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How to Choose The Right Clip in Extensions for Your Hair

How to Choose The Right Clip in Extensions for Your Hair

Time to Clip, Ladies!

Clips in extensions are the most convenient way to get inches in literally seconds. Ever wondered how so many celebrities and influencers get their gorgeous hair, that seems to last them a long time? The secret is hair extensions! You probably knew this already, but clip in extensions are easy to put in, and you can use them over and over again. Also, there is no need to book that salon appointment just yet.

Why Use Clip-In Extensions?

We can probably all agree that most hair extensions can have a magical effect on your hair and overall attitude. Clip in extensions is excellent whether you want to boost your volume or if you wish to add a little extra length. When you go to the salon, there are various semi-permanent methods of hair extensions, from glue-in to tape and micro ring extensions. While a great stylist will leave you looking and feeling a million dollars, these kind of extensions are expensive and require a lot of upkeep. Although hair extensions are pricey, they are beautiful and worth every penny when installing the right way. This situation is where clip-in extensions come in. Because you have the option to take them in or out, they are perfect if you like to switch up your look or if you want to experiment with different looks and different colors. Whether a more long-term option is worth the investment, you can be sure that clip in extensions will come in handy. Plus, you don’t need to wear them all day every day like the other options, and they are less likely to put a strain on your hair and scalp. We are trying to save the edges all 2018!

Tips for Wearing Clip-In Extensions

Let’s get into what it takes to master the art of wearing clip in extensions. They may seem simple, and they are, there is still a way to install them without them looking like visible hair extensions. Even clip-ins are trainable.

Choosing the Right Extensions

Synthetic hair is usually the most affordable but can be harder to blend into your natural hair, since the style of the hair comes with a curl memory. Curl memory means that no matter what type of manipulation you do to your extensions, the method will generally still be the same. Natural hair is often more expensive but can be dyed and styled to match your natural hair perfectly. Once you find out which style works best for you, it will be easier to pick out your extensions.

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Hair

Choosing the right shade and color for your hair is crucial because it depends on how you want it to look. If you get the right shade of hair, it will make a massive difference to your finished look. You can try to color match, or you can dye your natural hair to match your look perfectly. If you are going for an ombre look, make sure the hair blends naturally towards where the clip ins and natural hair meet.

What’s a Good Length?

While extensions are fab for adding length, for a natural finish, opt for no more a couple of inches or so longer than your natural hair if you want it to blend. If you are buying extensions to cut and style with your hair, then remember to choose a longer length that you can trim.

How to Apply your Clip-Ins

Trust me; this part is not as scary as people can make it seem. One of the things that scares a lot of people about extensions is the task of putting them in. However, with a few simple tricks, it is much easier than you might think. Let’s get started!

Have Your Tools/Products Ready and on Hand

There is nothing more frustrating than not having everything you need to perform a task. Hair tools will make your life much more comfortable. Invest in some sectioning clips and a tail comb to help you separate your hair as you put in your clip-ins. You can purchase these things at any of your local beauty supply stores!

Do a Little at a Time

Good things take time to complete, and that includes your clip-in hair extensions. This tip is key to getting a gorgeous finish. Most clip-in extensions come with a few different size wefts that work best-applied section by section. By parting and sectioning your hair and then applying piece by piece, you’ll be able to blend them correctly into your natural hair. It will look as if the clip in are coming straight out of your scalp if applied successfully.

Start and End Small

This tip is the best way to remember your application steps. The smallest wefts start at the nape of your head, then as you move up through the hair, they are fuller, and finally, you can finish the look with small sections at the side of your head above your ears. That will keep volume where you need it and stop the tapes or clips being visible.

Give Them Something to Grip

A big concern with clip-ins is that they can slide down your hair. The best way to keep them in place is to give them something to hold on. Either backcomb the roots of your strands gently before you clip them in, or tie little sections of hair into tiny hair elastics just below where the clips need to go.

Make Sure to Blend Them In

Styling your extensions once you’ve applied them will help them blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Whether you choose to curl them, straighten them, or want a different look like an updo, styling up your extensions will help them look part of your everyday style.

How to Care for Clip-In Extensions

If properly cared for, clip-ins can last you a reasonable amount of time. There are a few tips you can follow to make sure your extensions stay in the best condition.

Keep The Direct Heat to a Minimum

When you’re styling your extensions, try to minimize damage by keeping your heat tools on a low heat setting. It is also always worth remembering to use a heat protector on your extensions as well as your natural hair, to avoid damage.

Minimize Washing and Styling

The scalp doesn't naturally nourish hair extensions, so it is essential to try to avoid stripping them of oils by washing and styling too much. Wash them when necessary.

Use Sulfate Free Everything

When washing and conditioning your extensions, stop product build-up or oil stripping by opting for a sulfate-free formula. If the ends of your extensions look a little lackluster or dry, then a hair mask can help revitalize them.

Brush the Hair Gently

When detangling and styling your extensions, make sure to go gently and look for brushes that won’t snag and rip at them. The brush won’t only pull and tug on your clip in extensions, but you will also be tugging on your hair as well.

Store them Carefully After each Use

How you store your extensions will have a significant impact on whether they get tangled or damaged. Always detangle and brush through them before putting them away.

The Best Clip-In Extensions

Whatever color, length or volume you are looking for, there are the perfect hair extensions for you on look fantastic. These are some of the ones that we love.

Clip-ins are Every Women’s Best Friend

Remember to take your time finding and installing the right clip-in extensions that work for you, your personality, preference, and lifestyle. The perfect ones are out there for you, but it is up to you to do your research, save your money and invest in what you value. Have you tried clip-in extensions? Did I miss any tips? I would love to hear all of your experiences! Make a comment or question below!
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Why Should Hair Extensions Be Worn In The Summer?

Why Should Hair Extensions Be Worn In The Summer?

Extensions Are A Girls Best Friend

Are you thinking about wearing extensions this summer but not sure if it is worth the cost? We are here to help you out along the way in making your decision. Well, there are obvious reasons why wearing this style will be great for the summertime mainly because your curls will be out of harm's way from chlorine waters and hot sun rays. Buying synthetic weave or braids can cause more damage than good at times, if an installation is too tight, then this can bring about tension to your scalp and lead to hair loss. If you install individuals too close to the nape, then that can result in your edges and baby hair falling out. There are fewer cons of wearing extensions for the summer than there is any other hairstyle, especially if you get them done correctly. Always remember that getting extensions are just as great of a protective style as getting individual braids or faux locs, but the catch is that weave is a little more versatile and can look exactly like your real hair. Don't be mistaken because salt water, chlorine, and the sun can damage your natural soft hair and extensions as well, so in the process of wearing this beautiful style, you will have to know the different ways to take care of them so that it can last you all summer long. Let's get into the top reasons why every woman should be wearing hair extensions this summer season!

They're Great For Long Trips

Since it is summertime, that means you will be booking flights, if its anywhere within the united states you do not want to deal with the hassles of styling your hair every morning. If you plan to go somewhere overseas or near an ocean or beach, then you don't have to stress about getting your natural curls wet with extensions. Picking the perfect vacation hairstyle can be just as fun as choosing the destination you're going. Braids are fun don't get me wrong but imagine rocking bundles of Brazilian or Malaysian hair on a tropical island drinking out of a coconut. If you're not a big fan of sew-ins even getting clip-in extensions are great for vacation, if you want to give your scalp a break a let those curls loose and free you can. And on the other hand, if you plan on taking a night out on the town, you can easily clip in your extensions for length and volume. A quick tip to take care of your extensions if you do plan on coming into contact with salt water is to invest in an excellent leave-in conditioner. Leave-in products help keep your extensions from tangling or drying out. Weave has a way of knotting up a lot easier than your natural hair, so purchasing the right products can be a lifesaver in the end. Also, try not to scrub or bunch the hair up its best to use a wide tooth comb whenever you are trying to detangle hair. Check out our site for a variety of curl patterns and Grade A quality hair extensions that is sure to make you stand out on your vacation.

