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4C Protective Hairstyles To Rock for Winter

4C Protective Hairstyles To Rock for Winter
As the colder weather approaches, don’t let your hair get caught up in the dryness.

Combating Dryness

Truth be told, the curlier your hair is, the dryer it is. Your hair care regimen should change as the seasons do, and it is important always to transition your hairstyles. 4C maintenance requires more moisture than other hair types to soften and strengthen strands. The chilly winds of winter add on to the dryness, making us even more prone to breakage and damage. During the colder months of the year, you may have to double or even triple your hydration. You may also look at it like it’s a bit excessive, but you will thank yourself later if you do! We wear different hairstyles for fun, but also to help our natural hair. Containing our strands makes it easier to keep up with moisture and to also refrain from constant detangling. Most women with 4C hair benefit most from protective styling, as it encourages hair growth too. Some hairstyles are favored more during certain times of the year, but that doesn’t mean others aren't. As long as you are keeping up with your hair’s necessities, you should be able to change up your looks, even in winter!

Protective Styles for Your Hair

The truth is, any protective style can help your hair any time of the year. Of course, some forms are more convenient during certain seasons, but the winter season is all about maintaining moisture. Whether your style is deemed as a protective or not, you are allowed to wear your hair however you please. The only catch is to guarantee you can keep up with it. No 4C haired woman has allowed her hair to thrive without knowing exactly what her hair needs. Even though we have similar hair types, our strands have looks and behaviors of their own, and we need to abide by its demands. To increase the overall state of your natural hair during the winter, do not just focus on wearing protective styles, but going for protective measures. What I mean by this is to make sure you are caring for your hair during styles and in between them. You must be able to keep your hair hydrated through the dry season with heavier oils and treatments. So, are you a 4C Naturalista who is looking for...

...Low Maintenance Styles?

For some of us, the colder weather causes us to stay inside more and outside less. When you’re not too busy, you tend to opt for the more straightforward options in life. Uncomplicated hairstyles that last long are perfect for those who want to be able to transition between styles smoothly. Especially for those who are still in the beginning phases of natural hair care, low maintenance styles helps to ease the frustration that might come with it.


High, low, sideways, or messy, buns are some of the best protective styles to rock during the winter time. You can wear them often and in many different ways. 4C hair is notorious for shrinkage, so you have to have enough hair to put it up or, at least, add hair pieces. Wearing your hair in a bun helps to change up your look as well as tuck away your ends. Since your hair comes into contact with things every day, your ends end up drier and weaker than your roots. This is why we pay close attention to them as we care for our natural hair. Buns don’t have to be perfect; you can tie your hair up however you please and be out the door! You can stretch your hair the night before if desired. With twists, braids, Bantu knots, or similar methods, you can better manage your strands when it is time to style.

Keep in Mind While Styling

You want to begin on hair that is dry, clean, and detangled. If you bun your hair while it’s wet, not only are you reversing any stretching, but you are making your strands weaker if they take forever to dry. Your porosity will determine what is best for you since some women with different textures can style on wet hair. As you work your magic, there are only three rules always to remember when styling a protective style:

1. Do not style tightly -

You want to minimize tension on your strands by ensuring you do not pull or pin hair too tightly. Any soreness after styling is a sign to redo ASAP!

2. Use hair-friendly tools -

Any elastics with metal or rubber bands are not good. They are too tight and can pull away at our tresses easily. Silicone ponytail holders are good replacers, and you can even DIY your own! Tame using a natural bristle brush, or fine-tooth comb (do not apply to go through hair, but to smooth the surface).

3. Natural gels -

Sleek looks are in, but be sure to go for organic options such as aloe vera or flaxseed gel to enrich your crown. Synthetic gels will add on to dryness, and natural won’t. You can refresh each day with the oil or butter of your choice (and a little spritz if needed) to maintain hydration and shine. If necessary, touching up with gel daily is perfectly fine. You can also put a satin scarf around your bun to lay the hair around it after styling and overnight. After a few days, depending on your hair’s state, simply take the hair down to wash, moisturize, and repeat! If you are using any hair extensions, you may be able to wear styles longer as long as you maintain the look.

...Lasting Moisturized Styles?

The best way to allow your hair to stay hydrated throughout the day is by using the right products. But also choosing the best hairstyles to assist with moisture retention. Looks that give easy access to your scalp make it more convenient always to touch up your style and to keep it relatively clean. Natural hairstyles are the best for this since they hold moisture longer.

Natural Updos

Updos vary depending on the length of your hair; those with longer lengths can style their hair in so many different ways. Even if you’re still rocking a TWA, depending on that length, you’re able to add on afro extensions to help bring forth your desired look. There are so many ways to style an updo, and those chilly winter nights are perfect to stay in to perfect your technique. To maximize your moisturized strands, go for styles that, after styling, can last about a week or so. Any natural hairstyle that lasts longer than two weeks doesn’t get the utmost care like the styles that get us by weekly through the chilly season. During this time, you want to lessen your manipulation by keeping your hair in some braid or twist style. Maintaining a natural updo is a simple 3-step process that you can add to your winter regimen.

Step 1:

Revive strands by using an organic spritz, or creating your own. The first ingredient your hair needs to come to life is the universal hydrator: water.

Step 2:

You can use a water-based moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to begin moisturizing your tresses. The key to touching up protective styles is to dab, squeeze, or spray products into place to minimize frizz and flyaways.

Step 3:

Lastly, you can seal your scalp and ends with an oil of your choice. You can alter the routine to fit your hair’s preference, as it is very similar to the L.O.C. method, which is used to seal moisture. Just as any other protective style, you must also use scarves to keep the hair in place and to protect it at night. For natural updos, there are so many different styles to create! This is where the beauty of 4C really begins to show when women can transform their hair into a variety of styles. If you’re looking for an achievable style from your hair length, browse the web full of bloggers and stylists who share their hairstyles similar to your own. Also, check out these growing protective styles that you can personalize:


You can create an illusion of a mohawk with braids or twists. As there are many ways to make this looks, you can braid the top of your hair with added extensions, or flat twist your side strands into mini space buns and let the rest flourish. You can even create your own idea and rock a faux hawk.

Twist ‘N Tuck

If your hair is thriving now, keep up the excellent work to ensure thick, full hair. Most kinky-haired women have hair so thick they don’t even know where to begin, but it’s a blessing in disguise. If you have the length and thickness, you can loosely twist the ends to tuck away and pin into the style of your choice. 4C clip-ins can help to add as much hair as you need if needed.

