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Top Global Hair Trends of 2018 Thanks to Pinterest

Top Global Hair Trends of 2018 Thanks to Pinterest

2018 is a Good Year for Hair

Don’t we all love Pinterest? It is like watching the images and visuals in our head come to life in some way because we get to see everything we want to achieve.

Not only that, but we get to save and categorize it so we can refer back to it later! Pinterest comes in clutch when you need it to most of the time. If you need some new ideas? Go on Pinterest. If you need some inspiration? Go on Pinterest. Want to look at pretty images all day? Go on Pinterest. Whatever the purpose of you of going on Pinterest is, you will never regret it. So, how does Pinterest relate to today’s topic? Keep reading!

Have you ever been in the mood for change and you end up changing your hair? Now, you feel like a brand-new person ready to take on the tasks and trials of the world! I want to help you out with that feeling by giving you more options to play with this year.

Let’s do something fun and inspirational! So, 2018 is almost over, and we have seen a lot of changes and events take place that we can not see. I’m talking everything from political to the beauty industry, but today we are going to discuss my favorite topic: hairstyles.

For some reason, people have been experimenting like no other with their hair, to see what all it can do, and we are all here for it! We do not understand the basic braided ponytail anymore, and now we are adding buzzcuts, different colors and other risky styles to test the norms. In this article I want to show you how exactly women are pushing the limits which could inspire some methods for the upcoming year, so be ready for the slay!

You may even be encouraged to try out one of these styles yourself.


Colored Styles

We all love the opportunity to be bold and what better way to do this than to try out some wild and colorful hairstyles? Be bold! If you do not like it, you can change it. But, why not step out of your comfort zone and see if you will end up loving it? Let's try it out.

Gem Lights

If you love the subtle yet daring color, then you will be excited to know what 2018 continues to bring onto the red carpet this year.

This year’s hair dye trend for all the crystal lovers out there, gem lights is the latest way to add a wash of toned-down rainbow tones to your hairstyle. The colors can range from rose quartz pink to amethyst purple. Gem lights are all about working multiple crystal tones into blonde hair for a subtly colorful finish.

If you are looking for a subtle and mystical way to switch up your hair color, this may be for you!


Electric Blue Hair

How much blue have you seen on the red carpet lately?

From Kim Kardashian's outfit-coordinating XXL navy to Hailey Baldwin's sci-fi electric shade, blue hair is making an unexpected return to the red carpet for 2018. Blue is a bold and not-so-safe choice for those who may be hesitant in stepping out of their comfort zones. One for the more experimental hair chameleons out there, be warned, blue does not wash out easily.

It may not be such a good idea for you to try this look until you are ready.


Dark Roots with Dirty Blonde

This Pinterest hair trend is a new twist on a basic look.

Celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Lily Collins are making dirty blonde the new A-list hair color trend on the red carpet for 2018, keep the roots dark, and the strands of your hair a warm golden blonde.

A while ago, people could tell that celebrity hair color used to be about getting the hair to the whitest shade possible. But the golden blonde is now the new “platinum.”

Silver Locks

The year, 2017, brought out many pastels and gray hair looks on and off the red carpet and this year did not stray too far from the older trend.

The year, 2018, added a little luxe to the situation. Enter silver hair. A super shiny, metallic finish transforms matte grey hair into something a little more magical.

According to the latest trends, silver is the new gray because metallics are hot right now, from make-up and clothes, right through to hair. Silver is the shiner incarnation of the flatter looking grey.

If you want to wear this look soon, you can do a gloss to give you a gorgeous shimmer or go full throttle and have it super extreme.


Curly-headed Styles

Curls are for the girls! We all love to keep our curls intact, and we love experimenting with them to see how amazing they are. There are so many different curly hairstyles that we like, and it is incredible how so many more people are creating more looks every single day. Let’s look at some!

Wet and Wavy

If you think it has been raining near the celebrities lately, then you are wrong.

We are bringing back the "just got out of the shower" and wavy look, but truthfully the trend never left. Leave the blow dryer in your bathroom and walk out with your wet curls beautifully intact. If the wet and wavy look doesn't work for your hair type, opt for some extensions or a braid out.

Add some holding spray for the natural ladies. This trend is not going anywhere for a while!


Finger Waves

Finger waves were popping back in 2004, and now they are back with a modern twist. If you're tired of typical curling iron waves and curls, try Constance Wu's throwback look, reminiscent of Marcel waves.


Loose Bed Head Waves

Tired of doing your hair in the mornings? Well, do not waste your time then.

That is right, bed head curls on now what is trending in the streets of Hollywood and we want you to get in on this. The best part about this look is the amount of effort you put in it to make it pop and stay put for the rest of the day, which is minimal work on your part.

Merely hop out of bed, fluff your hair, spray some holding spray and go on about your business.

Big and Bigger Curls

The world’s newly found obsession with curly and natural textured hair is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Spend this year maximizing your curls and make them as large as possible. I want to walk down the street seeing big hair all over the place. If you wear relaxers, maybe take a break from them and left your hair to decide what it wants to do.

It is also a good idea to avoid brushing textured hair when styling it. If you're going to preserve the curl pattern, the less manipulation, the better. U=Unless you're deliberately going for an undefined look, do not touch your curls!


Straight Styles

Let’s get started with the basics. You can’t go wrong with some beautiful straight or semi-straight locks. They look great on everybody, and it’s achievable for anyone. But, did you know there are different ways to get this look while still being original?

Glossy Strands

We love to see healthy and shiny looking hair on the red carpet, and that is the trending on the red carpet and Pinterest, this year. For thinner hair, spray a leave-in conditioner onto the strands and watch your hair take on another look completely.

Smooth and Straight

Pin-straight and smoothed hair is a prominent trend of the year. Simplicity at its finest is tucking it behind your ears to show off your face and keeping your hair as simple and as elegant as possible. The best part about this look is that you can’t go wrong with it!

Center Part

Much like the smooth and straight look, the center part is simple and sophisticated. Try using a thin comb to get it perfectly straight. Center parts give off boss woman vibes due to its simplicity and first head-turning effect.


Styles with Accessories

Our hair is fantastic, but there is nothing wrong with adding an extra accessory to make your hair pop. I like to call it “décor for the hair” because accessories enhance our hair and make our hair even better!

Bobby-Pinned Locks

Bobby pins may not seem like a trend that is worth anything but try again. With so many styles hitting the scene, it was only a matter of time before someone brought back the bobby pins to the red carpet.



Fall is approaching, and scarves and headbands will add style and warmth to your outfit. Use the accessory to put your hair up or let your locks loose.


That’s right, the 90s are making another comeback onto the red carpet, and we see it all over Pinterest lately.

Use the throwback hair tie to secure loose ponytails for a look that says understated rather than retro. If you want to keep the modern look, use a scrunchy that is not too big and is plain and simple. You can wear these on a daily basis in any style.

But if you would like to keep the spirit of the 90s, then be my guest!



Headscarves are back and better than ever. But, we are not wearing them with the same granny vibes anymore. Tie it flat around the perimeter of your head with a low bounce at the crown area to keep yourself looking young and fresh. Patterns are a must with a silk or satin texture!

Braids, Buns and Ponytails

You can’t go wrong with a simple braided look or a cute ponytail to make your day. But, what about adding a twist to it? Also, who can go a lifetime without putting their hair in a bun at least once? These are hairstyles that will never go out of style (no pun intended).

Messy Bun

We all love a messy bun, and Meghan Markle's signature loose updo continues to trend through Pinterest. Achieve the look by spraying your crown with hairspray before brushing it back into a bun. Pull a few pieces out to get the duchess's wind-blown look.


Sleek Ponytails

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful, elegant ponytail.

Almost every celebrity has had some form of this on the red carpet, and the year 2018 is no different. If you can’t figure out what you want to do with your hair for the day or you need a quick and easy, yet professional and cute look.

The sleek ponytail is here!


School Girl Plaits

You know when you accidentally sleep through your alarm, and you start trying to figure out what you are going to do with your hair in such little time?

If it seemed not too curly or not too straight, then you probably put it in braids or twists. We have all done it, and it works out every time in our favor for at least a day. Well, the trend is making its way to the red carpet, and we are reminiscing back to our school days.

Are we making school girl braids a thing in 2018? Yes, we are. They are cute, simple and a modern take on the basic look. Schoolgirl plaits are 2018's take on the braid, messy hairstyle that took you two minutes to achieve before your first class.


Oh my Gosh, Hair!

Look at all of these fantastic hairstyles and so little time. Do not worry! I think you should try every single one.