Hair Growth

If your someone who wants to know why their hair won't grow past a certain length it could be due to a multiple of reasons. It seems that no matter how patient you are, YouTube videos you watch, or products you buy that your curls are stuck at a certain length. If this sounds like something far too familiar, you should invest in getting some hair extensions for the summer! To wear your weave, the proper way it will involve you braiding, twisting, or cornrowing down your natural tresses; this is the first step in the growth process because it will gently pull on the follicles on your scalp. No matter what style you choose you must remember the real reason hair grows is if you are moisturizing it every other day and develop healthy hair care routines. Things you want to avoid is excessively combing, brushing, and straitening your natural curls, you expect growth to happen sometimes you must learn that less is more, and leaving the hair alone will help in the process. Extensions cover up your locks for the most part, and therefore you will see more growth after you take this protective hairstyle out. Lastly, since your roots have the extensions over them like a shield, it's a lot harder for natural elements like the sun, chlorine, and other things to penetrate and absorb into the hair follicles. So, if you feel like you've tried everything to grow out your locks, I would say give extensions a go and try your best to leave those hands out of your curls as much as possible.


For most of us during the summer who want to get a few workouts in, then extensions are perfect for your active summer lifestyle. When temperatures get warm, this typically brings about higher humidity which means that is inevitable that you will be working up a sweat. If you're anything like me, all it takes is just two steps outside, and you'll already see droplets of your sweat dripping down your neck and back. If you are a habitual exerciser, then your pores and sweat glands will be more open than the rest of us. Well, now you are in luck because most hair extensions can remain unharmed and have no adverse effects when it comes to sweat. What's even more significant is that some extensions like tape-ins are also waterproof, so there will be no need to avoid the water. You can workout at the pool, beach, or even go for a quick jog in the rain without looking like a maniac. Trust me extensions can stand the test of time and will somehow remain its luster, shine, and volume through those long summer nights and hot early mornings. If you're tired of sweating out your edges this summer, then invest in some grade A quality hair weave.


Extensions are perfect for the summer time due to how light and airy they feel. It seems like whenever the weather starts to warm up, everyone pulls out the kanekalon hair and gets individual braids or twists. But the weight of getting braids no matter how big or small the style is they can still get annoying. And on top of that can result in massive hair loss if you install them too tightly. If you have clip-ins or hair extensions put in the right way, then they should lie flat and remove any excess bulk without giving yourself tension headaches. An African-American woman is more likely to deal with hair loss in the future because most of the hairstyles we try out are heavy and weigh down on our hair follicles. Wearing extensions during the summer time is a lot more comfortable because they are not heavy, and your scalp will not feel even hotter due to the added sun. Heavy and fuller hairstyle is meant for the colder reasons, mainly because it's so chilly outside you want all the warmth that you can get. The density of your weave can also depend on the Grade, and quality type, typically Vietnamese and Peruvian hair can have a lighter mass than Brazilian or Indian extensions.

Natural looking

I know most of us when it comes down to picking out a hairstyle we want something that looks natural and blends in seamlessly with our hair. Most extensions are almost invisible when you install them into your hair, and they are also strong, durable, and non-damaging to your roots. If you invest in tape-in extensions, they will lay flat on to your scalp and have everyone thinking that this is the hair growing out of your head. If you are someone who likes to style their hair during the summer, you don't want anyone to see your tracks with the styles you choose. This con is another reason clip-ins would be the best bet when it comes down to the summer because if you happen to get wet you put your hair up into a ponytail and your extensions will be undetectable. If you buy 100% human hair, then, of course, it has no choice but to look natural on your head. Partial sew-ins are also a go-to look when you want a style that is close to what you would typically wear and your hair texture. The moral of the story is that extensions are the bomb when you want tracks that are almost invisible and more suitable hairstyle for the summer.


One of the main reasons we want you all to try out extensions for the summer is because you can reuse them for the later months to come. Good quality weave can last up to a year if you take care of them and this will save you tons of money in the long run. You can reuse tape-ins up to three times each. All you will need is a coconut oil product or cream to remove them safely. The use of coconut oil will increase growth and the overall health of your tresses. When you use synthetic hair or get braids, faux locs, or twists that's the end. Once they get old, too wet, or damaged, you can not reuse them. The pros of using tape-ins or clip-ins are that they are the best reusable extensions and the fastest method of the application. There is no heat or tools needed or required for an install, so you can even put them in yourself, making it an accessible style for the summer.

Will You Be Wearing Extensions for The Summer?

There are so many reasons why rocking extensions this summer should be the first thing on your mind. There are just too many benefits to count from being a perfect protective hairstyle to saving you coins all throughout the season. We all know that the summertime is ideal for awesome working out, swimming, camping, and so much more. You don't want to deal with the stress of styling your hair on top of all the other to do during this season. Getting a sew-in, clip-ins, or tape-ins might be the best financial and valuable choice you make all year. Remember that these styles are just like any other protective hairstyle. Keep your extensions in excellent condition by washing, conditioning, and moisturize them as you would to your real hair. Humidity sucks during the warmer weather seasons so be sure to keep leave-in conditioner on deck along with an excellent anti-frizz serum or spritz. What plans do you have for your summer hair? Are you already rocking extensions for the summertime? If so, please let us know how you like them in the comments down below.
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How to Invest and Find Good Quality Hair Extensions

How to Invest and Find Good Quality Hair Extensions

Worth the Wait

My mother has always told me, "If you're going to do something, do it right." Wearing hair extensions is more than just a fad. Some women choose to wear hair extensions as their primary hairstyle despite how long or short their natural hair is. Other women want to wear extensions because they struggle with their hair growth. With hair extensions, you can take a break from your daily styling routine and experiment with different hairstyles without compromising your natural hair health. While picking up hair from your local beauty supply is the most comfortable option, it's worth the wait to order your hair from a more reputable source.

A Great Hairstyle Starts with Great Hair

Due to the popularity of wearing weaves, different types of hair extensions are readily attainable. Beauty supply stores and e-commerce sites provide consumers with an array of choices at a low price. Getting your hair done on a regular basis can be expensive. But you should never compromise the quality of your hair extensions for a quick and cheap result. Purchasing hair from a beauty supply store or an unknown website is a risky decision. Before you book your next weave style, you need to know how to find quality hair extensions that you deserve.

It's About to Get Real

The first decision you need to make when you purchase hair extension is only to wear 100% human hair. The only exception to wearing synthetic hair is if you are getting a braided style. In that case, wearing synthetic hair for a short period is acceptable. Even if everyone knows that your extensions are not your natural hair, you still want them to look and feel natural. I've yet to see a hairstyle that looks best with synthetic hair. 100% human hair extensions are the most flattering way to wear your weaves. If you aim to wear human hair, you'll be hard-pressed to find it at a beauty supply store. Purchasing hair by the pack from a beauty supply store is a risky choice. First, most of the hair labeled as 100% human at beauty suppliers is not human hair at all. Most of the hair beauty suppliers carry are a mixture of human hair and other synthetic fibers.

Buyer Beware

In some cases, many of the hair extension packs found in beauty supply stores contain animal hair. This silent dupe can cause issues with styling and other possibly other irritations, like skin allergies. As a consumer, you deserve to know what you're wearing. It shouldn't require much searching to find your answers. Only purchase hair from reputable sites like Private Label Extensions. The satisfaction of buying hair at a low price is not worth the possible repercussions of putting unknown materials into your hair. If you're planning to apply heat to your extensions, then they have to be 100% human hair. While some synthetic weaves promise that they can handle heat styling, the majority will not perform well under high temperatures. Purchasing human hair gives you a high level of expectation for your extensions and how they will respond to products and hair tools. Picking up a few packs of hair from your local beauty supply store is an easy fix but doing so is making a poor investment in your hair choice. If you're purchasing hair from a web-based business, you need to make sure that the company has information about the origin of the hair as well as how to care for the hair on their website. Modern technology has made starting a hair business attainable. However, it's essential to have confidence that you're purchasing from a vendor that is serious about selling top quality weave to their customers. The hair sold on Private Label Extensions website is 100% human hair with zero synthetic fillers. Visit PLE's website if you've been searching for quality hair to purchase for personal use or to start your own hair extension business.

