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Is It Worth It? Ways to Find Effective Workshops & Hair Classes

Is It Worth It? Ways to Find Effective Workshops & Hair Classes

Education Is the Key

Something everyone should realize by now is that no matter what field we enter into, it is going to require some form of higher education.

That does not have to mean you necessarily need to go to college or join the military (although, I encourage you to do your research and choose what is best for you), but it means that you must seek out higher forms of education for the career option you want to go in life.

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of the hair industry, school is the very least you could do to gain some knowledge. Why is that?


Benefits of Attending Hair Workshops and Classes

The Industry is Ever-Changing

When it comes to the hair industry, some new tools and techniques rise to the surface every single day, and we see it on social media all the time!

Who can keep up with all of this? Well, if you want your business to flourish, you may want to look into taking a few classes to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Women want the newest things done to their hair that they see their favorite celebrities wearing in television.

And if you can’t provide that dream, they will find somebody who will. Do not be the stylist that was left behind!

Personal Development Opportunity

You know that feeling when you picked up on a new skill? You feel accomplished and even more well-rounded than before.

It is fun to get to know yourself and if you are interested in the hair and beauty field, then taking some classes may help you discover what other cool things you can do! You may have also discovered some new things about yourself that you did not know.

As a result, you will have more confidence in your abilities and will automatically want to update your services to show your clients what all you can do! Take that chance on yourself!


You Passion Will Become Your Career

Your passion is most likely styling hair, operating a hair related business or anything regarding hair.

The point is, you chose this life! Hair is your niche, and if you want to get good at something, then you have to do it every single day for the rest of your life.

That means staying updated on the latest trends, making sure your clients get the best service possible and keeping your morals and values in line. Take the time to discover what you want out of your business. Do you want to see growth? Is this a hobby? Is this your career?

Find out where you stand so that you can move forward and act accordingly.

You Can Mingle With People Who Can Relate

There is nothing better than discovering that you were not the only one who did not do their homework last night when you get to homeroom.

Next thing you know papers are quickly getting passed around before the first bell rings so that everyone has a chance to get an A on that assignment.

It can be the same deal with those hair classes you want to take (although, I encourage everyone actually to do their homework the night before). You will be able to mix and mingle with people who are going through the same struggles as you and you can also learn from one another to get some different perspectives in a manner.

This future relationship can be the reason you succeeded so much in your career!


Ways to Find Them

Word of Mouth

People will always talk.

If you want to find some great beauty and hair classes, then ask your peers, professors, parents or anybody else who may know something about the field you want to be in for the rest of your life.

People, in general, know way more than they appear to do so not hesitate to ask the right questions. You never know who may have the answers!

Online Google Search

It is that simple.

A quick Google search will give you access to thousands of beauty and hair classes in your area or online and a more specified Google search will provide you with access to the costs and benefits of each course or class you decide to take.

Take some time out of your day researching what you want out of your hair classes and tune it to your current schedule. If you are a busy bee, then maybe online courses are what is best for you.

If you are best working with a teacher or professor, then it may be time for you to join the class!


Social Media

Like Google, social media will tell you pretty much anything you would want to know about any upcoming beauty and hair classes or workshops in your area.

If you are following beauty influencers, then they may be posting about some upcoming classes that you should take advantage of at the time. Look into exactly what you want and start asking questions!

The internet is vast and social media is the best interactive place to get your answers quickly and easily.

Local Salon/Stylist

You may think you compete with the stylists from the salon across the street.

But truth be told we all want to succeed so do not be afraid to ask for help. If you see a business flourishing, it does not hurt to ask if they know about any local hair classes in the area that you can take to get on their level of expertise.

They will feel flattered that you are seeking their help and if you humble yourself enough, they will tell you what you need to know and more.

Local Hair and Beauty Stores

Sometimes we can’t find things if we are not looking for them.

Did you know that your local hair store or salon could offer classes themselves? Hair companies are always looking to expand their businesses, and they realize that affordable education could be the way to do so. Check them out!

Head over to any local spots and see what they have to offer. If they do not provide the classes themselves, then it is possible that they know businesses or companies who do.

Do not block your blessings!


Classes and Workshops Already in Session

Fortunately, there are already a few hair classes and workshops that we can look into to expand our skillsets and businesses.

Take note that some of these classes only relate to makeup or other beauty topics, but the hair was my main focus when choosing the courses to show you all.

Multiple Cities: Sephora Beauty Classes

Yes, everyone!

The mecca for all things beauty hosts frequent in-store events where makeup enthusiasts can learn how to do everything, from applying "no makeup" to putting on falsies like a pro. Check their online schedule for up to date details on what's happening in your city!

Everyone dreams of working at Sephora, but to learn from the best beauty mecca up to date? A dream come true is an understatement.

New York: Make Up For Ever Academy

If you want the real deal like, structured classes and hands-on training, then this academy may be the one for you!

From intense, one-day training to weeks-long programs, Make Up For Ever's expert academy is the beauty enthusiast that genuinely wants to capture expert-level skills.


Detroit (Or Online): Everette’s Natural Hair and Beauty School

If you are starting out in the hair and beauty industry and need a push to get your business and skillset off the ground, then this school is for you!

This Detroit based salon and beauty school offer online courses for beginners. They teach everything from hair techniques to marketing strategies. Sheila Everette-Hale teaches this 3-day boot camp. You can sign up for online or onsite classes on the company’s site.

New York: Beauty United

Presented by New York makeup artist and educator Nick Posley, this masterclass is for those wanting to learn both everyday and editorial makeup looks.

The class offers several package levels, which all feature a makeup demo, question and answer session, and meet and greet. If you want the best out of your coin, then this class is probably for you!

New York: 'Let's Get It Twisted' Natural Hair & Art Festival

This workshop focuses on the celebration, maintenance, and styling of natural hair.

Catering to both men and women, the festival offers live demonstrations how on to style and care for natural hair, in addition to having local product vendors on site giving sample and selling products.

There is also a cultural art element to the festival.

Online: Taliah Waajid Seminars

This natural hair care brand also offers seminars on how to care for and maintain natural hair.

Taught by Taliah and her team, the courses instruct stylists or those just wanting to learn more about natural hair, ways in which to protect their strands, in addition to the best products to use and techniques.

You can learn more about upcoming course dates and enroll online on the company’s site.

New York: ChicStudios NYC Red Carpet Trends Workshop

If you have trouble staying up to date on the latest makeup trends, this class will make sure you never fall behind again!

This makeup academy offers free live demos and instructions on trending makeup looks. This one covers explicitly red carpet trends and provides more info on their extensive and in-depth artistry courses.


Philadelphia: Beyond Basics Part 2

If you are obsessed with natural hair as much as I am, then you will adore this next class.

This class by J. Saleem Hair Designs in Philadelphia teaches you the latest not only in styling trends but ways to maintain and protect relaxed and natural curls. If you do not use this class you’re your clients, use it for yourself. You can never learn too much about natural hair.

You will be able to form the pros about the best products to use on different types of Black hair.

Online: Bobbi Brown How-Tos

World-renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown offers free online guides on different beauty basics, from skincare 101 to bridal looks.

Guess what the best part about this is? The quick guides are free, and you can move at your own pace! You have no excuse on why you should not know something in this area if the reading materials are right at your fingertips!

You can browse the list at

Chicago: America’s Beauty Show

This event is held annually in Chicago, and it attracts both the professional and beginner hairstylists.

The hair shows are a significant attraction, so you do not want to miss being around for that! But, this expo also offers workshops on everything from coloring to extensions.

Go mix and mingle, learn new skills and enjoy the fun!

Multiple Cities: Beautycon

We have all heard of things like Comic-Con and Dragon Con, but what about a convention that is right up your alley?

This subscription service hosts an annual conference where beauty pros and influencers come together to share all of their insight and advice. You will learn how to style makeup and hair and how to use social media to show off your skills.

Skills and marketing are the perfect combinations!


Discover What is Best for You and Your Business

Once you realize the best move for yourself, picking and choosing hair classes will be as easy as learning the material.

Remember what your career aspirations and passions are because they will be the key to helping you discover if these types of hair classes and workshops are worth the cost and time.

Have you taken any hair classes or been to any workshops? What did you learn? Was the session worth it? I would love to hear what lessons you all have been to and how they have helped you elevate further in your careers! Drop a comment below!

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Ready. Set. Go! How to Host Your Own Hair Show

Ready. Set. Go! How to Host Your Own Hair Show

Hair Culture

The hair culture is undoubtedly growing every day.

Whether you are a stylist, you work for a hair company or a customer and client, women and men benefit from this culture day in and day out even as an educational tool. If you are heavily involved in the hair industry or just getting started, attending a popular hair show will always be in your best interest.

Not only to expand clientele, but create a broad dynamic for your personal brand. While all these things help you in the long run, have you ever honestly considered hosting your hair show?

If planning events aren’t your go-to thing, I’ve created a step by step plan on how you can organize your very own hair show. It may not be easy, but sometimes it isn’t as hard as you may think either. Your first step is always to plan and strategize.

You are going to have to create a list of things that need to get done to put on an awesome hair show!



The very first thing you are going to need to know how to do is set a budget for your event.

Budgeting is an essential tactic as you do not want to overspend or underspend on any event you host. Budgeting allows you to figure out if you have all the money you need to host the event or if you may need to get more.

The key to budgeting is finding out the set prices for everything you plan on having. If you pay for services up front, whatever money you get from having the event will be all yours. Oh yes, you didn’t know! You can make money off of your hair show in many different ways, but we will discuss that in just a moment.

