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Top 10 Haircuts Made For Curly Hair

Top 10 Haircuts Made For Curly Hair

Curly Hair is a Blessing!

Anyone who is ready and willing to rock their curls that are similar to a lion’s mane gets all of my respect.

We know that maintaining curly hair is daunting and time-consuming, to say the least. Whenever you get in the shower, you have to decide whether or not you want to wash your hair and raise your water bill or live to fight the grease ball on top of your head another day.

It's when your curls are in their most perfectly formed ringlets that you can appreciate the gift that they are. But on top of that, once you have the right haircut hair is not only manageable but unstoppable! An ideal haircut for your curly hair is one that allows your curls to fall in a way that shapes your face naturally and gives your curls bounce. It also lessens the time you have to spend in the mirror styling your curly hair.

Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite curly cuts.


1. The Mid-length Shag

The cool thing about this haircut is that you can have some length, so your curls have a little bit of weight to them.

The shape your curly hair takes with this cut can be very versatile. Additionally, you can add layers throughout the cut making shorter pieces in the front to frame your face. The layers will help you to be able to define your curls, and it doesn't look like one big bush.

All you have to worry about is fighting frizz which you can do with your favorite silkening products to retain curl definition.

2. The Bob

Now if you were to go from that shag cut and take just 3 inches off you would be the owner of a new bob haircut! With curly hair, you can get more volume and bounce to your curls once you go shorter because the layers are lightweight and enable the coils to spring more.


3. The Layered Bob

If you like the idea of a bob, but you want it a little bit longer, the layered bob is for you.

This look is not as long as a shag cut, but the layered bob still gives you great shape to your curls. It also helps you to grow your hair out if you ever want to transition back into one length when you finally are ready to go to a lob style or longer.

4. Triangular Lob

After salt and pepper did the "Push it" video I think a lot of us (and our parents), felt that the triangular bob was dead.

Before 2008, you could attribute an asymmetrical look to 80s style and fashion. But when Rihanna came out with a sleek, symmetrical triangle bob in the "Umbrella" video, she killed the game! That video got a lot of people wondering how they could incorporate natural hair into the triangle trend, and when we figured it out, we made it worth the wait.

This geometric look is the perfect mix of retro and modern. When you choose a side part, you can wear this look almost every day. However, the middle part tends to make the cut look a little off. Beware, it can turn your head into the point of a triangle.

However, if you consult with your stylist and ask them to do a bottom heavy blunt curly cut with a side part, you can't lose.


5. TWA

The TWA or teeny weeny afro is goals!

Not only is it the go-to look for natural girls walking high-fashion runways, but it's also a solid choice for minimum styling time. A lot of people can achieve a "wash and go" look with a teeny weeny afro because their curls don't have enough length to get frizzy. You can always do a grown out version as well.

Add a couple of inches to that teeny weeny afro and make it a short afro that will look chic and find when your curls are hydrated.

6. Medium Fro

A medium fro with equal length all the way around gives you a lot of options for styling your hair. You can structure it when you get the cut and then as your hair gets frizzy hair brush your curls out to make it even bigger to achieve maximum. You'll get volume, either way, you're winning.


7. Curly Pixie

Doing a pixie style with curly hair may seem like a lot of maintenance. It is.

You have to keep up with routine cuts to make sure that your back is shaped up, but the look is totally worth it. Your curls give it a textured look and make it a lot less painful when you want to grow it out. You can go from pixie to TWA in no time because the kinks hide a lot of the awkwardness that can come with this shape.

The curly pixie also requires a lot less styling time. All you have to do is scrunch your favorite pomade or moisturizer. Shape it with your hands until you are comfortable with where the curls are falling.

And if you want your curls to look a little grown out, you could always add in some kinky curly clip-ins to give you more length at the top.


8. Fringe Fro

Put a twist on the traditional afro and add bangs to it!

The bangs soften the cut, frames your face, and simultaneously giving you the opportunity to garner a lot of attention to your eyes. To accomplish this look, you have to get trims every 6 to 8 weeks so that the hair doesn't grow out of the specific shape of the cut.

9. Tight curls with steep layers

With this haircut, you want to make sure you get long and wispy layers. Do not settle for harsh layers or any type of blunt-cut.

You need your stylist to use the side cutting technique and make sure that the layers are softer around the face. Style your curls by using a diffuser, and you'll get a lot of volume, particularly above the shoulders.

Thanks to the cutting technique you'll still be able to keep your length at the bottom.

10. The Diamond Fro

This is an entirely different take on the shape of an afro.

With this look, you can achieve symmetry and volume. Achieve this look by cutting in around the temples and at the jawline. But stop at the neck to give your hair those four points. The diamond fro is perfect for someone who has an oval face because it'll take away from some of the harshness in the oval shape and make your head look more round.


Kinks, Coils, & Curls Oh My!

Everyone is embracing their natural texture. Fortunately, that does not look like it's changing anytime soon.

So, to keep your curls looking their best and at their healthiest state, you are going to need a cut from time to time. Experiment with how you're cutting it and how your styling your curls! Compliment your texture with any of the cuts listed above.

Which curly cut is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Best Hairstyles To Rock With Bangs

10 Best Hairstyles To Rock With Bangs
Forever timeless, bring your classic bang looks up a notch this season.

Ending With A Bang

As we approach the end of the year, it becomes a great time to try the latest protective styles.

A new season means a new you, so go for some flair and edge. No matter what features you have or how your personality is, you can find some inspiration here to achieve your hairstyle.

We can enjoy our favorite hairstyles even more by wearing them in different ways. You can transform any style with a bang to personalize your look. Experiment with various natural hairstyles to showcase the versatile beauty of curly and kinky hair types!

For many of us, hair is a big part of our identity and feeling comfortable with more hairstyles increases confidence.


Box Braided Bangs

You can never go wrong with classic box braids.

If you wear braids of the same length and style, you can make them more exciting with bangs. There are also many ways to go about it! You can simply have braids short enough in the front to create bangs or style your braids to create a bang illusion.

Many women hear of braid bangs but prefer original styles to be able to switch up their look. Who said those with braids and bangs couldn’t do more? You can wear a cute bob, slay those inches, and wear styles up or down. You never have to worry about your bangs looking a mess when they fall right into place. Add beads or clips for a unique look, and don’t forget that leather jacket!

Take your hairstyle to the next level with braided bangs. Braiding your braids for even thicker braids helps to create chic looks. You can make chunky braids by braiding the front section of your braids into about three bigger braids. From this, you can shape them anyway into your desired bang style. Pin-up bangs are the easiest since you can swoop them around the top or side of your head and spiral the ends around to tuck them in.

Secure with bobby pins and just play around until your bang placement is exactly how you want it.


Taking care of this style

To ensure lasting styles, care for your braids throughout your wear.

At night, be sure to protect your braids or twists from frizz by covering your hair with a satin scarf or pillowcase. Don’t forget your roots have to stay moisturized, so you have to do whatever it takes to tend to them as often as you can.

Whether it is spritzing with water, or using your best moisturizer between braids, make sure your hair stays hydrated. Depending on how long you keep your braids in, be sure to include a wash or two during your style. Get rid of buildup after weeks of wearing and guarantee fresh-smelling braids.

Whenever necessary, you can redo the front or the perimeter of your hair to extend your style time.

Afro (Natural) Bang

Sometimes I feel like we don’t appreciate the natural bang shaped by our afros.

Any curly or kinky-haired beauty can rock this simple style effortlessly at any length. Usually, as hair grows, it falls onto our face by nature (and gravity). It doesn’t always have to be the longer, bigger afros that include bangs. Our TWA’s can thrive from twist outs, perm rods, Bantu knots, or hair pieces.

Depending on your hair type, you can style your afro into a tapered cut or a full fro with hairs falling over your forehead. You can comb your hair out thoroughly or use methods for definition. Afro wigs or crochet hair are great for more realistic hairstyles for those with shorter hair.

Allowing your curls to flourish is one of the best things a carefree black girl can do!


Taking care of this style

There’s no way you can rock a natural afro without protecting your tresses. Even if it is a wig, you have to care for the curls!

Any coily, bouncy hair needs to be moisturized, tended to and handled gently. Besides washing hair, you have to hydrate as often as every day, according to your texture.

Tighter curls are the driest since it is more difficult for moisture to penetrate through. You need to use water-based products to help soften your hair before detangling. And when you do comb your hair, you want to do so from root to tip carefully.

Twisting or braiding your afro during the evening helps to protect it overnight from becoming flat and knotted.