Beauty by the Bundle

How your hair arrives matters. Buying your hair in a bundle is another excellent way to ensure that you purchased quality hair. Hair that is sold by the bundle is some of the highest quality hair that you can buy. Usually, this hair has been sourced from a trusted supplier and does not contain any foreign elements. Bundle hair is typically from the same locale, rather than hair from all over the world in one pack like the hair from a beauty supply store. While bundle hair is more expensive than hair by the package, you're getting more bang for your buck. PLE hair is denser, unprocessed, and there's more hair to a single bundle than there is to a single pack of hair. Making the initial investment in purchasing hair by the bundle might cause a bit of a blow to your wallet. But over time you'll be able to reap the benefits of your wise purchase. Hair that is sold by the bundle also lasts longer. You will be able to wear your hairstyle longer, and, if you take proper care of your hair, you'll also be able to reuse it for multiple installs. Here are 5 "musts" to extending the life of your extensions:

Number One: Must Use A Heat Protectant

Don't fall victim to the thought that just because the hair isn't growing out of your head that it doesn't need protection. 100% human extensions, like hair from PLE, is just as susceptible to heat damage as is natural hair. Make sure that you're always protecting your hair with a spray or cream-based heat protectant before you use your heat tools.

Number Two: Keep them Clean

That's right; extensions get dirty. As you wear your extensions, you need to keep up with your usual cleaning routine. But, once you remove your extensions, you need to give them an excellent clarifying cleaning before you stow them away for future use. Allowing product build-up and debris to sit on the hair will only interfere with the integrity of your extensions.

Number Three: Add Moisture

Regularly conditioning your extensions and applying a light oil will help keep them in pristine condition. Make sure that you're using a deep conditioner that is appropriate for the type of extensions you're wearing. Also, you should apply oil to your ends only a few times a week to avoid interfering with the hair texture.

Number Four: Protect the Weft

The weft is the thick seam at the top of your extensions that allows for them to be sewn or glued into your hair. The weft is the only lifeline that your extensions have. Without the weft, you will have single hair strands that are falling all over the place. Make sure that your hair is installed by a professional that won't put too much stress on the weft. As you wear your hairstyle, make sure that you're not handling them too rough as it's possible to pull the hairs off the weft.

Number Five: Store Them With Care

When you're not wearing your extensions, don't just throw them in a bag in and expecting them to look amazing the next time you wear them. Store them properly! Once your hair has been removed and cleaned, it's best that you hang your weave to dry. If you can't hang it up, then lay it on a flat surface to dry. After your hair has been dried thoroughly, gently roll it back up like how it was when it first arrived to maintain it's texture while storing it. Loosely secure it with an elastic band and store it in a plastic bag away from direct light, moisture, and heat.

Don't Trust the Process

When it comes to finding good quality hair extensions, don't purchase processed hair. While the hair extensions that are sold in beauty supply stores, labeled as virgin hair, are still treated hair. Selecting a vendor that sells only unprocessed hair is the best choice when buying for quality. Processed hair means that an acidic bath that strips the hair shaft and chemically alters the natural appearance of the hair. The act of processing hair extensions removes the cuticles from the hair. That means that by the time you've purchased it, that hair has already been through stress even before you add heat, color, or style it. An even bigger issue with removing the cuticles from the hair shaft is that the hair won't function as natural hair would under certain conditions. The cuticles of our hair help to protect the hair shaft. They are also the gateway to allowing moisture in and out. Without your hair cuticles, your extensions cannot correctly retain moisture. No cuticles on the hair strand mean that they are more likely to become dry and result in heat damage merely because they cannot protect themselves.

Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes everything you need to know is right in front of your eyes. If you're shopping for hair extensions at a beauty supply store, they should have a sample of the hair in the store that is available for you to see, touch, and smell. If you purchased your bundles from a hair vendor, don't wait until your appointment to inspect the hair. It's vital that you do not ignore the red flags. If the hair you purchased had an unpleasant odor, it's likely that you've received poor quality hair. Any odd smells coming from your extensions are an indicator that the hair is poor quality. It's essential that you thoroughly inspect the hair and the hair weft. You need to check and make sure that the length you received is accurate. When you touch the hair, it should feel smooth. It doesn't matter if you purchased Vietnamese hair or Brazilian kinky hair. The hair should feel soft and manageable. As you touch the hair, if you notice that you feel dry, brittle pieces then you probably received poor quality hair. Don't stop your inspection upon receiving the hair. It's also imperative to pay attention to how the hair behaves once the hair is installed. Hair that does not respond well to heat styling is another red flag. If the hair will not straighten or has a hard time conforming to a curl, then it's probably low-quality hair that is treated. I love to wear the Brazilian Body Wave extensions from PLE. I only brush my extensions twice per day, in the morning and again at night. It doesn't matter if I wear the hair straight, curled, or in its natural wave, I never deal with matting or knots. The hair from Private Label Extensions is the best quality hair on the market, and your investment in your PLE hair goes a long way.

Keep It To Yourself

A tell-tale sign that you haven't purchased good quality hair is shedding. If you notice that you're leaving a trail of weave behind you as you walk, then you're not wearing hair of good quality. If the hair you're wearing is straight or wavy, then make sure you're brushing it with a paddle or vented brush. You only want to detangle it when the hair is wet if the hair you purchased is curly or kinky. It's best to use a wide-toothed comb or a Denman brush on textured hair. After you've detangled your hair, you should only have a few strands of hair leftover in your brush. Giant wads of hair coming out of your weave after one datable is a red flag.

Quality Is Never Too Much

Investing in good quality hair extensions can be a costly move. Even if your style is temporary, the hair that you purchase doesn't have to be. Take your time, do your research and make sure that you fully understand what you're purchasing. I strongly caution you to avoid buying hair extensions from beauty supply stores and explore other options like purchasing from Private Label Extensions. Do let cost deter you, PLE offers good quality hair at an affordable price. You can also sign up to receive text messages about their flash sales! Leave a comment below and share how you know you've purchased good quality hair. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @privatelabelextensions and tag us in your selfies wearing your PLE hair extensions!
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The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Extensions This Summer

The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Extensions This Summer

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out...So What About My Hair

Now that summer has arrived, there are a plethora of activities that can be done to get you into the swing of the summer heat. From garden parties to dinner dates, to day trips and of course hitting the pool and beach! But, what are you going to do about that hair? During the summer, it is easy to become frustrated or just plain annoyed with the sweltering heat that really makes you think twice about not getting that protective style. So, in light of the summer sun, fresh water, and unpredictable weather there are probably some things that you want to avoid when maintaining extensions this summer. Overall, the worst things that you can do to your hair this summer is a lengthy list, so explore and take notes with us as we run down the list of a few things that you could possibly be doing to sabotage your hair. Whether it is knowingly or unknowingly you are most likely guilty of at least one thing, right? No one is perfect sis.

Bleach Blonde Gone Wrong

Okay, I get it you want to go blonde for the summer but are you going to achieve this color the right way? When it comes down to your extensions, you have to treat them as if the hair was growing out of your scalp! So that means not going too heavy on the hair lightener. Over bleaching, your extensions not only makes them dry but can cause them to break off, thin out and give your hair an unsightly look that you were not going for. To avoid hair drama by way of bleaching, there are a few tips to give your hair a new look and to save all of the money you spent when you invested.

Tip #1: Lift Slowly

Depending on what type of look you are going for, you want to lift as slow as possible especially when you have dark hair. The darker or “browner” your hair is, the longer the process will be. You do not want orange hair right? I mean, if that’s your thing then more power to you sis! But if you are looking to lift to a honey blonde or even bleach blonde, take the process slow!

Tip #2: Consult with a professional

While being a student enrolled at YouTube University is excellent, there have been a lot of mishaps from even the best of scholars. Your extensions are delicate threads of hair that need love too! Looking for a leave out style that will require you to bleach your natural hair to match the consistency of the extensions? Then you want to book an appointment with someone who knows hair and is licensed to break down the specifics.