Better yet, go on Pinterest and look at these styles yourself! Most of them come with directions on how to achieve the same look. If you are not sure how to do that, leave a comment below on a style you would like a little bit more information on for the future. There may be a future article in it for you (wink, wink).

Which hairstyles stood out the most to you? Which looks would you try? Were some of these a little too outlandish for you? Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment below!

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Celebrity Hair Trend: Get Flawless with Glass Hair

Celebrity Hair Trend: Get Flawless with Glass Hair

Achieve Sophisticated Baddie Status With This On-Trend Style

Glass hair is glossing over the red carpet lately and needless to say we are in love! Celebrity hairstyles are always fascinating and give hair inspiration at just the right time. From flooding the red carpet to our TL's, glass hair is making itself known as the new "it" style for this Fall/Winter season. If you have not heard of this trend, then you may be surprised what follows the description of this catchy name. Recently, this hairstyle became a trend by Kim and Khloe Kardashian, but this classic style has graced the faces of many celebrities and women across the globe for a while. Let’s dive into what is glass hair, where it came from and how with a few easy steps you can achieve this million dollar look!

What Is Glass Hair?

According to Refinery29, glass hair is a sleek and polished look paired with a blunt bob and finished off with an immense amount of shine mimicking the sharpness and mirroring effect of glass. Popularized by Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, glass hair has been rocked by the Kardashians, Jourdan Dunn, and Ashley Graham to name a few. In the simplicity of the style, the unique wow-factor of the hair is in the shine. Opposed to the rigid and geometric bobs of the 60s, this generation’s glass hair is sleek, soft and movable. Not a flyaway can be seen in sight and celebrities are upgrading this look to another level with color and stylized bob cuts. Not only does glass hair rule the red carpet with classic Coco Chanel vibes, but the everyday boss lady at the office and Instagram baddie are sporting glass hair with a variety of personal style. That’s one way to break the glass ceiling!

Where did Glass Hair Come From?

Even in the hype of this minimalist and elegant style, I had to ask myself where did the glass hair trend originate from? As I began my search, I realized that, with most trends, they are a remix of a past style. History repeats itself includes the world of hair and fashion. For some, glass hair is nothing more than a silk press made popular by African American women seeking to lay down her coils and kinks in the absence of relaxer. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Angela Bassett, and Kelly Rowland set the stage as the hairstyle's trendsetters. I remembered being a teenager with the dream of having soft, shiny straight hair but regretted my decision once I knew that it would cost me in dryer time, flat iron passes and long-term heat damage. Although I agree that some aspects of glass hair are silk press inspired, the glass hair trend looks as if the hairstyles of Hairspray and Living Single came together for a millennial showstopper style. Glass hair has shine and a stiff look and a blunt cut without a bump at the ends. The best part of this style is that you have room to customize the look to compliment your personal style, lifestyle, and preference. If you are a researcher by nature, then feel free to do your digging about the origins of this style. Otherwise, let’s get to the good part where you learn how to achieve this Internet-breaking style for yourself!

How To Get The Look

Although celebrity hairstylists rave on the simplicity of this trend, glass hair requires a little extra care to achieve, maintain and slay. There are two things you want to consider as you prepare to kill with glass hair:

1. Choose Your Weapon

Glass hair can be achieved both with your own hair or with straight style extensions. The pro with using extensions is that you do not have to worry about heat or color damage to your own hair. PLE offers a variety of extensions in beautiful dyes to fit your mood whether you are ready for a sew-in, clip-ins, tape-ins or a wig. Personally, I think that extensions are best for this style since it requires heat and the end result to come across stiff. However, if you want to go ale naturale, you do not have to shy away from this style. When using your own hair, ensure that you have treated your hair to some thorough TLC by detoxifying and moisturizing in order to get the best results.

2. It’s All In The Details

To master the glass hair trend without too many errors requires you to have the right products at your disposal. Celebrity hair stylists recommend that you use a moisture-rich serum and taming gel to have the best glass-like results. For your hair to look shiny, it needs moisture and shine. Healthy hair is the name of the game here, ladies! Serums help to lock in your hair’s moisture and prevent hair puffs when you encounter some humidity. You have struck gold to get a product that is both a serum and heat protectant. You never want to heat style your hair without protecting it. Lastly, flyaways cannot come to this party. Notorious of the glass hairstyle is its perfectly molded coif, and any loose hairs will give the opposite effect. Invest in some creams that are specially formulated to tame your flyaways without adding water or moisture to your hair. For best results, begin this style by washing your hair and add products to damp hair. This method will not only lock in the moisture but also ensure a shiny, sleek look once your hair is completely dry. Now, here are a few tips for getting the best glass hairstyle!

Patience Is Flawless

Sister, this is not the time to wait until you have exactly five minutes until your Uber arrives to begin this style. Patience is a virtue and needed to create this elegant look. When straightening the hair, you want to use smaller sections of hair and use as few passes as possible. You want to use a flat iron that allows you control of the temperature settings (not a flat iron that simply has “off” and “on” buttons). That way you can set your iron to a temperature that will give you the straightest hair without heat damage. When you use your flat iron with smaller sections, you ensure that the heat and metal plates are straightening each strand of hair and leaving no curl uncurled. Minimal passes with your iron will also reduce your risk of heat damage because you are not adding more and more heat to a few strands of hair. Do not worry! With a little time and effort, you too can look like the ultimate girl boss. Glass hair is flawless, and that is where patience and time comes in handy. You will also need to exercise patience if you are cutting or bobbing your hair yourself.

Blunt Is Bold

You will also need to exercise patience if you are cutting or bobbing your hair yourself. Although some celebs are rocking the glass hairstyle with seemingly reckless haircuts, the bob on this style is very intentional and strategic. I would first decide how the fall of the hair would best frame my face first before picking up the scissors. Kim K has styled this look with both a 90s style short bob and a longer shoulder length style. Both look fabulous, and it depends on your preference. Whichever length you choose, be bold in going for a blunt cut. Do not cut your hair all at once, unless uneven ends is your thing. Visually mark where you want your hair to fall and then begin cutting in small sections. I always advise cutting your hair about half of an inch longer than you intended to get a feel for the style. You can always cut more hair, but you cannot add on once you’ve taken hair off. Remember to be bold and blunt with this style and who knows maybe that will translate to some new found confidence!

Have Fun!

Ultimately, the nature of trends is that they are short-lived and are then sent off into history to cycle through the beauty and fashion time warp. Have fun! Do not take yourself too seriously and enjoy trying out a new style. You may find a new signature look or a learning lesson about yourself and your personal style. In an attempt to guide you out of the box, I have labeled these tips instead of rules. You are free to test the waters of hairstyles and trends to see what looks the best on you.

A Look Sharp Enough To Kill

With the timelessness of glass hair, we can expect it to show up on red carpets, fashion shows, and Instagram for a while. With the changing of the weather as we transition into Autumn, there is no better time to switch it up on them and try something new. You may be surprised at what you will find. What do you think about the glass hairstyle and its rise in popularity? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below!
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Hair Trend: What Exactly Is Cold Brew Hair

Hair Trend: What Exactly Is Cold Brew Hair

Coffee Inspired Color that Will Wow Onlookers

Summer will soon be coming to an end. What does that mean? It means my favorite time of the year— Fall is fastly approaching. Summer has been blazing with hair trends such as golden, bright blondes, neon greens, rose gold pinks and soft lilac-colored hair. But now its almost time for a new season. Queue the lightweight jackets, blazers, and boots! Autumn also means it’s time to for the beauty of the color of leaves changing and new hair trends.

Fall Colors

Fall 2018 is going to be time to slay a new hair color. Of course, we suggest cold brew colored hair, but there are a few other options you may want to check out. What is cold brew hair you may ask?? Read on for all the deets on this new trend.

Hey Cold Brew

There are a ton of amazing fall-centric hair colors to choose from but the most popular one trending for fall 2018 is cold brew hair. This cool color consists of brown is one shade that stands out and has captured people's attention likely because such a favorite beverage inspires it. According to Popsugar, “ it was an Instagram post featuring a client with rich, multi-dimensional brown hair, done by colorist Kimberly Bonondona, that helped ignite the trend. Additionally, colorist Stephanie Brown created a cold brew look for an Elite Daily editor recently, so it's certainly traveling its way around the Web and social media.” If you’re longing for this look here’s the best way to describe cold brew hair color to your stylist. The color is a deep brunette with accents of chocolate red-golden hues. Of course, the sure way to get the cold brew hair color is to bring a picture. Another option is bringing in a picture likely from Instagram which as we know is where the trend was first highlighted. Love an iced coffee from your favorite chain or local spot? I know I do. You rarely think of the color Cold Brew Hair” as an option, but this is the rising coffee-inspired hair Color trends that are all the rave for Fall. If you love coffee like me, you will be swoon over this hue when autumn graves us with its cool presence. With us being towards the end of August and back-to-school either in session or soon to be around the corner, it couldn't be a better time to switch up your style. Some folks prefer to swap out their bright colored makeup for darker colors such. As browns and burgundy hues, while others are all for getting a major hair makeover. If you're in the latter group, you've come to the right place because color inspiration is heating up and making its way around the Internet, magazines and social media. Perfect timing for people to show out for that Labor Day cookout or Halloween party!


