

The Need To Know

To understand which eyelashes are for you, we have to get familiar with the different eye shapes out there. There are quite a few of them! But once we know what’s best for each eye type, you can shop for eyelashes like a pro whenever you want! Fortunately, Private Label Extensions offer lines of 3D Mink lashes in the regular strip and thin strip depending on personal preference. The styles range from tapered and full to thin and wispy. That is all depending on what you are looking for, and the best part is, they won't break your bank, and you can try as many as you want! For this blog piece, we will use these eyelashes as examples for which lashes are best for your eye type! Ready?

Which One Are You?

Round Eyes

When it comes to round eyes, this shape appears naturally large and circular almost similar to almond eyes. But, they are merely just larger and rounder. For the beautiful girls with round eyes, we want to accentuate how big your eyes are without making them look too bulky, tired or overdone. We can do this in a few different ways. The first way is to choose lashes that are naturally thin and fan upwards. In this case, less is more, so Private Label’s Milan, Toronto, or the New York flat strip 3D Mink lashes should do the trick. If you want to be a little more dramatic without it making your eyes appear smaller, opt for some wispy lashes that flare to create a cat eye look. The regular strip 3D Mink lashes, Amelia, can give you that look while staying true to your eye shape! The cat eye look can make your eyes appear elongated and more narrow. So, thin but extra long eyelashes might be a good choice in this department!

Almond Eyes

One of the best parts about almond shape eyes is its versatility and the fact that they are considered the average the shape of the population. A variety of lash looks will look great on this eye type, so there aren’t too many limits here! Depending on what you are looking for in a pair of eyelashes can decide what kind is best for you and your personal preference. For some slightly added flair, try some thicker lashes that are longer towards the ends. These descriptions sound a lot like Private Label’s regular strip 3D Mink lashes in Eden and Lola. If you want a little more volume look for lashes that contain crisscrossed strips, which you can find in Grace, New York, and Dubai. You can make your eyes appear larger, by opting for a tapered pair of strip lashes. This look can include lashes, such as Bangkok, Vegas Shanghai or Lola. Play around with the inventory and see what you like best!

Monolid Eyes

These type of eyes are one continuous lid without a visible fold. These are most commonly seen in people of Asian descent but have also been widely shown in other ethnicities as well. Lash strips can create an immediate difference in the eyes appearance, one of them is making the eyes appear more awake and open. Contrary to what most may have heard, these type of lashes is quite versatile and experimental. Usually, the lashes on these type of eyes are straight, so for some added accentuation, it’s best to try strip ashes that have a curl pattern to them, that isn’t too thick. Otherwise, you could make your eyes appear heavy and tired. Try the 3D Mink lashes London or Alice to achieve this look in two different ways! With this eye, we want to create the illusion of more elongated eye shape. These eyes are different, yet bold and captivating. Not everyone can pull off this eye shape, so if you were lucky enough to be born with it, strut! To bring back how versatile these type of lashes are, if you prefer a look that is more natural, you can always try for the lashes that are short to medium length with a curl intensity. This look will bring a slightly dramatic look to your eyes without overdoing it. Claire, Ella, and Jane should be perfect. Try them out!

Deep Set Eyes

Similar to monolid eyes, deep-set eyes sit deep within the eye socket with a small lid. This look can create the appearance of a more prominent brow bone, which can look overwhelming if you choose the wrong set of lashes! These women are lucky enough to be able to experiment with more dramatic sets of lashes. Lash sets with longer lashes towards the middle can make the eyes appear to pop out more. You don’t want the weight of your brow bone to take away from the look you are trying to achieve, so opt for more prolonged and dramatic lashes, such as Lola, Grace, Chloe or Dubai. Deep set eyes are a beautiful feature to have! They give off the appearance of a youthful and free-spirited glow!