Frohawk Bang

The “Frohawk” is a natural hairstyle styled as a Mohawk, just better.

Most of the time, the hair in the front falls naturally onto the forehead, just as an afro does. The styles to create your frohawk though, are endless. Many bloggers online have slayed this style, and a lot of naturalistas have grown fond of this look once their hair grew after a big chop.

Frohawks are versatile and can be styled any way according to your hair length and type. For those with medium to long hair types, you can Bobby pin or tie the hair into place. Starting with damp, moisturized hair, you can add definition. Go by twisting the hair either before or during styling.

If you have shorter hair, then you can also look into crochet methods that allow for extra volume and length. This look is all about freestyling until you find the shape and style that’s easy enough for you to do.

Even if you are a beginner, don’t be intimidated by the idea of elaborate hairstyles; there are more straightforward ways.


Taking care of this style

If your technique is as simple as Bobby pins only, you can easily remove them to have full access to your scalp to moisturize and clean it.

However, for styles that could last for days or weeks, be sure to maintain your roots daily. Using the same technique as boxed braids, try to spritz with water or moisturize in between any parts to keep the hair looking shiny and nourished.

Pineapple Bang Updo

Who else is with me when reaching pineapple length is goals?

Although the pineapple method is known for night routines, you can style this in a way to wear curly bang updos throughout the day. This is one of those hairstyles you can get with scarves or headbands for unique wear. It is effortless and lasts for days.

All you need to do is bring all your hair up towards your face and allow the curls to hang over like a bang! You can also wear the high pony and create bangs in the front with your natural hair. It is an excellent style for all hair types and lengths. The same way we can get the definition for our afros, we can use here. Never tell a woman with a TWA that she has limited her number of styles to wear!

You can wear your bangs to the side, down the middle, or right over your forehead.

Taking care of this style

This style is so wearable that you can take it right to bed or and wake up ready to go in a flash. It is also easy enough to take down to deep condition and treat as often as needed. Whenever your strands don’t feel as lively, you can disguise the frizz with different scarf styles until you get to wash day.

Short Cut/Pixie Bangs

Even if you’ve recently had to big chop, or if you prefer shorter over longer hair, then there are some options for you as well. Pixie or tapered cuts can imitate a frohawk, just by the bang. The short cut around the head leaves small curls and coils around that “bloom” in the front.

If you need to add some extensions for volume, or to use some gel or pomades to define your curls, go ahead; whatever allows you the fullness in front to hang over into the bang of your choice down your forehead. A lot of women also use the opportunity to color their hair while it’s short for bolder looks. Just make sure a professional colors your hair safely.

Tapered cuts grow out evenly into heart-like natural shape, so it’s great to wear one!


Taking care of this style

Since this hairstyle, you can go through your regular hair regimen as needed.

If you have any hair pieces available for reuse, you can keep them moisturized and clean just as your natural hair. The LOC method is simple enough for keeping up with your hairs hydration but also be mindful of the product buildup after daily uses.

Bump Bangs

I'm not even going to lie, when I was in middle school, I was rocking the bump bangs like there was no tomorrow.

They’ve fallen out of style a bit, but we can bring them back and better than ever with bumped methods that add volume. The looks created from these bangs are adaptable to any natural hairstyle which creates more diversity within protective styles.

To create your bangs, pull your front hairs back and pin them back. Most naturalistas have full, thick hair, so teasing the strands may not be necessary. But for bigger bumps, you can tease your strands and wear into any style of your choice. Popular styles include high ponytails with braids and loose curls.

It is a very sophisticated look and can transform into an everyday one.


Taking care of this style

Ponytail styles are chic, but can easily damage your tresses if not styled and appropriately maintained.

Make sure the style does not pull up too tight since it might cause tension. I’ve learned some hacks for updos by either applying a serum to your hair or saturating your ties in oils for smooth fitting. Styles you wear for special occasions should only last a few days.

You want to be stylish and also safe when it comes to your hairstyles.

Middle part Bangs

One of the most popular types of bangs, this style fits for everyone.

It can be styled to frame your face, and you can wear straight, wavy, or curly. The bangs can be as long or short as you’d like and you can style anyhow. Using your bangs to enhance your look gives a style that seems perfect for you only. No one is you, and that is your power.

Show your strength and personality with the design of your choice.


Taking care of this style

When people see you, your bangs become the door people look at before seeing you.

Split ends and damage from the climate factor into our cuts, so we want to do so carefully. Always pay attention to your ends when caring for your hair. They are the oldest and driest part.

If you're going to continue your bangs at a certain length, it is best to let a professional cut it.

Single coil/twist bangs

I love seeing women rock short to medium coil or twist styles.

A lot of people think wearing this kind of style is for children, but they haven’t seen it styled differently yet! I’ve noticed so many black girls embracing their natural hair, so we should look out for more protective styles that we can wear out.

Finger coils and twists protect hair from tangling and retains more moisture than free hair. These styles shield your natural hair and provide low maintenance to encourage strength and growth.

Finger detangling is the best way to keep from knots and shedding that you may experience from rough or little manipulation. When you become more patient with your hair, you learn more about what it needs to thrive. While taking the time to clean and style your hair, you can go for a cute, short look.

Bringing the coils towards the front can imitate a tapered cut which can help with your growing out process.

Taking care of this style

Usually, women who wear consistent twists or coils, dread their hair or prepare for optimal hair health and length.

Finding the beauty in natural hairstyles can help a lot of women and girls suffering from alopecia, excessive shedding, hair loss, or breakage. Taking the time to apply and seal moisture into your hair as of as needed will help any damage you may be suffering from.

Too much styling or manipulation can sometimes do more harm than good, so it is great to give your hair a break and look good doing it.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Another bold style to try includes asymmetrical bangs.

Blunt bobs can be more than straight, classic bangs. You can style your short hairstyle to one side and let your bang flow in the direction of the longer side. You can wear it straight or curly and showcase your fashion sense.

Messy, short bangs can also give an edge to your look if that’s what you like.


Taking care of this style

Take care of your bangs the way you would with any other type of bang hairstyle.

The only main concern would be when your hair begins to grow out, or you’re ready for something new. This look would be best styled with a wig or using hairpieces to ensure the length of your natural hair isn’t too uneven. Be very patient and sure when you style your hair, and consult a professional whenever you get a chance.

Your hair can do anything you want, just treat it with lots of love!

Colored Bangs

Maybe classic bangs are your thing, but try something new by styling your bangs with a pop of color this season. Try face-framing highlights or rocking a new color altogether. Streaks and under-colors are all styles we once loved that we can fall in love with all over again.

Taking care of this style

You can color your bangs on their own for an advanced look, but that can only be done by a professional.

If coloring your hair was the worst thing you could put your hair through, then we wouldn’t ever do it. It only becomes harmful when we use the wrong chemicals or mishandle the process. Everything in excess is never encouraged, so it all depends on how you handle it.

So if you choose to follow standard procedure, you can rock colored bangs that allow you to feel like a new you.


Best Fringe Forever (BFF)

Hopefully, I have inspired you to take a look into the many different ways you can cut and style your bang.

I also hope we will forever take into account how important it is to appreciate the styles we used to love and how we can recycle old looks. We don’t need to feel like we can never wear certain hairstyles because we won’t look good, there’s something for everyone!

Take a step out of your comfort zone this fall by looking into different ways to rock your bang hairstyles. You’ll find by adhering to your natural hair’s demands; you’ll be able to have the confidence to wear your healthy tresses naturally!

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Top 5 Haircuts For Thin Hair You Need to Try!

Top 5 Haircuts For Thin Hair You Need to Try!

Thin Hair Never Looked So Full!

Let's face it, we all may not be fortunate to be born with a thick curly mane.

But there is no need to beat yourself up about this issue. Having thin tresses could be the result of many factors, some include heredity, changes in your diet and lifestyle, or even getting older. But having thin hair doesn't mean you can't still look great.

I know you probably think you're in this alone but that is not the case. There are quite a few models, actresses, and celebrities who suffer from thin-looking curls. We may not notice it because of course, they have better resources in resolving the problem.

But you don't have to be rich and famous to get the appearance of a fuller head of hair. All you'll need is a great pair of shears, scissors, or razors.

The key to looking great is to find hairstyles that work with your texture and not against the density. The cons of having thin hair are that it can look flat, dull, and lifeless. The right haircut can transform your thin-looking hair within seconds.

Say hello to your new bouncy, full, and voluminous mane! The perfect cut is ready for you in this blog post.

So, let's not keep you waiting and check out our top 5 haircuts for thin hair.


