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Sell Hair Extensions & Travel the World on Episode 12

Sell Hair Extensions & Travel the World on Episode 12
A few weeks ago I wrote an article about How to Travel The World for Free by Selling Hair Extensions. It was a fun article that sparked some great conversations in our Start a Hair Extension Business Facebook Group. We decided to explore the topic in more detail in this episode of Hair Biz Radio. If you have any comments just leave them in the comments section below!

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Sell Hair Extensions & Travel The World Transcript

Here is the transcript of the Episode. Zakiyrah's comments are the REGULAR text while Mikey is the BOLD. Welcome to episode 12 of Hair Biz Radio with your hosts, Zakiyrah ... And Mikey. Oh man, can you believe that this is already episode 12? We are just cruising through them. Yeah. They're so much fun. And they get better and better every time we put out content. And people are listening which is even better. That's the greatest thing.

This Week at Private Label Extensions

Yeah, it's so fun. So let's talk about the week. How was your week? We just had our busiest week ever combining. So everyone was all hyped up about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is cool. So we figured we would start our sale on the Monday before Black Friday which worked out really, really well. It was crazy. So, I was staying late. Everyone was staying late, packing orders, getting them out. So important especially because of the new customers, people are like hey, now's the time to start my hair business. 2018's coming. What am I going to do for 2018? I've always talked about starting a hair brand or a lash brand. Let me get it started. So a lot of people cashed in on some of our sales which is cool. Cashed out. Yeah, cash me outside. How about that? I mean, it was a crazy week. But phenomenal. The team did it. We did it. Yeah, this week was really great. One of our best weeks. It was the best week ever. The best week. The best week, yeah. I'd have to say it's pretty good. Other than that, working on some new hair product stuff. Haven't even told you about it. Can't really talk too much about it yet until I get it in. Mikey always somewhere keeping secrets. I'm always holding a little bit back. Always holding the juice.

New Wigs in the Works!

Yeah, got a little bit held back. Some new hair stuff. Some extensions. I think we've been taking pictures of the wigs because I see them over there, so the new wig line is about to launch. We're going to have straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, kinky curly, tight coil, kinky straight, like all those beauties. The high density of that 180 when you pick it up. How is it? It's thick. I know everyone's been asking about it because we've been talking about it but they're about to launch. You're going to have to do the neck exercises. Get a strong neck 'cause it's got so much hair. You're going to be flipping it around. That's like what, three to four bundles? Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it's all there. Yeah, you guys are going the love the wigs. Absolutely love them. What've you got going on? This week? Yeah, what happened? What happened? Oh, I launched my planner this week. Oh, Zakiyrah's got a planner. So, it's called the Daily PlanHer. See how I did that? I really liked that when I saw that. I was like oh, that's creative. It's really for the girl boss who is ready to execute their year. So in there, I give you steps to effectively set goals, how to create your MIT funnel which is the most important thing. How to walk you through how to prioritize what's important in your life, so you actually get stuff done. Daily affirmations and then a daily to-do list. And then it gives you a chance to reflect on the months and the years so that you can go back and see what you should do differently next year. How you can improve the lessons that you learn, stuff like that. So, I'm really excited about that. Okay. I'll put a link to that in the show notes. When is that actually going to be able to be shipped out? Probably first of January? Yeah, right before Christmas.
Right in time. Yep, right in time. Right before Christmas. That would be a great Christmas gift for a lot of people actually. Yeah, it would be. I'm excited about it. You sell some bundles. I know, bundles and a planner. Yeah, get the hair business going. Or a wig and a planner. Yeah. Clip-ins. Clip-ins. Edge control. Lashes. Those edges though. We got plenty of edge control. There should be no bad edges out there. I mean, it's just ... No bad edges. We got plenty of the edge control. Keep it on the control. Absolutely cannot do it on a regular day. On a regular day. Today is very moderate. Oh gosh. At least I'm not in public because in public it's just ... dealing with me in public is interesting. Interesting. I just have to mess with everybody. Yes, oh gosh. Yeah, we got some new content out on the blog. We got a lot of blog content.

Our Blog is On Fire!

Yeah, we got a lot of blog content so if you guys haven't been on the blog list, you go to the blog, and there are so many great articles about the hair business, about how to take care of your hair, wig making, everything is on the blog. We have a wonderful team of growing ... We're at 17 writers for the PLE blog and it's just getting larger and larger. So a shout out to the PLE writing team. Yes, writing team and actually we are looking to expand that writing team a few more people so if you are really passionate about the hair industry if you're very knowledgeable about the hair industry, and if you are a fantastic writer ... I'm not just saying you know how to type. I'm saying a fantastic writer because we only want the best for our blog. Then reach out to us. The best thing to do would be maybe email you? Yeah, email. and we'll put it in the show notes. Yeah, we'll have that in the show notes so if that sounds like something you would like to do, make sure you reach out to us because we are growing our team to 20, hopefully, by the end of the year so you might make it in for that. And then further expanding it through 2018, because of content marketing, as we said, is very important. Extremely important. So if you have your hair business, you better be blogging. You need to be blogging. Yeah, you have full control of being able to blog so you need to do it. And if you don't know how to blog, you can search Google, how do I create a great blog? And there's plenty of information. If you don't want to read, just watch YouTube videos. Just watch YouTube videos. Yeah, I'll put a link in the show notes. You can watch Neil Patel, he talks about blogging all the time. He's probably one of the best in the digital marketing space which is the most competitive space for blogging and getting traction because all those people know the benefits of it so they all do it. But that means there's a lot of competition. There's not near the competition in the hair industry for that space. So, it's time for you to start blogging. Yeah, for sure. But today, we wanted to talk about the basics of starting a hair business and then also go into how you can travel the world for free while selling hair extensions. I love the idea of traveling around the world for free. Oh yes, I love to travel too and if I could travel for free. How exciting would that be? I think at the end of the episode we should also have a giveaway. Okay. Yeah, so our last episode, we're giving away a logo, a free logo design. And what would be perfect with a logo design would maybe be some hair extension packaging. And so I'd say this time we can give away some hair extension packaging. And more about how to do that will be later on in the episode so you're going to have to keep listening.

Setting Up Your Hair Business Legally

Oh yeah, I love it. I love it. So, we get this question a lot in the start a hair business group and it's normally, what do I need to get started with my hair brand? So a lot of times people will say, okay, I don't have my business license. Or I don't have a tax ID number or EIN number. Does that mean that I can't sell hair? No, that is not what that means. That does not mean that you can't start your hair brand and that you can't start selling hair. I would advise that you start selling hair yesterday and worry about the business license and EIN number as your business grows. Of course, it's important but it's not a necessity to get started. You can act as a sole proprietorship and it is good that if you do keep things separate, it's a lot easier with accounting and everything else. But honestly, while you're getting everything set up, it's going to take a little bit of time to do so, just go ahead and start getting it set up and then you can those items set up as well. So in the Start A Hair Extension Facebook group that we manage, a lot of people ask about getting a tax ID and oh my God, I don't know how to get a tax ID. I'll put a link in the show notes. It is so easy. Super easy. I think it might cost $10 or something. And it takes two minutes. I'll have the direct link in the show notes. All you have to do ... There's a link to the IRS website and you put in your information. I actually think it's free. It might even be free. Yeah. So it's even free, even better. So no excuse, right? So you just put in your information and boom, you get emailed a tax ID. It's really that simple. And setting up the LLC, a lot of people ask about that as well. Setting up an LLC is super simple. There are companies like Legal Zoom that will charge you extra to do it but now the local chapters and secretary of states in most states in the United States. Yeah, they do it for you. We're here in Atlanta and normally the Secretary of State you just go on there. It literally takes you 5-10 minutes as long as you know all your information. They charge $99 and that's for a full year to get the articles of incorporation and the LLC done. Anywhere else in the United States, I'm not too sure but if you go to your Secretary of State online, I'm sure the process is quite similar. And make sure that you're familiar with the difference between a sole proprietorship, and an LLC, and an S Corp, and a C Corp. That way you make sure that you're getting the proper registration for the business that you want to have.
And if you have any real serious questions about it, I'm sure you might personally, or one of your friends probably know an accountant that could maybe do a quick consult with you because they would probably love to have your business. Or a business lawyer. They do a lot of that. And reach out to them and get that information so that way you're headed in the right direction because it is important to be headed in the right direction. And if you are going to be taking your business real serious, it is probably a good idea to just set it up. You're going to get some tax breaks and other stuff so you can start writing off your expenses and your marketing. And it just keeps it a little bit separate. And then you can go to the bank, once you have your tax ID number and your documentation from your Secretary of State ... For most states, you can just go to the bank at that point, which I talked about before. I'm going to bring in my banker. Oh yeah. Get a lot of information. He's going to be great. You can take that information to a local bank that you would like to work with, and they'll set up a legit business account for you. Oh yeah. And that's a great way to get started. So that way, you can have your everything you're doing for the business will run through that business account and then you can keep it separate from your personal. And then I'm sure if you get some advice from your accountant. They say, "Hey, you're using your cell phone for your business. Let's put that through the business." Some other items. So that way, you can start getting some tax breaks running your actual business.

