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Mayvenn Hair: Should I Be An Affiliate or Start My Own Hair Brand?

Mayvenn Hair: Should I Be An Affiliate or Start My Own Hair Brand?
We all know the hair extension industry is BOOMING and everyone wants to get involved. Today we are going to look at the Pros & Cons of working as an affiliate with the Mayvenn Hair company as well as should you consider starting your own brand. With the help of Private Label Extensions, you can start selling hair extensions, wigs, lashes, edge control, and more in a snap! If you are on the fence about what will work best for you, keep on reading! First, let's look a little closer at Mayvenn Hair.

What is the Mayvenn Hair Company?

Known for making innovative moves, Mayvenn Hair is a popular hair extensions brand. This brand has utilized a unique business model of connecting their product with hair stylists. Diishan Imira, Mayvenn founder, and CEO poured his experience of witnessing family members in the hair industry. He realized a certain factor was missing. That factor was selling the products our community was so committed to buying. Building an empire and creating a consistent flow of revenue using high-quality products from the hair and beauty industry was his mission. Mayvenn has become Diishan's supporting tool to bridge gaps in the hair community.

How To Be A Mayvenn Hair Distributor

We know Mayvenn's mission is all about empowering the next hairstylist with the tools to sell directly to their clients by simply becoming a Mayvenn hair distributor. The first important step to becoming a Mayvenn Hair Distributor is establishing yourself as a licensed hairstylist. The most important things to know about becoming a distributor is that it is costless, requiring no out-of-pocket fees in joining. It all starts by visiting Mayvenn's welcome page and filling out a simple form to get in contact with someone to get moving on the next steps. They make it clear on how becoming a hair distributor for Mayvenn can benefit you including earning more money, becoming a part of an influential movement that will impact the hair industry and, lastly, a 30-day guarantee on all products if they don't meet customer satisfaction. Clearly, Diishan and his marketing team have connected the dots in skillful ways to expand their business and benefit entrepreneurs and consumers within the industry. And these intricate moves were all done by utilizing affiliate marketing. PRO: No Startup Costs CON: You are really just an affiliate promoting and building another brand, not your own. Is building your own hair brand important to you?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To get a hold on what we've covered thus far, let's discuss what affiliate marketing really is and the role it plays in a business. Affiliate marketing is a simple form of performance-based marketing where a business compensates or rewards an affiliate under them for each customer that buys or uses their hair when getting their hair done. Mayvenn hair has this down to a science. They have stylists that suggest Mayvenn hair to their clients. If their clients say yes, then the stylist get a percentage of the sale. This helps affiliates make extra money, and it especially helps the Mayvenn hair brand. Not only does affiliate marketing help spread the word of Mayvenn hair, but it also increases sales. If you own a hair company, look into affiliate marketing and see how it can help your brand. PRO: You just get people to click your affiliate link. CON: The commissions and prices are set. With your own hair brand, you can control your own prices and profits. Is controlling how much you make important when selling hair?

Mayvenn Hair Extensions

The theme for the Mayvenn hair is that they sell Virgin hair. Most of their products come with the label "virgin." This means that the hair they sell is not processed with chemicals. Their inventory varies between straight styles, curly styles, closures and frontals. Depending on what you choose, you can have up to 28 inches of length. Honestly, 28 inches of unprocessed hair sounds incredible! The team at Mayvenn works hard to ensure that their products are of high quality. They also offer pre-colored extensions that are dyed for you. It's still the same high-quality hair, just colored. The only issue is that the colors are limited. For example, at Private Label Extensions, we offer a variety of colorful extension options. You won't just have your hair in blonde, you can have it in blue too! PRO: Good quality hair. CON: Limited product line to sell. Is having a fast growing product line available for you to market important to you?

Mayvenn Hair Wigs

Mayvenn hair has plenty of wig options available for you. For every bundle style they offer, they also offer a wig style. The wigs they offer come in limited colors from natural black to natural brown. They offer full lace, and lace front wigs. There are plenty of Mayvenn wig reviews for you to watch and get acquainted with the Mayvenn brand.

Mayvenn Hair Reviews

Mayvenn Hair has gotten a mix of reviews since they've become popular. As with any company, especially a hair company, you can expect a variety of reviews Typically Mayvenn has good reviews but most of those will also be from those selling the hair. Many people express their love for the softness of the hair, and how easy it is to style. Some negative reviews mention the issue with the stiffness of the hair after using it. For example, one reviewer said that the hair lasted all of two weeks before it became matted and tangled. However, don't be discouraged from buying. There are plenty of different reasons why hair becomes tangled, and it's best to try and see for yourself. Even the best hair will get bad reviews. It's just part of the industry, unfortunately.

Mayvenn Hair Coupons

The great thing about Mayvenn hair is that they are always having a sale! Getting their hair is always within reach because their prices are already affordable. Often, Mayvenn Hair provides coupons for first-time customers, which allows them to splurge a little when purchasing their first set of Mayvenn bundles! It's similar to how Private Label Extensions is always having a flash sale, which allows customers to buy hair for cheaper than normal.

Mayvenn Hair Shipping

There are mixed reviews on shipping when it comes to Mayvenn Hair. Some people mention receiving their hair in a few days, while others have complained about having to wait for weeks. It's a mixed bag, but the reviews generally tend to lean on the good side. As with any company, every customer can't be satisfied, but every company can try to do their best to satisfy every customer.

Mayvenn Hair Instagram & Other Social Media Accounts

If you'd like to keep up with the Mayvenn hair brand, you can follow them on all their platforms. Their Instagram has over one hundred thousand followers, and they are always engaging with customers on their twitter. Here's a full list of their info! Instagram: @mayvennhair Facebook: MayvennHair Pinterest: Mayvenn Google+: Mayvenn Twitter: MayvennHair Follow any one of their platforms to see how they're showcasing and promoting their brand.

Is it Better To Start Your Own Hair Brand

There's a lot to learn from a company like Mayvenn. If you're wondering which option to take career-wise, you'll need to consider a few things. You can either be an ambassador for a hair brand like Mayvenn and promote their hair for a percentage or you can buy hair wholesale or utilize dropshipping to cost-effectively start your own brand. Anyone that isn't sure whether the hair industry is for them, should start out as an ambassador. An ambassador inserts themselves into the hair industry without taking on too much responsibility. The only downfall is that ambassadors don't receive as much money as a hair company owner or ever the chance to build your own list of customers. As a hair company owner, you'll be able to control everything from the revenue to the product. At Private Label Extensions, we offer hair wholesale. If you're looking to sell hair, then look no further! Private Label Extensions gives you all the tools you need to get started. As a hair company owner, you'll be able to direct everything from beginning to end and have a better stream of revenue. The main downfall with owning a hair company can be handling the inventory. Inventory is the most difficult aspect, but with Private Label's very own dropshipping program, you don't have to worry about any of that! Make sure you read on drop shipping to ensure that you know how to get the process started!

How to Start a Hair Company like Mayvenn

Starting a hair company like Mayvenn isn't difficult if you take the right steps. There are so many different paths you can take, but the first step you should take is reading our articles on how to start a successful hair business. Private Label Extensions has all kinds of material for you to use to get started. One of the key components of Mayvenn as a hair company is that they use affiliate marketing to increase the reach of their brand. We teach you about that too! If you want to get started, look no further. We've got you covered.
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How to Protect Your Hair Business and Investments

How to Protect Your Hair Business and Investments

Better Safe Than Sorry

There are many moving parts to running a business, especially a hair business, and the larger you get, the harder it becomes.

As a business owner of a hair company, you are expected to have the most fabulous hair at the lowest price with the fastest shipping. And while those things are essential, there are some things behind the scenes that are even more critical to running your hair company like minimizing loss and protecting your merchandise.


Shifting Your Attitude

The first key to protecting your business is to shift your attitude.

You are the judge and jury, the employee and the owner, the God and the heavens! Okay, I got a little carried away, but my point is you are responsible for making your business great.

First, you need to change your mind and be able to understand that you are the boss. Later, I give some tips on what a boss should do in certain situations, but right now I'm saying this to say, no endeavor or additive is too much or too silly when it comes to protecting the brand and hair empire you've worked so hard to build. You must be willing to go the extra mile.

Second, recognize your business is targetable. While you may think 'who would do that,' or 'nobody is worried about me,' believe that there is someone out there who sees the flaws in your set up and is waiting for their moment!

And lastly, take note of behavior changes. Too often than not a good business suffers because owners do not have their eyes and ears to what is going on inside of their workplace.

Whether you have four storefronts or run the business out of your house, knowing who is working for you, what companies you deal with and their policies is priceless.

Protecting Your Business

What does that mean? Protecting your business says that you are looking out for your brand, your money, your merchandise and above all else your customers. You must have a system that keeps your revenue and the meat and potatoes of your work intact. One of the best ways to do this in the hair business is insurance.

Tackling Hair Insurance

Why You Need It

Insurance has the sole purpose of covering unforeseen events.

The case that something happens, when and if, you have the money to cover it. Running a hair business is tough, and while you have so many moving parts such as expectant customers, it can be easy to forget some logistics.

However, a crucial role in running a successful business means prepared for anything. Whether you have a storefront or an e-commerce shop, it is never a bad idea to have insurance. When you get, hair imported have insurance in case the shipment is lost, damaged or not what you ordered.