Braided Crowns

I love braided crowns because they are a great way to showcase all the different types of braids. Classic, Dutch, fishtail, you name it. You can add a part if you’d like, or design a “half” crown. The point is to make it yours and also to make sure it isn’t styled too tightly, especially around your hairline.

Flat Twist Styles

A versatile hairstyle, you can flat twist your hair into a bun, updo, ponytail, or straight down. You can even merely rock single twists. It is an uncomplicated look that can turn out sophisticated and stylish. Lively tresses always look so great while twisted, am I right?

Bantu Knots

You exude so much confidence naturally when you rock your Bantu knots. Many women love Bantu knots for the curls produced when unraveled, but we can also enjoy the knots as its own style. With braids or accessories, you can complement however you like, while making your statement.

...Strength and Length Styles?

While we all love to be able to give our hair what it needs, the one thing that makes it all worthwhile is the patience required to gain healthy hair. The longer your hair gets, the weaker the ends become, so you want to be able to retain all the length and strength as possible. We are already susceptible to short, weak hair, so it is up to us to increase our hair’s potential. The less manipulation your hair endures, the more chance it has to grow in peace. Longer-lasting styles should not become neglected. If you choose to not work with your hair too often, then be sure to moisturize daily, at a minimum. With these styles, since your ends stay tucked away, you have to focus on hydrated roots. You can also wash about halfway through your wear to retouch your style.


Through different cultures, we've all heard that braids encourage hair growth. This is true considering that wearing your hair in braids contains your strands to keep from frictional hair breakage or constant maintenance. You can wear them individually or by cornrows. When styling, you want to ensure that the braids are not tight because they can also become the cause for hair loss. Using the proper tools as mentioned before can help guarantee optimal growth. To keep up with your braided style, you can rely on the three-step regimen for natural hair, since that’s your focus. Remember never to rub the products into hair, but to either find sprays or techniques that reduce frizz. You can redo the braids whenever they become loose to extend the style life as well. But remember, the maximum time frame for braided styles is about six to eight weeks.

Crochet Styles

When I first heard of crochet, all I thought they were good for were faux locs. In reality, professional stylists have taken crochet to the next level. Crochet techniques have embraced more natural-looking styles. With some cornrows, a crochet needle, and hair pieces, you can transform your look easy enough to be able to wear a variety of styles that allow access to your scalp during harsh weather. You can use crochet afro hair to mimic your own natural afro without having to expose your strands. You can do individual styles such as the infamous faux locs and Havana twists. If you want to find a stylist who can create a look as good as a weave, you’ll be able to switch over since it’s much faster to style, and easier to maintain. When you look long term, the benefits from crochet styles outweigh those from wigs or weaves.

Taking the Protective Measures

Overall, you want to make sure always to keep your hair washed, trimmed, and moisturized often. Your regimen should always include hydration throughout styles, but the winter calls for a more extensive approach. Use all-natural products and methods to refrain from drying your hair out and causing it to become weaker. 4C natural hair is known for the coils and kinks to tight, that the curls may or may not be defined. It is delicate but mutable. Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed hair or continuing your big chop journey, you have to enjoy your natural hair at any length and all the things you can do to it. 4C’s unimaginable shrinkage can cause you to even shock yourself as to what your hair can do. Protect your hair even further by continuously wearing hats or head wraps to protect your hair as you travel on a day to day basis. You can purchase items made with natural haired women in mind, made from friction-free fabrics, or you can sew on a silk lining. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the holiday season can also encourage stronger strands straight from the scalp, making your whole routine just a bit easier overall. Taking care of your natural hair goes down to every decision that could influence your hair in any way: your diet, hairstyles, fabric choices, and patience.
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Top Five Braided Hairstyles to Transition Into Fall

Top Five Braided Hairstyles to Transition Into Fall

Braids for Every Season

Fall is upon us! Temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are beginning to change into beautiful warm tones.

But cooler weather does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite protective styles. The season of autumn represents preparation. The cold, harsh winter weather is both drying and damaging to your hair and this season is the perfect time to prep your hair for the challenge. One of the most common protective styles is braids.

Whether you are wearing braids under your favorite wig or rocking them for the world to see, braids are a great hairstyle to transition from summer to fall. Many of us have been wearing braids long before we could walk.

Braids have been a staple hairstyle in many cultures simply because the styling options are versatile and the outcome is dependable. While the summer season had us craving long lemonade braids, fall braids can be a little more reserved yet still showcase our creativity.

No matter what your autumn goals are, these five braided styles will keep your hair protected and on-trend with little effort.


The Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids have been popular for a few years now.

The look is both chic and straightforward and provides a level of fun to your styling that you can't get from other hairstyles. To the untrained eye, fishtail braids look difficult but after a few rounds of practice, creating a cute fishtail braid can be done by memory.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1:

Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band

Step 2:

Split the ponytail into equal halves

Step 3:

Grab a small piece of hair (about a half-inch) from the outside of the left ponytail

Step 4:

Cross the small piece on the left over the hair on the right side.

Tip: Make sure that you do not twist the hair as you cross it over

Step 5:

Grab a small piece of hair (about a half-inch) from the outside of the right ponytail

Step 6:

Cross the small piece on the left over the hair on the left side.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you have run out of hair

Step 8:

Once all of your hair is braided, remove the elastic band at the base of your hair.

Step 9:

Secure your ends with an elastic band.

Now, it's time to have a little fun and play up your style!

Add some fun by pulling down a few pieces to frame your face and around your ear. You can soften your look by using a curling iron to add a few soft waves to the dangling hairs. The best part about fishtail braids is that they are meant to look a little messy.

That means that if you are gentle enough, you can get a few days to wear out of this hairstyle before you need to redo it.


The Puffy Braid

If you have fine or thin hair like I do but you love wearing braids, then this will be your new favorite braided hairstyle.

I love throwing braids into my styling routine every once in a while. They are carefree and can be casual or fancy. But, my hair is not very thick. While my hair is dense, meaning I have a lot of strands, my strands are very fine, or thin. That means that my braids often disguise just how much hair I have on my head.

Then, I discovered the puffy braid. The puffy braid is a celebrity stylist red carpet trick that changed the game for me, and I haven't looked back since. This method is a technique that makes your hair appear thicker without adding extensions (unless you want to!)