The Classic Blunt Bob Cut

Blunt cuts will be your best friend if you have thin hair.

Adding a strong weight line to your curls will not only make it look thicker but also longer. While you or your stylist are snipping away at the ends, you'll start to see healthier hair before your eyes noticeably. I know we all love the look and feel on longer hair, but they can weigh down and make your curls appear flatter.

The blunt ends help to create a geometric look, giving you the appearance of fuller hair. Not to mention this hairstyle is super chic and edgy for the fall season. On another plus side cutting your hair ensures that you will have no split ends, which is excellent for new growth.

When it comes down to this cut the less product, you use the better. Applying too much conditioner, lotions, or over washing can make the hair flat, limp, and less full. You may think with this hairstyle that you would need to get a middle part, but a deep side part is what would be best.

With a side part, you are joining most of your hair to one side, creating the illusion of volume. In the process, your roots appear higher also giving you a fuller head of curls. Blunt cuts or usually for an upper scale edgier look, so they do not come out best when you put highlights in them.

Go for jet black or blonde shade when getting this style. If you are struggling with thinning hair, we suggest you give this classic blunt cut a try.

We promise the moment you get this style you will never want to let it go.


Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is your second-best option for anyone dealing with thin hair.

This shoulder-grazing haircut is very flattering and does a great job of complimenting your jawline. Adding in a few light layers will add to the fullness and movement of the hairstyle. By keeping your bob longer towards the front, you can soften and frame your face.

It is better to try this hairstyle short rather than long. Short chin length bobs create the illusion of thicker hair all throughout the back of your head. If you have a rounder looking face, this cut will look best when you sweep your bangs to the side. This technique adds a ton of dimension to your curls and makes you feel beautiful in the process.

If you go to a salon or hairstylist, ask them to add a few layers into the hair as well. The more layers you have, the more texture your mane will give, making it less susceptible to shedding. What we love so much about the asymmetrical Bob are the different curl patterns you can try.

Typically, when you have a blunt cut, you would keep it bone straight. On the contrary, with angled bobs, you can add waves, spirals, candy curls, or keep it straight. The more styling techniques you use, the bouncier and fuller your hair will appear.

If you have thin curls and want a simple, lightweight haircut this fall season, we suggest you give the asymmetrical bob a try.


Shaggy Style with Bangs

A good shag haircut will have your thin mane appearing thicker than ever.

To achieve the shaggy hairstyle, you will need to cut layers into your tresses using shears and razors skillfully. This messy wave hairstyle is honestly perfect for any occasion.

Whether you're on your way to a job interview are going on a first date you can never go wrong with a messy shag and some bangs. We know you probably hear all the time that getting bangs is single-handedly the worst thing to get for thin hair. It gets greasy, looks unappealing, and are difficult to manage. But this rule only applies to how you cut the bang.

A little fringe bang never hurt anyone, at least I hope not. Just make sure that you do not get blunt bangs, they should have movement and fall right on top of the eyebrows.

The difference between this haircut and the others is that you can rock shaggy hair long or short. If you want to go for a more concise look, you can keep it classy and polish by straightening the strands. On the other hand, you can add beach waves to create a messy carefree style.

If you're keeping your shaggy hair on the long side, you have to cut short layers throughout the crown of your head. This process will generate movement. Blending the cut pieces with a side bang will create a flawless look. It's best to not weigh your hair down with any heavy products; this will defeat the purpose of the shaggy hairstyle.

Don't be afraid to add a little color to your hairdo. Adding a darker shade at the root of your hair will make it appear thicker. Instead of focusing so much on the cut you can create depth by adding a few highlights throughout your tresses.

The shaggy hair look will never go out of style. So, step out of your comfort zone and give this cut a go.


Choppy Pixie Cut

If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side, you should go for a choppy pixie cut.

This bold hairstyle is ideal for anyone with thinning or thin hair. This option is excellent for many reasons, one being it helps remove any damage that came from over styling. Another plus is that it's easy to style and maintain.

Imagine just waking up and heading straight out that door. If you are a woman who is always on the go or very active this style will be suitable for you. Pixies provide you with low care treatment and require less work to keep it looking neat and polished.

Also, this could be the solution to your thinning hair in the first place. Sometimes cutting off your damage ends and starting over new is what the doctor ordered. So, don't be surprised if you shave off your locks and thicker healthier strands begin to grow.

With shorter hair, it's a proven fact you have minor problems to worry about in the long run. I know when you first hear the word pixie you probably think of the iconic Halle Berry style. Pixie cut doesn't always mean having to go dramatically short, any length above the ears is just fine.

The longer layers will keep you and your comfort zone and getting a pixie style crop will frame your face elegantly. With the right haircut, you can reach plenty of texture and volume in your locks. If you're trying this cut on yourself, we suggest you trim off little by little. I don't want to risk the chance of you cutting too much and ending up with a botched hairstyle.

If you are thinking about trying this style, you should book an appointment with a professional stylist. We want you to get the best results and have a positive experience. Long story short, pixies provide you with fantastic versatility and peace of mind.

So, if you're in the mood for a fresh start and a bold look try out this beautiful pixie cut.


Lob with Layers

The lob or long bob as some call it is a fantastic haircut for thin tresses.

The reason why this cut is a fan favorite is that it flatters every face shape and hair type. The key to having the perfect lob haircut is keeping the length above your collarbone. If you have it any longer than your shoulders, the ends will begin to thin out and look stringy.

You want to aim for long soft layers to add dimension, especially if you're going for a simple look. More dramatic layers will look too choppy which will take your hair an uneven look.

Thin curls do not always have to mean super short. Lightweight layers will add fantastic texture and movement to your strands from beginning to end. The right cut will not weigh down your roots. Think of it like this; the thinner your hair is, the lighter you want it to fall. More massive or denser locks will only add to the appearance of flat, dull tresses.

If you are taking this look up a notch, you can slightly angle the lob so that it grazes your shoulder. This cutting technique will add body and shape to your thin hair.

Whenever you add layers to your head, you always want to opt for a side part and not down the middle. Side swept bangs, and a light trimming is a beautiful combination that is worth a try.

So, if you have thin hair but still want to keep your length a stunning lob is just what you need.


What Haircuts and Styles Do You Try on Thin Hair?

As you can see you don't have to be born with long, thick, supermodel hair to achieve the fullest and prettiest hairstyles.

The right haircut can transform any strands into a thick, voluminous mane. Whether you're a blunt cut type of chick or want to stick to keeping a longer length, there is always a haircut out there for you.

Book an appointment with a hairstylist and try out one of these looks, we promise you'll be fooling everyone into thinking you were born with thick curls. There are a few must-know tips for thin styling hair that we should tell you before you leave.

Use lightweight or as little as a possible product on your roots and ends. Heavy products tend to weigh down your hair creating a thinner look. Second, never leave the house with super wet hair, allow time for your curls to air dry.

If you are in rush blow drying your hair upside down is the best way to add volume and bounce. Use a round hair brush and nozzle on a dryer to avoid adding frizz to your curls.

Lastly, use a heat protectant whenever you use flat or curling irons. Since your hair is already thin, it is more prone to damage. And breakage means thinner hair overall, which we don't want. If you opt for the blunt or asymmetrical bob, you will use fewer heat products in the long term.

At the end of the day, if your thin hair is not hereditary, we want to encourage thicker growth. If you stick to these tips, we are sure you will have a positive experience. Do you have thin hair? Do you know any tricks to make thin hair look thick and fuller?

We want to know your methods, so drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Hairstyles You Can Rock Even with A Bad Haircut

Hairstyles You Can Rock Even with A Bad Haircut

Don't Let A Bad Haircut Leave You in A Bad Mood

I know we all have our days where our hair doesn't want to cooperate with us in any way shape, way, or form. Bad hair days are bound to happen, but a lousy haircut not so much. If there were ever a call for a beauty emergency, a messed-up hairdo would be the reason. I know we would all love to be patient and let our tresses grow out, but that won't help the problem in the meantime. You need to have solid options at hand if you ever deal with the inconvenience of getting a ratchet haircut. The truth is we could all use some tips on how to handle a messy tame. Especially ways that don't involve wearing a hat or hiding away in your room all day. We don't want you to fear the idea of getting a trim, but we do know that there is a small chance that it may not turn out the way you want it too. We did some extensive research for some inspiration and hairstyles that can spice up a horrible haircut. These looks are so amazing you may find yourself wearing them on your best hair days as well.