Do You Need A Business Plan For Your Hair Company?

Yep. The other thing that you want to have done before you actually get started with your business is ... You know you hear a lot of people say you need a business plan, you need a business plan. You really don't need a business plan to get started. We're in 2017. I don't think you really need a business plan. This is my opinion, not facts. But what do you think? I think having the old school full-on business plan. Yeah, like the 100-page business plan. We have ... I'll put a link in the show notes. We have an article on how to do the full-on business plan that's really long. If you want to go through all that, it makes you feel better, because some people are just, so detail oriented. We have the steps to do that. I think, and I think we have it in our download section. You can actually ... starting your business like a business plan checklist.
Yeah. I think a checklist is maybe a little bit better, maybe action. It's nice to have some sort of action plan. Oh for sure, yeah. Like making sure you have your website, logo, name, business objectives, like what do you want the business to bring? Like what do you want people to get from the business? Maybe goals? First quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter goals. But a full-blown business plan. I don't want that to be the reason why you don't get started because you don't have it. Yeah, actually that's true because a lot of people say, "Oh my God. I've been working on my business plan for a month." And this that and the other. Oh, my God. Just get started. Don't try to overthink it. A lot of times ... And we talked about that I think with Kendall back in episode nine or ten, nine, eight, nine. Kendall. Nine, yeah. Yeah, so we talked about that is sometimes when you think to make everything so perfect, you'll never get started because it's just like trying to ... You're just trying to make it too great in the beginning. And you're never going to launch great. Something's always going to go wrong. It's okay. Expect something to go wrong. Say, okay great; something went wrong. Let me fix it and let me move on. It's just part of the process. I went through it. You went through it. Anyone that starts a business goes through it. It's part of the process. It's okay. The people that stop, you'll never get anywhere. Yeah. You've got to push through, really, you've got to push through. And so a business checklist is a very good idea. We have one. I think we can put it in the downloads for Hair Biz Radio as well in the show notes that gives you an idea. You're more than welcome to add to it. And of course, in the comment section of Hair Biz Radio, if you would like to add to that checklist, we could get it updated if you wanted to leave some awesome comments and everything else. So, that would be good. What do you think Zakiyrah? Yeah, I think so.

Recording Live in the Start a Hair Extension Business Facebook Group

Zakiyrah's over here trying to check the live comments. So we go live in our Start A Hair Business Facebook group. If you're listening to this and you're not yet a member, we highly suggest you join the free Facebook group because that thing is on fire. Oh yeah. It's like 7,000 plus people. Trisha says the content is amazing. Love your blogs. So see, some people are reading the blogs. They think that the content is really great, helpful. We get a lot of messages daily. Like daily emails, messages on Facebook, in the group, that a lot of people share their thoughts on the content that we produce. So it's really good just to hear feedback that the podcasts are helping people.
I think the interaction in the group, I last checked. I was showing someone the other day. Between the likes, posts, comments, it was over 14,000 in the last 28 days. Oh wow. So I know I struggle keeping up with all the comments because I'm tagged in comments and people asking questions. I do my absolute best to keep up with it along with the other million things that I try to do in a day which is way too much. But it's okay; we're having fun. And I know you're probably struggling with the same thing, but I know we're both doing the best we can to keep up with it. And it is amazing now that there are some people, leaders in the group, that they are coming in and helping a lot of the questions because a lot of people ask questions about our drop ship program, but someone's already been doing the drop ship program for a year so they'll be able to comment and give them advice. So it's not just ... You're not just hearing it just from, is it the horse's mouth? What's that saying? I don't know. I don't know what that saying is. But anyway, so you're not just hearing it from us, but you're hearing it from other people that are in it. And I have to thank you so much for helping out with this because it really helps with the interaction and the growth. And it's just people in the group; it's amazing how much they're willing to help each other. And they understand that this industry is so huge and there's room for all of us to grow together. It's really nice.