Continuing our budget conversation, write a list of the things you plan on paying for at your hair show. Finding a venue, a photographer, a videographer, vendors, DJ, event planner, and makeup artists can all feel stressful.

I’ll help you by telling you to hire an event planner!


Event Planning

Whether you chose to hire an event planner or not, it is up to you, but they will help as far as speeding up the process.

Event planners who are experienced have venues already contracted to them as well as DJs, make-up artists, photographers and so forth. They can very well be your option to cut everything short and make it easier on yourself.

But if you are anything like myself, I honestly don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket so whenever I hire an event planner for my events, I usually expect them to find the venue and decorate because I have my favs in the industry which I enjoy using for events!

For a location for a hair show, you want to make sure you find a pretty larger venue with a stage!



Vendors are a powerful asset to your hair show being a total bust or a reason to discuss.

Take this opportunity to grow acquainted with the hair stylist and salons in your area. Extend an offer for them to pay to be a vendor at your show. Vendors usually spend around $50-$100 to enter their chance to be able to share their hair products to your audience.

So basically, it’s like setting up a concession stand. You can mail out invitations personally as well as post these ads via social media. You want as many vendors in the building as possible. That the purpose of the show honestly, to network.

If the vendors sell very well at the hair show, they can make almost five times or more than what they paid you to be able to sell merchandise from the event and style hair for a profit.

Runway Show

Taking the heat up a notch, I want you to find a location with a stage if you’re interested in having a little friendly competition.

Allow salons to team up and have an actual battle of the bundles! If you want to make the runway show interesting, you need to find a phenomenal host and select some grand prize.

Grand prizes build suspense, and if you chose to have your event again the following year, your audience would expand. When selecting your event planner, give them a theme for your hair show. The runway show is included in the theme giving hairstylist the opportunity to put their spin on things and become creative in the theme you have chosen.

Overall, I believe runway shows help build the character of a hair show. If people see a show they won’t forget, they will remember it and continue to be in attendance each year following.

Have your runway contestants chose their music to give to the DJ, which bring me to my next topic.

hair-show 1

Finding a Dope DJ

Finding a DJ for your event may not seem like a huge deal, but actually, they set the tone for the Hair show.

For example, have you ever had a ruined night because of a DJ? You go out with your friends, and you all go to a lounge or a club and the only thing ruining the whole night is the DJ because of the music they are playing. I know it has happened to me plenty of times! Don’t let that happen at your event.

Make sure you chose a DJ that will play age appropriate music because an event like a hair show caters to all different age groups and people.


An A1 photographer for your hair show is mandatory.

You want to hire someone that not just captures images but rather feelings of individuals who will be there. My suggestion to you is ordering an extended backdrop will your brand logo on it as well as the hair show information and have people take their pictures in front of it.

You can set it up like a photo booth or have your guests take pictures in front of it when they arrive. Hiring more than one photographer can be pricey, but if you can afford it, I would suggest it, especially if it’s a big venue and the photographer has a lot of ground to cover.

If you know how long your event will last, discuss an hourly rate with the photographer or photographers you may choose.



A videographer is necessary for an event recap.

Often people only think they need to hire a photographer for their event and that’s not always the case. A videographer is a person who works in film production and recording moving images and sound on videotape.

How will you get people to come to your next hair show if they didn’t see how the first one turned out. Just like the photographer, you can discuss event prices and hourly pay with your videographer.

Capturing the best moments of your event and putting them together to promote via social media which brings me to my last point.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have all of your ducks in a row, you can now move forward with your last step and honestly the most important of them all, your social media marketing.

You want your hair show to be one for the record books and if that’s the case you need your social media strategy to be on point. We live in a modern-day society now where all of our target audiences are geared toward social media in one way, shape or form.

Find someone who can make flyers for your event and include your logo. 9 times out of 10, the photographer or videographer you hired are good with graphic designs as well and have the software to produce a flyer for you.

The social media marketing for the event needs to be done almost a month ahead of time and gives people a month to purchase tickets for the hair show. Also, create an Eventbrite page and allow people to buy tickets online. If they don’t get their tickets online, you can up the price on tickets at the door.

Your overall goal is to get more money from the event that you put into it. So, as I previously stated, budget accordingly!


A Hair Show to Remember

A hair show is not the easiest event in the world to plan but don’t ever feel like it isn’t a goal you can’t accomplish.

Sometimes you have to think of the bigger picture. It’s a great networking event to help expand your business and brand. The show will help you profit some money to put back into your company.

The pros of having this type of event outweigh the cons if there even is a con. The hair industry will never stop growing and if you believe in yourself neither will you.

I’m hoping after reading this blog, you all will have a better understanding of how to put together a hair show to remember!

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Get Hair Schooled: Learn More About Paul Mitchell’s Impacting Program

Get Hair Schooled: Learn More About Paul Mitchell’s Impacting Program

Learn More About The Impressive Paul Mitchell School

Hey, CEOs! Get ready for inspiration and education motivation with my article about the incomparable Paul Mitchell. I know you may be at the point where you're questioning if this hair idea is ever going to work. You see tons of people on social media selling hair, as well as other accessories and they seem to be living their best life. Truth is you look at your life, and you feel as if you're not ever going to achieve your desired level of success. You have the passion for hair and want to make it your career. Passion is great, but as I always say "there are levels to this hair game" and I hope that by sharing with you Paul Mitchell's story you will see that passion is a part of his success, but it's not the only ingredient. You'll also learn about the Paul Mitchell School and how you can get started with them. Usually, I give you a playlist for you to press play on as you read my article. However this time we won't be listening to music because you don't need any distractions. Mr. Mitchell's background on how he started in the hair industry and the programs in his school will help you to make an educated decision on starting your career in the hair industry. The company continues to be hugely successful and influential even after he passed away. His son keeps the company's legacy moving forward. He owns his hair salon and works with John Paul Dejoria to continue operating the John Paul Mitchell Systems and schools. One of the primary keys to success is always learning about those who have paved the way for you and learn lessons along the way. I think you'll enjoy this article so let's get started.

About Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a Scottish American hair stylist. His mother was a hairdresser so you can say that he followed in his mother's footsteps. Just like most of us he had another job before he decided to become a hairdresser. By the age of 18, he was already winning awards which I'm pretty sure to cement his decision to continue his mother' legacy. He and John Paul Dejoria did start John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980 with only $700, and they opened the first Paul Mitchell School in 2000. Paul Mitchell remains one of the most iconic and identifiable hair care products in the United States. With over 30 years in the hair in the in the industry, they continue to educate over 10,000 students in over a hundred schools in over 81 countries every year. The most important pillar is innovation, and they do this well. They are continually looking for new ways to provide high-quality education tourists to their students as well as develop new products. The biggest lesson entrepreneurs can learn is that Paul Mitchell and his partner did start their company with $700, a passion for the products they sell, and the ability to scale their business. We always think that we have to have tons of money to launch a brand, but that's not the case. Especially today with the ability to use social media to start your company for free. Subsequently, you can continue to upgrade your tools and resources as your company grows. Paul Mitchell is a real success story and shows anyone within the hair industry how they can to create a life based on their passion, determination, and hard work, Comment below with your favorite product you are using from the Paul Mitchell hair care line.

John Paul Mitchell Programs

John Paul Mitchell Schools are created to provide current stylist with advanced instruction and knowledge within their industries. There are over a hundred locations, and they're continuing to expand. Their programs are diverse and provide quality instruction to those seeking a license as a cosmetologist, barber, or nail technician. The key to the success of the John Paul Mitchell Schools is their love for the hair industry has continued to push the boundaries of what they teach beauty professionals across the country.

Components of the Paul Mitchell Schools

I want to cover the critical components of the schools because I believe they are critical to the overall operation of each program they offer. The fact that they've taken the time to focus in on the critical aspects of the programs shows how are dedicated to helping each student complete the course, pass their state exams and start successful careers. Check out some of them below and understand how each one plays an intricate part in the overall programs:

1. Identification of learning styles

One consideration they think about is the learning style of their students. Learning styles have a direct reflection on how students will learn, retain, and retrieve the information they have learned.

2. Experienced beauty instructors

Paul Mitchell Schools prides itself on providing experienced beauty instructors to help students on the road to success in any of its programs. Because of this instructors are referred to as learning leaders. They are instrumental in guiding students through their program a well as helping them pass the state board exam. Their primary goals are to make the learning process as easy as possible while also assisting students to establish a unique style for their future careers.

3. Student support

A lot of programs ignore this component or don't give it enough attention. Support is critical to most programs because it helps students throughout and after the program. If you ever have taken a course and felt like you were out on your own, you won't feel that way within Paul Mitchell's programs. They connect with you online, through their apps, as well as provide you with professional tools to utilize.

4. Digital support

Technology continues to advance, and Paul Mitchell remains a leader in providing the most innovative tools for digital support. Digital support is set up to allow you to manage your schoolwork regardless of where you are. You can connect whether you're on the go, at home or school. The online portal is easy to use, and you're able to connect via your smartphone tablet or computer. Access to your class work is right at your fingertips, so you don't have to worry about missing information or not being able to submit required class work. The portal also has some cool stuff included in it such as contest, product news, and events such as salon openings. The portal is great for motivating you to continue in the program and successfully pass your state board exam because there are salon profiles to help you learn more about potential employers. There's also other career-enhancing interview and resume tips.

FAQs About The School


The sign of an excellent educational program is whether it is accredited or not. Accreditation validates that the program is a professionally and financially stable. The Department of Education accredits Paul Mitchell Schools, National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, and Council on Occupational Education. Remember, you have to spend money to make money. Paul Mitchell's brand equity carries weight and being a graduate of one of the courses listed below will be impressive to a lot of salons as well as clients.