Get Wig or Clip-ins

If there is one thing to have when it comes down to a bad hair day, it's a wig. There is nothing hair piece can't cover up, from receding edges to terrible haircuts. Celebrities show us every day that there is no limit to hairstyles or colors that we want to wear. Who knows how Beyoncé's, Rihanna's, or Kylie Jenner's real hair looks like under their clip-ins? You never see what's really going on under their expensive do's and that saying can apply to you as well. If you're someone with medium or long length curls, then extensions are also a great alternative. Clip-ins can easily hide a lousy layering job someone did to your mane; they can fill in the gaps and make your hair fuller in the process. Maybe trying out wigs will help you determine which style you want to try on your hair in the future. At least while your hairdo begins to grow out, you can still manage to look gorgeous with your weave. If that lousy cut is taking its sweet time to grow out that means, you'll have plenty of different wigs to purchase in the meanwhile. Don't worry the prices of these wigs can be cheap, especially if you're looking for something temporary. So, the next time you are in a jam and need a quick fix to invest in a wig or hairpiece.

Shorter Look: Cut Your Hair A Little More

I know chopping off more of your hair is the last thing you probably want to do but trust us it might alleviate the issue. Sometimes getting a lousy haircut could lead to you to a bomb pixie style waiting for you to wear. Getting to your old stylist might come with an awkward moment. So, it would be in your best interest to try out a new hairdresser. This option is the quickest way to resolve the problem, and short hairstyles can look amazing. If you have lousy layering on your tresses go for a blunt cut, these can look edgy and chic. If it was a lop-sided chop, try cutting off a few more inches and go for a cute, sporty pixie cut. If you are already into short hair, then shaving off some more of the length won't hurt you too badly. I will admit that this option is for fearless ladies. If you're someone who doesn't care too much about their locks this method will suit you well. To deal with life's minor inconveniences, we must know how to bounce back quickly. So, the next time you get a terrible haircut to take those scissors and chop it down a few more sizes.

Updo Buns

The simple updo is perfect for anyone dealing with a bad haircut or messy hair day. You can complete this look in minutes, and it will hide the signs of a horrible cut. It works best on medium or long-haired people. But if you have a shorter length, I would use bobby pins to secure any flyways that are in the bun. It's easier to achieve this style if your hair is not washed or dry. The oils you put in your curls will give the method more texture. Be sure to use a hairbrush so your strands will not tangle or knot up in the process. For most people its hard to execute the perfect messy bun, but with a bad haircut, it will look natural. Going the extra step and adding in a headband will help the shorter ends get into the ponytail. One major tip to live by is making sure that you use a strong hair tie. If the elastic band you use is too loose, the shorter strands will not be able to make it into a bun. You don't want to have excessive bobby pins on your head so use these hair accessories to your advantage.

Slick Back Hairstyle

A slick back hairstyle can disguise any lousy haircut no matter if it's on short or long tresses. Sleek hairstyles are not only sexy but super edgy. This hairstyle can cover up and lop-sided cuts or uneven layering on your curls. What we love most about the slick back look is that it only requires two products and one hair tool. All you'll need is water, hair gel, and a bristle brush. The more hair gel or promenade you use, the better, the shorter ends of the strands will lay flat. I would suggest wetting the hair first before adding any extra product into the locks. A little goes a long way, so don't overdo it, when it comes down to gel. You don't want to have a hard looking exterior on top of a crappy haircut, that would make things worse. If one side of your hair is shorter than the other, try creating a deep part or section on your head. Make sure to use your brush to smooth and lay out your edges. This technique will allow you to flatten the shorter side on to your head and still create a fabulous looking style. If you want, you can add a decorative hair clip or accessories to spice up the look. Don't let a lousy haircut keep you from looking sexy, try out this sleek style today!

Rock Some Beautiful Hair Accessories or Head Scarves

The best way to throw off that you got a bad haircut is covering it up with some bomb accessories. Headbands will be your best friend if you have short hair. These helpful products keep flyways, sharp ends, and uneven strands from popping out. There are so many ways to style headscarves; you can wear it in a low bun, top knot, or twist. You'll see the hottest celebrities wearing this style on a lazy Sunday or for a quick stop at the store. What's great about this option is that you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve the look. If you go to your local beauty supply or drug store you will find hundreds of cute accessories at affordable prices. Bandanas are also excellent to wear. This gem is easily the best bad hair day accessory since it comes in so many different colors. You can rock this look on a chill day out to the park with some friends. There are so many beautiful clips and scarves that you can try while you're waiting for your hair to grow back. The trick to wearing these accessories is making sure that that you buy the correct ones. You want these assets to match well with your hair type and personal style. So, before you even encounter a terrible haircut scenario try to stock up on as many hair accessories as possible.

Throw in Some Braids

One good thing that comes out of getting a bad haircut is all the hairstyles you never thought you could try. You can quickly throw in some braids and look flawless. No matter how short your hair is, you can add in extensions to create beautiful goddess braids. This look is not hard to achieve you follow the right steps. You want to make sure you start off with blow-dried hair that way it has a good stretch. What will help is if you slick down your edges with a gel-like eco-styler. Create a part either on the side of your head or straight down the middle. Start braiding your hair from the section and stay close your edges this way you can grab the short pieces of hair. Any strands that can't fit into the braid you can secure with bobby pins. Trust us; this style looks cute on short tresses just as they would on long curls. It's easy to find these kinds of tutorials online and on YouTube if you need some extra help. So, the next time you're suffering from a horrendous hairdo step up your creative side and add in some braids.

Half Up Half Down Bun

If you ever want to embrace the messy look the best time to do it is when you have a terrible haircut. Its easy grab those unruly short pieces of hair and toss them into a top knot bun. All you must do is leave the rest of your hair in the back in its natural state. This hairstyle is so beautiful you'll find yourself doing it even on your good hair days. This hairstyle looks just as impressive on a casual day out as it would be going on a date with bae. You can make this look work for on any length of hair, and it will do a great job of hiding any rough cuts. The ponytail part may be hard to accomplish on shorter tresses. So, use the section of hair on your hairline to create a high-top knot bun. After you put it in an elastic band or hair tie, pin small parts of the ponytail around the scrunchie. This process will create a little bun that will have the fact that your strands are short or cut weird. When you finish the style try using some hairspray to ensure that everything stays in place throughout the day. We can't wait to see how you put this look to use, so don't let a lousy haircut get you down.

Have You Ever Gotten A Bad Haircut Before?

I know having a bad haircut is not the way you would like to start off your day, but you have to prepare for the unexpectable. Surprisingly there are a few definite advantages that come from having a sudden horrible haircut. Having short hair is great for the easy upkeep, and it won't be that hard to manage. Just know that you have all the power to avoid a messed-up hairdo. Make sure that before you step foot into your salon that you know what look you want. Speak to your stylist in a sweet way you don't want an attitude to cost you your good looks. Instead of explaining the style show your stylist an exact picture of the style you want, that way there is no confusion. We will all have at least one bad haircut in our lifetime so its best we know how to handle it now than later. With these alternative hairstyles to try, you can work around the problem in a matter of seconds. So, try to avoid a bad cut at all costs, and be specific in the look you want. If you've ever had a bad haircut experience, we are dying to hear all about how it went down. If you know some other styles to disguise a chopped-up hairdo, please let us know in the comments down below.
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Ways to Be Successful In Nailing The Big Chop

Ways to Be Successful In Nailing The Big Chop

Slaying Your TWA

One of the riskiest hairstyles to wear is the big chop. Some people vow never to do the big chop or even cut their hair short. I know a couple of women who are down for risk or a drastic change as it pertains to their hair. You don’t have to be the bravest in the bunch to cut your hair, but you will need to know exactly what you’re getting into once you snip all your hair. The most important thing to remember is that you can absolutely have a successful big chop. Take notes as PLE guides you through the key to a fantastic cut.

Do Your Homework

First thing I would suggest is to know how short you would like to cut your hair. Being sure of the length you wants helps cuts down on confusion for the stylist and also allows you to set your expectation. You do not want to be left feeling unattractive or not getting the style you expect.

Be Prepared For The Big Chop

Many women who jumped into going natural, eventually go back to a relaxer because they don't understand the ins and outs to properly care for natural hair. You need to have a game plan in place for after you do the big chop. Ask yourself these questions. Are you going to wear wigs and hair extensions until your hair grows out? Do you plan on wearing the infamous twa better also known as the (teeny weeny afro)? Do you want to add color? Will you be wearing it as a curly Afro or straight Afro style? Pinterest and Instagram are two great places to view various style option for your little fro so you can get an idea of exactly how you want your hair to look and feel. There are a ton of ideas to choose from so get ready to find your ideal look.