Having insurance will save time and money when you are scrambling to get your orders filled, but you're having issues with your vendor.

Furthermore, when shipping out to customers always attach a tracking number and insurance! Whether you lose a package, reported stolen, or you have someone trying to finesse their way into three free bundles and closure, you'll always have a paper trail and coverage for anything coming your way. A good business owner anticipates these kinds of events.

The insurance is not only about your hair, but you also want to have full coverage in case a store trashed, there is a natural disaster or someone slips and falls.

And that is what insurance is all about! What if it flood and all your hair are ruined? What is there's a robbery and the hair customers paid for and you invested in is stolen?

And what if you did not have insurance to afford you the time to restock and regroup?

Hair Insurance

How To Get It?

To get a hair insurance policy, you must call a company or visit their website to input your needs, receive quotes and decide on the best policy plan.

The Hartford is a company that provides hair salons that need a variety of insurance coverage types included in a business owners policy (BOP).

Nationwide provides customers with personalized insurance packages for barber shops, cosmetologists, and estheticians.

Next Insurance gives salon business owners the opportunity to complete from their phone in a matter of minutes. This company caters to small businesses and has a flexible payment plan.

Allstate is a more mainstream company that has a local agent to help you sign up and work through any claims on your policy. They provide business, commercial and liability insurance.


What Does It Cost?

The cost of insurance varies by circumstances such as what you are selling, your location, your experience and your ability to pay on time.

Typically for companies like hair stores, hair salons and barbershops full coverage insurance range from $500 to $1000 a year for a 1 Million dollar policy.

All About Hair Insurance

The dynamics of your business will decide what kind of insurance you need as well and the cost.

Do you only sell hair out of your storefront or do you do lashes and waxes as well? Is there expensive equipment inside and how are they being managed? These are all the questions you should ask yourself when choosing the company.

Essential Security Features For A Storefront

1. Alarm System

Ring the alarm! Alarm systems are meant to notify you when someone enters your business whether knowingly or unknowingly.

This system can allow a small 'ding' to go off each time a customer enters or exits the store building awareness for everyone. Additionally, at night you can set your alarm and if anything occurs be alerted immediately of who opened your store and what time.

An alarm system is an investment because it enhances security and provides a sense of comfort when leaving your store each day.


2. Live Recording

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Camera's are business owners best friend!

Having camera's in your storefront, whether you sell hair or something else, can save you a lot of drama, money and time down the road. While the camera may not catch everything, it is a good start to identifying a person or working through details of a situation.

In any given case, you will have proof of store activities like transactions, and incidents.

3. Hiring A Security Guard

Imagine this scenario: Amber walks into the store.

"Can I help you today?"

"Yes, I would like to try on your 613 40 inch wig. I've never tried this color before but my birthday is coming up."

"Aw sure." You proceed to place the display wig made out of four bundles of your Brazilian Straight 40 Inch 613 hair that typically cost $135 a bundle with the matching 115 dollar closure onto Amber's head for viewing.

Then Amber becomes a track star and jets out of your store while you're screaming and running after her regretting eating that Cinnabon and chipotle for lunch.

Don't let this be you. Although a security guard is an added expense it can pay off if your hair store is in a sketchy neighborhood, you make thousands of dollars a day, or you have heavy traffic.

A security guard makes people think twice about committing crimes in a store like stealing, fighting or committing fraud.

4. Training Employees On Lost Prevention

Lastly, training your employees on preventing loss is a major plus to your business.

Teaching your employees tips on stopping stealing or recognizing fraudulent cards or fake money can save you thousands of dollars a year. All it takes is regular employee training infused with some webinars or a special two hour paid training session for employees.


Extra Ways To Keep Your Investments Safe

1. Lock All Your Valuable Things In A Safe

One of the biggest things that inspired me to write this article was witnessing one woman who owns get all her display wigs stolen out of her storefront.

It was heartbreaking to see the actual footage of her expensive and flawless wigs beings snatched up at night while her store sat empty and pretty. One thing to consider, though it isn't exactly cute or ideal, is to take down your displays when your shop closes at night.

For instance, instead of leaving all of your display wigs, bundles and frontals in the window or throughout the store you would take them down and lock them in a safe and secure location. Although this can be tedious with the constant undoing and restaging of your store, it is easier than replacing all of your merchandise.

Furthermore, find other creative ways besides putting all your hair out to showcase the hair and wigs you have for sale. For instance, using pictures from a photoshoot, having all of your employees wear your hair, or providing live demonstrations once a month.

There are tons of ways to market safely, and creatively.

2. Keep Good Records

I'm not sure if your store filled with family and your two best friends.

But either way business is not personal, and everyone working in your store should be on a record. You want to run your store like a real business, and a real company has taxes, employee identification numbers, background checks and definitive clock in and out times.

Being mindful of the movement in your store- money, and people- will cut down on guesswork and help you pinpoint who or what the problem may be. Additionally, it makes paperwork easy, and in the long run, keeping records is beneficial to your business.


3. Take Inventory Every Night

You may have a good guess towards what you sold and when but it's always a good idea to take stock for security and monetary reasons.

Assign the role to a trusted employee, or you can do this yourself. The purpose of checking inventory is not only to see where your most significant sales were but to ensure that every item out of your store is paid and accounted for.

4. Have A Drop Box For Big Bills

You know as well as I do that there are tons of people pulling up to buy hair on hand who are getting prepped for their birthday, just got their taxes or are out for a Friday treat. And that means there's a lot of hundreds coming into your store.

Like grocery stores and most retail stores, it is a good idea to keep your bigger bills in a drop box so that if anything does occur a considerable part of your revenue is safe.

Additionally, this can be emptied out by only a trusted employee, or yourself.

5. Keep Information Confidential

It pays in all kinds of ways to be the boss! One of the best-kept secrets of being an effective boss is not telling anyone everything.

In your position, you know the ins-and-outs of your business and could run it in your sleep. Keeping some information confidential helps you quickly spot areas of concern or shifts in business flow or morale. It is important not to divulge everything you pick up on or what you know.

This is because you never know when you might need it later and wish that you had kept that information under lock and key.


Lock It Up!

Protecting your customers, employees, money, and merchandise is a huge task. But luckily you do not have to do it alone.

Although some of these suggestions may seem tedious or expensive, they are all good investments for the overall flow, safety, and success of your business. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself! Following these tips on changing your mindset, adapting tighter security, and getting insurance are all ways to secure the bag and protect your business.

What are some ways you keep your business up and running safely?

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Becoming a Boss: How Viviane Kaye Started Kinky Curly Yaki

Becoming a Boss: How Viviane Kaye Started Kinky Curly Yaki

The Queen of Kinky Curly Yaki

These days starting a business is extremely common.

Everyone is looking to make a little extra money from a side gig, or they are trying to follow their passion from 5 pm to 9 am. But, starting a business based on a trend requires a leap of faith.

And about seven years ago, Vivian Kaye decided that she wanted to take that leap when she started a business catering to the natural hair demographic. Specifically, women who wanted to add length and fullness to their natural hair texture.

At this time, circa 2011, rocking your natural hair was just becoming “a thing” in the mainstream market. Issa Rae was not popping up with the Kankelon hair on red carpets. And Yara Shahidi was still too young to influence the style of the twenty-something-year-old.

Although many curly-haired women were going away from perms and texturizers, they were still covering or manipulating their naturally kinky hair textures. Vivian not only convinced her customer to embrace her natural hair texture, but she also had them rocking it on a daily basis.

Keep reading to find out how Viviane Kaye started Kinky Curly Yaki, a high-quality hair extension business that caters to natural hair textures.


The Wedding Decorator

Before Kinky Curly Yaki, Vivian Kaye decorated venues for one of the most important days in a woman’s life, their wedding day.

Being from Toronto, a melting pot in the form of a city, her clientele ranged in ethnicities. Because her job consisted of serving everyone from Southeast Asians to Italians, and Koreans, Vivian knew her look had to be on point. This sentiment made sense because her work product was extremely visual.

It is here that she struggled with the natural texture of her hair and keeping up a professional appearance. Unfortunately and understandably, her clients did not understand the purpose of a headscarf or a du-rag to cover up the hours of effort put into her failed twist out.

At this time Vivian started an expensive and expansive search to solve her own issue: lack of access to hair extensions that could help her achieve the perfect twist out. The twist out was not the only style goal that Viviane had in mind while on her hunt. She also needed a kinky texture of hair that would blend with her real hair.

Often Viviane struggled with the texture difference that most naturals have, one texture in the front and a completely different texture in the back. She affectionately called hers “Afro in the front, Indian in the back.” You can imagine, this is a challenge when you want to match your leave out to your extensions, and you want to avoid it tool.

That is until she found a really expensive hair texture that she loved enough to get a sew-in.


Lesson One: You Are Your Customer

While rocking her sew in Vivian attended a black girl meet up.

Unbeknownst to Vivian, this is meetup would serve an impromptu focus group for her soon to be product line. Because all of the women at the meetup were born with some texture to their hair, they were intrigued with Vivian’s hair.

In fact, not only did various women at the meetup compliment her on her hairstyle and its texture, but they also expressed a range of interest in her techniques. These women wanted to rock a natural look, and they needed all of the details!

