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How Black Hair Is Repressed and Regulated In The USA

How Black Hair Is Repressed and Regulated In The USA

Black Hair on The Rise

Black hair has been a total hair controversy for some time. And it's no secret that African American women have taken the world by storm and begun rejecting the ideal standard of beauty. It's also not a secret that with the growing number of women openly wearing their hair natural, resistance has increased tenfold. Women all over the country are shaving their heads and growing out their natural hair in opposition to the Eurocentric styles that have been impressed upon us. Now, your favorite magazine cover is more likely to have a melanin model with a massive fro versus one with bone straight 24-inch extensions. Even a representation of us on television now is more accurate than it was before. Actresses like Issa Rae wear their natural hair short or long, colored and, of course, naturally kinky. Sadly, with all these social strides to make the African American woman's natural hair a part of the norm, there is still resistance in the real world. No matter where we go there some reminder or initiative to make us think that our hair is less than. The government schools and Workforce have created regulation that represses our ability to wear our hair the way it grows from our head.


School-age children have been the targets of black hair repression for years. Now, schools create policies and directives that restrict the way students are allowed to wear their hair. In the name of protecting other students and portraying a particular image. More often than not, these young students are threatened with suspension and expulsion. Which interfere with their education, and all for the way their hair grows from their heads. Malden Charter School gave out detention slips to two students for wearing box braids, back in May of this last year. The 15-year-old twins, Deanna and Mya Scot, were also pulled from their school sports teams and told they weren't allowed to go to prom. After their detention was over and they refused to remove their braids they were threatened with suspension. In this case, the school had no way to justify the girls' removal from their classes. Schools have policies that prohibit students from wearing extensions like braids. Explaining that, these type of extensions are expensive and create a divide amongst students. Policies like these are wrong because they single out African American students. They are the only ones who grow up in communities where “woven” in extensions are a regular styling option. Also, braids can be expensive, but because it is our cultural norm some of us learn to braid our hair for $1 a pack. The use of policy and racially ignorant language is used as a weapon against students. We all know that any style could be considered “messy” or “unkempt” depending on the upkeep. But there is no reason for locs to be specified as the style to avoid, except race.


Just a few years ago the military prohibited African American service members from wearing dreadlocks and even two strand twists. According to regulation women’s hair had to follow the following guidelines:
  • The hair does not present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance
  • Widely spaced individual hanging locks, and other extreme styles that protrude from the head are prohibited
  • May wear braids and cornrows as long as the braided style is conservative, the braids and cornrows lie snugly on the head
  • Dreadlocks (unkempt, twisted, matted individual parts of hair) are also out of uniform
All of these regulations only affect African American soldiers, because it is normal in our communities to wear box braids, locs, and twists. The most disturbing aspect of these uniform policies is the description of each style. The military branches all use language with a negative connotation like “unkempt” “matted” and “ragged”. Words used to describe the styles that are prohibited whereas the styles that they feel are appropriate are “conservative.” All too often you see women in service with short pixie cuts, relaxed hair, or a permanent bun. But these regulations are why! They are forced to wear styles that are safe as far as regulations. Because who wants to get put out of the Army because of their hair? Luckily, this past July U.S. Navy made a long-overdue change to its policy to allow women to wear their hair in dreadlocks, large buns, braids, and ponytails. A groundbreaking reversal most surprising for the fact that it happened during the reign of President Trump. After hearing from various service members, the government eventually agreed that the racial bias language is unnecessary. It lacked a basic understanding of black hair and the way it grows.


The workplace is somewhat a battlefield for the average African American woman for various reasons. But our appearance is just one more avenue of repression. The worse part; companies can create bias policies and directives under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Employers are allowed to enforce dress-code and appearance policies that include the regulation of hair. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which administers these laws, states employers can impose rules calling for “neutral hairstyles.” Which have to be applied to everyone equally, in spite of race. Of course, some hairstyles are more particular to people of certain races. And what constitutes “neutral” regarding hairstyles is entirely subjective, leaving the employee at the mercy of the employer. All too often employers imply that the only way black hair can be tame and professional is if it is straight, slicked back, and long like other employees. Again, language plays a huge role in policy but regardless of how people dance around the topic its discriminatory. Share your work experiences in regards to your hair down below! Good or bad. Include your industry and job title so that we can see what trades are more accepting.

The End of Our Repression

Black hair grows up and out naturally! It is beautiful, grand, and well put together enough for any arena. Today’s African American woman not only wants the policy to reflect them equally, but they will fight for it as well. Just as the Navy servicewomen were able to create change in the Military, we can too in our schools and workplaces. Create more awareness and share this article with a friend.
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U.S. Navy Welcomes New Natural Hair Policy

U.S. Navy Welcomes New Natural Hair Policy

The New Changes are Welcomed

Joining the Navy or any branch of the military is a big decision. And with much controversy, there are lots of factors to consider. You should think about things such as possible seaside duty, time, money, training, and preparation. For women of color with natural hair, there may be another factor to think about—following hair guidelines. In the past, many people feel like the Navy discriminated against naturalistas. Jessica Sims, a veteran who was in the Navy for over ten years in the military branch, was honorably discharged from the Navy back in 2014 for “failing to obey an order to cut off her natural hairstyle” after she refused to cut her hair or wear a wig. In that same year, “the Navy made changes to allow more hairstyles traditionally worn by women of color by authorizing two-strand twists and multiple braids, as long and they hung freely above the collar and covered the whole head. The Air Force and Army also allowed two-strand twists and braids in 2014, followed by the Marines in 2015. Subsequently, the Marines authorized locks in 2015, followed by the Army in 2017,” according to Black Enterprise.


Let’s celebrate! As of earlier last month, Sailors can immediately begin wearing their hair in styles such as ponytails, dreadlocks, bigger buns and in certain circumstances below their collars. With the new policy, female members of the navy must follow strict guidelines when wearing their hair in these styles. There should be no surprise that the Navy has a strict dress code to maintain professionalism and a uniformed appearance among sailors. Unfortunately, the restrictive grooming requirements significantly affected women of color, especially with natural hair. The navy has previously banned natural or protective styles like braids, twists locs, and even full buns. Well, times have changed and now that the Navy has drastically altered their rules for how a servicewoman must wear their hair to remain in compliance with the dress code. The Marine Corps was the branch of the military to approved locks for women back in 2015. The Army also authorized women to wear dreadlocks for women earlier this year. Before the recent changes, Some black female service members have criticized that they've been and complained about being forced to wear wigs in uniform in order for their hairstyles to meet military rules and regulations. Hairstyles like locks give those women more options for styling their natural hair.

The Big Announcement

The rule changes were released July 11 by the Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke in NavAdmin message 163/16. The rules have expanded to acceptable female hairstyles when in uniforms. Take note that the regulations “ does not include midshipmen at this time,” according to spokesman Cmdr. David McKinney. As reported by the AP News, servicewomen now have different options for wearing their hair. These new changes mainly affect women of color most directly, and it couldn’t be a better time for the shift. The policy updates come as a result of black servicewomen requesting for changes to the female sailor hairstyling standards that have been long overdue for a more acceptive policy. Considering the natural hair movement is well underway. It's about time the Navy got on board with styles that often make it easier for women of color to maintain

Accepted Styles

Braids and ponytails

Previously a braid or ponytail was allowed only during physical training. Now female sailors may wear a single braid, French braid or ponytail in their service, working and PT uniforms.


Accessories such as hair ties or rubber bands must match the color of the sailor's hair. states that the end of the braid or ponytail has to fall no more than 3 inches beneath the lower edge of their shirt, jacket or coat collar. Here are a few ideas for Navy Servicewoman:
  • A bun with braided sides connected to the bun is a classic look.
  • If you have dreadlocks, you can always make them into a bun or french braid as long as the braid does not fall elbow collar as stated earlier. You can always tuck the braid as well if your locks are very long.
If you are in the navy or plan on going soon, here are more detailed guidelines.

Loc This In

Remember that they are not approved at all times and under certain circumstances. If female sailors are around rotating gear or other operational hazards, they are required to wear their hair up in the standard bun unless the ponytail or braid doesn't fall below the bottom of their collars, as stated previously.

New Rules for Buns

Black Enterprise advises that buns previously could not exceed 3 inches when measured from a sailor's scalp. Now the width or diameter of a bun can be up to the same width as the back of the sailor's head. The U.S Navy's new natural hair policy is a massive leap for the military and a change for all of the curly girls, braid slaying, and ponytail rockers.

The Exception to Every Rule

The Navy rule change allowing female service members to wear ponytails and locks will not extend to the United States Naval Academy. While the Navy rule change accepts ponytails, locks and other hairstyles that extend below the collar of a shirt, when female midshipmen are in uniform they must keep their hair length, above the collar. To ensure female sailors are in compliance, female midshipmen usually opt for buns, braids or shorter haircuts.

Change Is Good

Years ago I considered going to the Navy. I was at a crossroads in my life and felt that joining the Navy was a move I should make. I decided not to go because life lead me to a different path. But, if I followed through with plans to join the Navy, I would have felt discriminated against due to my hair. I have worn a big afro and locs as well. It is good to know that the policy is more inclusive for women of color.
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Do Men Prefer Women With Long Hair or Short Hair?

Do Men Prefer Women With Long Hair or Short Hair?

A Man’s Preference: Is There One?