Tip #3: Know the hair texture

It is all but crucial to be mindful that textures of extensions are different and you may have Mongolian, kinky, Brazilian or a different varying type. Each one of these textures may go through a different process to reach a particular level of blonde which tells us that the makeup of each strand needs specific attention. If you have a more curly type of extension, then you want to be careful to not over process. Over bleaching, or chemically burning not only loosens your curls but makes it so much harder to get that texture back. So be careful ladies!
Tip #4: Give it some life! So after you have bleached to your highest desire, give that hair some life back and add some moisture. Any type of light oil like argan or castor will do! You do not want to oversaturate as that will make your hair greasy with too much slip, but you want to add enough so that there is some shine and minimal shedding.

Blondes Have More Fun

The topic of bleaching is one that is for the risk takers and for those who just need a little change during the summer. But these changes require a little bit of preparation as it is mentioned above. Don’t be the girl with the box dye if you have never colored your hair before! Save your extensions and your pockets some grief and seek out someone who can tell you what is suitable for your extensions and what you should hang up on the shelf.

Playing Poolside and Seaside

There are so many things that are on the list of the worst things that you can do to your extensions this summer, with chlorine and salt water being one of the highest on the list.

Pool Talk

The pool is probably the most sought out location whenever the clock strikes 12 on a hot summer day. It is so easy to want a refreshing and submerging dip before realizing we are potentially harming our hair extensions. Well, before you take that dive, there are a few things you need to know before going to that pool party.

Tip #1: Tie your hair up

The main thing to understand about chlorine bleach is that it slowly dries out whatever it comes into contact, so yes that means your extensions too. To the actual follicles, the weft and the binding adhesive (thread, glue, tape), things will slowly begin to dismantle itself over time. However, if you want to combat the water try to make sure that you are tying your hair up and out of the way. To go the extra mile, try tying a scarf around the perimeter of your hair for extra security.

Tip #2: Don’t dive in if you can help it

Resist the urge girl! Do not jump into water if you are not ready to pay the consequences in the form of hair extensions. Water submerging may be fun at first, but that can mean shedding and dry hair later on down the road. If you just have to break the rules make sure to wash your extensions as soon as you can or even use a swim cap!

Tip #3: Stay out of the direct sun if you can

I know this sounds crazy but if you can help it try not to be directly in the sun. While the sun is fantastic for our skin, it can create severe damage in our extensions. Whether you are at the beach or poolside with your favorite people, try to find some shade. Staying directly in the sun can cause dryness which leads to breakage and of course unwanted discoloration.

Tip #4: Be wary of sand

Who all loves playing in the sand and the ocean when going to the beach? I’m pretty sure that is all of us! However, when at the beach, sand has a strange way of appearing everywhere, including our extensions. How? The world may never know, but if I do know anything, it is that it can be a real pest to get rid of. To protect your hair from the sand try using the same method mentioned above which is to use a swim cap and even then if sand finds its way to your hair, you want to make sure that you wash it thoroughly with a good cleansing shampoo and restoring conditioner. To make sure that everything is truly clean wash gently in between the foundation of your hair if it is sewn down. Ensure that the water runs clear by the time that you feel as though everything is clean.

How Do I Cleanse My Hair?

Now that we have tackled the basics of the water issue, there is a bit more ground to cover such as what type of shampoo you should use or how you should be combing your hair after you have dealt with the water. The answer to that is relatively easy, and since many extensions are different, they will require different products. For cleansing your extensions, you may want to try a clarifying shampoo or sulfate free shampoo. Both of these products you can find at your local beauty supply store or grocery store, no need to spend the big bucks where you do not have to!

Bun Life Could Be Costing You

If you are anything like me, then you know that a quick bun is all that you need to make life go around. But, if you wear extensions during the summer this also one of the worst things you can do. The constant rustle and tussle of tying your hair up and then taking it down and putting it back up and taking it down again. Of course, this is something that can jeopardize your hair year round, but this is exclusive to summer because once again, that heat is no joke. Having your hair up is beneficial to keep the strands off of your neck but it can also loosen your foundation as time passes on, mix this with seat many of us get in our scalp and you will find yourself visiting your beautician more often than recommended. The constant pulling on your extensions is similar to what happens when you have braids in your hair. The hair braided or secured to the base with eventually begin to slip from its foundation over time and quite frankly, it can be uncomfortable! Seriously, imagine finally letting your hair down, and you feel the weight of the extensions tugging on your edges. Can we say painful? To lessen those effects and to get some cooling relief while having extensions try a short shoulder length bob using your extensions. There are different textures and styles to experiment with like curly, kinky, wavy or straight. Trust us; you will beat the heat and preserve your style.

Makeup In The Summer

Beat faces are always a priority when heading out for a night of Snapchat filters, and Instagram slays, but there is still a con that goes by the name of product buildup. We have heard of this with hair products but if you are the one who cannot go without her contour and setting powder, listen up. Product buildup is just as it sounds and when it comes to makeup which means that the solution is not that complex. Product buildup is one of the worst things that you can do to your extensions this summer because honestly, heat and face products do not mix. If you are wearing a closure or frontal, take a look at your hairline, is it normal or do you see remnants of left behind power and foundation? If you can answer yes to that question, then there are a few solutions to this problem. What about the ladies who have clip ins or wears sew in extensions? Many times products sift back into the braids or clips of your extensions and leave the wefts clunky and caked up. This much product left behind in the hair can cause an itchy scalp and of course the roots of your extensions to be the color of your foundation. Aside from the unintended color job, your extensions can begin to smell over time and the longer that the makeup resides there, the tighter it is to get out.

So, How Do You Cleanse Away The Makeup?

Pick up that same clarifying shampoo and conditioner from earlier and prepare for a few hours of extra tedious cleaning. If you are early on and noticing that your foundation is starting to reach pieces of your extensions, then you are in luck!

Step #1

To easily cleanse your hair, take a washcloth, a bowl of warm water, shampoo and a t-shirt.

Step #2

Clip back your hair around the perimeter and dip the washcloth in the bowl of warm water.

Step #3

Try not to oversaturate as you do not want to ruin your hair base, however, ensure that you get the edges clean enough so that you see the original weft of hair again.

Step #4

Be sure that you are a taking dime-sized amount and applying the shampoo with your fingers. Rotate gently in a circular motion and rinse with the warm washcloth. Repeat each step until you feel as though you have cleaned your scalp to the best of your abilities. Follow up by sitting under a hooded dryer and finally moisturizing your extensions with a little bit of oil. Having a quick wash is such an easy way to take your hair from disaster to hair master! Just think about it, all of that sweat and makeup eventually builds up, and you will need some way to get it out of your hair without doing a full wash day routine. It is indeed the little tips that go the furthest, especially in compromising weather. I know, it is so hard to give up that slay when you want to hit the night with your friends. But the smaller alternatives are what will keep your extensions lively and prospering.

Here’s The Tea on Protecting Your Extensions During The Summer

When it comes down to preventing doing the worst possible things to your extensions, remember that you can only do so much during the summer. Between the extreme heat, rainy days, slayed makeup and hopping in the pool you are bound to cause some damage to your hair. It is ultimately inevitable to not ruin your hairstyle at least once during the summer because thinking about the small things only magnifies the issue, right? However, that’s why we have small tips are tricks to get you through the long summer days! What I am trying to say is put a little less effort into being perfect and a little more push into knowing what backup works for you. In all, take your time with your hair and try not to get too frustrated with how the summer sun treats your hair.
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DIY or No Not I: Should You Invest in Pre-Colored Hair Extensions

DIY or No Not I: Should You Invest in Pre-Colored Hair Extensions

To Do Or Not to Do

All this summer heat will make you want to go blond, red, yellow, green, purple and blue. It never fails, summer always brings out the brightest of us in all forms from clothes, shoes, makeup, and hair. Being a human being, we get caught up in trends, and pre-colored hair extensions is a trend we all want to get our hands on. The question today is should you be investing in them? Well Duh! Now some of us want to do the color ourselves, but sometimes it may not be the best idea, especially if you haven’t had prior training on how to properly color hair. Today let’s tap into the advantages and disadvantages of ordering pre-colored hair extensions, or you are taking the time to color them yourself.

