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How to be the Best at Hair Events Networking!

How to be the Best at Hair Events Networking!

Here’s Why Networking Helps

Networking is essential for anyone looking to expand their brand or company. When I first started out as a writer, model, and influencer, I didn’t know where to begin. I hardly knew anyone in the industry, and I wasn’t sure how to handle the business side of it all. Working in any industry is difficult when you do it alone. Networking connects you with people that can help you advance. Despite knowing this, I learned quickly that networking is only about how you can improve but how you can help others as well. Think of it as relationship building. You want to make sure that your relationship with other is equally fulfilling. What can you bring to the table that others cannot? What are they offering you that you cannot retrieve anywhere else? What would be the benefits of working with the said person, or company? There are some tips and tricks to networking that you’ll need to know. Here, at Private Label Extensions, we care about the importance of networking. We’re here to help you live your best networking life! Let’s get into it all the way you can use networking to your advantage!

The Best Advantages

Networking has many advantages. No matter what kind of business you own, making the proper connections is essential. When I’ve networked in the past, I’ve noticed that some benefits were more significant than others. The advantages of networking depend on who is doing the networking and why. For me, I like having connections where we equally water each other. I don’t want to gain any connections that I feel I can’t give value. The important in networking lies in creating valuable connects that will benefit all parties involved. Some benefits I’ve experienced were raising awareness about my brand, making connections, gaining referrals, creating a positive influence, increasing my confidence, and creating long-lasting friendships. Overall, this is a beneficial tool that will move you forward in life. Let’s get into these advantages.

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness about your new hair company isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Starting a hair company isn’t easy to do, but with the right tools, especially networking, it doesn’t have to be. Going to hair events as a new hair company is a great way to raise awareness about your brand. Raising awareness will help grow your business and increase your sales. For example, when you hand out business cards representing your hair brand, more people will know about your hair brand. The more that people know about your hair brand, the more that people, especially hairstylists, will want to use your hair for their work. Raising awareness about your brand will build your reputation. As a hair company owner, you’ll want to ensure that expand your brand name.


Networking makes room for all kinds of connections. Making a connection is essential to the life of your hair company. When I need something, whether it be advice or a resource, I call up one of my acquaintances in the same business as me. You’ll want to make sure you have the same support available to you. Connections are almost always a result of networking. In any business, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Having the right contacts will open the door for you to be in the same room as influential people. Don’t doubt the importance of making connections!

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Networking is a fantastic way to maintain and increase your referrals. Referrals are what will keep your business going. When you network the right way, your new found customers will refer your hair company to all their friends. The more referrals you have, the more your company will expand. Don’t be afraid to get your name out there. Your hair company will benefit from all the referrals coming in!

Positive Influence

Creating a positive influence is essential for anyone looking to break into the hair industry. When I think of positive impact, I think of the importance of brand statements. What do you want your brand to represent and why? When people look at your hair company, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Asking yourself these questions is essential to the expansion of your brand. As a hair company owner, you might think there aren’t many ways to make an influence. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of company you own; you can always have a positive power.

The More You Do It

The more that you network, the more confidence you’ll gain in the future. Confidence is critical when it comes to increasing connections. Having courage isn’t only good for when you interact with others, it also gives you amazing interpersonal benefits. The more confidence you have, the more you’ll be willing to take risks. Also, the more confidence you have, the less upset you’ll be when things don’t work out the first time. Having confidence can bring you loads of success, especially when it comes to networking.

New Friends

One of my favorite things about networking is making new friends. When you put yourself out there, not only do you gain benefits for your company, you gain some lifelong friends. Every time I’ve gone out and promoted my brand, I’ve met people that have changed my life. I’ve gained some amazing friends that have the same mindset and goals as me. If there’s nothing else you gain from doing this, friends are the best benefit.