How To Sell Hair & Travel The World For Free

For sure, for sure. I love it; I love it. Yes, so people are actually, they're asking us how do we travel the world for free selling hair extensions? Like literally, everyone's asking. Everybody wants to know. Oh yes. How do you travel the world for free selling hair extensions? Yes, everybody loves to travel. I know I love to travel. And if I could travel for free selling hair extensions, I'd never sleep. And there's no catch. No catch. No catch. Okay, so this is how you do it. Now the first step is you actually have to be selling hair. You have to be getting sales. It's not like you have the intent to sell because you just launched your website yesterday. It is you have to actually be getting sales is step one.
Consistent sales. Consistent sales allow you to travel more, quicker, okay? So, consistent sales. And this is for ... Now if you're working with maybe an overseas vendor or something like that where you have to send wire transfers and other stuff. It's just not going to work. But when you're working with our Private Label Extensions and Dropship Bundles, it works perfectly. Yeah. And we have a few people that I know are doing this because I got them set up and they're really freaking excited. So step one, you have to actually be selling hair. No, you can't travel the world for free if you're not selling. Okay? So that means you are getting sales. If you're getting more sales, more opportunity to travel. Step two, you do need decent credit. Okay? We're talking; I do my research, it's at least probably a 700 credit score. Once you're getting to... Business credit. Nope, just personal credit. Oh, just personal. Right. 700. 720's better. If you don't have good credit, I would suggest finding a family member that has a good credit and have them add you to their ... Like if they have a credit card. As an authorized user. As an authorized user. So that way you have somebody that has maybe a credit card for ten years with great standing. They can add you as an authorized user. I promise you like in a month or two; your credit score's going to jump high. Oh yeah. It makes a huge difference. So that's a little thing now. You're going to have to talk to someone. If you have good credit, you don't have to worry about any of that. Good credit. And then, you get either an AMEX Gold Card, the Inc, if you look at the Inc Business Capital One cards are phenomenal right now. Is it Capital One? Yeah, Capital One. The Inc Business Cards are phenomenal. Okay? They even have some triple points rewards. But you want to find a good card that gives rewards, okay? Next step, as you're getting sales, always use that credit card that's giving you points. Okay? We have a lot of clients that get say five orders a day. Okay? So they're logging into drop ship bundles. They're placing five orders that go to their clients a day. Each order, with the wholesale price, let's just say it's $150. I'm just making up the number. That's five times $150 is $750. If they're using their Amex card, they're getting 750 SkyMiles every single day. In one month if it's 30 days, okay, 30 times 750, you're at 21, you're around 25,000 SkyMiles in a month. Guess how many sky miles it takes to take a flight in the US?
25,000 sky miles. 25,000 sky miles. Oh man. Now, international flights a little bit more. I think they start at 40. So if you just save your miles for a couple of months, you have enough miles to fly for free. Okay? That's a good program. So what you want to do is you want to make sure that you are really watching your finances when you do this. If you're putting it on a credit card. If you're taking the money in through PayPal, just make sure that you're transferring it directly to your bank. Hopefully, you've set up a business bank if you're at this point. Right. And paying off the credit card. You can even pay off the credit card weekly. So, it's not like at the end of the month you have this huge bill. Just don't take the money out of your business bank account when you start getting sales. Don't start ... You're at the club. Falling out of control. Don't fall out of control. Don't Rick Ross on it. Okay, the black bottles, keep them in the back. Okay? So keep the black bottles in the back. What do you know about black bottles? I know a little bit. A little bit. A little bit. So, make sure you ... If you keep it separate, it's a lot easier to manage. And I promise you if you start doing this program, it's not only hey, it's so cool that I'm selling hair and I'm making a profit on every sale. It's like that extra perk that you get. Right? Because we accept credit cards and we don't charge extra if you use a credit card unlike overseas vendors a lot of times will. Or they don't really accept them. So utilize that because you can. You start saving up these points, I tell you when you go on vacation because I've taken many vacations and used points and gone for free. When you're on that vacation, and you're on the beach, and you're like, "You know what, my flight and hotel were all used with points." Ah, it's like... A great feeling. It is such a great feeling. It's bliss. So your vacation is so much better because you used points and you know your business is doing well and everything else. And actually, speaking of being on the beach. If you're using the drop ship program, through Dropship Bundles, you can manage your whole business from the beach because you don't have to pack and help the order because our team that's here every single day does it for you, okay? So not only can you travel the world, you can manage your business. You're going to build it up. And I'm telling you, you will love life. It's just an extra incentive that a lot of people don't think about, right? And it's really not that hard to do. Three steps. Sell hair, good credit. Get your credit card. Your business credit card that gives points. Check out right now, I know it's the Inc card is amazing. And then, you run your business. Start running all your orders through that card and just make sure you're good with the finances. Pay it off every single week. You don't have to wait the month. That's it. You do those steps. You will be traveling the world for free using points from selling hair. It's an extra perk. And I think we have actually we have a lot of clients that can totally do this.
Yeah, we do. Not even hair extensions. If you have a lash brand with us or hair brand, you can do it for any of those. Exactly. Keep that in mind, and that's just another perk of the business right there. And you just have to ... A lot of times these things are out there but people just don't think about it, or they don't know about it. So Hair Biz Radio is here to tell you about it. Oh yeah. So what credit card companies besides the Amex and Capital One would you recommend for points just based off of experience? There's a couple of ways you can do it. So American Express, they're huge on SkyMiles, okay? And then there are different cards that are going to give you points for travel. And it's basically any travel. So I have a card that anytime I spend money on the card, I get one point. And then basically if I book even on Expedia and at any time of year, there are no blackout dates. If I book on Expedia. By the way, I'm signed up for Expedia, so I get points through Expedia, okay? I can use this card. And once I pay for it, you can contact. Once you get your statement, you can contact the company and say, "Hey, I want to use the points for this travel." Say it's Expedia. They're like, "Okay." Bink. They just wipe it off. Now if you're doing enough business, you can start getting points like the sky miles through say an Amex gold card. There are other sky miles cards. You can just search sky miles business credit card or just sky miles card. Delta has a card though, right? Delta credit card? Yeah. But I think it has to be through a Visa/MasterCard, something like that. Got it, got it. But then, once you have that, okay, I know it's easy to get my flight for free. You can do the thing where the points work for everything. But then you can also once you start getting a lot of sales, start getting a card, let's say I want to pick Marriott. So when I travel, I'm going to use my Marriott card. If you're using that card a lot, not only are you going to be able to get free rooms but when you're using that card a lot, you get like next level, like a platinum Marriott card user. You get free rooms and upgraded free rooms. So what you want to do is pick a hotel group, if you're going to go the hotel card route. And then really maximize that card for the hotels so when people are like ... You show up at that front desk, and you're like, "Hey, look." "Oh yes sir, you're our platinum medallion member. Let's see. Oh, room with a view, ocean view, no problem. Did you want the hot tub in the room, sir?" "Oh yes, that sounds so nice."
Are you platinum medallion? I don't talk about my status. Don't talk about my status. But I can tell you this. When you see a lot of people that travel first class, a lot of times it's from points. Okay? So, they're business travelers that are spending ... Their businesses are spending a ton of money. It's points. They didn't spend the 5Gs for that front row, first-class seat, okay? It's points. A lot of the travel. A lot of the hotel rooms. All the stuff, the upgrades. It's from points. A lot of people. It's so weird. When you get to certain levels, everything ... I don't want to say, gets easier, it's a different type of stress. I talk about it all the time with my family. And it's like, but once you get to a certain level where you're spending a ton of money for your business, it opens up all these doors, and everyone wants to give you stuff for free. I get credit card statements in the mail all the time. Credit card statements or ... I meant credit card ... Oh man, brain fart. Credit card offers like every day. Every day they want to send me credit cards. And as tempting as it is. Yeah, you definitely have to be careful with it. Yeah, for sure. Definitely. But if you know you're buying at wholesale, selling at retail. And as long as you just are a little bit careful with your money. And that's why I say that separate business account does come in handy for this. You basically can't lose. It's really hard to mess it up. Just pay it off every week. And whatever's left over in the account, put towards marketing. No black bottles. Sorry, Rick Ross. I'm telling you just start putting it towards the marketing and grow your business because even if you're investing back into your business with spending the money on marketing which that Chase Inc card does give, that I was talking about, does give three bonus point ... or 3X points. Zakiyrah: Is it Chase? Mikey: Yeah, it's Chase Inc Plus, I believe.
So, it's through Chase Bank. Yes, through Chase Bank for sure. Okay? For online marketing, they give you triple points. Okay? Triple points sound good. Oh wow. That's really good. Because that way you can get travel three times as fast for your online marketing. You might be reinvesting all of your money back into your business, but at least you know you get those travel perks. And you can travel for free. Travel for free, I like that. And stay for free at hotel accommodations for free. Maybe rental cars for free. Yeah, you can get a Hertz card and everything. But you don't need all these different cards in the beginning. Wait until you build up your business. But for me, it's a huge motivator that I'm like, oh my God, let's keep this thing growing. Let's keep investing back in the business because those travel perks are so amazing. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. What do you think about for the giveaway today, you think a little comment if you visit and you leave a comment about, what should we talk about? What should they comment about? Maybe we do something different. So we can give away ... The custom bags. The custom bags, yeah. But in order to win, we'll give you guys a link. So they'll have to download a ... Actually, you know what? I got a good one. How about leaving a review on our Hair Biz Radio Facebook Page that we barely update yet, but we're getting to that point. How about that? Yeah. Leave a review that whatever honest review about Hair Biz Radio that maybe you like us, you hate us, whatever. Hopefully, it's okay. It's a free podcast. But go to our Facebook page, leave a review because we have zero as of right now. And then, by the third week of December, December 21, whatever that day is. We are going to pick the winner. We will comment on there that you are the winner of the custom packaging hair bags. And hopefully, you have a logo. And you know what? I'm going to sweeten the deal, Z.
If you win the custom bags and you don't have a logo, I'm going to throw in the logo. We're going to design the logo and print the custom bags. That's cool. Because that's how we do it at Hair Biz Radio/Private Label Extensions/Dropship Bundles. Yeah, so we still have to give out a winner for the actual logo that we're doing which we'll do that next week. That was episode 10? Mm-hmm (affirmative). One of these days we're actually going to have a printout of the episodes, so we do everything on the fly here. So we're going to have a printout of all the episodes and know what episode to refer back to. But we can put a link in our show notes ... Our show notes are actually really legit. Yeah, you guys should definitely make sure you go back and look at the show notes. Yeah, so if you're driving and listening to this. Awesome, I love that. But if you need to refer back to something we talked about, if you go to, very easy to find the episode. Check out the show notes. We do try to link over to a lot of the stuff that we talk about like the Inc Business Card. I'll link over to that so you can get that. Not while you're driving though. Not while you're driving. Okay? So, that's it for today's episode. I think we're going to be interviewing someone tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about. That episode will be out soon. You've got a chance to win a custom packaging from us. And if you don't have a logo, we're going to throw that in for you. You learned how to travel the world for free selling hair extensions. The basics of getting your business started, the LLC, the tax ID. Don't let this stuff slow you down. Just start going. I promise you, once you get your first tax ID, because my mom just went through this like getting a tax ID. She was freaking, "Oh my God." All this stuff. She was freaking out. "It's so hard." "Mom, pump the brakes." It takes two minutes. It's maybe free. Okay? And then, once you do it you're like, "Oh my God, that was so easy, why didn't you tell me?" I was like, "Mom I've been telling you for two weeks, it's that easy." Let's not get carried away.
Let's get carried away. You're talking about mom. I know. But it's just that easy. Once you do it, you're going to be like, "You know what, those guys at Hair Biz Radio were right." It's easy. That's it. So thank you very much for listening. Make sure you guys subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to Hair Biz Radio on iTunes or Stitcher. And I will get iHeartRadio set up in the next week. Yes, we will be on iHeartRadio soon. So thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you for all the comments, the love, support. We really appreciate you guys. Until next time. Later.
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(Zakiyrah / Mikey / Sherman) Welcome to Episode 11 of Hair Biz Radio with your hosts Zakiyrah and Mikey And we have the amazing Sherman Stanberry with one of the founders of Lyfe Marketing which is a full-service marketing agency here in Atlanta, and he's gonna be talking to us about some mistakes that small businesses make when they're first starting out in their businesses.