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have slightly more skin above the crease. The fold of skin that covers the eye socket line characterizes hooded eyes. The illusion we want to create with these eyes is a depth effect. We want to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter in the center. These type of optics are unique! To gain this effect, lashes that are long yet longer towards the center are the best move. They will open the eyes dramatically and immediately while drawing more focus towards opening up your eyes more towards your brow bone making them seem more substantial in appearance. Try out Private Label Extensions’ 3D Mink lashes in Milan, Shanghai, Chloe, and Grace!

Wide Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes are spaced more than one eyeball apart from each other. This look is gorgeous because they always make the person who has them appear younger and are stunning to look. You can get lost in these eyes if you are not too careful! Can you believe all the things you can tell about a person only from their eye shape? We want to give the illusion of the eyes appearing closer. We also want to even out the proportions of the eyes! So, therefore, you ladies with the big wide and beautiful eyes should try lashes that are more dramatic with thick lashes towards the middle of the eye to give this effect. Fuller lashes will mask the extra space between your eyes. Experiment with different flared out styles! Eden, Violet, and Chloe could be your best friend after reading this!

Close Set Eyes

The opposite of wide-set eyes, close-set eyes are less than one eyeball length apart, making them appear more narrow the other eye shapes. These eyes are captivating and command attention the moment you look into them! We don't want to exaggerate this feature over, but we want to draw more attention towards the outer corners of the eyes to even out the proportions and make them appear further apart. We want to lift and lengthen the eyes, naturally! The best way to do this is to use lashes that are longer toward the ends but long in general. The tapered lashes that range from medium to extra long lengths would be perfect in this case! Fortunately, so many styles in stock for Private Label compliment this, such as London, Vegas, Bangkok and more!

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have a slight drop in the outer corners of the eyes. The great thing about these eyes is the fact that they look amazing when experimenting with cat eye looks. You also give off the impression of being sweet, sensitive and attentive to a meaningful conversation. To make your eyes appear more upwards, its best to opt for lashes that are full, tapered and extremely long! This look will create a symmetric appearance in your eyes, while also adding a sense of drama to your look! Private Label Extensions’ selection of mink lashes is perfect for these. Look at our inventory and search around for any looks you see that appear long and tapered, such as, New York, Vegas, Dubai, Milan, Chloe, Lola, Eden, or Grace. The options are endless so see what you can come up! These mink lashes are perfect for lifting your eyes.

Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes, protruding eyes, or “big and beautiful” eyes give the appearance of popping out of its socket. They are large, bright and take up most of the features in your face. It’s time to play around with that! Another thing is, you have plenty of eyelid space to work with different eyeshadows! We don’t want you overwhelmed, so smaller to medium lash lengths are best for this eye type. Your gorgeous eyes are attention seekers themselves, so a natural look wouldn’t hurt to work! The best part is even though shorter lashes might do you justice, you can play with any style of lash you see fit, from full or natural to tapered and thin. Play around with different clustered lash styles to bring the attention to your eyes without it being too much! Jane, Amelia, Grace and other looks in our Private Label Extensions’ inventory are dying to be with you!

It’s All Up to You!

False strip lashes are fun, cute and easy to use and play around! They are perfect for everyday wear or even just on occasion for that special event you have coming up. The point is, you can never wear too much of any pair of lashes! Choosing the right pair of eyelashes can add that extra intensity to your unique eye shape and even in other features in your face!
Take the time to figure out what works for you and your face! It's all up to personal preference and how you feel about yourself. Always keep these things in mind! Experiment with lashes until you believe you are looking your absolute best! After all, no one in this world can tell you what looks good on you except for you! Try some of our selections and tag us on Instagram! We would love to see what looks you came up with and who knows! You may be featured on our page one day! Any questions about the lashes you saw? Do you wear any of them already? Comment! I’d love to hear your story!
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The Perfect Eye: 5 Styles of False Lashes With Makeup Looks