I’m the type of girl who likes to switch up her look. What can I say? I get bored, quickly. Well anyway, the most consistent thing I prefer to switch up is my hair. I feel like my personality can easily be expressed through my clothes and hair, but my hair is more fun to play around with most of the time. I’ve had everything from different colored twists, braids, wigs, sew-ins, faux locs and more. With all of these looks, I have noticed something pretty interesting. I attract specific types of men depending on the look I currently have. Whenever my look consisted of longer hair, it seemed like I attracted more men than I would if I had a shorter look. You may believe that whenever I had longer hair, which it was probably a sew in. But, you are wrong! I’ve ever had only two. It’s true that with my long sew-ins, I still attracted a lot of men. But even with other looks, such as my favorite being my long faux locs, the numbers were still high. So I say this to ask, do men prefer women with long hair or short hair? You may think that from my time experimenting with different looks that men generally prefer women with longer hair, but in 2018 I see situations changing a little bit.

The Hair-Cutting Movement

There’s this trend on twitter where women are cutting their hair off. I’m talking buzz cuts, pixie cuts, fades and more! The reasons behind why they cut it differ, but I mostly think it’s just because they can and because of feel like it. It could be a part of some movement women have for liberation purposes. They probably don’t want to feel attached to their hair. I can dig that! Many of the women who cut their hair appear to be on the thicker side, so now there’s this idea that if you chop your hair, your booty will get bigger. Women on Twitter are showing off what their mama gave them, by displaying their new cut in a full body picture wearing a sundress, facing at an angle that shows their best assets. After all, it is sundress season! What better time to cut your hair? Every picture I’ve seen so far has gone completely viral on the internet, and the guys are the main reason for it. There have been comments on photos saying things that encourage more women to cut their hair. I even had a few friends of mine consider cutting their hair, when before it was never a second thought. Are women more comfortable cutting their hair now and do men prefer shorter hair on them?

Why Men Love Long Hair

Helps in Finding a Suitable Mate

There have to be reasons why half the population of men prefers the women with longer hair, right? So, why is that? Well, from an evolutionary perspective long, glossy, straight, and richly-pigmented hair is thought to announce suitability as a mate. The health, quality, and luster of your hair tell potentials that you’re in good health and reproductive potential. It makes sense, I mean, there were times I’ve looked at a woman’s hair and assumed she was in good health. I have done the same thing with men as well. Usually, we consider hair to be the tell all of all health statuses. Although this isn’t all the way right, it does have some truth. But, we are years past previous cultural norms. After all, wouldn’t it be the same in reverse if we turned the tables? Women want men who are the ideal providers, right? So, if this were true, we would prefer our men to have long hair. Either a woman’s preference doesn’t matter, according to the society we live in, or it’s getting ignored.

Symbol of Femininity and Beauty

Simply put, most men who prefer long locks on their ladies probably have an old-school view of what’s considered beauty. It’s not necessarily a bad thing! After all, preference is just a reference, and we all have them. But, we must keep in mind that times are changing, and there is more than one form of beauty. For centuries, long hair was the standard of beauty for women. For years, this took a hard toll on the African American women community, since for a long time we didn’t have the proper tools to help our hair grow properly, but that is a topic for another day! In a blog post for Huffington Post Women, Lucinda Ellery, a hair specialist, says, “history shows that hair is a symbol of femininity.” She explains how during the Civil War era, when women weren’t allowed to battle, they’d cut off their locks to disguise their identities and how, since Biblical times, women have viewed their hair as a “crowning glory.”

Hair and Sex

You all knew this was coming! When it comes to sex, you have all heard the same things. Men want something to “play with.” They find it sexually pleasurable to grab onto a women’s hair during sex. I guess it is sort of a stroke to the male ego to pull on a woman’s hair while having sex. It makes men feel that they are in control of the situation, so they enjoy the pulling and tugging. It isn’t just for the men though! I know a lot of women who enjoy getting their pulled during sex. After all, being submissive can be arousing at times, so I’ve heard. Are there times where women prefer longer hair, as well?

Why Men Love Short Hair

They Want Something New and Different

Contrary to what you may believe about a man’s preference when it comes to hair, I feel a lot of men today are changing. There is another large population of men who prefer their women with short hair, for many refreshing reasons. From my experiences of trying out new and different looks, I realized that men desire women who know how to express what they want and go after it. They like seeing the occasional unicorn who appears unexpectedly. They find it attractive when women can confidently go against the cultural gender norms society placed on them. It brings about a little mystery that they have to explore and that peaks their desire to get to know you. They like women who don’t succumb to the average look. Average look doesn’t necessarily mean dull or ordinary, but it says that the look they come across is something the men believe most women appear to look like every day. There is no differentiation. So, when they come across something new, they get curious.

Men Love Confidence

You may not believe it and men may try to tell me I’m wrong, but I have seen it enough times to know what I am talking about, right now! Have you ever been attracted to someone even more once you notice how confident and secure they are in themselves? I know I have. Most of the time when I confirm a crush I have on someone, they aren’t usually considered cute by the broader population. But, it is just something about a man (or woman) who is secure in who they are that makes them seem so much more attractive. That is what men see when they see women rocking shorter cuts! They like women who know who she is and isn’t afraid to tell the world. She may not be too attractive to him at first glance, but that will end very quickly. When you walk into a room with your head held high, no matter how you look, you will get attention. People will start questioning who you are and will be more inclined to want to get to know you.

The Mystery is Thrilling

That goes back to the conversation about being different. It is no fun exploring something you think you know everything about already. Think about it concerning food. If you eat the same meal every day, you’re eventually going to get tired of it. The meal is good, and you already know you love it, but what if your friend tells you about a lunch he had. The way your friend describes the food makes it seem like it’s the most delicious thing you’ve never tried. The appeal of the meal and the fact that you have never tasted it makes you even more curious. It is the same deal with people. Men are natural hunters. Once they seek something out, the guy won’t stop until he has tried what he has been craving. Seeing a woman with a cute short haircut may peak a guy’s interest merely because they don’t see that every day.

What Do The Women Have to Say?

The main topic of this article is to analyze the ideologies of men when it comes to a woman’s hair. But, what do the women prefer? After all, it is our hair! Don’t we have a say? History shows us that there are times when women’s preferences don’t matter, and it especially shows when discussing topics that directly relate to women. How ironic is that? There are many sets of reasons for the divergence, but the primary factor is most likely that women have historically lacked social power within many societies. The ability to vote, remain unmarried, inherit titles, own property, not have children, work outside the home, live independently, and divorce spouses are all surprisingly recent occurrences. We lack the underlying feeling of believing we have the right to make our own choices. It’s sad but true, and this is why a man’s preference is seemingly so much more important than our own.

How Can We Fix This?

To get to a place where we as women can confidently express how we feel, truthfully, we have to look to the men to give us our shine. Now, hear me out! Generally speaking, men are the sole providers of most societies, and they control most government functions. We have to educate the men on the issues we go through as women so that the men can understand us better. Once they get to a point where they appreciate us, we are more susceptible to letting the general population hear our voices. We also have to show them our potential as women or continue to do so. We are already making significant progress, but we still have a long way to go before men look at us as equals. We can take little steps towards achieving this, and it can start with doing whatever we want with our hair!

So Which One is It?

The truth is, every man is different. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “all men are the same.” I partly agree, but for the most part, every man has his own set of preferences and those preferences can change at any time. It is 2018 and times are changing! Gender roles are blurred more every day, and people are finding themselves better in this day and age than at any other time. Women have the right to make choices about their bodies and finances without the world weighing in or drawing bizarre inferences about their motives. Being an adult is about finding a purpose and a path beyond that society prescribed you. That means dismissing all of the judgmental naysayers, which includes parents, friends, and especially boyfriends and husbands. The goals you define for yourself and the work that you put into them represent you. Nobody else does. I understand if it is tempting to want to do what you’ve always done, or do what you think other people like. But, a part of growing into yourself means discovering that eventually, you will get tired of not listening to your own heart.

It’s Your Life! Live!

Simply put, it’s your hair. Do what you want with it! Your happiness is within you and always was. If you want short hair, get short hair. If you like long hair, have long hair. It’s your head. You get to decide how to decorate it.
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Better Hair Care: Would You Let Bae Help Remove your Weave?

Better Hair Care: Would You Let Bae Help Remove your Weave?

Changed Times for Men Helping Women with Their Hair

Ladies, let's talk! So, would you let your bae help take out your weave or are your remaining solo dolo? For decades, men were known for not caring about women’s hair. They wanted nothing to do with it! They never understood it and also didn’t want to. But as times have changed, thanks to social media, we now have viral footage of men assisting their better half with their hair! And well, their work isn’t half bad either! Sure, viewing a man doing hair may be cute from afar, but I think it poses a question; are there any benefits from bae helping you remove your weave? Can it better the relationship and your hair care regimen? ‘They’ say there should be a purpose in all that we do, right? Well, continue reading below as I discuss how your relationship can get better with bae and his hands!

The Struggle With Extension Removal

Honestly, who wants to sit and remove their hair extensions? No one! Also, no one wants to spend their coins on having someone do it either. But have you thought about allowing your bae to help you? If you think about it, they have hands just like we do! They just aren’t skilled at using them when it comes to hair. Has your bae ever played with your hair? It seems like sometimes they barely want to touch it! But if you guide them, you will find yourself with a built-in hair assistant. When it comes to remove your weave, sometimes it can be a real struggle. If it’s a sew-in weave, then it’s common that we fear to cut our hair instead of the thread. Or even making sure we properly remove our lace front wigs can even be a struggle. The entire process can be overwhelming at times, but with bae by your side, it will be a much easier process. All it takes is a simple question to ask if they are willing to assist and if they agree, snatch them up and put them to work! You can learn a lot from bringing your significant other into your hair world. We’ll explore some benefits below.

