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Dry Texture Sprays Your Hair Will Love This Fall

Dry Texture Sprays Your Hair Will Love This Fall

When Dry Textured Spray Is Good

When I was younger, I used to use hairspray all the time. Whenever I needed my curls to stay intact or maintain my edges. My mom used to hate it when I use hairspray because it left my hair in a weird texture. Luckily for me, and for anyone else that uses hair spray, a dry textured spray is here to save the day.

When I think of dry texture spray, I think of regular hairspray from back in the day. Hairspray from back in the day would leave hair feeling hard. However, as time has gone on, hair sprays have changed entirely.

Hairspray now is manufactured in a way that it doesn’t make hair challenging to manage.

Everywhere you look, people are wearing braids, wavy hair, or rocking the wild look. This is especially true for celebrities that have hairstylists at their beck and call. When you have resources like a consistent hairstylist, it’s easy to have a great hairstyle every time.

Since most of us don't have famous hair stylists on speed dial, we need to ensure that our hair product game is up to par. Luckily, dry texture spray has transformed into a product that’ll change the nature of your hair for the better, especially when it comes to styling.

Let’s get into some of the best texture sprays on the market.


Dry Texture? What Does It Do?

Now, when I say dry texture spray, I don’t mean dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is similar but not the same as a dry textured spray. Think of dry textured spray as the cousin to dry shampoo spray. A dry textured spray is applied to dry hair.

It’s weightless and capable of being used all over the hair, rather than just on the roots. It generally comes in a metal can and sprays in a beautiful, dry mist. It’s different from dry shampoo in the sense that it doesn’t leave residue.

Dry textured spray is not necessarily a new product but it’s been transformed into something new, and people love it! It's a versatile product. You’ll be able to achieve just about any hairstyle without weighing your hair down.

It’s also great for beach waves, second-day hair, texturized ponytails, and braiding -- any time you need a little rough volume. I've used it to pump up my hair a bit on days I dry it straight, and to help hold my waves when I air dry.

Here are three dry texture sprays I love.

IGK Down and Out Dirty Spray

This spray is one of the newest texturizing sprays to launch. IGK created this spray was designed as a boycott against all of the rough and terrible hairsprays in the hair industry.

IGK wanted to provide clients with the perfect morning-after hair, without all the awfulness of the morning after.

Texturizing sprays are perfect for the going out look. Whenever I want to add some edge to my look, I use a texturizing spray. This spray by IGK is made precisely for that.

It’s a quick solution for a bad hair day as well. It’s everything you need in a hairspray and more. Also, the ingredients are fantastic if you want to keep your hair clean.


Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

This spray is enriched with argon oil, which is this brands’ specialty. This spray is extremely light weighted, and it works as a great spray to prep hair for styling.

Despite the prepping advantage, it’s also strong enough to be used as a finishing spray. The texturizing spray is used to provide texture to hair. The only downfall I’ve found is that it doesn’t come out until your completely wash it out.

You’ll need a full washday to get rid of it. Typically, hairsprays come out over time, especially as contact with hair continues.

However, despite its long-lasting quality, it doesn’t harden your hair, which is a quality I value.


Living Proof Dry Spray!

Living Proof is a brand that is notorious for using a technology called Expandable Textured Aero Spheres. It is essentially textured spheres that latch onto hair and give the soft, volume. Living proof is a fantastic dry textured spray that helps your style last all day.

Dry textured spray is incredible for creating movement, instead of just setting hair. If you know you’ll be running your hands through your hair consistently in the day, use Dry Volume Blast. Use this spray if you notice that your hair looks too neat.

To use it, start from your roots and spray down. After application, she your hair around with your hands. You should notice a difference in your hair right after use! Add some of this spray right after styling and see how voluminous your hair looks!


All in All!

Much like dry shampoo, dry spray is applied to dry hair. It won’t work if your hair is wet or damp. Dry spray can be used all over the hair. It doesn’t soak up oil as quickly or efficiently as dry shampoo, but it will give you tons of volume.

It will bring your hair back to life after a long day, while never making it hard after application. Whenever I need a quick spritz for volume, I use a dry spray. The great thing is that dry spray is terrific for extensions as well.

If you’re wearing extensions, don’t be afraid to use some dry spray on your weave or wig. It may not have the same, but it will give you some volume. This product works well on curls as well. So, every texture can benefit from dry spray.

Also, I love that it is so cost-effective. No matter what brand you use, dry spray doesn’t have to break your bank. Try to find some that work for your budget. Everyone should be able to reap the benefits of dry spray.

If you’ve never used it, try some of the suggestions above. If you have, comment below and let us know your favorites.

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Natural Hair Products and Tools That Were A Fail

Natural Hair Products and Tools That Were A Fail

Natural hair? Been there done that!

We all know there is nothing worse than a natural hair fail. We spend hours watching Youtube videos trying to perfect what Natural85 is doing, but some styles and tools never work out. But what if it's not you that’s the problem? What if it’s the actual product and hair tool that doesn’t work?

Honestly, half these natural hair ‘things’ don’t work or their not even natural. Below I’m going to go through some of the popular products and tools that are complete fails!

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Yes, we’re starting out the gate with Shea Moisture’s product! Now, do not get me wrong, we love us some Shea Moisture! I mean, they have a million different product lines.

But one product, I must say, is a complete fail! This Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie needs to go! First off, anytime a product only works well, when its used with another, is a no. I remember when I first got this product, some years ago. The product appears to be smooth but then once it dries your hair and scalp is nothing but white flakes. It's so bad that it's easy to mistake whether you have dandruff or not.

Now I will say, this is the only product that isn't the best in my opinion. Although, I believe it was a part of there earlier launch when Shea Moisture first hit the scene. I’m just not sure why its still on the shelf though.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one the most popular products that have been around for years.

It has a million benefits and can never fail you. However, coconut oil has no business being in natural hair. It just doesn’t do any justice to our tresses. It either leaves the hair super dry or super oily. Some people have even had coconut oil go their hair with long-term dryness.

So, on behalf of every coconut oil brand, we thank you for all your benefits, but less remove the hair benefits from the list, please and thank you!


Hair Steamer

Then we have the hair steamer. I remember when this product first came out and everyone thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

But after a while, people started to realize it was a waste of money. Honestly, it did more air drying than steaming; which then defeated the purpose. The hair steamer was supposed to add moisture into the hair, but it just didn’t do that.

So, we’re going to say do not believe the hype over these steamers. Now, if you’re looking for an alternative, I’ll give you one! You can purchase the heated bonnet! They are amazing, and all you do is place it inside the microwave, and you’re good to go!

It’s not quite a steamer, but it's great when you’re deep conditioning. But, at the end of the day, do have the same purpose.


Dyson Hair Dryer

Now, this one should have been number one! Dyson had no business putting releasing a $400 blow dryer!

When it first hit the market, everyone just knew that it had to be something special if the price tag was going to be that outrageous. So what did folks do? They ran and brought them! I mean, how amazing would it be if a bladeless blow dryer did a great job? That would be great! But no it doesn’t.

Now, I’m not actively knocking Dyson because overall they are a good brand, but it also may just be that certain hair textures don’t work with their brand.


Curl Formers

Somebody give me a break! Just stick with the old fashion perm rod set and flexi rods and keep it moving!

Curl formers were the biggest joke that ever came out. Till this day, I’m not sure what the entire purpose was. There were just way too many stories on how peoples hair would get caught inside of them whether it was while installing them or during the takedown.

Besides the fact they weren’t the best hair tool, the price tag also was a bit too much for what it was worth. Shoot, flexi rods even cost a little penny for a pack of five. But we love flexi rods because they work! They are doable, of course, flexible and produce great long last curls.

Curl formers, on the other hand, can exit left!