The Perfect Eye: 5 Styles of False Lashes With Makeup Looks

Stunning In Lashes

It's no secret that false lashes add a whole new level of intensity for your already fierce makeup look. But are there certain falsies that compliment different makeup looks better than others? The answer is yes! Of course, there are. As many of us beauty connoisseurs may already know, there is a various amount of makeup looks for us to have fun with and practice executing. Speaking from personal experience, there are so many times when the makeup look is perfect but it is either missing something, or something just doesn't look right. Well, it may not be your superior makeup skills, or even lack thereof. I'm telling you right now; it's your false lashes! But no need to worry! 3D Mink lashes will ensure that every single one of your makeup looks turns out absolutely fantastic.
A makeup look is always going to reflect an emotion or a glimpse of time. Let me explain: A makeup look is representing how the wearer feels that day, depending on the time of day or activity. Am I right? If you are going on a date on a hot summer evening, then maybe you go with a beautiful golden bronze look with natural false lashes. Or maybe its date night in downtown and you need your falsies to be just as dramatic and breathtaking as the cities skyline. However, if the eyeshadow, contour, and lippie are on the same page, but if the false lashes is not, it could mess up your whole vibe! Here are five favorite makeup looks and five fabulous styles of false lashes that accentuate them! Achieve any of these looks, by taking a look at Private Label Extension's incredible selection of 3D Mink false lashes.

#1 Natural

Many times, we merely need a false lash that will give us just a bit more volume or length than what we already have. A natural false lash is what we are looking for. PLE's 3D Mink thin-line lashes, in style "Toronto," are your best friend when it comes to completing a natural look.

The Makeup:

A natural makeup look requires earthy tones that compliment your skin tone. For example, fair skin tones the makeup may have many peachy tones involved, for medium skin tone; olive tones, and for deep skin tones, gold and bronze tones are best. With a quick sweep of a naturally toned eyeshadow across your lid, and a beautiful lightly bronzed face you can look as natural as possible while still feeling put together and elegant, perfect for any daytime shopping trip or

The Lashes:

A thin band will guarantee that the falsies blend in well with your natural lashes and don't give the allusion of think eyeliner on the upper lid. The "Toronto" lashes are shorter on both ends of the band, with a bit of extra length in the middle. This gives the allusion of a longer lash line while still keeping the extra length as subtle and natural as possible. This classic makeup look and natural lash will have everyone asking, "are those your real lashes?" to which your answer can vary. *insert wink emoji*

#2 Cute

If your natural lashes are usually fine left alone during a natural makeup look then maybe you need something more to accentuate your look. A cute makeup/lash combination consists of a little more product added, like eyeliner, or time spent applying the makeup than usual. Something extra that will make you feel, well, cute! PLE's "Berlin" 3D Mink thin-line lashes are perfect for the feeling of looking cute that everybody strives for!

The Makeup:

Much like the natural look, a facet of the cute makeup trend is to use minimal eyeshadow but to add some eyeliner for dimension, which gives it a little something extra. A nude tone just a few shades darker than your natural skin tone will add depth to the eye crease. With a light contour, matte blush, natural brow, and colorful lip there is no stopping you from radiating cuteness! Compliments on your beauty are almost made certain!

The Lashes:

The "Berlin" lashes from PLE have a thin band that makes the application seamless. These lashes have a very wispy and have more volume than a natural lash. The "Berlin" lashes are tapered; shorter on the inner corner and longer and more spread out towards the outer v of the eye. This tapered lash gives the eye an almond shape and attracts the attention to the center of the eye, which is perfect for highlighting your makeup and your eye color. Get ready for cuteness overload with the "Berlin" PLE 3D Mink lashes! (Link to "Berlin" Lashes?)

#3 Sexy

There is no argument that every person who loves makeup loves it because it gives them confidence! False lashes are an outstanding tool that can turn any makeup look into something sexy. PLE offers a style of lashes called "Chloe" that are 3D Mink lashes that will not only enhance your length, but they also open up the eye for a truly stunning sex appeal. ‘Smize' for the camera!