With a new hair color comes great responsibility. By this, I mean that coloring in order to keep your hair fresh and healthy look is. You're going to have to do a little work after you initially get the cinnamon toned color. If you’re already a brunette, the work happens to be incredibly low maintenance which to me makes this color choice more appealing. Here’s an excellent tip: Wash your tresses with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners made for color-treated hair. Take notes because something that's labeled for color-treated hair does not necessarily mean that it is healthy for your hair. Sulfates are harsh cleaning agents that can result in your hair turning dry and brittle. Using sulfates can also cause the dye to fade quickly from your hair. If you want to keep your hair in tiptop condition, then you must use products that are sulfate-free. Most labels will say whether or not the product’s ingredients are sulfate-free. If the label does not explicitly indicate anything, take a glance at the ingredients for anything that contains the word "sulfate." Always use heat protectants products such as TRESemme® Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray and keep your heat setting at low when you dry or heat-style your hair. Protecting your hair from heat is vital regardless of whether you are blow-drying, curling, or flat ironing your hair. Beware high heat can damage your hair and cause the color to fade faster than normal. Remember f you are going to straighten or curl your hair, be sure to blow-dry it first. Also, Apply a heat protectant or oil before you start applying heat.

Do It Up

Here are a few trending fashion ideas to pair with that new cold brew do. The look for the upcoming season is Classic Saville Row fabrics such as herringbone, glen plaid, and houndstooth. This look is luxurious, and classy so be prepared to wow onlookers. Enter the season with slay written all over you. Now, who says blondes have more fun? I think cold brew hair disproves this phrase. I love this look: Oversized clothing. It’s ideal for me because I can hide my imperfections and still be stylish. The new wave to wear your outerwear baggy and oversized this fall. Pair the Eye-catching color these multi-layered looks. For example, you can rock a parka over a jacket over a fleece. This will make you stand out in a crowd for sure. I love me some floral, so this look is definitely one I will be wearing. Fall’s perennials come in a variety of patterns—from delicate florets to "in your face" bouquets.

Recommend It

If you are looking for a change that will give you a trendy and fresh style, I would highly recommend the cold brew hair color. I am thinking of taking the leap and coloring my hair this color. The color will give you a change without going too dramatic. The maintenance is low and simple. This cinnamon color is the perfect go-to for Fall and beyond.
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Find Your Trendy Back to School Hairstyle This Year

Find Your Trendy Back to School Hairstyle This Year

Head in the Books and Hair on Trend

It's that time of year again. Of course, it's still hot outside, but the summer fun is coming to an end. It's time for a back to school hairstyle. In a few weeks, students around the country will be heading back to school. We've spent the summer trying out hair chalk, rocking lemonade braids, and wearing some much-needed protective styles. We've traveled, caught up with friends, and enjoyed the freedom that the warmer months bring, but back to school doesn't have to mean the end of all things fun. Trading your passport for a stack of books doesn't mean you need to leave your best hairstyles behind. Grab your planner and schedule out your hairstyles to stay above the curve.

Monday Hairstyle – The Coil Out

Mondays. Sometimes Monday's are dreadful and for some Monday's are just the reset you need to have a better week than the last one. Despite how you look on Monday, there's one thing we all have in common: Everyone gets a case of the "Monday's." It's not fun to drag yourself out of bed after a weekend of fun, but without a Monday there would be no Friday. Head into the week with a perfect style that will take your mind off your hair and free up space for you to start the week out strong. A coil out is the perfect Monday hairstyle because you can set your coils a few days in advance and take them down in the morning before class.

How to Do a Coil Out:

Step 1:

After washing and conditioning your hair, section it into four sections.

Step 2:

Working on one section at a time, use your desired hair product to saturate your hair and separate each large section into smaller parts.

Step 3:

Take a portion of hair that is less than the width of your finger in size and twirl it around your finger in a downward motion.

Step 4:

Continue twirling small sections until all of your hair is coiled.

Step 5:

Air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until your coils have dried.

Step 6:

Apply a light oil to your hands and softly separate your coils by pulling them apart where you see the hair naturally gaps. Tip: Do not run your fingers through your coils. Carelessly pulling apart your hair will create frizz. The key to a perfect coil out is to patiently take down your coils so that they form small uniformed ringlets.

Style Your Coil Out

Once you've taken all of your coils down, you can wear them in their natural shape. Or you can use a bobby pin to pull one side back and create some dimension to your look. There is no wrong way to wear this hairstyle. The key to a coil out is to have fun! As your hair gets old, your coils will make sure a super cute puff or bun! Don't forget to use some edge control to keep your edges gorgeous and tamed.

Tuesday Hairstyle – French Braids with Hair Accessories

It's Tuesday! You made it through Monday and reality has hit you that this week isn't going anywhere. Monday may have left you with more responsibilities than you expected, but Tuesdays are the day to zone in on your goals and commit to checking off your to-do list. Each day is one step closer to your goal. Closer to advancing to the next grade level, earning your diploma, or obtaining your degree. It's vital to your educations that you focus on your goals, but you don't have to put hairstyling on the back burner. Today's hairstyle is as easy as ABC. There isn't a more carefree hairstyle than French braids. It's a style that transcends age and gender. When in doubt, it's safe to French braid it out. Recent trends have taken this style to new heights by adding fun accessories. Some of your classes may be boring, but your hair doesn't have to be.

How to do French Braids with Accessories:

Step 1:

Section your hair in as many sections as you wish to braid.

Step 2:

Starting with one section, separate your hair into three parts.

Step 3:

As you braid each of the three sections, grab more of the hair surrounding each strand to create a French braid.

Step 4:

Once your braids are complete, you can add hair accessories to glam up your hairstyle. You can put some gold-plated cuffs on your braids or even thread some colored string throughout the length of your braids. Tip: If you put any metal accessories in your hair be sure to secure it a night with a satin or silk scarf. Too much friction will cause your hair to rub against the metal and break off. It's best to remove the accessories to ensure that your hair does become damaged.

French Braids for The Win

Rocking French braids are a great way to stay on trend while you focus on passing your classes. It's essential that you start this hairstyle with a clean scalp so that your braids last as long as you wish to wear them. Make sure that you're getting the most out of your shampoo.

Wednesday Hairstyle– Sleek and Straight

It's hump day! You're halfway through the week. You shifted yourself into gear on Monday and realigned your focus by Tuesday. Now that Friday seems so close you may be tempted to start slacking off. Don't give into temptation. Today is crucial and another day to prove that you can ace the test and slay your hairstyle. Wednesday's hairstyle will show the world that you mean business. While others are making their weekend plans, you're the one stepping up for the extra credit assignment. Achieving sleek and straight hair is easier than acing your book report. You don't need many tools to get your hair completely smooth. However, if your hair is not naturally straight, then you'll have to do this with heat. That means that you need to add a heat protectant to your supply list find the best flat iron to use.

Get Super Sleek Hair:

Step 1:

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply a heat protectant concentrating on the ends of your hair.

Step 2:

Blow dry your hair into medium-sized sections. Hold your blow dryer so that the nozzle is pointing in a downward direction.

Step 3:

Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to comb through your hair in the same direction gently.

Step 4:

Once your hair is blow dried, spray in a little more heat protectant to ensure that you don't get any damage from your flat iron.

Step 5:

Separate your hair into smaller sections, securing the rest with a hair clip.

Step 6:

Glide your flat iron down one single section until straight. Continue until all parts are straight. Bonus: It's vital that you only run your flat iron through your hair twice. Too many passes through the hair will cause permanent heat damage. Make sure that you're taking your time as you flat iron your hair.