Cost of Attendance

The basic cost of attendance of attendance, for 2018, is the following:
  • Tuition and fees $12,800
  • Books and supplies $2,250
  • Room and board (on-campus) $13,515
Your Paul Mitchell Kit will come with the following:
  • Various media instructional materials
  • Professional grade styling tools
The school does more than teach you about hair! They also provide information on how to improve your:
  • Business skills
  • Educational advancements
  • Leadership skills
  • Career skills
  • Merchandising and retail skills
  • Portfolio skils
Your opportunities to “toot your own horn” are available through:
  • Dean’s list
  • Industry events
  • Salon open house
  • Honors level

Paul Mitchell School Programs

Below is a brief description of the courses they offer for the hair industry:

1. Barbering Program

A barber career can be extremely lucrative, and the program is perfect for those who are seeking to solidify their skills with a well-respected school. There are three levels to the program, and it provides you with quality hands-on training in haircuts, color, and texture. The program is an excellent boost to your professional career.

2. Cosmetology Program

The cosmetology program will get you well prepared for the state exam. This course provides three levels of instruction to help you make for your new career. The three levels are below:

Level One Core

With guidance from a Core Learning Leader, you will be able to learn about:
  • Precise haircutting techniques
  • Hair lightening and coloring
  • Perming hair
  • Braiding
  • Up-styling

Level Two - Adaptive

In the second phase of the program, you get the opportunity to:
  • Gain hands-on experience with actual clients
  • Get experience working in a salon environment
  • Work with your Learning Leader who will provide mentorship

Level Three - Creative

For the final phase of training you will be able to:
  • Plan out and create your career portfolio
  • Increase your proficiency as you start your career
  • Create a study plan and prepare to pass the State Board
  • Execute services independently
The hands-on training will use the following:
  • The Paul Mitchell Cutting app
  • Live models
  • Video tutorials
  • Mannequin heads
  • Live demos
  • Live models
The course is for those individuals who are seeking to complete a higher level of study. As a result, it will give you an advantage over your competitors due to your advanced training and professionalism.

Final Educational Step

The next step in the process is to pass the State Board. Paul Mitchell Schools is intent on helping all its students achieve this critical milestone. Remember, before you can begin working as a cosmetologist, you must pass the exam.

What Are Guest Services?

As you see in Levels 2 and 3 of Phase one, you will be providing services to guests at the local locations. The advantages of giving guest services are:
  • Gaining more experience with customer service
  • Improving your skills and knowledge
  • Providing haircut, wash, and blow-dry services
  • Gain additional training with color, lightning, and foil techniques
  • Refining your skills in shaving, beard grooming, and scalp care

Build Your Career With A Globally Respected Brand

Mr. Mitchell began his company with a friend. This is a prime example of how collaborations and support can take you further than trying to do things on your own. The hair care products are hugely profitable, and it makes sense for them to venture into creating the Paul Mitchell Schools. The Paul Mitchell brand remains a leader in the hair care industry because of its products and its educational programs. If you have been unsure of where to start with your cosmetology career Paul Mitchell is an excellent option. They are a well-known brand with excellent reviews and leading technology to ensure you're successful in any of their courses. Linking yourself up with such a respected brand is the right choice. Go ahead and tag us in your post once you decide to sign up for one of the programs. Let everyone know how serious you are about taking your passion for hair to the next level by becoming licensed through one of the Paul Mitchell programs. Remember we are always here to help you and we are cheering you on every day. We look forward to seeing you be successful because that's why we're here to make sure that you get the resources and information you need to grow your hair company or start your hair career. As I always say, "Don't worry about proving the haters wrong. It's time for you to prove yourself right"!
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Hair Books: Are They Really Worth Investing In? Find Out Here!

Hair Books: Are They Really Worth Investing In? Find Out Here!

What are Hair Books?

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love books. Hair books are the best resource for obtaining information that we previously didn’t have before. Whenever I need a different perspective on a particular topic, I pick up a book that discusses that topic. If I feel that I need to expand my knowledge on a subject, I find a library and start studying. There are books for just about everything in life, including hair. Many people think that there’s no need to read something that can be visually learned, or understood. I disagree. Of course, it depends on who you are, what your purpose with hair is, and why you need more info; However, you are always in the position to learn more. The history behind hair, especially black hair, is vast and exciting. There are some books out there that intertwine the history of black people to their relationship with hair. Some texts give you a full display of hair history visually and artistically. The hair books you’ll be interested in will depend on your role. I’ve narrowed it down to about three essential roles. The hair books that I’ll list are for academics looking to learn hair history, parents wanting to expand their knowledge of hair, and hairstylists wishing to know more about how to do hair. If you fit any of these descriptions, these hair books are for you. If not, no worries, these books might still spark an interest in you.

What’s Your Relationship To Hair?

People have different relationships to hair. Some people need their hair to fit their everyday life, and schedule. Other people need to know how to do someone else’s hair, particularly their child’s hair. Over the last few years, the number of hairstylists has spiked, so many people need to know how to do hair of all kinds. No matter what your relationship is to hair, investing in hair books might be the right move. For me, I’m an academic. I don’t study hair, but I’m curious to know the history of it. It’s always interesting to know what people’s relationship to hair has been, and how it has transformed over the years. Some of my friends have mentioned reading hair books to see what the best growth method is. My colleagues that are parents have expressed how hair books helped them with busy mornings. Again, it all depends on your relationship with hair and how a hair book would benefit you.

Best Hair Books For Parents

As a black girl, I never felt like I had the proper representation when it came to hair. I didn’t like my kinky hair because I was always made fun of. My parents were still reassuring, but they knew that I lacked the representation that I needed to feel comfortable. Over the last decade, different child authors have come out with books meant to help little black children embrace their natural hair. Even if you’re not the parent of a black child, having one of these books will help children in your vicinity. If you’re a teacher, or a someone that works with children, having these books on hand will be helpful! My favorite hair book for children is “I Love My Cotton Candy Hair!” This book was written and illustrated by Nicole L. Updegraff. It’s a story that centers on the importance of self-love, and acceptance. The illustrations inside the book are fun and creative. The author is dedicated to creating confidence in children that need it. This is a hair book worth investing in if you have children, especially black children, in your spaces!

Best Hair Books For Hairstylists!

If you’re a hairstylist, your relationship to hair is much more professional than other people. You see hair as your way of living, and how you pay your bills. Due to the nature of your career, it’s essential to know as much about hair as possible. As a hairstylist, it’s vital to understand how to build clientele as well. You’ll need to see the business side as well as the hair side. After reading some reviews, I’ve got two books that are a must read for those that are hairstylists or those wishing to be. “Fully Booked: The Hair Stylist’s Guide To Building A Client Attraction System” was written by Marquetta Breslin. This book talks about how to build a client list, and attract more clients. Another book to read is “The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care.” This book is fantastic for anyone looking to be a hairstylist. It’s essential that, as a hairstylist, you know how to cater to all types of hair. By doing this, you’ll have way more business than average, and you’ll be at an advantage. The more that you cater to a wide variety of people, the more entrusted you’ll be as a hairstylist. I like knowing that I have a hairstylist that can provide to my hair in all phases. Reading these hair books might put you in a great spot!

Best Hair Books For Anyone Else!

As an academic, I love learning about the history of hair. Some of the most important relationships we have with hair as a community are based on the experiences we’ve had in the past. If you’re someone that’s interested in learning as much as I am, then try reading “Hair Story: Untangling The Roots OF Black Hair In America.” This book explores the significance of hair in the African American community. Lori Tharps and Ayana Byrd wrote it. Another book to indulge in, just for fun, is “If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Healthy Beautiful Natural Hair.” This book was written by Dr. Phoenyx Austin and offers a holistic method to growing hair. This book is necessary for anyone looking for a different approach on how to improve their hair naturally, and healthily. These hair books have completely changed the way that I look at hair!

So, Should You Invest?

There are plenty of different reasons to invest in hair books. Whether you’re a parent, a hairstylist, or just an average person, reading a hair book or two can change how you view hair. A hair book doesn’t have to be just about business. Sometimes, the information we find in them is vital to our everyday haircare regimens. Try out the books we listed, or try getting some new ones. Let us know how you like it, and whether you feel it’s worth the investment!
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Best Hair Magazines We Loved in The Early 2000’s

Best Hair Magazines We Loved in The Early 2000’s

For The 99 and Especially The 2000’s

From crinkled cuts to deep side swept bangs, we had every area covered when it came down to hair styling in the early 2000’s. And we think that it is safe to say that magazines catered to hair were the inspiration for that. Yes, for anyone under 18 reading this there were actually a plethora of magazines to choose from when it came time for you to want your next style. Now inspiration for these styles did not just come from our favorite R&B and Pop artists. But they came from those colorful hair magazines that we spotted on our way to the checkout line or in the magazine basket of your beautician. Our favorite musical artists most likely graced some of these covers too, like Aaliyah, Beyoncé and so many more. Hair was all the rage and then some in the early 2000’s and to talk about the process now is straight nostalgia. You were able to be creative, set trends, be set apart and honestly become a source of inspiration today for our 18 and under crew! To say that we get some of our inspiration from that period is nothing short of an understatement and is vastly different from where we get our inspiration for hairstyles now. Did you have a favorite hair magazine from the early 2000’s that you just could not live without? If so, maybe we will mention it below!