The Makeup:

Sexy makeup can derive from something natural, or be entirely out of your comfort zone! But you have to play with risk if you want to be daring and sexy! The best way to achieve a sexy eye look is by adding a cat eye. Any style or color of eyeshadow will do; thick dark eyeliner is a must. Also, just to mention, a bold or bright lip is always a good idea when trying to attain maximum sexiness. So go for it! Nobody can resist those sexy eyes and a bold, inviting lip!

The Lashes:

3D Mink lashes are great because of their thick, aggressive band. Adding them to any look is sure to get you something fabulous as the outcome. Undoubtedly, adding a cat eye along with PLE's "Chloe" 3D Mink false eyelashes will complement your eye shape and elevate your over-all sexiness. These lashes are a wispy finish with extra length, depth, and thickness. The lashes are shorter on the corners, and longer in the middle causing the eyes to look open, fresh and ultimately sexy. You can't go wrong. (Link to "Chloe" lashes?)

#4 Glamorous

Ah, the glitz and the glam! The feeling everyone dies for. Your false lashes are no different! Bring up the glamor in your life by going all out on your makeup look. A bold color, add some glitter, or smoke out the water line! Be as glamorous as you see fit. PLE offers the most glamorous lashes in style "Lola." These "Lola" lashes are to die for! Get your hands on a pair of these plush 3D Mink falsies.

The Makeup:

As stated before, false lashes can enhance any look. However, you need to make sure the style of lash fits the makeup look you're going for. A glamorous makeup look has to have a lengthening, thickening, and volumizing effect when it comes to lashes. A lash like that; combined with a dark smoky eye or glitter cut crease will provide your perfect glam. Just like many celebs now a day, Glam means you have your entire face of makeup perfect. From the glamorous eyes and shiny lip to the sharp contour, wing eyeliner, and luxurious lashes. Everything looks impeccable; you're ready for the red carpet! (Insert photo of "Lola" Lashes here)

The Lashes:

"Lola" 3D Mink lashes are no match for other falsies claiming to be glamorous. This style of lash from Private Label Extensions is beautiful. They are wispy lashes that have a very slight taper to them from the inner corner to the outer corner. The outer corner has extra length that will only enhance your glamorous makeup look and accentuate the winged eyeliner or smoked out water line that is the heart of a glam look. The thick lash band will help blend your falsies into the eyeliner and give more depth to your eye. Blending your natural eyelashes into the falsies with a bit of mascara will ensure that they look real! I mean, even though everyone can tell they're not real, they may believe it for a second! Use "Lola" lashes for everything from a night out on the town, going dancing, or a fancy date night. Glam it up! (Link to "Lola" lashes?)

#5 Dramatic

This is a look that can sincerely be creative. Dramatic eye makeup can only be extreme drama with an extremely dramatic false lash! Something that says, "I'm here!" With a dramatic makeup and lash look, you should be able to blow people away. Be music video couture with it. To help you out, take a look at PLE's "Eden" 3D Mink false lashes. They are a fashion statement waiting to happen!

The Makeup:

For this dramatic look, you can play around with so many styles of makeup. Sweep a bright color across your lid, or use an unusually colored lippie! All that is required is that something unique comes of it. A band of lashes that are full and lush is going to be the best for a theatrical makeup experience. Chisel your contour and use a bright blush. Do the same to your eyes! Instead of drawing attention to just one feature of your face, draw attention to all of it. Don't be afraid to be out there! Get courageous, and use colors, glitter, eyeliner, blush, and highlight. It's time you went the whole 9 yards on this one.

The Lashes:

PLE's 3D Mink lashes in "Eden" are breathtaking. They are an exceptionally thick and full lash with a reasonably even, long length across the whole band. These lashes shy away from the tapered look, and wispy-ness. Instead, they focus on height and depth while the strands of lashes themselves are straight and long. This will boost the overall look from unique l to an exaggerated drama that, let's face it, only some of us are confident enough to try out! Build up that confidence and bring the drama! I believe in you! Strut through the streets turning heads with your lashes that could stop a truck!