Whether you're getting your hair cut by a professional stylist, friend, or yourself, you should be fully confident with them cutting your hair. Just as an extra step, I would advise making a consultation appointment. Make sure that you chat with your stylist so that he/she is aware of your big chop expectations. Do you want it styled like a tapered cut or do you simply want to clip the relaxed ends to start the natural hair process? Also, make sure your stylist has knowledge of different curl patterns. People have different types of curls that may need different types of care. Choose a stylist who has the skills to deal with all hair types.


Prepare yourself for comments and feedback from family and friends. Everyone is going to have an opinion and may not be what you want to what. People tend to feel very opinionated when it comes to the big chop. Although wearing your hair in its natural state has become popular, there are still many people who do not understand or are not comfortable with the idea of natural hair. Keep in mind that’s you may face negative feedback from family and friends who don’t understand why you would cut all your “pretty hair” off or even ask if you’re why you want to look like a boy. You may also encounter questions in your workplace, but I would not worry about criticism. Times are changing, and many people accept natural hairstyles in a work environment. Take some time to talk to other naturalistas that you can connect with, and educate yourself —and family and friends as much as possible as the questions and comments come your way. Other people’s opinions do not matter because it is your hair and your life. Wear your hair anyway what makes you feel beautiful and happy.

Hair Care Products

Decide what type of products you want to use for your new short do. You can do your research or ask your stylist what is best for your hair type. Here’s a list of a recommended products to keep you looking fabulous:
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Brush
  • Edge Control
  • Water
  • An essential oil such as tree tea oil or jojoba
  • Gel

Hair Regimen

Having a TWA is fun and easy! Styling time is pretty quick. You can get your hair to soak and wet without having to stress over dry time or shrinkage. One of the keys to having a great TWA is keeping your curls moisturized. I do not recommend shampooing your hair every time you wash it. Instead, make sure you are conditioning your hair with a product fit for natural hair.


I love a cute accessory to add some flavor to a shortcut. Consider placing a colorful flower in your hair. You can also buy headbands with various patterns to match whatever outfit you wear on a particular day. Whether your curls are just not working that day or if you want a refreshing addition to your look, I can’t forget about a headwrap. Head Wraps provide convenience, versatility, and style.

Style Options

Check out a couple of style options to rock after you do the big chop.

Wash and go

Remember with this type of style you don’t have to worry about long waits under

Tapered cut

If you want to add some pizzazz to your twa consider a tapered cut that will frame your face perfectly.

Comb or finger coils

This is a good style for a fun look that will last for a while.

Protect Your Hair

As mentioned earlier, you may want to consider different types of protective styles especially if you're going to give your hair a breather. It’s essential to wear a silk scarf, bonnet or you can choose a satin pillowcase to avoid breakage.

Patience Makes Perfect

When doing the big chop, you will have to be patient especially when it comes to growth. You will find the routine fit for your hair type and your lifestyle. Just take your time, ask questions, do your research and enjoy the journey!
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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Hair Look

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Hair Look

Add a Dab of Style to Upgrade Your Short Hair

From a tapered look to a low fade, short hair (Check out this article: hair extensions for short hair) can be fun, versatile and unique. If your searching for a way to take your style to the next level, you can look no further. Private Label Extensions gives a variety of choices to jazz up your short hair this summer and beyond. Pixie and bob cuts are perfect for an everyday hairdo and a few curls added can keep you looking fun and fierce. Whether highlighted with blonde, purple or red, you can wear revamp any short hair for with class and confidence. A woman’s hair is one of the best accessories, and great asserts next to clothing and makeup. Collect pictures of styles you like and choose which ones will be best for you. It never hurts to ask your friends and family for their opinion as well.

Short Cut With a Shave on the Side

Be bold and unapologetic with this style! Shaved hairstyles used to be associated with punk rock culture, but now this look can be for anyone. More and more ladies choose the shaved styles because they look edgy and but feminine at the same time. Color your short hair with a fun shade such as pink, teal or orange for a look that will stand out, even more, when you shave the sides of your head and styling it into a mohawk. The versatility of this style is endless and so much fun to create.

Curls Are Fun

I have seen the pin curl style circulating on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and I must admit that I love it. You can rock short hair with bouncy curls on top. This style will make you swoon. Try a pixie haircut with curls that are much longer on the top, which gives you plenty of styling options. You can rock this style by wearing it in your natural texture or try a twist out style to have an extra definition in your curls. You can achieve these curls by using a hair curler or foam or hard rollers. Make sure to give it a bit of teasing them to be a big, voluminous hair. The hairstyle can be quickly transformed into a mohawk if you shave the sides of your head which leads to our next style. You can also try comb coils and once you take them out it will create a tight curl that will last for some time.

Spike It Up

When I think of a celebrity with a bomb spiked do, I always think of the powerhouse singer Fantasia. Her spiked hair is bold and fly. This spiky pixie cut is a proof that low maintenance hair is attainable and manageable. This is an excellent hairstyle for Women with short pixie hairstyles that don’t want to spend a lot of time straightening and curling their hair. You want to pull off a really unique style try the bold punk-inspired side swept spikes. Of compliments on this style! Grab some holding spray and gel and try to put!

Throw In A Splash of Color

If you want to add some boldness, beauty, and adventure, consider coloring your short hair. Get ready to show off your lovely face with confidence when you add some color to your hairdo. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, I would advise seeing a professional stylist to color your hair. Keep it conditioned and moisturized to avoid breakage. This gorgeous lady brings out a fantastic example of a short hair with a unique color solution. I love a brave woman who isn’t afraid to dye their hair in bold colors such as pink, teal, green or even a rainbow color colored style. Make it edgy and exciting. Whether you are digging your shortcut or wanting your cropped hair to grow, you can add highlights and lowlights to give it some depth. Just remember it’s not wise to switch hair colors too often. Some specific ideas are as follows: blonde, red, ombré hair (dark blonde to light blonde), brown and blue or teal, rose gold and golden blonde combos, to name a few.

Faux Hawk/ Mohawk or Fro Hawk: You Decide

If you want to make a bold statement with your short hair – try this a faux hawk or a Mohawk which is a chic and trendy hairstyle. Nothing says fashionable and stylish like some form of a short Mohawk hairdo, arched eyebrows, and a beat face. Take the time to make a faux hawk your own! Don’t forget the option of an undercuts with maybe a splash of color. You can also add the color of your choice to jazz it up which will make you stand apart from the crowd. This type of hairstyle isn’t only a low maintenance idea, but also a trendsetter. There are many options on how to style your mohawk such as The natural mohawk aka fro-hawk. This look is a great way to add a new dimension to their look. Despite its rocker-chick reputation, a natural mohawk can be elegant, classy and professional. It is a great way to spruce up your short natural hair and can be done in a variety of ways. The edginess of the mohawk looks great on natural hair and is perfect for those thrill seekers who are ready to make the commitment. You can add even more flair to your frohawk by adding shaved sides or braided sides.

Try It Out

Short hair can be a lot of fun if you have the right tools and ideas to spruce it up. There are some great style options on YouTube and Pinterest that will aid you in your quest to add some life to your haircut. Don’t be afraid to step out and create a style you’ve never tried. You never know how much you will like a hairstyle until you take a leap and try it out.
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Best Ways to Style Your Next Lob Hairstyle!

Best Ways to Style Your Next Lob Hairstyle!

Finding Styles for A Lob Can Be Difficult, Let Me Help!

Finding the right hairstyle for you can be hard. It can also be troublesome to choose a haircut that fits you! There are so many options to try, but don't be afraid! Be bold, be sexy, be different! So, you've made the bold decision to wear your hair in a long bob (lob for short). That's my girl! Now you're ready to style it! Whether you cut your hair or chose to wear a lob wig, congratulations! Here are some great ways to style a Lob haircut for maximum sheik-ness.

Bring Out The Straightener!

Pulling off a lob haircut shows precisely just how much confidence you have! One of the best ways to style your lob is by straightening it! Regardless of where you part your hair, a straight look is perfect for a casual day at home or busy day in the office. The great thing about straightening is that you can create different styles with it, too! Run the straightener through the hair from root to tip creating a super blunt and daring look. Or, when passing the straightener through the hair, take the ends and curve them towards the face. This gives the hair some volume and looks super cute and flirty. The curved ends are what most people will imagine when they hear about a Lob haircut!

