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The Top 10 Hair Dryers For Your At Home Blow Out

The Top 10 Hair Dryers For Your At Home Blow Out

The Art of the Blow Out

Between dry bars and Dominican hair salons, the blow dryer is a staple in both the straight hair and the natural hair community.

Men and women of all nationalities hit their strands with the heat of a blow dryer anywhere from one to three times a week to rock a straight style. Needless to say, with multiple appointments throughout the week it can get expensive.

So, what can you do to save coin and still have a sleek style? Buy a good blow dryer and practice your wrist flick to achieve your ideal blowout at home! Keep reading to check out the blow dryers we’ve deemed the top hair dryers for 2018.

1. Amika The Accomplice Hair Dryer

Use If You Have: Arm Day At The Gym!

We all know that the best way to achieve a blow out is through sectioning the hair to create manageable sections for the heat to penetrate the hair.

However, depending on your hairs thickness, that can double as an upper body workout for some of us. Cue the superhero anthem; the Amika Accomplice dryer eliminates all of that extra arm work. Its lightweight design takes the burden off of your triceps and biceps to deliver 1800 watts of power through your tresses.

Pop Sugar also names the dryer as one of eleven top tools to help transitioning naturals achieve sleek styles because of its tourmaline feature. The tourmaline gives off negative ions and far-infrared heat to combat frizz and give you all the perks of a sleek salon blow out at the DIY price.

The Accomplice Hair Dryer has a price tag of $200, and you can pick it up at your local


2. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Use If You Have: The Need For A New Blow Drying Toy

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, Dyson the vacuum guys have tried their hand and re-inventing the wheel. Or in this case, the hairdryer.

Keep in mind, the hair dryer was first invented in the 1920’s and has been consistent with its original design throughout the years. Nevertheless, Dyson has managed to introduce the Supersonic Hair Dryer with quite a few technological updates.

For starters, this dryer has the smallest motor ever used in a hair dryer! The acorn shaped motor makes this dryer significantly lightweight in comparison to its competitors with motors up to three times that size. The dryer also has a considerably quieter noise than most dryers possess, which may or may not be surprising considering that Dyson’s quiet vacuums are the brand’s money maker. Last but not least, the dryer can go up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit! This is the optimum temperature for little to no heat damage if used correctly.

The product’s bonuses include a celebrity hairstylist endorsement from celebrity hair guru Jen Atkin and three nozzle attachments. The styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, and diffuser are all heatproof and attach to the body of the dyer magnetically. You don’t have to worry about melting your styling tool of choice.

Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer cost a pretty penny at a whopping $399; you can make this investment when you visit

3. Revair Reverse Air Dryer

Use If You Have: No Need For A Flat Iron

If you visit the website, you will see that the company boasts about creating a "game-changing product to help you do your hair faster, straighter, sleeker & more."

They could be right. Oddly enough the RevAir Dyer is the first of its kind. The user can insert their wet hair into the dryer to receive a warm air suction that will pull the moisture from their strands and give strands the appearance of more shine.

This all makes logical sense. Because the traditional dryer blows hot air directly onto your hair to give you a sleeker style it can also cause the strands to look dry and lifeless after too many uses.

The Revair Dryer works in reverse and will not give hair that dry, damaged look over time. However, it does cause us to wonder why more reverse dryers have not come to the market. All of the demonstration videos show glamorous blow out results making it a suitable addition to the list of tools to help you DIY yours.

Get the Revair Reverse Air Dryer for $399 exclusively at


4. Bio Ionic Power Diva Pro Style Dryer

Use if You Have: Dry, Damaged Hair

Blowouts are an essential hair styling option for those of us who are always on the go!

For all of the ladies racking up frequent flyer miles and traveling the globe, you definitely need this dryer to combat the unlikelihood of finding a dry bar on the road. The Bio Ionic Power Diva Pro Style Dryer is the answer to that occurrence. It not only has a compact body, but it also comes in a mini form that is perfect for your suitcase. You can whip it out to achieve a blowout with volume and shine.

What’s different about this dryer is its ability to dissolve the water that is in your hair. While the conventional hair dryer heats up room temperature air, the Dive Pro Styler is ionic, so it generates ionic particles to trap in moisture in the hair and then break it down.

Grab the Bio Ionic Power Diva Pro Style Dryer for $150 on!

5. GHD Air Hairdryer

Use if You Have: Thick Hair

The GHD air Hairdryer claims to dry hair quicker than its competitors. And with is 2100 watt motor we don’t don’t doubt that!

The dryer is also composed of Ionic technology that is prime for thick hair. With its two heat and speed settings, you get more control over the styling of your hair and the higher temperature setting can help you get through those thick sections quickly and with ease. Keep this in mind and be sure to fluctuate between the two settings and use a heat protectant spray to avoid heat damage.

Not to mention, the GHD also comes with a cold air shot button. This button is the help you need with it comes to holding your style. It's also the reason why you won’t have to go back to the dryer between full-blown wash days continuously.

The dryer also has the perks of a long salon cord so you can travel away from your bathroom mirror if need be, and two different nozzle attachments to fit your airflow needs.

Check out the GHD Air Hairdryer for $199 at


6. Twin Turbo 3200 Dryer

Use If You Have: Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, heat is not your friend. I repeat, all of my fine hair friends walk away from the heat!

Okay, so now that that is out of the way, you should take a look at the Twin Turbo 3200 dryer! With its four temperatures and two speeds, if you have a fine grade of hair, you can control the amount of heat you are using on your strands. It is essential that you monitor what temperature works for you, before heat damaging your tresses!

This dryer also comes equipped with and an anti-overheating device. So, if you are not sure what temperature to use, the dryer can manage the heat for you. If you’d like our advice: keep the dryer set cool while drying your hair and then shoot it with the cold shot to hold your straight style.

If you want to look more into the Twin Turbo 3200 Dryer, you can find it at for $125.

7. Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

Use If You Have: An Affinity for a Salon Finish

If you are looking for more than just straight hair, and you are addicted to the look that you get at your dry bar or salon, you may want to look into the Buttercup.

The Buttercup Blow Dryer is the product of an actual dry bar team so not only is it legit, but it’s battle tested!

To give you the hair you walk out of your salon with the Buttercup works to seal your hair’s cuticles with its conditioning nanobeads. These beads leave the hair silky and straight without the use of too much product.

The Buttercup blow dryer has three temperatures and two-speed settings to work on a few different types of hair. It also comes with a self-locking cool shot button that you don’t have to press down on to get your burst of cold air! These salo experts included a narrow nozzle attachment as well! Meaning, if you’ve recently decided to get bangs for the approaching all season, the Buttercup has you covered.

Get your Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer for $195 at


8. DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser

Use If You Hair: Curly Hair

We are certainly catering to the girl who prefers a sleek style in this article.

Nevertheless, that does not mean you can’t go to a dry bar or a blow dryer and give your curls life! For all of you naturally curly ladies tired of getting your curls diffused at a pricey salon, go to your nearest DevaCurl retailer and grab the DevaDryer and DevaFuser for your home hair salon!

The biggest problem with any diffuser attachment is its inability to stay on the dryer its connected to. Fortunately, the Deva Dryer eliminates that! It is specifically for the patented DevaFuser! The DevaFuser is the star of the show because the uniquely shaped tool acts like a human hand to scrunch your curls. All this while providing each section with 360-degree airflow to enhance your natural curls and cut drying time.

The best thing about this dryer is its ability to both define waves and curls and provide volume without frizz.

Purchase both the DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser for a reasonable $159 when you visit

9. T3 Featherweight LUXE 2i Hair Dryer

Use If You Have: Dull Hair

Aside from the featherweight technology the T3 dyer has an ion generator that boosts the look of fresh blowouts by reducing static, fighting frizz, and boosting the shine in hair. The dryer includes a round barrel brush that helps to increase the hair’s shine and give you the look of a complete blowout.

You can find the T3 Featherweight LUXE 2i Hair Dryer with a $250 price tag at


10. ​Jinri Hair Dryer Professional Salon

Use If You Have: An Affinity For Styling Tricks

The Jinri blow dryer is a fan favorite with Amazon customers, and we know why. With its three heat settings and three nozzle attachments, this dryer is ideal for those of you who like to switch up how you style your mane!

You can put your speed on the high setting and heat to medium or low, to get shiny hair with high volume. Or you can switch it up with low heat to show off your hair’s softness!

The three different nozzles include:

The concentrator nozzle

This attachment enables you to bring on the volume to the and hit your roots! Meaning that you can manipulate your naturally straight flat hair to make it bouncy, or give your natural curls another inch in height.

The diffuser nozzle

Made for the curly girl and will help prevent frizzing while eliminating drying time.

The comb nozzle

Prevents flyaway hairs and make them smooth! Be mindful that this piece caters to those with a finer hair texture so be sure to comb through each section of your hair so that big knots don’t rip out your strands.

The Jinri Hair Dryer Professional Salon is one of the more affordable options on this list at $58.69 via

Decisions, Decisions

All of the dryers on the list above will help you to achieve whatever services you are paying for on a weekly basis.

However, it is good to research the blow dryer that will better serve your hair type or style aspirations before you make the small investment into your hair’s future. What are you looking for in a blowout? Do any of these dryers not live up to the hype?

Comment your thoughts on our picks below!

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5 Expensive Hair Tools That Are Totally Worth The Money

5 Expensive Hair Tools That Are Totally Worth The Money

Get Ready to Bust Out the Debit Cards

Hair tools are an essential, who doesn't need them? Now, I don’t know about you, but I can be a very frugal person. You know, someone who is not a fan of spending a lot of money. I’m a firm believer that just because something has a high price tag, doesn’t mean it’s the best. I’m willing to bet you that I’ll find a product that is half the price on anything that has a high dollar. But don’t get it twisted, yes I can be cheap at times, but certain things are worth the extra coins. For example, when it comes to beautiful tresses, there shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind on what you’re willing to spend. Honestly, damaged hair doesn’t always come from heat ladies! Sometimes your hair is destroyed because you’re using cheap products and tools. So if you can relate or it sounds like you then keep reading! I’ll discuss five expensive hair tools that are worth the money!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If you didn’t know, the brand Dyson is the Oprah of all cleaning products! It is one of the best product companies ever created. It’s known for being simplistic and powerful. For the most part, if you’re able to own a Dyson product, it speaks volumes on your financial status. So, shout out to you! Not only is Dyson well known for having the best vacuum cleaner but in recent years it has stolen off the title of the best blow dryer too! Who would have thought a vacuum cleaner company would create a hairdryer? I don’t know, but we’re here for it all. In recent years, Dyson dropped one of the most elite blow dryers on the market. With a running price of $400, you can be sure that its money well spent. For starters, the sleekness of the dryer is over the top eye-catching. It’s bladeless people. That means the days of talking loud over the dryer are long gone. The Dyson blow dryer gives off a low whispering sound that makes blow-drying seem less like a chore and super engaging. It also comes with a concentrator, which allows sections to dry without disrupting other areas of the head. If you’re someone who wants to blow their hair out without parts, Dyson also provides a wide-angle attachment. All you ever wanted and needed is inside the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Does the average person spend $400 on a dryer? No. However, I can assure you; you won’t be disappointed.