Magazines We Loved in The Early 2000’s

Being a young black girl in the early 2000’s was probably one of the most freeing and creative times to be alive when it came to hair and style! This was the time of Aaliyah bangs, and Left Eye inspired ponytails and of course, Cleopatra braids. I think it is safe to say that nothing was off limits. Hair heightened, straightened, fried, dyed and laid to the side with no apologies. You saw the busiest of weaves in the office place and the most colorful hair in the grocery store. Talk about black girl magic! The way we changed our hair then, may not be the same way that we turn our hair now, but it will always serve as “vintaged” redo’s of what hair was in the 2000's. Even in today’s hair magazines, we can point out a few styles that resemble some favorite moments from the early 2000’s. However, if you are missing the early 2000’s and all of the creative culture that came with it, we have you covered. Let’s get started with some of our favorite reads!

Hype Hair Magazine

With its first publication produced in 1992, editor in chief, Belinda Trotter saw a need for women of color to have styles for them in what many of us know as Word Up! Magazine. Before producing Hype Hair, she had a brief fanzine called 2 Hype. With her growing popularity and need for the publication, those in the Word Up! Publication house decided to push her idea and produce Hype Hair magazine. Over the years some of our favorite celebrities have graced this cover like Destiny’s Child, TLC, Tyra Banks, Mary J. Blige and so many more! Did you use to have this as your go-to magazine? If so, what was your favorite issue? Regardless of your favorite cover, we know that picking this magazine was not a hard decision back then and is probably still a natural choice now.

Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine

Similar to the trend of hair magazines in the early 2000’s, Sophisticate’s Black hair magazine aimed at black women and how we could continuously transform our hair to be our best accessory. It was as if each issue offered something vastly different from the last and that whenever you found something special you held on to it until you could actually try it. This magazine also offered multiple celebrity profiles, the celebrities current hair trends and how you could achieve it. Some of the most memorable covers are those with Eve, Alicia Keys, Left Eye, Aaliyah and Halle Berry. There were so many black women in different areas of entertainment that it made it feel like, if you wanted to you would be there too. Their cover styles and selection were all inclusive to different black celebrity women, and they even made sure that each issue was different from the last regarding color, theme, and trends. This publication is still in circulation today, so when you have time go and browse the magazine aisle at your local grocery store to see who is gracing their July issue today!


While Allure is not a magazine specific to hair, there were many of us who browsed the pages when a new issue dropped. Allure, like many fashion magazines, offers a variety of different hair tips, tricks, and trends to keep you up on the latest style and beauty tips. There were not many young women who missed a beat when they made their annual grocery run and made it a priority to grab their copy before they were all gone. Sitting under the publishing house of Condé Nast some of our favorite cover girls in the early 2000’s include the powerhouse singer Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and Beyoncé. One signature thing that allure was known for in the early 2000’s was their up close and personal, semi-profile shot of our favorite celebs. Take a trip down memory lane by searching for some of your favorite covers!


Similar to Allure, Seventeen is not a hair magazine but offers the pre-teen and teenage girl tips and advice on what to do for your hair. Seventeen provides more ways to accessorize your hair rather than style it but hey, we all need variety after we’ve gotten our style down right? In the early 2000’s however, Seventeen was what teens girls sought after when trends were on key and when there was something you needed to try before the next trend came along. From Jennifer Lopez and her days portraying the Maid in Manhattan and the Wedding Planner to Mandy Moore transforming from America’s Sweetheart to her own identity in front of our eyes, it was all there. There was even a special edition catered to nailing the perfect makeover called ‘Seventeen Makeover’ with Mandy gracing the cover, and if you were a junior or senior in high school, the prom edition was everything! Does anyone else miss the 2000’s?

Sister to Sister

Okay 18 and under crew, this one if for you. So up until 2014, there was Sister 2 Sister where again, black women would find solace in knowing they would find something they could relate to. In the early 2000’s starts such as Kelly Price, Mary J. Blige, Eve and so many more people of your early 2000’s playlist to make a brief home on the covers. Similar to many magazines at this time, it was not a hair magazine but offered some inspiration and advice on how to style your hair for different occasions. When you look at these covers, it is so hard to not feel like a piece of you is stuck in the early 2000’s with it. Even as a little girl, I knew how important this magazine was to black women and those who loved the creativity that is within the break of the pages.

Elle Girl

Here is another variation of a magazine that had limited shelf time but timeless beauty and fashion tips for young women. With a targeted age of at least 16, Elle magazine launched Elle Girl in 2001 with the hopes of giving high fashion tips but in a young person's way. Though the magazine was only in circulation for a brief moment, the tips had lasting effects on things like giving your hair bouncy curls and how to get the style to match.

The Early 2000’s Gives Us Hair Goals

We would not be giving proper credit to our hairstyles today if we did not account for the numerous trends that emerged in the 2000’s. I mean honestly, the early 2000’s are hair goals if we ever needed them! We literally had some of the best inspiration and definitely loved these hair magazines beyond our own belief. Sometimes we do not realize how much inspiration has tagged along throughout the years, especially today in 2018. We are now seeing the remerging of those 2000’s styles like deep side bangs, jet black hair, copper colored hair, scrunchies, butterfly clips and the bobby pin trend as accessories for styling your hair! We saw these trends on television as well as on shows like Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Lizzie McGuire, All That, The Real World and so many more primetime shows. If you were not wearing, you were mainly watching and hoping that one day soon your mom would let you have a piece of the fashion to take with you. Seriously, who remembers going to Claire’s or Hot Topic and buying out the rack of butterfly clips, neon clip ins and glittery hairpins and headbands? And if you were not at Claire’s, you were raiding your big sisters or big cousins hair stash hoping that she would not notice that you “borrowed” some of her collection to use as your own. Yeah, we have all been there and loved the risk of living life in the early 2000’s.

We Still Use Magazines for Our Hair Today

Even though most of these magazines have been discontinued or have navigated to the online sector, we are still using hair magazines today whether we realize it or not. Are you a Pinterest user or Instagrammer? If you said yes to one or both of those options, then you are outsourcing the hair magazine industry more than you know! Many times when we search for hairstyles and inspired looks we end up back to where our nostalgia takes us and d often times, published links of the hair magazines we used to love! How amazing is that? Nonetheless, hair magazines will always be apart of what we know to be our hair history. It is somewhat timeless but triggers a memory of what hair fashion was like in the early 2000’s. Whether it jogs your memory or whether it creates a new one, you understand that this meant something to someone once upon a time. If you have never picked up a hair magazine, I encourage you to because there is always something that you can use if you ever get bored with your hair. Thinking of chopping it? There is a special section for that with a grid of maybe 30 to 40 hairstyles. Wanting to go natural? Many hair magazines and fashion magazines offer unique editorial pieces on how to start and what products to use. Contemplating on getting a sew in? Please believe that the makeup of the magazine is a majority of ways to understand, style and preserve a sew in. Convinced yet? I think that you should be! You can never go wrong with shelling out a few dollars for a hair magazine that will take you months on end. When choosing a magazine, just ensure that it is appealing to you and your current hair needs because sure, trends are fun, but they do not serve everyone.

Will You Be Doing It for The 2000’s?

Regardless of if you invest in a few hair magazines or not, understand the importance of them! They were there to fulfill a need, especially for black women. There were not many spaces for us to quickly find tips and tricks on how to love our hair but since the emergence of the hair magazines, we have seen that theory to be no more. It is because of magazines like Hype Hair and Sister 2 Sister that we are more open to more of our own trends and have even impacted the market so much that we infiltrate magazines and publications outside of those geared toward black women. Do you see how those dots connect sis? It is such a fantastic thought! In the early 2000’s, what were some of your favorite hairstyles? Did you seek after magazines while sitting in the shop for what you knew would be a long morning or afternoon? Think about those hair grids sitting above the sink or across from the dryers are probably jogging your memory now. If so, embrace that memory and the next time you step into a shop try picking up the latest issue.
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What to Look for in an Online Hair Extension Course

What to Look for in an Online Hair Extension Course

Get to The Money Later By Educating Yourself Now

I am so glad you are still holding on to your dreams and pushing forward to improve your craft! One of the critical aspects of educating yourself and seeing a return on your investment is to gain continuing education through a great course like the ones offered at Private Label Extensions. I know I gave you a little bit of tea on how to get your hair extension game on point previously with Private Label Extensions’ Hair University but in this article, I am going to go into depth about what you should expect from an online hair extension course. We believe in keeping you in the know on what’s trending in the hair industry. Hair extensions have become an integral part of the industry and commands about a billion dollars a year. With so much demand for Brazilian, Malaysian, and other types of hair in high demand it’s time you get all the knowledge you can learn about hair extension courses so you can quickly become a leader in the business. In this article, I am going to give you the seven topic things you need to look for an extension course so you can easily slay the competition. Most hair extension courses require you be a licensed cosmetologist. Make sure you pay close attention to this and any other requirements.

Things to Look For and Expect

1. Enroll in a course taught by a subject matter expert.

Your goal is to upgrade the knowledge you already have or introduce to the world of hair extensions. If your goal is the latter, you want to invest your coins with someone who is giving you quality content which is current and factual. The best thing to do is research the person or persons over the course or program and check their receipts. Now some people may not have an extensive digital footprint (social media presence) but have training and experience.
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Who are their current and previous clients?
  • What publications has he/she worked for?
  • Is he/she present on social media?
  • Does the instructor mention the educational platform on his/her website or social media?
  • Does the instructor use and promote the use of the extension line for which he/she is teaching for?
You will be able to judge if the instructor is legit by the connections he/she has and the information the platform shares about their instructor.