All in All

Overall, taking the steps to network has a lot of advantages. You make friends, you gain confidence, and increase business. As a hair company owner, you should attend at least one hair event. Networking at these hair events can catapult you into a prosperous future. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, especially if you never have before. You might find that you leave with more confidence than you had before. Have you networked at a hair event before? Let us know and share your experience by sharing below.
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How to Find and Attend The Best Hair Events

How to Find and Attend The Best Hair Events

Hair Events Are Needed To Thrive

Whether it is a trade show, hair show or a community event showcasing the artistry of hair everyone who is anyone will want to be in attendance. Finding how to attend and find the right hair events may seem intimidating at first, but it is effortless to get in the know. The use of social media, networking and just everyday word of mouth is a start, but if you are seriously trying to get your name out there, there are a few things that you need to do. Have you ever walked into a party where you did not know any but, you really hoped that someone spoke to you? Many creative industries are similar in this instance by way of how it continually grows. Every day there are new people, companies, and infrastructures growing to cater to the hair community that sometimes, it may be hard to stand out or even make a lasting connection. However, sliding your business cards to who you feel is influential in the room, you'll be making reservations to many of these events soon.

How Can I Get Into The Event?

When it comes to attending the right hair events, you have to ask yourself a series of questions. Like, which one is the best for you and your business? Why is this the event that I need to attend and even what other companies will be in attendance? The time to plan is more important than the actual event because it gives you time to research in depth, know your potential clientele and understand the culture of the beauty world. To find these events are as simple as a google search or inquiring to be apart of a public relations list with the correct credentials. For starters, many hair events are held in the late summer or early fall seasons to present new products and concepts that may have blossomed over the last season. Knowing what you want to accomplish beforehand will help in your decision making and is a huge part in understanding how your market will respond later. Even if you are not a beauty business owner at the moment, you can always attend these events for inspiration. The day that you do start your business, you will be well equipped and networked so that the territory is more familiar. Now here is the answer to what many of you want to know, how do I get into the event? The answer is by expressing interest in the company putting it on if you are business or simply purchasing a ticket or a pass if you are a consumer! It is really just that easy.

What Type of Hair Events Should I Go To?

Even if you are a hairstylist who does a specific service, attend events that are not in your market! Why? Because your style and services will change! Hair is an art and art is something that never stays the same, so why would you limit yourself? Getting out of your creative comfort zone not only sparks inspiration but it will show you what all you can do, even if you just try it once. If you do not feel comfortable going alone, ask a co-worker or close friend to attend with you so that it is easier to mingle. Nine times out of ten, you are not the only one in the room who feels uncomfortable or out of place and you will not be the last. Take the plunge and dive right into your field! Attending hair events can mean beauty shows, product reveals, hair competitions, brand parties and so much more! The variety is limitless, and you should not close yourself in. From the highly coveted Bronner Brothers Hair Show to a product party for Creme of Nature, there is something for every stylist and enthusiast at every level.

Networking The Room

One of the most amazing parts about deciding to go to a hair event are the endless possibilities behind networking. Yes, that scary thing that you have to do that helps to advance your career to the next level. Many people do not like it but trust me when I say it is one of the ways that you can get the word about what you are doing into the hands and ears of many. Don’t know where to start? Here a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1:

Start by renting out booth space at the more significant events While there are many companies there who do similar things, it is essential that you find what makes your company special! Each business is different, and each company has something to offer that is unique to its name, so do not worry if you think that you cannot stand out because someone will find you unique.

Tip #2:

Invest in quality and unique business cards Do you remember what I said about finding something unique that will set you apart? Sometimes that particular thing is not in your products, many times it is in your marketing. Taking that grassroots approach to your business and genuinely getting the foot of groundwork is what many companies have left behind for social media. Yes, social media is a great tool but people still want to feel like they are an individual and there is no better way to translate that than meeting them where they are. Get outgoing people to represent you and create a business card that people will remember, trust me, it has a lasting effect!

Tip #3:

Know the boss So you have networked the crowd but what about the event planners? Take time to get to know the owners of the company if they are in attendance so that they will remember you. From experience, this creates a personalization aspect that is similar to sending your interviewer a thank you card after your interview. People love to know that their work made an impact and doing this regularly will build your name and brand over time. So don’t be afraid to say a simple thank you or that you enjoyed the event. Who knows, maybe next year they will ask you back!