Sherman Stanberry of Lyfe Marketing

Great. Thank you guys for having me, first and foremost. I've known Mikey for a long time, Zakiyrah I've worked with you, we went to school together as well. So it's a great pleasure to be on this podcast, I'm excited to share some knowledge with you guys that I think will hopefully help you all take your hair business to the next level. I gotta say, this is actually pretty special, because I've seen these guys grow over the past couple of years. It's not just them personally, but the business, and it's like we're on the same track. We're just both blowing up, so it's so exciting just to have you on here as part of something else that we're doing, kind of an extension of our business. I mean, I know you're such a knowledgeable guy and myself and the Lyfe Marketing team, every quarter or so we get together and have a lunch and trade our inside, like that juicy marketing idea that's absolutely crushing it. So we always share ideas and everything else, so it's great to have him here on the podcast here. We are live in our Start A Hair Business Facebook Group, which is a community of over 7,000 looking for more information about the hair business, so we got a lot of listeners live and then, of course, you can subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. And today, we're gonna talk about some marketing mistakes that small businesses make. So not everybody might be at the point ... You kinda have to graduate, right, to the point where you would hire Lyfe Marketing? Right. You know, not all small businesses ... Like, they just opened today, they're gonna have to get their feet wet a little bit, maybe some sales. Not everyone has the budget, but when they do, and they're busy or something else, maybe they need an extra hand, that's when they would come to a company like yourself, right? Right. So in the beginning, just to get them to that point, I'm sure you talk to businesses every single day, and you ask them, "What are you guys doing for your marketing?" And they tell you, X, Y, and Z, and you should be like, "Hey, you need to do A, B, C." Right? So today we're gonna talk a lot about that. And Zakiyrah actually used to work with Lyfe Marketing many years ago. How many years ago was that, three years ago?
No, it was longer than three years ago. Maybe three, four? Four, five? Three, four years ago? Maybe four or five years ago. Yeah, four or five years ago. Yeah, when they were in the 444 Building, in that small office. Yeah, they were crammed into office kinda like we are today. They've already expanded to their nice, huge space. They have what, how many employees now? We have about 23 employees right now. Whoo. Twenty three. Twenty three, yeah. Here, we had about four or five people, that's when we were getting it, every day, cold-calling, grinding, doing everything we can to push it to the next level. And hopefully, some of the mistakes we've made are something that will be able to help people get through as well, is just how to grow fast, so they don't have to have those small hiccups down the road and to expedite their business. But yeah, we're growing, we're happy, we have about 250 clients right now, which is awesome. And primarily what we focus on is all our marketing stuff and things to that nature as well. Creating jobs in Atlanta right there. Oh yes. So one of the cool things that I really like about you guys is that when you started, it was three young men from Georgia State University. Still in school right? They're done now. Not anymore. No, when you first started. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So they were still in school, and they were working on the business and their degrees. So they literally grew a business while all of them were still getting their bachelor's degrees. So that's one of the cool things. And then of course statistics show that women are more bound to start businesses and flourish in the entrepreneurship and business community, but it was just nice to see three young men doing it.

Marketing Mistakes Hair Companies Make

Yeah, very cool. So let's, I would say, just hit it off real quick. What are some of the mistakes, just from the start? Let's talk about it and kinda go from there. So there's plenty of mistakes that I see small businesses make with marketing, but when I think about the topic of today's conversation, it's really two ways that I categorize it. One is, most small-business owners have no idea what it means to do marketing in 2017, 2018. That's A. B; if you do know what marketing really means today, you lack maturity and discipline to commit and continue to commit to that strategy on a continuous basis. So everything that I say will come back down to whether or not you know how to do marketing, you know what it is, you have the knowledge, you have the experience or B, you're not giving it enough time, you're quitting after two, three weeks, or two, three months, and you're not committing to the process of it. So that's what I would say. I think a good example of that, I just talked to a hair business yesterday. This is a true story, and she's making about $1.2 million a year, she has stores in South Atlanta and a store in East Atlanta, in like South DeKalb mall, and she's selling hair extensions. And she says she's down this year, she's lost $62,000 in revenue, and she's trying to figure out what's going on. She's looking at us, we do her marketing, and people like to point at us. We point back at 'em, and we try to figure it out. So basically, in short, I ask her what she's doing in email marketing. I know Mikey; he's making tons of money through email marketing, I know that was the topic of last week's conversation or last podcast conversation.

Email Marketing

She said, "Yes, I'm using email marketing." My next question was, "Okay, what platform do you use?" You know a lot of people use MailChimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, et cetera. She says, "I use GoDaddy." I'm like, okay, wait a minute. For email marketing? For email marketing. She says she uses GoDaddy. Oh, Mikey. You must have just had a heart attack. I am falling out of my seat, when people do hosting with GoDaddy, I about die, but email marketing?
She says she was doing email marketing through GoDaddy. I said, "Okay, pull up your account. Let me take a look at it." I have actually never heard of an email newsletter template. I haven't either. In GoDaddy. That's why I look. So I said, "Okay, let's pull it up." So she's literally sending a text email, it has two sentences that say, "Thank you for subscribing, call me if you need me," and her phone number. That was it. And I thought about that. I was like, well most people, even she's making a million dollars a year, still have no idea what they're doing. So I think that's just a good example of it. So you just opened up a whole 'another can of whoop ass for me, because I always give GoDaddy ... I always say, register your domain, domain name only, GoDaddy is amazing. Anything else, and I usually mean like hosting, building your own website, but now email marketing, I can put that in the list of things to say, "Don't make this mistake." 'Cause it's like these mistakes that people make in the beginning, they don't realize how much it's costing them. It's unbelievable. It's really unbelievable. So I 100% I get it right there. That's incredible. Doing a million dollars a year, and she's sending crappy emails. Imagine what she could do with un-crappy emails. Yeah, I know, it's crazy. Two million.

Hair Extension Sales in the USA

And the hair extension business is what, $20 billion worth? Ten billion, something like that. Ten billion? Last time I checked it was $15 billion. Yeah, I know, but for her, a small-business owner who has no idea what they're doing, purely word of mouth ... I mean, hair extensions are selling like crack right now, basically. I mean, people are just going crazy over it. So for someone who has no experience doing marketing, making a million dollars, I can only imagine what someone who's marketing expert like Mikey, you guys, what they could do with a real marketing campaign in this specific field.
That's incredible. And those are the kind of things, you know, that we try to teach our clients as much as possible, just because you know, when we first started out marketing in the hair extension industry, we weren't great. We had good concepts of marketing, this, that, the other. We've gone through and made all these mistakes, and we just don't want the people that we work with and our clients and listeners, we don't want them to make the same mistakes. Because they don't just cost you money like you're paying for ads that you shouldn't be running, or something else. But it's the lost sales. Think about the lost sales for her. It's even more.

What is your Opportunity Cost?