2. Enroll in a hair extension course that has a diverse selection of topics.

You should not be in a course that is limited to the type of extensions they will be teaching about nor should it be limited on the kind of styles or techniques currently used in the industry. Some of the information I suggest you should ensure is included is:
  • Basic understanding of human hair extensions
  • Explanation of how to conduct a successful consultation
  • How to avoid hair damage
  • Color application
  • Color matching and blending
  • Proper extension placement
  • How to cut extensions
  • How to work with various types of extensions
  • Adequate removal of extensions
  • Extension installation
  • How to care for extensions properly
  • Pricing, and returning extensions
Trimming and cutting extensions take practice. A good course will have this topic included in its course curriculum as well. It may focus on numerous types of cutting such as:
  • Razor cutting
  • Texturizing
  • Layering
  • Blending
  • Point cutting

3. Hair extension courses should offer a certification program.

Certifications add another marketing advantage for you, as an online hair extension company. It shows everyone that you take your craft seriously and continue to seek information to stay up with trends. Certifications also are a right way for you to create a partnership with the hair company. Usually, these kinds of alliances offer you access to marketing materials and wholesale pricing. A great company will make sure they promote you (or your company) to enhance the partnership you both have created. A bonus will be the listing of your company in the hair company’s directory. Being listed in a critical publication or directory gives you visibility that will continuously bring clients your way. I’m pretty sure you understand when you increase your profile, your clients and revenue have potential to grow as well.

4. Seek a course that fits your scheduling needs.

I honestly believe the main reason most people fail to complete any course (both paid and free) is that never take into consideration the time commitment it will require. Usually, there is a feeling of overwhelm that can take over and it seems as if there isn’t enough time to get the course completed and focus on their everyday lives. You must remember you are taking the extension course for a reason. Before signing up make a conscious decision to look at your daily schedule and set aside the time you can dedicate to your course. Whether it’s once a week, the weekends or every night between 7 pm and 8 pm do what works for you. Now, for your schedule to work, the platform should allow you this type of flexibility. Therefore, there should be an online platform which provides you extended (if not lifetime) access to it. A great course allows you to work at your own pace but does offer group check-ins to make sure everyone is on track. The group check-in, whether it’s a conference call, webinar, or a one on one consultation either one offers an opportunity for registrants to ask questions and get the answers needed. It’s also a good idea if the course is offered in person as well. Hands-on courses are perfect for the registrant who wants to get more training and wants the opportunity to ask questions. Live courses are excellent, so search to see if the company will be hosting any in the future.

5. Be diligent and check out the platform providing the hair extension course.

There are so many companies selling hair extensions today that you must take the time to verify the company before paying money and partnering with one. Ask yourself the following questions before you sign up for a course:
  • Question #1 What are the customer reviews for the products the extension company sells?
I mean, would you want to pay money to a company whose products are subpar and whose reputation is poor? Linking yourself and your company with a poorly operating extension company will not help build your brand.
  • Question #2 What is the customer experience like?
The extension company or company offering the training should be a leader in customer service. Their ability to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently makes you look good because their reputation with customers will rub off on your company. It also sets a standard for you to follow. Whether its shipping or customer issues, customers expect the problems to be solved quickly.
  • Question #3 What promises will be presented as a result of you taking the course and how will you be able to measure the results?
For example, if the platform states you will see an increase in revenue, how will you measure it? Will the course offer knowledge on high demand styles and techniques? Does it give you a hint or advanced training on current trends? This type of information will help you see a revenue increase.

6. The signup process will need to as simple as possible.

How many abandoned carts do you have? How often do you leave an online site without purchasing anything because the checkout is either too time-consuming or not user-friendly? According to Shopify, there is a large number of abandoned carts because of the following reasons:
  • People do not like being forced to create an account
  • The struggle gets too real during the checkout process
  • There are unexpected costs
  • Security issues are a concern when it comes to personal information
A great course platform should be aware of these issues and make your checkout experience as comfortable as possible.

7. Affordable pricing is going to be a huge factor in whether you sign up for a course now, later, or never!

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, so we have to pay attention to who we spend it with. No one has money to waste, and you should make sure your financial investment makes sense. When you invest in a course, you should establish a revenue strategy on how you will recoup the cost of your course and then multiply that investment. For example, a six-week course with over 14 videos, 20 downloaded sheets, and four live sessions may cost $899. In this example, you will have to figure out how you will sale your extensions to make that money back and decide how long it will take you to earn it. I am sure you are taking a hair extension course to help you make more money for your company. So what is your revenue strategy to increase sales once you have taken the course is? Below are some questions to ask yourself:
  • Will I raise prices to increase revenue?
  • Will I invest in more marketing to increase visibility and revenue?
  • Will I evaluate product demand and re-evaluate my inventory?
Regardless of your approach, your revenue strategy is going to instrumental in your decision to take an extension course.

Invest Now to Play Later

A useful hair extension course can leverage you as a leader in your industry. As someone who not only understands hair, as a cosmetologist but also extensions makes you a valuable asset to many. The key to any investment is to know why you need the information, what the returns on your investment will be, and how you can take what you learn to improve your business, client services, and revenue. Remember revenue is not your end goal. You should desire to see a profit when you review all your numbers. Profit is the money left over after you subtract your expenses from your revenue. I can assure you taking an extension course can help you increase your profit as well as leverage you as a subject matter expert. There may be many opportunities you talk yourself out of, but this shouldn't be one! Let us know what questions you have by commenting in the section below. We want to support you as you win this year! Remember it's not about you proving the haters wrong but all about you proving yourself right.
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Hair University: The Premier Platform for Hair Companies

Hair University: The Premier Platform for Hair Companies

Prepare to learn more from Hair University

Do you want to be connected to the plug in the hair industry? Are you ready to stop procrastinating and grow your online hair business? What mistakes are you making in your hair company and do you need help fixing them? Hair University prides itself on giving you the tools and resources you need to start, sustain, and grow your hair extensions company. Due to the number of questions many of you have, the university will be adding courses throughout the year. Make sure you comment below to let us know what you would like to learn more about in the future. There’s no playlist for this article because I want you to think about your goals and commit to them. Get your mindset right and prepare to focus on your future. It's one course away!

Benefits of taking a course through Hair University

Hair University is proud to be a leader in the hair industry. The industry lacks continuous oversight and regulation which leads to some companies not being ethically sound. The Hair University platform is built on strong ethics and is dedicated to you! We believe in you 100% and want to help you grow. That’s because they see what companies like yours are doing in the community and business. Hair University refuses to allow you to procrastinate. This is your time, and they are here to help you throughout your entire journey. Therefore, they plan on bringing you the best courses to provide you with all the information you need to create, build, sustain, and grow your hair empire. Find out more about Hair University by reading the questions and answers section below. I'm also am going to share some tips on how to organize your time and how you can take advantage of Hair University and what it has to offer. There's no playlist this time! This article is all about getting rid of paradigms and focusing! So, let's get started.

Interview with Zakiyrah Ficklin

I have the pleasure of completing a brief Q&A with Zakiyrah Ficklin of Hair University. She answers crucial questions about the platform. Please ask questions in the comment section below, and we will make sure we respond to them as promptly as possible.

Q: What is your position with Hair University?

A: I am an instructor for Hair University

Q: What is the purpose of Hair University?

A: Hair University assists individuals in the hair industry with becoming successful in their businesses by giving them resources to become self-sufficient.

Q: Who is Hair University geared toward? Do you have to be a licensed cosmetologist to take the courses?

A: Hair University is set up for people who are looking to build their business within the hair industry. No, you do not have to be a licensed cosmetologist (Check out this article: pros and cons of being a cosmetologist) to take the course.

Q: What are your top three goals for Hair University by the end of 2018?

A: By the end of 2018 we would like to have several more courses available as well as instructors to partner with. Q: What type of information will be shared on the platform? A: Currently we have a WordPress course, which teaches you how to navigate the backend when trying to edit your website. We also have a Dropship course, for anyone that utilizes Dropship Bundles to show them the seamless way to place their customer's orders. The third course that is available on the platform is a Canva course, which . teaches individuals the basics of Canva and how to create graphics for their businesses.

Q: What sets Hair University apart from similar platforms?

A: What sets us apart is that we have a niche with our courses. All of our classes for people in the hair industry.

Q: How can hair bosses find out more about upcoming courses and where can they register for a class?

A: For more information on courses and to register for a class you can visit

Q: Why is education so important in the hair industry?

A: Education in the hair industry is essential primarily if you're servicing clients or providing products. You want to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the service you are providing and able to answer questions about the products you offer. The business side is also something you should educate yourself in so that you don't have to make common mistakes.

Q: With so many “imposters” out here why should people spend their money with Hair University and will they get what they pay for?

A: Hair University has previously serviced thousands of clients that use other platforms of ours. We do not overcharge for our courses and do not fill them with fluff. We allow factual and very concise sessions. Whew! She motivates me to be the best I can be. I am in love with the platform. As Zakiyrah mentioned, she and the Hair University team have other products and services they offer in the hair industry. They have their fingers on the pulse of what consumers want and how businesses, like yours, can give them what they want. Now that we have gotten essential information about Hair University, below are my tips on how to get the most out of the courses you may take. Check them out below!