The best part is that this technique works on both regular and French braids.

Here's how to achieve this look:

Step 1:

Braid your hair the way you usually would

Step 2:

Starting at the base of the braid, gently pull the strands so that they widen.

Step 3:

Work your way down the braid, pulling each section until it widens to match the part before it.

Step 4:

Spray a light amount of hairspray to hold your style

That's it! Who knew that getting thicker hair while also wearing your favorite protective style could be so easy?

The best part is that this hairstyle can last you up to a week. Make sure that you cover your hair with a silk or satin cap at night to preserve the hairstyle and protect your hair while you sleep.


Creative Cornrow Braids

When you think of cornrow braids, the word, "creativity" might not come to mind. Cornrow braids are typically uniform and straightforward. However, current trends have proved that the long-standing hairstyle can adapt to the modernization of hairstyling.

Cornrow braids can be as basic as having your hair French braided from your hairline straight back toward the nape of your neck or can be as intricate as the recently popular feed-in braids.

Whatever your level of expertise is with braiding hair, there is a cornrow braided hairstyle for you.


Mix and Match Your Style

Instead of wearing your cornrows in a typical manner, consider mixing up your style. Try braiding your cornrows into Dutch braids for an unpredictable fashion statement.

Here's How:

Step 1:

Part your hair down the middle of your head so that you have two equal sections of hair

Step 2:

Part your hair going toward your ear so that you have one section of hair at the front of your head

Step 3:

French braid that section of hair in a straight line

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2-3 until both sides of your hair are braided

Step 5:

Starting at the front of your hair, gather the hanging strands and begin to French braid them in a backward direction toward the nape of your neck

Step 6:

Repeat step 5 on the other side of your hair

Step 7:

Secure your ends with an elastic band.

The fun part of this style is that it takes a drab protective style and showcases your creativity.

Switch it up by braiding your hair into different patterns! If you take care of your hair, you can wear this hairstyle for up to two weeks. Keep your braids fresh by using a leave-in conditioner.

Old-Fashioned French Braid Reimagined

When might be having second-grade flashbacks but don't whip out your hair scrunchies just yet!

Many of us grew up wearing a single French braid in our hair. Whether that was because our moms didn't have time to style our hair or perhaps they thought the hairstyle was fashionable is unclear. The traditional French braid isn't all bad. It is a protective style that can yield some tremendous long-term results if cared for properly.

Since it's only one braid, it's quiet and easy to install and lasts for days at a time. But you don't have to settle for old-school. You can still rock this look without looking like you just stepped out of a history book.

Small touches like changing up the direction of the braid, adding a few embellishments, and some key hair products will have you wearing the seasons' hottest style that originated from yesteryear.


Add Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a fun temporary way to make your style pop.

Wear a pretty gold headband to add a dainty touch to your look. You can also throw in a pop of color installing clip-in hair extensions before you braid your hair. Private Label Extensions has clip-in hair extensions that are 100% human hair. That means that they can withstand hair coloring without losing their integrity.

Here's a simple way to install clip-in hair extensions:

Step 1:

Part your hair and designate the area that you would like to place the clip-in

Tip: To avoid a peek-a-boo slip up, make sure that your part is larger than the weft of the extension.

Step 2:

Lightly tease your natural hair where you plan to place your clip-in

Step 3:

Install the clip in and secure the clips.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 1 through 3

Once you've got your clip-in extensions installed, braid your hair and watch as your highlights bring the style to life. Finish off your style by adding some soft wisps to your edges with PLE edge control.


Braided Bun

If you told me to name the top two most common protective styles, I would say Braids and Buns.

Choosing to wear a braided bun for your fall protective style only makes sense! We've already covered why braids are such an excellent protective style so now let's look at why buns have the protective style category in a tie.

Simply put, buns are easy! Some days you don't have the time to devote to styling your hair and a bun is right there to support you. Buns keep your ends hidden so that they don't dry out but they also look super cute! Most women would agree that a bun is a fall hairstyling staple.

Wearing this hybrid style will give you the longevity that only braids can provide you and the ease of styling that you get from wearing a bun.

Here's how to get the look:

Step 1:

Section your hair and braid each section upwards toward the crown of your head

Step 2:

Once you've read the crown of your hair, continue the braid only about a half-inch

Step 3:

Repeat steps one and two until all of your hair is braided

Step 4:

Take an elastic band and secure your hair into a ponytail

Step 5:

Separate the hair so that it is laying evenly around your head. You should have some hair toward the front, sides, and back.

Step 6:

Slowly twist your hair outward and under around the base of your ponytail

Step 7:

Once you don't have any more hair to twist, tuck your ends into the bottom of your bun

Step 8:

Use a bobby pin or an elastic band to secure it

You can easily get a few weeks out of this hairstyle by protecting your hair at night and using a shine spray during the day. Every few days, you'll need to take your bun down, detangle, and reinstall it.


Fall into Fall Hairstyles

A new season doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the same styles that you've been wearing all year long.

Keeping your hairstyles fresh is all about finding creative ways to express yourself. Fall is an excellent season to stay loyal to your protective styles but also maintain the sass that the summer sun gives us.

Make sure that you are following us on Instagram for hair styling inspiration. Leave a comment below and share what braided style you can't wait to try this season!

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Hairstyles That’ll Never Get Old or Outdated

Hairstyles That’ll Never Get Old or Outdated

Bringing Back Styles That Never Left

Hairstyles come and go depending on the season or year.

But there is something quite endearing and resilient about things that can make it through test and trials without a single scratch on them. As many would say there is nothing new under the sun, that phrase can apply to the hair trends we see every day.

Who knew that those old high yearbook photos would not look as cringe-worthy in 2018? Certain hairstyles will stand the test of time no matter how many years pass by, don't believe me? Check out the celebrities on the red carpet or the models who walk down the runway. Yes, stars like Taraji P Henson, Jennifer Lopez, or Rihanna love to change up and go for a more daring look.

But you better believe that they have that one haircut they will always return too. From generation to generation time is showing us that clothing, cell phones, and hairstyles fizzle out within a matter of seconds.

I mean think about it, you won't see just anyone still rocking a mullet or rattail haircut. You'll start to take a walk down memory lane when you look at the beautiful hair looks we have on this list. So, if you're in fear the hairdo your rocking is going out of style we assure you it probably is not.

But if you want to make sure then check out this post on hairstyles that will never get old or outdated.