No Clue; Don’t Do

There are so many things in life we could DIY but the color, in my opinion, isn’t suggested. If you do not know how to color hair, I would not recommend you dibble and dabble in it. Take it from the girl whose hair fell out messing with bleach. I learned my lesson the hard way. Luckily with the modern-day hair extensions such as closures and frontals, we can now wear any color we please without damaging our hair. This topic brings me back to my suggestion. Hair coloring is complicated, and you must be familiar with the color wheel. Many people don’t know that some extensions will only go so blond which means that they won't lift to a platinum blond just a honey blond. If the extension grade only lives to a honey blond, the bright pink, purple or blue you want will not come out correctly at all. Skip the entire step of bleaching in general. If you purchase Russian blonde extensions from Private label, you will already have a bright blond to work with. You also have the disadvantage of making a complete mess. Dying extensions can get very messy sometimes permanently damaging your counters, sinks or table tops. It is also very time consuming and would require multiple steps. Don’t forget about the conditioner. What I mean by that Is after any color install, you always want to deep condition, deep condition, deep condition. It is so imperative as color strips the natural hair oils. If not appropriately conditioned, your hair is at risk of being brittle, and eventually, you will end up throwing it away growing frustrated with its stiffness. Why put yourself through the hassle when you could pre-order the color you desire?

No Troubles, Pre-Colored

Ordering your pre-colored hair extensions saves a lot of time but, how about money? Maybe, maybe not. Hair extension is already a bit pricey, and many people opt out of paying extra for a color they may desire, thinking it will save money if they do it themselves. That may be true for people familiar with color and have an understanding of how to do it. If you have no clue what to do though, you may not be saving the money you think you are. Think about the money and time you could have saved ordering pre-colored hair extensions, rather than trying to experiment. Coloring incorrectly ultimately wastes your time and money because now you hair extensions are ruined, and you have no clue exactly how to bring them back to life. It looks as if you ended up wasting more on hair color and destroyed extensions. Your advantages are time and money but more importantly, quality. Why do something yourself in hopes to achieve a look instead of guaranteeing it comes out right. Most pre-colored hair extensions are essentially brought back to life after color and adequately maintained to ensure the same silky feel if you would have bought it without shade. Don’t let the money be the reason you stop from ordering the extra color you so crave. If you are interested in pre-colored extensions or extensions in general, please take a look at the fabulous weave Private Label Extensions has to offer.

Better Safe Than Sorry

We have always heard the phrase “better safe than sorry.” This phrase resonated with the article because I want you all to take away the fact that playing in extensions can make or break them, literally. If you would like to practice coloring, I would advise you to practice on an old weave or cheap hair. Playing in color is something you never want to do. I dealt with hair falling out of my scalp messing with bleach not knowing what I was doing. Although your extensions, won't fall out, they can over the process which is exactly what I did to my hair which caused it to fall out. Good thing they are just extensions and not your real hair so you can continue to practice until you feel comfortable ordering a fresh batch of bundles to do it yourself. In the meantime in between time take the time to look at some tutorials before messing with your beautiful extensions. Learn the color wheel and be specific in color you want to achieve. Continue the same color until you have it the exact way you desire. Practice always makes perfect. In the meantime, until you have stayed consistent with the craft of color, pre-colored extensions are definitely worth your investment!
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What You’re Really Not To Do With Hair Extensions

What You’re Really Not To Do With Hair Extensions

What To Do or Not To Do With Hair Extensions; That Is The Question!

Did you know there are things you really shouldn’t be doing when it comes to hair extensions? Well, not that there’s a rule book on do’s and don’t, but there are a few things that probably shouldn’t get attempted if you want your extensions to last! The average person can spend hundreds of dollars a year just on extensions, between purchasing the hair and having it installed. That’s a lot of money, and many people aren’t even correctly taking care of them. Also, hair extensions can last a very long time if you know how to maintain them. Besides maintaining hair extensions, it’s also important to keep your natural hair as well. Some many people wear extensions and neglect entirely their real hair. Hair extensions are not a replacement for your natural hair. Have you ever thought about what would happen if hair extensions went extinct? Although, that’s a far fetch theory, anything is possible which means you still should take care of your natural hair. So know, your natural hair doesn’t have to get damaged, as long as you take care of your extensions. Continue reading below to find out what you really shouldn’t do with hair extensions.

Shouldn’t Wash Weekly

Okay, I get it, the most common hair extension to buy is human hair; however, that doesn’t mean its as human as your real hair! If you want to stretch out the full benefit of your hair extensions, you really shouldn’t wash them weekly. The issue with this is all of the constant wetness will eventually dry out your extensions. Not only that but your natural hair underneath will begin to frizz up. Most people rock braids under their extensions so if the hair is always getting wet, the braids can loosen causing everything to look a mess. Now, you may be asking yourself, “if too much water contact isn’t good then how often should I wash my hair?” Well, on average, washing once a month is good. That’s pretty much the standard timeframe the ordinary person sticks keep. A month is a reasonable period not to touch your hair extensions and allow them to be unbothered. However, sew-in hair extensions are treated differently than say, clip in extensions. The significant difference between the two types of hair is one can come out much more comfortable than the other. For example, depending on your product build up or quality of the clip in, you can merely unclip them from your hair and wash. It’s much better to clean extensions when they aren’t in your head. So the next time you have hair extensions installed, be aware of how often you wash them, so they don’t mess up too early.

Shouldn’t Pull Tracks While Removing

Did you know the way you remove hair extensions could potentially damage your natural hair? Too many people think that just because their extensions are old, they can pull them out. Sadly, that is the quickest way to damage your hair. It's important to know that even though the last stage of the uninstall, you need to handle extensions with care still. Let's discuss a quick weave; typically most will either have their tracks glued to their natural hair or a wig cap. When its time to have the hair extensions removed, some people will pull their tracks out and not worry about any potential damage. However, this is not the best way to have them removed. When it comes to using glue to install your tracks, the best way to remove it is to spray oil sheen throughout the scalp section. The oil will quickly soften the track and glue, to allow for an easy slip, to remove. If you’re someone who is removing a sew-in track, the best way is to have someone else remove it. With this type of style, a thread is bonding the track to the braid, so the thread has to be cut to remove. However, when people try to cut it their self, they discover its easy to cut their hair! The last thing anyone should want is to have their hair cut while removing extensions. Remember that it’s important to remove hair extensions carefully. The damage that can occur during the removal process is avoidable.

Shouldn’t Leave Them in For A Long Time

Okay, let us all gather around for this one. We all know a few people who tend to leave their hair extensions in for a lot longer than they should. Some believe they are just saving money when others are just too lazy to do their hair. Either way, you view it, your hair extensions need to have an expiration date, which you stick also. The average amount of time a person should leave hair extensions is about 60 days. Anything past that timeframe becomes a danger zone! It’s important to know that your scalp needs to breathe and have a break. A few years ago there was a story that went viral with a woman who left her extensions in for a year. Yes, a year, like 12 months! The hairstylist showed the removal process of that expired style and to spare the details, know it was beyond nasty. Over the course of that time, her scalp got affected, and her natural hair had to be cut out. Now, I understand that hair extension are typically expensive, but your overall health should always be a top priority. Also, hair extension lasts a lot longer than people think. There are tons of articles on the Private Label Extension website that discuss how to take care of your extensions, how to refresh them and do touch-ups in between breaks. All of this important is to share with others how to have a better hair extension journey.

Shouldn’t Share Them

One thing you won’t hear too often is people sharing their hair extensions. Well, the reason you won’t hear about it is that of course, nobody wants others to know they are sharing it in the first place! It’s quite nasty honestly, but I’m not here to judge! Germs are everywhere we go. It’s something that’s hard to avoid. However, when it comes to what we should avoid, hair extensions are on that list! People don’t realize how often they may sweat under their extensions or how much germs and build-up is under there as well. Then if you turn around and share it, you pass along all those germs to another person. Now, there are some cases where sharing wigs or clip-ins are okay, and that’s in the beauty industry. When there are models taking pictures all day, posing, they have to have different looks and props are also needed. Wigs and clip-ins are very quick to install and wouldn’t cause such issues. The models may only wear their clip-in for 20 minutes or less before the next girl needs them. So unless you have a gig that you need to perform at and you need to use your sisters clip-ins, don’t ever share extensions on a regular basis.