Denman Hair Brush

Okay, I get it alright. The purpose of the Denman brush was a good idea at first.

However, it's just a brush with some brittles if you want to be 100% honest! They were made to detangle your hair more accessible than a comb or regular brush. But when it comes to styles such as the great wash and go, your hands will be better to comb through your hair.

Then it's the price of the brushes that make it seems its a catch! But I'll be the first to tell you; nobody wants to buy a $17 brush. Okay!


Miss Jessie's

Now if this isn't the biggest fail of all, I don't know what is then.

Miss Jessie's hair product cost about an arm and a leg and the product aren't even the best! I'm not sure what they were thinking. Also, many of their products leave your natural hair very dry with white flakes. Their product also only caters to people with curly hair and not all hair types.

Well, that part is just my opinion!


In With the New Out With the Old

Hopefully, I didn't break any hearts out there with this list!

It's a good thing it wasn't that long because there are a lot of great natural hair products and tools on the market. But just like anything else, everything can't always be a winner. There has to be a rotten egg somewhere. Plus when it comes to natural hair, we cant use everything.

Natural hair is susceptible, and when its messed up sometimes, it's hard to bounce back. Unless of course, you cut your hair off and start over.

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FUBU: Head and Shoulders New Royal Oils Collection for Black Hair

FUBU: Head and Shoulders New Royal Oils Collection for Black Hair

Respect your Crown with Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders is launching a new line of hair care products for all of us naturalistas.

Yes! I am in love with branding and Head and Shoulders got it right when it comes to the visuals for their new product line “Royal Oils.” I want to use the products just because the photos are gorgeous. Have you seen them and can you tell I’m excited?

The natural hair care industry seems to be very crowded right now. I have my favorite product line which I currently use. But Head and Shoulders have me amped up to try the new products they are releasing. It seems as if the company recognizes the diversity of the women who are wearing their natural hair.

Okay, enough talking! Let's get into all the details of what the “Royal Oils” collection products are and how these products can get your natural curls popping!

You know what time it is! Go ahead and press play on your DVD player and get all your life watching “Black Panther.” It’s wash day so let's get it!


“Respect the Crown”

Head and Shoulders is proud to be the leader in the haircare industry since it’s beginning in 1962.

The tagline for the Royal Oils collection is “Respect the Crown,” and I believe this is the perfect one because it combines the main focus of the company from the first day of business to its new product they are launching this month.

What does the tagline mean to you? Comment below with how you respect your crown. Are you sleeping on a silk pillowcase? Are you washing or co-washing your hair too much? I want to know!

This product line has the approval of My Black is Beautiful platform. This says a lot about a brand that is new in the natural hair care industry. Kudos to Head and Shoulders for having a product so good MBIB will co-sign on it.

I’m sure the fact that the company has African American scientists on the team to provide expert input is a bonus.

Benefits of the Product Line

The products’ formula gives your scalp what it needs.

All of the products give your scalp relief and hydration which is specifically for African American hair. They are for all types of natural hair whether it’s natural, relaxed, kinky, or coily. The two main focuses of the products are:

  • Soothing the scalp by providing long-lasting relief from flaking, redness, and itching
  • Moisturizing the hair by keep moisture levels balanced for healthy hair and scalp

All products are free of sulfates, mineral oils, and dyes.


Why Are Sulfates Bad for your Hair?

Sulfates are in most shampoos and conditioners. The sulfate combines with water to emulsify grease, so it washes away easily.

Sulfates are known to cause skin irritation and organ toxicity. High dosages (over 15 percent) of it are not healthy, and with prolonged exposure, it can be extremely harmful. Sulfates can increase your sensitivity and strip the hair of its’ essential oils.

The benefit of a sulfate-free shampoo is:

  • Keeping hair color vibrant because it doesn’t strip the color away
  • Helping to maintain moisture in your hair

Why Are Mineral Oils Bad for your Hair

Mineral oils are known to clog the pores.

They are considered a hydrocarbon which is made up of petrolatum paraffin, and mineral oil. The oils lock in moisture, but they also clog pores which is counterproductive because it damages the skin and increases water loss. The petroleum does not absorb in the skin, and the mineral remains on the skin surface.

Because it stays on the surface, it reflects off the sun which causes sun damage.

What is Royal Oil’s Purpose

The product line is specifically for total scalp care.

If you are currently struggling with scalp issues check out the article I wrote earlier on how to remedy them. Now, this product line will help you maintain your healthy scalp after you identify underlying issues.


The Royal Oil Product Line

Daily Moisture Scalp Cream

The cream is excellent for protective styles, twists, and locs. The light formula is easily absorbed and is for between wash days.

Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir

The leave-in formula is for the same use as the scalp cream. Apply the cooling, no-rinse formula to your scalp. It’s free of ethanol which is great since a lot of leave-in products have a high amount of alcohol in them. Use the elixir on protective styles, twists, and locs.

Moisture Boost Shampoo

The shampoo has a nice and fresh coconut scent which provides long-lasting odor protection. It cleans your scalp and hair to remove buildup.

Moisture Renewal Conditioner

The conditioner has the same fresh coconut scent as the shampoo. It leaves the hair soft and health while restoring scalp and hair moisture.

Moisturizing Co-Wash

The coconut scent is in all the products, and the co-wash has a low-lather formula which gently cleans and hydrates the scalp and hair.

Deep Moisture Masque

The masque is an intense moisturizer for your scalp and hair. It soaks into the scalp to provide lasting moisture (with regular use).

Shampoo Routine for Relaxed Hair

The new products are perfect for relaxed hair. The most important part of a hair care routine for relaxed hair is to add moisture to it.

Step 1:

Shampoo your hair with the Moisture Boost Shampoo by applying the product to the roots and massage in with your fingertips. Shampoo again and rinse your hair.

Step 2:

Apply Moisture Renewal Conditioner

Step 3:

Deep condition your hair by sitting under the dryer with a cap on for 15 minutes

Step 4:

Rinse your hair

Step 5:

Rinse your hair once again with cold water

Step 6:

Apply a leave-in conditioner

Step 7:

Dry your hair and style

Tip: In between washes use the Daily Moisture Scalp Cream and Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir


Shampoo Routine for Natural Hair

The nice thing about these products is their versatility. Here’s how to use them on natural hair:

Step 1:

Allow warm water to run through your hair

Step 2:

Separate your hair into four sections and clip them up

Step 3:

Massage the Moisture Renewal Shampoo onto your roots

Step 4:

Apply oil and massage it into your scalp

Step 5:

Apply Moisture Renewal Conditioner and detangle with a wide-tooth comb

Step 6:

Braid your hair up into two strand twists

Step 7:

Put your hair in a plastic cap and allow to deep condition for an hour

Step 8:

Rinse the conditioner out

Step 9:

Rinse your hair again with cold water

Step 10:

Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Step 11:

Apply your leave-in conditioner

Step 12:

Style as desired


Co-Washing your Natural Hair

Co-washing your hair is a useful shortcut for when you want to have a wash and go style. Below is wash and go routine to follow:

Step 1:

Apply the Moisturizing Co-Wash to the roots of your hair and massage in

Step 2:

Detangle your hair

Step 3:

Rinse your hair twice. The second rinse should be with cold water.

Step 4:

Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Step 5:

Apply Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir to your scalp

Step 6:

Style as desired


You're royalty, and your Hair Wants to be Treated Royally Too

I can admire a company that takes the time to research how its products can enhance our hair.

I applaud Head and Shoulders for taking their time to create a specific product line which addresses the needs of African American hair. The coconut scent infused into the product has me excited to use it. When the seasons change its important to have hair products that will help you keep your hair healthy.