The Pixie Cut

The perfect pixie cut is a timeless hairstyle that will honestly never go out of style.

The cut is elegant, chic, and fabulous for my women with robust facial features and high cheekbones. We must give thanks to Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn for testing this look out in the late 50's.

If it were not for these beautiful young ladies' stars like Halle Berry and Janelle Monáe probably would never have the guts to go through with this daring haircut. There are so many reasons why the pixie cut will continue to stand the test of times.

This style has a way of making you look like a daredevil, while also looking sophisticated. Celebrities who want to vamp up their image and try an edgier look will always go for the pixie. You must have a certain confidence level to be able to pull off this hairstyle. And once you get the big chop, you'll exude confidence everywhere you go.

On another positive note, you spend less time getting ready which means more time for playing with your make up. Not to mention lower back outfits look amazing on you.

So, a special thanks to our classic icons, celebrities, and everyday women who prove that this cut will never be outdated.


Bob Haircut

When it comes down to a classic haircut, nothing can beat out a cute, and simple bob.

This hairstyle is probably the easiest one to get and always holds its own when it comes to trends. The reason why this hairstyle will never be old is due to all the versatility it brings us. How many of us remember Rihanna's angled bob cut?

This look was a throwback in her hair evolution but a style we will forever remember her rocking. Now that years are passing by we see socialites wearing this edgy cut every chance they get. Take the Kardashian and Jenner family, for example, Kylie and Kim could shave their heads bald, and we would find some way to try it out ourselves.

But we have got to give them credit for their ability to rock a bob haircut. They will spice it up now and then by trying out a lob hairstyle or adding in longer layers with an ombre coloring. The point of the matter is whether you're a mom, college student, young, or old we know that you can pull off this style.

If you are still not convinced, check out these pics of these fantastic women rocking the timeless bob haircut.


Box Braids

From sitting in the salon chairs for hours or doing your hair in the mirror, box braid is a timeless style.

Although this hairstyle can trace back to early African American history, some may wonder when or how did it become so popular? Janet Jackson first set the box braid trend in 1993 with her film debut of Poetic Justice.

The moment the movie was over almost every black woman, and girl in America wanted box braids. Can you blame them? Janet Jackson did the style so much justice, from wearing it in high ponytails, to wrapping a stylish turban around the edges. All we know is when we go to the salon and request poetic justice braids everyone knows what we mean.

Now we are in 2018, and you can see many celebrities paying homage to the iconic 90s hair trend. Zoe Kravitz signature look is her blonde or black mini box braids, and you rarely catch her in anything different.

Then you have stars like Beyoncé who you can find wearing long goddess braids in her 2016 visual album Lemonade. It seems like the more years that go on; the more popular and creative people will get with this style. When it comes down to the MVP of surviving hair trends we have got to give it to the lovely box braids.

Anything that can stay in style for over 3000 years deserves its credit!



Cornrows is another one of our top contenders for surviving through the years of hair trends.

Dating back to 3000 B.C and particularly in Ethiopia, you could identify a warrior or a king by this hairstyle. Cornrows are an African style of grooming the hair which involves you to braid the strands close to the scalp using an underhand or overhand motion.

What is so unique about this style is that you can still see women and men rocking this look today. Don't get us wrong the history of cornrows is a bit shaky and it did have their moments where not as many people were wearing them. In the early 70s, cornrows were popular with those in the black power movement; it symbolizes their heritage.

During the 80s, however, became less popular due to a new style we know as the Jerry Curl. It's funny when you think about it now because most teens don't even know what a Jerry curl is or would wear the style.

Thankfully in the 90s and 2000s, you were able to bring cornrows back into the spotlight, all things to artists and a few celebrities. You could catch queen Latifah, bow wow, Ludacris, and Jada Pickett Smith rocking these straight backs to any concert or red-carpet event. Cornrows come in many infinite styles you can wear them in zigzags, going up, going down, into ponytails, etc.

And it is a perfect protective hairstyle to keep your strands feeling healthy and growing fast. If you are in love with cornrows as much as we are, you will find this look natural and a permanent go-to style.



Bangs are lovely they allow you to change your look instantly and get rid of any dead or split ends in the process.

When you think of this hairdo and where it originates the first person that comes to mind would probably be Cleopatra. But as history shows that cut would technically be a myth for a woman back then would wear curly wigs on top of a shaved head.

The favorite image of Cleopatra with bangs comes from the 1934 movie Cleopatra. Don't want to get your spirits down too low but the real start of this look begins in the 1920's. Women at this time were seriously experimenting with all different kinds of looks. They are wearing shorter dresses, darker lipstick, and riding bicycles for crying out loud, so you better believe they experimented with bangs.

From the moment flappers start to wear the fringe, blunt cut bangs we all fell in love. No wonder why The Great Gatsby was such a hit, the hairstyles were all iconic.

As the years roll on actresses, begin to put their spin on the bang look. Audrey Hepburn had baby bangs, and Farrah Fawcett had the iconic feathered hairdo. By the time 2000's come around you could spot many celebs like Emma Stone or Taylor Swift wearing this beautiful cut. It's an understatement to say the bang hairstyle will be in the books for many years to come.

The only question now is which bang cut you will choose?


Curly Voluminous Hair

For as long as I can remember a woman can never go wrong with curly hair.

From the nursery rhymes like Goldilocks to icons like Marilyn Monroe, we will forever love a voluminous curly hairstyle. In the 1950s pinup girls signature hairstyle was much on the curved side. I feel like the style got much of its popularity in the 70's.

I don't know about you, but it feels like everyone just had a lot more hair during the 70s. Donna Summers and Farrah Fawcett would not leave the house without their trademark curly hairdo. As the disco era starts to make its way the curly hair becomes more elaborate and bigger than ever.

Music icons always up for the more voluminous hairstyle. We know Diana Ross for performing at many awards shows with big curly tresses. Julia Roberts in the breakout movie Pretty Woman made every red-headed ginger want to try luscious curly locks.

Now today you see Beyoncé rocking her golden curly locks like it is nobody's business. Hair products are advancing day by day which makes it easier to play with your natural texture and get a curl pattern without buying extensions are weaves. We give so much love to all the ladies who wear this curly hairstyle on a regular basis.

Thanks to you all it will never go out of style.


The Ponytail

You may be wondering why ponytails are on this list, but they do have a way of cycling in and out of fashion on a regular basis.