Thursday Hairstyle– A Phony Ponytail

It's Thursday, and you know what that means, one more day until Friday. Thursdays don't get as much credit as they deserve. If Friday's are the party, then Thursdays are the Uber that gets you there. Getting focused on a Thursday can be just as difficult as Monday's because we know that the end of the week is near. If you're dreaming of the weekend, then you need to wear a hairstyle that will put the fun back into your math functions. Wearing a phony ponytail is the easiest way to simplify your daily hairstyling routine. Quality ponytails from Private Label Extensions install quickly and are 100% human hair. It takes a few minutes to install your ponytail so you can use the extra time to add curls to the end of your hair for your Thursday hairstyle.

How to Install Your Phony Pony:

Step 1:

Pull your natural hair into a tight bun and secure it with an elastic band.

Step 2:

Place the ponytail over your bun and secure the comb that is attached to the hair extension over the back of your hair that's in a bun.

Step 3:

Use bobby pins to secure any loose spots on your ponytail.

Step 4:

Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the base of your hair for a cute addition that also helps to cover the hair weft.

Step 5:

Use a curling iron to add a few spirals to the ends of your ponytail or run a flat iron through the length of your hair to keep it straight and shiny. Tip: Make sure that you don't sleep in your ponytail. Sleeping with your hair pulled tightly will cause tension and lead to breakage. Take your ponytail down every night to give your hair a rest while you sleep.

Friday Hairstyle – Colored Clip-Ins

It's Friday! You've made it through the pop quizzes, the presentations, and the group projects. You put in the hours at the library, aced the tests, and completed all your assignments. It's finally Friday, and you might feel like skipping over the day altogether, but it's crucial that you finish the week strong. There are multiple ways to celebrate the end of a long week, so let's start with our hair. Try adding a little color to your hairstyle with colored clip-in extensions. The good thing about wearing clip-in extensions is that you can add color to your hair without risking any permanent damage to it. PLE extensions can be custom ordered or colored at home. Adding fun hues to your hair is just a click away.

Install Clip-In Extensions:

Step 1:

Section your hair into medium-sized sections.

Step 2:

Take your PLE clip-in extensions and secure the comb directly below the part in your hair.

Step 3:

Place the clip-in extensions in the areas where you want your highlights to show.

Step 4:

Brush your natural hair over your extensions so that the wefts are not showing. Tip: To better blend clip-in extensions around your face, install them at an angle so that the end of the weft is pointing at a downward angle toward your face. It's essential that you remember to take your clip in extensions down at night as you don't want to add any tension to your hair as you sleep at night. After you've removed your extensions, make sure that you thoroughly wash them to keep from any product build-up from interfering with the quality of the hair. With clip-in extensions, you can change up your look and head into the weekend for some relaxation before another week of studying.

Stylin' All Week Long

As the new semester approaches, your possibilities are endless. The new academic year gives you nine months to achieve new goals and soar to new heights. While the school year will bring new challenges ahead, you'll also make some memories to carry with you throughout the years. Don't leave your hair goals and sense of style behind in the summer. Make sure that you're following PLE on Instagram @privatelabelextensions for the hair inspiration you need throughout the year. Leave a comment and share what hairstyles you will be wearing for the new school year.
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Dry Shampoos BFF: Best Dry Conditioners For 
Your Hair Extensions

Dry Shampoos BFF: Best Dry Conditioners For 
Your Hair Extensions

Let’s Get Into Dry Conditioners!

It makes me excited to see that the hair industry has progressed so much within the past decade. Everything that you can imagine has been created to cater to all your hair needs. One of the most excellent tools I’ve come across is dry shampoo. At the time, I had no idea that dry conditioners existed! When I was rocking a heat style with my natural hair, I found that dry shampoo saved me from the often unnecessary work of wash day. Dry shampoo has been a great product to use when you need a quick cleaning without the weight of water. It’s so amazing for people that don’t have the time to wash their hair entirely after noticing that oil has made the strands look heavy. When I wore my natural hair out, I used dry shampoo all the time. However, what I didn’t know was dry shampoo can be drying. This is especially true when you don’t use conditioner right after. Luckily for us, manufacturers in the hair industry have created the fantastic product that we know as dry conditioner. Dry conditioner is the BFF of dry shampoo, and it works amazingly! Let’s talk about what dry conditioner is and how to use it! I’ll also let you know my favorite ones and why!

What Is This Amazing Product?

Dry conditioners have been around for years. However, even though they have been around for years, dry conditioners have been becoming increasingly popular in the beauty world. Dry conditioners come in the same packaging as dry shampoos, but there is a vast difference between the two. These conditions are designed to be quick conditioning treatments without making hair messy or greasy. In the past, dry conditioners were powdery like dry shampoos, but over the years they’ve been changed to have natural oils, silicones, and other conditioning materials. The great thing about dry conditioners is that they don’t have to be used with dry shampoo to be effective. If you’re suffering from tangled, frizzy or brittle hair extensions, a good product like this will be able to help you out. Also, if you just got a blowout and didn’t want to wash it out right away, you can use a dry conditioner to extend the life of your blowout. These conditioners also prevent breakage. Many times, I’ve used a dry conditioner before using a straightener on my hair, and it has worked like a charm!

How To Use Dry Conditioner?

Shampoo of any kind will dry out hair. Even if you use dry shampoo, you risk having your hair dried out. A dry conditioner will help bring moisture back to your hair extensions without leaving your hair greasy. The instructions to use a dry conditioner are pretty straightforward. When applying, focus on the roots. Spray your product from the roots down to the ends and then lay it down with a brush or comb. If you have curly hair, or hair that can’t be brushed down without damage, you should use your fingers to smooth the product into your hair. Most times, the product won’t be visible, but it’s essential for your hair to absorb it as much as possible. You can add slight heat from a blow dryer to help distribute the product and enhance texture.

Who Should Use Dry Conditioners?

Anyone can use dry conditioner, but it’s best for someone that gets their hair blown out often or uses straight hair extensions. This kind of conditioner is also great for people with curly and kinky hair extensions. Dry products are also best for those that want to refresh their ends, especially those with medium to thick hair. Overall, it doesn’t matter what hair type you have; you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of dry conditioners, especially if you find the right one for you.

Try Out These Conditioners

The conditions I plan to share with you cater to different hair extension types. It’s essential that you know what kind of dry conditioner provides to your hair because not all products are created the same. The hair types that I want to focus on are curly or kinky hair, heat styled extensions, and dry extensions. The product mentioned for dry hair will be especially important since it can give you a temporary fix for a pesky problem! Let’s get into these products!

Pantene Aqua Weightless Conditioning Shake

This product is super light and puts hair under control. It’s not greasy or oily, and it helps your hair look entirely natural. It untangles wet hair without breaking it, and it serves as a heat protectant as well. Your hair will be left feeling fresh and clean!

Serge Normant Meta Revive Conditioner

This product is one of “Allure” beauty winners! According to many customer reviews, this dry conditioner is on the best out there. It has a blend of soothing ingredients that restore softness and shine to hair. It’s great for anyone suffering from dry hair, frizzy hair or split ends. Try this one out today!

It’s A 10 Miracle Two In One

This particular product is dry shampoo and conditioner in one. It uses keratin and other nourishing ingredients to clean your hair while simultaneously moisturizing it. It absorbs oil from the scalp while conditioning the hair shaft to add body and shine. Expect your hair to look amazing after a quick use of this fantastic product!

Things To Remember About Dry Conditioners!

These products have been around for years, but they’ve made a comeback! Dry conditioners can work on curly and kinky hair, but it’s best when used on hair with heat. Dry shampoo and dry conditioners can be used together or separately without issue. Shampoos are best for cleaning a dirty scalp, and dry conditioners are best for moisturizing dry strands. You won’t suffer from using this kind of product long term, but it should be known that dry conditioners should not replace regular conditioners. These products are not meant to moisturize your hair entirely but give you a quick way to bring nourishment without the hassle. A deep conditioner is still the best way to add longterm moisture to your hair. Before using any new product, you should always check for allergies. Do an allergy test. If nothing comes up, then you should be fine. Enjoy using one of these fantastic deep conditioners!
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Try The Bobby Pin Hair Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

Try The Bobby Pin Hair Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

Hair Trends Can Stem from Anywhere, Including the Bobby Pin

Who would have thought that a useful tool used for clipping and pinning away hair would serve as a bold fashion statement? Or maybe you are like most of us, tired of the same hairstyle and you want to do something different that allows you to tip outside of your comfort zone a smidge. Even though we cannot keep up with them after buying a pack of 100 the bobby pin hair trend also known as the “exposed bobby pin” is one of those popular styles that comes along where everyone can wear it. The bobby pin trend is one of those things that make you reach for your phone, hit Pinterest to see precisely what it is and then make you head for your local beauty supply store to start recreating the looks. But what exactly is this trend? The answer for that is so vast, but in a few words, it is when you use bobby pins to creatively pin your hair up and out of the way to display your work of art. Typically when using a bobby pin, your primary goal is to hide the pins so that no one can see them.