Babyliss Nano Titanium Flat Iron

If you don’t own the Babyliss Nano Titanium Flatiron, you’re missing out on a great product. For $130, Babyliss delivers on its high quality. Like most people, many like to use flat irons to tame their flyaways. But with this flat iron, it prevents fly aways. Therefore once you’re done straightening your hair, you won’t have to do a retouch for any reason. What makes this flat iron stand out so much is the fact you only need one pass through! Yes, one pass through. There’s no need to pass the flat iron through your hair over and over. Some people use their flat iron like a comb; they keep putting it through their hair over and over again. But in doing so, you’re potentially damaging your hair. Then still, some flat irons aren’t the best, and it’s necessary to pass through the hair several times before the hair is straight. With the Babyliss Nano flat iron, their objective is to straighten your hair fast, without damage.

Denman Brush

Now, I don’t know about you, but not too many people are willing to pay more than $6 for a hairbrush, let alone $17! That’s how much the Denman brush cost, but I promise you it’s worth every penny. The Denman brush is most popular within the natural hair community. It’s a brush that offers many options for a curly head. But it’s not just a brush; it’s a high level detangle tool. The Denman brush has adjustable bristol rows that allow each consumer to have personal experiences. For example, if you’re someone who has super thick hair, you may want to remove a row or two, so the brush can slide more accessible throughout the hair. You also have the option to purchase a brush that has either seven, nine or five adjustable rows. The reason why this brush is worth $17 is that it provides incredible definition to your curls! Who doesn’t want their curls to be defined? Exactly! Have you ever wanted a perfect wash and go or frizz free twist out but tried everything and can’t achieve one? Well, the Denman brush is what you’re missing. It will comb through your hair so smoothly and provide effortless results. Now I must warn you, the brush provides significant shrinkage and I know not everyone is a fan of that. However, since its defining your hair to the max, shrinkage will be present. But technically shrinkage isn’t that bad, and it also means your curls last longer. So yes, the Denman brush is $17, but it has excellent benefits!

Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

Not too many years ago, styling wands appeared on the hair scene. At first, many were trying to figure out what the difference between a curling wand and a curling iron was. Although they are very similar, that is also different. For $270, the Whirl Styling Wand is a game changer. It comes with a pair of frizz free gloves and three interchangeable wand sizes. The most significant difference between the curling iron and wand is the type of curl each produces. The wand has a barrel that starts out wide from the base and thins out towards the end, whereas a curling iron barrel is the same size throughout. The Whirl Wand is another product that’s worth every penny because of its sleekness. In this day and age, not a lot of people want to spend hours doing their hair. Many are trying to figure out how to achieve their favorite styles in half the time. So with the wand, you’re able to do just that. You can wake up in the morning and have stylish curls in seconds! Yes, seconds! Once you wrap your hair around the wand barrel, you hold the hair in place for about 4-5 seconds, release and you’ll have a super cute curl! Plus with the frizz-free glove, you will be able to ensure your hair sections are measured just right by getting close to the barrel and not worrying about the heat. The Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand is everything you need in a styling tool. Plus, it comes with three different barrel sizes so you can switch your style with ease. You just can’t beat that!

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W

Now I know what you’re thinking, who wants to pay $312 for a hair dryer? But if you’re a busy person, like most, then you’ll want it for sure! The Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1109W hair dryer is high in price, mainly because it’s a salon style dryer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one of your own. Many people who aren’t hairstylists own this dryer, and if you keep reading you will know why! First of all, the Pibbs dryer is the Mother of all hair dryer. It’s tall, easy to use and most of all it dries your hair in half the time, compared to hand dryers. The dryer also has a protector shield around the head section that ensures the heat is locked in and dries the hair fast. With the different settings it provides, you can also customize your drying experience to fit your needs. And if you think this dryer would be hard to move around in your home, think again! It stands on wheels and moves about smoothly! It’s also not that loud and super convenient. Another reason why this dryer is a must need to have because it doesn’t blow hair down onto your hair. The Pibbs dryer circulates the air throughout your hair, so your hair dries evenly and quickly.

So, Do You Think They’re Worth It?

Have you ran and gotten your wallet yet? I know these above items can run a little pricey, but they are worth every penny. As I mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why people have damaged hair isn’t always because of what they are doing, but what they are using. You may have a technique mastered, but if you’re using the wrong styling tool, then nothing matters. For instance, sure the Pibbs dryer my very well be over $300 but they offer something that not many hooded driers have. They have an air system that circulates the air around the head. I remember an old school hooded dryer I used to have years ago, and it would blow air in one direction. Therefore every 20-30 minutes I had to turn my body so that another section could get dry. Who has time for that in 2018? For this logic to make more sense, think of these hair tools as investments. Your beautiful tresses will thank you later for opening your wallet and wanting the best for them! Do you have any of the above hair tools? If you could purchase one, which one would it be and why? Let me know in the comment section below!
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Why Diffusers Are Perfect to Achieve The Best Curl Pattern

Why Diffusers Are Perfect to Achieve The Best Curl Pattern

Curl Definition Is The Ultimate Goal

When we decide to become natural, the main thing we care about is our curl pattern and definition of those said curls. After using so many chemicals in our hair before becoming natural, our hair has lost its curls, or we never knew it had curls. For the first few months of being natural, there are so many products to choose from to see which works best for your hair. We try so many products to achieve the perfect curl definition and overlook a critical tool that’s sole purpose is to define our curls; the hair diffuser.

What Is A Diffuser

A hair diffuser is an attachment that goes on your any blow dryer. It is designed to release the air from the blow dryer over a large area of hair. Diffusers are the middleman between your hair and the blow dryer. We all know that direct heat can be damaging to our hair and our curls; so using a diffuser while natural is the best option for drying. There are several types of hair diffusers that one can use on their curls; flat vented, mitt and even finger diffusers. All of which lifts the hair which helps add body and volume while defining your curls, all at the same time. Do not mistake diffusers as curl creators, they cannot create the curls you have always wanted, but they help to define them. Because a diffuser acts as a buffer between the heat from the blow dryer and your hair, it will help to bring out your curls, even more, using less or low temperature.

Why Should You Diffuse

Although it seems like such a small appliance, diffusers make a world of difference. Not only is this better than using a hairdryer when you have curls but it helps to retain your original volume amongst other significant benefits. Use a diffuser because:
  • When used correctly, prevents frizzy hair
  • It is not damaging to your natural curl pattern
  • A quicker way to dry your hair
  • Less heat but better drying
  • Retains length and fullness; no shrinkage
When you blow dry, wet hair without a diffuser, you will typically see fuzzier hair and your curls do not stand out. When a diffuser attachment is attached, it helps the air to circulate the curl and not go through it. This process helps the curls to become defined and less frizzy.

WOC and Diffusers

Regardless of your hair texture, we can too use diffusers on your hair, and it works just fine. Others may work better for different textures, but this is a universal hair tool that anyone can use. That is what makes hair diffusers so impressive, kinks and coils do not get excluded. WOC struggle with shrinkage and diffusers are a great way to combat that and make our hair big and curly but defined. If you aren’t looking for bigger hair, this isn’t the tool for you but who doesn't love a big curly fro?! We love anything that does create heat damage, so again this is an excellent tool for anyone especially natural woc. It is entirely safe for you to diffuse your curls every day if needed, no harm done. For my ladies with kinkier hair, try to use a low setting diffuser and do not place it so close to your hair, it will cause your hair to shrink more. It isn't rocketing science, but it helps to know how to diffuse your hair if you never tried.

How Easy Is It to Diffuse

Diffusing your hair is just as easy as blow drying. The time you would spend usually blow drying your hair is cut in half when you decide to use a diffuser instead. Once you are finishing washing your hair before you begin to dry your hair, wrap your wet or damp hair in a t-shirt, not a towel. Drying your natural hair with a towel can cause frizzy hair, from my experience. Opposed to the t-shirt, maintains the texture and curl pattern. Finger coil or separate your hair to detangle it. This quick process will help when you began to diffuse it; this process gives you the type of the curl you are looking for. Lift your hair and place the diffuser on it starting at the bottom, you want to bunch up your hair to ensure that it is defining the curls. Three easy steps are all you need to achieve defined curls. Once you have completed these steps, then feel free to apply a light curl defining lotion or gel to sell in the moisture to make sure your curls stay bouncy throughout the day.

Popular Diffusers to Try Out

Although it seems like just another plastic hair appliance, there are many different diffusers people use for their curls, coils, and kinks. All of which serve the same purpose but what girl doesn't love options ?!

DevaCurl DevaFuser

An excellent tool for all types of curly hair doesn't matter the race, texture or curl pattern. It has a 360-degree air flow which helps give that natural curl definition we all love. It fits on just about any blow dryer you can find. This diffuser also has a cold air setting to help keep the curls in place and not add heat damage. Find this product online at Amazon.

Nano Titanium Finger Diffuser by Babyliss

Professionals more commonly use a universal finger diffuser so you'll find this in Sally's beauty and Amazon in the professional beauty sections. Your hair will not get caught in it, despite how it looks. Another excellent diffuser attachment for curly hair textures. Defined curls can be achieved using this on low heat. For my ladies with long, thick and curly hair, try the Xtava black orchid diffuser. With a large attachment, this diffuser is sure to thoroughly dry your hair and retain the length and bounce of your curls. Traveling and want to pack lightly? Take The curly co. Collapsible hair diffuser with you for that perfect vacation curl. It fits on any model of the dryer so attach it to the one in the room and make sure your curls are popping the entire vacation. There are so many more diffuser options you can try out, all of which are very inexpensive. If you don't care about the newest diffuser, your local hair store will have some basic ones that still can get the job done.

Diffuse Your Curls More

Hair diffusers are life savers for those natural ladies who do not have time to blow dry their hair but cannot just wash and go. I struggle with the wash and go sometimes, and I have tried a diffuser, and it does help define my curls and keep them from becoming frizzy and puffy. You can take any regular blow dryer and transform it into a hair miracle by just adding a diffuser attachment. So next time you want more defined curls, put down the oily product and give a diffuser a try!
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The Signs You’re Using the Wrong Hair Tools

The Signs You’re Using the Wrong Hair Tools

Choose Wisely

By the time we reach adulthood most women have a horror story, or two, about a hair tool that they've used in the past that went wrong. Just watching an Instagram or YouTube tutorial might not be enough to teach you how to use your hair tools to achieve a specific hairstyle accurately. Images of hairstyles that I see on social media and blogs inspire me. However, all my inspiration quickly turns into frustration once I realize that the hair tools I'm attempting to use are the wrong ones necessary for the hairstyle. Every step of your hairstyling journey requires a different set of hair tools. Let's look at some common hairstyles and what you should be using to achieve them.