Sometimes It’s Not What You Know, But Who

We have all been there, right? Where we have these out of the world skills but they are then hard to notice because we are not that popping yet? It’s okay because you will be soon. You know the saying, it’s not what you know, but who you know? It still rings true, especially in a competitive industry like beauty. There are thousands of other businesses doing the same things that you do, and you could be doing it better, but you do not have a shot yet. If you are one of those people who are often unheard, it is time to shoot your shot and aim with precision! Shooting your shot ties back into networking, but now is the time to utilize your resources and make them work for you. Do you have a longtime hairstylist who knows the game? Volunteer your services next time she goes to a convention! Becoming this stylists' helping hands could be being a showrunner, passing out flyers, assisting customers to try samples, telling people about the product and so much more. Being helpful to those who are already prominent in the industry can help you get to know people who are otherwise hard to reach. A simple conversation with the right person can offset your entire career, but you have to be willing to go for it first.

Start Looking for Events Now

If you are early, you are on time, and if you are on time, then you are late. Do not let this be your story when you realize that registration for a popular event is closed or sold out. Look for those events, big and small now. Events that will take place four months from now are probably looking to secure vendors, stylists, and volunteers, so make sure that your name is on the list. Reach out to the event staff early on to secure your spot and if you are volunteering, be ready and willing to take on the crowd. Everything is a start when you are starting to go to events! Do not be afraid to feel less than because you are starting small at a local event. It is okay because everyone has to start somewhere and who knows, that may be a better way to network instead of being in a crowd of thousands. No matter how you approach these hair events, the biggest tip is to represent your brand the way that you envision it. Continue to be the foundation that you built your brand on and stand firm in believing that you can run with the biggest names.
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Top Five Atlanta Hair Events You Should Attend This Fall and Winter

Top Five Atlanta Hair Events You Should Attend This Fall and Winter

Welcome To The Home Of Hair: Atlanta!

Atlanta is known as the hair capital of the world. Tons of people flock to Atlanta to be able to pursue their dreams of becoming a know hairstylist, outselling the competition with hair or to stop drop and open up a hair shop! Atlanta has birthed and grown hairstylist and businesses, furthermore, Atlanta is the place to be for hair related events! The best way to find hair events is to search the internet using the hashtag #hairentrepreneur, or #hairevents. Additionally, look up the stylists or business people you admire and find out where they will be hosting, speaking or doing displays. Another avenue is using Eventbrite to locate the event time, price and details.

Top 5 Atlanta Hair Events to Attend

Bronner Brother's has come and gone. Celebrities, companies and hair enthusiasts have made their way in and out of Atlanta for that worldwide known festival. And sadly for us, it isn't coming back until Spring 2019, so what's a stylist or weave enthusiast to do? That's right, jump right back out there and find other events that are just as impactful to attend! There are a few different kinds of events to attend when looking for hair inspiration or connections. People attend hair events for a plethora of reasons a few being:
  • Networking
  • Landing A Better Job
  • Learning New Techniques
  • Expanding Their Reach
  • Finding New Products and Vendors

Essential Fall Events

1) Networking

To tackle number one on the list, any event is great for networking. However, events that will have especially influential people in the industry or those you admire will afford you a better opportunity for making connections. The best shows to attend are the ones highly attended.

2) Landing A Better Job

On Eventbrite, there are a ton of open model and ambassador calls that are free. These events offer the opportunity to network and will give you the chance to land a new job. Breaking into the industry of modeling or fashion can be difficult, but events like this make it easier and more plausible. Attending open calls to become a hair company ambassador or a hair show model is an excellent way to get your face seen and become a familiar face in the right circles. There is an open call from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Located in Centennial Olympic Park, 265 Park Avenue West Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313. An open call is a free event so get in there and shoot your shot!

3) Learning New Techniques

The Natural Hair Industry Convention 2018, takes place on November 10th and 11th and can be found on Eventbrite. The Natural Hair Industry Convention event has a variety of mini classes that range anywhere from $30 to 500 dollars. The courses focus on twisting and maintaining locs, learning and dealing with a variety of natural hair textures, and extensions and color. Experts in each area will be headlining the class with supporting instructions that are knowledgeable about the field. All courses offer hands-on learning.

Hair Events You Don't Want to Miss This Winter

4) Expanding Your Reach

This next event goes hand and hand with learning a new technique. It is the cutting, care and alopecia awareness class that happens every few months, taught by TheOfficialRazorChic. Students in this class shown how to cut hair at angles that maximize hair texture and length. The primary focus of her course is to teach stylists how to treat scalps with alopecia, and style hair using specific cutting, shaping and hair treatments.