Leave It to Millennials in 2018 to Debunk That Thought!

We have seen this trend start earlier in 2017 and eventually watched it gain traction in 2018. It has spread from your favorite blogs to fashion magazines to editorial spreads and runways around the world. There are so many different ways to rock the bobby pin hair trend you just have to find a creative style that works for the look you are going for that day.

Why Do We Love This So Much?

To say that we love this trend is an understatement. The convenience and simplicity of this trend make it not only something we love but will turn those of us who do not consider ourselves creative to feel like a celebrity hairstylist. The use of colors, sizes and in some cases textures makes a fantastic outlet for creativity to spark and fly free. If you add in the fact that your hair is your canvas you have a win-win situation on your hands. Another fantastic point to make about using bobby pins as a hair accessory is that it is not too complicated of a look nor is it another “boring” hair accessory.
It is probably safe to say that many of our celeb favs have made this look a popular one that is highly sought out after on Pinterest. From super curly hair to amazingly sleek hair, we have to admit sometimes we want the look and it is okay to accept that! When hairstyles are on trend, it is hard to look away from them as they become more and more prominent on social networks. But to be honest, we are okay with that because of the more inspiration, the better! What is somewhat comical about this trend is that we have spent years, countless hours and trips to the bathroom to hide bobby pins deep inside of our tresses. From buns to ponytails and even braids we take the most vigorous attempt to make sure that no one can see how we got our hair to be so laid.

It's So Funny How Times Keep Changing!

Many times when you are looking to spice up your hair and start the search for some fun hair pieces, the options fall in between an 8-year-old girl and senior prom glitz. While those options are not necessarily bad, many of us would instead opt out of those looks and go for something more on trend and easy to personalize. Seriously, imagine yourself being able to tailor your hair accessories with a slayed Friday night look! You can stack them to create a row of metallic glam, or you can strategically place them for a more tied together look. If you are trying out the summer hair trend of the pom-pom ponytail, the bobby pins will compliment a low pom-pom ponytail beautifully if they stack to the side of your hair. No matter how you do it, do it in a way that you love because it’s your hair.

Where do I Find the Bobby Pins?

You can find your bobby pins at your local beauty supply store, department store or online but if you can not see what it is that you are looking for, turn it into a DIY project. The first step in creating your custom bobby pins is to buy the pins girl! Bobby pins at your local drug store can be as inexpensive as 99 cents for a pack of 50. Once you have purchased your pins, head to the craft aisle to buy glitter, metallic spray paint, spray glue and other craft pieces like mini pom-poms or flowers that you find appealing. Do not forget to purchase some throwaway gloves and a face mask (or you can use a T-shirt) to protect your face when applying spray products. You do not want to inhale any of this product so make sure that you take the proper precautions.

The Metallic Bobby Pin

Get your shine one with this cute and fast DIY to stay in on the bobby pin trend. You will not skip a beat with this high fashion look that will run you under $5 and comes with multiple uses. All you will need is a can of metallic spray paint, some old newspaper, a little time and of course booby pins. Let’s take a look at the steps below to accomplish the look:

Step #1

Take some old newspaper and spread it in a well-ventilated space

Step #2

Scatter a few bobby pins out on the newspaper

Step #3

Take the metallic spray paint and shake it well and proceed with spraying your bobby pins

Step #4

Turn over bobby pins over on the newspaper to cover unsprayed sides

Step #5

Let dry in a dry place for a few hours or overnight Using metallic spray paint is one of the easiest and more custom ways to achieve the look without feeling like you have to break the bank. At retail price metallic bobby pins can cost you about $8 or more and you probably will get less than 10 in the pack. Get more bang for your buck and do this yourself! Not only is it personable, but it can be a quick and fun project to get you thinking about what hairstyles you can rock with them. Try it out!

The Glitter Bobby Pin

The steps for the glitter bobby pin are very similar to the metallic bobby pin, except instead of metallic spray paint you will use spray adhesive and craft glitter. When taking your time to create this look experiment with different colors and sizes of glitter, because you know the more glitter, the better!

Step #1

Layout that old newspaper and once again spread it in a well-ventilated area

Step #2

Lay your bobby pins out on the newspaper

Step #3

Take your spray adhesive, shake the can well and begin to spray the bobby pins

Step #4

This will require you to move fast to ensure that the glue does not dry! Take your glitter of choice and pour a generous amount on the pins

Step #5

Gather the newspaper and bobby pins and shake to ensure that the pins have a coat on every side.

Step #6

Take your bobby pin creation and let dry overnight in a dry place There are so many ways to customize your bobby pins, especially for the spring and summer! You can customize your bobby pins by adding flowers or even miniature craft pom-poms for a dimensional pop of color! No matter what you try, make sure that you slay it to your best abilities! We love the bobby pins below. You can find them here!

Let your Hair Do The Talking

So now that we have an idea of what the bobby pin hair trend is let continue to create a visual image to get your creativity flowing. I know that initially when hearing it, your mind comes up with so many different ways that this look can achieve a style and to be honest, your mind is right. There is no one way to do it, but if you do not know where to start, the side of your head is a great place. The most significant tip to remember with this style is that depending on how you style your bobby pins, less is always more. You do not have to go over the top with this look. You only have to do minimal work to get it to look more complicated than it was. I guess we can call the bobby pin hair trend an art of finesse. No matter the length or texture of your hair, you can accomplish and rock this trend to the end! Below are a few tools to get you into the groove of this look:
  • Buy metallic bobby pins, especially if you have dark hair.
  • A little bit of gel goes a long way
  • A semi-hard brush can help smooth the perimeter of hair where the pins go.

Bobby Pins

It is about time that we give bobby pins the limelight they deserve because after all, they have our backs and hair when the hairspray and hair gel is not enough. To execute a simple style try cross hatching or making an “X” on the side of your hair. This style is especially cute if you have a deep side part with free-flowing curly or kinky hair. Bundles that makes this style pop would be our Brazilian kinky straight that has been flexi rodded or a fresh install of our Brazilian Spanish wave. But what if bouncy hair is not your tea? The crosshatch works flawlessly on an installation of straight extensions too. If you just so happen to have a middle part cross-hatching on both sides of your head makes you look runway sleek and ready to take on the day or night! The effortless style is a look that works for business meeting and meetings with the girls.

Crisscross, You Have The Sauce

The sauce, the juice or whatever you like, you have it by trying out this next bobby pin style. If you put it on the side of your head or near the back, you are sure to catch a few looks and compliments. The criss-cross bobby pin is a step up from the crosshatch. Instead of using two pins to make the “X,” you will take several (let’s say about 6) and get crafty. We love this one because you can vary the style in more ways than one. You can make the style have two bobby pins crossing over one or two pins passing over three. Whatever you choose, the most significant thing to remember is that each set of pins should be parallel to their corresponding group. What does that mean? It means that the first set of pins should be lined up in one direction and that the pins intersecting it should be facing another. To take this criss-cross style to the next level, try alternating between two colors. The color alternation gives not only dimension but a colorful flair to your look. Consider the fact that it is spring, try going for yellows, pinks, oranges, and corals. The use of colors will help this look pop.

The Stacked Look

While this seems a little next level, it is not that hard. The stacked look for the bobby pin trend is not only edgy but can be an easy way to dress up your outfit when necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry just cannot cut it. Throwing it back to our metallic bobby pins, this is the most opportune time to use those. The stacking of bobby pins seamlessly creates an accessory piece that looks like it cost you hundreds when in reality it only cost you around $4 or $5 total. Do you not know what I’m referring to yet? Maybe you have seen celebrities like Jeannie Mai or Rihanna flaunt the look on the red carpet or in a selfie or two. The use of the bobby pins creates a way for you to position them strategically or to generate a direction or shape of your own. Fun right? If you are going for this look, it can also be a fun twist to try platinum blonde or rose gold hair. Yes, platinum and rose gold. Those colors are not only fun but will undoubtedly set off those bobby pins to be the actual accessory that they are.