Education Moment

If you’re thinking about having bae remove your weave, think of it as a learning experience. When it comes to hair extensions, most men think of it as a waste of money. They don’t understand all that goes into it. For instance, when bae is taking your hair out discuss the details of why hair extensions cost so much. Go over the different hair textures and versatility options it gives you. He may think it’s a waste of time until he knows it’s replacing your real hair and is super convenient. Opening up this door to him will give him a better understanding of hair extensions in general. If you’re a busy person, you could open up with him on how weave provides you with more free time. About everyone struggles in the morning time, but I think women have it a little hard. Tell bae how sometimes you spend $300 on weave but it lasts a long time, and you can get more things completed in the morning. Maybe you’re a mother and don’t have an extra 40 minutes in the morning to do your hair, eat and prepare for the day. Hopefully, bae will be able to gain some knowledge from that bonding moment. Bonding in a relationship is crucial because you’re letting the other person experience something that only you know.

Fathers Doing Hair

What happens if you and bae have a daughter and your schedule doesn’t permit you time in the morning to do her hair, what happens? Well, many mothers run and get braids put in their daughter’s hair. But why can’t the Father do her hair? Because most fathers don’t know how to do hair that's why! During that bonding you have educating bae on hair extensions and hair in general, you’re also opening up the door or him to put those skills to the test. If you guys have a little girl one day, it would be a huge benefit if the father knew how to do hair. I remember there was a time when I was little, and my dad was laid off from work. It didn’t make sense for my mom to do my hair in the morning if my dad now had extra time to help out. My mom taught my dad how to do ponytails in my hair. Now, they weren’t nearly as tight as my moms, but it got the job done. Men aren’t as clueless as we think they are! All it takes is a little practice and communication. Bae will get to know about hair, and you guys become closer in the process.

Exposing The Real You

Okay, ladies listen up! When it comes to bae, I know there are tons of you out there who love to hide the real you, until you can’t hide it anymore. I know people who would never want their bae to see their real hair underneath of hair extensions. Many of them feel bae won’t look at them the same, but I’m here to tell you that is far from the truth. Most men prefer your natural state! They want to see how you look without anything “extra” on you. So the next time you’re in a relationship, and it’s time to take your hair extensions out, do it with bae! When you have reached the level of your relationship when it’s time to open up a little more, this will be the perfect case.
As bae is helping to take your hair out, he’ll get to see how dirty and dry your real hair is. Yes, this may be nasty at first but what you’re doing is opening up. A relationship can flourish when you let all your guards down. Bae should be able to see you at your best and be a part of the times when you’re not the best. Bae will see the raw and uncut version of you and be able to gain a new sense of feel for you. Now, I can’t speak for all bae’s and say that yours will love you even more, but I can say if bae doesn’t then bae needs to go! Exposing your raw self will also let you know how bae truly feels about you. If they end up not liking what they see, then letting them take your hair extensions out was still a great thing! You would be able to their true colors!

Second Pair of Hands

I think so far we have been honest about bae helping to take out our hair extensions but can we be a little more honest? What if we want them to take our hair our simply because we don’t feel like doing it! I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times when I didn’t feel like doing my hair and only dreamed of having an extra pair of hands! Like I mentioned earlier, bae has the same two hands we do! All we have to do is show them what we need and boom it’s done.
Allowing bae to take your weave out will shine the light on the fact that they aren’t hesitant to serve you! Have you ever been with someone who didn’t want to do anything for you? Well, me either but I’m sure some people have! If you want to know if bae is a server, tell them you’re tired, and you need them to remove your weave. I don’t know about you, but I want someone who I can rely on, for all my needs, especially if we get married one day! It will be in our vows to always serve one another regardless of how we’re feeling. Sometimes life forces you to take a break and relax. So making sure you have someone in your corner who can support you during those down times, it’s important.

Communication Improves

Why must women always run to their girlfriends to vent about their hair issues or drama? What about bae? Another benefit of letting bae help remove your weave is the communication grows. I believe communication is very important in a relationship and believe it or not, bonding over the removal of your hair will increase it. While bae can remove your weave, I’m sure you will be discussing your weave; the different brands, hair types, prices and even how you feel about them. Therefore if you ever have a bad hair day or want to discuss weave, you now have bae as an option! Typically, when women complain about their hair to their bae, they get told they are just complaining, and everything goes in one ear and out the other. Well, that has a lot to do with the fact we never brought them into our hair world, so they gain an understanding. Once bae learns about weave and how to remove your weave, they will now be able to hold real conversations with you when you bring the topic up. This new level of communication in the relationship should make you feel like they are your best friend. You should be able to talk about anything with bae and not have to run to certain people depending on the topic.

Help With DIY

So you can skip over this section if your bae isn’t a chef! So far we have discussed the certain things you and bae will go through if they help remove your hair extensions. But what about the impact it can have on your hair regimen? If you're exposing bae to remove your weave and they are also a chef, then my friend you hit the jackpot! After the removal of your weave, you’re now going to have to endure the wash and condition process. If bae is a chef and you have already schooled them on your hair, they can help with creating DIY (do it yourself) hair recipes. Why not? Bae should be able to know all the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and even mayonnaise. Before bae could help remove your weave, you probably had no idea just how beneficial they could be in your hair journey. They may even be able to school you on what type of hair products you should use on your hair! So when in doubt, bring bae out! Bring bae out into the living room to help remove your weave because honestly, you have no idea how it can benefit your relationship.

So is Bae Free Friday Night Or?

No, you should find out! As you can see, having bae help take your weave out, can be a great thing in your relationship. It’s not just a moment for you to watch television while bae does all the work. It’s a moment for two people to come together and embrace one another. One of the main reasons some relationships don’t last is because of communication and misunderstanding. Who would have thought to let bae into your hair journey would have such an impact! Overnight, they can become your hair partner and the one who you learn to rely on, for everything that you experience. Over time, weave and men have had the biggest gap ever! But that was because they didn't know anything about weaves and hair. Now, this generation has made it their priority to include their bae in their hair journey. There have even been countless viral videos on the Internet displaying men stepping up and helping out! So again, the next time your weave needs to go, ask bae to join you and have a great bonding experience! Have you ever had bae help remove your weave? If so, tell me all about in down in the comment section!
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Single Dad Life: My Daddy Does My Hair

Single Dad Life: My Daddy Does My Hair

From Daddy Day Care to Daddy Day Hair

I am super excited to share with you a few stories of these fantastic daddies who can also do hair. This topic is something I relate to personally since my father did and still does slay my curly tresses. Fathers are proudly defying the gender stereotypes by learning to do their daughters hair and quite effortlessly I might add. You'll see NFL players learning the art of braids or pigtails, and you might even notice a large number of men are attending cosmetology school to learn about the different ways they can do their child's hair. These practices are ensuring that these beautiful young ladies are growing good self-esteem and a bond with their father that they will never forget. So, I thought it would be best to kick off this blog post with sharing my incredible journey on how my father and I became very close with something so simple as him doing my hair.

How My Father and I Became Best Friends

Growing up my family and I took a big leap by moving from a 3rd world country and coming to the United States. With two older brothers and my mom being the sole provider, it is easy to say that my dad had a lot of roles to play. By the time I was five my father was doing my hair almost every day, from cornrows, high buns, to adding in beads. I was the envy of all my grade school classmates, not in a horrible way of course. When it came down to an essential event in my life, whether it was prom, graduation, or my birthday, I could quickly count on my father to be my hair stylist. Now I am 23 years old, and my dad does me and my mom's sew-ins, he is legit a superhero to me, because of all the things that he can do so well and effortlessly.
When I tell him that he should do other people's hair he always responds with " that job is for my two leading ladies my wife and daughter." My dad is the sweetest, and even though I wear wigs all the time now, he still never hesitates to help pick some out with me or cornrow my hair before he installs my weave. Growing up I remember thinking that I was a rare kind of kid, you know a girl with a unique dad that has a unique ability. I'm getting older, and I see that daddies across the world are taking the time to learn to do their daughter's hair, how beautiful is that? I want to take the time to share another fantastic story of how this father learns to do his daughter's hair by watching YouTube videos.

Single Dad Learns To Do Daughters Hair Through

Mike is a single dad who loves practicing doing hair on his 6-year-old daughter Asia. He said in his interview for Redbook that "Fathers set the tone in a girl's life and there is no greater bond." I could not agree more with this quote my dad is like my best friend that I can talk to about anything. Mike goes on to learning complex braiding patterns, buns, and ponytails, he keeps up with any trendy look that Asia may decide to go for next, and he's always encouraging her to express herself through hairstyles and the clothes she wears. His Instagram is full of beautiful posts and videos of him and all the cute hairstyles that he tries on his daughter. The account is almost at 1 million followers and has this lovely duo going viral very quickly. Asia also has her own Instagram account where she posts some of her favorites photos with her dad.
Mike and Asia, we want to say that we are entirely in love with you two, the love between any parent and child is unique and beautiful, the memories you two share is something that they will tell their kids someday when they're older. Asia is one lucky girl to have an excellent role model in her life as well as personal stylist.