Benefits of taking an online course

1. Online courses are the best option for busy individuals who have personal and professional goals they need to accomplish. I want to share with you four benefits of taking online courses. Please take the time to let me know which benefit(s) resonate with you. 2. Taking an online course allows you flexibility. If you work a job or have multiple responsibilities, you definitely will need the ability to log on whenever it’s convenient for you. Taking these courses allows you to work at your own pace. 3. Online courses provide you with instant access to content. We know you are eager to get the information you need so you can become an influencer and leader in your industry. With instant access to Hair University, you can start learning less than a minute after paying for your course. Online courses usually offer extended access to the classes. This means you can always go back and refresh your memory on some or all of the topics. The ability to do this helps you to plan out the curriculum, so you are not rushed and overwhelmed. 4. Online courses offer a more cost-effective way of gaining knowledge and growing your online hair business. Most entrepreneurs seek ways to lower their expenses while building their companies and Hair University courses provide excellent options.

Courses available through Hair University

Currently, there are three courses available at

How to Dropship Hair Extensions

Drop shipping allows business owners to transfer custom orders and shipment details to a manufacturer. This helps you to keep your expenses low by not having to purchase inventory.

Update Your Wordpress Hair Extension Website

Once your online hair company's website is set up, the visual branding of it will set you apart from your competition. This course will help you create a unique look for your website while ensuring it is easy to navigate.

How to Use Canva to Create Great Hair Extension Graphics

The Canva course goes in-depth to make sure you go from clueless to an expert in one weekend. Once you take this course, you'll get rid of all your old graphics! Become a guru and create consistent branding with your graphics.

How to Make Time for an Online Courses

We are always busy, and it never seems as if we get time to ourselves. Not to mention taking classes. I know there are tons of reasons "why" you can't focus on educational courses. I firmly believe people make time for things they find relevant and valuable. Speaking and dreaming about is a part of the process but at some point, you will have to put it into action. Most of us feel overwhelmed because we have so many responsibilities in our lives. It almost seems as if it's impossible to devote another hour to something else when you're already swamped. Even if it is to help us to grow and improve our lives, it can be difficult to remain motivated and focused when you’re tired. Trust me, I get it, but this hair won't sell itself! Someone has to close the deal. Frequently we allow life to bully us around and we feel as if we have no control over our schedules. The list we make on a weekly basis never will get completed and before you know it months have passed and you still have not accomplished even a quarter of what you planned. I see a lot of you have created New Year's resolutions and you always have not done it for one reason or another. Truth is you have not actually made it a priority in your life and now is the time. When you dream of creating an empire with your online hair business you are confirming that you know you have the ability to be successful as an entrepreneur. I applaud you because you are leveraging yourself as a leader in your industry.

Invest in Time to Learn

If you are trying to figure out how to make more time in your day to free up the time to focus on your Hair University course here are some suggestions.


  • Decide what your priorities are, and I hope one of them is for you to take the online courses that hair university offers. Your next level of success comes from your commitment to improving your knowledge of your products and who you are as an entrepreneur.
  • Identify time during the day that is non-negotiable. Remember you should be in bed at a decent time, and you should wake up at a proper time. Try going to bed at 10 pm (yeah I know) and wake up at 6 am. Therefore, you know from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. is non-negotiable time because you are sleeping, resting and preparing for the next day.
If you work, a nine-to-five most of the day is going to be non-negotiable time. Think about it! From maybe 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. you are at work. However, during your lunch, you can review course information or watch a quick video. Once you get home go ahead and take a minute to relax. Whether that's going to be meditation or just quiet time it’s important to clear your mind so you can focus on the learning process. I suggest you study for about 45 minutes, so you aren’t overwhelmed. Make sure you are in a distraction-free area and that there is minimal noise so you can focus. I know it may sound overwhelming, but I promise you it's better to be busy and accomplishing things than to be working and not achieving anything.

Materials needed for an online course

Alright, hopefully by now you have signed up for one of the free or paid courses under Hair University. If you have, it's obvious you're ready to take your business seriously. You understand that for you to experience a type of growth and success that you desire you must put in the hard work. Below are some of the tools that you will need to make sure that you get the most out of your online course with hair University. I recommend you these supplies whenever you start your session and use it throughout your course.


  • 2-inch binder
  • Multi-colored Post-its
  • Ink pen
  • Pencil
  • Highlighter
  • Dividers
  • Timer
  • Notebook paper
A binder is better than a writing pad or a journal because a two-ring binder is going to help you organize your notes better. Once you get a binder, put your notebook paper in it and use your dividers to separate out sections within your notebook. For example, let's say you enroll in an online course about hair care through Hair University. Go ahead and assemble your binder and prepare to divide it into four sections like the following:


  • The first section will be for hair care terminology and learn the different parts of the hair strand.
  • The second section will be about diseases that affect the hair and scalp.
  • The third section will be about hair products for all types of hair
  • Your final part will be for those hair stylists who are looking to grow their clientele, how this knowledge can help you to engage your client, and how to set the right rates.

Prove Yourself Right

Competition is everywhere, and it is hard to stand out. So many of you are spinning your wheels and waiting for the right connections. Trust me when I tell you Hair University is your plug for the remainder of your business journey. Hair University offers quality courses which give you actionable steps to take your hair company to the next level. From dropshipping to graphic they understand what you need and are positioned to provide courses which are budget friendly. Cancel procrastination, get rid of the excuses and get in the driver seat to get to your desired destination. The only person stopping you is you. Remember stop worrying about proving the haters wrong and start proving yourself right.
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Hair Sayings Every Girl Should Know! Get Your Hair Terminology on Point!

Hair Sayings Every Girl Should Know! Get Your Hair Terminology on Point!

Girl, what did you say?

Over time you probably realized how often the topic of hair comes up, between girls. Some of the most common hair topics involve things that we tend to say all the time but don’t notice too much. The saying ranges from matters we consider to be mostly positive, to things we believe to be negative. You know what I’m talking about when I say this! Has someone’s question about your hair or hair, in general, caught you off guard? They may not have meant it negatively, but we took it this way because they did not know any better. Today, I’ll be revealing some of the most common hair sayings we hear every day. If you haven’t listened to all of these, you have at least heard one or two. To understand hair, we have to follow the new and old terminology. Most girls, women, men, and stylists use these terms on the daily to define specific hair techniques, tools, and other things. These are things we should have an understanding of when doing our hair. Knowing terminology is especially helpful when defining what we want for our hair. After all, for your hair to reach its optimum glow, you have to understand how it works!

Common Hair Terms:


Bob is a short, chin-length hairstyle that becomes popular in the early 1920s. The best part about bobs is that they have so many variations. You can do a rough look, or you can try a straight, A-line cut look, depending on your preference.


Similar to a hair scarf, most women of African American descent tend to place bonnets on their heads at night for added protection and style preservation. This way, it takes less time to style it in the morning, and you can avoid the frustration.


Bumping your hair is something you use a curling iron for when you need a quick refresher before hitting up the city. For example, if you wake up in the morning and your hair is looking lifeless and limp, merely use your straightener and add a few curls in it for added texture and flair.


The balayage technique involves using hand painting highlights onto the hair, for a natural look. This technique is a relatively new concept, which many women are always raving about in the hair salons. That is because more traditional highlighting methods, such as foil and the cap can look too noticeable when the hair grows out.


This washing technique gained popularity in recent years, mainly due to the natural hair movement. It is a process where you wash your hair using conditioner. Many companies now have products on the market that mimic the ingredients you would find in a conditioner, but it is used as shampoo and called a co-wash. This method is gentler on your scalp, and it helps to keep the natural oils in your hair without stripping it.

Curl Pattern

We all have one, no matter how curly or straight our hair is. Your curl pattern is the shape of your hair’s cuticle spiral. To find your hair’s natural curl pattern, you can do this by washing it and letting it dry without any product. From that point, determine if your hair has more of an “s” curl, zig-zag pattern or if it is more on the straight or kinky side. Knowing your curl pattern helps tremendously with knowing what products to put in your hair and how you can take care of it.


No, we are not talking about the skins on your nails! Although you should be taking care of your nails as well, we are talking about the cuticles of your hair. If you did not know that your hair had cuticles, allow me to drop some quick knowledge on you. The hairs’ cuticles are the outside layer of the hair shaft that protects the hair from damage. If you damage the cuticle, your hair will be more susceptible to damaging the hair strand altogether. The key is to not put your hair through too much manipulation, such as heat or constant pulling.


You know those attachments that came with the blow dryer that you casually placed in the back of your bathroom cabinet drawer never to see again? One of them was most likely a diffuser attachment and if you have curly hair, you can more than likely benefit from it! Diffusers eliminate the frizz that can come from constant blow drying of the hair. It can also aid in defining your curls and elongating them.


Dusting is a term most naturals use when they mean “trimming.” Dusting off the ends means you are trimming the hair when it is time to be cut. Simple! The only difference is that trimming usually refers to your hair being straight while doing so. When you are dusting, your hair can be in any state, while you trim it.


Similar to what you would hear for hair cuticles, except the placement is different. Hair follicles are at the base of your scalp where the hair grows from, that appear mostly everywhere on your body. It is essential to keep your hair follicles healthy and virtually damage free. Otherwise, you could risk the chance of your hair not growing back in specific areas. That can lead to other problems such as male patterned baldness, female pattern baldness or alopecia. You do not want to take that risk, so try to make sure your hair follicles are always fully intact.

Hair Extensions/Weave

If you ever wanted to change up your look, hair extensions are the way to go. Most of us wish for styles that require us to have longer hair, but we do not have the patience to wait for them to grow. Hair weaves or extensions give you instant length and luster. The type of hair you use can range from human hair to synthetic. It is also important to note that you must also take care of extensions as if it is your real hair. Otherwise, it can break and damage the way your real hair can.