You Guessed It! Curls

Curls are always a great way to style, well, pretty much any haircut. There are different styles of curls too. However, remember that curling your hair does make the hair appear to be sorter, so, for a lob grab a curling iron or wand that is about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. This size will give you full and sexy curls while not letting too much length disappear. That's a great feature of wearing a lob haircut. It's short, but not too short, so you still have some range to play with. Also, you can make it shorter if you want to! Use a curling iron or curling wand that is an inch or smaller in diameter. Use smaller sections of hair and fluff out those curls. This will create so much volume to have fun with and keep your lob styling to the maximum!

Braid It Up; Let It Down

Crimped hair is making its comeback in recent years! This 90's inspired style is perfect for your Lob journey! There are a few ways to accomplish the crimped look depending on what works best for you! The first way is to braid your hair before you go to sleep. You can control the size of the crimps depending on the size and quantity of braids you make. The smaller the braids, the smaller the crimp and the more volume. The thicker the braid, the less volume, and wavier the crimp will be. So, it really is up to your preference! When you wake up in the morning, remove the braids and add moose or hairspray to help the crimps hold all day long. This method is preferred because you don't have to use heat on your hair or purchase multiple different crimpers for different sizes! However, if one size crimp looks best on you, there are crimpers you can find in the hair tools aisle that do the job with heat! Much like a curling iron, you can separate the hair into parts and crimp your way to a fantastic sheik style! Bring on the crimps!

Bang, bang, BANGS!

One of the trendy looks, even amongst celebs, are swoop bangs with their Lob cut. The lob parted to the side with some bang additions can create a super cool refreshing look. It can be styled beachy, sexy, or sleek. With celebrities, the messy look is super prominent. They use a curling technique that requires a thicker curling iron (like I mentioned before). However, this time they do not take the curl all the way to the ends. They leave the end of the hair out of the curl to keep the length and establish a more relaxed vibe and keep it free-flowing. The bangs help this laid-back look. They are called swoop bangs because they, like the lob, are considered long bangs and blend in fairly nicely. These bangs are not meant to sit very much apart from your lob length, quite the contrary. They add volume when straight or curled, especially with this messy-curls vibe. I think it is definitely worth giving them a try!

Go, Bolder!

This next style fits into any of the other hairstyles that you've seen, and that's because we're talking color! You are already showing how bold you are by wearing your hair in a lob, but why stop there? Changing the color of your lob can be super fun and invigorating! Try a color that still fits your style and tone, but steps just a bit out of your comfort zone. It can make a big difference! A common lob color is a "Balayage" hair color. This is when they add a few highlights and low lights and blend it into your natural color giving you ultimate dimension. You can do this with natural colors, i.e., blonde, honey, chocolate, and black colors. However, fun colors can be incorporated too! Like pink, red, or blue. Don't be timid about colored hair! It might just be the best thing you ever did!

Don't Hesitate To Do Some Research!

I am so happy to give you options of styling your Lob! There are so many ways to style lobs, but these are essential styles that every Lob wearer should know! Before you purchase a lob wig or decide to cut your hair, you can find out if the Lob hairstyle is right for you on this blog! Or, maybe you are interested in other hairstyles or colors. If so, check out more articles on Private Label Extensions Blog. There you will find many other tips, tricks, and good reads on all things hair! Feel free to comment on any different styles that have worked for you or ask questions! Now strut that confidence! Happy Styling!
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Cut Your Hair: What Haircut Looks Best On You?

Cut Your Hair: What Haircut Looks Best On You?

Switching It Up

Cutting your hair is a big step and causes a noticeable difference in your appearance. So it’s only right to make sure you have the perfect cut in mind before making your way to the salon. No matter what haircut you desire, it will just look good if YOU are confident enough in yourself to rock the cut. By the end of this article, if you are thinking about cutting your hair, you will know the exact style that will work best for you and what cut will give you the best confidence.

What to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

Make sure its the right time

You want to cut your hair when you feel comfortable. Don’t cut your hair when there is a drastic change in your life such as a breakup or when you get some bad news. You may not want to cut it at a time like that. Cutting your hair may be used as a coping mechanism which isn’t the best decision. Cut your hair when you’re in a good mood and feel great about yourself.

Think about your hair texture

You want to consider your hair texture when cutting your hair. No matter the texture you can do any cut, but placement is the most important thing. Whether you have tight coils, loose coils, or straight hair balance is the key to making your cut look just right.

Try adding some color

This is a great way to make your hair pop even more. It’s a fun way to keep your hair edgy and cute. Changing the color entirely or adding some highlights to make it pop is something you should consider.

Bring realistic references

When going to the hair salon if you want exact results its best to bring a reference. Your hairdresser may not understand the type of cut you want just by telling them and may do something completely different. It is also essential to have a realistic reference. That means to bring in a picture of a haircut that is doable. And look for references that align with your hair type.

Your hair won’t grow overnight

This is the reason I emphasize that you make sure cutting your hair is something you want to do. If you cut your hair and you don’t like it, your hair may take awhile to get to the length you desire. Hair growth is a long process and takes a lot of patience. Make sure you get a cut you enjoy if you know you will want your hair to grow back soon.

Try a short wig

If you realize you are not ready to take this big step, you can always wear a wig until you are comfortable enough to cut your hair. You can also use a wig as a way for you to visualize the cut and see if its a change you are ready to make.

Short Hair Care

When you cut your hair, there are different ways to care for it to keep it in tip-top shape. Long and short hair routines are not the same. Here are some hair care tips that may be helpful for you. Use fewer hair products - Having shorter hair means using less hair product. You want to make sure you don’t weigh down your hair with different kinds of serums and treatments that aren’t necessary.

Spritz your hair

This isn’t a necessary step, but if you want to give your hair more volume a great way to do that is to spritz it with water and tease it. This method works well with style such as a bob.

Take care of your ends

Remember to treat your terms with special care. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and need extra attention. Remember to moisturize them frequently and keep away excessive heat.

Condition your hair regularly

This step never changes. Your hair continually needs moisture, and the best way to do that is to deep condition your hair often.

Be careful with your heating tools

When using a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc., you want to be very cautious of your hair. This step is necessary whether or not your hair is short. You want to keep your hair as healthy as possible if you are looking to grow it back.

Go for regular trims and hair maintenance

You want to make sure your ends are being trimmed to keep your hair healthy. Go to the hairdresser to cut your hair when needed. But don’t overdo it.

Finding The Right Cut for Your Head Shape

Although you can sport any cut you want, there are unique looks the flatter your specific head shape. Many tips can help you find the best cut for your head shape, but first, you need to find out what your shape is.

Step 1:

Figure out the fullest part of your face
  • If your forehead is the fullest part of your face, with a narrower jaw, you most likely have a heart-shaped or inverted triangle shape.
  • You most likely have an oval or round shape if your cheekbones are the fullest part.
  • If your jaw is the fullest part of your face and you have a narrower forehead, you most likely have a pear-shaped face.

Step 2:

How is your jaw shaped?
  • If you have around the jaw, then you most likely have a round head shape.
  • If your chin is pointy, and your cheekbones are the fullest part of your face, you have the unique diamond shape.
  • You have a square-shaped face if you have a square jaw.

Step 3:

How long is your face?
  • If you have a short face, with equal length and width with a rounded jaw, then you have a round face shape.
  • If you have an average face shape, with your face being slightly longer than it is full, then you have an oval face shape.
  • For a long face shape with your face noticeably more extended than it is full.

Step 4:

Do you have a widow's peak?
  • If yes, and your forehead and cheekbones are the fullest part of your face, then you have a heart shape.
  • If no, and you have a pointy chin, and your forehead is the fullest part of your face, then you have an inverted triangle shape.

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Round face shape:

Haircuts that work great for a round face shape are the shaggy bob, the fauxhawk, the short bob with side swept bangs, big swoop bangs and voluminous waves.

Oval face shape:

Haircuts that work well with an oval face shape include: bangs, textured bobs, side-swept bangs, a pixie with bangs, and a face-framing bob.

Heart face shape:

Styles that look great with a heart face shape are the “lob,” blunt wispy bangs, loose waves, face-framing layers, and the sleek crop.

Inverted triangle shape:

Cuts that work with the inverted triangle shape are the posh bob, the long fringed bob, the side bang bob, the sleek pixie, and the fresh cut.

Diamond shape:

Haircuts that look stunning with the diamond shape are the chin length bob, deep side part, medium bangs, tousled waves, and layers.

Long shape:

Haircuts that look good with a long face shape include the curly short bob, classic long bob, thick side swept bangs, simple short bob, and the wavy mid-length bob.