Single Dad Starts a Class to Help Fathers Do Their Daughters Hair

Now, this last story that I will be sharing is about a single dad who teaches himself how to do his daughters hair and then starts a class to help other fathers to do the same. Phil Morgese has full custody of his daughter, Emma, since she was one year old, he says that he had no clue on how to go about fixing her hair. While Emma was growing so was her mane. He says the moment he found out about hair gel that it was a huge victory, his words exactly were "Wow. Now I can do anything." Gradually Phil went on to learning about ponytails, French braids, and many other styles, his job is online sales. So he thought to himself that these tips would be beneficial to many other dads out there.
In October, 3 years ago, he gave his skills a platform. Phil created a program in 2015 by the name of "Daddy Daughter Hair Factory" which is a free bi-weekly class that takes place at International Academy in South Daytona. This is where dads and daughters no matter the age group learn how to detangle, comb, and style curly tresses. These classes became an instant hit and are teaching hundreds of single or married fathers on how to do their daughters hair. Every lesson that goes on you can bet that Emma is right there patiently sitting as her dad demonstrates the proper way to your child's mane. Phil says the relationship between him and his daughter could not be any better and that he is thankful to share any moment with her that he can.

Thank you for Being Role Models Daddies

It's a new day where it's no problem for a single dad to step up and become a positive role model for their daughter(s), and we love every moment. It is 2018 and social, and gender norms are slowly going out the window, men are cooking and becoming a stay at home dads, while some women are the breadwinners, or working on mechanics or technology. I love the generation we are in and what we are growing to become. I must stress that it is not all about hair, and it's about building that bond that will last a lifetime. So, I hope this blog encourages a single dad to get up and create a strong, healthy, and confident relationship between you and your child. If you have your own story as a single dad or any at all of the other daddies out there doing hair, please feel free to share with us in the comments down below.
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What's Your Sign? Spring Hair Horoscopes For The Future

What's Your Sign? Spring Hair Horoscopes For The Future

Find your Hair-scope

Spring is here, and you are probably panicking on what hairstyle to rock next. I may not be a certified fortune teller, but I can guarantee you that our personalities and zodiac signs have the tendency to be coordinated. Your style should be a direct representation of who you are as a person. We want the next hairdo you choose to be something that you can relate personally too. Whether you're the boss chick Leo or the caring Cancer I think we will have the do' that is best for you. If you are desperate and tired of doing constant research on what's trending, then take the tie to find your horoscope and see what future hairstyle is in your near future.

Aries March 21 - April 19

Aries, you are a spontaneous aggressive queen, and this shows in the outfits you wear and the hairstyles you choose. You are known for your aggressive attitude so, if you have been trying bold colors, crazy highlights, or flirty braids its time to switch it up. For Aries this spring try going for a more professional, sultry, confident hairdo. What better way to show that than by wearing a sleek bob. This haircut doesn't have to be short but just something that's blunt but still edgy. To kick it up a notch go for some bangs this will be dramatic but in an excellent way that is sure to catch everyone's attention. Go for a natural black or brown and try your hardest to away from wacky colors. On days that you are going out on a beautiful night out on the town or with some friends tuck your hair behind your ears. The more of your face that you show the more we are all able to see and appreciate that bold beauty. Aries, you're the first sign for a reason, so make sure to leave your mark and dominate this spring season my loves.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Our lovely Taurus's you are up next. Now, you are known for being reliable, practical, and incredibly ambitious so, its no clue that this spring season you need to step out of your box and break through that shell. We predict a bold copper color in your future Taurus. Now don't be alarmed a lot of celebrities are rocking this lovely hair shade like Sza and Teyana Taylor. This copper tone is not only a great spring color, but it will complement your skin and have everyone doing a double take. It may not be the most practical option that you may like, but it will have you looking and feeling amazingly sexy. If the copper tone scares you too much, you should opt for a lighter shade that you have in right now. Light hair exudes confidence and makes you a bright ball of fire everywhere you go. Spice it up a little more by adding layers; you want your hair to appear fuller and voluminous. It will be nice to see you Taurus try a daring and bold look and we cannot wait to see the many ways you style your colored hair this spring season!

Gemini May 21 - June 20

Our precious dual personality Gemini's you are now on the hot seat. You are fun, intelligent, expressive, and incredibly thoughtful who wouldn't want to be your best friend? You never know which side you'll get with a Gemini like the candy commercial says first their sour and then their sweet. We predict a hairstyle that will show your fun sexy side as well as the seriousness that you represent. I suggest going for a long extension look this spring, no it doesn't have to be Nicki Minaj's forty-inch weave but something just a little longer than what you have. Length is something compelling; it shows that you are not someone to mess with but at the same time someone mysterious that you're dying to get to know. This hairstyle will be your new go-to favorite after this spring season, and we know you'll be begging for more. As for the color you choose it can be any shade that you think represents your personality the best, all we care about is you channeling your inner Rapunzel locks. Private Label Extensions has plenty of long human hair weaves for you to try out when you do this look. So, get started soon Gemini's the spring season awaits you.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Our caring Cancer's we love you guys as much as you like people. Your most significant traits are the compassion and kind-heartedness you share with everyone. You have a particular tendency to focus on your family and friends which is going to be your favorite pass time this spring season. Since you're going to be spending most of your time on things that matter most to you, opt for low maintenance and classic hairstyle like braids. Whether you want cornrows, two plaits, or box braids, any one of those lovely looks will do you justice for the spring. You have a natural beauty cancer so please do not hide it. Hairstyles that show off your amazing facial features will be your best friend, so try not to run away from them. Braids come in many different shapes and sizes, not to mention beautiful colors. So, if you're down for adding a little spice to your hairdo, then you should do so, especially since this style lasts for a while. If you have time check out all the beautiful braiding techniques and hairstyles on YouTube. We can't wait for you to serve us many looks this spring season Cancer.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

Our Fierce Lioness Leo, when the sun is out so are you. You are passionate, cheerful, and crazy creative, if you can't express yourself in your way, then you would not be the Leo that you are. You need a fun hairstyle that also brings a flirty touch to your personality. This look might be a little daring, but you should go for a shortcut this spring season. Now hold your horses you don't have to cut your hair that's why they invented wigs. Whether its pixie cut, feathered bob, or a slick back do' we know that short hair on a Leo will bring a crowd roaring for your attention. Then again if your hair is already short, you should go for an extreme color like jet black, or platinum blonde shade, this is also very stunning and matches well with your personality in the warm weather. If you are a real Leo, you probably have scissors in your hand right now waiting to do the deathly deed. Don't worry though, because your confidence is unmatched, and we know that you can pull off any look that comes your way. Show everyone this spring season that even without your mane you are still of the fiercest lions in the jungle.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept. 22)

Our modest Virgos this sign is very keen and loves to pay attention to detail. They may be a little picky, but they have standards and that's what everyone loves about them. You are intelligent and can make any lover bend to your will if you wanted them too. So, with your incredible crisp and clean characteristics, we predict you go for a neat, slick high ponytail this spring season. Since you have such a sharp eye and are a perfectionist by nature, getting your hair neatly sleek will be an easy job for you to do. This hairstyle is perfect for Virgos because it gives them tamed and polish look in the front, and a sprinkle of fun and a wild side in the back. You can add synthetic hair to the ponytail or check out Private Label Extensions hair for clip ins that are easy to install. If you're not a huge fan of this style you can opt for the sleek low bun, it does the same exact job and will keep you in your comfort zone. We hope you conquer this spring season Virgos; we know that you will!

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct. 22)

You're up next Libra, you find solace in balance and keeping things symmetric. You tend to be a little indecisive, so we are going to keep it nice and simple this spring. We want you to go for any look with a middle part. So, if you are usually a fan of side-swept or blunt bangs, say goodbye to them for now. This style will have you feeling completely at ease and still feeling flawless. Hopefully, this look isn't too dull for you, and if it remembers you can always make it more fun with honey highlights or a hint of color. Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and what better way to do that then by have a clean slate, or should we say a clean part is going right down your head. Overall you'll be happy to have this simple hairstyle in your life; it will keep your mind and heart at ease during your efforts to keep everything balanced in your life. Have fun with this look Libra's spring is waiting for you to slay every day.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21)

Our Sexy Scorpios it's your turn. This sign can be both fascinating and complex. Intelligence pours out of a Scorpio woman, and their mystery is something their partners just can't get enough of from you. The number one thing that this sign is known for is their effortless seductiveness, and we should use this trait to our advantage. So why not amp up your sex appeal more this spring by going for a slick back hair look. All you need is a little hairspray, and you are good to go. With this look, all the hair is out of your face, and all eyes are on you. This style is very high fashion and will uplift any outfit you are wearing. You want to make sure you keep a little volume in the hair and that there is no flyaway present. Keep us falling in love with your feisty attitude and let it show all through this beautiful hairstyle. We want to see that stunning face this spring season Scorpios so please give us all you got.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Our energetic fantastic Sagittarius's you have a way of keeping everyone on their toes, and that's not a bad thing at all. You are open-minded and our down to try new things, which is an excellent quality to have when you're testing out new hairstyles. Since you are open to change, we think dramatic highlights will do you enough justice. You like to go with the flow and having one color would be too dull for your personality. Try adding honey blonde color or red earth tones to your hair and be ready to dominate. If you're too afraid to dye your hair go for Ombre extensions that you can easily clip in from time. Highlights give you an airy and flowy look for the season, and you will blend right in. Have fun this spring Sagittarius's we want to see you slay this look all month long.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan. 19