The crazy part about this entire story is that the women did not know that Vivian was wearing a sew-in! They thought that all of the hair was growing from her scalp. Upon divulging her sew-in secret, the women switched from admires to wishful consumers. It is here that a light bulb went off in Vivian’s head. She could use this hair to become the plug that these women and so many others needed. She could start a business!

So, in the offseason of her wedding decor business, Vivian bought a domain name, purchased a few business cards, and threw up a website. Thus, the start of Kinky Curly Yaki. Needless to say, she hasn’t looked back since.


Be your own customer because when you're your own customer, you will always have a ready-made Better Business Bureau rating your next move.

Lesson Two: Investing In Yourself Is Expensive

Part of the success of Kinky Curly Yaki lies in the product testing.

Vivian has worn every single texture that she offers on her website. And she wore it before she offered it to anyone. Because Vivian knows that the biggest mistake most people make when selling hair is following this two-step blueprint:

Step 1:

Find a wholesaler

Step 2:

Dropship their product

She wanted to bypass the customer complaints and chargebacks by doing a little more legwork in the begging on the sourcing process.

And because the textures that she is offering can be course and may have a tendency to tangle, Viviane knew that she could run into potential quality control issues with the hair.

She needed to know what each hair type would do when worn in different environments and styled with different products. Not only did she test the hair, but she joined forums, hair and beauty groups, and manufacturing and e-commerce clubs to immerse herself in her industry as well.

This testing costs quite a few resources. To purchase hair from a vendor, you need money, and at times you have to spend a lot of it because of minimums and freight costs. To wear the hair, you need time. Time to not only continuously style the hair but also time to see how long the hair can last.

All of this is information that is eventually passed on to your ideal customer in the form of selling points.


Testing is Essential

It is hard for entrepreneurs to grasp that a lot of money to goes into trial and error.

But, when it came to making the final selections for her assortment line, Vivian was glad that she put the sacrifice in. This expensive lesson although costly helps Vivian when customers call in saying that they're not sure why their hair extensions might be behaving in a certain way. She can troubleshoot the product effectively because she's worn the hair before.

There are so many other business owners out there that are looking just to make a quick buck. They don't care about every single product because they're just trying to get the coin into their pocket. But she knew that she had a lasting business that could get her very far.


Learn your product. This way you can avoid selling inferior products, and you can better advise your customer.


Lesson Three: Right the Wrongs

While it took time to establish Kinky Curly Yaki, Vivian looks at all of her setback like lessons. She defines them as something necessary for her to learn and deal with to grow as a business.

When recalling on a time that she ordered a batch of kinky clip-ins Vivian says that she has run into instances where the shipment she ordered came in all wrong. The clip-ins came in as wefted hair instead of the temporary clip-ins that Vivian ordered and advertised on her site.

Where most entrepreneurs would have a panic attack, Vivian moved with the swiftness of an event planner that had to fix a last minute venue change. The first step that she took to rectify the situation involved a direct call to her clients that ordered the Kinky Curly clip-ins.

Then she got to work on the supplier. She went back to the drawing board to fix the miscommunication effort and got her correct order. It is crucial that she contacted the customer as soon as she realized that there was an issue. Any other course of action would have set off a flood of angry customer calls and bad reviews that could have negatively impacted the company.


You can't expect to run a business and not have shipping issues or miscommunication happen to you. You are supposed to roll with the punches and take all of the bruises as they come while moving forward.

Treat everything like a lesson to help your business deal with more significant hurdles, and you will find the silver lining!

Lesson Four: Maintain Supplier Relationships

Vivian is moving major weight! But none of this would be possible without the help of reliable suppliers whom she has built a relationship with.

Vivian started to create all of these relationships at the start of Kinky-Curly Yaki and continued to mold them while KCY kept growing into the business that it currently is. It is incredible to know that Vivian is still using the same suppliers she started out with when she was ordering one or two bundles. And because her suppliers have built with her, their relationship is beneficial to them as well.

Long gone are the days when Viviane ordered one to two bundles. Now she is ordering kilos of natural texture hair extensions from these suppliers. She attributes their strong bond to open lines of communication. It is also vital they have direct forms of communication!

At this point, there is no intermediary. She has access to the person in the company that can help to get her point across and if need be, make changes immediately so that it does not become a bigger issue in the future.


Relationships and communication are two keys to success when growing your business. If formed correctly both parties in the relationship will benefit as the company grows.

Lesson Five: Establish Transparency

When Vivian Kaye started, she did not let anyone know that she was the woman behind Kinky-Curly Yaki!

It is only over the last couple of years that Vivian came out as the face of her brand. It wasn't until recently when she started to have moments relating to her customers and their hair struggles that she made the most important realization of her company’s existence. People need to see themselves in the company that they are supporting.

Your customers need to buy you. They're not necessarily buying the product at all times, but they're definitely buying you. If you look like your customer or have a similar story and lifestyle habits, your customer is likely to purchase your product.

Why? Well, because they feel a connection to you. They see that your business is helping your life get better in some way. So if it helps you and you are experiencing similar circumstances, it can help them too.


Vivian has the mentality of someone who is down to earth, an everyday woman who has started a really successful brand. She is quoted saying: “I'm just like you, I've just figured it out. And if I can figure it out, you can figure it out!”

Lesson Six: Curate Social Media Influencers

When Kinky-Curly Yaki first started, social media influencing had not yet become a thing.

If you think about it, the whole concept of influencers and social media marketing has only picked up within the last three years. So when Vivian had her first influencer, she just asked someone that she knew in real life.

This person who also wore kinky hair, took Viviane up on her offer to try out the hair she was selling at the time. All Viviane did was ask for an opinion on the hair, and this influencer posted a message about the hair on a forum. This one act was a jumpstart and enabled the hair to take off!

Some of the more prominent influencers that Viviane works with currently helped to grow the brand to the staple that it is today. Influencers including the likes of @Nae2Curly were relatively small before they partnered with Kinky Curly Yaki Viviane selected them because she saw that they had the same drive and passion behind their own personal influencing brand that she did behind Kinky-Curly Yaki.

These types of influencers better represent her business. It is also a social media tactic that sets her apart from other brands because it is not something that a lot of brands would risk when selecting an influencer.

It is not always about the follower count. Find someone who can grow with you and has the same drive and passion that you do when it comes to their own business. This makes for a perfect partner.


Why Her Influencers Make Sense

While every single relationship has not been on the up-and-up, the influencers that Viviane works with on a regular basis put in the work.

Why? Because they are a version of her end-user as well. They create natural content for both their following and the 73 thousand followers of Kinky Curly Yaki. All of the images show them as authentic users who appreciate the product.

It doesn't come off like they're selling something. This is what makes Kinky Curly Yaki so successful! Seeing girls representing the brand who are authentic and still wearing hair from two to three years ago makes you want to invest in the product as a customer because you can see that the hair has longevity.

Takeaway: When dealing with influencers don't look back on people who said they were going to post and did not do what they said they were going to do. There's always a hungry influencer waiting to use a top quality product. Don't focus on the ones that have failed.

Just focus on what you have been able to execute because there is no point in looking back.

Who wants to buy kinky hair?

Kinky-Curly Yaki was created in part to help women of color find a safe space to embrace their natural beauty.

Slowly but surely we're getting away from European standards of beauty being the only measure that matters. Companies like Kinky-Curly Yaki help us to do just that!

With six textures that cover a full gamut of the natural hair community Vivian Kaye’s Kinky Curly Yaki proves that there is a large audience ready and willing to invest in quality kinky hair extensions.

Seven figures large, and as we fall deeper and deeper in love with our natural features every day, it is a guarantee that that number is going to grow.

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How to Take Your Hair Salon to the Next Level

How to Take Your Hair Salon to the Next Level

Don't Settle On Your Hair Salon

Every day, women and men visit a hair salon to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.

You can drive down the busiest street in your city and realize that hair salons are a dime a dozen. Throughout the years' hair salons have established a reputation that can make a typical salon visit feel mundane. Ask a dozen women to describe an average visit to the salon, and you are likely to hear similar descriptions.

As the generations have passed, trends have come and gone (and come back again) but our salon experiences haven't evolved much. Now, ask yourself, "What makes my salon different?"

As a business owner, your challenge is to create a salon experience that sets you apart from the other salons down the street. The last thing that you want is to blend into the sea of stylists in your area. Your hair salon might be great.

But a few small (and affordable) changes can take your hair salon to the next level of greatness!


You Had Me At Hello

First impressions are everything. You have probably invested much of your time and money into making sure that your salon is clean, attractive, and inviting.

However, you can make a great first impression before your client even steps foot through your doors. Enhance your customers' experience by getting to know them before they arrive for their appointment. Once your client has booked their appointment, consider sending them a brief survey to assess their hair needs and desires.

You can create a free survey with online tools like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. These forms can be sent to your client by email or text and submitted electronically. Better for you, once your client completes the form you can use it to make notes about your clients' service and goals to keep track of and review before their next appointment.

Another benefit of offering a pre-consultation survey is that it serves as an ice-breaker for new clients and gives you the opportunity to think about the best products and services to provide. The best part about an automated survey is it not only saves you from completing paperwork.

But you can also automate it so that you don't have to take the time to send each survey yourself.