Now it’s time to talk about length. Just because you are cutting your hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a shortcut. There are many different styles you can choose from without making a drastic change.

Medium cuts:

Doing a medium cut is excellent for people who want to switch things up a bit but don’t want a massive change. Hairstyles that work great for this is the “lob,” layers, a sleek shag, framing shoulder cut, and the princess cut.


If you want to be bold and edgy doing a short crop is a great idea. Some hairstyles you can try are the pixie cut, the classic bob, tapered cut, asymmetrical bangs, and finger waves.

Do You Want to Try Something Different?

Cutting your hair is a significant commitment, but if it is something you want to do, it is worth it. There are so many different styles you can choose for your hair. You can start by doing something subtle or go all in and do a very short cut. All that matters is that you do a cut that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Also remember, hair is a slow growing process, so don’t just cut your hair on a whim. Know why you want to cut it before you do it. Make sure you go to a professional that knows what they are doing and make the style you make the style you desire clear so that you can get the exact look you want. And remember to have fun! Try different short wigs and figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Trust the process. And good luck.
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Top 10 Short Hairstyles That Work for Millennials

Top 10 Short Hairstyles That Work for Millennials

Short Cuts Every Millennial Is Wearing

How is it going my millennial babes? You are probably curious on what this post has to do with you, well I've been noticing a lot lately on how much hair trends are transcending throughout the decades. We have gone through so many phases when it comes to our hairdos some, we want to forget and others we will rock until the end of time, but the one look I want to focus on today are our forgotten but oh so lovely short hairstyles (Check out this article: hair extensions for short hair). Have you ever wanted to go short, whether it be with your natural curls or extensions? Well, think of this as your big window of opportunity. Thanks to the weather and temperatures rising you have plenty of chances to style those locks into sassy, flirty cuts that show off your incredible jawline and facial features. Some short looks have gone out of style, and we wouldn't dare try to resurrect them. But I'm happy to see more teenagers and young adults rocking pixie cuts and big chops like its nobody's business. Like most of us who have cut their hair, you probably don't know what to do with it once you have it, but I hope this list gives you plenty of inspiration to rock some chopped up hair looks this summer. So, if you have been dying for a cut look we want to let you know that you are not alone, many celebs are also jumping on the trend wagon and maybe seeing them pull off these styles will motivate you to do the same. So, without further ado, we will get right into the top 10 short hairstyles that will work for any millennial woman.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is one of the top most common short hairstyle that a woman will get. This style can flatter anyone and show off your best features from your big doe eyes, to a strong jawline. The short pixie cut takes significant guts but, in the end, it will be worth every lost strand. This style can withstand the test of times, from classic icons like the fantastic Halle Berry to modern day muses, we have seen many millennials rocking this haircut recently, from Kehlani to Miley Cyrus but there is one person we think is giving this cut such a great name. Teyana Taylor is one celebrity you will see sporting this incredibly cute style with ease. It is crazy to think that at one point in time this star's hair went all the way down to her lower back. She says that the "first time she tried this pixie cut was in the form of a wig" the singer goes on to say that "You don't want to make such a dramatic decision and not feel confident enough to pull it off." Now, this cut is a part of Teyana's everyday look, so if you want to try this out first by purchasing a wig or getting a sew-in, then we will completely understand.

Short and Curly Do'

We have a lot of women out there who are hopping on the train and becoming naturalists, No more perm, texturizers, or harsh chemicals. But dealing with your natural hair also comes with trying to manage our crazy curl patterns and textures but keeping it short and adding graduated layers all throughout will give you a heart shape look which is drop-dead gorgeous. To spice it up even more and to create dimension within your locks try creating a deep side-part over the side of your face, this will draw people into your eyebrows and bone structure and will make your look seem very desirable. It is such a liberating feeling when you do cut off those damaged ends so keeping it short and curly will save you time, will create less stress, and you will always look chic and up with the trend. There is a reason why millennials are so in love with this cut, and that's because of the edge it creates and makes you look and feel incredibly trendy!

Sporty Space Buns on Short Hair

All the cool girls are wearing space buns this spring and summer and were not just saying that for kicks. But it seems like these mini puffballs are cute for the festival season and especially when you do it on your short hair. If your mane is not long enough to make two buns by parting it down the middle then go for a cuter messy style, try making mini puffs on the top half of your hair and let the rest hang loose. It's funny how a lot of people think that just because you don't have long hair that it will limit the number of hairstyles that you can try, but this is just a fib many will tell to convince you on why you shouldn't have short tresses. The space bun look originates in the 90's and is still a go-to style for millennials. You will find celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian rocking this look on a casual day in the sun, or when working out their lean bodies. So, for all my choppy hair beauties give this style a try the next time you want to go for something new.

Short Afro's

I feel that whenever someone mentions the word afro, we think of big, full wild and free curls protruding from our scalps, but sporting an afro can also mean going the shorter and edgier route. The thick round shape in this style is great if you have an oval-shaped head. And wearing your afro a little trim on the sides with a long top half is a great new style that works well if your face shape is long. Angela Davis made this style iconic in the 70's, and now afros had made a significant comeback in 2010 when the natural hair movement came in to effect through social media. I'm glad to say that it is now the norm to see a beautiful woman rocking this short hairdo without hearing or experiencing any negative comments and feedback. I hope that by you witnessing these bomb ladies wearing their hair out and proud will encourage you someday to rock the iconic and sassy afro cut.

Bob Haircut

Bobs is one of the top short looks that you will find any and every millennial queen wearing. The reason why this cut is so popular is due to the many ways you can wear this look. You can try a soft A-line, go for a blunt cut with a heavy fringe, straight down the middle, chin length, a shaggy lob, and literally, the list can go on. This cut can allow you to style your hair in a smooth, voluminous way that will add texture and either make you look cute and modern, edgy and bold, or flirty and trendy. You will see celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Jennifer Lawrence sporting this fabulous trim. A cut like this needs no explanation I promise anyone can pull it off and you will look amazing with this cut. So, what are you waiting for loves? Grab your scissors and get to snipping, because this style will forever be in trend.

Bob with Bangs

What's better than a regular bob, you guessed it is having one with bangs. Whoever came up with cutting hair a little shorter in the front to cover our massive foreheads was a genius. This cut is very bold especially if you have your hair all one color like jet black. This style adds volume wherever it may be lacking and does a great job with slimming down your face and drawing less attention to facial features that can make you feel insecure. This type of cut is one that you don't have to try on your real tresses because there are hundreds of wigs out there that can accomplish this same look and feel with zero commitment. You can also try this cut with a quick weave or sew-in, so, check out Private Label's Brazilian or Malaysian straight hair to get your bob with bangs style now.

Shaved Head

Shaving your hair is probably one of the edgiest ways to keep your head cool in the heat, but only a few will have the guts to go through with doing this cut. This trend is more than just a hairstyle; it denotes such a powerful message that no matter if your hair is long like Rapunzel or bald like Mr. Clean we are all beautiful no matter what. Many celebrities have made the dramatic step to cutting off all of their hair; a few examples would be Katy Perry, Zoe Kravitz, and Kristen Stewart. But one of my favorite buzz head beauty who deserves her spot on the top millennial short hairdos is no other than Millie Bobby Brown who you may know as Eleven in Stranger Things. Millie who is only 14 years old is showing the younger generation that it is cool to have short hair and be confident at the same time. So if you are still on edge about cutting off all of your hair, I hope hearing and seeing Milly Brown's story will give you that extra shot of motivation.

Finger Wave

Who would have thought that a hairstyle so prevalent in the 20's would still be standing the test of times in 2018? The finger wave haircut is beautiful and effortless to accomplish. This retro cut is a major throwback, but that doesn't stop the stars from walking the red carpet sporting these looks. You can catch celebrities like Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and Zendaya wearing their hair in this style. I honestly feel like more millennials should go for this cut because it is unique, different, and is something anyone can pull off. There would be no list of top short hairstyles if finger waves are not in it, so are you bold enough to give this look a try? I dare you to this summer, and please let us know what you think.

Slick Back Short Hairdo

A slick back style on short hair can bring your look up and out several notches. Talk about having sex appeal you will look like the fiercest and edgiest thing walking on two feet. This style gives you the chance to show off that beautiful face and piercing eye color. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato, and Hayden Panettiere love wearing their hair in a slick back manner for any red-carpet events, and they all look stunning in style every time. This short look is every millennial dream, and it adds a distinctive, fun feature to any outfit you decide to rock. Don't sleep on this cut and try your best to use a lightweight mousse or gel when trying to accomplish this look, and you don't want to give off the appearance that your hair is greasy.