Hello, our lovely Capricorns, we have a unique change in hairstyles for you this spring season. This sign is known for it's classy, boss like, and professional characteristics. You have a knack for controlling certain things in your life and being very disciplined, which is why you are the star that you are. So, what are the stars telling us for your fabulous new hairdo? For this spring season, you need to bring out that fun, hang loose, go with the flow type of style. What better way to do that than by adding some color or trying a messy wavy curl. You get the chance to take a walk on the wild style but still maintain your natural elegance. If you're opting for a curly do, try using rollers or a twist out the method; stay away from heat as much as you can this spring. If you're feeling bold and want color, I think you should go for the sexy silver shade; this screams edginess and a sleek look. Trust me you will be getting compliments left, right, and center. So, get ready to slay this spring Capricorns.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Aquarius women are very eccentric, free-spirited, with a unique sense of humor some say. You are very independent, and that trait needs to show in the hairstyles that you choose. You must use the quirkiness to your advantage. So, we say to go for a faux locs or have twist half out type of hairdo. Faux locks are unique, different, and coincides deeply with your need to stand out from the crowd. But I know this look isn't for everyone so if you want to try an equally satisfying hairdo twisting on the side of your hair and letting the rest of your curls hang loose is gorgeous. Try adding hair cuffs or accessories to spice up your style. Don't let anything come in the way of your extraordinary taste in fashion and hairstyle choices. Give us all you got this spring season Aquarius we can't want for all the stylish gems you have in store for us.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Last on our list but certainly not least are our beautiful water sign Pisces. You are selfless, full of emotion, and artistic. Your ruler is Neptune, and with your mysterious and chameleon-like personality, we know what hairstyle would fit best for you this spring season. That's right; the trending mermaid hair is perfect for our rambunctious Pisces. Purple, teal, green, try them all and go crazy with it. You're known for your hectic schedules, and your hairstyle can join the party. You will look glamorous and have everyone wishing they could pull off something a look like this. If you are not afraid to take on this spring gives us your best mermaid color hair Pisces!

Find What You Were Looking for this Spring?

We hope that you find a hairstyle that coexists perfectly with your personality and everyday routine. Try your best to get in tune with the great person that you are. Life is too short not to know yourself and how you operate. These horoscope hairstyles are just a guideline in finding which look will look best on you for this spring season. We know that you can pull off any hairdo that comes across your path. The warm weather is inviting, and I see a lot of us could not wait until the sun starts to grace us with its presence just a little bit more. Keep living your best life, and if you feel like your hairstyle matches perfectly with your horoscope let us know in the comments down below.
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What Is Considered "Good Hair" (Tips & Tricks For Different Hair Types)

What Is Considered "Good Hair" (Tips & Tricks For Different Hair Types)

Good Hair...So What?

When you see or hear the term 'good hair' what comes to mind? We see black women with really long or curly hair, and for many people, that is their definition of what good hair is. You may even be guilty of telling black women with really long hair that "she has that good hair." These comments need to stop. Good hair should not go by length or how someone's curls fall. If that is the association with the phrase, it is a phrase that people shouldn't use at all. I am going to talk about how people commonly use the phrase, where it originates from, and how it should transform into a different meaning.

The Meaning of "Good Hair"

The phrase "good hair" isn't used to describe styles that look flawless. It's solely a descriptor of texture and refers to black hair that is straight, wavy, or very loosely curled. The term demeans highly coiled afro-textured hair. "Good" hair is considered beautiful on its own, while highly textured styles must be pressed and permed to be considered something of beauty. Though no one has specifically stated this, the heavy implication is that all kinky types of black hair are not "good hair." I am sure many of you have experienced this good hair debacle once in your life. Whether it has personally affected you or someone you know has gone through it. This "good hair" battle is much deeper than just hair in general. This hair debate goes all the way back to slavery where there were mixed children with lighter skin and hair with a looser texture. Lighter skin and looser curls receive praise because they are closer to the European standard of beauty that offered no space for the dark-skinned and kinky-haired also to be considered beautiful. Whether or not natural hair is good enough is still a huge issue today that we are fighting to change. An example of this is in the workplace. Many black women in the work field hear that their natural hair is not professional and have been told to change it. Can you imagine being told the hair that grows out of your hair is "unprofessional"? European beauty standards still profoundly exist in America. The battle of hair is an internal struggle for many women who are even embarrassed to flaunt their natural hair because of the fear of being reprimanded.

Nappy hair

A derogatory term we often hear to describe kinky African American hair is the phrase "nappy." We all know what it means to be called nappy headed, and it is not a compliment. This term is offensive because of the history of African American hair. For a runaway slave, the kinks in her hair could mean the difference between freedom in the North and enslavement or worse if she were to be caught and returned to her master. Because slaves had children by their white slave masters, miscegenation occurred. Miscegenation meant that some slaves had skin as light as whites and the rule of thumb was that hair was a more reliable indicator than the skin of a person's racial heritage. Thus, runaway slaves often shaved their heads to get rid of any evidence of their ancestry and posters advertising for fugitive slaves often warned slave catchers to be on the lookout for runaways with shaved heads: "They might pass for white."
Another huge example with hair happened with Angela Davis. In the late 1960s, after the FBI declared Angela Davis one of the country's ten most wanted criminals, thousands of other law-abiding, Afro-wearing African-American women became targets of state repression. Black women were accosted, harassed, and arrested by police, the FBI, and immigration agents. The "wanted" posters that featured Davis, her huge Afro framing her face like a halo, appeared in post offices and government buildings all over America, not to mention on television and in Life magazine. Her "nappy hair" served not only to structure popular opinions about her as a dangerous criminal, but also made it possible to deny the rights of due process and habeas corpus to any young black woman, just by her hairstyle. For centuries black women have been punished for something they cannot control. It is time to throw away the terms good hair and nappy and realize that no matter what texture, we all have good hair.

Different Hair Types

What Causes Different Textures?

Everyone has a different hair pattern. Here is the science behind it. The amount of curl, wave, or lack thereof in our hair is dependent on the number of disulfide bonds between hair proteins found in the hair shaft. Disulfide bonds are one of the most active naturally-occurring bonds in nature. The protein structures of the hair shaft are held together by chemical bonds called disulfide and hydrogen bonds. While the curliness (or straightness) of your hair depends on the shape of the follicle, it's the disulfide bonds that keep the hair in the way it forms naturally. The higher the number of links, the curlier the hair, and the fewer the number of links, the straighter the hair. Hair is primarily composed of keratin, a protein, which grows from the follicle. Keratins and other proteins formulate in the cells of the hair follicle. All of the proteins become a part of the hair shaft and contain sulfur atoms. When two sulfur atoms pair up and bond, they form a disulfide bond. If the two sulfur atoms in the same protein are at a distance and join to form the disulfide bond, the protein will bend. This process is how your hair creates curls.

Texture chart

Andre Walker, who is Oprah's hair stylist, created a broad-spectrum hair typing system that classifies various hair textures and breaks each hair type down into four types with added subcategories. I believe this chart is especially useful when determining what products to use for your hair texture. However, you must realize that this system has its limitations. First of all, most curly women and girls have at least two different textures of hair on their head; this chart does not address this variance. Also, there are so many different subcategories that we can add to all of the curly sections categories that could and should go beyond A, B, & C. Here are the different patterns the chart includes:

Type 1: Straight Hair

Generally speaking Type 1 hair is straight; however, Andre categorizes this hair type into three particular segments – Type 1A, Type 1B, and Type 1C.
  • 1A type hair is delicate, very thin and soft with a noticeable shine.
  • Type 1B hair is medium-textured and has more body than Type 1A hair.
  • 1C hair is the most resistant to curly styling and relatively coarse compared to other Type 1 hair types.

Type 2: Wavy Hair

Type 2 is wavy hair that usually isn't overly oily or very dry. The thought is that Type 2 hair falls right in the middle of Type 1 and Type 3.
  • 2A hair is fine and thin. It is relatively easy to handle from a styling perspective because it is simple to straighten or curl.
  • 2B Type hair characteristically has waves that tend to adhere to the shape of your head.
  • Type 2C hair will frizz quickly, and it is relatively coarse.

Type 3: Curly Hair

Curly hair textures have a definite "S" shaped curl pattern. Since the cuticle doesn't lay flat, you will notice that curly hair isn't nearly as shiny as Type 1 (straight hair) or Type 2 (wavy hair) hair types.
  • Type 3A hair is gleaming and loose.
  • 3B hair has a medium amount curls, ranging from bouncy ringlets (spiral like curls of hair) to tight corkscrews (spiral-shaped corkscrew curls).
  • Type 3C hair isn't a part of the Andre Walker Hair Typing System.

Type 4: Kinky Hair

This hair type is "kinky" or more appropriately full of tight coils (tightly curled hair). Type 4 hair is one the most common hair types found in black hair (African American hair).
  • Type 4A hair is full of tight coils. It has an "S" pattern when stretched, much like Type 3 curly hair.
  • Type 4B hair has a less defined pattern of curls and looks more like a "Z" as the hair bends with very sharp angles.
  • Type 4C hair isn't a part of the Andre Walker Hair Typing System.
They created type 3C hair after Andre Walker released his hair typing system by a community member at The prevailing thought was that the original hair typing system left this hair type out. Type 3C hair is tight curls or coils that look like corkscrews. Type 4C, like Type 3C, isn't an actual hair type according to Andre Walker's System. His comments are straightforward regarding Type 4 (Kinky) hair – if you can see a definite curl pattern, then you have Type 4A hair. If you can't identify a defined, specific curl pattern, then your hair type is 4B.

What Good Hair Should Mean

Good hair should not be a phrase used to describe the texture of your hair, but instead, it should be a phrase used to describe the health of your hair. Here are ways you can have to maintain healthy hair and give real meaning to the words "good hair."