Time is of the Essence

Most women know that when they visit a hair salon, they will be there most of the day.

Whether you rent a suite or own a multi-chair studio, exceptional customer service is paramount. You might be the best hair stylist in your State, but if you have poor customer service, your bookings will suffer. If you are managing a team of salon professionals, it's time to call a meeting and get everyone on the same page of efficiency.

Taking your clients time into consideration is a great way to show that you take your craft seriously. From the check-in process to the farewell, every step should be brief and streamlined. Sure, a hair salon is an excellent place for women to unwind but don't be so lax that your clients feel neglected.

If you are the only stylist at your salon, challenge yourself to find a balance between engaging and quick without compromising styling quality.


Remove the Guess Work

When I book a weave style with my hairstylist, I'm always a little stressed with the task of picking out my hair extensions.

I want to make sure that my hair comes out exactly as I imagined it would without breaking my budget. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit browsing beauty supply stores and second guessing if I had purchased the right type of hair.

That was just a glimpse of what some of your clients go through when they have to buy their hair extensions. Have you ever considered selling your line of hair extensions a your hair salon? It's easier (and cheaper) than you imagine when you start your line with Private Label Extensions.

Take the guesswork out of your salon experience and sell your line of extensions to your clients. It's so much easier for clients to arrive at their appointment without the stress of picking out their hair extensions. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will use quality hair for their style.

Private Label Extensions offers top quality human hair extensions at budget-friendly prices. In addition to your bundles, PLE can assist you with labeling, packaging, and even a website to take your business to the world wide web!

The best part is that PLE offers a wide variety of extension lengths, textures, and colors. PLE is your one-stop shop for clip-ins, long and straight styles, kinky hair, and even tape-in extensions!

Once your client books their appointment and submits their survey, you can have their extensions ordered and ready by the time of their appointment!


Throw it in the Bag with Products

Let's face the facts when your clients arrive at your salon; they are already expecting to spend money.

While they sit in your chair, you have a captive audience. While your client is in your chair is a great time to upsell your service and have your clients leave with a few more goodies from your hair salon.

Upselling the right products enhance your client experience and extend their style. Consider selling a few additional products and accessories at the end of your service. You can also expand your client base by selling your add-on products online!

Edge Control

Nothing makes a hairstyle look as fresh like snatched edges.

Keep your client's salon-fresh by offering them edge control to purchase. You can quickly start your edge control line with PLE edge control. This five-star rated product is flake free and comes in clear or black. It's a fan favorite among PLE buyers and a great add-on product for your salon.

You can purchase edge control in regular or mini sizes in quantities as small as 10 and as large as 100.


3D Mink Eyelashes

Most clients book a hair appointment around a special occasion so that their hair is fresh.

Why not send them out the door with a great set of mink eyelashes? You can start your mink eyelash line with Private Label Extensions mink eyelashes. PLE offers affordable wholesale eyelash extensions in a variety of styles such has 3D Thinline and 3D Volume Lashes.

You can purchase each set of mink lashes in quantities of 5, 10, or even buy a single set if you're interested in trying them out on yourself first.


Silk Bonnet

The number one thing we all need to maintain our hair is a silk bonnet.

Don't let your clients leave your hair salon without one. You can order silk bonnets from PLE to offer to each client at the end of their service. PLE bonnets come in regular and long sizes (for your clients that are rocking those inches).

You can also opt for your bonnets to be personalized for a small fee of $4.79 each when ordering 50 bonnets.


Continue the Conversation

The scary part about cosmetology is that once your client leaves your chair, there is no guarantee that they will return to your hair salon.

You need to provide them with more than great hair to secure their loyalty. Take your customer service to the next level by continuing the conversation. It's up to you to create and maintain a relationship that invites your clients to keep booking with you. Turn "goodbye" into "see you later" by following up with your clients on a regular basis.

Always book their next appointment before they leave your salon. Pre-booking shows that you have an interested in working with them again and it ensures that you have a future appointment booked.

Sometimes, these conversations can be uncomfortable to approach. A great way to lead-in is to suggest a treatment schedule. As your style appointment is coming to an end, discuss that you prefer to keep your clients on a style schedule to ensure the health of their hair. Then propose your suggested visitation schedule such as bi-weekly or monthly appointments.

About three to five days following their appointment, send your clients a brief follow-up survey so that you can get some feedback on their experience and how their style is holding up. Feedback surveys are also an excellent way for you to assess any common issues that may occur with multiple clients or even open up for dialogue that might be uncomfortable for your clients to discuss in person.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your clients is an excellent way to show them that you care and value their business.


Believe it and Achieve it

Your goal is not only to create a beautiful hairstyle, but your goal is also to create an exceptional salon experience.

The best way to achieve this is to put yourself in your client's shoes. Think about what type of communication and service would you like if you were to visit your salon? Also, it's vital that you are open to feedback. Customers, friends, and even employees all have great ideas that are beneficial if you are open to implementing them.

Don't forget about the upsell! Upselling is not a sleazy business tactic if you're providing products and services that will benefit your client. Starting your hair extension line and offering accessories are a great way to add a few more dollars to your bottom line.

While also adding the value of convenience to your clients' overall experience. Have you ever considered starting your line of hair extensions or hair products? Leave a comment below and share a few ways that you can take your business to the next level!

Visit to learn more about how you can start your line. Make sure that you are following PLE on Facebook and check back on our blog regularly for more hair styling, trend, and business tips and tricks.

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How and When To Help Others in The Hair Industry

How and When To Help Others in The Hair Industry

A Helping Hair Hand

One day I was scrolling casually on Instagram, and I saw a business owner in the hair industry willingly giving out tips about vendors, running a business and professionalism.

Weeks later, I saw another hair business owner saying that she would 'never sell her vendor,' and that vendor sales were a scam. Finally, I witnessed yet another extensions owner stating that they were no longer giving away 'free game,' and their classes would be starting shortly.

As a hair blogger, seeing these varying opinions circling the same topic got me wondering, when are you making things too easy? And is there ever such a thing as 'creating competition?' How do hair business owners pass down knowledge and when do they decide it's time to make a profit?

In this time and age, everyone is holding classes for one thing or the other. Whether it is a two-day event, a four-hour seminar, a sip, and paint or a webinar if you want to learn somebody is always there to teach you. They have their bios, and links in order just waiting for views! But the real issue is, are these people experts and what are they learning?

It has been proved time and time again, that you do not have to be a professional cosmetologist to know how to dye extensions, sell wigs or silk press hair. If you have a high follower count and you've made money people would more than likely be willing to drop money on the class experience.

Moving along, many people have chosen to take their success in the hair industry and double they are earning two-fold.


Are These Classes Helpful?

Business owners have introduced classes for braiding, branding, weaving, and general business startup information priced from $100 to $500 based on products, popularity, and word of mouth.

People who sell extensions also sell their hair vendor list with wholesale vendors that they use or have tried to set up their businesses. The validity of these lists has been called into question because buyers are not sure if the list entails reliable and quality vendors. Additionally, the information given at these sessions could have been on Youtube or merely the business owners trial and error experiences.

However, all of life is others experiences, and they are valuable. The best way to learn any industry is to go to those that are respected and successful within your industry and follow their tips.

Looking at the path such as business partners, others' failures and breakthroughs can save you a lot of time when going out on your business venture.

Should I Charge or Not to Share Knowledge?

The short answer to your question is: yes and no. I know you were looking for a more concrete solution.

But the truth is that it is up to your discretion on what information is taxable. Some individuals feel that any part of their journey to success is worth adding a dollar amount, and they refuse to give out information to their competition, or to those who aren't paying for their expertise.

However, other's believe that blessings come with lending a hand and all information doesn't come with a dollar sign. While I firmly believe it is up to you, here are a few things to help you make your decision and gain clarification.


What Kind Of Information Should I Give Out For Free?

1. Information That Was Easily Given To You

If someone provided you with this information without any money, class or hard work up front, it's only right that you find a way to pass that information down.

2. Genuine Advice

Giving out advice via social media is a great way to interact with your followers and build your reputation. Additionally, help can be as specific or general as you decide. Furthermore, even if people have heard bits and pieces of your story when it comes time to share the whole thing they will still be interested.

3. Samples

Samples for hair companies are general hair or a new product. Giving these away for free can help others get ideas for their businesses but also enhance your business popularity and speed up the process of rolling out new ideas for you.

For these things that you willingly and freely give remember that every business has a starting point, and being a leader or helping hand is a selfless thing to do. A true leader and boss want to see others win and have the confidence in their product and their company to excel no matter what.


4. Facebook Community Groups

It's always good to have some kind of support group for your niche in the market. A facebook community group is a great free resource to have and to give to others. Your group should be filled with like-minded individuals that share similar goals as you.

Not only does this increase your connections, it creates a space where ideas can be shared. In the hair industry, creating and joining a facebook community group is essential and helpful for anyone looking to start a hair business.

What Kind Of Information Should I Charge For?

As a business owner, you could feel that others feel entitled to free advice and information.

And it would be smarter to turn this constant sharing of knowledge into money. Additionally, for some, it can be a tough pill to swallow that they are giving out all the gems they worked so hard to obtain for themselves. Information that should cost money should fall into these four categories:

1. Lessons Learned The Hard Way

While I do believe some advice should be free, I think it is safe to say providing effective resources and the do's and don'ts is a smart way to add a new source of revenue and help others at the same time.