Get Lashed Up

Lashes are one makeup accessory that many argue are essential. I'd have to agree. There are multiple ways to play around with it and have fun! With Mink 3D lashes, you can use them more than once and switch up your makeup looks using different styles of lashes. Check out Private Label Extensions alluring collection of 3D Mink lashes. They are also thin line lashes available. Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite lash style!
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All About False Lashes: How To Apply & Different Types

All About False Lashes: How To Apply & Different Types

3D Mink Lashes are Life!

We’ve all walked into our local beauty supply store and stumbled upon a beautiful pair of luscious lashes. You walk over to them, check out the price, and then almost decide to purchase until you realize you have no idea how to apply them! You may even think, what is this fake apparatus that I’m supposed to attach to my eyes?! What are these made of? How do I apply them? How do I take them off? After all this confusion you put them back, and walk away in disappointment. It’s okay, we’ve all been there! I’m here to clear the lash extravaganza up for you. Many women underestimate the power of a beautiful, lush pair of lashes. They add a touch of glam and can take a makeup look to an entirely different level. Add some lashes to a bomb hairstyle and you are good to go! You can have an extra slay by wearing false lashes while slaying your hair and outfits all week!

History: Where Did False Lashes Originate?

Legend says that in ancient Rome, author Pliny the Elder made a ridiculous hypothesis. Pliny claimed that lashes fell out with excessive sex, so women felt they needed to have long, thick lashes to prove their innocence. In the 1800s, women had lashes implanted into their eyelids. Despite being a popular procedure, some women glued hairs to their eyelids at home. Unfortunately, the glue used to adhere the lash hairs was not strong enough, and lashes would often fall off. In 1911, Anna Taylor patented the false lash. Manufacturers constructed the lash out of crescent-shaped fabric with tiny hairs coming out of it. Lashes didn’t become popular until filmmaker D.W. Griffith ordered a wig maker to make extremely long false lashes to make an actresses eyes appear “supernatural.” It wasn’t until the 1950s that lashes were constructed with thin and durable plastic, similar to our modern day falsies.

Today: The Modern False Lash

Currently, false lashes are no longer made with human hair. Instead, they are made with plastic or mink. Mainstream lashes come in many different styles and have a vast price range. The most popular false lash is the strip lash. Strip lashes are constructed with a light clear or black band and artificial lashes attached. They can be synthetic, mink, or a blend of both. They are also reusable and are applied with lash adhesive. Mink lashes are luxury lashes constructed with the short hairs from the mink animal. They are extremely natural looking, as the hairs are extremely similar to our natural lash hair. Mink lash strands are ultra-fine and tapered, allowing them to hold a beautiful curl. Not only do we offer hair extensions here at Private Label but we also offer lashes. We offer hand-crafted, 100% mink lashes. if you are really in love with the lash movement we can even help you start your own lash brand!

Types of False Lashes

There are many varieties of false lashes available today. Let's take a look at some of the more popular options.

The Strip Lash

The strip lash is the most conventional and popular form of eyelash extension. They can range from $5 to about $25, and come in many different styles. Strip lashes are the easiest lash extension to apply. To apply them, simply apply a thin layer of a good lash adhesive to the band. Let the adhesive dry until it is tacky, then grip right behind the band with a pair of tweezers, and apply to your lash line, above your natural lashes. You may not get this right on the first try, and that’s okay! Applying strip lashes takes lots of practice, and you will get better with each application. Once you get the hang of it, they are super easy to apply.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are for those that want to create a unique look and style. These are individual strands that are applied with a powerful adhesive. Each strand is applied next to your natural lash. This method of lash extension can lash up to 6 weeks with proper care. A professional lash artist typically installs individual lashes, but some do-it-yourself individual lash kits include lashes, tweezers, adhesive, and remover.

Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions installed professionally is the most expensive way to get Instagram-worthy eyes, but they last longer than any other lash extension method, and you don’t have to worry about ruining your lashes. These semi-permanent false lash look can be as natural or dramatic as you desire. Maybe you’re going for the all natural girl-next-door look, or perhaps you’re going for the wig-snatcher look with long, thick, dramatic lashes. The choice is up to you! Lash extension studios are trendy nowadays, and it is super easy to book an appointment, arrive, and lay back and relax while your lash artist creates your perfect lashes!

Which is Best For You?

I know I just gave you a ton of information on lashes, from crazy injections to $5 strips, but finding the perfect method for you and your lifestyle is easier than you think.

Simplistic and On-The-Go

If you’re always up and moving, waking up early and going to bed late, strip lashes may be too time-consuming for you. Maybe you’re a mom with children that are very demanding of your time and energy, and spending 15 extra minutes in the mirror trying to apply lashes just isn’t within the time budget. Maybe you’re always traveling, and any spare time you have you prefer to spend sleeping. Or perhaps you’re just lazy (like me) and cannot fathom applying them every single day; if this sounds like you, lash extensions might be for you! These semi-permanent extensions will give you a beautiful look you desire without having to invest time into application every morning. You also don’t have to waste time removing them at night, and then to try to keep them clean so you can reuse them. Semi-permanent lash extensions are also an excellent option for a vacation! To find out how you can get eyelash extensions installed, Google a local eyelash studio/salon in your neighborhood.

DIY Everything!

If you love learning new things, or enjoy doing your makeup yourself every morning, getting semi-permanent lash extensions may be boring for you. If you enjoy mixing foundation shades to create the perfect color, waxing your eyebrows, or find yourself watching YouTube tutorials for hours, you might want to pick up a pack of DIY lash extensions from your local beauty supply. These lashes will allow you to use your creativity to create the perfect look you desire.

College Student On A Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, conventional strip may be the way to go. Even though strip lashes may be the most economical lash extension, don’t be fooled. With a good pair of strip lashes and steady hands, your eyes can look just as luxurious and beautiful as your favorite celebrities. Besides, beauty is all about confidence. Once you find your favorite, go-to lash, you’ll rock them like they cost hundreds of dollars.

Bad and Boujee

If you coin yourself to be a member of the bad and boujee committee, Mink lashes may be your top choice. If you’ve got the extra coin, you might want to check out some of Private Label Extension’s line of Mink lashes. As mentioned earlier, they are fine-tapered and blend seamlessly with your natural lash. They are often very full and long, giving you a sultry look. No lash extension method is better than the other; it just depends on what is best for you.

False Eyelash Hacks!

Here are some false eyelash hacks to help you step up your lash game!

1. Cut off the excess!

When wearing strip lashes, they may or may not fit straight out of the packaging. You may find that they fit too long or too wide for your natural eye shape. To ensure that they fit, place the false lash on your lash line to determine where it stops at the edge of your lash line, and then cut the excess off.

2. Wrap them up!

Wrapping your strip lash around a makeup brush can encourage the band to curve, making it easier to apply to your natural lash line. This hack will only work if the lashes have leftover adhesive stuck to them. Make sure to leave the lash around the brush for about ten minutes.

3. Pick The Right Adhesive!

Picking the right eyelash adhesive can be tricky. Some dry white, black, or clear. You’ll want to avoid adhesive that dries white like the plague! You don’t want little white balls on your lash line! A clear or black adhesive is the most desirable because the clear adhesive is transparent once it dries, and black adhesive acts as eyeliner and can add definition to your eyes. You also want to avoid lash adhesives that contain formaldehyde. Unfortunately, this toxic chemical is found in some lash adhesives and can cause you to have a minor to extreme reaction. My personal favorite is the Kiss Brush On Clear Adhesive. This adhesive dries transparent and is super easy to apply with the brush applicator. It has a great hold and my lashes last all day, even if it’s humid or my eyes become watery.

4. Eyeliner To Save The Day

If your strip lash is not blending perfectly with your lash line or the adhesive dries to a white color, simply apply your favorite liquid eyeliner to your lash line to blend. Eyeliner will conceal most imperfections and add definition to your eyes.