Rule Book

Now, when it comes to hair extensions, you should now be more educated on what you’re really not to do with hair extensions. No, the above list isn’t something that is mandatory or that you have to live by, however, if followed, will give you excellent results. Nobody really knows what you should or shouldn’t do with hair extensions because honestly, everyone lives how they want to live. Like most things in life, it doesn’t come with a handbook. But that doesn’t mean you should put your health in jeopardy or damage your hair in the process. Like I mentioned earlier, hair extensions are usually pricey but understand many alternative solutions will ensure you get the most significant benefit from your hair extensions! Are you a rebel when it comes to hair extensions? Do you do things to your extensions that you probably shouldn’t do? Let me know what they are in the comment section below!
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Best Hair Extensions To Match Your Personality

Best Hair Extensions To Match Your Personality

Personalities and Hair Pieces

The Private Label Extensions Blog site has tons of articles on hair extensions for summer, the beach, your hair type, and even events. But aside from all of those outside factors, it's the inside that counts. Vibes and habits are important when choosing what texture and type of extensions, wigs or weave you should rock! The way you approach spending your money, your hair routine and how important hair extensions are to you plays directly into which hair extensions are right for you.
Here Are The Best Extensions For Your Personality:

Super Laid Back

To break out of your shell! But I'm with you girl, that sounds too much like work. Being a laid back person means that you want to have extensions that are easy to manage, and a style that's hard to ruin. You have good hair and good vibes.

Hair Type: Malaysian

Malaysian hair is slightly thicker and therefore holds a curl or straight longer. Malaysian hair is less likely to become frizzy due to it's thicker hair shaft. A laid back person such as yourself needs a hair type that isn't prone to flake or frizz at all the weather conditions and blends nicely with your hair for minimal upkeep.

Hair Textures: Wavy and Straight

Hair textures that would suit you well are both wavy and straight. Wavy textures give a chill vibe and can be fluffed or sprayed to enhance the crinkly and left alone to air dry. The best part about wavy hair is that whether it's too curly or a little too straight, it always looks finished because it is! A wavy look requires the least amount of upkeep and can easily be brushed out in the morning for a fun and carefree appearance. These bundles can be maintained by throwing on a bonnet or sleeping free, do you boo, your wavy bundles will look good regardless. A straight hair texture may seem daunting, but since you go with the flow, it can be as easy as wrapping your hair at night and unwrapping it in the morning to keep the hair tangle-free and give a bouncy effect.

If You Are Shy, Don't Worry!

I have the perfect remedy for that:

Hair Type: Any Hair Type

I recommend any hair type because it's more about the length and texture of the hair that will make these extensions pop for you.

Hair Texture: Deep Wave and Straight

Deep Wave hair extensions are useful for the shy person attempting to break out! A nice thick curl adds volume to hair and draws attention to your face. Straighter hair is less prone to have tangling and any accidents like clumping or shedding in public which can lead to some awkwardness. Additionally, straight hair helps one blend and goes smoothly with your timid demeanor. Whenever I go places for the first time, I love to wear my hair straight, that way it sends the signal that I am confident and either professional or sexy. I think this helps me maneuver situations easier because if I feel good about my appearance, I tend to feel more settled in others presence.

Hair Length: Long or Short

Go short if you have a curly style; this will enhance the thickness and height of your bush and maximize your style will also hiding some of your face. Though, I would prefer you to strut yourself and burst out! Go a little longer with your bundles with either a curly, wavy or straight texture. Longer styles often create the allusion of softness and can be comforting to play in.

If You Are A Perfectionist...

I know you like your hair to look and feel a certain way, or you aren't leaving the house, and forget snapping when and if you hit the town tonight. Being a perfectionist can be rough, your favorite line is "I like it, like that" (Cardi B Voice), and here are the hair extensions that will make your needs come true.

Hair Type: Brazillian And Peruvian

Brazillian hair is noted as the closest to a natural hair. It works well with different products and blends smoothly with a multitude of hair types. Peruvian hair is thinner and more comfortable to manage. This hair type comes in darker colors and hardly ever has a weird brownish tint that some bundles boast.

Hair Texture: Straight

A long straight style is suitable if you want something that is noticeable yet uniform. A straight texture will allow you to make sure that every hair is in its place and provide a sleek, and polished look overall.

Hair Length: Short

A good style if you are a perfectionist is a bob! It embodies perfection with a razor sharp cut and a nice crisp angle. Bobs are also sweet if they are entirely leveled and can give you that warm 'every stand is completely even' feeling that someone like you would love!

If You Are Energetic...

Then nothing is out of your reach! You usually feel up to any challenge, and you are ready to take on the hair world one bundle at a time. Or three, because sis we need to snag those bundle deals!

Hair Type: Indian

Indian hair is recommended for three reasons, 1) I haven't tried it yet so I'm forcing everyone else, 2) I have heard nothing but fabulous reviews about Private Label Extensions Indian hair and 3) Indian hair has a beautiful loose wave!

Hair Texture: Deep Wave or Loose Wave

Oh, deep wave, how I love thee. As a wild child myself, I can always appreciate a good curl! When you think of fun, nobody thinks of perfectly straight hair but curly fros and wavy wisps of hair. Deep Wave hair is meant for you because it's fun, wild and fluffy! All the combinations for a good time. But don't let the deep-set curls fool you, maintaining this style will take work. Even the best curly extensions are prone to shedding and tangling, but with your energetic personality and can-do attitude, you're just the woman for the job! You'll need to use a spray bottle filled with water and conditioner to keep your curls popping just right and tye down your bundles at night with a bonnet or braid your hair in about four big plaits and tie a scarf around your edges to preserve the pattern. Loose Wave hair is easy going, and smooth like your personality! Loos Wave hair is the distant cousin of both deep wave and straight and provides the best of both worlds.

Hair Length: Inchesssssssss!

With your bubbly personality comes a bucket full of energy and that means you would love playing in long flowing inches of hair! I think that shortcuts are fun and spicy, but there's nothing like flipping your hair around a few times! Plus, with the added inches you can reuse the hair for shorter styles later on, so it's the best of both worlds!

If You Are Adventurous...

And you love to jump out there and explore different styles and hair textures, sampling everything is right up your alley.

Hair Type and Hair Texture: Every Single One

Try them all! If you go to sleep dreaming of weave, then wake up and make your dreams come true! Give yourself a chance to skip from a 613 Bone Straight Lace Front Wig to five bundles of Special Order Lavender Ombre Malaysian Deep Wave. The website is your ocean, and you my friend are Marlon, swimming around to find the perfect weave combination instead of Nemo. Having this free-flowing spirit is lovely, it means you have the confidence and the patience to try out new styles and textures. Go for it.

If The Idea of Doing Anything to Your Weave Makes You Sick...

I bet ten dollars you thought I was going to say go curly! Wrong! And I will take my payments in comments. Curly hair as mentioned has it's own lists of do's and don'ts. Not even wavy can reach you if you've found yourself scrolling down this far and every option has been deemed undesirable. My first piece of advice would be to please, avoid a leave out style, or anything with too much upkeep like a half up half down hairstyle with deep wave hair! You will regret going down this route when you have to spend more than five minutes unwrapping and correcting your hair, fighting frizz and slicking your edges. Opt for a wig, and it can be curly or straight, that has closure. While all weaves praised for being low maintenance, contrary to belief, most hair extensions take some work, if even a little, to look as hydrated and neat as they do. The best option is to find an hair extensions brand like Private Label Extensions, that you love so that the hair itself is more comfortable to manage and you have a wide variety of options.

Help, I'm Picky. What To Do If I Find It Hard To Commit To A Style?

It's okay if you haven't entirely fallen in love with the weave game. I understand having an intensely noncommital personality where doing anything for too long is a stretch or if nothing you've been trying seems to tickle you as much as it should. No worries; you should try clip ins! Clip-ins are affordable options that have so many pros. Clip-in extensions are easy to install and remove and blend quickly with hair. Additionally, these snap in place hair extensions and moved around the head for added thickness or to create a new style. Clip-ins can also be taken out every day and swapped for new colors or different textures.