Giving out advice is one thing, but it is another once you get into the meat and potatoes about what exactly worked to make your business success such as vendors, marketing strategies and meaningful connections that you've made.

2. Information that is considered 'confidential' in your industry

One big thing that is confidential in the hair industry is vendors.

A vendor is a place where you get your hair wholesale and a reliable source of quality hair by your standards. As having affordable quality hair as the basis of the hair. Business, it is a big thing to give out even for-profit willingly.

The companies you work with to get your extensions quickly and to resell like hot cakes! The details about how to add flat irons, mists or edge controls, and make wigs to your business are taxable because these are things that boost business and are considered essential to creating a successful company.

You wouldn't want everyone to have your exact vendor list for products, making your company repeatable unless compensated.


3. Contacts and People who like to remain exclusive

If you were a singer and just collaborated with some of the hottest artists, you wouldn't go around giving out big executive numbers, would you?

It's the same with the hair industry. People who are well established might recognize and contact you for a variety of reasons dropping gems, sharing personal details or inviting you to join their team; in turn, give them the same peace they had before joining you.

Do not post their number online, add them to your fliers or promise interaction with your consumers unless explicitly asked.

4. Information that cost you a bag!

As I mentioned before, one of the women on Instagram was very adamant about the fact that she had to stumble and learn the business on her own.

After spending thousands of dollars to get the right combination that suited her business goals and needs she charged for one on one's, seminars, business advice and she also refused to sell her vendor.

Things that have cost you an excessive amount of money and time are profitable because others should invest in their craft the same way you did, and it is information that is not easy to come by. However, do not become consumed in making money or forcing others to build from the ground up, real success is not bashful and makes way for others to come up behind them.

If you are going to start classes, it is best to wait after your business has been up and running for a year or two. First, you want to be able to master your first services before adding more onto your plate, and secondly, give your self-time to become known and respected as a person who specializes in hair or extensions.

People need to feel like they are learning from a person who has cracked the code on what it means to run a business successfully or master a skill like braiding and frontals.


You've Got The Advantage

Lastly, pay attention to the responses given when you share free information.

Are people appreciative or pushy? What are the wants and needs of the people reaching out for advice? Providing young entrepreneurs with a starting ground is admirable and will go a long when you do decide to profit off of your knowledge. Remember that everybody starts somewhere and that these people were once you!

Helping others with no immediate return in favor is okay. This process of giving turns into a negative thing when people are reliant on you to provide the tricks of the trade and feel entitled to get a piece of your knowledge without putting in the necessary work it takes to succeed, the moment you think that tide is turning, it's time to change things.

Overall your story, vendors, and business layout are valuable, and when you become extremely established, successful, it's time to turn up the heat.

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Celebrities That Operate Their Own Hair Company That You Need to Watch!

Celebrities That Operate Their Own Hair Company That You Need to Watch!

Level Up and Start Your Hair Company

Hey babes! I know I'm always writing a variety of articles about you starting your own hair company or taking a leap in trying a new hairstyle. I write content like this because I feel it's essential that we as women encourage each other to do things that we may sometimes think are not for us or our impossible. Nothing is impossible, and if you put your heart and your determination into it, you can achieve anything that you desire to. This is why I'm writing this article today about a few fantastic celebrity women who have created their own hair companies and are doing pretty well. If you've been on the fence about starting your own company because you're afraid of the unknown I can tell you that these women have set a standard for you will be able to follow. We all look for mentors that can give us a blueprint for success, and I believe the women I chose can do precisely that. They are from all walks of life and vary in age. Instead of telling you to press play on a playlist, play one of my favorite songs by Jennifer Hudson which is “I Got This” because I know you've got this!

Boss Chicks Making Moves in the Hair Industry

These Boss Chicks took their love or extensions to a whole different level by starting their own hair companies. Below are my top who have added a revenue stream to their portfolio.

1. Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams is an entrepreneur, actress, and reality television personality. With all she has going on, she still finds time to be an integral member of the Dish Nation team. She is enjoying success with her hairline “Go Naked Hair.” Her hairline offers luxury hair extensions for women who believe “clothing is is not”. Below is a list of the featured products on the home page.

The Catwalk Collection

This collection promotes luxury 100% raw imported hair you can use for a variety of style options. The hair is unprocessed, chemical free, and comes for a single donor. There is minimal to no shedding, and the company guarantees the hair is tangle free.
  • Go Naked hair options (not all available styles are listed)
  • Brazilian Body Wave starting at $75/bundle
  • Cover Girl Curly starting at $115/bundle
  • Peruvian Straight starting at $115/bundle
Closures are available on the site as well.

2. Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox is a beast when it comes to the entertainment industry as well as entrepreneurship. We all know her from various roles on television as well as the big screen. In 2009 she teamed up with Amekar Industries to launch the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection. In 2011 Beverly Johnson decided to make her extensions available under the Vivica Fox Hair Collection, and they are all now known under the Vivica’s collection. If you step in any beauty supply store, I can guarantee you will see Vivica's wigs, braid hair, and hair extension. She continues to expand her product line as the hair industry evolves and this is why I respect her hair company. When you go to her website, you will see the options are diverse. Whether you want extensions, wigs, or braid hair she's got it. Let me give you an inside look into the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection.

The Bang and Pony

The Bang and Pony are two styles in one. It allows you to wear your ponytail with a nice bang and gives you the volume that you want. It comes in two different styles, so you have an option of the type of ponytail that you want to wear,

The SMART Weave

The smart weft weave is revolutionary. The benefits of using the smart weft weave are it is super thin, maintains its shape, is made of a breathable fabric, is reusable and tightly sealed. The hair is cuticle Remy hair and is tangle free and saves you a lot of time.

Swiss Lace Front Wig

The swiss lace front wig gives you the most natural look by blending with your natural skin tone. The lace is transparent, can be parted on any side, and gives you a lot of versatility.

Pure Stretch Cap

The pure stretch cap gives you all day comfort because it's fully adjustable, stretches throughout the entire perimeter of your head, and allows your scalp to breathe and stay cool.

Cornrow Pro Cap

The cornrow pro cap is the solution for protective styles because it makes the installation of protective styles much easier. It also eliminates tension around your hairline. As you can see her collection is extensive and you can find what you need.

3. Candiace Dillard

Candiace Dillard is the co-owner of Prima Hair Collection. Candiace is the newest housewife on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Prima currently as the following extensions available:
  • Catalina straight Brazilian
  • Kulali curly Indian
  • Lima body wave Peruvian
Closures are also available for purchase.

4. Angela C. Styles

I am a fan of Angela ’s for many reasons. I think it's her confidence, her Chicago swag, as well as her unwillingness to give up on her dreams. You may know her from LA Hair which she starred on with a host of other stylists as well as the incomparable Kim Kimble. She is not only a talented hair stylist, but she's also a fantastic educator and author of a new children's book entitled “Hair.” Her hair company, Conscious Curls, main mission is to provide quality extensions and support women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. I love her company’s motto which is “buy ours so they can keep theirs.” Extension options are:

Comfort -

Deep wave Indian hair that can be straightened or colored up to medium blonde

Energy -

Body wave hair which is the loosest texture available. The hair is 100% virgin Indian extensions.

Power -

The tightest texture available, can be straightened, and chemically colored. The hair is 100% virgin Brazilian extensions.

Strength -

Relaxed texture can be chemically lightened and straightened. The hair 100% virgin Indian extensions.

Peace -

Brazilian curly hair perfect for a wet and wavy look. The hair is 100% virgin Brazilian hair.extensions. Closures and frontals are available on the website and remember when you make a purchase 15% of profits Angela is donating to charity.

5. Mushiya Tshikuka

Mushiya is the business woman you want to be once you can harness all your power and confidence. I must admit she is my favorite Boss Chick from the reality show “Cutting it in the ATL” and it is her fierceness and love for family that is so endearing. Mushiya wears a lot of hats and entrepreneur is one she wears well. Mushiya is the owner of Runway Curls which is the premier hair extension company with sass. All of her extensions are 100% Virgin Ethiopian natural textured extensions (unless otherwise noted). All hair is tangle-free, able to be colored, and has minimal shedding. Check out the variety Runway Curls offers below:
  • Weft Hair (starting at $95/bundle)

Dirty Girl -

The tightest textured curl which you can straighten

Rude Gyal -

Medium loose curl pattern

Skarlette Rouge -

Loose ringlets

Straight Natural -

A kinky straight texture which you can straighten
  • Bulk Hair (pricing starts at $22)
All hair is a blended hair in naturally textured coils

City Afro Rough Ryder

Afro Puff

  • Clip-ins (pricing starts at $165)

Dirty Girl -

The tightest textured curl which you can straighten

Play Boi -

Tigh spiral curls

Skarlette Rouge -

Loose ringlets

Straight Natural -

Kinky straight which you can straighten

The Blueprints for Hair Company Success

Each of the women that I featured in this article has come into the hair business in different ways. Whether it's Vivica A Fox, who has her care company as a brand extension to Angela who has her company to empower women and little girls, these celebrities are making a positive impact. As you begin your business, remember the desire for money cannot be your primary reason for starting your hair company. Just like the women above, connect to a cause or your purpose and let it be the driving force toward success. As always, you know we are here to support you! Feel free to check out our extensive resources available to help you establish an excellent hair brand. Comment below with any questions. Please feel free to post your experience with any of the hair companies listed above. Remember, don’t worry about proving the haters wrong! It’s all about you proving yourself right!
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Does The “Customer Is Always Right” Theory Matter in The Hair Industry?