Tools for Detangling Your Hair

Having detangled hair is the first step in achieving any hair hairstyle. However, venturing into the tricky land of detangling can quickly become a burden if you don't have the proper tools to help you along the way. The level of difficulty when detangling your hair depends on how curly or kinky your hair is as well as how often you thoroughly detangle it. Using the right hair tools will ease the process of unknotting your hair and will minimize breakage and shedding. If you find yourself fighting with your hair, then you're likely not using the wrong hair tool to detangle it. There are two ways to properly detangle your hair, either while it's wet or while it's dry. If you're detangling your hair and you notice any ripping or snagging, then you need to double check what you're using. It's best to use a wide-toothed comb or a Denman Brush to detangle your hair. Wide-toothed combs are gentle enough to glide through your hair without snagging or pulling out your hair. Denman brushes have flexible silicone bristles that glide through your hair without getting tangled around your texture.

Tug of War

As you unknot your hair, make sure that your hair is coated with an oil or moisturizer to help your comb glide through your hair. If you have curly hair, then your hair will look busy after you finish detangling and before styling. However, your hair should not look frizzy or stingy. The wrong hair tool to use during a dry detangle is a fine-toothed comb. Fine-toothed combs have teeth that are placed firmly together which don't allow your hair to glide through causing some significant damage to your hair freely. A sign that you're using the right tool to detangle your hair is that you can slip straight through your hair from root to tip without any pain and without your hair breaking off.

Signs You're Using the Wrong Tools to Blow Dry

Now that your hair is clean and detangled, its time to start styling. If your desired style requires heat, then you need to make sure that you're using the correct heat tool. With improper use, direct heat can be very damaging to your hair. If you've noticed that your hair is frizzy, tangled and unruly after a blow dry, then you've likely been using the wrong blow dryer and technique. For smooth, shiny, and healthy hair; You need to make sure that you're using a ceramic or tourmaline blow dryer. Make sure that you're using the concentrator attachment and pointing the blow dryer at a downward angle so that all of your hair is blowing in the same direction.

Blow Dry Straight

If sleek and straight is your goal, then use a paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb to gently smooth through your hair as you blow dry. Using a comb or brush during your blow dry works double duty as it promotes for your hair to stay straight by stretching it and it also helps the heated air from the blow drying to distribute evenly throughout your hair.

Blow Dry Curly

If you're aiming for a curly style, you need to use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. To get the most out of your diffuser, you need to know the correct way to use it. As you dry your hair, you want to tilt your head to either side and use the diffuser to gather your hair upwards toward your scalp. Once you've collected a section of hair, hold it toward your scalp for 5 to 10 seconds to help your curls set. Continue drying your hair in this method all around your head until it is thoroughly dried. If your curls come out limp and lifeless, that means that you didn't hold the diffuser on your hair long enough. Instead of turning up the heat, dedicate more time to concentrate on drying smaller sections.

Blow Drying for Curls

If your goal is to have smooth heat styled curls, then you'll need to blow dry your hair with a tool that will give your hair body and prep for adding curls. Try using a large round brush about halfway through your blow dry. A round brush helps to add volume to your hair which is what you need to set your spiral style off! To use a round brush you need to hold the handle firmly and pull the brush from the root of your hair to the midway down the shaft, then twist the brush so that your hair is around the barrel. Hold the blow dryer over that section for a little bit then gently release the hair from the barrel. Repeat these steps until your hair has dried completely. If you notice that your curls are crunchy then maybe the round brush isn't for you. Skip the blow dryer entirely and try roller setting your hair and sitting under a hooded dryer. Curls from a hooded dryer will take longer to achieve, but the hooded dryer does less damage to your hair.

Tools for Styling Your Hair

Now that your hair has dried, it's time to start styling it. If you're going to use heat tools on your hair, then you need to use a heat protectant every time. Most leave-in conditioners also have heat protecting elements in them so you can get a combination of benefits from both products. In addition to using a heat protectant, you need to make sure that you're using the right heat tool on the proper heat setting for your hair. Read my article Top 5 Flat Irons Best to Use on Your Natural Hair. A tell-tale sign that you're using the wrong heat tool is if you're natural curls have trouble reverting after you wash your hair. If you notice that your curls are limp and lifeless, then you need to consider trying a different hair tool.

Flat Irons, Curlers, and Wands

When you want to smooth your hair out for a sleek and straight look, then you need to use a flat iron. You may notice that it takes multiple passes to get your hair as straight as you want. Consider using a flat iron that is smaller in width. Flatirons come in different plate sizes, so it's best to choose a size that correlates to how long and thick your hair is. Think about the size of a section of hair that you flat iron in one pass. Your plate size needs to be broad enough to cover the entire part of the hair, but not too broad so that it's difficult to isolate smaller sections for precision. The same applies to curling wands and curling irons. You need to choose a barrel size that compliments the size of the curl that you want to achieve. Smaller barrels will give you tight spiral curls. Larger barrels will provide you with big curls or beach waves. If you've noticed that your curls have turned out hard and crunchy, then try lowering the temperature setting. Also, you can make sure that you're not forcing your hair around the barrel. Instead, gently holding your hair around the barrel to create a soft curl.

Ponytails and Braids

Styling braids and ponytails may seem like a no-brainer. But if you're using the wrong tools, you'll find yourself banging your head against the wall. You need to use the right hair tools to get your style to look neat. Even if you're going for the messy look, you still need to use the right tools and techniques to achieve the hairstyle. If you notice that your braids are looking puffy and sloppy, then you need to switch up your hair tools.

Tools for Braids

The best way to get neat braids is to part your hair precisely. Whether you're aiming for some fly cornrows or on-trend box braids, you need to make sure that your parts are straight and even. If you're having trouble with this step, try using a fine-toothed comb. Fine-toothed combs are perfect for braid styles because they serve as a two-in-one tool. You can use the tail end to section off the hair you need and then flip the comb around and use the small teeth to help gather the hair into the section you're smoothing.

Styling with Brushes

If you're trying to achieve a sleek ponytail, then you need to have a boar bristle brush on hand. If you're using the wrong brush, then your ponytails will look loose and frizzy. Make sure that your hair brushes are 100% boar bristles. Don't trust the tag. You're going to have to look carefully and make sure that there is no plastic on your hairbrush. You can also inspect the brush by running your fingers across the bristles. Boar bristles will feel like fine pieces of hair. Plastic bristles will feel hard and will not be flexible. Use a little edge control and then smooth your brush over the hair that you wish to pull taut. It's best to secure your ponytail with a brush to help tame any fly-aways.

To Use or Not to Use

There are hundreds of hair tools on the market to address a plethora of hair issues and styling needs. It's essential that you purchase the hair tool that is best for your hair type and the outcome you desire. Don't select your hair tools based on popularity and current trends. If you're not careful, you'll end up buying the wrong hair tools and end up with a head full of regret.

Use Your Tools in Moderation

Many women have sworn off the use of hair tools altogether. I believe that hair tools are best in moderation. Your decision on using hair tools should depend on the current condition of your hair and your hair goals for the future. It's crucial that you use the right hair tools for your hair type. In addition to using the best tools for your hair, you also need to make sure that you're fighting against any damage that your hair tools may cause. Make sure to check the PLE blog regularly for tips on how to keep your hair healthy. Follow us on Instagram @privatelabelextensions for more hair inspiration. Leave me a comment and share how you fight hair damage and what hair tools are a no-no for your hair.
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The Best Blow Dryer For Your Luxurious Hair Extensions!

The Best Blow Dryer For Your Luxurious Hair Extensions!

Don't Get Blown Away Check Out These Blow Dryers!

Hello to all our boss babes. I thought it would be best to discuss a hair tool that seems to go unnoticed by so many of us. We love our curling wands, flat irons, and brushes and combs as far as the eye can see but what seems always to get left out? You guessed it, blowdryers. It looks like not a lot of people have a blow dryer laying around in their household, and if they do they probably are using the wrong one. There are specific blow dryers for different hair types for example, curly, straight, frizzy, or relax, but what about the most expensive hair? Extensions! I hope you are not one of the many who lets their hair air dry when it's dealing with your real mane then there is no problem but on your extensions that could be a massive no go. Weave needs a little more attention when it comes down to drying, and that is because it restricts air flow so therefore when your wefts or tresses get wet you could experience a moldy, mildew smell that no one wants. We don't want you to get caught slipping, so we have come up with a fantastic list of the best blow dryers for your luxurious hair.

Weave Dryer

The Weave Dryer is the number one best blow-drying tool for extensions and came from the great mind of Dr. Michalyn Demaris Porter. This iconic woman says the idea for this tool came to play when she was on vacation and was rocking her luxurious bundles, of course, leaving the pool after taking a relaxing swim she starts to fight with her weave. The locks were dripping wet to where even the braids underneath were soaking up water. Since Dr. Porter was on vacation, she had no way to dry her hair, so she went to bed with a wet hairdo for the night. The next morning, she wakes up with a moldy smelling hairstyle that was so awful she had to take it out the next day. As months go by she thinks about the experience, she had on her vacay and decided to create a weave dryer. This tool has a blow dryer nozzle attachment that is great for drying braids, twists, locks, extensions, and many other hairstyles. The nozzle is made up of heat-resistant rubber and a couple of hollow tubes that send hair into the smallest gaps of your hair. This tube also helps quickly and efficiently dry your mane without causing any heat damage. If you are into convenience, then you will fall in love with this product because it dries faster than sitting under any traditional dryer you may find in a salon. Porter says that "while there are many blow dryer attachments available at the local beauty supply and drug stores, none can reach and dry the confined hair like her Weave Dryer." The product sells for $49.99 on her website which is an excellent price for a long-term investment.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

The Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 does not only come with a fancy name but with a high price tag as well. Starting at $250 this blow dryer is one investment that you will not regret. This product is the winner of the best beauty award in 2014, 2015, and, 2016 meaning that is not all just hype. The dryer has up to 1,875 watts of power, along with a cool-shot button that will blow out cold air and will help to create less permanent damage to your extensions. But, the most important feature that has everyone falling in love with this tool is its ability to toggle ionic and nonionic heat. You're probably wondering what those two words even mean let alone what it will do for your hair, so, let me explain. Ionic heat is much gentler on strands so during the styling it will give off a fantastic shine and a less frizzy finish, this is ideal if you want to go for a sexy, sleek look. Ionic also allows the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage which is perfect for this tool. Nonionic heat helps dry extensions that are very wet or have a lot of product in them; it works best if you are seeking a hairstyle with tons of volume. Technically it is not considered a travel dryer, but it is compact enough that you could toss it in your suitcase and go. I hope that after hearing all of the fantastic functions and perks have you feeling that it is all worth it in the end.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer

I swear the makers of Harry Josh Pro tools are not only geniuses but have a lot of times on their hands. The maker, Josh has reinvented the dryer previously into a lighter and faster product. The Ultra-light pro dryer can your dry your hair up to 94 miles per hour, that means drying your hair will take as little as five minutes, and you can be on your way. This product weighs precisely under a pound, making it the perfect traveling hair tool, but it also comes with one significant improvement that has buyers wanting to spend all their coins. The Ultra-light machine is a whole lot quieter, which is excellent who like doing their hair late at night and don't want to disrupt or wake up their roommates or partners. The dryer also has an eleven-foot-long cord. It is excellent for those who like doing their hair but don't want to be limited to a particular space. And finally, this product now comes with 12 different heat and speed settings along with the ionic heat features that can help tame frizzy, thick, or unruly extensions. On a slight downside, this dryer is at a higher price than the original starting at about $350. But it is a one-time investment that will last you a lifetime so consider all the pros when you are thinking about giving this product a buy.

Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt Salon Performance Dryer

For those of you who would prefer not to break the bank when buying a blow dryer then this Conair Infiniti Pro will be your best friend. This tool comes with an AC cooling motor that will dry your hair quickly without damaging the extensions like most cheaper bow dryers will do. With the price being $35 it is one of the most affordable and excellent quality ionic machines out there. This product doesn't only come with a cooling option, but it also uses a combination of ceramics and infrared heat to dry your hair in minutes time. Some dryers blow out air whereas this tool pushes out thick air making the overall style look sexier and fuller.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

This blow dryer is another one with a funky sounding name, but it works wonders for those of you who love to wear extensions. The T3 featherweight has a powerful engine that can dry your hair within minutes, and it's so fast that your weave will not go through any damage in the process. Using this dryer on your extensions is overall healthier for your mane than air drying will ever be. A positive side that I have seen in this dryer unlike others is that is eco-friendly and uses a less percent of electricity than other electronics. So, if you are a big fan of helping and saving the environment as I would hope all of you would be, then this should be just the right investment for you. One reason customers are taking to this handy tool is that the is a lot more heat in the air that is coming out of the machine, in turn, it leaves your hair with a smooth and shinier finish that will last longer than any standard or regular blow dryer. This product is winning beauty, and breakthrough awards left right and center so hop on this dryer as soon as possible before they are all gone. You can find this dryer at your local Sephora or Walmart store with a starting price of $98.

Chi Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer

You may know Chi for having amazing flat irons, but they are just as bomb as making curlers as they are with blow dryers. The Chi Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer is causing quite a storm in the hair product industry and although it's not the cheapest it is also not on the higher price spectrum. Its starting price is around $180, and you can also find it at more substantial drug or beauty supply stores. Customers make jokes and say that if Apple had a blow dryer, then this is would it would be like, and I could not agree more. This tool comes with a touchscreen panel that allows you to control the temperature, speed, and ionic heat of the machine. It's extremely high tech and comes with an ion generator that is far more advanced that some of the more expensive dryers that are out now. This Chi product can emit up to three times more ions than any other product on the market., and this means that frizz has no match for this machine and your extensions will look brand new every time you dry them. If you are in love with the tech field or touchscreen products, in general, I think that you will find a lot of enjoyment in this dryer. If you do give this one a go, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or a review down below.

What Is Your Ideal Blow Dryer?

There you have it, the best blow dryers for luxurious hair. I hope that this list was helpful in your journey in finding the best dryer for your lovely extensions. I know most of you may think that you have gone through half of your life with a subpar blow-dryer and your hair is just alright. But, who would want to live life with only the bare minimum? Investing in some of these top products will speed up the process when it comes down to styling your hair. Every woman deserves a frizz-free blowout and a flawless finish that will have everyone thinking that you go to a professional whenever its time to do your hair. Always remember the main reason you use a blow dryer. Is it to straighten your curls? Dry your extensions quickly? Or to try different styles? If you are using this tool to do all three then its best that you invest in a device that can accomplish many tasks instead of just one. Remember quality over quantity; and sometimes you will have to dish out a few extra bucks to get a tool that has excellent speed, heat settings, and durability. If you have an ideal blow dryer or one that you can't live without, please tell us all about it in the comments down below.
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What Is A Scalp Invigorator And Is It Really That Great?

What Is A Scalp Invigorator And Is It Really That Great?

A Healthy Scalp is a Happy Scalp

By now, many hair enthusiasts around the globe probably know that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. But, what is correctly considered a "healthy scalp?" There are ways to develop a healthier scalp, but most people may not know where to begin. Where do you start? What can I do to obtain a healthy scalp? When it comes to health in general, the very first thing you could consider would be a good change in your lifestyle. That could mean eating healthy, drinking plenty of water to help flush out toxins, taking vitamins, exercising more vigorously and more! If you are of the many that may believe you have "unhealthy hair!" it is down to what you consume on a daily basis. The question is, are you eating the vitamins and minerals that our body is craving for on the regular? Are you eating the wrong things to suppress those instant cravings that only works for a short period? There are ways to determine whether you have a healthy scalp, a healthy scalp tends to have open pores with good blood flow, an unhealthy scalp is most likely dry, itchy, flaky or tender, and too oily too, depending on the hair type. If you believe you may be reaping the consequences of a healthy scalp, have you ever thought about making a few minor changes in your daily schedule? What is something you can do to start a healthier lifestyle

What Are Some Lifestyle Changes to Consider?

Before getting into the specifics of why we are here today, let’s cover the basics of general health for your hair’s scalp!

Taking Dietary Supplements

Taking supplements can help hair growth, tremendously, if you know what to make. Adding a supplement with the right balance of vitamins can help you achieve maximum lengths for your hair and give you a healthier scalp. Look for a formula made for hair, skin, and nails. Methods that scientists make for hair contain biotin, silica, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, and omega-3. Supplements, when you take the right amount consistently, can have a tremendous effect on your hair’s overall health and luster.


Exercise is not only good for the body, but for the scalp as well. The more vigorous the activity, the more blood you have circulating throughout your scalp. Each hair follicle/root has blood vessels that nourish it by supplying it with oxygen and all nutrients necessary. The nutrients and oxygen help in hair growth. Exercise increases blood flow/circulation and body temperature in the body and scalp. The more the flood flows, the more the nutrients and oxygen supplied to the scalp thus improving hair growth. Exercise benefits the entire body as it strengthens your cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of getting some medical conditions that affect the growth of hair. A healthy body means healthy hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails.


When it comes to your hair’s scalp health, diet is one of the ways that can have an impact on our scalp and the health of it. What we consume always has an effect on the growth of our hair, which is why it is essential to ensure that we are taking the necessary vitamins and minerals. The vitamins that you should be considering are Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and Biotin. Zinc, iron, folic acids and vitamin help to increase elasticity and prevents premature shedding. Also look at ways in how you can incorporate a good diet plan that you will follow and stick to. This will help to obtain a healthy scalp plus a good healthy lifestyle in general. It's hard work at the end of the day, but it will pay off remember consistency is the key!

Conditioning The Scalp

You are probably thinking, “You want me to put conditioner on my scalp? Never!” Most people avoid putting conditioner on their scalp because they don’t want to weigh down their hair. They also avoid it because the conditioner can be a pain to wash out the first time. But if your scalp is dry, you’ll want to condition your scalp. It’s just like moisturizing your face after washing it! Just be sure to use a lightweight conditioner that won’t clog your hair follicles. Leave the conditioner in your scalp for no longer than three minutes and then wash it all out. You will see a significant difference in your scalp’s overall health if you repeat this every other time you wash your hair.

Sun Protection

Yes, you need to protect your scalp from the harmful rays of the sun! UV rays from the sun can damage your scalp skin and exacerbate hair thinning. The thinner your hair is, the higher the risk of UV damage. When outside for prolonged periods of time, make sure to wear a hat or a sunscreen specially formulated for scalp application. The last thing you want is to deal with a battle between your scalp and the sun all summer long! End it now and get the needed protection.

Massaging and Exfoliating

Massages anywhere on your body increase blood flow through different areas of your body that may need stimulation. Massaging your scalp on a daily basis helps to improve blood circulation, circulation determines the flow of oxygen to the scalp which produces a healthy scalp to help provide a steady hair growth. Not only does this stop the excessive shedding of hair, but it also helps to reduce stress hormones that can have an impact on our hair growth cycle. Exfoliating your scalp is just as crucial in helping to scale away any dead skin cells and any product buildup, dirt, dandruff anything that is clogging up the pores in your scalp, this gives your roots and ideal environment for hair growth. There are several products you can use to help exfoliate your scalp, but if you prefer to make your own you can! A quick and easy recipe is using brown sugar mixed with tea tree oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. The final step would be to and add essential oils of your choice.

Why Focus Your Scalp’s Health on Massages and Exfoliation?

It Removes Product Buildup

The healthier hair movement shifted our focus from things that we once believed were either healthy or not healthy for our scalp and hair. More people out there are using less shampoo and more conditioner so that the constant use of shampoo will not dry out their strands. This technique is excellent for increased durability and moisture within the hair, but this can also lead to product buildup. We impact our hair growth when our scalp suffocates from bacteria, product buildup, and dead skin cells.

It Removes Dead Skin Cells

We shed the skin on our bodies every single day, but sometimes parts of our bodies, such as our scalps, need a little extra help. Dead skin cells develop when our bodies can't shed enough skin at the same rate of creating new skin cells. The process causes us to have a buildup of dead skin, which can cause peeling and other disturbing skin issues. Exfoliating our lips, skin, and face serve the same purpose as when we peel our scalps. The process removes dead skin cells so that that new skin cells can form and develop. When this happens, it promotes a healthier hair growth cycle.

It Relives Scalp Conditions, Unclogs Pores, and Lifts Dandruff

Exfoliating our scalps come with so many benefits, that it is surprising to see that more people do not peel there scalps. When you exfoliate your scalp you unclog any pores, you remove a lot of unwanted dandruff, and you relieve many scalp conditions, such as acne dryness, whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes and more! The best environment for long and growing hair is one that is free from unwanted buildup.

More on Circulation

Usually, we use our hands and fingers to massage anything we have. But, in our scalp’s case, sometimes it can be a little more challenging to know if you are giving your scalp the benefits of a thorough massage. That is where specific tools and tricks can do the trick! In this case, a scalp invigorator is what you probably need to help you through your hair’s natural hair health. What is so great about it and why do you need it? I am glad you asked.

The Scalp Invigorator: Your New Best Friend

The Scalp Invigorator is a worthy investment when it comes to an excellent scalp massage. It has a vibrating hand-held and waterproof brush that the creators designed to help stimulate your scalp and blood flow. The feeling of it is so relaxing that all that stress you had for that day can quickly disappear with a good massage. The scalp invigorator is small with a comfortable grab handle for easy application, and I love how easy it is to travel around with you. It comes in many different colors so you can take your pick. It is affordable, very lightweight and most models come with a two-year warranty, along with batteries and a screwdriver for easy installation. It is straightforward to clean, and you can use this pretty much when you want to! One of the more important features is that it is waterproof. The massager helps to promote a healthier scalp, control dandruff and lifts away dead skin cells. A lot of people use the tool when shampooing their hair, while others prefer to use it in the evenings when applying oils to the scalp. That allows the oils to spread and seep into the hair strands.