Make sure you tag us in your photos when you use the product, and you may see your picture on our feed. On Instagram we are @privatelabelextensions.

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Bath Bombs to Hair Care: Lush’s Cosmetics Endless Hair Treatment Line

Bath Bombs to Hair Care: Lush’s Cosmetics Endless Hair Treatment Line

Treat yourself to More than Facial Products

If you’re tired of searching on the shelves for hair products that don’t seem to work with your hair, it’s time to invest in another brand. Not new to the beauty and healthcare scene, Lush Cosmetics offers hair products for all hair types to enjoy.

Lush Cosmetics has Something for Everyone

When it comes to beauty, your skin and hair are a top priority.

LUSH is becoming a one-stop shop for all things natural and cleansing, not just for your skin but also for your hair. The shelves of LUSH Cosmetics are known for being stocked with the latest skin care regimes and bath bombs. There’s a hidden gem with the beauty company, however, and it’s hair products that everyone can use.

Not just targeting one specific hair type, LUSH cosmetics has a product that works for any need or concern you have for your hair. Coining themselves as “The Haircare Bunch,” LUSH cosmetics releases products in confidence that it will restore, define, and keep your hair in top condition.


Lush Does Their Research

What makes Lush’s hair products different from the rest? Their Co-founder, Mark Constantine, is a qualified trichologist.

A trichologist is someone who studies the hair and scalp. This helps LUSH cosmetics to perfect their methods on what will work for hair. With products that help with boosting strength, volume, moisture, scalp irritations, as well as frizziness and dryness.

The Options are Endless

No matter the condition or state of your hair, Lush cosmetics has the solution for you.

With products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, shampoo bars, hair masks, and styling treatments, all your hair needs are in one place. Indulging in innovations like shampoo bars, these come in handy when you’re on the go and need to repair or cleanse your hair away from home.

Resembling the likes of a bar of soap, the shampoo bar is convenient in size and specialty.


Which Product is Right for your Hair Needs?

With an assortment of shampoo bars and conditioners, each product works for a specific need.

With years of studying the scalp as well as keeping up with the hair trends, Lush works to get it right. The shampoo bars were a way to help eliminate the use of preservatives and plastic bottles when washing your hair.

Some of the options for the shampoo and conditioner:

Shampoo Options

  • New works specifically on fine hair
  • Soak and Float works for dry and itchy scalps
  • Trichomania solid shampoo works to nourish and soften the hair

Conditioner Options

  • Big helps to boost the volume of the hair
  • Jungle helps to increase shine and softness of the hair


The Hair Doctor is Here to Help

Lush’s products match its scientific expertise and shows throughout each hair product they offer.

One main product the hairline offers is “The Hair Doctor.” This product works to revive damaged hair. One significant difference between Lush’s hair treatment and other brands is that it’s a fresh mask. The treatment needs to be stored in the refrigerator to stay fresh and allow all of the ingredients to work through your scalp and hair.

Made with natural elements like Irish moss, extra virgin coconut oil, and almond oil the mask soothes irritation and helps with new growth.

Lush loves Curly Hair

Keeping up with the latest trends, Lush offers “Big” and “Curly Wurly” shampoos that give your hair a fresh look.

Compared to a new beach day, the shampoos come with sea salt which works as a natural preservative. The shampoos work to add volume to every type of curly hair. The Curly Wurly shampoo has explicitly extra virgin coconut oil and desiccated coconut to keep curls bouncy and full of life.


There’s Something for Vegans

What doesn’t Lush offer? The company operates as an animal-friendly company; their hair products are no different.

For some people, it can be frustrating finding beauty alternatives that fit their animal-free lifestyle; Lush provides the solution. Offering both vegan shampoos and conditioners, the company has worked for years to perfect its methods and products.

Lush uses a seaweed alternative that provides a softening effect to the hair when the products are applied.

Styling Products are Vegan Too

The animal-friendly products don’t end with the shampoo and conditioner; Lush makes styling gels for the vegan lifestyle as well. The creators of the styling products perfected their methods and created two products for consumers:

Dirty Styling Cream -

This product helps give your hair a sleek hold when styling

Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy -

This product is a lightweight styling cream that adds volume and helps to hold your hair in place without weighing your hair down.

If you’re looking for color, Lush also provides a henna solution that contains harmless die and essential oils, along with conditioning cocoa butter. This product doesn’t dry your hair out and leaves it full of volume and shine.

Nearly 85% of Lush’s hair products are vegan and can be located in-store or online with the “V” symbol.

Additional Hair Products by Lush to Check Out

Check out a few additional products from Lush to add to your wishlist:

R&B Hot oil treatment:

If you have dry and frizzy hair, this Lush product will help control the frizz and flyaways. With ingredients like organic avocado butter, oatmeal, and olive oil it helps to soften the hair. The treatments come in multiple scents and work best on ethnic and curly hair.

Avocado Cowash:

Keep your hair and scalp clean with one product. With fresh avocado, cocoa butter, and shine-enhancing cider vinegar helps to revive curls and tame frizz. This product is an excellent balance of hydrating and cleansing.

Seaspray spritz for Body and Hold:

Add the finishing touch to your hair routine with Lush’s lightweight hold spray. It’s a vegan-friendly product and infused with orange flower and rosewood for a great smell and light hold.


Good Hair Days Are on The Way

Lush is solving hair problems and catering to hair needs one product at a time.

There’s something for every person to choose from no matter their hair type or hair concern. Continually adding to their all-star line up of products, Lush takes the interests of every person that walks into their “Hair Lab” and formulates the perfect ingredients to provide a great hair experience.

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5 Reasons To Buy Cruelty Free Hair Care Products

5 Reasons To Buy Cruelty Free Hair Care Products


Before I was well-versed in the world of makeup, and hair, I didn’t think twice about the fact that most products then were tested on animals. I always had the notion that, even though products were tested on animals, these products were safe to use. If a product wasn’t safe on an animal, how would it be safe for us? What I didn’t take time to consider were the many different ways that animals are tested. Cruelty-free products, however, don't test on animals!

We see how many products are on the shelves but what about the ones that aren’t? The testers had to conclude that those products weren’t safe enough for a purchase. An animal had to suffer for the product to be denied access to the market. Besides the fact that animals don’t deserve to be tested on for our benefit, there are some other perks to choosing cruelty-free products.

Since learning more about the reality of hair care products, I’ve done my best to use cruelty-free products. Luckily, there’s been a shift in the industry, and it’s easier than ever to get cruelty-free products. There are so many brands that support this movement!

Let’s get into my top five reasons to choose cruelty-free hair care products!


Less Toxic

Without the process of animal testing, many cruelty-free brands have to go the extra mile to ensure that their products are safe for usage. Many of the brands that don’t practice animal testing use green products. Green products are products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals. Most of the ingredients in these products are natural.

It’s also easy to find the origin of them. This is great for anyone needing less harsh hair care products because of sensitivity. These products are healthier for you because as your skin and scalp absorb these products, you’re not adding anything harmful to your body. These cruelty-free brands are less toxic for you, and for animals. They don’t cause any issues with any species, and they even provide some benefits.

Many people have noticed a difference in the nature of their hair. The products are less harsh, which means that your hair will be left soft, while still being fresh. One of my favorite cruelty-free brands is “It’s a 10.”

They are a great hair care brand with all kinds of products for the ultimate hair experience.

Testing Is More Harmful Than States

Many people think that animal testing is entirely safe because of the way that brands lead people to believe so. However, despite what methods they use, all animal testing has the potential to be cruel to animals. In most testing centers, animals are confined to small areas, such as cages or extremely enclosed spaces.

The conditions are entirely inhumane. Most animals are tortured and eventually killed, especially if the experiment doesn’t go as planned. The animals have no way of fighting back or declining treatment.