Some say that ponytails start in the early time of cave dwellers who would pull their hair out of their eyes. The main reasons why ponytails will never go out of fashion is because you can wear them at any age and in any way.

Most celebrities personal favorite ways to style their ponytail is straight with a smooth part down the middle. For many women, this hairstyle is the perfect go-to look for any occasion. Whether you are out on a date or going for a quick run, an updo or slick ponytail is ideal.

Now, what singer/actress comes to mind when we say ponytail? No other than the beautiful Ariana Grande. We all know her for two amazing things, that incredible voice, and extremely high ponytail. You can dye the look in many colors and try out different hair accessories as well. With the right products, anyone can slay a ponytail.

If they weren't that famous back in the day, I could guarantee you'll see them a lot more in the months to come.


What Hairstyle Do You Think Will Never Get Old?

As you can see time has a way of making things a statement piece or extinct very quickly.

As the beauty industry involves so will popular hairstyles. Luckily there are still certain hairstyles that no matter what happens will always stand the test of times. You can go for the simple box braids or take a walk on the wild side with a pixie cut.

This list will help you find the perfect hairstyle that is always in trend. Look at the many celebrities on the red carpet today; we promise you they are rocking some form of a timeless hairdo. Remember just because something isn't necessarily in style doesn't mean you can't bring it back. Try to be the trendsetter, research and discover the myriad of hairstyles that could not make it past their decade.

You may find a style you never knew existed and, in the process, pull it off very well. We want to know what hairstyle you think will never get old. Give us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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How to Easily Create Beehive Hair in Various Ways!

How to Easily Create Beehive Hair in Various Ways!

Bringing An Old Style Back to Life!

Before I get into details to create various looks. Allow me to give you some history on where it all started. Margaret Vinci Heldt, the creator of the beehive who died as a legend leaving behind a unique and creative hairdo. The beehive became popular in the 1960's because of its height and style. The 60's was infamous for big hair and hairspray, and while doing my research, I've come across many celebrities who wore this style and rocked it!

Is The Beehive Still A Mood or Nah?

If your answer is "Nah" and you were born in the 80's that means you wore the "hump" in the 90's. Which is a smaller version of the beehive, which is known as the bouffant! Let's not forget about the bun. The bun is a part of the beehive and the bouffant family as well. When I think of the Beehive and the creativity that goes along with it Amy Winehouse comes to mind. Amy Winehouse, a British singer, wore the beehive in different sizes, added color and accessories. When I think of the Bouffant, I think of Aretha Franklin. Very simple and small with bangs to jazz it up a bit. Below are the tools that are used to create the beehive hairdo.

Tools needed:

  • hairpins
  • gel ( depends on the client and stylist )
  • hairspray
  • rattail comb
  • brush
  • added hair ( depends on the density of the hair )


Besides the shape, size, and height of the beehive, the teasing plays a significant part in all three. Remember to remove any hair that will be left out to make the process more comfortable for you. I suggest you braid it down or place in small ponytails.


Step #1

In the middle of your head select small sections.

Step #2

Hold that section of the hair as high as you can by the ends of the hair.

Step #3

While holding the hair by the ends began to backcomb

Step #4

Continue to backcomb as much as you need to. If your hair is thin, you may want to tease more for the fullness, or you can add hair instead. You will know that you are successful with the teasing once it looks like a birds nest. If you don't want to tease the hair, you can add synthetic braiding hair. If you're going to do this method, there is no need for teasing. You would create the shape of the beehive and add the synthetic hair in the middle. I will go into further detail about adding hair in the fullness section.


As I stated in the previous paragraph if you are uncomfortable with the teasing your hair use synthetic braiding hair. All you is one pack. Make sure the synthetic hair your using is the same color as your natural hair for blending purposes. To add hair follow the directions below!

Tools needed:

  • Hair pens
  • Synthetic braiding hair (one pack)
  • Rattail comb
  • Hair Spray ( Spritz is one of my favorite brands)
  • Brush


Step #1

Gather the hair for the beehive

Step #2

Cut the synthetic braiding hair in the middle.

Step #3

Take small amounts of the synthetic hair and create a ball so it will be easy for you to pin it down.

Step #4

Spray hairspray on the synthetic hair so it can become stiff

Step #5

Place the synthetic hair in the middle of your head or where the beehive will be.

Step #6

Take 2 - 4 hairpins and pin down the synthetic hair on the bottom only. The pins will secure the synthetic hair while you began to create your beehive.

Step #7

Using the brush starting from the sides and work your way around. You can also use the rattail comb tail for tucking.

Step #8

As your brushing, the hair makes sure you're using your hairpins to secure the beehive hairdo

Step #9

Make sure to add sheen for the finish look.

Timeline of Various Looks

The best part of any hairdo. In the previous paragraph, I talked about the basics and tools that are needed to achieve the beehive hairdo. Let me give a timeline real quick.


During the 60's hairspray was a girl's best friend. The beehive hairdo that was being worn by singer and actresses were drastic. Amy Winehouse was the perfect example of how an oversized beehive looked during this time. She wore the hairdo on the left or the right. There were times when she would wear it messy, but it didn't appear messy too if that makes any sense. When I say, Amy Winehouse hair had its personality it had personality. To achieve this look, you can add hair, or you can tease the hair. If the density of your natural hair is thin, I would recommend that you follow the directions to add hair. That way your beehive can be full of life.


The 90's was my era! Who would have known that the "hump" was a bouffant? To achieve this look stylist used gel and hairspray. By using gel, it was a guarantee that the hair wasn't moving. With the hump girls would wear fingers waves in the front with the hump in the back. Flat-twist and bangs was also a trend when wearing this hairdo.


I know you remember the bun? I remember when I used to work at the salon as an assistant. The older women that came and got there hair done would always get a bun. That was the go-to. Depending on the client the stylist would use hairspray instead of gel.

Is The Beehive Hairdo for You?

With all this information in this article, do you think the beehive is for you? If so how would you wear it? If you wore the hump in the past how did you wear it? Make sure you leave a comment below because these are questions that I would love to hear to know the answer.
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Best Time-saving Hairstyles For A Lazy Day!

Best Time-saving Hairstyles For A Lazy Day!

Salon Ready, or Not?