How Do You Use a Scalp Invigorator?

The one thing people love about this little device is that it is compact and easy to use! Whether you use this tool for shampooing, massaging oils in the scalp or whatever the case may be, you can use the scalp invigorator the same way every time. There is no unique way to utilize this, but there is an effective way! Merely place the shampoo brush on the scalp and massage the area, gently. Repeat this motion until you finish. When massaging your scalp, do not rake, drag or brush it through your hair. This tool is not a comb and has the potential to pull out your hair. The scalp invigorator is the perfect wash day treat for anybody desiring a healthier scalp routine.

Scalp Invigorator vs. Shampoo Brush

You may have heard of the both of these names before. You more than likely heard people use the names interchangeably, but there is a slight difference that sets them apart from one another. The only significant detail that sets these two products apart is the fact that the scalp invigorator is a vibrating massager and a shampoo brush does not vibrate. A shampoo brush looks a lot like the scalp invigorator, but it does not offer the vibrating feature that comes with the scalp invigorator. If you want to massage your scalp using a shampoo brush, you can, but you must keep in mind that you will have to do it manually with your hands. If you are not sure which product is best for you, think about how much work you are willing to put in to massage your scalp. Also, keep in mind how much you are willing to spend. The scalp invigorator is not expensive, but the shampoo brush is more affordable than the scalp invigorator.

What’s So Great about it? Everything!

The scalp invigorator is a neat and handy little tool that can be one of the first steps you need to get your scalp’s health back on track and a new wave. Along with diet, exercise, and a healthy exfoliation your scalp will thank you for the extra time and attention. It will not be long before you reap the benefits of a healthier scalp! Why not get on the wave and purchase your scalp invigorator? Do you have a scalp invigorator? How long do you use it on your scalp? Do you have a shampoo brush? Tell me about your experiences in the comments section below! I would love to hear it!
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Top 5 Flat Irons Best to Use on Your Natural Hair

Top 5 Flat Irons Best to Use on Your Natural Hair

Flat Irons Makes a Difference

There are just a few staple items a woman needs in her natural hair collection. The perfect shampoo to rid your hair of product buildup. A fantastic deep conditioner that keeps your hair soft and touchable, and a flat iron for your hair type to smooth your hair and keep you styled perfectly. Good flat irons are the best way to keep your hair healthy while it's straightened. When you decide to wear your natural hair straight, you need a great flat iron that will stand the test of time without causing any damage to your hair. In a world of beauty gurus slaying heat styles on every social media platform, it's easy to think that merely owning a flat iron is doing you some good. Heat styles compromise the integrity of your natural hair, so it's imperative that you choose a flat iron that minimizes damage and gets your hair straight with fewer passes.

Ceramic, Titanium, and Tourmaline. Oh, My!

Flatirons are not a one size fits all hair tool. They may share many of the same purposes, but an overlooked factor such as the materials of the plates are made result in a considerable difference in the function of your flat iron and the outcome of your hair. Let's break down the four common plate types and what you need to know about them.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic flat irons are one of the most popular and affordable types of flat irons. Brands like CHI and BabyLiss make prevalent ceramic flat irons that have become household brand names. The BaByliss Pro Porcelain plate and the CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener are available and most retailer and yield seemingly countless reviews on a google search. Before you run out and invest in one, here's what you need to know.

Ceramic Flat Iron Pro's

One of the most significant benefits of buying a ceramic plated flat iron is that they last for a very long time. Ceramic is a durable metal that reaches your desired heat setting quickly. It's heating speed is great if you're not apt to wait for your flat iron to heat up. Ceramic plates evenly heat so you don't have to worry about hot spots that can burn your hair. Ceramic plated flat irons are great at smoothing the hair cuticle, leaving your hair smooth and reducing frizz.

Ceramic Flat Iron Con's

All that glitters aren't gold for ceramic flat irons. While durable, once your ceramic plates wear down they will begin to chip and need to be replaced. Unless you carefully inspect them, you won't notice until your hair is snagged. Ceramic flat irons also struggle to maintain their heat setting. Every time you make a pass through your hair, your flat iron will reduce in temperature. Reducing its heat temperature is the natural reaction ceramic has to friction. The reduction in heat means that you will have to wait a few seconds in between passes for your flat iron to reach its heat setting again.

Natural Hair Types Best for Ceramic Flat Irons

It's best to use ceramic flat irons on looser curls that don't require as many passes to straighten the hair. Also, if you're not trying to achieve bone straight hair, then you can also benefit from using a ceramic flat plated iron. It's vital that you make sure you are purchasing real ceramic plates and not ceramic coated plates. Ceramic coated plates mean that there is another type of metal underneath the ceramic coating that can potentially damage your hair. If you're itching to try a ceramic plated flat iron, give the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style Digital Ceramic Flat Iron a shot.

Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium flat irons are "The Hulk" of the flat iron crew. They are is extremely durable, and unlike ceramic, titanium is not porous and will not crack or chip due to basic wear and tear. The top titanium flat irons on the market are the Remington S8510 Frizz Therapy Straightener and the Croc Classic Nano Titanium Flat Iron. Both flat irons have stellar reviews but check out my list of pros and cons to help you determine if titanium plated flat irons are best for your natural hair.

Titanium Flat Iron Pro's

As I stated before, titanium is a sturdy metal that can withstand frequent use. If you straighten your hair often, it might be worth investing in a titanium plated flat iron for that fact that you won't have to replace it often. Of the three metals, titanium plates heat the fastest and have the best heat transfer. Titanium is great for smoothing even the most stubborn hair with reducing your risk of getting heat damage. Are you struggling with frizzy ends on your hair or want to mask a past due trim? Look no further than a titanium plated flat iron.

Titanium Flat Iron Con's

While titanium flat irons are sturdy, they aren't perfect. Because titanium holds its temperature so well, you need to be careful how long you keep your flat iron in one place. Titanium plates are not the best to use for curling your hair as the heat transfer is so rapid that a titanium plated flat iron can burn your hair off if you're not careful. If your natural hair does not respond to heat thoroughly, I don't suggest you use a titanium plated flat iron. The heat transfer may be too much for your hair to handle and you might end up with heat damage.

Natural Hair Types Best for Titanium Flat Irons

If your natural texture is very thick and you find yourself making multiple passes to get silky hair, then consider trying a titanium plated flat iron like the Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450. The efficient heat transfer will get your hair super straight from root to tip in just one pass. Expect to pay a pretty penny for a titanium plated flat iron but keep in mind that a titanium plated flat iron will last you for years to come.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline is the new kid on the block yet seems to be making the most noise! It can is the love child between ceramic and titanium. Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that is crushed and then baked on top of ceramic plates. Fan favorite tourmaline flat irons are the FHI Heat Platform Professional and, my personal favorite, the NUME Megastar Hair Straightener. Once I started using a tourmaline plated flat iron, I never turned back. Here are some reasons why as well as a few things you should look out for when using a tourmaline plated flat iron.

Tourmaline Flat Iron Pro's

Tourmaline gives you all the pros of the ceramic plated flat iron with none of the cons. The smooth crystalline metal protects your plates from chipping and cracking which keeps your hair from getting snagged during a pass. Tourmaline heats very fast like ceramic; but like titanium, it never reduces its temperature during a pass through your strands. A tourmaline plated flat iron will leave your hair super shiny and smooth and only takes a single pass to smooth your strands. Of all the metal choices, tourmaline does the best job at reducing frizz in your hair.

Tourmaline Flat Iron Con's

The biggest con of a tourmaline flat iron is the high price tag. Because tourmaline is coating another metal, you're practically paying for two metals in one. Many high-quality tourmaline plated flat irons retail for upward of $200. But be aware, because of the high demand of tourmaline hot tools, there are many dupes on the market. Check out the product website to ensure that you're using real tourmaline before making this expensive purchase. However, owning a tourmaline plated flat iron means that you won't have to replace your flat iron very often which stretches your money down to the penny. Besides the price point, there aren't many cons to using a tourmaline plated flat-iron.

Natural Hair Types Best for Tourmaline Flat Irons

If your natural hair is frizzy, unruly and recovering from heat or color damage – tourmaline is to the rescue! If this metal had a superpower, it would be the Master of Disguise. Tourmaline can transform even the most damaged hair into something soft and beautiful. Try the T3 Bespoke Medium Duality Single Pass Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Flat Iron.

Top 5 Flat Irons for Natural Hair

Now that we know the basics behind the different metal plates for flat irons let's look at the top five flat irons that will transform your kinks and coils into body and shine. HSI Glider Elite Professional 1.25" Flat Iron Straightener This flat iron has ceramic tourmaline plates that will leave your hair super shiny. It protects your hair cuticles by evenly distributing heat which means fewer passes. The HSI Glider Elite features reactive floater plates which means this flat iron will glide right through your locks.

ISA Professional Digital Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This flat iron heats up quickly and can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The ISA Professional flat iron features 4.5" titanium plates which means this hot tool will deliver sleek results on large sections of hair. If you have a lot of hair to straighten in a short amount of time, this flat iron might be your perfect match.

BaByliss Pro Ceramic 2" Flat Iron

This flat iron combines modern technology with all the glory of ceramic plates. It promises no hot spots because of its far-infrared heating method. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a rheostatic dial that lets you select your desired temperature. If you seek a soft and silky heat style, look no further than this BaByliss hot tool.

Chi Smart Titanium 1" Flat Iron

This titanium plated flat iron has titanium tourmaline plates that will reach its temperature quickly and hold so you're getting all the benefits of titanium plates wrapped up in shiny, smooth hair that only tourmaline can offer. A bonus feature is the 15 second recovery time after each pass. By the time you're ready to flat iron your next section, your flat iron is hot again.

Chi Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener

This flat iron belongs in the hot tools Hall of Fame for it's 3.5' cord. In addition to great reach, this iron also has an automatic shut-off safety feature and reaches up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Backed by the trusted CHI name, this flat iron combines the benefits of ceramic and tourmaline metals to deliver soft and smooth results to your natural hair.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron 1.25"

This flat iron can reach its highest heat setting (410 degrees Fahrenheit) in 60 seconds with a 5 second recovery time between passes. If those impressive stats aren't enough for you; the Paul Mitchell flat iron also features cushioned beveled ceramic plates. The beveled sides are great for creating the perfect curls and waves. Throw in the 4.4 Star rating, and it's no wonder this flat iron made it into the top 5.

The Ten Commandments of Using Your Flat Iron Safely

If done incorrectly, heat styling can reap havoc on your hair. While perfectly flat-ironed hair looks beautiful, firing up your flat iron with wild abandon can have devastating effects on your strands.