Wash Hair Once A Week or Every Other Week

If you are a person who uses a lot of product, it is best to wash your hair once a week or every two weeks. You do not want to use shampoo every time you wash your hair because conditioner works better for African American textures. It is best to wash with shampoo once a month and do a co-wash every week or every two weeks.

Use Conditioner

As I stated before, the conditioner is essential. Use conditioner every time you wash it to keep it moisturized. Be sure to coat the ends with conditioner, as the ends are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair.

Trim Your Split Ends

It is important to trim your ends once every 3-4 months to make sure your hair is growing correctly and to keep it very healthy.

Moisturize Daily

Not only does this help to keep your hair healthy, moisturizing your hair on a daily basis helps hair growth. It is best to spritz it with water and put some cream in to keep it moisturized all day. Use a heat protecting product before styling: Adding this to wet hair before styling will help minimize heat damage. You also want to use heat sparingly to avoid severe damage.

Use Ceramic Combs or Irons

If you would like to press or thermally straighten, use a ceramic comb or iron; only do so once a week. Use a straightening device with a dial to ensure the instrument is not too hot. Use the lowest possible temperature setting that gives you the style you want. A higher temperature may be necessary for thicker, coarser textures.

Take Advantage of Protective Styling

Whether its braids, natural twists, or lace wigs, protective styling can help keep it healthy. It gives it time to grow because you aren't always playing with it. Make sure braids, cornrows or weaves are not too tight: If it hurts while you are getting it done, ask the stylist to stop and redo it. Pain equals damage. Also having styles that are too tight are damaging. No one wants that.

Change the Meaning of "Good Hair"

Good hair is healthy hair! Nothing about length or texture has anything to do with quality. Embrace your kinks and curls no matter what others say. There are several ways to be natural and still look your best. Kinky hair has been stereotyped and deemed ugly. Will you rock a natural look to prove those stereotypes wrong?
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The Glow Up From Childhood Hair to Adulthood Hair! Can You Relate?

The Glow Up From Childhood Hair to Adulthood Hair! Can You Relate?

You and Your Hair's Relationship

I'm pretty sure you have a few stories to tell about your hair journey. As do I. Overtime our latest hair trends have changed but styles from back in the day are still flourishing. We all have those embarrassing childhood photos from our past thinking to ourselves like "what was my mother thinking?" From personal experiences, heartbreak, confusion and trust issues, you and your hair are in a life-long relationship.
In any relationship, what you give is what you get, and your hair is just the same. You can't expect to have healthy hair if you are not adequately taking care of it. Luckily because of recent technology, our hair issues live on behind us. There are a million outlets for hair questions or concerns you may have that we never had access to before during childhood. Hair products and inventions have been created to keep your hair healthy even if you want to wear extensions. Take this time to unwind and reflect on what mistakes may have transpired during your childhood with your hair. Learn what you can do now to prevent those things from happening again.

My Personal Experiences

My childhood hair was hectic growing up. I remember as a child, my mom had no clue what she was doing because she hadn't had any experience in hair like many women I know. So what do you do when you have a child who has very thick natural hair, and you don't know what you could possible to tame this monstrosity? Well, a few things happened. When I was between the ages of five and nine my mother paid a friend of my brother's to keep my hair braided up every two weeks. No, not box braids, but single plaits with my real hair. I could die right now thinking about it! I never liked the style because I felt like I resembled a little boy. My hair was very healthy when I use this technique. Every two weeks my ends are clipped, and my hair is washed, conditioned and moisturized. Around the age of eight, I got tired of seeing my hair in braids and begged my mother for the creamy crack.

The Cry for Creamy Crack

When I say beg, I mean I was crying for a relaxer. All the girls my age had one, and I wanted to have straight hair like them. In the 90s it felt like nobody was concerned with natural hair. My mother's biggest concern was finding a stylist that promoted healthy hair and making sure my hair wouldn't fall out after the relaxer. She finally met a woman who was a Godsend when it came to hair. I got my first relaxer when I was 9. My hair was already beautiful, but now everybody could see my length. I even got more attention from friends to where I finally felt popular.
Just like my braids, my mother had me in the shop to see my stylist every two weeks like clock-work, getting ends trimmed and deep conditions for a healthy scalp. Don't get it twisted; you can have healthy flourishing hair with a relaxer. However, in recent years modern hair technology has proved you can achieve the same look with a blowout or extensions minus the addition of chemicals on your real hair. So from the age of 9 to 15, I relentless kept my hair relaxed and healthy, until I made one huge mistake! We all know that high school brings out the exploration of pre-teens and teenagers. I always wanted to experiment with my hair not having a clue in the world of what I was doing, so the damage began. I loved my relaxed hair and side part, but I started to feel peer pressured when the girls around me had extensions and clip-ins for longer lengths.

My Investment in Hair Extensions

Now I wanted longer hair because I wanted to fit in. In high school, my parents would give me an allowance every other week, and I would use the money to invest in hair extensions from Sally's. I was unable to braid and sew, so my best bet was a glue-in right? Wrong! I add extensions to my hair by parting my hair and gluing in an expansion and repeating this process all the way to the top. The result was gorgeous, it looked like my real hair, but taking it out was catastrophic. Even an oil adhesive didn't work. It helped me remove the tracks but combing it out is what caused immediate damage.
After seeing how much of my hair came out, I continued to add the tracks because at this point I needed them to add fullness to my hair. My mother finally got tired of my antics and took me back to my old stylist at the age of 16. She initially brought my hair back to life with hot oil treatments and deep conditions. Towards the end of high school, I started to gain an understanding of what healthy hair truly meant. I have to thank my guidance counselor for that one because she suggested I take up cosmetology. It was a two-year program during my junior and senior year that was free. The only thing you had to pay for in the end was your license if you successfully passed your state board.

Coloring Hair in College

At the age of 18, I went off to college in a different state. At this point, my hair was my responsibility. Talk about the peer pressure of high school; college is a whole different ballgame. I started playing around with the idea of color not knowing the do's and don'ts of coloring, and it turned out to be an epic disaster. During my sophomore year of college I wanted to go blonde, so I bleached my hair and over processed it. However, that wasn't my only mistake. In my estranged brain, a week after bleaching my hair, I got tired of seeing my new growth and figured I should relax it to lay my hair down. Applying this chemical on top of the chemical turned out to be an epic fail. As I began to wash the relaxer out of my hair, I saw huge chunks of my hair in my hair and cried like I never have before. Clearly, in high school, I didn't pay attention to my cosmetology teacher when we went over bleaching because I had no clue I wasn't supposed to relax my hair shortly after lifting it. At this point, I had to call over a male friend of mine who was a barber and asked him to complete the job and cut my hair off completely. I had a fade like a boy but enticingly loved it. And I no longer had hair problem because I didn't have hair. Two years later being natural my hair grew back to full length. I can honestly say I appreciate my hair journey because it taught me how to take care of my hair properly.

Hair Trends from the '90s and early 2000s

Like I stated before, hair trends have changed over time, but we are starting to see them come full circle in recent years because what are considered to be old school hairstyles are now the latest trends. For example, in the '90s, braids were all the rave! They never really went out of style, but today you see braiding styles such as lemonade braids that hang to the side and up-do braiding styles that get recognition as if we didn't have those same braiding styles back then. Other hairstyles that we all use to love during childhood were flat twists, ponytails, Bantu knots, Poetic Justice braids and so much more. All these styles previously listed are all styles we rocked as kids and pre-teens. These are the same styles I witness today at my local grocery store or shopping mall. What we need to remember is no hairstyle goes out of style, and you can wear any hairstyle that best suits you at the right time.

My Hair Has Broken My Heart One Too Many Times

In life, we all experience heartbreak in one form or another but have you ever been heartbroken with your hair? It sounds crazy but genuine. You know what I'm talking about, those times where exciting experiences have happened with your hair, and you're not sure if you can do it anymore. Sorry for you but you can't just leave a relationship with your hair because it's yours and it isn't going anywhere. The only thing you can do at this point is to learn the likes and dislikes of her hair. Take the time to figure out what works best for you. If you suffer from a dry scalp and continuously have dandruff, research some solutions on products that help moisturize your hair.
If you suffer from hair thinning, look into the many hair care products that promote hair growth. If you are having issues with bare edges, there are products for that too. Nobody can genuinely give you the exact products to use because specific products don't work for everybody. If you want a healthy hair relationship, the best thing you can do is invest. You are going to have to purchase these products and give them a fair trial before deciding on what works better for you. By fair try I mean, you are going to have to follow instructions precisely to guarantee sufficient results. If you can stay committed, don't waste your money on products you are going to use efficiently. All in all, if you're willing to correct your hair to your liking, options have been provided to your leisure.

Modern Hair Technology

What do you think of when you immediately hear the word technology? I think of computers, cell phones, and televisions. Sometimes people don't know that's just about electronics. Before, we didn't know that modern technology makes society better. So I want to tap into some of the latest hair inventions created you can use at your disposal. From childhood hair to adulthood hair, keep in mind my most significant factor in this whole article is healthy hair. If you are anything like me, you enjoy your weaves and extensions. However, I wish someone correctly taught me how to add extensions to my hair without unnecessary damage. Good thing someone came out with the lace closures! They're affordable, and I don't have to worry about my hair sweating out at the gym! What can get better than that you ask? Nothing at the time, but then they came out with frontals. They are God's gift to earth, but closures are very affordable when you don't have enough to invest in a frontal.
A frontal installed the correct way; this protective style will have this hair looking like its sprouting straight from your scalp. Another great thing about a frontal is being able to part it however you desire. I am always indecisive about what part I want to get for my sew ins. There are two types of frontals: Each frontal helps you to achieve any virtual hairstyle you want! People create inventions like this to keep you from tampering with your real hair. No heat damage or processing your hair for a straight look. Wish I had this back in high school!