What Fits Me

A sewing needle to my braided and netted foundation, a curler to my left, if I had to choose my personality based on the choices, I'd have to go with being a non-committer! I cannot fully decide on which color makes my skin pop! Though, instead of rocking clip-ins, I opt for wigs that way whatever traits come out to play that week or month covered with their hair flavor. Before I discovered wigs, I also loved to utilize thin tape-in strips of hair that boasted a funky color like red or purple. This tape in method was a way to add some flair to my styles without having to dive headfirst into bundles full of long red hair. If you are easily frustrated, I have some textures for you to avoid when starting. Don't commit to hair extensions like clip-ins, or shorter lengths, as well as textures such as kinky curly. Clip-ins require daily placement and can be frustrating when blending or placing for a natural looking style. Shorter hair lengths whether straight or wavy often need refreshers to look more presentable and flowing. Lastly, kinky curly extensions need careful wrapping and a little spritz to keep them in top shape and can be frustrating when looking for a quick and manageable weaving style.
If you are not sure where your personality lands you, try them all! A lot of us cannot be summed up in one word, because we are a mash-up of so many different things that make us all unique. Hair extensions are the same way; all textures and hair types give their unique look, feel and vibe that can call out to us at any given moment. It's okay not to limit yourself to one specific hair type.

Don't Worry Too Much About Your Category

The most important thing is that our hair stays slayed and that we find creative ways to express ourselves through hair. Give each mix of textures and hair types a try and let us know which combination spoke to your soul the most. Remember that hair extension are precisely that, an extension of you! Your hair should reflect your personality and tell something about who you are.
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Perfect Hairstyles to Rock with Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

Perfect Hairstyles to Rock with Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

All About Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky curly hair extensions have become quite popular these days. They give you a natural hair look that resembles natural, unprocessed type 3 or 4 hair. When virgin hair first came out, there were not that many textures to choose from outside of straight or body wave. As time went on different vendors started to provide various textures. Kinky textures were still hard to find in a virgin hair state, but once they were created they became a hit! Natural haired girls from all over started to add these bundles to hair to give their hair more volume. Relaxed haired ladies also got kinky curly hair to achieve the natural hair look without having to wait for years to grow out the perfect afro and even less maintenance

To Love or Hate

The misconception around the block is that kinky curly hair is hard to style because of the curly texture. Whether it is real hair or extensions, people in general always assume curly textures of hair are hard to style. Well, I am here to break that myth right now! Let's go over perfect styles that you can rock with Brazilian kinky curly hair extensions.

Different Styles


One of the most popular hairstyles to rock with kinky curly hair is an afro. Afro’s are reminiscent of the 70’s era yet are a look that has remained timeless and withstood the test of time. The great thing about kinky curly hair is it natural comes in an almost afro-like state. To get a large afro, you can tease out your hair extensions with a hair pick. Doing this will add more body and depth to your hair. Whether you want an afro look that is big or, small kinky curly hair will do the trick.

Half Up Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle has made a strong comeback. This hairstyle was trendy in the 90’s being worn by girl groups and celebrities all over the world. As time went on it started to be seen as a hairstyle for younger girls in the 2,000’s, but now this hair look is ageless. The half up half down hair look is so beautiful with kinky curly hair. Kinky curly hair can be a lot of hair on your head depending on how many bundles you use. This look is a great way to get hair out of your face while still showing the beauty of the curly texture. When creating this hairstyle with a sew-in weave or a wig, many are concerned about whether or not their tracks will show. One thing I love about doing this style with this texture of hair is that the curls will hide the fact that there is not a part or even hide your tracks. I also love that this style is effortless to achieve. You can spice this style and the others mentioned in this article even more by styling your baby hairs.


A sleek ponytail is not the only ponytail that you can rock, try rocking a ponytail with curls. Creating a ponytail with kinky curly hair adds a romantic feel to your hair look. You can wear your ponytail going all the way up, in a middle part, side part or even a deep side part. Have fun; even ponytails can be versatile!

All To One Side

A trendy hair look for curly haired girls in the 80s was wearing all of your hair to the side. This look is funky and cute. You can achieve it by using bobby pins to pink your hair all to one side. The look resembles a mohawk yet all to one side. To avoid your tracks showing leave some of your hair out on the side and blend it with your weave. To finish off the look, make sure your edges are on fleek ladies! Try using our fantastic edge control to keep your edges in place.

Curly Bun

Want to get the curls out of your face? Put your curls in a bun. This is great for when you are going to the pool or working out while wearing kinky curly extensions. A messy bun is another excellent bun option. Your bun doesn’t have to be perfect to be cute. Messy buns are adorable and can even be dolled up for a night out by adding flowers to your bun.


Yes, straight hairstyles are still an option with Brazilian kinky curly hair as long as you are using quality hair. Many are concerned that if they straighten curly hair extension textures that their curls won’t bounce back. To avoid this happening, I suggest you do a strand test. Section off a small piece of hair and straighten it to see how your bundles handle the heat. After you do that re-wet the hair and see if the hair bounces back to its original texture. Doing this will help save you from not being able to recover your curls. This is why it is so important to use quality bundles. I highly recommend using our Brazilian kinky curly hair from Private Label Extensions; you won’t be disappointed.

Wet Curls

One of the easiest styles to achieve with Brazilian kinky curly extensions is wet curls. I have been rocking wet curls lately with my Brazilian deep wave hair, and I love how convenient this style is especially for going to work or going out. Straightening and curling your hair over and over again takes a lot of maintenance. Styling your hair through heat also means you’ll need heat protectant, moisturizers and more, but for this wet curl look you’ll only need water and your hands or a comb. You can start off by filling a spray bottle with water and spraying while hand combing or combing through your curls. You can add a little bit of oil or moisturizer to the spray bottle to add some softness and shine to your hair. Using a spray bottle to wet your extensions will help prevent a mess.

Wet Curls

One of the easiest styles to achieve with Brazilian kinky curly extensions is wet curls. I have been rocking wet curls lately with my Brazilian deep wave hair, and I love how convenient this style is especially for going to work or going out. Straightening and curling your hair over and over again takes a lot of maintenance. Styling your hair through heat also means you’ll need heat protectant, moisturizers and more, but for this wet curl look you’ll only need water and your hands or a comb. You can start off by filling a spray bottle with water and spraying while hand combing or combing through your curls. You can add a little bit of oil or moisturizer to the spray bottle to add some softness and shine to your hair. Using a spray bottle to wet your extensions will help prevent a mess.

Which Look Will You Rock?

I hope you enjoyed all of these beautiful looks. These looks prove that kinky curly hair can be versatile if you have fun and play around. Will you be rocking kinky curly hair extensions this summer? If so which style will you be rocking? Or do you have a style of your own?
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Should I Trim My Hair Extensions? Best Reasons Why You Should Consider It!

Should I Trim My Hair Extensions? Best Reasons Why You Should Consider It!

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

Getting extensions can be super fun and excited, especially when you’re trying a style that you’ve never had before. When I got extensions for the first time, I was so astounded at how different I looked. At the time, I never thought about getting a trim for my hair extensions. I was happy to be rocking a new look, but I didn’t account for the maintenance my extensions required. Extensions mimic real hair, especially when you have human hair. The extensions that I had were made from human hair, and they needed washing, conditioning, and trimming. Most people don’t think to cut their extensions because trimming is usually saved for aspects such as split ends or uneven layers of natural hair. However, just because extensions don’t come out of your scalp, don’t mean that they don’t need a trim or two. When I got tired of my extensions, I decided to trim them into a shorter look. They ended up looking nice! With the right pair of scissors and the right products, I was able to create an entirely different look. All in all, trimming your extensions can be the best way to maintain them! Let’s look into these three top reasons!

Best Three Reasons To Trim It Up!

Not many people think about trimming up their extensions but giving your extensions a good trim can be helpful and fun! When I think about trimming extensions, I think of doing it for three reasons. First, I think it’s beneficial when you want to have a new look. Second, extensions aren’t prone to getting dead ends, but sometimes you can have some flyaway hairs ruining your look. Third, depending on who installs your hair, you may need to do some extra layering. No matter what option you choose, you’ll probably look better after giving your extensions a trim. Your extensions should be provided with the best care, and it’s vital that they look good for as long as they can. Human hair extensions don’t last forever unless you take extreme care of them and trimming can be one of the ways you do. Let’s get into each reason and all the pros and cons!