Everyone would love to walk out of the house looking as if they’ve left the salon, I mean I do! But to be honest, who has time for that every day. To do list, kids, work, school, businesses to run, and an influx of other priorities, taking an hour or so on your hair alone isn’t a top priority. Finding time for some self-care in the midst of our chaotic lives can be a stretch. No worries! Here are a few time-saving hairstyles for a lazy day, that will ensure you are slay-ready in no time! Time-saving hairstyles are essential, let's get into them!

Curly Hair Time Saving Tips For A Lazy Day

Tip #1 Braids while you sleep

Skip the morning rustle and bustle by braiding your hair the night before. Mist your hair with a little water, lightweight spray or gel and braid your hair accordingly. Take them out when you wake up, and you’re ready to go in minutes.

Tip #2 Create the messy look

Pulling your hair back is always a go-to time saver, but be sure to keep it low and loose around your ear area. Using bobby pins to pin curls randomly will create the no effort messy bun look everyone loves! As long as you are sure to keep it loose, your bobby pins will disappear in the hair.

Tip #3 Set it up high

When your hair is about 95% dry, pile it on top of your head and scrunch it up a bit, it does not have to be neat, it can be messy and add a clip to secure your hair. When your hair is thoroughly dry, let it down, and your curls will come out softer, looser, and will help to take a lot of bulk out of long hair. Note: While the hair is wet, be sure to use a gel or spray before clipping the hair

Tip #4 Add hair accessories

Adding a barrette, or headband to spice up your hairstyle is always a quick and easy alternative! The key is wearing the right hair accessory with the right hairstyle. Hair accessories can change your look without you having to make a drastic change. Adding a pretty barrette can make your two-minute ponytail look chic and put together. While headbands are all about adding texture to your hairstyle.

Straight Hair Time-saving Hairstyles For A Lazy Day

Split the Pony

For quick and natural curls, put your hair into a high ponytail, divide into small sections, and curl each section of hair. Once you curl your sections, take your elastic out and flip your hair over (bend forward and allow your hair to fall over your head into your face) and spray with hairspray. Viola, you are all finished!

Sleek Bun or Pony

Whether your hair is wet, dirty, or greasy a slicked bun or ponytail uses moisture, grease, or sweat to its advantage. Try parting your hair down the middle or create a side part, and style with a boar bristle brush. If creating a bun use hair pins or a hair tie to secure your hair bun. To keep everything in place and reduce flyaways use a few pumps of hairspray of spritz.

Roll it up

Using an elastic hairband, roll your hair into a chic twisted updo using the band in the back of your head.

Step #1

Start by placing an elastic headband over your hair. It should sit about two inches back from your hairline and just above your ears at the sides.

Step #2

Beginning from the front using small sections, wrap your hair over and around the headband as you move towards the back.

Step #3

Do both sides; the hair will cover the band.

Step #4

The hair at the back of your hair should still be loose under the headband.

Step #5

Split it in half and start wrapping it over the headband at the back pulling it through the hair as you go.

Step #6

Tuck your ends underneath the headband.

Step #7

If needed, pull gently at the twist on either side to loosen as desired. Voila, you have a chic twisted updo!

Natural hair Time-Saving Tips for A Lazy Day

Wash N Go

Nothing simpler or quicker than a Wash N Go, it's just what it says wash your hair and go! With your Wash N Go, be sure to have a great detangler and moisturizer. Also, to add definition use a Denman brush and gel. Tip: Although Wash N Go’s are beyond convenient, continuously doing so can cause damage and breakage to your hair.

Head Scarves or Headbands

Scarves are the most versatile fashion accessory in a woman's wardrobe. Scarves are available in so many fabrics, colors, and patterns that the possibilities are endless. With the ability to tie scarves in various ways, hair scarfs can fit any lazy day hairstyle and make it a fashion statement. There a various ways to wear head scarfs including:
  • Top Knot turban
  • Turban
  • Classic
  • Twisted Crown
These are the most popular time-saving hairstyles and here is the step by step guides to creating the look.

The Top Knot Turban

Step #1

Begin by pulling your hair forward into a large bun or puff. Yout bun/puff will be your guide when wrapping your scarf around your head.

Step #2

A Rectangular scarf is best for this particular hairstyle. If you are using a large scarf, fold it in half creating a rectangle.

Step #3

Line the center of the fold up with the base of your head and pull your scarf forward. Hold the front of your scarf securely.

Step #4

Begin twisting your scarf ad if you are putting your hair into a bun. Twist mid-way down the scarf.

Step #5

As you are twisting your scarf, begin wrapping it around the base of the bun/puff, and keep wrapping and twisting until you get to the end.

Step #6

Once you’re at the end tuck your loose ends of the scarf under the twist to secure and hide it.

Step #7

Viola, you're done!

The Turban

Step #1

Start by holding your scarf up lengthwise.

Step #2

Line the center of the fold up with the base of your head and pull your scarf forward. Hold the front of your scarf securely.

Step #3

Separate both ends and tie a knot to secure and begin twisting them together.

Step #4

As you twist, begin wrapping it into a bun at the top of your head until you’ve reached the end.

Step #5

Once you're at the end, tuck the loose ends of the scarf under the bun to secure and hide the ends.

Step #6

Viola, you’re done.

The Classic

Step #1

Fold your scarf into a triangle.

Step #2

Bring it across your head, with the long edge of the triangle going across your upper forehead.

Step #3

Cross the ends of the under your chin.

Step #4

Bring the ends to the back or the side of your neck.

Step #5

Tie ends in a square knot.

The Twisted Crown

Step #1

Center the scarf on your forehead.

Step #2

Bring the ends of the scarf forward to your forehead.

Step #3

Twist the ends like you're twisting your hair into a bun.

Step #4

Continue twisting as you wrap the crown around your forehead.

Step #5

Tuck your ends at the beginning portion of the twist.

Step #6

Viola, you’re done!

Buns, Buns, and more buns!

Whether you’re trying to avoid detangling your hair or flat out don’t feel like styling it, buns are a lifesaver. Even if your hair is shorter, using an oversized elastic can allow you to create a puff. Laying down those edges will quickly create clean, sleek, time-saving hairstyles!

Stretch Those Curls

Doing the banding method overnight is another way to save some time on styling your hair. To do these time-saving hairstyles, you divide your hair into sections, wounding cotton yarn or elastic ties around the section of hair leaving spaces in between. You can use two pieces of yarn, wrapping them around the sections of hair crossing over each other to create an “X,” or you can wrap elastics 2 inches apart going down the section. Depending on how far apart each round of winding is or how far apart the elastics go determines how loose or tight the curls will be. This method is after washing and conditioning your hair. Leave overnight to air dry, and remove the next day.