Be mindful of these facts as you’re choosing your products!


Animal Testing Isn’t Necessary

Most countries around the world have banned animal testing. Canada and the United States are the only places that haven’t wholly diminished animal testing. They claim it’s necessary to reach new strides in research. However, to formulate different products, companies don’t need to test animals to prove they're safe.

There are over 5,000 ingredients that are shown to be safe. This means that if companies use these ingredients, they won’t need to test for safety because they’ve already been deemed as safe. Most companies that continue to use animal testing are only doing so to increase their profits.

It’s always important to look into the integrity of a company before buying their products! Also, many domestic animals that we consider to be pets, such as dogs and cats, are used for testing purposes. That’s right, your cute little pooch or kitten has the potential to be used for testing.

Imagine what a horrific situation that would be!

Save Money!

Not only are cruelty-free brands better for your hair, but they are also better for your wallet as well. Many of the brands that claim cruelty-free products are budget friendly. For example, “It’s a 10,” products are so cheap and easy to find.

Also, don’t confuse cheap with ineffective. Many competitive products will save you money while still give you the best hair of life! Don’t be afraid to try something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

When I started transitioning to cruelty-free products, I found that I had savings of more than $50! That amount of money is enough for a new nail set or a pedicure.

Switching over might be the best financial decision you make, especially if you spend a lot on hair products.


You’ll Never Go Back

Honestly, once you switch your products to cruelty-free, you’ll never want to go back! When I changed over to these brands, my hair was lighter, softer, and way more moisturized.

I didn’t feel that my hair was being stripped of its necessary moisture, or nutrients. Once I was able to see all the benefits, I didn’t want to go back to my old products.

I remember donating the old products I had left and used only cruelty-free products. Also, since these products are cheaper, it doesn’t hurt my pockets. It’s a win-win all around!

Remember This

Switching over to cruelty-free is a beneficial move for everyone including you. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be saving animals from unnecessary cruelty. You’ll save tons of money by switching to products that are considered free products and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

I love using cruelty-free brands, especially as I think about my pets and how they could be harmed if I used products that weren’t cruelty-free. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, and look up different companies and their policies.

Look into it, and let us know which cruelty brands or products are your favorite.

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Why ApotheCARE is Everyone's Favorite Beauty Care Line

Why ApotheCARE is Everyone's Favorite Beauty Care Line

An Innovative Leader In The Haircare Industry

Private Label Extensions always prides itself in bringing you information and resources we know you will benefit from. A part of our educational platform is to make sure we connect you with great companies offering outstanding products and a clear mission. We are more than happy to share the unique story and products created by ApotheCARE. We understand the struggle! Every time you look at all the products on your dresser or in your bathroom cabinet I know you get frustrated because I do! It’s crazy how much money we spend on different brands promising shiny hair, damage repair, and other benefits but rarely deliver. Overall, ApotheCARE is a favorite of many because it does provide exceptional results for most of its consumers. ApotheCARE’s mission to provide high-quality products to its customers is one we can relate to. They commit themselves to stay on the cusp of what customers need from a company like theirs. I hope you learn a lot from the how the company is continuing its mission to the breakdown of the product lines they offer.

The History of ApotheCARE

A group of experts is the dream team behind ApotheCARE’s formula change in 2016. I love their main mantra which is “beauty is in the details.” The company dedicates itself to maintaining a pure and natural product focusing on advanced science. These biotech and beauty gurus are the members of a core team that continues advancing the products to provide solutions for women with a variety of hair needs. The formulations are created with care and are infused with scents to enhance the experience when you use any product. In this article, I'm going to feature the products created by this company based on the specific needs of your hair so let's get started.

ApotheCARE Products

1. Mender Product Line for Damaged Hair

ApotheCARE has a hair care line specifically for damaged hair. The main focus is to repair the hair, nourish it to renew it. I like the fact that the line is called Mender because that's precisely what the product does. The mender hair care line has some of our favorite ingredients in it which include coconut milk, vitamin E, and white jasmine. There are no parabens, dyes, or silicone in the products. The primary focus of the products is to repair the hair cuticle from all the damage that it has, By doing so it will then strengthen the hair and help it to look more smooth. In this line, they have the mender shampoo, hair oil, and conditioner. The shampoo comes in a 12 oz pump bottle and I think that's a good amount of product for shampoo and I love the pump top because it makes it easier for you get to the product. The shampoo is formulated to get rid of impurities while maintaining the natural oils for healthier hair. One of the things that I hate is any product that strips the hair of its’ natural oils especially if you are natural. The natural oils are essential to keep your hair looking healthy and moisturized. The other benefit of the shampoo is that it repairs the damage to the outer layer of the cuticle to make the hair stronger and gives it more of a smooth look. Just like with any product or service reviews hold a lot of weight when people are deciding whether or not they want to purchase a product. Here are reviews on the Mender product line.

Pros and Cons of The Mender shampoo


  • The shampoo has a great smell and does not leave a residue
  • It rinses out well
  • Fragrance lasts for days
  • No frizz after your hair dries
  • Hair feels clean


  • Not much lather
The hair oil comes in a 4oz bottle, and the conditioner comes in a 12oz bottle. The oil replenishes nutrients on the outer layer of the hair cuticle. It also gives the hair a polished look and is not greasy. Another added benefit is it absorbs quickly. To use the product all you have to do is use one to two pumps of the oil on your hair and work it through your damp or dry hair.

Pros of The Mender Hair Oil


  • Lightly scented
  • No frizz or tangles
The conditioner is designed to protect each hair strand and repair outer layer cuticle damage by smoothing it out to improve strength and smoothness. To use it you massage it onto your damp hair leave in for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The pros and cons of the Mender conditioner are the same as those for the shampoo.

2. Booster Product Line for Fine Hair

The product line will give fine hair more movement and body. The products contain rosehip oil, aloe vera, geranium, argan oil, and vitamin e. The dry shampoo takes away any impurities to give your roots a boost. The shampoo is perfect for fine and flat hair. It cleanses the hair by removing impurities and keeping natural oils on the hair. The impurities weigh the hair down, and fine hair does not need any extra chemicals or products that will give it a lifeless appearance.

Pros and Cons of The Booster Shampoo


  • Hair is noticeably shinier and silky smooth
  • The scent was nice
  • Hair had volume without a blow dryer


  • Hair dried with frizz
  • Did not do what it said it would do
  • The smell of the product was a little bit overwhelming
  • The product strip some of the color out of the hair
  • Hair is frizzy and dry
The conditioner has the same formula as the shampoo which includes rosehip oil, geranium, and aloe vera. The benefit is it makes the hair weightless and gives the hair more volume.

Pros and Cons of The Booster Conditioner


  • Hair is super shiny and soft
  • Hair is super clean
  • They like the pump style
The dry shampoo contains wheat, argan oil, and vitamin e. It acts as a refresher that absorbs impurities to boost volume while conditioning the hair. The pros and Cons of The Booster dry shampoo


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Love the floral scent
  • Hair smells fresh and looks clean


  • Did not notice any difference in the volume
  • Made the hair feel sticky

3. Colorist Hair Care Line for Color Treated Hair

It contains lavender, Moroccan mint, and cactus milk. The color tends to look dull after a while and can have some breakage. This product line helps to revert these issues. The shampoo optimizes the hair color to enhance the shine and remove impurities.

Pros and Cons of The Colorist Shampoo


  • The packaging is attractive
  • All natural ingredients are great for natural hair
  • The scent is heavenly


  • My hair had more flyaways than usual
  • Product did not emphasize it was for colored hair enough
The conditioner has the same ingredients as the shampoo. The purpose of the conditioner is to protect each strand of hair. It also enhances shine and vibrancy. The pros and cons of the conditioner are the same as for the shampoo. The deep nourishing mask is for dull and weak hair. It nourishes the hair that has become lifeless due to chemicals and color.