Opportunity cost. Yeah, the opportunity cost is more so than just even putting the money out there. That's incredible. Yeah, there's a speaker on that. I mean, if you're losing money through your Facebook ads or your social media pages, not only is it costing you, like you said Mikey, it's costing you lost sales, but you as a business owner ... If most people who're probably watching this had to do this themselves, you're also losing opportunities to grow your business, expand your product line, network, whatever it may be, so you really have to think really hard on that. So I think to avoid a lot of the mistakes associated with marketing is obtaining as much knowledge as you possibly can up front, so you don't have to incur those costly mistakes. It's interesting, 'cause I'm so big on the email marketing, Zakiyrah and I, we always talk about how we're always talking about our classes ... We're recording this right before Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day, I'm creating the free classes for our Dropship Bundles website, so when people sign up, and then how to manage your website, the free class, but I'm gonna have a paid class for email marketing that if people actually do everything I say in this, and I'm gonna walk you through A to Z and probably use MailChimp as an example, it is so worth the money, I promise you. I just met with a couple that drove here from Miami, just to meet us, meet the team. I just took them out to lunch, Tacos and Tequilas here in Atlanta, one of my favorite places, just took them out to lunch and I gave them the checklist, and one of them was ... They hadn't signed up for an email account, and I said, "MailChimp's free, up to 2,000 subscribers." But it's not just having the email account. It's using it properly, right? So what do you think would be something else that you see people making mistakes with?

Should You Be Blogging?

Well, we can go through any part of online. We could start with blogging. If you're not blogging, you're missing out on money; you're missing out on website traffic. For example, there's this statistic. It says, "Companies that blog at least 16 times per month receive four times as much traffic than companies who don't. Companies that blog 16 times per month see eight times the amount of conversions than companies who don't. Companies who blog 16 times per month report that their leads are more qualified, more educated, and they do more repeat business than those who don't." So I think if we start off with the content side alone, if you're not blogging at all, you're missing opportunities to grow your traffic, grow your leads, grow your conversions, grow your sales, your repeat sales, and alone, you're just missing opportunities. So I can go from blogs, social media, email as we already kinda discussed, SEO or even doing videos. But I think the first thing I would say is just get started with having a blog. I think the next thing is what do you blog about, and we can talk about that as well, but I think that would be a point for me.
Okay, so if someone is not blogging ... You hear these numbers here; these are real statistics. These are real statistics. I know your statistical guy. These are real statistics. He went to school for accounting, right? Yeah, he's an accounting, master CPA now, right? Yeah, CPA. I mean this guy, we're talking numbers here, CPA numbers here, okay? This isn't just made up stuff, like how I just come makeup with my numbers. Oh, yeah. CPA numbers here. Say someone has their website, okay, this is my question for you. If someone has their website, and they're not blogging even though they could be blogging and they understand that. You know, hey, they're not getting the sales, but you hear the numbers, and they're not blogging, and they're not getting these sales, whose fault is that? It's their fault. 100%. It's 110% their fault. And they have 100% control over doing this, right? One thing I talk about all the time is "Focus on what you can control." If you can blog and write ... You might not be a great writer; it's okay. Use Grammarly. If you're not familiar with Grammarly, look it up, I'll put it in the show notes. It's amazing.

Not a Great Writer? Technology Can Help!

I love Grammarly. Grammarly, yeah, me and Zakiyrah, I give everybody my account. Sorry, Grammarly. I have that pro account, super mag daddy version, 'cause my grammar's horrible, but with Grammarly, I look amazing. So it's like, you have control over doing this. So you can't complain about not seeing results when you have direct ... You have that direct effect that you can do, and you're not doing it. You have to blog. Exactly. And I think, to add to that, a lot of people think they need money to blog or do marketing or to do advertising. That's another big mistake. These are things that are completely free, and all you have to do is put the time in, the hustle in, figure out how to blog, where to post your blog, and literally if you put the time in and you actually commit, like I told you earlier, you will see the results from blogging, for example. Or any type of marketing that we're discussing. So that' another thing, is that you don't have to have a lot of money to start a WordPress blog. It's completely free. Or Shopify or whatever platform that you're using. So I think I just want to add that on to convo as well. And if you're not doing it and need a little motivation, go back to listen to I think Episode 8 with Kendall Ficklin. He's got a word for ya, okay? Sherman knows Kendall, so yeah. Kendall's got a word for you about not doing that. So we touched on email marketing. Yeah, I wanna talk about the blogs. You mentioned that they should be blogging. So for those of you who don't know how to even start with a blog, a lot of people may already have a website, because they have an e-commerce store, so all you would need to do is add a blog tab to your website, and then you can start blogging. I don't know what you would recommend ... 'Cause we blog every day. But if you're just starting out, maybe two blogs a week or - Anything. Yeah, at least something. If you have nothing right now if you put out one blog for the whole quarter, that's progress. If you put out one blog a month, that's progress. Our company ... Mikey may be able to attest to this as well. We try to blog every day, 'cause we've seen our traffic go from 100 visitors to 1,000, to 10,000, to 20,000 hits in a month. So we are firm believers that if you just keep blogging, you will continue to get that traffic. But I think to answer your question, is just as many times as you possibly can, blog as much as you can, and it will show, as long as you commit to it.
Yeah, so if you guys do not have a blog for your business, I would suggest getting one.

Wordpress is King!

And any of the websites that you got from us at, so we sell the full e-commerce sites. They're all on WordPress, and as we know, WordPress is the best platform. Absolute best platform. Absolutely the best platform for blogging. It's hands down ... 38% of all websites are on WordPress. Hands down, best blogging platform, so you guys that have the sites and I've got a lot of clients that have done that, you need to be blogging. Absolutely. Don't just read my article that I wrote on about blogging and how it can boost your business. These are real numbers, we got professional marketer, hundreds of clients, killing it in Atlanta, and he's telling you-you need to blog it. So here's your second dose, right here. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, and just as follow up, WordPress is great. It has thousands of features, it's open-source, so anything that you want your website to do, you can, and it's great for SEO. The best possible plug-in or it's the best tool that you can use for blogging. And that's actually how WordPress started, is as a blog website alone. So make sure that you use it. Mikey has done a great job of obviously selling or offering websites that are hosted on the WordPress platform. I think that's a tremendous benefit. Oh yeah.

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

So we talked about email marketing, we talked about blogging. What's the next segment we can talk about here? Uh, we can jump down social media a little bit. That's a good one. That's a big one. That's a big one. So I think the biggest mistake that I see small business owners make when it comes to social media is kinda relevant to posting. We think, and a lot of our clients, when they contact me, they say, "Hey, I need help posting to my Facebook page." Or creating content. Or "I need that scheduler thing on Buffer or Hootsuite. Can you schedule my post out and go to it?" A lot of people think that's all social media is, when in fact that's just one piece of the process. So a lot of people, they create their business page and start posting. I look at, when I'm analyzing our clients, their social media pages, I see that, like "Hey man, you've been doing a great job posting, like for the last two years, but there's absolutely nobody seeing your content. You have no visitors, so you're basically wasting your time." And their mouths are falling to the floor when I tell them this, because they're like, "Wow, that makes so much sense, I only have 31 fans on my page, and I've been talking only to my friends and family, who consist of those 31 people." So I think they need to really define what their social media strategy is. And I think the way I break it down to our clients is that, if you're posting content, you need to start building your followers and building your engagement. You can do that through page advertising, and if you don't have much of a budget, there are also organic things you can do. But that's more of a brand awareness play. It is important that you can identify the difference between brand awareness and actually driving traffic to your website. Because on the opposite side, you can have ads that go directly to your website store, where you're trying to get people leads, you're trying to get email addresses, you're trying to get sales specifically, or promoting the blogs that we just discussed. So if you're trying to develop a traffic strategy, you can place ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and drive traffic immediately to your website, which is more of a short-term strategy. Then if you wanna post, you can build your followers and engagement and build a community focused on relevant content and building a community, I think that would be my biggest tips for avoiding the social media trap of thinking it's just about having a page and posting stuff. So that's what I would say.
So what are two tips you give people to organically grow their social media following, two things they could do?

Grow Your Following!