For Curly Girls

If you are like me and you wear your hair natural, then sometimes getting styles that are on trend can be a little difficult. In much of the modern media, we do not see curly hair represented in ways that are not only functional but stylish. However, there are ways to get the slay. When you have natural hair, your hair is clearly thicker than flat ironed hair, but that does not mean that you cannot achieve the look. Take your bomb braid out, for example, dress it up by doing a pineapple puff and taking your glitter bobby pins and stacking them in the back leading up to your puff. Have fun with this and try geometric shapes like triangles to create some dimension. Even if you are not someone who likes the pineapple puff, this look can work for fohawks and afros. For the frohawk, place the pins on either side of your head and create the pattern that best fits the look. If you are more in the afro lane, try smoothing down a piece of your hair in the front and securing it with your bobby pins. Trying this trend in different variations is ultimately what makes it trendy, so don’t be afraid to go there when getting it just right.

Elongated Bobby Pins for The Win

Let’s not forget that bobby pins come in all types of shapes and sizes. The sometimes unsought elongated bobby pins are just as trendy as the generic sized ones and honestly, can be more of an accessory. If you like minimalism or the thought of doing less work, then this is for you, and while they also do not come in an array of colors, they do come in brown, silver and gold and are at your local drug store or supercenter. Using these specific bobby pins not only saves you time but can also protect your hair when you do not feel like using more than 3. A perfect example of how you can use these are for evening wear events or events that require you to be semi-formal. I do not know what it is about these pins, but they give more of a chic look that takes you to the next level. In updo’s specifically, you can use them to hold your curls in place while also looking to add that extra flair! Even if you are not going to a formal event, these work for your everyday or going out looks too. Try stacking three of the bobby pins on the side of your head spread apart with a low ponytail or a low bun, finish your hair off with laying your edges and you’re now ready to head out!

This Look is Here to Stay

It is safe to say that the bobby pin trend will see a lifespan past 2018 and that is exciting because the innovation behind this is jaw-dropping. Seriously everyone from little girls to very mature women is rocking this style, and if that isn’t girl power, then I don’t know what is. You also know that a trend is here to stay when celebrities begin to cosign the inexpensive look by rocking the look on the red carpet and national television. Can we say, yes to finally getting the celebrity dupe? So now that you have your materials how will you make this look work for you? Will you stack them? Cross them? Create geometric shapes? Or will you get super creative and surprise us? No matter what you decide to do, do it because you like the way that it suits you. There is no wrong way to do this look unless you forget your confidence! Take part in the fun of this trend knowing that it is all-inclusive and that it will not go anywhere for a very long time.
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Pom-Pom Ponytail Trend: The Perfect Style for Summer Days

Pom-Pom Ponytail Trend: The Perfect Style for Summer Days

Let's Talk About this Popping Pom Pom Ponytail for the Summer

We all love a convenient ponytail, right? What if this pony offered more than convenience, but some major style points and a few simple tools? It would be a winner and a hit when you step out into the streets! The pom-pom ponytail trend may even give you some slight nostalgia as it is a very 1990’s hairstyle with a 2000’s twist. If you are like a lot of us girls and style and convenience is for you, get into the pom-pom ponytail trend! This hairstyle is perfect for those summer days where you want to add a little extra something without doing too much. There are so many ways to recreate your version of the pom-pom ponytail trend, and it works for various hair types. Even if you do not have the length, that is where the use of hair extensions comes to the rescue. Are you going to try it this summer?
Photo Credit Professional Hair Dresser

The Pom Pom Pony, What Is That, Sis?

If you are a little confused, I am here to help you! The pom-pom ponytail is when you take different sections of your current ponytail and bind each portion with a hair tie of your choice. Starting from the base of your hair and traveling down about 2 inches (depending on the length of your hair) until you reach the end. You then go back to each section and gently fluff them out to get that “pom pom” effect. But before you go in to do this, you are going to need some simple tools! Check them out below: So why do you need all of this, to get a super slayed look of course! This style for the summer is not only a breeze to do but is perfect for every occasion this summer from brunch with the girls to that vacation that you have been craving. In so many words, this style works everywhere your summer is destined to take you. When creating this style, the most prominent tool of all is to use your creativity. It is one thing to emulate a popular trend, but it is another thing to remix it and make it your own entirely. Try adding fun accessories like hair jewelry, copper wire, ribbon and even ombre hair. There are no limitations when it comes to this summer style. You may also inspire someone to try it and make it their own too.
Photo Credit

Pigtails Pom Pom

I know you are probably like, pigtails? But listen to me for a second because this is not your second grade picture day hairstyle. Do you remember Beyonce in her lemonade phase? Specifically in the video for “Sorry” she went through a plethora of hair trends, but the one that caught our eyes the most was her pom-pom ponytails. Is it possible that two years later, her visuals are still influencing many of our style decisions? Yes, it is entirely possible because we are recreating them today. Even though Queen Bey is not the first to give us this look she is one of the first to style it in a way that is appealing to us who love to experiment without hair. Creating the pom-pom pigtails is a style that does not require much risk but is a way to switch up your everyday puff or braided look.

So How Do You Get This Style?

Step #1

First you start by splitting your hair into two sections starting from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

Step #2

Next you take your edge control or gel of choice that has maximum hold and spread it evenly from your edges to the base of your pigtails all around your head.

Step #3

After that you will take your brush and smooth out the product in your hair, this would also be the time to “lay” your edges girls!

Step #4

Once you have brushed your hair to perfection, you will secure your pigtails with a hair tie either near the crown of your head or lower down, either is okay because it is a preference.

Step #5

After you have positioned your pigtails, you will then secure each section of your pigtail with a hair-safe rubber band that is secured tight but not too tight because you do not want to break off your hair.

Step #6

When you have created the sections on each pigtail, fluff them out for the “pom pom” look! At the last stage, you are free to continue your creativity. Add hair jewels for shine or add copper wire to the base of each section that you created for your pom poms. There is not a right or wrong way to do this, remember, creativity is essential!

Straight hair Pom Pom Pony

So for all of our traditional girls, this one's for you. If you are a lover of the sleek ponytail, maybe you should give this look a go. Trade in your bone straight pony for the pom poms trend. By using the same steps from our pigtail pom-pom instructions you achieve the same look but in half the time. However, even though the steps are similar, there are a few modifications that need to happen during execution.

Step #1

Place your ponytail Placing your ponytail is entirely up to you, but this could be at the crown of your head giving us "Coming To America" vibes, or it can be a low pony showing us a more smooth side. The choice is up to you.

Step #2

Let's get that hair sleek! Take your gel, edge control of choice and that upper arm strength and get to work. Be careful not to pull your hair too tight to relieve the chance of tension headaches but brush it to where you get a clean finish.
Photo Credit Pinterest

Step #3

If you want more length, add it to your hair! Adding that extra "umph" is the step where you will take your natural hair, braid it into a tight bun and pin it securely. When you have done that, add your favorite Private Label bundles and wrap the weft of the hair neatly around the base of the bun. At this stage, your extensions conceal your bun, and you don’t have to worry if there is a bump at the base because that will help you for your pom-pom look.

Step #4

Take your fine tooth comb and gently comb out the ponytail to ensure that all tangles are gone.

Step #5

Take your hair safe rubber bands and begin to create your pom poms. Depending on how long your extensions are you want to go about 2 inches apart from the last rubber band. Make sure that your rubber bands are tight enough so that when you begin fluffing, you get some fantastic results.

Step #6

Fluff out each section of the pom-pom look, which is probably the best part because you can make them as big or as small as you would like. Now that you have your pom poms all set using a light hairspray to keep those edges in place, you might want to consider using a satin scarf for extra reinforcement! Effortlessly slaying is not always so effortless, but the results are worth the minor hassle. When you remove your satin scarf, follow up with some hairspray and head out! Whether your pony is long or short, you are sure to turn heads at all of the day parties that we are sure you will be attending.
Photo Credit The Cool Hour

Add Some Color to Your Pom-Pom

Another fantastic way to add some personality to your pom-pom ponytail is to play around with some color. The use of color not only adds depth and dimension to your selfies but can complement your style and look depending on the mood that you are in or even what outfit you decide to wear. The best part is that this color cannot damage your real hair if used correctly. Try to go for extensions that come colored fully or with streaks or ombre. If you still have trouble getting that beautiful color down, go for the hairspray. Yes, that is hairspray in a can. Sometimes it can be challenging to find that right shade of red, pink, purple or green. Or maybe, you want all of the colors, and that hair does not exist the way that you would like it. Personalizing your pom-pom ponytail with spray hair dye not only gives you that real pop of color but is relatively easy to rinse out when you are ready to switch it up again. How will you be customizing your pom-pom ponytail this summer?
Photo Credit The Cool Hour

The Pom-Pom Ponytail on Blown Out Hair

There are so many styles to do on blown out hair beyond our coveted puff balls and fros. The pom-pom ponytail is for everybody with every hair texture. Similar to the way we formed our pom-pom ponytails on sleek straight hair, you will follow the same process. If you are using extensions, the best hair to go for in kanekalon braiding or Marley hair. Braiding hair is best for blown-out natural textures for apparent reasons, it matches almost flawlessly! The best part about it is that braiding hair comes in a vast variety of colors at your local beauty supply store or online from hair suppliers for a very inexpensive price. It is also a plus that you may only need one package of the hair depending on how full and voluminous you want your pom-pom ponytail to be. To add even more flair to your hairstyle, you should try doing a few flat twists or cornrows in the front of your head leading up to the pom-pom ponytail. Adding that extra texture gives you more room to add hair accessories or a unique braided pattern. It is also a plus because you will be using a lot less product to lay your hair down. If you are feeling that is still not enough, let's try something different with your blown out tresses.