Hitting Snooze Anyone?

In an ideal world, we would have all the time in the world to style our hair. With our never-ending schedules and demands rising styling hair sometimes are at the bottom of the totem pole. With a few tricks up your sleeve hitting snooze one more time may be okay. If you have any go-to time-saving hairstyles, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. If any of these suggestions are helpful, let me know! May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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10 Ultimate Up-Dos to Prevent Summer Sweat

10 Ultimate Up-Dos to Prevent Summer Sweat

For the Love of Up-dos

Oh, how we love the summer and all it has to offer including the bright, bold hair. Summer colors pop out brilliant, and extensions are flawless, but heat waves are controlling your body temperature which can sometimes leave your hair a sweaty mess. But It is that time of year again. When you are stepping outside, you also forgive the lord for your sins. Yes, it’s that hot outside, so now we are battling between decisions of extensions, braids, anything else that will help us beat the heat. It’s hard enough to find good edge control to withstand these crazy temperatures and hot humidity. Hairstyles can be just as hard to choose from because we want to be cute, but we don’t want to sweat. That’s not realistic for persons who have Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Remain stress-free with some easy up-dos. There are plenty of ways to do head turning up-dos. In this article, I will show you how to accomplish some different dos to help you remain cute in this blazing heat. You may still sweat, but you will not be a mess!

Bun Fun

Buns can be simple and straightforward, but I have a few ways to spice up a simple bun for fun.

1. Basic Bun

If you are looking to accomplish a basic bun and don’t already know how to do so, don’t fret. Grab a ponytail holder or hair tie and brush all your hair back evenly. Whether low or high depends on you and where you want the bun located. Once you have put the ponytail in place, comb the hair out in opposite directions of each other and begin to wrap the hair around evenly and add another hair tie for security. And boom, there you have it, a simple basic bun. You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions 360 Frontal.

2. Top Knot

Top Knots are exactly how they sound. They favor a knot at the top of your hair, and you will start the process of a top knot exactly how you would like a basic bun. I love a bang with my top knots. I think they jazz them up a little bit more and can sometimes have you looking like the foreign models you acknowledge on Instagram. If you don’t want to cut your hair just for a bang, I advise you to go to your local beauty supply and get a clip in a bang that matches your hair and texture. It works just the same. Now that you have gotten your hair into a ponytail, instead of splitting the hair and wrapping around, comb your ponytail upward. Once you have done that twist it, find 1/3 of your ponytail from the holder and bend and wrap the hair downward. Use bobby pins to secure it. Now you can add your clip in bangs! There you go, girl! Now you are looking like a foreign dime piece. You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions 360 Frontal.

3. Braided Bun

This style may cause you to go to your local African braiding shop but an excellent solution to decrease sweating out your hair. Have your local braiding shop perform feed-in braids into a ponytail. Once the braids are completed and dipped, wrap the braids around for your cute braided bun! You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions 360 Frontal.

Fairy Ponytails

Ponytails can be as magical as you want them to be or plain jane. Although the ponytail game is endless, I will briefly go over how to execute a few different styles.

5. Basic long Ponytail

By now if you have lived life, you should be able to accomplish a basic ponytail, but if not, I will explain how to do so and how to add extensions for longer lengths. If your hair is already long, you may want to use your natural hair and slick it back into a cute ponytail. Use some hair from that ponytail and wrap it around covering the hair tie. Secure it with a bobby pin and slay your edges down and around. If you want the added length to that ponytail, do the same thing by putting the hair in a hair tie, this time, take your real hair and create a bun as small as you can get it. Once you do that, get the pack of extensions you would like to use, keep in mind, you can make your ponytail as full as you would like too. If you want to use more than one pack, you are more than welcome to do so. Begin wrapping the weave around the bun and use pins to secure it. If you want even more security, you can sew the ponytail around, but it takes a longer time. Once you have successfully wrapped the hair and secured it, take a piece small piece of the ponytail from the back and wrap it around to cover the tracks and bobby pin it down. Fix your edges and be fleeky! You can also achieve this look with a Private Label 360 frontal.

6. Braided Ponytail

As I discussed earlier I mentioned braided buns, braided ponytails are the same process, and you more than likely would have to have someone do this for you or visit your local African braiding shop. Either way, they are slick, sexy and fresh for any summertime occasion.

7. Pony Fishtail Braid

Many YouTube tutorials explain step by step on how to achieve a fishtail braid if you need to see it execute it but fishtail braids are too cute, and a long fishtail ponytail is sure to have people staring!

Girls with Curls

The natural hairdos are surely in place for the summer! Curls are always popping in the summertime especially because we often get our hair wet at pools or beaches. There are a few ways for the natural girls to indulge in pretty up-dos!

8. Pigtails

Yes pigtails haven’t gone anywhere in our new generation especially if you have a massive volume to your curls. Part your hair down the middle and brush hair up and tie on both sides. You can leave your curls to flourish or twist them up and make two top knots instead of one. You can also add the clip in a bang or leave some of your curls flowing in the front for a dramatic effect.

9. Cornrow Ponytail

try braiding your real hair in the front up into a natural style. No feed in hair just your hair and leave your curls hanging out in the ponytail! It’s an old school style, but who says we can’t bring trends back from the past, we do it all the time.

10. French Roll

To get the best possible result, I would go to a salon and have them do your French roll. But don’t be afraid to try yourself at home by watching a quick YouTube tutorial. The classic French roll or French twist is a bit boring, so if I ever do one, I like to jazz mine up with my natural curls in the top or front. I don’t put all my hair back into the original twist.

11. Braiding hair mohawk

A lot of natural women I know to use is braiding hair for volume, and it blends with our natural hair texture so well. A style I truly love is a three-part up-do where you incorporate braiding hair for volume. Part evenly three sections in your hair horizontally. Use a hair tie the section off these sections directly down the middle. Take your stretched braiding hair and add the hair to each part separately. There are some YouTube videos online that will show you how to add braiding hair to your hair to create one big braid. At this point, after you have added hair to each section, you should have three big braids going down the middle of your hair. Wrap each braid around in resemblance to a bun. It should be three big buns going down. This style should virtually be a braided mohawk going down the middle of your head. Use bobby pins to secure each bun and last but not least, tackle those edges and fly-away.