I would say Facebook is hard, because it's kind of become a pay-to-play type of platform, but if you're getting groups like the group that Mikey is referring to that has 7,000 members, show your brand network, and not just those type of groups, but groups where your audience is located, try to add value, build relationships and don't try to sell your products, because people will skip that. Literally try to add to the conversation and network, almost as if you would at a real networking event. So that's one, just joining groups and taking advantage of that. Secondly, on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, there's a lot of ways for small businesses to reach out to people. You can use hashtags. Hashtags are killer. I have a client who does nothing but post content and use hashtags, relevant hashtags, and they're getting hundreds of followers to their page every month, and it's because people are searching for high-volume hashtags. And if you don't know what that is, that's basically categories of content that people are searching for. Then you could also follow people, and then also just make sure that you have good content. Because if people click your page, they look at the hashtags and it doesn't grab their attention, they're just gonna keep on reading and skip past you. So just make sure you have good content that people actually engage with and want to share. That's good info. Yeah, I would say, to recap on that, two things is, going back to the blogs, blogs are great things that you can post on your Facebook. Like on your Facebook page. It's not just, hey, buy this product, hey buy this product. People, they're gonna skip over that. If it's something that's relevant to your audience, stuff like what we write of how to start a hair business, but maybe how to make this awesome bob, or how to color the hair, or you made this awesome wig, how to do it step-by-step with photos and video and all that. You can create the content so that it's not just for your website but it's promoting it into these channels, right? So the blogs work out really well. Another thing with the Facebook groups, there are a lot of Facebook groups that you can post in, and you can't be sales-y. I know there's one if you search on Facebook, and I'll put a link in the show notes. I think it's part of the hairstylists' education forum. I think it has about 80,000 members. And there are all sorts of posts in there, and if you're gonna post and try to grow your audience in there, I think it's real important, you can put your blog posts in there if it's not sales-y. Or you can also say, "Hey, I'm looking to connect with stylists to do some different colored features, or to make a wig and showcase it," blah-blah-blah, "Reach out to me." So as long as you're not sales-y in these groups, then I think you can definitely start getting an audience from there. Exactly. Yeah, really good. So we talked about social media on Facebook and Instagram. What do you think about, what're some tips for YouTube? What are you seeing people do, not using YouTube, that's a mistake.

Is YouTube Really That Important?

The mistake is not using YouTube. And then if they are ... Yeah, not using is one of the things. But I mean, YouTube, as most people don't know, is the number two search engine in the world next to Google, so it's pretty important. So what kind of information could you give us on YouTube?
Yeah, so like you just hit it dead on the nail. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and you cannot skip by that. It's huge. Your customers use it every day. I use it every day. In terms of how to use it, I would say first off start making videos. It doesn't have to be complicated videos. Our company, we create YouTube videos that are literally just PowerPoints, just explaining stuff to people. And some of those videos have thousands of views. So regardless of what you think your video capabilities are, I would just say, "Start to try to off with something where you can add value." And once you figure that out, you record it; you upload it. The second thing is just making sure that people, again like we said with social media, find those videos. There are a few ways that you can do that. One, the title tag, what you name your video on YouTube is extremely important because when you think about a search engine, people search words and you have to have those words in your title. So that's point one. Point two is your description. Just like your title, have a meaty, lengthy description that really has, includes those buzz words that explain what your video's about. But also, maybe something that people search for on YouTube. Those would be two tips that I have. But I think the mistake is obviously not having any video on YouTube or any video presence. And not only is video becoming important on YouTube, but Facebook is also leaning heavily towards video content. If you're watching us on Facebook, you probably see on your timeline this video. It's a great example of it, as well as any other video content you see on your newsfeed.

Don't Forget a Great Video Description!

Okay, so just to break it down a little bit more. So you say a meaty description, right? So my idea of what this meat could be, I want people to be using, put in the filet mignon up there, not the skirt steak. Exactly. So when you say meaty description, about how many words would you say that is? Well, the longer, the better, but if you really want to have a good description, I would probably say around 500 words. If it even allows you to get to that much. I'd have to research and see what the exact amount of words that you can have. Yeah, it does. But honestly, the longer your descriptions are, and the more times you can include those buzz words in a way that makes sense, the better. So I'd honestly keep writing as much as you can, especially if you can't afford YouTube ads and the other types of placement. Just try really hard, making sure you name your video. Like the file you save on your computer needs to include the keywords, the title, the descriptions and a whole lot of other stuff, that you can't even really imagine really factors into where those videos are placed in the search engines. You took my next tip right out of my mouth. This is just a quick little YouTube SEO hack, is make sure the video file you upload, so the actual file that you're about to upload to YouTube, don't have it say, 128B. Oh, Mikey got on me so hard when I used to do that. I would literally upload images that literally said img1214. He's like, "What are you doing?"
You literally thought that you shot my cat and ran over it with your car when someone would upload something that is not perfect, but it goes to YouTube. Make sure you name it, and you can do a space. So My-hair-color-tutorial. But now I understand it's for SEO purposes. Yeah, and it's just something you have control over. It doesn't cost anything to name it. But a lot of it's the education; you have to spend the time for the education. Because you can make such a beautiful video, but if you don't use the proper title, a meaty filet mignon description, okay, name your video in the keywords and everything else, your awesome video's just not gonna get the attention it deserves. So you spend all this time making this awesome video, make sure you spend enough time on the other stuff that's important, so it gets out there.

What Not To Do With Your YouTube Video

And also I would say Facebook and YouTube, they're not best friends. Not at all. So just because you have this awesome video and you upload it natively to YouTube if you think you're gonna take your YouTube link and post it on Facebook, what's gonna happen when you post it on your Facebook page? Anyone see it? Nobody. Nobody. Nobody's gonna see it. No, Facebook's gonna be like, YouTube link? Nope. They don't wanna promote YouTube. They don't wanna. Really? Not at all. I never knew that. Yeah, because Facebook is trying to take from YouTube, right? Kinda like Snapchat, they just copy everything. Now they are trying to copy everything. You'll see the channels now on Facebook, I just set mine up 'cause I always say that I'm gonna start Vlogging again, and I just never get to it. But they're gonna copy everything they're gonna do and just do it better. You have to upload that video directly to your page on Facebook.
Exactly. Got it. Don't share the link. No, don't let on. I mean, Facebook ... Mikey is 110% correct; we're not making this stuff up. Facebook, they do not, want to promote YouTube at all, so you put a link up, they want it to be the norm that people use Facebook to upload their videos. And I think what you all really have to do is think about these platforms in general, like YouTube, right? How in the world could they rank your video? The only way they can do that is they have to associate your video with the words in it. So I've even had ... Like there's YouTube SEO guys who literally not only worry about the file that this saved as, but there are actual ways that you can edit the description of the foul before you even upload it to video. Now I don't wanna get too technical, but literally, there's a lot of advanced stuff that you can do within your file that you're saving to include those keywords.

Keywords are Crucial

There are also tags that you can tag your videos as, basically like hashtags on Facebook or Instagram that YouTube has tagged as well, that you can use to also help your video show up for those words. So I absolutely agree with everything that Mikey is saying. And I would encourage everybody to start doing YouTube as soon as possible. Yeah, for this industry. Especially the hair industry, YouTube is everything. It's so huge. Let's talk a little bit about ... So we talked about, we got the emails, the social media, the blogging, we got YouTube which is part of the social media. Let's talk a little bit about paid ads on say Facebook or Instagram and Google Adwords can be expensive, and your take, what you see, what's going on right now in the industry as far as that type of marketing.