One: Never Flat Iron Wet Hair

There are three times when your natural hair is prone to damage. The first is when it's wet. The second is immediately after bleaching your hair. The third time is when you are using direct heat on your hair. The last thing you need to do is combine any of these three at once. Heat moves through water quickly. Should you flat iron your hair while it's wet, you have a very high likelihood of burning it off. Whether you're doing a blowout, roller set, or air drying your hair, it is never okay to flat iron your hair while it's wet. Wait until your hair is dry before using a flat iron.

Two: Use a Heat Protectant

You wouldn't pull a baking dish out of a hot oven with your bare hands. You'd use an oven mitt to protect your hands from burning. The same goes for your hair. You should never apply direct heat to your hair without first using a heat protectant. Heat protectants create a chemical barrier around your hair strands. After you use a heat protectant to your hair and begin straightening it, you'll notice clear steam, odorless steam coming from the flat iron. This steam is your heat protectant hard at work. Just imagine, if you didn't use a heat protectant, that could be your hair burning! It doesn't matter how high end your flat iron is, always use a heat protectant on your natural hair before using your flat iron.

Three: Deep Condition Your Hair Weekly

Direct heat zaps the life out of your hair. You need to fight back harder and smarter! It's essential that you do a deep conditioning treatment or mask on a weekly basis. Deep conditioners help repair and protect your hair from many harmful elements, one of which being heat damage from your flat iron. Make sure that the conditioning mask you use is deep penetrating. Carefully follow the directions on the packaging to get optimum results. If you spent all your money on a flat iron, you could make your conditioner at home. In, 10 DIY Deep Conditioners for Your Extensions on the PLE blog, Jossenia Pomare shares some creative recipes to create your very own hair mask at home.

Four: Don't Mess with the Temperature

Hotter does not mean better when it comes to flat irons. If you don't know the appropriate temperature for flat ironing your natural hair, I suggest getting a consultation or even a silk press (check out this article: how long does a silk press last) with your stylist. Afterward, check out my article, How Long Does a Silk Press Last and 5 Keys to Making it Last Longer. Once you and your stylist decide upon the temperature that's safe for you to use, stick with it! Getting a super straight flat iron has less to do with temperature and more to do with patience and technique. Turning up the heat setting will only cause permanent damage to your hair.

Five: The 5 Second Rule

Holding your flat iron on your hair for an extended period won't make your hair any straighter. In fact, doing so will leave you with less hair than you began. To the same effect, passing through your hair too fast will pretty much do nothing, and you'll still have frizz on your stands. It's essential that you use a quality flat iron on your natural hair so that you can get it as straight as possible in a single swift pass. A great rule of thumb to follow is that your pass should last, in seconds, equal to the length of your hair in inches. If your natural hair is five inches long from root to tip, then it should take you five seconds to pass through that section of hair from root to tip. Set your timer on your phone and see if you've been going too fast or too slow with your passes.

Six: A Flat Iron a Day Keeps Those Inches Away

Yes, you read that correctly. Flat ironing your natural hair on a daily basis is counterproductive to your hair goals. Flat-ironing your hair on a regular basis will compromise the health of your hair. If you notice creases and waves in your hair, add a lightweight serum and wrap it up for a period. Once you take your wrap down, your hair will have reverted to its straight style. One of the first signs of an old straight style is puffy roots. If the roots of your hair are trying to frizz back to its natural state, skip adding more heat and try slicking them down with Private Label Edge Control. This edge controls is non-flaky and will help you regain control of those rogue roots without damaging your hair.

Seven: No Double Dipping

That's right! We've all been guilty of it! The magic of seeing your texture disappear and your hair practically turn into silk is addicting. It makes you want to run another pass through your hair, but you must resist! After you've done your first pass, allow your hair to rest. If you use one of the flat iron I suggested in this article, you won't need a second pass. As tempting as it is, that second pass will only open the door for permanent heat damage to your natural hair. Your super silky flat iron will last as long as you keep your hair wrapped up at night. A stylist advised me to wrap my hair up as soon I'm not leaving my house again. This way, when I get tired, it's one less thing to do, and I don't have to worry about falling asleep on my hair.

Eight: No Additives

It seems like beauty hacks are everywhere but not all trends are worthy of a following. The only thing you should put in your hair before a flat iron is a heat protectant. Spraying your hair with holding spray will not prolong the longevity of your flat iron. It will only wet your hair and cause damage that I mentioned in my first point. I know that it takes hours to achieve the perfect flat iron, but there are no shortcuts. Give your hair an extra layer of protection by spraying a light coating of holding spray all over your head.

Nine: Smaller is Better

When it comes to flat ironing your natural hair properly, doing smaller sections will get you the best results. The biggest mistakes I made when I first started flat ironing my hair was flat-ironing large parts at one time. Your flat iron is a thin tool that is not created to penetrate large portions of hair. I noticed they would separate the smallest sections of hair at a time. Sure, it takes longer to finish, but the results are fantastic. If you want your hair salon smooth, then I suggest doing the smallest section of hair that you can manage.

Ten: Dirty is as Dirty Does

You wouldn't put dirty clothes on a clean body. The same goes for your flat iron. By the time you reach the step to start flat ironing, your hair is squeaky clean. The last thing you want to do is run a dirty flat iron through your clean hair. Over time, your flat iron will collect buildup from your heat protectant. It's crucial that you keep your plates clean so that your flat iron can perform optimally. Make sure that your flat iron is unplugged and cool. Take a damp towel and gently wipe off the plates. Pay close attention to any crevices or corners that collect the most gunk. Allow your flat iron to air dry before you begin to use thoroughly.

All Days Work

Natural hair can be a lot of work. If you're going to put in the time, and money, you should at least strive for the best results! Being knowledgeable about which flat iron works best for your natural hair is the first step. Do your research. Read reviews and check out any YouTube tutorials that will aid you in getting the results you seek. Make sure that you're using your flat iron safely and reducing your chances of getting heat damage. With the right tools and a little practice, your flat iron will come out perfect every time. Have you tried one of these flat irons on your natural hair? Share your results and tag us on Instagram @privalelabelextensions. Do you prefer ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline plated flat irons? Leave me and comment and drop your suggestions!
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Curling Wands 101: Which Curling Wand Works For You?

Curling Wands 101: Which Curling Wand Works For You?

Curls Decoded

With so many options regarding curling wands, it is pretty hard to know the difference between the best curling wand and the not so best. From tight ringlets to loose beach waves, each wand gives you the ability to achieve different curls using different techniques and sizes. Knowing how to use them, barrel sizes, what material is ideal, and what wand is the best, you are sure to be on the road to creating your picture-perfect Pinterest curl!

How to Use a Curling Wand

Step 1.

Start with dry hair - air dry or blow dried is okay, dirty hair is preferable so that the hair can hold the curl better

Step 2.

Pick your heat setting- Try to start at the lowest temperature if the curls aren't forming increase the temperature. Tip: Coarser hair usually requires a higher temperature vs. fine hair, also be sure to use a heat protectant!

Step 3.

Section your hair into four sections using hair clips. Tip: Be sure your sections are roughly equal
  • One in the front
  • Then one in the back
  • One on each side of your head

Step 4.

Curl your hair with the wand facing down, always wrap from the root down

Step 5.

Start at the back, each side, and lastly the front

Knowing your Barrel Sizes

Having to choose the right size barrel for your hair depends on two things: the length of your hair and how curly you want your hair to be. Sizes range from ⅜’ inches to 2 inches; each size produces a different curl. The shorter the hair, the smaller the barrel size. Also, the smaller the barrel size, the curlier your hair will be!

Ultra small - small barrel 0.5’-0.75 inches

This size curling wand barrel is ideal for shorter hair. It is also used for vintage hairstyles and retro pin curl hairstyles.

Small barrel 0.75’-1 inches

If you’re looking to achieve tight spiral curls, with medium to long hair, this size curling wand is ideal for you. If you are looking to add definition to your already curly hair, this barrel size on your curling wand is ideal.

Medium Barrel 1-1.75 inches

For the effortless wavy look, the medium sized barrel is recommended. You can create casual, beach-inspired waves. The larger the barrel, the looser the curls. This barrel is also an excellent option for long hair for time's sake, although it can be used on medium length hair as well.

Large Barrel 2 inches

For the tousled look, the large barrel is a great size. Unlike the medium barrel, this barrel only works for longer length hair. The 2” barrel gives a rounded texture to the ends, vs. creating actual curls. The 2” wand barrel is suitable for girls with straight hair looking for a little-undefined curl.

Knowing The Shape of your Wand

Knowing the shape of your curling wand and the different effects it has on the curl achieved is the next step in choosing your wand. This will depend on personal preference and what curls you like best.

Cone shaped wand

With a thin upper and thick lower end, cone-shaped wands are versatile and create curls of various shapes and sizes. The smaller end can be used for a tighter curl, while the larger side can create fuller, larger curls. This wand also creates a natural curl pattern that is not as uniform.

Bubble Shaped Wand

Also known as the “beach wave wand with training wheels.” The ball-like pattern guides the hair between the creases to give an even perfect wave.

Straight Wand

To create uniform, equal sized curls, the straight wand is your go-to. This wand is ideal for naturally straight hair looking to achieve beach waves, and it can be used to curl inward and outward.

Spiral barrel wand

With the raised spiral or ribbon ridges this curling wand guides your hair into a spiral shape. It ensures that your hair is evenly wound and evenly heated, with the easy to follow path.

Knowing the Material of your Wand

Deciding on the right material of your curling wand is the last thing to consider. Some materials are gentler on hair than others, and it is essential to know your options.

Ceramic and Tourmaline curling wand

Ceramic wands are the most popular and one of the safest material. They maintain a consistent temperature which creates smoothing properties that eliminate frizz and makes the hair appear smooth and shiny.

Titanium curling wand

Titanium curling wands are good for coarse or thicker hair textures. To protect against heat damage, they seal in natural oils and moisture. Lastly, they have negative ions that eliminate frizz.

What Wand Should you Choose?

When it comes down to your curling wand size, shape, and material matter. Different curlers do different things, and it’s a lot to navigate for sure. No matter what kind of curl you’re looking for, there is a curling wand for you! I’ve searched and gathered up some of the best curling wands for pretty much anyone.

Conair: You big waves

Conair You Big Waves barrel goes from 1-¾’ to 1’, with an interchangeable barrel, which goes from 1 ¼” to ¾.” Some key features include:
  • Tourmaline Ceramic material to ensure frizz free hair
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • 400 degrees F for instant results
  • Interchangeable barrels
  • Ability to create tight ringlets to beach waves

Remington Pro ½-1” Curling wand with Pearl Ceramic Technology

The barrel tapers down from 1” to ½” which allows you to achieve versatile curls. It has a super smooth finish with less frizz. People love this curling wand! The barrel tapers down from one inch to a half inch to give you versatile curls. It heats up to 410 degrees and uses ceramic pearl technology for a super smooth finish.
Key Features:
  • Creates medium curls
  • With Pearl ceramic technology
  • 410 degrees F
  • 30-second heat up

Xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling wand and wand set

This five in one set gives you all the options when trying out what is best for you! This wand has had five different barrel sizes so you can have all sizes on hand. Key Features:
  • 5 in 1
  • Ceramic material

Hot Tools Bubble Curling Wand

This is a lightweight curler perfect for beginners and experienced curlers all the same! Key Features:
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Lightweight

Curlipop 1”Tourmaline Ceramic Wand

Leaves your hair with great shine and body! Creates curls full of texture and volume with loose curls. Key Features:

ELA Curling Iron and Wand Set

This set comes with two tapered barrels and a spiral with ceramic technology to guarantee shiny, smooth curls. Key Features:
  • Interchangeable
  • 60 minute shut off
  • Ceramic material to ensure

What Wand Will you Be Trying?