5) Finding New Products and Vendors

Atlanta's Ultimate Women's Expo takes place December 1st-2nd in Atlanta, Georgia and tickets purchased online. The tickets are $10 per person and include entrance to all of the seminars, speeches, and pop-ups held at the expo. While this event is great for networking, it is also an opportunity to find new products, and vendors for hair, flat irons, and branding solutions.

Sideshow for the Win!

This is one mini-show that packs a lot of punch! A mini-show from the Bronner Brothers is March 19th! While it is not a full-scale show, it is still an opportunity to showcase your skills, meet vendors and network with famous and professional stylists. The mini-show gives new stylists a better chance at getting a booth and gaining public attention. However, there is still plenty of competition with ten special events, three days of beauty and mainstages filled with master stylists.

Keep A Few Things In Mind!

While there are different reasons to attend events, there is much to be learned at each gathering applicable to your career as a stylist or selling extensions. One of the essential things to remember when choosing events is to understand what you are expecting to get out of the class or event. Would you feel satisfied with a look and learn? Is it too much pressure to be required to perform on the spot in a hands-on class? Are you prepared to have a model, extensions or other things that you will also have to supply in addition to the cover charge? If it is a pop-up shop or bringing together of artists will you be prepared to showcase your talents and organize a booth? Be sure to read the fine print that contains the details and conditions of the event.

Invest In Your Craft

While paying for a class or seminar may seem like too much, it's an investment in your future. The skills and promotional tactics that you can see up close are continuously beneficial to furthering your career. Attending hair events allows you to see what other stylists are doing as well as try your hand at new techniques. Venturing out and being at these events are networking opportunities with business owners, celebrity stylists and beauty influences. Another plus to attending events is the chance to expand your skills. What are some hair events you are looking forward to? Drop them below!
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Top Reasons to Visit The Curlfest NYC Natural Hair Event

Top Reasons to Visit The Curlfest NYC Natural Hair Event

Melanin, Food, Fun!

If you didn’t know or didn’t hear, Curlfest NYC is approaching! It happens to be the most significant natural hair event, which takes places every year in New York City! It’s one of those events that you don’t want to miss! It’s packed with fun, food, music and even celebrities slide through! There are also hundreds of food trucks and games too! Bring your best curlfran, daughter or Mom and your Husband out to Curlfest NYC to experience a time of your life! Although Curlfest is a great event to attend, it goes deeper than just the fun and games. It’s a great way to interact with people and build relationships. So if you’re someone who is looking for purpose, below you will find the top reasons to visit Curlfest NYC!

Networking Experience

In the business world, they say it's not what you know but who you know! And if you have any business in the natural hair community, then you need to be at Curlfest! For starters, I can tell you that all of your favorite YouTubers will be in attendance! So if you’re someone who is thinking about starting a Youtube channel, what better place to be to ask some folks some questions? Shoot, bring your camera along, and you can catch some footage while you're there! Also, the Curlfest event would be the perfect place to collaborate with someone. Vloggers, bloggers and natural hair companies will all be there so don’t be shy. Bring your business cards, a pen, and paper and start networking! You never know whom you may meet! Your golden ticket to the next best opportunity may be right at Curlfest!

Learn More About Natural Hair

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been natural or how many twist out videos I’ve seen, I am still learning about natural hair! When you attend Curlfest NYC, you will be around thousands of people who all have natural hair, just like you! That alone should get you excited! Do you know how much knowledge you will walk away with if you attend this event? Tons! You will have the chance to ask people how they were able to style their hair, what their favorite hair products and how they keep their hair healthy as well. Also, Curlfest will have live natural hair demonstrations and speakers who will discuss all things natural hair! Still can’t figure out how to do a three-strand twist out? You better make sure to ask someone there when you go because I’m sure someone will know!