Paid Advertising

What I see, I've run ads for hair extension companies specifically on Facebook, Instagram and on Google. For people watching, social media, Facebook, Instagram ads ... And also listening, Facebook and Instagram ads, they're so good because it's cheap, right? You can spend $5 to $10 literally and reach 1,000 people. So if you do that on drugs, you spend $100, or $200 or $1,000 you can reach a ton of people for a fraction of the cost that it would take you through printing out fliers and networking across the whole city that you live. Or doing the television ads, the bus ads, and all that stuff. You can literally reach thousands of people through Facebook and Instagram through advertising. So that's kind of the benefit there. And when we use it for our clients, that's how we're using it, is just to try and reach as many people in their market as possible and trying to generate interest. Now Google, Google is really good because it's hot traffic. People are searching for hair extensions, right? So I wish I could go to work one day and just have 100 people who want exactly what I offer without having to search for it. Or having to sell to them. So that's why Google's very good. But as Mikey said, it is more expensive to advertise on Google. The clicks could be higher than it is on Facebook, so what I recommend our clients do is you should try doing both. Try running your Facebook and your Instagram ads. There are some advanced things that we may get into that I know Mikey knows like the back of his head. Like, look at like audiences, remarketing audiences that can make your Facebook advertising campaign way more efficient. And then on Google, there's also some things like product listing ads gets way lower cost per clicks, so if you don't do the text ads, you do the product ads, you can get clicks that are between 50 cents and a dollar and drive a lot of traffic to your website as well. But then there's also remarketing ads through Google. So I know I'm a little long-winded, sorry, but that's what I would say in terms of why you should use it and how you should use it, and hoping to continue the dialogue around it.
One thing I would say that is really important is being able to track how much you spend, and what your return is. It's getting a little bit more difficult if you're advertising on multiple platforms 'cause Google's conversion will count it, even if maybe they saw the ad on Facebook, 'cause the way they track everything so that it can be a little bit tricky. But still, you have a general idea.

Create a Marketing Budget

So one thing, before you start spending real money and real budgets on this stuff, like give us a couple of smaller campaigns, not too big of a deal, you really have to learn, and it's not something that we can talk about specifically in this podcast, just too technical to set up, you have to learn how to set up your conversion tracking for your advertising. Because if you're spending and you don't know what you're getting in return, it's very difficult to take that dial. So I look at a dial, and it starts pretty much at $5 a day. It's very difficult to turn it to $10 a day and $20 a day, to $100 a day, to $1,000 a day. Right? Would you agree? Oh yeah. Do you see people probably advertise on these different platforms and not have any conversion, and you ask them, "Hey, what's your return on these?" And they're like, "I don't know."

Know Your ROI

Yeah. I mean I see, and it's a bad thing. Obviously our clients, they don't have those issues, 'cause we help them see their conversions. So the biggest takeaway from Mikey, you said is make sure that if you're spending a dime that you have conversion tracking set up, and that you can literally pinpoint the exact ROI. But I have plenty of people come to me after spending $10,000 in Facebook ads, and I'm like, "Okay, what's your CPA? What's your cost-per-acquisition?" And they're like, "What? I don't know. How do you do that?" And I was like, "Wow, man. So we can't even use the data?" And they're saying, "I don't think it's working." I'm like, "It's probably not." I would just strongly advise that people set up conversion tracking. It will give you the most insight into your campaigns and help you really pinpoint your cost-per-acquisition and continue to increase your sales in a predictable and measurable way. It's just like anything, anything in business or just in your life. You're always gonna do better or be more aggressive when it's something you can track and really know the numbers, right? You weigh yourself every single day, I promise you there's a better chance of you losing weight if you wanna lose weight than if you never weigh yourself. It's something that you can track, and it's always on your mind. And you have to really be able to see these numbers, especially if you wanna scale something. If you've never done an ad on Facebook and you boost a post for $5 or something, okay, it's not the biggest deal in the world. But once you really start getting into this, and you're really serious, and hopefully a lot of our listeners are very serious about the business, these are the kinda things ... We're not just making up; this is so important. We wanna watch what you do with your money. Whether you're a client of ours or not, you're just listening? Cool. That's fine. But we want our clients to be very careful. Like in this meeting, a couple came from Miami, we were sitting down, and I was like, "Stop spending money right now until we get some of the stuff figured out." Right? You don't have your Facebook pixel set up, so you're trying to spend money to send traffic there, and you're not building your traffic list. You don't have your email setup, you don't have your abandon cart email setup, so it's spending the money without having at least the basics which are very inexpensive to nothing, cost nothing, without this stuff set up, having this stuff set up. And you're just missing out. There's no way that you're gonna be successful without getting the basics done. Would you agree?
Exactly. No, that goes back to my first point. People do not know how to market in 2017, 2018 the right way. So you have to literally get the knowledge of what Facebook ads are. Most people who call us, they're like, "Hey, I did the boost post thing on Facebook, I spent $500 and nothing happened." And I'm like, "Hey dude, do you know that there's a whole ads manager that you can use to really do more than just the basic stuff that Facebook is doing to get your money?" They make it really easy to get your money really fast. But they don't even know what ads manager is. So I think it's that most people, they don't have the basic knowledge that it takes to really run a successful Facebook advertising or Google advertising campaign.

Learn About Ad Spend Before Spending!

And I think it comes from thorough learning, too, is a lot like you can't just say, "I have a hair business, I wanna go create a Facebook ad." And then you go create it, then you end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars and you're not getting a return on it. So I would definitely recommend that if you're going to do Facebook advertising and you're not gonna hire anyone, use YouTube tutorials, Facebook tutorials to learn how to set an effective Facebook ad. And then as Mikey said, start with $5 a day. Yeah, I agree 100%. Lynda, I know Mikey is a big fan of Lynda. Oh, I love Lynda. Yeah Lynda costs $20 a month. Listen, Lynda, listen. It costs $20 bucks a month and you can learn anything in the world. YouTube. A lot of people in the digital marketing space, even our own company, we learned through online videos or trial-and-pissed-off- client but we figured it out one way or another, so that's what I would say. I'm glad you mentioned that. Just try to learn through all the online tools that you have.

Our New Education Platform!

And that's one of the reasons why Zakiyrah and I are working on the platform for education. I don't even know if I told you specifically even before this, that we've been working on this, and it's sometimes. What I've learned just from this industry, and I've learned a lot, specifically a lot of our clients that just don't get it, even though we sent them to other places to learn, they still just can't get all the information to take away, 'cause it's not really in the terms that they totally understand. So that's kinda what's gonna make Zakiyrah and I's platform and everything we're doing, the education very different because it's all gonna be related to the hair industry. It's gold. It's like, they're gonna be able to relate. Like I'm creating, just for the websites, we've been sending them to WooCommerce, which is the plugin, WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, obviously, it says, "You want to change the pricing and the variations on this site or the other, different links, you can just do it right here." But the example's like a t-shirt or something that and they just can't relate it that well. So a lot of the videos that I'm working on now, it shows them specifically for the hair industry, and I think it's gonna knock their socks off, 'cause they're just 100% gonna get it, because when you're trying to learn, it's hard enough, right? But when it's trying to learn and you don't really get the products that you're learning or something else. You gotta find that information and try to make sense out of it. Yeah, it's like a double whammy. So if I can take one of those and make it easier for people, I think the second step will follow and it'll be a lot easier for them. So maybe we can have you guys have a class on that, it'd be pretty fun.
Sure. Yeah, we can definitely look into that. And honestly, I think that is golden. I don't know how much money I would've paid for any business that I start, but specifically even my agency, if I had someone say "Hey, Sherman, this is what an agency is. This is how you market your agency; these are the emails you use for your agency, this is what your Facebook ads should look like." Who knows? The two to three years that I spent doing absolutely nothing in terms of generating. How much, what kind of money would that have? Exactly, I would pay any dollar amount to get that knowledge right in front of me. So if someone, whether it's a hair business or who knows what business, if someone laid out the framework, I don't know how easier it could get, especially from someone who's an expert and has already done it themselves. I'll pay an endless amount for it. Well, let me tell you, as I've talked before we have some real high-level consultants. We basically pay six figures a year so that we don't make the exponential growth. So we've gotten pretty far already, but to get us to that really crazy, high up level, like I've never been there before. So you've got to pay for this information with certain people that will take you there, and yeah, people are like. Because when I tell my friends the exact numbers, they're like, "Wait, what? Do you know how much money that is?" And I was like, "I know. But do you know how much it can make us?" You gotta think, what I'm implementing now, it's gonna take a little bit of time, and with all this stuff that we're talking about, I'd love for you to iterate that your results don't happen overnight, especially with blogging, with vlogging, with any of the ads or anything. It takes time. What's your take on that, how you see companies make the mistake of cutting their campaign short, stop blogging because they're like, "I'm not getting traffic, and I've written three blog posts." Exactly.