Bantu Knots, Top Knot or Space Buns, Take Your Pick!

For this added twist, you will have your bun style of choice at the front of your head and your pom-pom ponytail in the back. Trust me, it is not as complicated as it sounds, but it does require a little more time to execute.

Step #1

Split your blown out hair from ear to ear, so that you have a top section and a back section.

Step #2

We will be working with the top section first! Clip your back section out of the way and begin to sleek your hair in the front. If you are in a rush, let’s go for the top knot bun.

Step #3

Create your top knot bun so that it is sitting at the crown of your head. Ensure that you are securing with a hair-safe hair tie and that all loose hairs are intact with bobby pins. Sleek your edges down, and the first step is complete!

Step #4

Take your edge control and gel of choice and begin to repeat steps 1 through 3. After your ponytail is secure take your hair safe rubber bands and begin the process to create your pom-pom ponytail. That wasn’t so bad girls! It will have you standing out this summer at the pool, at a party or on date night.

Be your Cheerleader When You Try The Pom-Pom Ponytail

We do not always feel 100 percent confident when trying a new style if anything we get a little anxious waiting for the result. However, the pom-pom ponytail is the perfect summer style for many reasons:
  • Reason 1: Anyone can rock this

No matter how old or how young you are, this look is a beautiful trend that everyone should try at least once. If you are the creative type, adorn your hair in accessories, jewelry, and color to give it a little bit of character and uniqueness.
  • Reason 2: History always repeats itself

The first time I saw this hair trend, I thought that someone put me back into the late 1990s. We live in an age where old trends become new again when you style them in a way that suits you best.
Photo Credit The Cool Hour
  • Reason 3: There is no wrong way to execute the pom-pom ponytail

Even if you think that you are doing it wrong, you aren’t! As long as you have your brush, edge control, hair ties, and personality, no one can tell you different. Find your swag when executing it and you can never go wrong.
  • Reason 4: It is a super fun look for everyone

Whether your hair is blown out or silky straight, this is one of the cutest looks for every hair type. Any person looking to switch up their style can try their hand at altering the look for themselves as the key once again is adding your personality! When you step out into the summer air, people will, of course, notice your hair, but they will see the individuality that you put into your entire look first. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Are you convinced yet? We hope so because the pom-pom ponytail is the perfect summer style and it is here to stay. Even if you do not know how to create your perfect “pom-pom ponytail formula” there are so many YouTube tutorials that will not only tell you how but make sure that you are doing what is best for your hair type.
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Try the Pom-Pom ponytail This Summer Yourself

There are tutorials for curly girls, short hair girls, bone straight hair girls and everyone in-between! Or maybe you are wondering how I can wear this as an everyday style. Your style might be sleeker so, a low pom-pom ponytail is a perfect look for you, or perhaps it is festival and concert season, and you want a style that will last through those 5-hour sets and selfies. You never know until you try! Stepping outside of the box when it comes to hair is not only a life-changing moment but ignites the individuality in all of us and starting with the pom-pom ponytail trend to compliment your summer style is a great place to start. It is fun, eclectic, easy to execute and makes for the best photo ops when you are ready to slay. So in short, don’t sleep on this style or miss the train for this trend.
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Why Everybody is Loving Pink Hair and You Should Too!

Why Everybody is Loving Pink Hair and You Should Too!

Pink is For You, You and You

It’s not just on Wednesdays that everyone wears pink. People also have pink hair. The vibrant color has become a trend and more, a lifestyle for those who are wanting to be more exciting with their hair choices. The hair color isn’t just exclusive to young people either; everyone is doing it: Your favorite celebrities, soccer moms, even grandmothers who plan to be forever young. Women all over are making a statement with their hair and the color pink is amplifying their voices without having to say a word. Whether it’s to try something different or merely to follow the new trends, pink hair is loved, and pink hair is an experience that everyone should embark on at least once in their lifetime.

Your faves are wearing it

Let’s be honest, how many times have you checked your Instagram feed and seen your favorite celebrity rocking pink hair? More times than not. Celebrities and influencers are known for embracing the pink hair lifestyle. There are no corporate restrictions on how they can express themselves and most times, they look amazing. You love pink hair because your favorite singer, rapper, or celebrity stylist has pink hair, and if they look good with the hair color, then you know you can pull it off too. Celebrities make pink hair look fun, and they make you want to dye your hair pink because you can tell that they genuinely love the hair color. It’s fun, and it’s a trend of its own time after time.

Make a Statement Without Saying A Word

Maybe it’s the rebellious association that has people ready to color their hair pink or it’s the spontaneity that inspires people to try the color in the hair at least once. For some, at a young age, it starts with a few pink streaks here and there throughout your hair; When you get older, you’re able to lose control and have a full head of pink hair. It’s exciting, and it’s a bold statement, having pink hair shows that you don’t care what people have to say or think about your decisions, you’re confident, and you do what you want when you want. People began to gravitate towards pink hair and love it because it’s more than a color, it’s an experience. You can dye your hair bubblegum pink and make a statement of being cute and soft. Or, you can dye your hair hot pink and make a statement of being rebellious and fun, the options are endless, and it’s a color that everyone will love no matter the shade.

Pink hair Plays Jedi Mind tricks

The color pink is the “the color of passion.” People find it easier to approach you because the color sends out softer and younger features versus your typical dark hair. The color pink can give others the feeling of calmness and safety and is less aggressive than a heavy color like red. With so many crazy happenings in the world and even in your personal life, the color pink will always bring a feeling of youthfulness and innocence. Maybe people have wanted to approach you before, but your black or brown hair gives off, “I’m too serious and don’t want to be bothered at all,” it’s the complete opposite with pink hair. People automatically love you; they want to know more about you, it’s almost like you’ve become a mystique character and people have to get to know who the person is behind the pink hair. You exude “cotton candy and hugs and kisses,” and people can’t get enough of it, they don’t know what has come over them, they know they want more.

Stand Out

Having pink hair also helps you to express individuality. Seriously, everyone remembers the girl with the pink hair, whether it’s a faint pink or a deep shade of pink, no one can forget it. Even with multiple people having pink hair, the diversity of the color will never have you looking the same as the next person with a pop of pink added to their hair. Even if you’re not seeking attention, people won’t be able to look away from your hair, and they may want the details on how to achieve such a pretty, vibrant color. Dark colors can seem so dreary and make you easily forgettable, but once you go’re introducing people around you to a whole new world. Whether you’re spicing your hair up to break away from the annoying stereotype of corporate or you’re a soccer mom of 3 who is looking for a new adventure, no one will ever forget your pink tresses.

Be Sexy, Fun, and Feminine in a Different Way

Dying hair pink have is life-changing. Most people never go back to the typical blonde or black colored hair. Pink is soft, it’s cute, and it’s girly .. even if that’s not your overall style, it can help bring that out of you. The beauty of hair is that we never change it to impress others, it’s sometimes because we need a change within ourselves and it will give you a softer, more feminine change.

Get Ready to Switch It Up

Color your hair pink or grab some extensions and experiment with the color, everyone loves the hair color, and it brings a pop of life and excitement to you and everyone that encounters you. Pink hair has been around since the 1990’s (and probably before then) and won’t be going out of style anytime soon and will continue to serve as a top choice for anyone that’s looking for an exciting change.
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New Hair Trend Alert: Gem Roots (And How To Get Them)

New Hair Trend Alert: Gem Roots (And How To Get Them)

Are You Looking for Hidden Treasure? Check Out These Gem Roots Hair Trend

Sound the alarm PLE babes we have a new hair trend that we have been dying to talk about, and let you all in on. It's 2018, and the latest hairstyles that people are discovering keeps getting better and better. This spring season Gem Roots should be taking over the game. This style is one step up from an Ombre or high lights; it is a combination of two interesting things, healing crystals, and hair dye. This rocking trend first caught our eyes on Allure, the person to thank for this look is no other than Chita Beseau's who is a Las Vegas hairstylist who shared this style with us on her Instagram page. Along with Beseau's post came tons of positive feedback and comments she shares her techniques and how anyone of us can pull off this look very soon. In this post, we'll take you on a wild ride on how this hair trend came to be, which celebs have been seen wearing it, and how to ultimately slay this gem roots look. Spring is finally here, and we want you stepping out the house looking flawless and sexier than ever, so without further ado, let's get into this beautiful gem root trend.