Does The “Customer Is Always Right” Theory Matter in The Hair Industry?

Outdated Or Classic Truth?

“The customer is always right!” This phrase has been used by businesses since the early 1900s and is still used today to convince customers that they will receive the best service possible. Is the customer always right in the hair industry?

In The Salon

In the salon, the object of the service is to provide the customer with an exceptional experience that serves their hair needs. The guest should feel important, relaxed, and they should receive the expected results. Unfortunately, as a stylist, you have to break it to your client that you can’t lift their permanently colored black hair to pastel pink in one service. Sometimes, the client’s ask for unrealistic results or even complain about what they should pay for services. Although we want to give our customer the best experience possible, sometimes we can't give them their expected result during the allotted time or do to the state of their hair. There comes the point as a hairstylist where you have to maintain Authority in the situation, and you cannot let the customer run your business. When the customer complains about the structure of their service, products, or prices, it's important to consider the customer's point of view. You depend on your client to keep coming back to you so that you can pay your bills. It's important to try your best to please your client, but there should always be a happy medium. It's important to remember that not every client is going to enjoy your service. Some clients you may have to let go, and they will have to find another stylist that meets their needs, and that's okay. When you provide a quality service, never lower your prices because your clients are complaining. If you prefer to use a specific hair brand in your salon that most of your clients enjoy, then don't stop using it because a couple of clients complain. It is imperative to maintain your brand regardless of how your clients respond.

In The Hair Extensions Industry

Due to the surplus of low-quality hair, many clients are looking to find the cheapest bundle possible. You may run into a lot of customers complaining about the price of your hair because they found cheaper here on AliExpress or from other Asian vendors. Once again as the owner of your hair extension business, you have to stand your ground with your prices. When you provide a certain level of quality service, you should charge a certain amount, and not everyone is going to be willing to pay your price. Focus on providing equity and building the value of your brand that you attract clients that can't afford your costs and are more than willing to invest in high-quality hair extensions. There will also come times where your clients will damage the hair extensions they purchased from you and then try to get a refund after they ruined the hair. How you handle this is entirely up to your discretion, but it's important to be strict when it comes to returns because unfortunately there is a lot of fraud in the hair extension industry. You should have a return policy that protects both you and the client. Don't allow your clients to take advantage of you because this will only build a poor reputation for your brand.

How To Please Your Client and Maintain Your Standards

As stated earlier it's important to find a happy medium when it comes to pleasing your client and building a high-quality brand reputation. There are a few essential tips you can keep in mind when handling discrepancies between your business and your clients.

1. Make Rules and Stick to The Rules

Most of the time misunderstandings come from a place of business not communicating clear regulations/standards to the clients, or continually disregarding the rules to please every client. Staying consistent with the way you handle your business is essential. If you're continuously waving the rules for every other client that gets upset, you might as well not have any standards. Having consistent and transparent standards in your place of business will allow you to attract clients that will respect you and your service. As well as get rid of clients who will continuously feel uncomfortable with your service. Consistency will also alleviate the pressure of waiving a rule for one client and not doing the same for another.

2. Offer Discounts Instead of Refunds

If a client that was unsatisfied even though you did all you could do for them, you may choose to offer the client a discount on their next service. When you provided the client a price cut and combination was an apology, the client will feel appreciated and valued, and if they decide to come back and receive better service on the next time, they may become a loyal client. Even if the client decides that they want to find another hair stylist, you at least didn't lose any money by offering a full refund.

3. Ask for Customer Feedback

When the client is checking out, it's essential to have the front desk agent ask how their service went. If possible, have the client fill out a brief customer feedback form. Some customers are afraid to tell you how they feel about the service to your face that may be more inclined to express how they feel on paper. An anonymous survey is a great way to have a clear understanding of how your clients think about your service, so you can tweak things as needed.

4. Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

Take a moment to consider how you might feel if you were the customer in the situation. Sometimes we forget what it is like to receive poor service as opposed to serving the client. If you would be unsatisfied with your service, then more than likely your client is dissatisfied as well and deserves better service.

Is The Customer Always Right?

So, is the customer always right in the hair industry? The answer is no! Nevertheless, the customer should still feel like they are right and respected in all scenarios. Let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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What Is Shedul, and Why Your Hair Salon Should Be Using It!

What Is Shedul, and Why Your Hair Salon Should Be Using It!

Shedul or Schedule? What Is It?

I know the name Shedul is a bit confusing, but once you hear about all the great features of this hair salon management app you won’t even care! Shedul is a booking system with features that will help your hair salon business run more effectively and efficiently. A few features shedul includes are appointment scheduling, client management, online bookings, built-in POS, invoicing, receipts and much more! Shedul is also cloud base, so you can access it from anywhere, anyplace, anytime using the internet. Even, drum roll please, did I mention it was free? Yes, free! Not a trial run free or not add your card here free, nope, it is a free software! So if you want to know a little more about shedul, and why you should be using it for your hair business read on!

The Benefits

Shedul pride themselves on providing business tools that hair salon and other beauty specialist need to stay competitive and increase revenues. The appointment scheduling system comes with a calendar that helps with better management of bookings for your hair salon! Having a detailed appointment history, overview of future bookings, individual preferences and contact details, which allows your business to maintain client relationships in a better way. The activity dashboard will help keep track of your daily activities and displays update bookings, notifications, and actions. With your customizable automatic reminders, it reduces the chances of no-shows as well as updating customers in case of any changes in your schedule. With Shedul being an online booking system, Shedul makes it convenient for your clients and future clients to book through your companies website, widgets, and Facebook. The software also offers a built-in point of sale module which helps manage sales, invoices, receipts, and other product-related operations. You will be able to manage a variety of your business operations right from your internet browser. While Shedul provides the different features to manage your hair salon, larger businesses can also opt for premium services for more operational control.

The Cons

Currently, Shedul does not have the interface to set up a merchant account (Credit card processing) although they are working on it and it should be ready within the next few months. Also, you can set up two different tax tables (sales and services), but you are not able to calculate sale tax within the system. Nevertheless, you can manually calculate it since you can report sales for each specific period.

Overview of Shedul Features At A Glance


Schedules appointments

Shedul is a clean, simple app with a powerful calendar scheduling features that can handle all salon appointment bookings. You are also able to manage bookings on the mobile app.
  • Calendar based scheduling

Client management

Being able to maintain your client relationships are vital. Having an advanced software with a detailed history, booking preferences, and future bookings and contact details is essential.
  • Automatic reminders

Reduce No-shows

You can send automated reminders and custom messages to your clients about appointments and notify them about changes.
  • Custom Messages
  • Online bookings (Website, Facebook, Widgets)

Activity dashboard

Allows you to keep track of daily appointments and activities so you will never miss a beat. Your dashboard displays up to date appointment cancellations and clients notifications.

Built-in POS

You can take care of your salon POS sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, taxes, and retail product management within the system. Shedul POS is advanced and fully integrates with your salon scheduling app.
  • Invoicing, receipts, taxes, and calculations.

Available Plans

Shedul is free for everyone. There is no trial period, no need for a credit card, and its unlimited use!

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Free

Customer Types

  • Small salons
  • Large Enterprise
  • Medium salons


  • Cloud Hosted

Support and Customer Care

  • Email
  • Live Support
  • Training

The FAQ’s

How to get started?

Step #1

To get started, go to and select Sign Up in the top right corner.

Step #2

You’ll then be prompted to enter your Login Details and basic business details. If you would like to skip this step, you can go back and edit these under Setup > Company Details.

Step #3

Next, you will have the chance to add your working hours. If unsure yet, you can update later under Staff > Working Hours tab on the left-hand side in the main menu. 4. Viola! You have an account; you will notice a demo staff member called Wendy and two demo appointments. The demo will allow you to explore an make tests runs with your demo clients Jane and John Doe. 5. You are now able to use your free cloud-based salon booking system!

Why Is Shedul Free?

Shedul is giving away free-forever accounts to all businesses that sign up. They are allowed to do so due to investors who believe in their vision. It’s their way of saying “thank you” for supporting Shedul. Shedul will not always be free, and they do plan to integrate fees in the future. But it will only be for businesses who register after the fees are in place! So be sure to sign up now!

Why Choose Shedul for Your Hair Salon?