5. Use Mascara

Mascara can help blend your natural lash with your falsies. After applying your strip lash, use your favorite black mascara to push your natural lash into the false lash. Do this gently. You are simply encouraging the lashes to blend and be the same color.

6. Disinfect!

If you are going to reuse your strip lashes, which you totally can, you are going to need to clean them. If you do not clean them regularly, bacteria will grow on them, and they will begin to look stiff. Grab a bottle of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and pour it into a little bowl or cup. Place your used lashes into the bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes. Once the time has expired, use a spool or a clean mascara wand to brush the lash clean of any mascara or dust. Then gently use a tweezer to pull the adhesive away from the lash band. Voila! They are ready to be used again.

7. An All Natural Remover

To remove your lashes without irritating makeup removers, try melting a little coconut oil into a bowl, and apply the oil to the lash band with a q-tip. The warm coconut oil breaks down the adhesive, allowing the eyelash to slide right off with ease. The oil will also remove the rest of your eye makeup.

8. Apply Adhesive To Your Lash Line

Many women find it difficult to apply adhesive to their lash band, so a great alternative if you apply the adhesive to your natural lash line instead. This method helps you to avoid fumbling with your lash glue and falsies and also prevents you from scraping the adhesive from the lash band on to your natural lashes. To succeed using this method, be sure to apply a thin coat of adhesive extremely close to your natural lash line, and allow the adhesive to become tacky before applying your lash.

Are You Ready for the False Lash Life?

These tips will help you along with application and removal, but please always be gentle with your lashes. If you are too harsh, you can irritate your eyes and cause hair loss or swollen, red eyes. Be sure not to use an adhesive you are allergic to or contains ingredients that irritate your eyes. I hope this post gives you insight and confidence of picking out a pair of lashes to try. Whether you get them installed or glued, you should have the confidence to know that you are beautiful with or without lashes! They are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and eye shape but don’t forget how beautiful and amazing you are without them.
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3D Mink Lashes: Behind the Scenes

3D Mink Lashes: Behind the Scenes

Today's 3D Mink Lash Photoshoot

Another day and another photo shoot! We were in the Private Label Extensions office today taking addition product photos of our new Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes that have already been selling like crazy. We have been getting a lot of messages and calls about the ability to start a mink lash brand. It is coming! More on that in a bit.

New Mink Lash Photos

Here is a behind the scenes look at our 3D Mink Lash photoshoot. We need additional images for the ten styles of 3D Mink Lashes we currently offer. Yes, when I say "currently" it does incline that we plan on adding additional styles in the future.
Getting great closeups of the lashes is a little bit of a challenge but is crucial for marketing and the business. We also need lots of photos for the upcoming mink lash business websites that will be available. We plan on also setting up a dropship system for the lashes similar to what we have done with hair extensions and Dropship Bundles.

Start a 3D Mink Lashes Brand

We are putting the technology in place to offer the best solution for those wanted to start their own brand of 3D Mink Lashes. We have been so successful with the system in the hair industry and are excited to bring it to those wanted their own lash brand.

Mink Lash Dropshipping

If our staff drinks enough coffee this month we should have the dropshipping system for the lashes setup. Please refer to our contact page if you would like to send some coffee or personally deliver it and check out our lashes and meet the staff. The mink lash dropshipping system will all you to sell the lashes and we will pack & ship them to your customers for you. This system does not require you to invest heavily in the inventory of the lashes which can get very expensive. This will work perfectly with our new mink lash websites that will be customized to match your branding. Here is a very basic breakdown of how our websites and dropshipping will work for the lash biz. Our Team Will: Build your 3D mink lash website Help with branding and labels Get you access to our mink lash inventory Pack & Ship your mink lash orders You Will Be Responsible: Marking your lash brand Work with your customers Your main goal will be to work with your customers and handle the marketing. For most people, that is the fun part. We look forward to working with those interested in getting in the Falsies business with us. It is also a great addition to those that are selling hair extensions.
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