Social Media Helps

I may have suggested you try new products on your hair to help with particular hair problems you suffer from. Although, in this generation, we google everything. I'd strongly advise you to use social media as a go-to guide to search for your hair care products. On Google, our searches come up with the most known products you can get over the counter in stores. And though those products may work, try digging into a product you can't get in stores. From personal experiences I've found that products purchased online may have more quality.
You may be asking "ok, how do I find hair care products on social media?" I have got the answer for you. Hashtags are life in the social media world. You can find pretty much anything on social media using hashtags. Instagram and Facebook are full of hair care product pages you can gain access to with through hashtags. You can use words like "haircare, breakage, damaged hair," business pages will come up for you to reference too. Take a look at the pages and see if they may be able to help with your hair problems. Check out the websites for you to view and see the prices that are affordable for you.

When Adulthood Hair Reflects Childhood Hair

I look back on pictures of myself, thinking 'why did I choose these hairstyles', I'm so grateful for my journey. It's like breaking up with your hair and falling in love again. I am happy I acquired my cosmetology license because it taught me how to keep healthy hair. Still, I am no guru, and I am learning with every hairstyle how I could have possibly done it better. I am always on myself about getting my ends trimmed, deep conditioning, and moisturizing properly.
During my childhood, I didn't think about my hair is healthy, I thought about the result. It may have been pretty, but I didn't realize the lasting effects it could have. Being an adult, most of us live fast-paced lives. It is hard for us to stop and indeed take care of ourselves. But if you want healthy hair, you'll take the time to do it the right way or find a trustworthy local stylist. Put the work in or don't waste the money. For growing, flourishing hair that you're willing to invest in, I am sure you will ultimately be successful. Today I stand firm on my healthy natural hair. My childhood mistakes taught me to take care of my hair. Now it is time for you to learn from them too!
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Is It True What They Say?: Black Hair Myths Busted

Is It True What They Say?: Black Hair Myths Busted

Myths To Be Broken

As a woman who has what people call “black hair” I am always finding new information about my hair. Sometimes things I had thought before are disproven, and I learn how to take care better care of my hair. I will not even deny the fact that I believed in many of these myths for the longest time, so you're not alone if you are the same. With that said here are some myths about black hair.

It's “Bad Hair”

First of all, there is no such thing as good or bad hair, and this idea needs to removed from the black hair dialogue. This view was created to diminish self-worth among black people. Good hair is often associated with straighter hair and has its roots in slavery because in most cases slaves who were the master's children had looser textured hair. This occurrence is where the idea of good and bad hair originated. These terms were used to describe which texture was seen as more desirable when in reality both are beautiful. And let me just say this, it does not matter what texture hair you have regardless of texture or length your hair is gorgeous!


This myth is a complete joke. I feel as though companies have learned their lessons after a couple of lawsuits. Google may want to change their image search of work appropriate hair because natural hair should and always work appropriate. People think you cannot work in corporate America because you have an afro. But fortunately things are changing, and companies are becoming more accepting when it comes to natural hairstyle.

It's Nappy

First of all, let’s not even go there. I can call my hair nappy but nobody else can. If you do not understand why calling someone else's hair nappy can be received as an insult, learn about the mini history lesson. This word was used to describe a fuzzy layer of yarn or cloth until it was used as a word to insult slaves. There are also other ways to express black hair such as kinky curly and coarse all terms that are not derogatory words.

It doesn't grow

The myth of black lacking the ability to grow is a misconception that is found to be very disrespectful. This myth is the reason why people think it is okay to ask “is that your real hair?” Black hair does grow just like everyone else's. Do not be fooled by the shrinkage because what looks like a teeny fro can be 12 inches once straightened. Yes, black hair can shrink up to like three times its straight length, but that does not mean I’m baldheaded. Now don’t go frying your hair in the name of showing people you have inches because this will hinder it from being healthy. And healthy hair leads to growing hair. Some people say black women wear hair extensions because our hair doesn't grow when, in reality, it’s because we like to switch up our style and it's a great protective style. I know it becomes frustrating for a woman not to see specific results, but, your hair is growing. You may not be able to see the results as quickly as a person with straighter hair because your hair shrinks up. Hair grows about a half inch per month, so it is growing. You may not be able to retain length because you are not taking care of your hair properly.

Impossible to Manage

Black hair is not impossible to manage. It’s only hard to maintain when you try to treat your hair like it’s straight. It can also be difficult if you do not have the proper knowledge before going natural. This myth is a woman's primary argument when going back to life with the creamy crack. Some women wear their natural hair out every day, and with the right products and methods, it could be effortless for you too. Okay, maybe effortless is not the best word because natural hair is work however that doesn't mean it is hard to manage. But if you educate yourself about your hair and products, taking care of it will be an absolute breeze! And if you are still not sold on this idea you can always wear protective styles if you do not want to deal with your hair.

Can’t get lice

This misconception is not a bad one, but this is a thing many people with curlier hair textures believe. If I had to break it to you well I just want to let you know that black people can get lice. Though cases are few, there is a possibility that you can get lice if exposed to them. Most people think our hair is too kinky or curly for lice to live in but, that is not true in all cases. Lice do prefer straight hair because it is easier for them to cling to but if they have to, they can live with curly hair as well. The best way to prevent yourself from getting lice is by keeping your hair moisturized and oiled. Lice like dry environments and are unable to live on an oiled scalp because the oils will suffocate them.


People are strong not hair. Thinking this can be deadly for your hair strands. I have fallen victim to this idea and not in the way you’re thinking. I just remember being little and my aunts would comb my hair like there was no tomorrow. And I am talking about harshly brushing my poor 4c strands root to ends. Just because your hair is kinkier or curly does not make it stronger. In reality, our hair is fragile and needs to be treated gently and with care. Because of its ribbon-like shape and raised cuticles, our hair bleeds moisture. This means that it is easily affected by the outside environment which why we should be taking extra care of our tresses. This reason is why a lot of naturals advocate for protective styling because it keeps us from manipulating our hair every day. Wide tooth combs and your fingers are your best friends when trying to detangle your hair.

You never have to wash it

If you believe in this, you’re probably due for a wash right about now. The myth is a prominent lie spreading in the black community. News flash your scalp gets dirty, and so does your hair. Washing your hair removes dirt and buildup on the hair shaft allowing for moisture to penetrate your hair shaft easily. Though this rule applies to women who are relaxed. But, with this information, some shampoos can be drying on natural hair, be wary of shampoos with SLS or sulfates because these ingredients can strip your hair of its natural oils Go for the sulfate-free shampoos or you can always use conditioner to wash your hair to prevent dryness. You do not have to wash your hair every day but cleaning your hair every other week or every week might be a good idea.

Greasing your scalp stimulates hair growth

My mom used to swear by this but grease only moisturizers your scalp or causes buildup. The main ingredient in many of your favorite hair greases is petroleum which is not good for your hair. Petroleum contains mineral oils that build up on your scalp and suffocate your hair follicles which make it more difficult for your hair to grow by slowing down hair growth. When it builds up on your hair strands, it attracts dirt and residue that remove shine from your hair and make it appear unhealthy. Petroleum is also a natural extract from crude oil which is the same oil for cars. It also does not have vitamins or the necessary components that our hair needs. The mineral oils found in petroleum do not penetrate the hair the hair shaft the only work as a coating which only serves as a temporary solution to give your hair luster. This mineral oil coats the hair shaft making it difficult for moisture to penetrate your hair shaft which can cause dandruff and dry hair. If your scalp is dry use light oils like jojoba and sweet almond, these oils are similar to the sebum that your scalp naturally produces.But if you are trying to stimulate growth you can always massage your scalp or use invigorating hair oils.

Relaxers make hair more manageable

I am not judging anyone who loves the creamy crack because that was once me, however, relaxers were used by black women to make their hair straighter and more “presentable." It had a little to with manageability. Now I am not advocating against relaxing your hair I am just saying that it does not make things easier. One option is not cheaper or less complicated than the other. Manageability depends on how you take care of your hair and what your routine is as well.

Only comes in 4c

I know that I am guilty of this because when I think of black hair, my mind immediately pictures a 4c afro. But not every black person's hair is kinky or even curly. And if you were under this impression I don’t know what to say to you girl. But black hair comes in all shapes and sizes. Some black people even have bone straight hair. The texture of your hair lies within in your genetics just because you are black does not mean you will have 4c hair. And most people even have more than one texture in their hair so technically not many people are 100% 4c.

Water dries your hair out

Water is the number one moisturizer. Our kinks and curls love water. Many people are under the impression that water makes your dryer, but it saturates our curls. If your hair becomes dry after using water that is most likely because you have low porosity hair. Porosity is our hair's ability to absorb moisture. When you have low porosity hair, it means that it is more difficult for your hair to intake moisture. Our hair loves water even though it is harder for our strands to retain moisture.

The slightest bit of heat will fry your hair

I am guilty of thinking a drop of heat will ruin my curls. I know that heat is beneficial for your hair in some instances, but flat irons scare me. When I think about straightening my hair, all I can picture in my head is those YouTube videos of girls (and guys) whose hair did not revert after trying to wash their hair. But straightening your hair once in a while at a safe heat setting will not damage your hair. Just make sure to use a heat protect if you are going to apply heat directly to your hair. And if you are using a blow dryer you can always use a cool setting. To add to that if you do not want to straighten your natural hair or use heatless methods instead. A few of you who have sworn off flat irons for the rest of your lives like me.