Pros and Cons of The Colorist Deep Nourishing Mask


  • The product felt like the spa
  • The scent is heaven
  • Hair is shiny and soft


  • Smells medicinal in the shower

4. The Replenisher Product Line for Dry Hair

The product line has vanilla, argan oil, and sweet almond. The product is for dry hair and adds moisture back into the hair. This line of products helps consumers resolve the issues of dryness, dullness, and breakage.
  • The replenishing cleansing conditioner is a co-wash that removes impurities and locks in moisture. It is perfect for curl definition and smoothness.
  • The replenishing conditioner does the same as the cleansing conditioner but is used as a regular conditioner instead of a co-wash.
Pros and cons of the replenishing cleansing conditioner and the replenishing conditioner


  • Love the vintage packaging
  • No noticeable flakes
  • Made it easier to detangle hair


  • Didn’t leave hair feeling soft
  • The shampoo moisturizes the hair and reduces frizz. It is also perfect for managing the hair and keeping it smooth.
The pros and cons of the shampoo are the same as the conditioner.

When A Company Understands A Customer’s Need

ApotheCARE took time to create products that meet the expectations of their target market. The attention they have taken to ensure the products are paraben-free and contain no dye or silicones. The products are also family friendly because they are suitable for children and adults. They also have a very responsive system in place. They communicate with customers extremely well, and if there is an issue, they resolve it. The amount of research they put into the creation of their hair products is exceptional. The key to success for any company is its ability to listen to its consumer and take action to give them the products they desire. We support their brand and hope you will too. Go check them out on Instagram at @apothecareessentialspri and tag us @privatelableextensions in a comment on their page. If you have specific questions about the product, let us know below. We want to help you find the right products for your hair care regimen.
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Customized Hair Care Products by Prose is a Win for Stylists!

Customized Hair Care Products by Prose is a Win for Stylists!

Hair Care Done The Right Way

If you thought that only your Doctor could prescribe your prescription, you thought wrong. Just think, you creating your hair care product, to solve all of your hair issues; doesn’t that sound genius? Well, that’s what Prose is all about! For years, many of us have struggled with finding the right hair products to tackle our tresses. We waste money and time, which are two things that you should not waste. Thanks to Prose, days of struggling with our hair are long gone. The pros behind the name Prose have over 40 years of experience in the hair business. They wanted to change the game and create personalized hair products for a responsible price. I mean, it’s about $25 a bottle that has ingredients just for you; who can pass that up? They are changing the way we view hair products while also improving people’s lives, all over the world. Continue reading as I take you through the process of how Prose works!


Okay, so you know when you pay $25 for that consultation with your hairstylist, and they barely tell you anything? Well, forget that because Prose’s consultation is nothing like that! When you first go onto their website, you have to create an account, of course, so they keep track of your information. You begin the process by answering a bunch of questions about your hair, and it all takes about five minutes. The first portion is pretty basic. They ask you what your age is, how curly your hair is if you have issues with dandruff, etc. Remember, this company is creating a product specifically for the customer. Therefore, they want to know as much information about you as possible. They even ask you if you currently have hair color. A lot of people have issues with finding hair products that work and its because they aren’t well educated on their hair. They haven’t studied their hair or even went through experiments. So if someone has curly dry hair, they find a product that says “moisturizer” and thinks that’s what they need. But that couldn’t be more wrong. Understand all aspects of your hair, in the beginning, is the start of having healthy hair.


After the necessary information is complete, Prose moves on to the ‘Lifestyle’ section of questions. At this point, they begin asking questions about what type of styling products and tools are you using. They want to know if you regularly use flat irons, or moose or dry shampoo, etc. I can tell this was an important question to ask because if there's someone who always uses a flat iron, then they will know that a person may be at risk for damage or dryness. Therefore Prose would create a product that has a lot of moisture or repairing ingredients. Prose also askes questions about your diet and if you're around smoke. Yes, because both of those are big deals! Now, I’m not sure what exposure to smoke can do to your hair, but I’m sure Prose knows so don’t skip out on that question! There’s even a part where they ask you for the zip code of the place you will be in for the next two months. Strange right? I know. I thought the same thing until I keyed in my zip code! Once you enter your zip in, Prose will break down all the information there is about the weather in that area. Their focal point is to find out everything they need about your environment. Well, it's essential! You’ll find out specific numbers on the UV rays, pollution, humidity, water quality and wind levels. If you don’t think knowing that information is crucial, trust me it is. I remember when I moved to Atlanta from up north a couple of years ago, I couldn’t figure out why my curls were becoming puffy as soon as I opened my front door. I didn’t know why the hair product I had always used wasn’t working anymore. It wasn’t until I realized the air pressure and humidity was utterly different from up north. Case in point, know your environment and adjust your hair routine as needed.

Hair Goals

Since the future of your hair counts, too! Prose does a great job at figuring out what you want your hair goals to be. They provide a measured lined bar for customers to adjust which would tell them how curly they may wish to their hair, how shiny, etc. And yes, even this section will have an impact on the hair product they will create for you. Not only that, they provide about four different fragrances for you to choose that gets added to your recipe. We all know that a head that smells good is a good head! Nobody wants an excellent working hair product that feels like trash! Why not have people smell roses petals and lavender as you walk past them? Exactly.

Formula Foundation

A great thing about the Prose hair care line is that they are all natural. You wouldn’t believe all the ingredients they don’t put in their product. Prose hair product is free from: • Parabens • Sulfates • Mineral Oil • Dyes • GMO’s (Genetically modified organism) How healthy is that, seriously? Sign me up! But it doesn’t stop there. Not only does their product not have the above ingredients but Prose will also ask if you want your customize hair product vegan, gluten-free or silicone-free. This is starting to sound like you’re ordering food, right? Well, you know what they say; if you can’t eat it, then it shouldn’t go in your hair.


So after all of the information you keyed in, Prose provides you with a synopsis. They tell you everything from whether your hair is damaged, dryness levels and dandruff issues, plus much more. Have you ever had anyone school you on your hair like that before? I’ll bet you haven’t. Of course, I took the questionnaire to see what the hype was about and it blew my mind! Prose told me that I had healthy hair. I didn’t need damage control; greasy hair wasn’t an issue and sensitivity wasn’t a huge concern. And honestly, that sounded about right. I was so happy to know that we were on the same page with my hair care and felt confident in knowing that my customize hair product would work!


Now, do not act as you know what’s in your current hair product, because the chances of that are slim. Most of the time the label on the back of products are full of essential ingredients, and then it dives deep into a slew of big words that make no sense. Bottom line, many times we have no idea what we’re putting in our hair. Prose gives you a complete guide on all the ingredients you will have in your personalized bottle. Not only do they break down the ingredients they even tell you the purpose of each one! For instance, my product has eight healthy ingredients. They are all names I have heard before! The elements include sunflower oil, castor seed oil, arginine and a few others. Prose gave the break down of each ingredient, and I know that my hair will have protection against damage; it will be moisturizing, and my scalp will always be balanced. I haven’t even gotten their products yet, and I know already that I can trust them.

Check Out

At the end of your questionnaire, Prose will show you a photo of the products you can get. You have the option of purchasing a hair mask, shampoo or conditioner or all three. Now, many people don’t know, but a hair mask is on the same level as a deep conditioner. Also, many people tend to leave this step out of their routine. However, a deep conditioner should never be left out. It penetrates your scalp to add long-lasting moisture acts as damage prevention and protects your texture. So although at times it can be a little on the pricey side, know its something you need. Prose also makes the check out process smooth with their free and fast shipping. Who doesn’t like free shipping? I know its one of my favorite things! Prose will also ship out your product within six days too. They even tell you how long your “prescription should last.” Yes, at check out they call the product a prescription! Mine stated it would last roughly six weeks, which I’m sure all of them are the same, but you’ll have to fill out your questionnaire to find out!