Support Black Owned Businesses

Curlfest goes deeper than just talking about natural hair and eating some great food; it's also a chance to support black businesses! Because if we don’t help each other, who will? Each year, Curlfest has many different hair vendors who have all took time to work on their craft and present it for the world to see. There will be vendors in the building who will be selling everything from custom headwraps, clothing, jewelry, you name it, and it will be there. Being in attendance of a predominately black event, to me, is essential. It not only shows unity but also shows that we respect one another. Also, the creator of Curlfest is black, of course, and we all must show love to someone who is doing something positive for their community. Every year so many non-black companies gain millions of dollars from their consumers. Why aren’t the black companies pouring in money like that? It’s because we don’t support enough! The African American community needs to come together and show out for each, how we do with other companies. And of course the more we stick together, the further we can go! So, you have to start somewhere right? Well, attending Curlfest NYC would be the best way to go!

It’s The Ultimate Celebration

Curlfest NYC is like your favorite Aunts yearly bbq with all your best cousins in town, times 100! It’s the ultimate celebration because it's black-owned, of course! What is better than attending an event, in the middle of summer with all your melanin brothers and sister? Oh yes, I said Brothers, because they aren’t left out! You will see men in attendance representing their locs as well! Little kids and babies will be there showing off their baby afros, and so much more! Sadly, there aren’t many events like Curlfest where people come together to celebrate each other. Therefore it’s a must that we keep it rolling, and pack the place out! Over the years, the natural hair community has grown so much. It’s just beautiful to watch people tap into their natural side and be proud of their curly, kinky, wavy hair. And I don’t care what anyone says, its a great thing that it's celebrated!

So Will You Be Attending?

Be sure to google Curlfest NYC to find out full details and how to purchase your tickets. Don’t come alone either! Be sure to drag out all the natural queens that you know. This event is not one that you want to miss! Curlfest NYC has been around since 2014, and each year it gets bigger and better. Curlfest will be in Prospect Park which is in Brooklyn New York. People travel near and far for this event, and they are never let down. It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, curl pattern or length is. It’s a fun gathering event that everyone can attend and make it a learning experience. Even if you’re currently rocking a relaxer, go! Sure you may stand out just a little bit, but you also may gain some great motivation that will help you grab the scissors for your big chop! Have you ever attended a Curlfest NYC event? If not so, tell me some things you learned! Talk about it below, in the comment section!
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How To Prepare For A Hair Show & Become the Star of the Show!

How To Prepare For A Hair Show & Become the Star of the Show!

Your First Show!

Getting ready for your first hair show can be nerve wrecking! You are not alone. The key is to be prepared. Don't worry, we can help with this! It’s time to step out and show the world all that you’ve mastered over the previous year. But before you show out, there are some things one must know as a stylist to prepare for their big moment. Continue reading on how to prepare for a hair show!

Know Your Why

One of the most important words to always follow by no matter what career you’re in is, why. Knowing your why keeps you grounded. It keeps you focused on what the goal is. Being a part of a hair show is a major move in your business. You’re stepping out and showing the world all that you’re able to do. But while doing that, you have to figure out what’s going to drive that. What is it that you want people to take away when they leave your table and go on to the next? What is different about you’re brand and business compared to the stylist over at table 12? Also, what is something that you plan on taking away? These would be some good questions to ask your self while you’re preparing for a hair show event. You never want to start with your what and then why. Start with a purpose and then go from there. Once you have an understanding of your why, it’s time to focus on your vision. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself.
  • How do you want your set up to look?
  • Have you figured out if you want to purchase a middle, front, back or corner table?
  • Do you know which team member will be doing what?
Having a clear vision is key because if you can see it, then you can achieve it. Put a plan together from A to Z and then execute.


Advertising is a significant portion of the process when planning a public event. You’re now ready to showcase your hard work to the world, but you also have to make sure the world knows about you so they can support. During this phase, the Internet is going to be all you need, for the most part. With social media being one of the fastest ways to get the word out, there’s not much you have to do. If you’re a part of a major social site like Instagram or Facebook, they allow you to create a post that can also be turned into ads. So hopefully, you already have an Instagram account, if not it’s simple to create one. You will need to have flyers made up for your event. Once you get the flyers, you will be able to upload them straight to your accounts. This way, those who visit your page will see it. As for the ads, you will need to purchase them. You will answer a series of questions, that will reflect where you want the ads to show, what demographic you want to view them and also how long you want the ad to run for. Another key is to use as many hashtags as possible for each flyer. Hash-tags will link your photo/flyer with other people who are sharing the same hash-tag. For example, your hash-tag could say “#hairshow2018,” and when someone is viewing it, they will be able to see your photo as well as anyone else using the same hashtag. That way it reaches more people.