Being Great at Marketing Takes Time!

What are some of the mistakes you see people make with that? That goes to the second point is the maturity. So first we said, some people don't have the experience and knowledge. Now we're past the knowledge part, right? So now is, "Okay, how long does it take for me to get results?" And time and time again, people are not committing to the process. I think it comes down to most small business owners think that. I don't know if they talk to their accountant or something, they're like, "Hey, what's the ROI?" They're like, "What's the ROI?" I get on the phone with a client who's interested in our services, and he wanna know, "What is the ROI, can you tell me what it is if I spend $500 am I gonna get $1,000 back in two weeks?" That's just how people are thinking. And I like to think of it like you're building an asset. You're building a construction site, who knows, you're building up something from nothing. Let's be honest; your customers don't know you exist. So you're trying to get ROI, but first, we have to kind of take steps and say, okay, I need awareness. I need a website. I need a blog. And I think the harsh reality is that a lot of people don't wanna face is that it takes six to 12 months to really even start seeing this snowball turn into a larger snowball.

Have Patience for Results

So I think patience is the key. That's my number one recommendation, is if you really think all of this makes sense, you already know that you need a blog, you get the social media stuff, you know what AdWords is, but you're not seeing the results, I promise you something you're dealing with, you're not giving it enough time, or you don't have enough resources to even do it yourself. But that's kinda what I would say about that.
That was really good info. Really, really, really good. So to wrap this up, I have one more topic that I think's kinda true to heart, so important, that I see a lot of mistakes and I think you'll agree and I just want it to be reiterated on this when people listen to this, and they can really sit down and say, "Okay, let me listen to what they're saying. I haven't been doing this. I haven't been blogging this. I haven't been seeing the results. But wait, I'm not gonna see the results for six to twelve months, let me pump the brakes, calm down a little bit, switch to decaf." Like I'm on decaf now, I had to switch to decaf. The regular, I just came in too amped. I came in too amped. Usually, actually I park my car a block away, I put on my headphones now 'cause they switched me over to Apple so I got those Airpod things. I put on my Fit Radio like the hip-hop DJ makes, I'm like Rick Ross rolling through the door, I came in. But with the coffee, people were like, "Mikey, calm down, you're way too excited." It would be like the smallest thing and I'm like "What?" Mikey's on ten without coffee. Yeah, so that's why I switched to decaf and it didn't make too much of a difference, but yeah. So the key is to understand that yeah, it's gonna take a while, even if you're really good. But when you're really good, the key is to be consistent. Exactly.

Consistency is Key!

You can't post five times on Instagram today, not do it for a week, and then post once again and be like, "Wait, where are my results?" What do you think about consistency with marketing that goes with all of these topics? How important is consistency? It's the most important, once you get the knowledge down. I'm not sure if you guys or the listeners know who Gary Vaynerchuk is? Gary V. Oh yeah. We just talked about this the last time, I got the Gary Vs coming, the shoes. You saw the Gary V shoes? They already came. Oh yeah, I already got 'em. I haven't worn them yet. They're sitting there.
Sitting there. K-Swiss? K-Swiss. He got the shoe deal. I talked about 'em on the last episode.

Gary Vaynerchuck Speaks the Truth!

That's whassup. Gary Vaynerchuk says something that just made this way more sense to me, for anybody to understand. He said, "I know exactly how to get a six-pack. But I don't have one, and I think it comes down to consistency." It's not rocket science. We all know what it takes to get to losing weight or whatever type of result that you're getting if you go on a cleanse or diet if you're trying to do whatever. But I think people don't literally want to take the steps to get there. They cannot commit to the process. And I think it's underrated when we talk about consistency. Because a lot of people do not, whatever goal they have, they're just not consistent in the implementation of it. So obviously if you're listening to the podcast or you're watching us on Facebook, that doesn't necessarily mean that that's an act of consistency. You have to literally go and work on something every single day in order for it to get results. And that's not just marketing. That's anything in life that you want. So I think it's one of the most important items once you actually understand what's going on. So that's how I would respond to the consistency component. Yeah, and we stress that too. Our clients, people in the group all the time. Consistency produces results. Definitely. Exactly. Yeah, so I think that's more information than most people need. Sherman came in and killed it. Just, I can't believe it. There's a lot probably compressing in your mind right now. Don't worry, you can always listen to this episode multiple times. We're gonna have plenty of information and links to the show notes, especially links over to where you can find Sherman. They have an awesome marketing blog at Lyfe Marketing. It's L-Y-F-E, we'll have a link in the show notes so you don't have to miss 'em. Where else can people find you? You know, just check out the blog. Read that. From an education standpoint, I think that's the best thing for anybody to do. Our website's obviously Lyfe Marketing, our phone number's on our website, but we really try to add... If you like listening to some of the stuff we discussed today, we try to show you a little bit of how you can do it. So if you just need more content to learn, that's great. And also i know that Mikey's coming out with a killer program, so I'm excited to see that myself.
Let's see if we can get you on there. I think it would be a good complement to everything we're doing, 'cause Zakiyrah and I are huge on we understand that we can't do everything ourselves, and we've been here, Private Label Extensions, you probably noticed when you went over there. You're like, "Wait a second. They have a lot more people, a lot more offices." That's what I said, find Zakiyrah. It is. It's built up and when we move to our new space here in six weeks, two months, whatever it is, it's gonna be whole next level. So even maybe being part of, Zakiyrah and I are planning on doing seminars, smaller classes where it's not like ... We actually will teach you stuff. 'Cause obviously, some of these seminars, I swear people go just because someone has all these Instagram followers, and it's like, "Oh, come to this marketing thing." I'm like, you do ... I look at their stuff and I'm like, "Okay, let's be real." Are you really a marketer? You have a lot of Instagram followers, and yeah you might be attractive, cool. But to actually learn about marketing, like the stuff we're talking about here, they do not do any of that stuff. I mean, do you agree? Do you see that? Yeah, there's a lot of people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Yeah, so it's just like we're Private Labels Extensions lease. We're behind the scenes, we're not as flashy with a lot of stuff, but trust me, behind the scenes you see and Zakiyrah knows. We're beasts but we wanna teach more people. That's our passion is not only be best selling, the hair is just one component. And then we have the whole education side to us, and it's more fulfilling that allows us to do more things, more charity stuff. It's just so exciting that having you on our podcast. Oh yeah, this was great. And your company, Lyfe Marketing's been killing it, growing like crazy. Every time I sit down they have what, 23 employees? Twenty three. That's incredible. Really incredible. Zakiyrah, what else you got for 'em? All right. Guys, don't forget about the giveaway, make sure you enter the giveaway. You can go to Episode 10 and comment, like the podcast, download it, and make sure you give us some feedback. And we are giving away a logo. A logo, so if you're just now starting - Logo design.
So if you're just now starting your hair business, you don't have anything, one of the top five things that you need is a logo, so we'll be giving that away. So make sure that you check out the podcast and leave us some feedback. Yeah, and just real quick about the logo. We have the logo service on our website, and what's great about it is, after you purchase the logo, it sends you an email, and you fill out this whole long form about describing what you want the logo to look like, and we take all that information, and then our designers come back with six different logo designs, and you can kind of go from there and say, "Hey, I like a little bit from design 1, but I want it to look more like design 6, stuff like that." And eventually morphing it together, and we've had some really happy clients with the logos. Oh yeah, they do a great job on the logos. For sure. I didn't know you all were doing that. That's awesome. Full service. Full service over here. We're a hair agency, one-stop shop. Logos, packaging, branding, drop shipping the actual hair, education. Just like Lyfe Marketing. We've been growing. That's awesome, man. Oh yeah, for sure. So thank you guys for tuning in to Episode 11, we had the amazing Sherman Stanberry of Lyfe Marketing who dropped some great information along with Mikey. I was kinda sitting over here like "Huh, I didn't know some of that stuff." But it was a great episode. Make sure you guys subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, and tune in the next time on Hair Biz Radio.
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