Now that you know all about wands making the decision should be a bit easier when choosing yours! There are so many options on the market it is hard not to find that perfect wand for you! I’d love to hear about your experience with any of the wands listed above or your absolute favorite wand! Happy hair day are coming your way!
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Hair Tools of the Future: Most Efficient Ways to Enhance Your Look

Hair Tools of the Future: Most Efficient Ways to Enhance Your Look
In the future, we are looking to be smarter, safer, and greener. As we are becoming more innovative in our daily lives, we want to be as productive in everything we do, down to our beauty.

Taking Care of Your Hair Tools

Did you know that your flat iron has an expiration date? I found this out as my seven-year-old (ehh...maybe older) straightener was sitting comfortably under my bathroom sink. I know that we need to take time to clean our hair tools and products, but I’ve learned that there comes a time where we will have to toss them out after some years for safety precautions. Have you thought about how you can recycle your products either? We don’t realize how many things we throw away that we can save. The state of your hair depends on the condition of whatever you’re using to style it, so it’s not worth it to keep something doing more harm than good. I want to share what I’ve learned about maintaining our tools and how we can best go about styling our hair in the future.

Why Should I Care?

As it depends on the individual and how often you use different hair tools and products, you should know when and how to care for your items correctly. Keeping your items cleaned and stored correctly will lessen the chances of any harm to yourself or your hair. The flat iron, for example, should just be wiped down weekly to ensure it is clean and smooth for better results on your hair. Misusing or overusing any hair tools, like your hot tools, combs, brushes, or even accessories, can lead them to become harmful to our hair. We are most mindful of the heat damage when it comes to our hot tools; however, we should consider product damage, as well as our safety. Some of us do not realize the importance of maintaining hair tools, but, in the future, we should all be able to keep up with our items and ensure they are doing more good than bad. Burns and cuts are not fun and occur mostly when we fail to use our tools how they were intended or to care for them. We continuously gain information about new problems, however not as many unique solutions. When I thought about the need to throw away items for our good, I wanted to find out better ways to achieve the styles I want without spending so much money on products and piling up trash. We need more sustainable and cost-saving tools that will substantially help us all. You should care because this way, we can better serve ourselves and cut out half the damage. A win-win!

Finding the Right Hair Tools

In due time, there should be an ultimate shape-shifting tool that is air-powered and can give you any hairstyle at the press of a button with zero impairments! Until then, we will have to settle for the plethora of products and tools we use to tend to our beauty on the daily. Nothing wrong with having a lot of things, but the key is to invest in cost-effective items that last and can either be reused or recycled. Depending on who you are and what you need, I’ve divided up the most generic tools we all need to ensure we are finding better ways to style our looks.

Combs and Hairbrushes

The only way to decide what is best for your hair is to be aware of your hair type and to understand exactly how your hair behaves. Choosing the right comb or brush to style your hair makes all the difference when you are using the correct tools for what you desire. Detangling hair takes patience and gentleness, as your goal should be to minimize tangles and knots without pulling too much hair out. Knowing the strength and texture of your hair can help determine what type of comb or brush you need to detangle and style.

Fine/Thick Hair

Fine and thick hair are to be treated similarly based on the fact that they both require extreme care to keep from weakening the hair. Choose wide-tooth combs over detangling brushes because they experience less breakage overall. Both work well with wet hair, but if you prefer not to wet it at all, you can use a preferred serum or oil to help soften the hair before combing or brushing. Although detangling brushes are made to help get rid of tangles, you have more control with a wide comb that keeps from shedding. How much your hair can withstand will determine the best tool for detangling. When it comes to choosing the perfect comb, the composition of it and the details of your hair’s actions go hand-in-hand. While plastic combs are the cheapest and most common, using them frequently can lead to breakage. Whether it is from combing too much or incorrectly, static electricity (which is caused by friction and dryness), or any seams or chipping, the benefits of plastic do not outweigh the disadvantages. If you do not know or cannot recycle your comb, think of ways you can reuse in your house (i.e., pet comb or DIY ideas) or directly donate. In the future we want to minimize anything keeping from healthy, strong hair and earth, so finding a comb that is good for you as well as the environment can come in many ways.
Metal combs are better than plastic combs because of longevity. The durability of the metals allows them to outlast all comb types. They are sturdy and are less likely to get caught up in any tangles. Because of the sturdiness of metals, these combs are better for thicker, stronger hair. They are more costly than plastic combs, but still very affordable. Both metal and plastic combs require maintenance after each use. If after combing your hair there are hair strands left within the teeth of the comb, try to get most (if not all) hairs out to keep the comb free and lessen your chances of product buildup for future uses.

Wooden Combs

Wooden combs are becoming more popular now because people are recognizing all the incredible advantages of using a wooden comb over any other type: Unlike plastic or metal combs, wooden combs made of real wood allow for the equal distribution of oils and products to the hair while combing. The smoothness of the wood allows for easy pass-through while combing, allowing for less hair loss. Say goodbye to dry hair and dandruff when massaging with a wooden comb often. The natural oils in the wood can help stabilize your hair’s natural oils; this allows for an added, natural shine. Do you ever feel like you might have combed or styled your hair so hard or tight that your scalp hurts? Yep, this will never happen with wooden combs as the teeth are rounder and softer. If you’re looking for more ways to encourage hair growth, a wooden comb can help since the usage increases oil distribution and blood flow. Tending to your glands and hair follicles will generate thicker, longer hair. Luckily, wooden combs are durable and long-lasting. With proper care, you can avoid the wears and tears that plastic comb types experience within months. Great for all hair types!

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

The benefits of wooden combs sound amazing; however, they’re the most expensive, and there are many tips and precautions to consider while using them. To clean, use the wet-and-wipe method. Instead of wetting with water or cleaner though, use linseed oil or Vaseline to coat the comb. After waiting half an hour or so, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the residue for a clean finish. Do not use water to clean your comb. Too much water or heat exposure can cause damages to your comb. The care is simple, and the results are superior and sustainable. Of all types of combs, your best bet is a wooden comb. However if you’d like to save your money from keeping up with hair and tools care, then opt for a metal one. Maybe you rarely use combs anyway, so it won’t hurt to purchase the cheap, plastic one. Your preference and hair type should guide you to your best option.

Curly/Kinky Hair

Finger detangling is known as the safest and most careful way to get through knots for thick, natural hair. It is time-consuming for sure, but the benefits are even better than those from detangling with tools. With concentration, we can undo tangles and free our hair with full control over minimal shedding. With your fingers going through each coil and kink, you can realize that through the process, you know more about your hair’s behavior everywhere around your head. Taking the time to detangle the hair yourself can lead you to more knowledge about your hair texture. With a trusted deep conditioner, it’s perfect for a wash-and-go look.

Straight/Wavy Hair

Hair brushes, like hair combs, are used to remove any stubborn knots or tangles. Unlike combs through, brushes are more accessible to get through tough times. It’s much easier to brush out an old wig or weave than it is to try and detangle with a comb. A tip for styling can be to detangle first with a comb and then style accordingly with a brush. Brushes are best for styling anyway because then you have more control over your hair to achieve your desired style. Although they get the job done, using a brush to untangle hair can go left if you brush too often or too hard. The strength of a brush on your hair compared to a comb can pull out strands and remove cuticles, so when using you must be very careful to avoid this. Your hair goal and type will reveal the nature of bristles that you will need for fixing your hair. For most brush types, you can choose from natural, synthetic, or combination brushes.


  • Made of Boar bristles, they help evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils from root to tip.
  • Natural bristles are more gentle on your strands than synthetic ones. They are best for styling easily manageable hair.
  • Compared to other brush types, these are among the ones that last longer.


  • Made from either nylon or plastic.
  • Easier detangle than from a natural brush.
  • Best for when you’re using a blow dryer, as it is quick drying and stretches out the hair more.
  • Preferred use by those with thick hair


  • As a mixture of both natural and synthetic bristles, you get both benefits of each type in one brush
  • Cost saving since you’ve got two in one
  • Great for all hair types
If you are looking to detangle, a comb could be your best bet; however, if a brush is what you desire to use, then finding the correct type has to have careful consideration. Do not just choose a 2-in-1 if your goal is to detangle. Be smart about your tool choices. It’s always great to save; however you can, but the reality is that buying the wrong brush can cause damage to your hair over time. There are now vegan brushes that can get you the same results, yet unfortunately, they do not last as long and are more expensive. The long-term benefits of environmentally friendly hairbrushes are just as significant, so if you’re able to afford them, it can help. Faster styling and maintenance comes with brushes, so there’s the advantage there too. To clean plastic or metal brushes, after removing all hair stands you can toss it in the dishwasher. For wooden brushes, you can hand wash the bristles with mild soap or shampoo and rinse for an easy clean. You can avoid hair and product buildup in your brushes by cleaning monthly.

Flat Irons and Curlers/Blow Dryer, “Hot Tools.”

Our hot tools are necessary because they give us quick hair changes. However, they have gradual, adverse effects on the earth and us. According to experts, electrical tools should stay maintained and replaced due to circuit shortages over time. The life expectancy of a flat iron is about four years. It’s crazy because you honestly would not think to get rid of something that seems to work perfectly fine, but the reality is the damage is unseen for a long time, and that’s what makes it even worse. You need to beware of random temperature changes and to overheat, or any cracks. The electric cords should be covered completely, with no wires exposed or messed up. Even if you have the best straightener in the whole world, if you have to hold it a sure way to keep the plates in place, then it is time to let it go! Our hot tools must be used with caution and kept neat to ensure that we are not doing more harm than good to our hair. If you have the time and ability, you can opt to get the same style minus the heat. How, may you ask? Well, how do you think our ancestors made way before the hot comb?