Keratin Treatment

This technique can be expensive and time-consuming, but the results of it are uncanny! A keratin treatment is a protein-based treatment that is used to smooth out the hair cuticles. Many naturals use this technique as a way of making their hair a little more manageable. This process can straighten out your cuticle to a point where a natural girl’s hair can be wet and completely straight. There are other methods where it won’t straighten out your hair all the way, as well.


The kitchen is something most black women use when describing the hair in the nape of their heads. The nape is the bottom and middle part of your head. We have been using the term since the early 1940s when black women were starting to straighten their hair more and more. If you have ever heard from your mom any comment about the kitchen, make sure you clarify which one she means.


Much like a bob, the lob is more extended and almost shoulder length. Sometimes the lob can go slightly past the collarbone as well. The lob has many variations and styling options to it as well.


Ombre hair will always be in style! The ombre’d style when your hair’s color transitions or fades from one color to another. The color can be subtle, daring or as natural as you want to depend on the color you desire. It can make you look fresh, youthful and bold. Try the ombre look if you do not want to color your whole head! You may find that you like the color more than you think.


A perm can mean different things for many different people. The primary function of a perm is to take your hair from one texture to another texture, using a specific combination of chemicals. The chemicals make this change in your hair surface permanent unless you decide to cut your hair off where the substances altered it. Most women with straighter hair, tend to go for perms that will make their hair permanently curly. Women with curlier or kinkier hair tend to go for perms that permanently straighten it, although the natural hair movement is steering most women away from this.

Rough Dry

Most people blow dry out their hair until the hair is dry with a smooth finish. Rough only gets just enough of the water out of your hair. At that point, you style your hair with your hands instead of using brushes or combs. This technique can protect your hair from damaging the hair cuticle, and it can also be a great tool in styling. Sometimes, styling your hair while it is still damp can give you a longer lasting style. Your hair will have a better time setting the form.


Similar to the function of a bonnet, you wrap scarves around your hair at night to set and protect your hairstyle overnight. Satin scarves work best to protect your hair from your cotton pillow sucking the moisture and natural oils out of your hair. Your scarf needs to be long and wide enough to cover your entire head.

Scrunch Dry

If you do not feel like learning how to use a diffuser, try to scrunch dry your hair. Doing so is just as valid as diffusing your curls. Cleanse your air and remove the excess water. From that point, flip your head over and gather your hair in sections. Once you section out your hair, use your hands to scrunch up your curls continuously. You get the best results when your hair is about halfway dry. You will start to see more and more curls form and become defined.


Sectioning your hair sounds simple, but can be time-consuming depending on hair type and who’s doing it. If you have ever separated your hair and placed the hair into clips as you blow dry it out, then you just sectioned your hair. It allows you to style every single strand without missing a beat.

Things we say to other girls or ourselves

“My hair is so hard to manage.” “What products do you use?” “What do you do to your hair every day?” “Sometimes I just want to cut it all off.” “What color is that in your hair?”

Sayings we prefer to hear

“I swear you are the only one who can pull off this hair!” “I’m so jealous of your hair, right now.” “How did you do that? I’ve been trying to do that with my hair.” “Your hair looks gorgeous!”

Saying we prefer NOT to hear

“Is That Yours?” “I think you’d look better with your hair like this, instead.” “Don’t do that to your hair!” “Why is your hair like that?” “What happened to your hair?” “I have this great hair product that you can use. I’m sure it will fix it.”

Potential Instagram Captions about hair

“Snip, snip!” “Nobody is going to tell me how to wear my hair.” “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” “I’m a queen, and my hair is my crown.” “Don’t touch my hair.” “Hair is a woman’s glory.” “New hair, who dis?” “I whip my hair back and forth!”

Do You See What I’m Saying Now?

If you haven’t heard it before, there may come a time when you will. Remember, that no matter what anyone says about you or your hair, it is still your hair. Style your hair the way you think looks the most fabulous on you and pay no attention to the naysayers. If people like what you have going on, then that is great! If not, it is their loss. You are in charge of your happiness and your hair. Have you said some of these things to your friends before? What terms did you not know before? What saying are you tired of hearing? Did I miss any? Leave a comment!
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Wig Classes: How to Pick the Best Wig Class for You!

Wig Classes: How to Pick the Best Wig Class for You!

The Wig Game Is Booming

Wigs or units have taken the hair game by force. And with the rise of wigs, has come the increase of wig-making classes. With all the things marketed to us on Instagram, it can be hard to decide where to turn for wig classes when we want to try our hand at being a fabulous unit maker. I have some tips on how to choose an excellent wig making class.

Is it for Business or Personal?

Whether you take the course for business or personal enjoyment, all your classes should have most of the same elements. Take courses for personal gain less often; one can learn via Youtube. If you are making wigs for personal use; there's more room for trial and error. Business classes are more expensive and essential. Take a course from a person that is established in the wig business or as a hairstylist. Whether taking a wig-making class for business or personal reasoning, shop around before you pay for a class. Do not rely on the follower count of those you wish to take a course from; look into reviews and buy other products from this person before entrusting them with giving valuable teaching and advice to you for hundreds of dollars.

Investing In Your Craft

Now, I love a good bargain. So I will not say that the higher the class, the higher the quality. The price of the course does not translate to the skill and abilities of the teacher. However, you must be willing to invest in your craft to learn. Classes typically range from $200 to $600 based on the level of the course, the tools provided and how in demand the class organizer is. The important part is that you are willing to seek out help with learning to rise to the next level of your career. Seek out designs that will push your business forward, go to classes that will teach things that you haven't learned or see as a struggle. Pay attention to where you are lacking and find ways to improve. Investment is not merely about money; it is about investing time and energy into building your business and elevating your skillset.

What To Look For In A Wig Making Class

1. Host Has Good Communication and Business Practices

Would you want to be taking a class from someone who lacks patience, and has no desire to communicate with their consumers or someone who is willing and ready to explain and showcase their skills? The key to any good class or a successful business, especially a wig-making business is communication! Hosts ideally are willing to answer questions leading up to the event, either information regarding the class or wigs. However, do not try to solicit too much advice and get upset when redirected, people need pay for their expertise. If hosts are unresponsive before the event, it may be worse when you show up. What if you have questions about which size and thickness of needle to use or need reassurance with your weft placement? You need a teacher that is excited about their craft and excited for you to learn. Try to find someone that is passionate about making wigs and teaching others the trade. Additionally, whenever you pay for a class, get a receipt for your records and read the flyer thoroughly for contact information, class details and reviews. It's a bonus if your wig host will provide vendor information for loose hair, in case you will be making wigs and providing the hair yourself; it is also nice if your host gives tips for marketing and strategies they used to build their wig business.

2. The Class Provides Tools

A 'wig kit' is provided in quality wig classes. Wig kits include a styrofoam head, a wig stand, dome or mesh caps, black or brown thread, and curved needles. A measuring tape should be included in the kit as well. Additional items in a package may also have T-pins to adhere the cap to the styrofoam head, and claw clips to hold extra hair out of the way. Instructors will include the bundles if they have an extension line and even a keepsake bag. Classes always provide wig kits to their clients. If your course does not offer a basic package, find another class! *Bundles are not mandatory for wig classes. Most require students to bring their bundles.*

3. The Class Has A Decent Timeframe

Most wig making classes, whether by hand or sewing machine, extend toward three hours. For the instructor to impart knowledge for one to fully grasp the correct way to bleach, sew and pluck for a perfect wig, the class should be well over one hour. Any class under an hour or two is likely rushed and will be of lesser quality. A sew-in usually takes an hour (for the actual sewing), even by experienced hairstylists. Therefore, sewing a wig for the first time or working a sewing machine it is essential that the class has enough time for all the activities. The course should allow ample time for lateness, questions, explanations, or starting over.

4. Classes Offer Varying Levels

Having various class levels offered for wig classes are not mandatory to be a good wig class. However, this will help you decide what level you are on beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginner classes are for those who are beginning to make wigs. On this level the class usually offers a kit, the instructor teaches the proper way to sew wefts, the correct caps to use and how to make wigs flat. Intermediate Classes teach how to make wigs faster, and flatter. Intermediates learn the same as basics, but more times spent on producing units more quickly, making the wefts lay flatter, and helping the units to look more natural and fit clients heads more snugly. Advanced Classes briefly review the basics and all the other parts that go into making wigs such as correct placement of wefts, the fold over method, cutting, and trimming the hair. This advanced class teaches making closures and frontals look more natural with plucking and bleaching. Advanced courses may also include vendor information, marketing tips and I've even seen some companies include promotion of those who have taken their class. All classes should teach weft placement, useful caps, proper sewing and taking head measurements.

Different Types Of Wig Making Classes

Sewing Wigs By Hand

If you are a beginner, this is the type of class you should take for sure. Sewing by hand is more natural and gives you more control over the direction of the wefts, and aids the flip over method. This kind of class focuses on sewing stitches tighter and neater as well as straight stitches. The only downside to sewing by hand is that this class may take longer due to threading, and sewing each weft one at a time, but don't worry practice; you'll eventually become more efficient!

Learning Wig-Making on A Sewing Machine

Machine made wigs are quicker to make and are sturdier. If you are an intermediate or advanced wig-maker, taking a sewing machine class will take your business to the next level. A sewing machine class is more difficult than a hand sewing class. It is fine if you provide the machine or your host provides the device; otherwise, the course should have the classic 'wig kit' included. Contact your teacher ahead of time and ask what kind of machine used; practice on the device and become familiar with it ahead of time. I attended a sewing machine wig class, and it was hard to pick up on because of my lack of knowledge regarding sewing machines and measurements. Do yourself a favor and take a sewing machine class at Michael's Craft Store or Joann's (don't worry it's free!) to understand the basic mechanics of the machine. Though I loved the speed at which I could make wigs, positioning the bundles at the perfect angle to sew onto the wig cap takes more than a few tries if you aren't a quick hands-on learner. With this class, I also enjoyed that I was able to double weft the tracks in the back of the wig to make it fuller. As a customer, I liked machine made wigs better because the wefts were sewn tighter and the stitches and threading on the inside of the dome cap were neater and placed closer together, rarely coming out compared to hand-sewn units.