Dear Prose, Thank You

You know, I knew one day someone had to create a hair product that was going to be just designed just for the person. I mean, why not? As I mentioned earlier so many people are always wasting time and money on products that claim they will help your precious tresses but either do nothing or do the opposite. With Prose, we don’t have to do any of that. Our ‘prescription’ is just for us. So if you’re battling dryness or you feel your hair just isn’t growing anymore, check out Prose. They are here to help with any of our hair care needs. Also, if for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your product, Prose will allow you to return the product 100% guaranteed! I mean, it just doesn’t’ sound like anyone can loose with them. Prose: Hair products created just for you, by you! So, how does customized hair care products by Prose sound? Do you think you would try it out one day? Let me know in the comment section below!
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How To Know If Your Hair Products Usage Is Beneficial

How To Know If Your Hair Products Usage Is Beneficial
Sometimes we don't realize how a little tender, love, and care can go a long way.

Maximizing Your Hair’s Potential

Taking care of your kinks and curls goes down to your hair products and usage. For someone who is not a professional, when it comes to maintaining natural hair, it is likely for damage to occur from improper manipulation. Natural hair is art itself, so tend to it carefully and gain experience as you style. To allow your hair to thrive, you can’t just buy all the best items for your hair, and you must learn to use them correctly. It is possible to misuse hair products, so be sure always to read instructions and proceed mindfully. When you style your own hair, you have to remember to think like a hairdresser. Not only are they focused on creating beautiful hairstyles, but an experienced stylist knows to protect natural hair at the same time. They don’t rush, skip steps, or become lazy during the process. It’s incredible to see how a little patience goes a long way for hair. Your hair’s overall health is dependent on your treatment. Keep reading to find out how to maximize your hair’s potential with the right products and techniques!

What’s Your Hair Type?

Your hair care routine should be consistent, but mutable. As you go through life, things change, and your hair does too. From all the things we do - cleaning, styling, and maintaining hair - over time it begins to affect our tresses. Our age, gender, and hormones are also factors in hair change as we grow. As we become older, naturally our hair becomes weaker and prone to breakage due to chronic manipulation. Damage such as split ends, thinning, or significant frizz is results of hair that aren’t cared for properly. To keep your strands lively, you must give your hair the best TLC you could provide. Besides getting your hair done all the time, in between styles you should be able to treat your curls to ensure health and shine. We all want flourishing, healthy hair, but it is easier said than done. You must commit to everlasting care! Do you moisturize your hair every morning just to have it feeling parched by the evening? Chances are you’re currently battling issues keeping you from hair greatness. Many natural-haired girls are following popular natural hair regimens, but not realizing their hair products, and method choices aren’t for them. The more tightly coiled your strands are, the more prone you are to dryness and damage. Type 4 naturalistas have to remember always to moisturize to ensure hydrated strands. And I’m not just talking about putting some oil in your hair every morning and calling it a day; I mean designing a unique routine that works according to your hair’s conditions. Combating dryness is something many women are looking to do, especially in extreme weather conditions. The sun’s rays or the cold wind is no match for your natural hair. No matter where you live or what you’re into, you want to ensure your hair thrives every day, all day. What you need for optimal moisture are the correct hair products according to your hair type. Your hair type helps you find the hair products. But your hair’s behavior will designate your techniques. Think about your hair’s porosity in addition to its texture:

Low Porosity Hair

If you have low porosity hair, your curls are tight and resistant to any liquid. Since it’s harder to absorb moisture, you must ensure you are using hair products and methods that help open up your cuticles. Products low in pH are meant to close your cuticles, as they are more acidic. Alkaline-based ingredients are found in dyes, bleaches, and perms to help penetrate the product through the strands. You may need to search for those hair products with the basic chemical to open your strands to allow a smooth flow of moisture. Added heat (steam, warmer water, diffuser, heat cap, etc.) can also help with moisture absorption to reduce frizz and dryness. When using conditioners or products that have to be left in, let it sit longer than the written time frame. There’s no harm in leaving in hair products for hours, or even overnight, as long as your hair is getting its needed nourishment.

Medium Porosity Hair

Medium porosity hair requires the least amount of maintenance due to its looser cuticle layer and easy acceptance of hair oils. When it comes to dying and styling hair, having a medium porosity gives you an advantage seeing that it provides a healthy shine, and holds styles in place for an extended period. Regular hair routines involving deep conditioning and proper moisturizing can increase your chance of maintaining excellent product absorption. If for any reason you’re still unsatisfied with your hair’s ability to retain moisture, consider protein treatments or hair products with protein-filled ingredients to help.

High Porosity Hair

High porosity curls tend to absorb moisture quickly and dry at a faster rate. Soon enough, hair may begin to feel brittle and parched. It can appear with age due to the frequent use of shampoos, towels, combing, brushing, excessive or improper heat use, chemicals, dirt, and the list goes on. This is why it is strongly encouraged to treat your hair delicately. If this is your hair’s type, the key is to find products and methods that help to increase and seal moisture. Protein treatments, hot oil treatments, apple cider vinegar rinses, or hair masks are all ideas to try out and add to your regimen if you haven’t already. The kinkiest of curls requires high maintenance, but so does everything great.

Learning to Deal With Your Strands

Not everyone can have a professional cater to the health of their natural hair all the time. And no matter how well your stylist might know you, he or she will never know your strands the way you will if you take the time to see to them. Your hair needs persistent attention to flourish in all the ways you can imagine. I’ll give you the steps to put to the test towards optimal natural hair health.

Appreciating Your Natural Hair

First and foremost, you need to appreciate your natural hair as is. Yes, this is a step itself because enjoying it comes with understanding the maintenance necessary for you to be able to rock your tresses confidently. For me, a girl with 4C hair, I used to hide my natural hair under constant protective styles simply because I hated the way my own hair looked on me. After I did my big chop, I learned to love my look no matter how my hair. But I began to resent it again once it began to grow out. I learned that the only reason I wasn’t enjoying my natural hair anymore was that I wasn’t even caring for it well enough. Be honest with yourself, are you patient with your methods or are you rushing through and expecting better results? It really was a wake-up call for me once I realized how much of a difference I began to see once I took my hair care more seriously. It’s not as hard as it may seem if you take it a step at a time.

Starting With the Right Hair Products

You need to find hair products that are safe for your hair. Listen, I used to pick my shampoos and conditioners based on the best-looking bottles. Now I’m sure many of you are smarter than I used to be and know actually to look at the ingredients. Specific hair products may claim to be natural; however, only the ingredient listing will determine whether you should use it or not. Anything with alcohol strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it drier than before. Other components to avoid include sulfates, parabens, silicones, and even fragrance! It is becoming more popular now to revert to DIY shampoos, conditioners, pastes, and oils to ensure your hair is receiving all organic nutrients. Look for moisturizers with water as its first or second ingredient for added hydration. Sealants help trap and increase the moisture for a longer time. It’s the quality of the product that matters, not the quantity.

Should I Shampoo?