How to Get Gem Roots

This style is like that of hairstylists Steph Scissorhands; she did a signature hair coloring technique of rainbow roots. In this method, she would take every shade of red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet to create a colorful effect on the roots of the hair. You can say that Chita Beseau got great inspiration from Ms. Scissorhands herself and thus this beautiful trend came to be.
The creator of gem roots says that she wanted a crystal-inspired hairstyle. These healing crystals are becoming a big thing with millennials, and you can buy them as accessories or have them around your house to promote health, creativity, among many other things. Something as cool as this would make an excellent hairstyle don't you think? So, how do you get this look, Beseau applies to light, pastel colors around the root area of your hair, for example, lavender, mint green, and light pinks on to someone's hair that is platinum blonde color. Usually when women have their hair colored it is on the ends, or all throughout the locks. But merely focusing on just the roots gives a dramatic and eye-catching style that is perfect for springtime. Gem roots are fun to try if you do not want to go through the hassle of dying your entire head. So, remember this style is all about muted pastel tones, anything that is brighter or sharper in the shade would technically be considered a rainbow root technique, so keep that in mind if you are planning to get this hairstyle.

Healing Crystals and Colors to Choose From

So, as we mentioned Beseau previously is inspired my healing crystals so if you are having trouble finding the perfect color you should draw inspiration from these specific spiritual stones colors and meaning for a little inspiration. Here are a couple of examples.


This is a color and name of a crystal that is said to leave room for peace of mind and washes away any place for negative thoughts or feelings to occur. If these emotions equate something that you are seeking to promote in your life, we suggest giving this pastel shade a try.


Amethyst soothes the stresses that bother you. This stone is a pretty color that would look amazing on your roots for the spring season.


This crystal comes in a beautiful blush pink shade. This stone carries the energy of divine love and compassion. It helps you come to term with past pain and release any former heartache you may have. This tone would be perfect for those looking for a fresh start, and what better way to do that than by trying out this new trend.


The last amongst the many beautiful crystals and one of my favorites is the stone, Jade. This color is a pale green shade that is merely beautiful. This healing brings a great deal of luck; it opens you up to abundance and prosperity which anyone would love to have in their life. If you are feeling this gem, then we suggest you give this color a try on your roots this spring. So, as you can see, there are many different crystals that you can draw inspiration from when it comes down selecting a cute paste color for your curly tresses if you want to know more check out this website Energy Muse for all the different kind of gemstones and their many meanings.

See your Stylist

This exciting trend is best when professional stylists do them for you. The technique involves the strategic layering of pastel colors that will be kind of difficult to perform on your own. Chita Beseau paints on various amounts of each light shade for each section of the client's roots. This process ensures that you can see every pastel color no matter which way you part your hair. The whole process averages about two hours, so make sure to be patient throughout the entire process.

Would you Give These Gem Roots a Try?

As you know hair trends are continually evolving and changing, so it's best to enjoy what season you're in now and try different styles whenever you can. You'll never know when an opportunity may hit you like this one again. As for the crystals, whether you believe in their healing powers or not, you must give them credit for sparking up such interest within the past few years. You may not have noticed, but crystals are used in the highlighted makeup you use, those skin care products you live by, and of course now for hair inspiration. We hope you have fallen in love with this look and think about this style the next time you get your dark roots filled in, maybe you could try out this fabulous gem color instead. Would you give these gem roots a try? Let us know in the comments down below.
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Hair Trend on The Rise: Holographic Color Melting

Hair Trend on The Rise: Holographic Color Melting

Holographic on The Rise

Over the 2017 and still in 2018, the obsession with unicorns and holographic everything continue to rise. The holographic trend modestly started with unicorn inspired accessories and matured to holographic eyeshadow palettes, cheekbone highlighters, unicorn-inspired nails, and even full-fledged holographic unicorn outfits. Now, we are going to unpack the obsession with holographic hair. In this article, I'll be breaking down the key differences between color melting, ombre, and sombre! No more mixing up ombre and color melting: Get in the know about your hair color (and ensure you get what you want) by brushing up on your salon vocab.

What Is Color Melting?

According to L'Oreal Paris, holographic hair color "is characterized by a mixture of high-gloss multi-dimensional pastel highlights that appear to change colors before your very eyes."

How To Achieve Color Melt

Achieving holographic hair is not an easy task. In fact, the only way to get the perfect holographic unicorn hair color is by visiting a professional colorist who will be able to apply the various shades to your hair for a one-of-a-kind look. As with any light pastel colors, your hair will need to be bleached first if you have naturally dark hair. This could take multiple bleaching processes over many sessions over time. Hairstylists use a technique called color melting to create a seamless transition between each color in the hair. This creates an optical illusion that can make you believe that the colors are naturally occurring due to their blend of dark to light. Pretty cool, right?

Color Melting Vs. Ombre

Color melting is essentially a very detailed version of the ombre technique. The ombre technique is a freehand technique that creates a shaded or graduates tone with typically darker hair at the top and lighter hair towards the bottom. When color melting, a stylist will typically use 3 or more colors, and it doesn't necessarily have to go only from dark to light.

Color Melting vs. Sombre

Sombre simply means soft ombre! It is a fairly new term to describe an ombre highlight that appears to be more subtle and soft compared to a traditional ombre. Sombre combines the best of balayage and ombre, most subtly and beautifully!

Why You Should Color Melt

There are many benefits to color melting. If you are interested in the holographic hair color trends, then color melting is the only way to go! When using multiple colors, it is imperative that they all blend seamlessly to create a natural look. Even if you aren't interested in having eight different colors in your hair, you may still want to consider Color Melting to achieve the most beautiful, seamless, natural ombre highlights ever! If you are looking for an easy, cheap DIY project, color melting is NOT for you! Please consult a professional colorist to create this look for you.

Why You Should Ombre

An ombre color is great for those who want a low-maintenance hair color that doesn't require frequent touch-ups. If you're in college, this color is for you! You can stretch an ombre touch up for up to six months, and it will still look amazing! Ombre color is also great if you'd like your hair to transition from a natural dark brown to a light blonde color, or from one fashion color to another. Ombre colors are easy to maintain and touch up.

Why You Should Sombre

Sombré color is great for those who enjoy a soft and subtle look but are tired of the traditional look foils have. Sombré color is also easy to grow out and maintain.

How To Maintain Color Melting

Color melting can be easy or extremely tricky to maintain depending on the original color you get. If you have a subtle and natural color melt loo, you may be in for easy, quick, and inexpensive trips to the salon every 6-8 weeks to get a simple root touch up and a toner. If you decide to go the holographic color route, you will experience a more expensive and time-consuming visit, simply because your stylist has to bleach your roots, then carefully apply multiple colors to your new growth and blend seamlessly into the color colors down the mid-shaft.
At home, be sure to stay on top of your deep conditioning treatments! I cannot stress this enough! All-over bleach and color can be a strain on your tresses! Show them some love by taking home the suggested home care products from your salon, coming in for trims as needed, and invest in protein treatments! Always use a color-safe shampoo to keep your color look vibrant for longer! Ask your colorist what color line she used, and what color-safe shampoo he/she recommends that will work perfectly with your unique color.

How To Maintain Ombre Color

Maintaining ombre is a walk in the park. Just pick up the recommended color-safe shampoo and conditioner for your color and use it every time you shampoo. Deep condition at home as needed and keep up with your trims! Pay close attention to the health of your ends with ombre, as they are older and have experienced the most change during the color process.

How To Maintain Sombre Color

To maintain a somber color, visit your colorist every 6-8 weeks or as needed to refresh the color. Although this color is soft and natural, it is closer to the roots making regrowth appear more obvious. Of course, keep up with at-home deep conditioning and in-salon protein treatments to maintain healthy moisture and strength in the hair. Use the recommended color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your color vibrant and sexy for longer.

Let's Color Melt!

What hair color trend are you looking to try this spring? Are you jumping on the holographic unicorn hair trend and staying modest with a sombé color? We always love hearing from our readers, so comment down below and let us know what you think!
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