Trimming your ends will make your hair grow

Trimming your ends does not make your hair grow but does promote healthy hair by getting rid of split ends which in my opinion is still a great benefit! The rate at which your hair grows is dependent on your diet and genetics not on how often you trim your hair. Trims do allow you to retain length though. So, don't stop getting them just because they are not making your hair grow any faster. The way to long is not by cutting it but by how you take care of it.

Do your Research!

Remember not everything you hear about black hair is always correct. Unfortunately, we end up believing in these things and don't give our hair the proper care it needs. This is why doing your research is super important when it comes to your hair. Comment down below myths about black hair you used to believe in or if any of these myths surprised you.
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Too Much, Too Soon: Should Children Wear Hair Extensions?

Too Much, Too Soon: Should Children Wear Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions for Children

Okay, girlfriend, grab your tea because we are about to dive deep into this one! We all know that social media has tons of pros and cons. One of the greatest pros, in my opinion, is the fact that it opens the door to many topics that normally don’t get a lot of shine. I’m talking about the pictures that go viral of our precious babies who are wearing hair extensions. The ones where some people are raising an eyebrow and questioning if that’s right or wrong. So many people believe that kids today look nothing like kids. They’re wondering what happened to the hairbows and barrettes, or the ribbons and beads. Some think kids are growing up too fast on purpose. But let’s be clear, the kids aren’t choosing their look, their parent is. It’s the parent who decides on how they want their child to look. They do have that right of regulation. But are they right or wrong? Is there really an age limit on hairstyles? Or are there many reasons why kids are wearing extensions, and we should be okay with it? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. So, let’s talk about it!

Society Standards

The worse type of standard to have is the ones set by society. Deep down we know they aren’t real, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s hard to diminish them. There are even standards on how people should and shouldn’t raise their children. Many can attest that many decades ago, it was quite simple to tell a child from a teen. Or that it was easy to try and guess a child’s age. At times that may not be so easy, now. With the help of social media, we have this standard of how we all should look; even pressuring parents on how their child should look. Some want to see a child wearing beads and pigtails whereas some don’t mind seeing a child have long straight extensions or long corn rolls with added hair.

What's The Problem?

Some feel the problem with allowing a child to wear extensions is that they aren’t allowing them to be a child at all. Wearing extensions will unknowingly put standards on a child at a young age, which, causes them to think they have to carry out a specific image, as they grow older. It may be teaching them that their natural hair isn’t beautiful or also not even allowing them to know anything about their natural hair. Society looks at that as “looking too grown” and that a child needs to look like a child.
But then again, what is a child suppose to look like really? Society tells us that a child should wear certain hairstyles and if it goes outside those parameters, then it’s to be questioned. There’s also a constant trend on social media where mothers want their daughters to dress just like them from head to toe. So if the mother is wearing box braids, it’s a must the child has to follow suit.

Celebrity Standard

What are we to do when we’re unknowingly taught that celebrities are nothing short of perfect and we should follow them? Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian are amongst the few who have been shamed for putting extensions in their daughter’s hair. Causing uproar with some, who of course, think they are too young. Angelina’s daughter was pictured wearing box braids. Now, she’s the only child in the family who has thick textured hair, and some have said that maybe Angelina thought it would be easy to manage braids. Or that she wanted her daughter to feel more accepted within the family. All reasons that seem very likely. As for Kim, it seems that she was twinning with her daughter. Both were shown wearing matching corn-rolls. Of course, most of the world just viewed that as “cute.” But when non-celebrities do it, it’s not cute.
Do celebrity children have a certain standard as well? On the other side of the fence, there are people who look up to these women and want to be just like them. They see nothing wrong with what they're doing. So, what’s a human to do? Some argue for people to just raise their child how they want and forget what the world says. Because truth be told, celebrities sure aren’t speaking out on why they put extensions in their babies hair, so neither should the rest of the world.

Health Reasons

A lot of us don’t put much thought behind the possibility of a young child being sick. We see most kids always running around and laughing and forget somewhere else in the world; there’s a sick child. A child who can only hope to play and laugh again. We’re all familiar with cancer in one-way or another. It’s never a good thing to see anyone with that illness, but it’s a little sadder when we see a child hurting. Some children even have to go through chemotherapy and lose all their hair. What is that child to do when or if they look in the mirror and feel someone ugly is looking back?
We don’t know how high that child's self-esteem is to tell if they believe that there’re still beautiful in spite of their illness. So then we must ask the question; is it now okay for that parent to have a wig made or get some hair added to make their hair a little thicker? A parent shouldn’t have to walk around with a sign stating why they did what they did. They just do it. That parent still wants their child to feel welcomed in the world and not stand out or picked on for not having any hair.

Growth Problems

What about the child who isn’t sick but just can’t grow long full hair? Is it okay for that Mother to have extensions installed in their child’s hair? Some would argue that a mother should take time to invest in the reasons why their child’s hair isn’t growing. That maybe extensions shouldn’t be the first route they take. A mother could always do research and find natural oils that can assist in hair growth or even changing their diet. However, one can only imagine what all a mother has already done.

Lack of Knowledge

There also some parents who may think they aren’t skilled enough to do that kind of research to find out why their child’s hair isn’t growing. Or maybe that thought just simply hasn’t even crossed their mind. Adding extensions may have been the only route that mother knew to take. They may not be aware of the stress and tension it has on their hair. They may not be thinking that their child is so young and hair follicles are still growing in and that adding extensions may not be a good thing. There are so many layers to this unmeasured stigma.

Choosing The Style

A girl has to keep her hair done, right? Right! But does the style matter if you’re four years old wearing long corn-rolls with added hair? What about during the summertime and the parent doesn’t want to be bothered with doing hair? Some argue that the reason behind the style matters. You see so many kids now who have strips of pink extensions because it’s their birthday and the parent wanted their daughter to look unique. The daughter may end up always wanting that style or wanting different types of extensions because of the standard the mother has set. However, I would think kids deserve to have a little fun if it’s a special occasion. Reminding them of the reason, they have it and that it’s not something that will be ongoing.
When it comes to choosing the style, some feel that children shouldn’t be exposed to wear hair extensions but only braids. However, braids and twists with additional hair may add too much pressure on the child’s head and neck. But giving a child a quick weave just might be okay depending on how it’s styled. A child could have a weave and have little ponytails in the front and Shirley temple curls in the back. We also have to keep in minds that, what if the hair extensions don’t look like extensions at all? A parent may be able to find a skilled beautician who will be able to blend the hair thoroughly. We can’t forget about the child who doesn’t need hair added at all and can get away with wearing the same type of style. The world may view that different since it’s their hair. It’s all styles at the end of the day, and the child still needs their hair done.

Explaining Hair Extensions

Now, let's get real. What exactly are hair extensions? Technically, it’s an added accessory. It’s not anything that adds harm in any way. Of course depending on how it’s installed. But the overall objective of extensions is harmless. Some say we should teach our children all about self-love and what it means to know your truest self before enhancing their appearance. Which is why some parents wait until their child knows what extensions are before they allow them to wear it. But does it go deeper than that? Extensions to others mean protection. Protecting their real hair from any damage, allowing it to grow while being untouched. Some believe the opposite. Their hair is already damaged so they install extensions while repairing it. But what some may not agree with is that, by doing all that, the damage is silently still being done, and they aren’t aware of it. Clearly, hair extensions mean something different to each of us.


For the record, let’s not forget about the parents who are raising models and have kids in pageants. When it comes to employment, should a pass be handed out to this group? We’re all aware that there’s a particular look that has to be upheld to be a face for a company or walk down the isles in pageants. Although, I’m sure some parents teach their child the purpose of wearing extensions because they are getting paid. That doesn’t take away from the fact the child looks grown. The late infamous beauty pageant JonBenet Ramsey was known for her big curly soft curls. Granted, that was probably her real hair, but what if it wasn’t? Some may argue that this reason fits into the same category as children who are ill. Sometimes you may have to do it simply because of the circumstances.

Appropriate or Nah?

I think it’s safe to say that it’s many different layers to this controversy. I’m sure there are even parts that go deeper than what was written in this article. But the truth of the matter is that we’re all different, and we all live our lives how we choose. If parents choose to put extensions in their children’s hair at age three because it’s their birthday than that should be okay. If the parent has a sick child who can’t grow their hair and wants them to feel still beautiful and has a wig made than that should be okay as well. Regardless of the reason why one does something different from the other, isn’t important.
Whatever the reason is as to why a child is wearing extensions, the point is that they are still wearing them. I stand by the saying it takes a village to raise a child. That means even if you’re the parent who is teaching their child the importance of self-love, the moment they leave the house, they can instantly be subjected to a different view. Should extensions take away from true beauty? Well, some agree that it does while others don’t. You can teach your child about self-love all day long, but they may not feel that once they step into the world.

Hair Extensions Are The Key to Enhancement

A child wearing hair extensions shouldn’t be compared to a child who isn’t wearing them. The singer, India Arie, had a popular song out many years ago titled “I Am Not My Hair.” The song discusses how your hair doesn’t define who you are. It’s one of the most real songs ever made. It teaches us that true beauty comes from within. Wearing extensions doesn’t make you a better person. It’s just simply something that’s added to your appearance. So, what do you believe? Leave us a comment below; we would love to read your views!
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