Overall Shedul simplifies operations and helps businesses in organizing their information. It allows them to focus more on customer services instead of worrying over time-consuming paperwork. With the majority of your business dynamics under a single link, Shedul provides managers with all the tools needed to improve productivity. If you are looking for a cloud-based software that is cost-effective, than Shedul is the scheduling app for you. With these features and freemium price tag its an ideal product for small salons to large salons all the same. If you think this program is ideal for you and you have more questions let us know in the comments below! If you use Shedul, let us know about your experience in the comments! May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Entering a Hair Business Partnership

Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Entering a Hair Business Partnership

Partnerships and Mistakes Made

Statistics show that 80% of business partnerships ultimately fail. Despite this alarming number entrepreneurs and small business owners continue to enter partnerships. Creating the right business partnership can be professionally satisfying as well as extremely lucrative. Combining skills and knowledge, having more business capital, allowing greater borrowing capacity, and having tax benefits often outweighs the cons. However, like any other relationship working with a hair business partner successfully over the duration of your business means going in prepared with the proper foundation and groundwork in place. If you believe the best way to navigate the ups and downs of your new hair business venture is with a trusty partner or two, do yourself a favor and read common mistakes to avoid before entering a hair business partnership. Here are some common mistakes to avoid before entering a hair business partnership.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Ignoring That There's No Shared Vision

Shortchanging the importance of a shared vision is a significant issue for building a solid hair business partnership. Starting a new business is exciting, so exciting that many entrepreneurs overlook incompatibilities with their new partners. You and your partner must work toward the same business goals and how to achieve them. Where you see your hair business is going in the future and the path to get there are apart of the vision that will drive your business to success. Being sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to your plan of action to achieve your vision and how your business goals are to get accomplished. You should determine in advance:
  • Your vision for your hair business Tip: Creating a Vision Statement together is ideal for this step.
A vision statement is an articulation of your hopes and dreams for the future, what kind of a mark you want to make with your business, and how to see it developing into the future. Your vision statement should provide guidance and clarity as well as stretch the imagination for the future of your hair business. You should:
  • Project 5 to 10 years in the future
  • Dream big and focus on the success of your hair business
  • Use the present tense
  • Use clear, concise language
  • Infuse your statement with passion and emotion
  • Align it with your business values and goals
  • Have a plan to communicate your vision statement

Creating the Wrong Partnership Business Structure

Sharing ownership and profits with a partner constitutes a legal form of business operation. There are many partnership structures, but the three most common business structure is a general, a joint venture and limited partnerships.

General Partnerships

General Partnerships form when two or more people agree to go into business together to make a profit. With a general partnership, you don’t have to put anything into writing or file anything with your state or local authorities. What distinguishes a general partnership from other partnership business structures is the joint liabilities of everyone in the partnership. Choosing a general partnership for your hair business will allow all partners to split all profits, managerial responsibilities and liabilities for debts in equal proportion amongst everyone. If you plan to share profits or losses unequally, this is in the legal partnership agreement to avoid disputes further down the line.

Joint Venture

A joint venture is a form of a general partnership that remains until a specific project completed or a particular period elapses that everyone agrees upon.

Limited Partnerships

Limited Partnerships have at least one general partner and one limited partner. The limited partner has limited personal liability. This means that partners are only liable for the business debts up to a certain limit. This partner is silent, contributes money to the hair business, and has no direct say in daily operations or running the hair business in the partnership. Limited partnerships also avoid “double taxation.” These partnerships won't receive tax at the business/corporate level. Instead, they are “passed through” only to be reported on the personal tax returns.

Let's Get In Formation, Limited Partnership Formation

Not correctly forming your limited partnership can be a mistake for everyone involved. Here are a few steps to form your Limited Partnership:

Picking a name

If you and your partner choose to name your business anything other than your personal name, most states require you to register a “Doing Business as” (DBA) name. Your county/parish or city also need this. Tip: Be sure to search your names availability before filing. You can search your local Secretary of State Office database to be sure your hair business name is not the same or too similar to another business. Also be sure to check out the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to make sure your hair business name does not violate any registered trademarks.

Draft a Limited Partnership Agreement

Although not mandatory in most states, this step is highly recommended. Since partnership legislation varies from state to state, partnership agreements allow for standard terms of a Limited Partnership. Be sure to check with your state's requirements. Elements to include in your hair partnership agreement:

1. Partnership Information

  • List the name of the partnership, location, when the partnership formed and the purpose of your hair business.
  • Who your partners will be and their capital contributions
  • List the partners, their addresses, and Social Security Numbers

2. Profit and loss distribution

Each partner “distribution percentage” which should reflect their share of partnership profits and losses, this must be clearly stated in the agreement.

Voting, Admitting New Partners, and Management Rules

Another common mistake to avoid before entering a hair business partnership is figuring out the rules on who is allowed to do what. You and your partners should determine who is going to manage the partnership, who can sign contracts, and rather or not partners will be receiving salaries for labor and services. Unlike distributions of profits, wages do not have to be made proportionately to the partners. Unequal partners should not have equal salaries if one partner is doing more work their salary should reflect such. Also, determining the voting rights of partners are a common mistake when forming a partnership. You should take into account different scenarios you will face. Usually, a simple majority vote of the partners will suffice on what happens and what doesn’t. A unanimous vote is necessary for admitting new partners, merging with another company, selling part of the hair business, or filing bankruptcy.

Exit Strategy

The most important thing to have written out in your partnership agreement is the “exit strategy” for everyone involved in the partnership. When going into a partnership everyone assumes everything will go according to plan with communication and all partners are performing their duties, but this is a common mistake you should avoid before going into your hair business partnership. This section should entail how to dissolve the partnership, some examples include:
  • Circumstances in which a partner can withdraw
  • How much of notice they must provide
  • How to distribute assets
  • What happens if a partner retires
  • If a partner goes bankrupt
  • If a partner becomes disabled or dies
Tip: You may also want to create a “someone else” clause. If the last three bullets above happen, the departing partners share of the business does not automatically get divided between the remaining partners. It is an asset that may be transferred by law to someone else (deceased partners heirs or a ex-partners spouse) that you don't want to partner with. If this is the case, you may insist on a buy/sell clause that specifies the other partners have the right to buy out that “someone else” in the event of a partners death, disability, divorce, bankruptcy or retirement. If you do go this route, you should specify the method of determining the value of the departing partner's shares. All things should spell out everything clearly.

Who Will be Your Registered Agent?

Some states require every business entity to have and continuously maintain a registered agent in their state. Your registered agent must be a resident or a business entity that is authorized to conduct business in your state. They also must have a physical street address in the state. Tip: If your hair business is in your state, you may act as your own agent.

File For a Certificate of Limited Partnership

Filing and completing a Certificate of Limited Partnership is mandatory. Depending on your state your filing, the certificate requires necessary information regarding your business. This includes entity address, agent name, and address, names, and addresses of partners in addition to other information. This certificate and the forms can be found online at your Secretary of State website.

Register for an Employer Identification Number

Also known as a “Federal Tax Identification Number,” an EIN is required to open your business banking accounts, to hire employees, or to make business transactions. To apply for an EIN, file an IRS Form SS-4 or apply via the IRS online application.

Obtain a State ID Number

Some states require you to file a state ID number. Like your EIN, this helps identify a business for tax purposes. If it is needed, they are available via your State’s Department of Revenue.

Obtain Required Licenses and Permits

Federal, State, and local authorities require permits and or licenses for specific companies to operate legally. A useful database of federal and state business licenses and permits are at the U.S. Small Business Administration website.

Obtain Insurance

Because each partner’s personal assets are at risk of being affected if sued for any reason. Since each partner’s personal assets exposed to the claims of the partnership's creditors, the best way to obtain protection is to carry insurance for the unexpected. You should discuss these and other types of insurance coverage with an insurance agent.
  • Property and liability coverage
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Coverage

Rushing into the partnership

Too many partnerships are formed in the moment of enthusiasm and not thought out clearly. Each partners time commitment should be clearly understood initially. Be sure to stop and review the pros and cons of your new partnership before committing.

Going into business with your friend

Sharing risk and having complementary skill sets are some of the significant advantages of business partnerships. Going into business with your friend will always seem like a great idea however if personalities clash, your hair business may be headed for trouble. Agreeing on social things and business aspects are two different things. It is a good idea to look at your friend regarding someone you'd be working with nonstop. When you work with your friend, your relationship will change, its inevitable. But how it changes will be up to you.


One common mistake to avoid before entering a hair business partnership is overpromising and saying yes to get the deal done, or partnership is going. Being able to keep your word is one of the most critical factors in building a professional reputation, especially in business. If you don’t hold your word, people will not take you seriously, overselling yourself will ultimately stretch you to thin.

Lack of Communication

There are three kinds of communications. No communication, miscommunication, and over-communicating. There is no middle ground regarding communicating with your hair business partners. Do not beat around the bush with anything going on with your hair business partnership. Be honest and direct with your hair business partners.

Not using your individual strengths

Partners don’t usually make the time or put in the efforts to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses. One of the advantages of forming a partnership is using the skills and strengths of each particular partner. Designating the proper task/position for each partner will allow each partner to focus on your strengths.

Lack of Trust

An honest and open relationship between partners is a foundation of any successful business partnership. Given the shared liability of a partnership, unethical practices will jeopardize all the other members of the partnership. Be sure that you are starting a business with someone you can trust professionally as well as personally.