Yes, this is a real question! There has been a lot of setback from the use of shampoo for many natural women. Rather than using shampoos that bring forth dryness, many women have been co-washing in place of them, or even creating their own, natural shampoos. For those living in warmer areas, or who are active, or pretty much sweat or swim all the time deal with the battle of keeping hair clean without stripping the scalp too often from its natural oils. The use of shampoo is entirely up to you. The issue for naturals is that washing with shampoo too often (or using chemical-based shampoos) induces dryness and breakage. Lengthen the time frame between wash days, but in between, you can touch up with co-washes, dry (organic) shampoos, and apple cider vinegar rinses. To help on wash day, before using shampoo, you can do a pre-poo treatment with oil or conditioner to help prepare the scalp for the cleansing process. Section your hair when you work with it. It definitely helps to give each area of your hair specific attention, and it makes it easier to work the back of your head. When using shampoo, you really want only to wash once. Any other needed wash should be from your conditioner to refrain from a too-clean scalp. Take the time to lather the shampoo throughout your strands and make way around your scalp to rid of the dirt and product buildup. Washing with warm water allows your cuticles to open for a full clean, and rinsing with cold water closes the cuticles and promotes sheen.

Conditioning Your Curls

Whenever I condition my hair, I’m basically doing a deep condition. Unless you’re completely content with the state of your hair after wash day or don’t have the time, I recommend taking your conditioning to the next level every time for better results. This is my favorite part because this is where I really take my time to ensure my hair feels softer and stronger so that I can style effortlessly after. You can purchase an organic deep conditioning mask, or you can create your own. Here’s the deal: you can condition regularly after shampooing, or you can deep condition within your wash days. It helps to condition only in between your designated shampoo days to keep up with a clean and moisturized scalp daily. Especially during the colder months, you should switch to deep conditioning more often. If you can, begin with dry hair. Wet hair is weaker and dryer, since it becomes easier to comb through tangles, essentially ripping your hair. I noticed by adding enough hair products to each section, and I could easily detangle by hand which reduced shedding during the process. It does take longer, but remember how well patience helps your natural hair in the long run. Make sure when you add hair products, to focus on the ends, as they are the driest part of your strands. As you glide your fingers down each section, you will feel your hair becoming softer and silkier. I know I’m using just enough product when I can smoothly run my fingers through the product-filled sections. Just make sure not to overdo it, you’ll know you are if your hands feel gunky from the product overload. Cover with a plastic cap and leave in for as long as you please, with added heat if desired. Any in-depth treatment or mask will be beneficial if dispersed evenly throughout the hair. Don’t worry about running out of too much product too quickly. If you don’t use enough, then your treatment becomes a waste, so make the most of it.

Protein vs. Moisture

What’s more overwhelming? Not knowing what type of hair products to buy, or knowing what you need but unsure of which brand to trust the most? When you’re still getting to know the ins and outs of your natural hair, you become more skeptical of your purchases and techniques. But this is totally fine, as it assists in the long run when you can figure out what your hair needs without having to consult a stylist. To figure out what your hair needs, in addition to your porosity test, you can perform a strand test. With a strand of wet hair, you can stretch it and let go to see how your hair acts. You know you need moisture when you can barely stretch it out, and if it stretches out or breaks, you need protein. You can also take the time to feel your tresses to find out where you stand. Too much protein in the hair actually causes it to give a hard feel, and too much moisture has the hair feeling overly soft and still breaks easily. Too little protein is stringy, limp hair, and too little moisture is just dryness and weakness. Any treatment you decide to use to help the status of your natural hair should line up with your hair’s condition and what it needs to thrive. Protein treatments are great every month or so, but they don’t take the place of moisturizing treatments. Be sure when you purchase conditioners or masks, you know what all ingredients do for your hair. You want to balance your hair’s nutrients so that there is an even amount dispersed throughout your scalp. You can find treatments that run from mild to severe, depending on the state of your natural hair. Whether you’re looking to restore or repair natural hair, you can always find methods that cater to your exact needs.

Sealing Moisture

The LOC (leave-in conditioner, oil, cream) method is a comfortable, simplified way for most curly cuties to “lock” in the moisture for all-day hydration. If you can, try to apply your hair products before attempting to detangle to keep from too much breakage during styling. However, you choose to seal your moisture, be sure to focus on the ends and to not saturate your hair with products. Unlike a conditioner or mask, you won’t be rinsing out excess hair product. So, use enough for each section to be able to air dry before you start your day.

Outside the Bathroom

To help with your hair’s ability to retain moisture, you have to be able to commit to your hair outside your natural hair regimen. This includes some pieces of your lifestyle. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, so just imagine how important it is for your hair to stay hydrated throughout the day just as you would. Drinking a lot of water and balancing a healthy diet improves your body’s health naturally, and your hair as well. You can maintain your moisture throughout the day by ensuring you stay hydrated. You can also protect your hair from the sun and extreme weather with hats or wraps. And at night, you can also help your hair by sleeping in silk or satin bonnets, scarves, or pillowcases to keep from reduced moisture. Simply keeping from playing in your hair too often helps with humidity a bit also. I know, I love getting my hair played in as well, but massaging the scalp with oil regularly helps.

Taking It a Day At a Time

If you’re discouraged about your hair’s turnouts, help bring more life and bounce to your strands by taking the time to moisturize, nourish, and define your curls. No blog or website can tell you exactly what you need. It’s my job to give you the correct information for you to take into account your hair, and make the necessary changes to your routine to ensure your hair has what it needs. You can moisturize as often as required, however, you see the best fit for your kinks. The kinkier you are, really help your 4C natural hair by purchasing products meant to maintain moisture throughout your regimen. Taking the best care of your hair is not temporarily stripping your hair from everything to restoring with store-bought oils. You have natural oils, and it puts you at a disadvantage for your hair to be immaculate because it begins to behave differently. Some tips include staying away from hot tools as much as you possibly can and minimize the chemical treatments like coloring and perming. There are safer options to be able to style your hair however you please. But the one thing to always keep in mind is that hydration through your processes benefits your natural hair, beautifully. Natural hair is a lifestyle, so welcome to your journey!
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Make Homemade Aloe Vera Gel Your New Staple Hair Product

Make Homemade Aloe Vera Gel Your New Staple Hair Product

The Plant That Restores and Heals

We all have secret weapons when it comes to caring for the skin, hair and other parts of our body. Can you guess what mine is? It’s Aloe Vera gel! If you’re wondering how gel from a plant can improve your health, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know! I’ll also give you some instructions on how to create the gel right at home.

What Is Aloe Vera?

A species of the genus Aloe, Aloe Vera is a super thick plant that stores water within its leaves in a gel-like substance. The leaves on this plant can grow to about 12-19 inches (potentially higher during the summer) of green, pointed leaves. These plants typically grow in tropical climates.

What Are The Benefits?

Like nearly all plants, Aloe Vera contains many nutrients that make it beneficial. There is a gel-like substance located inside of the plant’s leaves that holds many antioxidant and antibacterial properties alongside the stored water. You can also find vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our bodies within this plant. Because of this, Aloe Vera is the perfect all-natural topical cream, serum; you name it! One of the most common benefits of Aloe Vera is the healing of damaged skin. Since it decreases the time that it takes to heal from many types of trauma to the skin, it is a great go-to when you have an accident or need some restoration. We’ll discuss this later!

How to Make Your Own Aloe Vera Gel

Who’s ready for the fun part?! Now that you know all about the incredible benefits of Aloe Vera, do you think you can make your gel? I think, yes! Just take note of these easy-to-follow directions and create your own “Aloe potion!”

What You’ll Need:

  • Aloe Vera Plant
  • Sharp knife
  • Small sized bowl
  • Medium sized bowl
  • Spoon
  • Clean jar

Optional Items:

  • Vegetable peeler
  • Natural preservative
  • Blender

Step 1:

Purchase an Aloe Vera plant. You can find these plants at your local home improvement stores, organic markets or plant nurseries. There are also a few online plant stores that sell them, such as Garden Goods Direct and The Growers Exchange

Step 2:

Wash your hands and tools. You want to prevent any germs from entering the gel.