Short Hair Tucked Behind the Ears

This style is one of the simplest, but boy is it one of the cutest ones to try with your short hair. By merely tucking your strands behind your ears, you will be giving off a sweet, innocent, and girly look that anyone can fall in love with quickly. During the hot weather having your short hair dangling on your cheeks, 24/7 can feel unbearable. This inconvenience typically means that your summer bobs will end up in braids, pinned up, or our favorite which is tucking them behind your ear. There are do's and don'ts when doing this amazingly simple hairstyle, and the most significant pointers are to use a styling cream or volumizer, so your curls aren't sticky and stiff. Secondly, try leaving a little strand of your locks in front of your ear to keep the shape from looking too awkward or severe. If you are someone like me who has large ears and afraid to shed light on them, don't worry it won't, and a tip my mom would always tell me is never leaving the house without putting on some earrings. This style is the easiest one to try so if you have a little extra time today give this look a go.

Which Short Look Is Your Favorite?

There are so many short hairstyles out there, but these happen to be the top 10 best ones so far for this year. Who knew that there were so many options out there for us to try? If you're too nervous to attempt these cuts on yourself, you should see your hair stylist and have them recommend the best short look that will fit well with your facial features. Remember that you also have the option of getting short hair extensions, wigs, and sew-ins to try a more temporary alternative to the styles on this post. If you thought this list was inspiring and know a favorite short hairstyle that millennials are loving, please let us know in the comments down below.
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How To Cut Your Wig Into A Short Pixie Cut (Step-by -Step Guide)

How To Cut Your Wig Into A Short Pixie Cut (Step-by -Step Guide)

So What Is a Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle where hair is cropped into layers, usually to create a tousled effect. The pixie cut hit the scene in the 1930’s but became popular in the 1950’s when the actress Audrey Hepburn wore the style in her debut film Roman Holiday. The hairstyle is shorter on the sides and back of the head, while more substantial and longer on top. Pixie haircuts range from a half of an inch to three inches long in other areas of the hairstyle. Pixie cuts are easy to maintain and can be worn casually, or dressed up for special occasions. There are considerably different ways to wear this hairstyle to make it your own!

What Pixie Cut Works Best for Your Face Shape?

The Oval

Oval shaped faces are the ideal shape. They can pretty much wear any haircut and style with no issues. Get creative with your pixie wig, experiment with messy textures, and your fringe options!

The Round

To offset the roundness of your face, use angles. Try a pixie haircut utilizing an angled side-swept bang. Also, wearing a straight pixie cut will keep your face from looking round.

The Long

To be sure we don't emphasize the length of your face, part your pixie haircut to the side for balance. Wavy hair can also give more width and balance.

The Square

The shag is back! The piecey texture will help balance out your jawline and add great definition.

The Heart

Bangs will make your pixie wig stand out. Framing your eye with a swooping bang is the way to go. Going short in the back and sides is ideal.

The Diamond

Lots of volume at the top of your cut is ideal. Side cropping will fatter you also. Let's refurbish that wig! Most times, once the wig gets old, we tend to trash is. But, I am here to show you a way to refurbish your wig and get longer wear out of your hair extensions! Let's start off by being sure you have all the items needed to cut your wig into a short pixie style.

Items You'll Need

  • Tripod
You will need this to be sure your head is steady; haircutting requires many angles and positions!
  • Styrofoam head/blockhead
You will need this to act like your head (you cannot cut your wig while it is on your head). Be sure the head is a similar size your head size. If it is too small, measure your head, and then add tape to the styrofoam/blockhead until it is your size.
  • T-Pins

These are needed to pin your wig down onto your styrofoam head/blockhead
  • Shears
These a scissors specifically created for haircutting. You will get more precise lines using shears versus everyday scissors.
  • Hair clips
To hold the sections, you have already cut out of the way, etc.
  • Comb and brush
  • Spray bottle with water
This is to ensure the hair remains saturated throughout the haircut. To style hair after the haircut
  • Preferred hairstyling products

How to Measure your Head

  • Forehead to Nape
Start the tape from the center of your front hairline, and extend it to the nape of the neck.
  • Ear to Ear
Place the end of your tape a half inch above the crease of your ear (where your glasses sit). Then bring the tape across your head to the other side, without touching your ear, at the same point.
  • Circumference
Begin at the center of your front hairline. Run the tape around, behind your ears, around the nape, back to the middle of your forehead.
  • Temple to Temple

Begin at the temple, bring the tape measure around the back of your head to reach the other temple. Now that we have the essential tools let's begin the haircut!

Cutting The Back

Begin with damp hair that is no longer than shoulder length. Beginning with shorter hair will make it easier to complete this haircut. If your wig is longer than shoulder length, chop of the remainder of the hair before starting this haircut. No need to worry if it looks uneven of rugged, you will be taking off more hair and evening things out throughout the haircut. Correct the hair at the nape: Create a V shape with your middle and forefingers, and close them at the hair against the nape of your wig.

Tip: Mark off on your wig where you want your hair to fall while you wig is on your head.

Once placed on your styrofoam/block head you will know where everything will need to fall. Bring the fingers down to where you want to cut, now cut right below them. Repeat the process going along the hairline, be sure to hold your fingers at a slight angle. Work with thin sections, do not cut past your knuckles. Separate the front hair from the back, Just behind the ears, part vertically, brush the hair in front forward. If the hair does not stay forward use your clips to clip the hair away. On the back center of your head, cut a vertical section. Pinch the section between your fore and middle fingers. Slide your fingers down and snip the hair in front of your fingers. Cut a horizontal section of the vertical section you just cut.

Grab a horizontal of hair across the vertical hair section you just cut.

Slide your fingers down to the cut hair of the vertical section. Cut the horizontal, so it matched the vertical. Continue to cut horizontal and vertical sections. Working your way towards the right side of your head, then repeat going towards the left side. Stop when you get to the vertical section right before the ears. Blend the hair by combing it upwards and snipping it using a fine tooth comb, cut the hair that is sticking out of the comb; you will not be able to cut every piece of hair which is fine; this is not a uniform haircut.

Cutting The Sides

Using the same technique, you did cutting the back, cut the hair on the sides. Pinch thin horizontal and vertical sections of hair between your middle and forefinger. Do one side completely then move to the other side. Bring some of the cut hair to use as a guide into the uncut hair sections. Feather the hair around your ear. In this case, use your measurements to mark where your ear will be. Once known draw ears, so you know where to cut the wig. Comb the hair over the ears. Then cut into the hair around the ears, pointing the shears upwards. Use the natural hairline around the ears as a guide. Move back to front, then front to back.

Cutting the Top Portion of The Hair

Grab a vertical section of hair between your fore and middle finger. Be sure to include a little hair from your back section, and angle your finger upward. Cut the hair sticking out from your fingers. How much you angle your fingers determined how much length you'd like to have at the top. The further the angle, the longer the hair will be. Continue cutting and blending the top into the sides and back. Continue at the back of tour crown, angling as before. If you have any hair left, measure it against already-cut strands on the tip of the angles.

Cutting The Bangs

Comb your bangs forward, then cut them at length suitable for you. Grab hair between your middle and forefinger, Slide your fingers down to where you'd like to cut, then cut the hair left below your fingers. Work across the bangs from one side to the next. Blending the bangs into the top portion of your hair Grab a vertical section of hair between your middle and forefinger, bring the hair upward and check it against previously cut hair. Angle your fingers down, and cut the hair that is sticking out. Work from one side of the bang to the other.

If Your Bangs are Too Thick

Consider thinning your bangs, grab a thin piece of hair upwards and gently glide your scissors along the shaft, making short, tiny snips. Repeat this technique whenever you think the hair is too full on your wig bangs included. Now comb, dry, and style hair as desired!

Products Anyone?

Now that you have decided your best cut, and cut your hair into a pixie wig let's talk products! Products play such much into our finished looks. Below are a few suggestions to make your pixie wig your own!

A volumizer

They are used to add just what they are named, volume.

A Paste of Wax

This wax is flexible; it gives you texture all day


Hairspray comes in handy when you need a little hold; it is also good to add a little definition and shine!

Old Wig, New Wig

All in all pixie cuts are low maintenance and versatile hairstyle! By cutting a wig into a pixie cut, you can create numerous looks depending on your mood and occasion, without having to go out and purchase more hair once your extensions are worn. Wigs also give you the same opportunity to customize, so let's grab an old wig and refurb it into a pixie cut!
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