Group Training

Typically group training can be anywhere from five to fifteen eager wig makers ready to learn the tricks of the trade. Group training is positive because you can feel at home with so many others who are interested in the same things. Within the group, you will be able to ask others questions and see wig making more than once. Additionally, you can network with others that are going or furthering their hair/ wig business. Not to mention with group training there is usually some snacks! However, with group training, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel like the class is less personal.

One on One Learning

One on one classes means that only you and the instructor will be together. This method of teaching ensures that you get individualized attention; you are free to stop, take breaks and ask questions without the rest of the group being slowed down or going on without you. Furthermore, one on one learning helps you to make a real connection with your instructor and possibly gain a future business partner.

Look And Learn

'Look and Learn' classes are more about the customization of the wig. In these classes, you are taught the steps of dying bundles, bleaching and plucking frontals and how to make closures flatter. This class is not hands-on and often no 'wig kits' are given. A look and learn should be used as a refresher or introductory course.

Tips for You to Have Successful Wig Class

Before The Wig Class

Do your part to ensure you will have a prosperous wig class. It's not all about what your instructor has to offer you, and it's about what you have to provide yourself and the class. Before going to the class, as a beginner or advanced course taker, practice beforehand. The best and most organized class will not be able to help you perfect everything you know in a few hours. It takes training and preparation. I once attended a three-hour class that taught one how to make wigs using a sewing machine. The course was one on one, and I ended up running over my time due to being unfamiliar with the device and the thicker cap provided by the instructor. Leading up to your class practice your sewing skills and bleaching and tinting skills. Practicing beforehand will allow the class to run smoother and you will be able to focus on other aspects of the course. Another good tip for getting prepared for your class is to come up with a list of things that are difficult for you; this way you will be prepared to ask questions about your weaker skills and get hands-on help for the parts of the wig-making process that is difficult for you.

After The Wig Class

After the class, do not stop working at your craft. Practice makes perfect. It doesn't matter if you use cheaper hair or thinner wig caps, method laying the wefts and neatness of your stitches to improve units. Trust me; there is nothing worse than acquiring a skill and allowing yourself to be mediocre because you have failed to practice your craft. Do not invest and rest, invest and work!

Don't Forget!

After you attended the class, it may be helpful to go to another course at a higher level a few months following your session. This way, you will be able to directly see your progress and follow up on the skills you've learned while pushing yourself ahead.

Slay Those Wigs!

There is a class out there for everybody, the beginner, the hairstylist, and the sewing machine fanatic. Choosing a course can be difficult, you want to make sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck. Find a class with a business-minded host, a great set up and a reasonable price. Slaying your units will become second nature with practice, dedication, and a good wig class.
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How to Host and Teach a Successful Hair Seminar

How to Host and Teach a Successful Hair Seminar

Seminars for Success

No matter what type of hair business you own, hosting and teaching hair seminar can help your company’s revenue in the long run. I mean we can talk about being pretty and having snatched edges all day long, but ultimately I think any hair company plans to strive financially. Conducting a hair seminar would be so beneficial, and today I am going to explain how to do so and why you should. You may not be the best event planner, but I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to host a phenomenal event. Before you start ordering decorations, make sure you write down a plan of all the items you will need for your seminar. I’m merely throwing out suggestions; you can choose which exact ideas you want to steal for your upcoming hair seminar.

Alluring Invites

Let’s start with invitations for the hair seminar. Use your company colors and logo to create the most flattering invites to personal guests you would like to attend. Social media is an excellent platform to use, especially when creating these events. You can efficiently invite the masses to this event at one time. The social media method of invitations is excellent for people who need to promote the development publicly and in short notice or timely fashion. Creating a Facebook event group is helpful. You can inform your audience about any updates on the event fast with one post. Another inventive method for your hair seminar would be to invite potential guests with actual old fashion paper invitations personally. Oh my goodness, I know, it sounds unorthodox in this day and age only because we are so used to social media invitations such as flyers. I advise you to look into the personal in hand invitations though. I say that because you may want to connect with local people that can benefit you. Local people that can potentially help you when joining in a more intimate space. The invite should include the date, time and location. Allow your guests to rsvp online. There are many platforms such as Eventbrite where you can set up your company's hair seminar and allow your future guests to rsvp online and potentially pay a cover charge for your event. RSVP is an excellent way to calculate how many people will be attending your hair seminar. I will charge a small cover charge if you are providing materials for clients and guests to work. It puts the money back into in your pockets you invested for materials and your guests are paying for tools they can take with them for their personal hands-on experience. Hopefully, this portion may have given you a bit of insight on how you want to invite your future guests.

Particular Planning

Like any classroom environment, you want to set up space where your company can learn amongst each other and feel comfortable doing so. The venue you chose for your event is crucial for spacing. The guests need to have room in case they want to take notes and so forth. Also be aware of your tables and chairs at this specific venue for they can allow you to see visually the spacing your guests will have. Be sure to accommodate bathroom demands. Look into someone to do the catering, I mean who doesn’t love to snack on light refreshments and sip punch. Remember cake is not only for birthday parties, customize a cake for your company event. If you are not good at hosting events, hire a host. Someone who is successful in the hair industry. If you aren’t feeling very crafty yourself, hire a designer. The cheaper less inexpensive route would be to go crazy in Michaels and other art supply stores and get a bit crafty with elegance for your event. Look up DIY tricks on how to create some alluring centerpieces and unorthodox tablecloths.

Brand Awareness

We spoke briefly about your company logos and slogans. Take this time to incorporate it into almost everything at the event. Many times in modern day society, when we step out, we usually document it in some form or fashion by taking pictures and videos. The more things you have with your company’s name on it is bound to wind up in nearly every film they make. A few ideas on some things you can get customized would be invitations, napkins, balloons, banners, backdrops, etc. Backdrops are very resourceful, your guest will arrive, and you can have a photographer on hand to snap pictures to post for your company’s social media accounts. All of these are significant tools for marketing. Many people use Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to create filters for your personal use. Take this opportunity to build your brand’s event filter. Spreading awareness of your company is so vital for brand exposure and expansion.

The Setting

Next to be sure to check if your venue has an area for a projector. Again like a classroom setting, you want to grab your audience’s attention by creating an in-depth power point. Like I stated before these are some ideas to reflect on. Power points give your guest a focal point about you and your brand and initially what you want the audience to take from the seminar. If your conducting a workshop based on doing hair, have manikin heads, groups can work on and teach different braiding techniques or coloring. The same goes for demonstrating hair products on manikins or live models. Teach the masses about selling hair, show them honest platforms on how to get started. Use the hair you’re selling and hire models to demonstrate. These models can walk around allowing the guests to feel the hair you have to offer. Create a panel, get in-depth with potential colleagues. At this point, you may want to invite experienced guest speakers. Whether you are selling hair or doing hair, or selling hair products, think of ideas and topics you want to cover at your seminar. Open discussion is always healthy for networking, which brings me to my next topic of discussion.

Vendors Vary

If you want to go big or go home, allowing hair vendors to pay you and set up shop would be a great look for your event. Not just vendors that sell hair but vendors that sell hair products, lashes and anything to do with beauty. Vendors make such a significant impact by returning money into your pockets while benefiting themselves from selling products. Another win-win scenario, especially when they are giving out those free samples!

Network to Build the Net Worth

Have you ever considered how you can indeed make a profound amount of money off of hair? Just like any concentration you chose in life, there is always a substantial amount of money you can profit from investing in your brand. Hair seminars are so important for networking with people in the same industry as you. Putting people in one room that can all benefit from each other in one way, shape, form or fashion is another avenue you create for yourself and your brand to expand. Brand development for everyone, literally. It’s a win-win situation. Stay connected and send your guests home with complimentary gifts for your brand exposure. For example, if your company’s name is “Everyday Beauty,” send your guests back with everyday beauty gift bags. In the containers, including pens, notepads, coffee mugs, plastic cups, bumper stickers, buttons, refrigerator magnets…the list goes on. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to be repetitive with spreading your name across all possible platforms. Trust me consistency is critical in the long run. Another way to network is getting to know your guests. Have them provide social media and email contacts to keep future lines of communication available amongst everyone.

Go Getter Guests

Don’t be afraid to take your time to this event to ensure quality. You wanted to be remembered and asked again “when are you throwing your next seminar?” Don’t be afraid to be detailed in every aspect of your event. Your guests will notice and see that you take pride in your events and may offer future work opportunities where you all can coexist. The main things you want your guests to take home with them is a lesson after attending one of your seminars. Remembering you and what your company stands for. You want these people to spread the word after they attend this seminar. Spread it so much; the clientele is flooding in! You want people to walk out knowing something they didn’t know before they came. Bring up conversations you feel that you need to talk about in the industry of hair. Create an environment for your guests where everybody feels rewarded. Whether you are charging for your seminar or not. Your guests should feel like they are taking knowledge from you and they are providing you with theory. We want to make seminars beneficial to all of us in the hair industry to build each other’s worth and brands. In so many words people, it’s time to “network to build the net worth!” It starts with us!
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