No-Heat Methods

There are plenty of DIY ways to curl, straighten, or stretch your hair without the use of heat or electricity. Yes, it is a long process; however, the image being able to style your hair in the purest form to ensure perfect condition throughout your strands. After I went natural, I told myself I wouldn’t use any more heat on my hair. I would instead let my natural hair be natural and pull off any other hairstyles through extensions or wigs. Try straightening your hair by:
  • Using straightening shampoos and conditioners. A tip is to brush (gently) until dry.
  • Using straightening hair masks
  • Milk and honey
  • Milk and egg
  • Coconut milk and lemon juice
  • Stretching with hair ties overnight
  • Jumbo Rollers (long hair) overnight
  • Wrapping hair or twisting in a bun overnight

It’s much easier to curl your hair, as there are many more options:

  • Braid or twisting your hair can give natural waves
  • Rollers or flexi-rods assist in quick, overnight styling
  • Fabrics like t-shirts or socks can be altered to create tight curls and waves.
If you want to use heat, there’s nothing wrong with using it in moderation, so try to invest in products that have been better overall for the environment and your hair. There are eco-friendly hot tools that do not consume as much energy, with more efficiency, and safer contact with your hair, and when it is time to let go, it is easily recyclable. These items minimize heat damage as it helps to keep moisture within the hair to keep from burning. The key is to look for the items within your budget that give have more advantages over disadvantages.

Hair Accessories

Hair ties, bobby pins, clips, headbands, bows, beads, and more are among some of the most common accessories used by most of us. We should make sure that when we use our accessories, we are keeping up with them. Product buildup is real as well as residue from the air and surroundings. The key here is to ensure that we are not causing more problems for our hair. Keep accessories stored in a clean, dry place spaced apart. You can gently rub each item to clean it off and dry with a towel. Once dried you can store in your usual place. The better we care for our hair tools, the more they will help us.

The Take-Away

We are no longer taking our hair for granted. The hair care routines are becoming perfected, as well as our techniques. To prevent hair loss and to promote growth, you need to be mindful of your methods and tools. Hair sheds and thins by nature, so sometimes to reduce the amount of hair loss, you can develop better habits when it comes to dealing with your hair. Brushing and combing more often and less gently are common problems we might have fallen guilty to. If your hair is thick and full, you are not exempt from taking the extra precautions. We want to focus on long-term hair health, so this applies to anyone with hair. Continue to find what works best for you, and don't be afraid to ask questions. We could be content with what we have, but we never know until we try. Our maintenance with all our items has to match with the same effort we use towards making ourselves better. In the future, we want to be more knowledgeable about the things we use. You can find tools made for your specific hair types or needs that help you as well as the environment. You don’t always have to look for ways to change your routine. However, you should look for ways to improve them so that you are making the most of your experience.
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Best Hair Tools to Keep in Your Purse At All Times

Best Hair Tools to Keep in Your Purse At All Times

Being Prepared is Always the Best Move

To be honest with you, nobody has time to be unprepared. It’s almost a thing of the past! When it comes to hair, we all know how crazy it is when a hair strand is out of place, and you can’t do anything about it! Have you ever been hanging out somewhere and went to the bathroom and noticed your hair is out of place? Well, I don’t know about you, but I have, and it’s completely frustrating! This issue is why we all should have certain hair tools that are staples in our purses! Being prepared at all times is crucial; not just for yourself but others as well. You never know when you may have to help someone. Keeping your hair lit should also be a priority. No one should be caught slipping even on a bad hair day! Continue reading below as I go through the top hair tools to keep in your purse at all times!

Bobby Pins

If you don’t agree with anything on this list, I know for sure you’ll agree with bobby pins! Bobby pins are one of those hair tools that are so needed, so small and never around when you need it! You could purchase a pack of 100, and I guarantee by 30 days, you will only have about 15 of them. For the longest time, I would tell myself each time I purchase bobby pins; I would spread them out between home, the car, etc. But, I still haven’t done that. A bobby pin is an essential key item that should always remain in your purse. Not only are they a great hair accessory for spare of the moment styling but they also secure hairstyles in place. They’re also super small so that they won’t take up a lot of space in your purse. Also, there are many times where I’ve been out, and someone else has needed a bobby pin, but I didn’t have one. So as I mentioned earlier, even if you may not need a bobby pin at the moment, someone else might! So the next time you switch up your purse for the week, be sure to throw a few bobby pins inside! You won’t ever regret the feeling of being prepared.

Mini Edge Control

One of the top hair tools to keep handy is mini edge control. If you aren’t someone who has naturally smooth edges than you’re aware summer 18’ is approaching fast and the last thing anyone needs are puffy edges! In the colder months, most people can apply their edge control in the morning, and it lasts for a good while. But when those temperatures are in the high 80s your edges can blow up without a care in the world. The great thing about mini edge control is that it now comes in a traveling size. Travel size tubes mean nothing more than an opportunity to buy a couple at a time to keep one in a purse! Who needs mini edge control? Well, I do for sure. But the sad thing is not all brands come in a travel size. So you will have to find your favorite brand and hope they have different sizes. If not, humble yourself and apply some in a small Ziploc bag. No one is ever going to know you have a Ziploc bag with edge control until you tell them of course. We all know that laid edges complete the hair look, so it’s a necessity at this point! This summer, don’t get caught without having this hair tool in your purse! I promise you that sun won’t care!

Hair Tie

Hair ties are hair tools great to keep in your purse at all times. Many of us start our day with straighten hair but maybe later decide to go running after work or maybe end up getting hot and realize we have no hair tie! It’s a very simple accessory that can come in handy when needed. But if you pay attention, most people will keep them on their wrist throughout the day. But it also doesn’t hurt to keep a few tucked on the side of your purse. Our hair can get in our way at times, and it’s just best to stay prepared. Plus switching up your hairstyle throughout the day never hurt anyone.

Palm Brush

Your hair tools arsenal is lacking with a palm brush. This hair tool is mainly for the folks who rock long straight hair all day long! Keeping a palm brush in your purse is a great idea! It’s called a palm brush because it’s small and fits in the palm of your hands. Everyone knows when you wear long hair; you’re prone to having static hair and tangles throughout the day. People with long hair are seen fixing their hair more than other anyone else. Keeping a palm brush in your purse will give you more ease in knowing your hair will always look it’s best. Plus it only takes a few seconds to brush your hair!

Edge Control Brush

Earlier I mentioned edge control was a good hair tool to keep in your purse, but you need something to apply it with too! Get yourself the official “edge control brush.” That’s right; there’s a specific brush designed for laying your edges down. It’s super skinny and double sided and cheap. If you ever need to lay your edges down in the middle of the day, you will thank yourself that you had this durable brush on hand.

Blot Pads

Well, of course, most people sweat during the summer months, but sweat isn’t the only thing that will drip down your face! If you’re someone who is heavy handed with hair products, it’s a high chance your hair product will drip down if you’re hot. If you wear hair oil, then it’s an even higher chance it can drip down. Nobody wants to be out at dinner or talking to someone and product is dripping. The best remedy for this would be a blotting pad! They are small, flexible and will fit perfectly inside your purse. All you would have to do is do a quick bathroom run and blot your face. Typically some people carry napkins with them, but they can make your purse look messy. Blot pads will fit right in your purse with no issue. Don’t be seen with a sweaty forehead this summer. Stay prepared and discreet.

Makeup Concealer

Are you currently rocking a lace frontal with a natural part? If so, there’s a high chance you applied makeup concealer down the middle of your part. Making sure you keep concealer in your purse at all times is going to come in handy. Not only will you need it for makeup purposes but you will most likely need it for your lace front wigs. Let’s say you’re outside walking, and it begins to rain, and you don’t have an umbrella on hand; the rain is going to affect your natural part directly. So if you want to solve that issue, carrying a concealer in your purse will help. Also, you may have been swimming one day and forgot about your part getting messed up. Having the concealer in your purse will for sure come in a clutch! The great thing about it is how small of a package it comes in. It won’t take up a lot of space. It’s also not going to take a long time to apply. Some people apply concealer with a makeup brush but know that you can also apply it with your finger. You won’t ever have to worry if your part suddenly disappeared.

Pocket Mirror

Because who doesn’t need a pocket mirror to make sure their hair is still in shape throughout the day? I know you do! A pocket mirror is one of the best things you can carry in your purse. It’s small and discreet and is always needed. In the times we’re currently living in, more people are obsessed with their looks. They go the extra mile to appear perfect. Many want to be flawless and will do anything to make it happen. Those types of people especially could benefit from using a pocket mirror. Folks have to make sure the edges remain sleep and curls aren’t out of place. A pocket mirror is an old classic tool that will always have relevance to the hair world!

Mini Dry Shampoo

We’re living in a fast period right now where people don’t have time to do a lot of things. If what they’re about to do isn’t something quick, they want no parts. Dry shampoo is one of the best hair tools you could have in your purse. When it comes to people who wear hair extensions, the main thing they’re after is their time! Most of them are rocking hair extensions for the sole purpose of not doing their hair. They don’t want to spend hours in the mirror styling. So dry shampoo becomes one of their go-to hair tools. And lucky for them, it comes in a travel size which means it will go perfect inside of a purse. Keeping a mini bottle of dry shampoo in your purse if you wear hair extensions will save you tons of time. Even if you don’t wear hair extensions, it will still come in handy if you’re ever in need. For instance, if you were running late for work one day and wished you could have co-washed your hair, the dry shampoo would replace that need. Dry shampoo is a quick and effective tool that would be a great hair tool to keep in your purse at all times.

Hair Pick

There is nothing worse than laying down for a good nap and waking up to one side of your hair all messed up! Carrying a hair pick in your purse would allow you to maintain your style all day without worrying. Many of us drive every day and don’t always notice how much some of our hair gets messed up from the headrest. There are even times when someone may stop to ask to touch your hair. When things like that happen, having a hair pick onboard with you could correct your hair. Hair picks are another tool that’s not heavy or big. It serves as a comb that’s able to lift hair from the root on up. Hair picks are great for big curly styles that sometimes lose its shape. So depending on your hairstyle, get yourself a hair pick for your purse.

Mini Flat Iron

Do you remember back in the day when flat irons were big and bulky? They looked completely different from how they look today. The hair industry even has mini flat irons! Some are so small it’s just a little longer than the average hand. Since they are mini, it makes for a good hair tool to pack in your purse. I know growing up, especially in the summertime, there have been times I wished I had a flat iron around. It always seemed that my hair would become frizzy at the worst time. Now if that happened, it would be so simple to run to a bathroom, plug up the iron and straighten away! So if you’re like me, make sure you grab yourself a mini flat iron this summer and leave it in your purse at all times!


Honestly, are you going to purchase every item on this list and pack in into your purse? It’s a high chance you aren’t, but I’m sure you can relate to at least one item. You never know how prepared you are until you have something you thought you didn’t! There have been many times I went to look for something knowing I didn’t have it but hoping I did and was surprised I had it! That’s what this list is about; realizing how to make your life better by purchasing hair tools that will make life a little easier. Whether it's keeping some bobby pins handy or making sure you have your edge control brush will go a long way. Those items may be small, but I promise they have a much greater impact. There’s an old saying that says if you stay ready you don’t ever have to great ready. If you take your favorites off this list and put them in your purse, I can assure you-you'll be happy you did! Are you someone who keeps hair tools in their purse? If so, let me know which tools you have and why it’s important. I would love to hear from you in the comment section!
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