Hair Show Networking

Networking is one of the best things you can do for your career in general but most importantly when attending events. The most popular hair shows have some of the biggest names in attendance. You should make it your business to build relationships and connections. You never know who you may meet that will have a major hand in helping you reach the next level in your career. Don’t ever think you’ve come so far that you know everything.
If you think you know it all, you know nothing. Always be ready to learn.

Hair Show Budget

Having a budget in place is going to ensure you stay within your means for your event. You have your vision in place, but now you’re going to have to break down each item you may need or want to make sure it fits within your budget. There are several things you must factor in. As I mentioned earlier, most times when attending a hair show, you must purchase a table or space for you to set up at. Table prices all depend on who’s in charge of the event. The middle tables are most likely going to be the best if your budget is a little tight. Front and corner tables tend to be pricier since those are perfect spots to get all the customers. These are things you must factor in. Another piece to think about with your budget is making sure you purchase business cards, decorations, possible gifts/games in case you want to run a raffle at your table. It’s important to have a check-list to make sure you have all that you’re going to need and also can afford it. There’s nothing worse than going over the amount that you planned for or even not having enough. So, as you’re planning for these things, try to do them ahead a time so things go smoothly and you know what to expect.

Finding The Right Models

Most times, if you’re at a hair show as a stylist, you’re going to be doing a lot of demonstrations for hairstyles and having your model do a walk through. So making sure you have the right person to fulfill that role is crucial. Below is an example of a check-list and questions to follow for getting the right model for your hair show.


Are you going to want your model to be a certain height? Are there certain styles that look better on tall or short people? How many models will you need? Are you going for a particular type look? It’s important to have a vision all throughout your planning.


Confidence is a very great quality to have when being a part of such a public event. You don’t want anyone who is shy, timid or even nervous in from of people. You want someone who is going to represent your company well. A person who won’t be scared to hold a pose and walk-in room full of people.


In the planning process, you’re going to want to plan out which styles you will be demonstrating. So, depending on the style will determine which type of hair your model should have. You may need models that only have natural hair or someone who has a relaxer. Or you may need someone who has a certain type of hair texture. You will also need to find out if you’re model is okay to have their haircut or color added. You should have a model that is okay with being experimented on.


What is your model's background like? Do they have any references or pictures from their past events? Being a part of a hair show is your time to shine, so you want your model to have some experience, so you ensure they are the right fit.

Production Team

A hair show is a huge event, which means it’s impossible for you to try and run the whole show alone. You will need a team of people who can complete delegated tasks. Also, if the hair show isn’t in your hometown, you will need to make sure your team is willing to travel with you and stay for however long you need them to. As you’re figuring out whom you’re going to bring on board, the biggest factor is making sure you can trust them.

Public Speaking

The most important trait to have as a business owner is being able to speak in front of people. Knowing how to work a crowd and speaking confidently. You want people to trust in what you believe in as well. Mastering public speaking has many benefits, too. It helps overcome fear, improves communication skills and helps with career growth. Below are tips on public speaking to help sharpen your skills are below:
  • Record yourself talking and play it back. Test your selling technique too, so you can hear how convincing you sound.
  • Always make eye contact with whomever you’re speaking too.
  • Speak slowly and clear, so you ensure people will understand you.
  • Try to remain calm if you’re nervous. Having an exciting tone helps.
  • Pauses between making points.
  • Always smile.

Selling at the Show!

You may also want to think about selling a product at your table. Make sure to bring your hair extensions, edge control and any other items you might sell. Having business cards is also a plus! Engaging with your customers should always be your main focus. Think about what you may want your customer to learn. Fill them up with information, so they walk away gaining knowledge.

Are You Ready For Your Hair Show?

As the hair show schedules start approaching, you can begin preparing yourself now. Start getting your vision together, budget and everything else so that when you see an event you want to sign up for, you’ll be ready. Have confidence in all that you do and be bold. Let the world know you’re a hard worker and then show them what you got! Have any tips on being a success at a hair event? Drop them in the comments below!
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