Find The Right Partner

As with any business partnership, it is imperative to have a comprehensive agreement put into place for issues such as finances, division work, and clear rules for every partner. A simple handshake and verbal agreement will not suffice when your hair business name, funds, and reputation is on the line. When done correctly, your hair business partnership can be very rewarding, but an unsuccessful collaboration can destroy relationships on a permanent basis. Be sure to avoid the common mistakes listed above to avoid before entering a hair business relationship. Have any questions? Please let me know! Have you ever entered a failed partnership, let us know about your experience. May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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Becoming a Boss: How Myleik Teele Started Her Curl Box Empire

Becoming a Boss: How Myleik Teele Started Her Curl Box Empire

She’s Not Bossy; She Is The Boss

If you are not following this inspirational gem on social media, then are you really living your best boss life right? Myleik Teele, CurlBox CEO, marketing genius and podcast queen is everything you need and more when you are considering potential business goals. To backtrack a little bit, CurlBox is the premier natural hair care subscription box that compiles all of your favorite brands for one low value each month. CurlBox is so popular that within minutes the monthly boxes sell out quickly. Talk about a beauty game changer! But I am sure the bigger question is, how did Myleik Teele start her CurlBox Empire? The answer to that is consistency and dedication. If you follow her on social media, then you already know that this new mama drops gems, truth and a tough word for aspiring business owners everywhere. One thing Teele makes clear is that if you are going to own a business, then you have to be about your business because ownership is not for the weak hearted.

It Was All A Dream

Or so Myleik thought during her tenure in college when she decided that she would drop out while sitting in her beautician's chair. After confessing her dreams and aspirations to the stylist, she took heed to the question that stands the test of time, “why not go after them?” If you are a business owner, then you know that dreams are only 5% of the business makeup, and the actual work will get you real time results. In other words, turn those dreams into a reality! Myleik is the prime example of knowing the difference between hustling and eventually becoming the CEO. Both are possible, but hustling cannot take you everywhere. To fully understand how she integrated her idea into a multimillion-dollar industry you have to hear her story, all who are integral parts, some big and some small but all matter when understanding the nature of CurlBox. So how does she do this? Brand partnerships, understanding her audience’s needs and marketing of course!

Putting CurlBox on the Market

On the networking side, Myleik and her CurlBox team have found a way to market specialty boxes to particular audiences. For example, in January CurlBox curated a baby box with shea moisture baby products that are meant to soothe your baby’s skin and protect it at the same time. In another specialty box that is for your skin, CurlBox body is a gamechanger in the world of subscription boxes too. These items, though not disclosed unless you purchase it are a big ticket item for the CurlBox audience. So how does she do it? Myleik studies her market to perfection. There are for sure are not many business owners like Myleik because she aims to make her brand important for the people who need it most. Myleik knew that she needed to saturate her appearance in the beauty market on behalf of black women as much as possible. By attending hair and beauty shows, working in PR, and of course networking she found her place and knew that she could not only monetize in the industry but create something that will make her money work for her. Since its 2011 launch, she has been able to secure brand partnerships with Proctor and Gamble, Target, Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter and more. Monetizing off of an already saturated industry did not come easy. Before going full-time entrepreneur and starting CurlBox, Myleik worked as a public relations executive, locking in marketing trends and landing her dream clientele in fashion and entertainment. There is no one and done formula to creating the perfect company or enterprise for your passion, but there are a few notes that Myleik lends out on her social media page and podcast. Stay reading for all of the major keys that Myleik uses to take her brand national.

Key #1: Taking CurlBox to the Next Level

CurlBox is an individual brand within itself but its one that has set the tone for aspiring business owners and beauty gurus everywhere. Upon its original emergence, we saw nothing else of its kind. Aside from launching this box, one major key to note is that stopping at the box is not the only mission. Playing up on the box’s strengths is what has made it become the social commodity that it is today. When launching a business, having more than one outlet to promote and capitalize off of its popularity is something to pay attention to. Soon after the business launch, she made sure that everyone knew what CurlBox was outside of its Atlanta bubble. Yes, Atlanta is a hotspot for business, beauty and entertainment opportunities but it is not the only place where people seeking high-end natural hair care products reside. Knowing your audience is so important! Despite the Instagram quotes, boss pages, and quick money plans, success for your business does not happen overnight, and it is impossible to cheat the grind when you are faithful in your craft.

Key #2: MyTaught You, So Listen Up!

To add along to her boss girl brand, Myleik started up the MyTaught You podcast to not only give useful and tangible business advice but also to facilitate life lessons that she gathered along the way. If you have not subscribed yet, then it is best that you do because you are missing out on some serious lessons. The realm of business that Myleik resides in is one that is unique because we often see beauty industries being run by people who will never use the products for themselves. Myleik saw a legitimate need for people who look like her and built upon that in podcast form. So what can we gather from this? We have learned that you can also reach large audiences without having to spend your money on a flight and hotel to do so. Social media and podcasts are the biggest and sometimes free networking tools that can open up so many doors if you accurately find your niche. Setting yourself apart is not a going to be a huge concern either, because if you stay real to your brand, you will always see it thrive.

Key #3: Get on social to stay social

Myleik did not just turn into our favorite boss overnight; she used some tools to get here! By becoming engaged with your audience on platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you can continue to build engagement over time. Now that Instagram also offers features like a business account, Instagram stories, e-commerce options and more it is beneficial to root a part of your business in the social media hub. E-commerce or online shopping is the way that Myleik primarily runs CurlBox, and this is genius for many reasons including the fact that she got into the e-commerce market early. Anywhere in the world, she can globally market herself so that her products become more visible in places outside of her central reach. Understanding social trends are not only crucial in social media but are the money maker or breaker in marketing and business. For example, if you see that there is a new trend that your company can benefit from will you adopt it as is or make it your own so that it stands out even more among the crowd? The answer, of course, is to make it your own! Myleik easily can make a line of hair care products but how beneficial is that when there is a market for brand partnerships and a want for online shopping? Basically, notice what is happening around you and on social media! You and your future empire are depending on it.

Key #4: Don’t Let Up On Your Word (Be The Boss)

When it comes to being the boss, sometimes it can be harder than it looks. Becoming the boss takes years of trial and error, a few let downs, failed attempts and then finally your ah-ha moment. Do not let up on your word or vision when you know and understand the way that you want to facilitate your brand. Being the person cutting the checks is no easy job, in fact, Myleik shared her fear of how to dish out money to her employees and how to pay herself. Her solution became more evident over time, and that is to hire people who can do their jobs flawlessly and also to understand that people are human. Human error is a thing and coming down too hard on simple fixes creates a tough work environment. That is not to say go easy on them, but it is to say build a team of people who can get back up after they messed up. However, creating guidelines to abide by are essential too. We see how Myleik takes her work seriously and if you have ever viewed a job post to be a CurlBox intern, then you know that she wants the best of the best. Rightfully so, who can blame her? CurlBox has become a staple among black women worldwide and to keep the name great; you have to want to be great.

Key #5: Game Recognizes Game

In the land of being a true girl boss, one knows that there is no such thing as competition and only allies. Myleik, after starting CurlBox decided that it was time to pay tribute to some amazing women and brands who help CurlBox succeed. In its fourth year, the CurlBox awards celebrate black-owned hair care and their founders who are on a similar journey. Many of the creators behind some of our favorite products are black women and men who find it to be their calling to give us nothing but the best. To date, CurlBox has celebrated Shea Moisture, The Mane Choice, Mielle Organics and more! Using her own power Myleik has efficiently found a way to take her empire to the next level and to bring other people with her. Thriving in the beauty industry can turn into a competitive game, but Myleik and the team surrounding CurlBox have proven that there are ways to defeat that mechanism without giving it too much attention. Building bonds and connecting with those who are like-minded not only strengthens the face of your future empire but creates a stronger connection inside. The thing to know when you are trying to stay relevant as a brand is to give credit where credit is due. What would CurlBox be without the brands who fill up the boxes every month or the team to pack them? It would not hold as much value, and it would be a lot harder to sell, but due to her strategic planning and focus it is so much more than she probably ever dreamt of.

Key #6: Celebrate Yourself, Your Girls and Your Business

Early this year, Myleik took the Travel Noir approach and created an application based personal development retreat to Mexico under her MyTaughtYou brand. The thing that I love about Myleik is that she is not afraid to make things exclusive and to pick who and what she wants to give her energy to. In business, it is all but important to have this mindset when you have a particular vision. As luxurious as this trip was, there was so much planning that went into it and so many applications to sort through. Breaking the trip down even further, selected attendees were required to put down a deposit upon acceptance to secure their spot for the trip. This is one of the more significant portions of business because the celebration is everything, especially for black women! The MyTaughtYou retreat was a time for black women to bond together, enjoy a good time, reflect and build more business connections. To say that this trip was intentional is an understatement. The lesson? Be intentional when building your empire. Be intentional when creating business plans and be intentional about who is in your space. You never know where it could take you or who you can inspire.

Build Your Empire Now

There is no such thing as having the perfect moment to build what you were destined to create, especially in the world of beauty. Take the time now to build your empire because there is always time! On your lunch break, after your nine to five and even before bed find some time. Nothing spectacular comes to fruition overnight and anything that took time to create is worth having. Myleik and her CurlBox journey are just starting, and she makes it clear that running a business is hard work! It takes not only time but money, investing, partnering and hard lessons but it is doable. Yes, there will be a lot of long nights, tough meetings, tight budgets and failures but there is also a glow up moment at the end of it all. Hold onto knowing that your glow up in business is coming and that there is nothing like being able to look back on all of your plans to see that it finally came together.
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