Trim For A New Look!

Trimming your extensions can be a great way to achieve a new look. Every time that I’ve gotten extensions, I ended up trimming them so that they would look a little different. Cutting a few your extensions so that you can achieve a new look is a great way to save money on having to re-do your look or get new extensions. Also, if you have high-quality extensions, you can take out your extensions, clean them, trim them, and reuse them! It’s the best when you have extensions that don’t need to go to waste after one use. If you’re not sure how to trim your extensions and get a new look, you should ask a hair stylist to help you. No time for a hairstylist, don’t worry, there are plenty of tutorials available to you!

Get Rid Of Flyaway Hairs!

Hair extensions don’t get split ends as much as natural hair, but they are prone to having flyaway hairs. Have you ever seen that hair that sticks out despite how many times you’ve run a straightener over it? Trimming your extensions can help with that pesky problem. Also, after washing and conditioning your extensions, you may find that the hair is a different texture. Trimming your hair can help with that. Overall, you want your extensions to look their best after you’ve gone through your first round of washing and conditioning. Don’t be afraid to pick up the scissors and cut your extensions to your liking!

Layer Up Your Extensions

Sometimes, after installation, you can have extensions that don’t look appropriately layered. Improperly layered extensions make for an uneven look that looks bad when seen. If for whatever reason, your stylist doesn’t deliver when it comes to trimming your hair, you can do them yourself! If you have a leave out, and your hair is shorter at the top, you can trim your extensions so that it doesn’t look uneven. A great hairstyle has terrific layers that don’t look uneven or undone. Layering your extensions can also add the volume you’ve been needing. Sometimes, extensions can become flat. A trim will pick you right up! Pick up those scissors and get to layering!

Don’t Know How To Trim?

As mentioned before, if you don’t know how to trim you should look into going to a hairstylist. A hairstylist will be able to look at your hairstyle and see what a trim will do for you. Trimming your hair isn’t the most natural process, but it is much like the process of trimming your natural hair. You’ll need the right pair of scissors and the right products to trim your extensions to perfection. If you don’t have scissors specifically for trimming, you can find them online or at any beauty supply store!

Don’t Forget This!

When I first got hair extensions, I didn’t know how often they needed to be maintained. Human hair extensions don’t last forever, and sometimes we can get tired of the looks we’re giving. However, despite this, trimming is a great way to get a new look while also maintaining the extensions that you have. A lot of people don’t think of trimming hair when it comes to extensions but they can be cut, and you might be better off if you do! There is a process that you’ll need to follow when cutting your hair extensions. Don’t think that you can pick up a pair of scissors and do it. You’ll need to have a technique, as well as the right supplies. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can seek out a hairstylist or professional that can help you! Aside from getting a new look, you can trim your extensions to get rid of those flyaway hairs. You can cut your extensions to layer your hair and give yourself some volume. Whatever you choose, know that you should be looking great as long as you do it right.
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Straightening Curly Extensions 101: How To Straighten Curly Extensions!

Straightening Curly Extensions 101: How To Straighten Curly Extensions!

How To Straighten Extensions Without Ruining Them!

Whenever I ’m getting tired of the hair extensions I’m wearing; I like to switch it up. If I have straight extensions, I like to change it to curly by using various curling methods. Sometimes, I’ll braid it up and wait a few days before unraveling it to reveal luscious curls. It's a little different with curly extensions though. I’ve never had to worry about my straight extensions reverting after curling them. However, every time that I’ve worn curly extensions, I’ve wondered how I would be able to get the curliness back. Usually, what I’ll do is wait until I’m about to remove the extensions to change the texture. By doing this, I was didn’t have to worry about how to revert my curly extensions because I would be taking them out anyway. Over time, I’ve learned that it is possible to straighten curly extensions without losing the curl. You don’t have to worry about losing your curly texture when you have great extensions and methods to keep them bouncy. Are you wondering how you do this? Don’t worry. We’re going to let you know all the ways you can straighten your curly hair without ruining it.

The Extension Type Matters

Before you decide to straighten your curly extensions, you should think about the extension type that you have. Synthetic hair cannot withstand heat and cannot be manipulated much. When it comes to human hair, you’ll need to make sure that you choose the right extensions. The quality of the extensions is essential because it will determine whether your curly extensions will be able to revert after experiencing heat. Some companies have curly extensions that return with just water. Other companies have extensions that require water and some product. The point is, you’ll want to choose something that will return quickly and without much hassle. Keep in mind that the kind of curly hair you purchase matters. Why? Well, not all curly hair will revert as easily. For example, afro kinky hair tends to have a frizzy curly texture. This means that it won’t look exactly like how it did when you initially purchased it. Other styles such as Indian curly and Brazilian curly won’t have any issues going back to a curly state. These textures usually only need water, and they’ll coil back into the state you initially bought it. Make sure you do your proper research when choosing curly extensions. When you straighten them, you don’t want to risk damaging them, especially if you're going to go back to having a curly style eventually.

Prep Your Curly Extensions

Before you choose to straighten your curly extensions, you’ll need to prepare your hair. Clean your extensions with light shampoo and conditioner. You’ll want to make sure that you choose something that isn’t harsh. Gentle shampoo and conditioner products are always the best option. After rinsing out the product, dry your extensions with towels. Let it dry naturally for about 20 minutes before getting our your blowdryer. Gently comb and brush your curly extensions to ensure that there are not any knots or tangles in the curls. This process makes it easier for you to straighten your curly extensions. When your extensions are free from knots, slightly dry and clean, you’ll be able to straighten it without issue. Before you pull out any heating product, you’ll need to use a heat protectant for your hair. Heat protectant is so essential when it comes to both extensions and natural hair. You’ll want to make sure you purchase one that will get the job done.

The Straightening Process

After finishing the preparations, you’ll want to pull out a blow dryer. I prefer to blow-dry the extensions while combing through them because it helps me use less heat during the straightening process. When using the blow dryer, you’ll want to use it on the cool setting. Blow-dry from the roots to ends while gently combing or brushing your curly extensions. Do this until all of your hair feels dry. It may take a while, but it will be worth it in the end. The less heat you use, the easier it will be to bring your curls back to life after straightening. After the blowdrying process, you’ll start to use your straightener. Using your straightener on the lowest setting possible is crucial. This will lengthen the process, but you’re going to thank yourself later. While you’re doing all this, make sure that you’re hair is sectioned off into parts. This will make the process less messy. Go through each section until it is straightened and smooth. Apply the necessary product along the way. Don’t be afraid to crank up the heat if you have minimal time but be mindful of how much.

The Reversion Process

After you’ve enjoyed an amazingly cute straight style, you’ll need to prepare your curly extensions for reversion. When bringing your curly extensions back to life, you’ll want to make sure you have all the products necessary. When I’m changing the texture of my extensions to curly, I use curling products such as leave-in conditioner and curling shampoo and conditioners. You’ll want to wash out the straightening that you did to your extensions. First, you’ll wet your extensions. If you bought the right extensions, then that may be all you need but if not then you’ll need to use a curling shampoo and conditioner. After wetting the hair, lightly shampoo your extensions. Rinse out the shampoo then add the curling conditioner and let it sit. Let the conditioner sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out. At this point, you should see the curls starting to come back. While rinsing, you’ll want to use your fingers to comb through. After the washing process, apply a leave-in conditioner and pat your curly extensions down with a towel. After that, let your curly extensions air dry and voila! Your curly look is back!

What To Remember!

Straightening curly extensions can be scary but no worries! We got you covered. Before you even think about the straight style you’ll create with your curly extensions; you’ll need to make sure you choose the right extensions. Don’t select a texture that you know will be difficult to revert. Super kinky styles will be the most difficult to revert to curly. However, styles like Indian curly, and Brazilian curly will be able to revert easily. Make sure that you prep your hair before straightening your hair. When applying heat, use the lowest settings possible. Make sure you’re stocked up on all the curling products that you need to bring your curls back to life afterward. If you follow the instructions above, you should be just fine. Don’t be afraid to try a new style with your curly extensions.
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