Step 3:

Cut a few leaves off the plant starting with the outer pieces. Leaves around the outer area mature faster. Also, be sure to cut from the base when you're slicing away.

Step 4:

Leave the leaves sitting upright for a few minutes inside your medium-sized bowl and wait for the dark portion of the resin to drain. You do not want to include the resin in your mixture because it contains latex which is harsh on the skin.

Step 5:

Grab your vegetable peeler (or knife if you do not have one) and peel off the green, outer layer. When cutting, stay as close you can to the green layer to get all of the “gelly” goodness out!

Step 6:

Take your spoon and scoop all of the gel off of the side of the leaf into your small bowl.

Step 7:

Add a preservative to your gel. This step is entirely optional but highly recommended to help your gel last. For every ¼ cup of gel, add in 500mg powdered Vitamin C or 400 IU vitamin E (you can also crush the right number of tablets). You can stir the mixture thoroughly or put it in a blender for faster results.

Step 8:

Pop the lid on your glass jar and place the substance inside. Refrigerate when you’re not using it. Tip: Keep in mind when making your gel is to create a little at a time if you do not use a preservative. This type of gel is perishable and only lasts for about a week, so it’s essential just to cut a leaf or two each time you make a batch. You can also freeze your gel after a week and use as needed.

Ways to Use It

Now that you’re ready to use your new jar of homemade gel, we can get into how to use it. Unlike a lot of plants, you can use Aloe Vera for all types of body care methods. Check out a few ways that you can apply this gel in your everyday life.
  • Aloe Vera gel nurtures your hair and scalp. When styling your hair, you can add a little of the gel to your hair products for added moisture and nutrients. If you have issues with dandruff, the gel should do the trick.
  • You can also apply the gel directly to your edges or scalp if you’re experiencing a little balding. The gel is excellent for hair growth!
  • It can be used to style your hair. Since we’re talking hair, here’s a tip for defining and moisturizing your curls: use Aloe Vera gel!
  • Apply it to your sunburns or any other burns. Not only does it cool your skin, but it also restores it a lot faster than a regular topical cream.
  • Use it on your dry skin. Aloe is known to soothe and moisturize skin since there is plenty of water trapped within the plant.
  • It’s great to add to homemade anti-itching mixtures. As you can see, aloe gel is perfect for calming your skin after you expose it to harmful conditions. So, if you have a mosquito bite or any other kind of irritating itch, use a mixture with the gel in it or apply the gel directly to the itchy area.
  • Add it to your daily routine for your face. The gel lightens blemishes, fights acne and prevents aging.

It’s The Plant That Everyone Needs!

Who knew that a plant provides all of these benefits and uses?! Aloe Vera is one of the best ingredients to use in almost all of your natural home remedies. Restore and heal your hair, face and other skin with your easy-to-make Aloe Vera gel! If you make your own Aloe Vera gel or have made it in the past, let us in the comments. Be sure to tell us how it has benefited you!
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The Best Natural DIY Hair Gels That Are A Hair Win!

The Best Natural DIY Hair Gels That Are A Hair Win!

Where To Start With DIY Hair Gels

There’s been news circulating about whether hair gel is healthy for hair, especially for those with curly and kinky hair. My hair is kinky, so I use hair gels a lot. I use it often, so it’s essential that I’m using a product that isn’t damaging to my hair. Hair gels can be used for a variety of things like slicking down baby hairs and pulling hair into an updo. It’s beneficial to have some hair gel around but what if you’re tired of using products that may be harmful to your hair? Whenever I feel like I need a product but don’t want to compromise, I make it myself. DIY hair gels are a great way to explore the option of making your hair products without breaking the bank. DIY is a great way to make some cool products with your twist. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when making these hair gels. If you have frizzy hair, or hair that refuses to stay in place, a hair gel may be the solution for you. I’m going to give you some DIY natural hair gels that you can make in the comfort of your own home.

Which Hair Gels Should I Make?

There are plenty of different hair gels that you can create, but we’ve narrowed it down to three. When choosing a hair gel to create, you should take note of your hair type. Do you have fine, and straight hair? Do you have kinky or curly hair? Your hair type will ultimately determine what kind of gel you need to make. Overall, any type of gel can be beneficial, but you don’t want to make something that won’t hold your hair type. For me, I like to use a mix of flaxseed and chia seeds to make a fantastic gel. There’s also the great aloe vera gel that has more benefits than one. After trying out my first DIY hair gel, I fell in love with the process and the product. Also, the process is super easy, fun, and quick. It’s not messy at all and doesn’t require that you use a ton of ingredients. Each gel has a different benefit. Let’s get into how to make each one!

Flax Seed Hair Gel

Flaxseed is found in all kinds of foods from oatmeal to frozen waffles. Flaxseed has omega-3 essential fatty acid, which is considered “good” fat. It’s incredibly beneficial to the heart. It’s incredibly cheap and doesn’t cost much to be shipped. You can find it pretty much everywhere. It’s natural and can be stored for extended amounts of time. You can also freeze it so that you can keep it longer. When it comes to hair, the fatty acids in it help your hair stay moisturized and protected. It also strengthens your hair. Making a flax seed hair gel is simple. Here are some things you’ll need:
  • Water
  • Flaxseeds
  • A Pot
  • A pair of stockings
  • A jar with a lid
  • Any essential oils you like
After gathering all your items, you’re going to mix them in a pot full of water. Mix them until they come to a boil. Don’t let the seeds stick to the bottom of the pot because you want to make sure you use all the nutrients possible. After about five minutes of boiling, you should, just barely, see the gel start to form.

Remember This While Creating

The higher the heat is, the quicker it will thicken. You want to ensure that the consistency is just right. Nothing too pasty, and nothing too thin. After a foamy froth starts to rise, you’ll want to use a filter to drain the product and separate it from the seeds. Pour the content into a new or clean jar. After that, you can add your oils to give it a little twist. I like to add oils that will moisturize my hair and ensure that the gel will last. Vitamin E oil is excellent for that. When you’re done making your mixture, you’ll want to store it in the fridge to maintain the consistency.

Aloe Vera Hair Gel

Aloe vera is a succulent that can be found all over the world. It thrives in places such as Mexico, and South America, and it has been around for centuries. Allow vera contents anti-oxidants that help ease bacterial infections and inflammation! It’s an amazing resource that can be used for just about anything. The amazing thing about aloe vera gel is that there are no unusual ingredients needed to make a gel. You can use aloe vera directly from the source. However, the consistency of it won’t work as a standard hair gel. To make the consistency thicker, you can mix aloe vera with your flax seed gel. This will create a mixture that is consistent enough to be efficient and beneficial to your hair. Aloe vera will have your hair feeling soft, and moisturized. It also benefits your scalp but ridding it of inflammation, dirt, and bacteria. Whenever you think that you need a refresher, use some aloe vera gel to get yourself back in shape. Whenever my scalp condition starts to flare up, I add some aloe vera and go on about my day. By the end of the day, my hair is entirely back to normal.

Chia Seeds!

Chia seeds are considered a superfood. They’re easy to digest and extremely versatile. Chia seeds are grown initially in Mexico and are of high value. They are packed with nutrients that are beneficial to hair. Chia seeds also have omega-3 fats like flaxseeds. They have a protein that strengthens roots and minerals to increase growth. To make a chia seed gel, you will need the same products as the flaxseed recipe. In fact, the process is entirely the same. Just replace flax seeds with chia seeds, and you’re good to go!

DIY Hair Gels Is Fun!

There’s an added benefit when you’re doing your hair with products that you made on your own. DIY Hair gel is a fantastic way to save money while making a product that is beneficial to your hair. Also, don’t be afraid to add your twist to it. Have you made your hair gel? Let us know your experience by commenting below! We’d love to hear from you!
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