True To Up-dos

Up-dos are timeless and innovative just like any other hairstyle. We continuously use up-dos all the time when in stressful situations like work or performing any job duty whether you are out or at home. So why not just style an up-do from the get-go instead of waiting until you get hot to resort to one. Keeping your hair up and off your neck, especially extensions will help prevent tangling, and the same goes for back sweat. Stop being stressed when less is more anyway. You can be radiant in an up-do this summer, do not be hot trying to hide your face behind all that hair. The Private Label offers many different types of extensions to help you achieve any updo you wish!
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Best Natural and Weave Styles for Job Interviews

Best Natural and Weave Styles for Job Interviews

Getting Your Hair Interview Ready

They say don't judge a book by its cover, but that is what happens in an interview. Employers read your synopsis or resume and look over your physical profile. This analysis of who you are and what you have to offer starts at the outfit you wear to your jewelry, your shoes and all the way up to your hair. When you're up for an interview, it is essential to keep a professional, and polished look regardless of your style or personal preferences, and don't worry, and it only takes a few small adjustments!

Best Extensions Styles For An Interview

Extensions provide some of the best styles for an interview. A few go to styles are a sharp blunt cut bob. The shorter look achieved with Brazillian straight extensions of twelve to fourteen inches. Another option is to get a sweet top knot bun; top knots are fashionable and professional. Top knots mean slicking the hair backward and twisting your natural hair on itself until you have a bun, or braiding the natural hair and wrapping the extensions around the base of the ponytail to build the layers of the bun. Longer styles in Brazilian Straight, Peruvian Wave or Brazilian Deep Curly are suitable for interviews as well. Despite many people believing that longer hair is unprofessional, long styles are acceptable as long as they are kept in one uniformed style. And that it doesn't become the focal point of your attention with excessive hair touching, flipping or fixing.

Best Natural Styles For An Interview

I love the pineapple fro look, and it is a classic that is low manipulation on the hair, fun for nights out and professional as well. Wearing your hair in its natural state is always an option, adding in a beautiful black or white headband or letting it all hang out is not the worst idea. Allowing your natural hair to be free is a good idea for the interview because you will not have to continually change who you are or what you look like after securing the position. Furthermore, an excellent natural style to wear for an interview is a twist or braid out. These styles for an interview add definition and order to your hair and align with your hair goals as well as the professional look of the place you are applying. My favorite natural style to wear for professional events is a nice pin-curled look. Your hair does not have to be straightened to look neat. Contrary to popular belief or stereotypical ideas, styles like locs, braids or twists look professional when braided.

Hairstyle Dont's For Interviews

There are so many different things that we are told not to do in interviews, but the only thing we hear about hair is to 'keep it neat,' well here are two don'ts for neat and professional hair in an interview.

1. Try Not To Have Colored Hair

I used to love wearing colored weave. And I know a lot of my hair enthusiasts out there are less than excited that the majority of jobs frown upon their employees having colored or bleached hair. For most positions, (except this hair loving one!) that I have had have required me to have a 'natural hair color' such as black or brown. If you can step away from the developer, and modge podge hair color, try to wear your natural hair color for your interview. However, if your hair is already colored follow the other tips mentioned. Place your hair in a neat hairstyle such as a long bun, two braids, wear a style that will still look nice with your color but will not draw extra attention to your hair.

2. Don't Overdo it on the Flair

I love hair jewelry such as beads, string, color, or fleeky edges but those items have their time and place, and neither are at your interview while you are making the first impression on your future employer. Tone down the swirls and designs and you should be fine!

Hairstyle Do's For Interviews

1. Keep Your Hair Sleek

Now I just told you to lay off the edge control, but that doesn't mean that your hair cannot still be sleek. Use that extra energy that would've been spent on your edges to make sure you have no flyaways, your hair is not caught in your outfit and prepared for any mishaps that could happen like frizz, keeping an extra hairband and tons of extra bobby pins!

2. Make Sure Your Hair Is Out Of Your Face

Bangs are beautiful, but you don't want to walk into your interview with wild hair dangling in your face distracting the interviewer from you. Pull your hair back using a headband, ponytail holders or cornrows or twists in front of your hair. Try to avoid wearing a scarf even if it's a bad hair day, and a scarf is too casual.

Merging Your Personal and Professional Preferences

Getting your hair ready for an interview doesn't always have to be stressful. The most important tips are to make sure your hair looks polished, secured and does not interfere with the position you are interviewing. Typically, colors or styles that incredibly long tend to frown upon in the corporate world. However, when hair is neat and clean, these issues resolve themselves unless expressly against the dress code. When interviewing the goal is to impress, but be sure to give an explicit representation of your self, something that starts with your look! However, if you are unwilling to compromise on your hair for religious or moral reasoning don't fret jobs that overlook you for the style of your hair. It's essential to work for a company that values you for your skills, experience and what's in your head not just what's on it.
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9 Wedding Hair Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

9 Wedding Hair Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Congratulations, Girlfriend You’re Getting Married!

Wow, what is a better day than getting married? Well, I’m sure many other events but a wedding up there! Its one of the best days of a woman’s life! The day she gets to get all dolled up, walk down an aisle and stand before the love of her life. How beautiful! But I’ll tell you something else that is also beautiful, and that stands out; how great the bride looks! I mean, come on, how you look on your wedding day is so important! It’s a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. You will also have tons of photos reminding you of that particular day too. So, besides making sure your makeup is excellent and nails aren’t chipped, your hair is top priority! After your wedding is over, you don’t want to have not one regret about how you looked! To help out by women who are all currently engaged, I created a list of 9 wedding hair mistakes you don’t want to make! Keep reading if you’re ready for some tips.

Don’t Get A Brand New Style

Okay, hear me out. I understand it's your wedding day, and you want to look your best, and you will but do not get a brand new hairdo! Depending on the style, most women get their hair styled in the morning of their wedding. That means if you get a style you don’t like, you have one of two options. You could have your stylist redo your hair and make your guest wait past the start time. Or you could deal with it and walk down that aisle. However, we both know neither one of those options is good! I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a new style but try it out, first! That is why its good to prepare ahead of time. In my opinion, the best time frame to try the style out you want is 30 days before your wedding. That way you have time to wear it for a while before you make up for your mind. Honestly, a few days should be a reasonable timeframe for you to know if you want that style for your wedding or not. During the process of planning your wedding, even your appearance has to be prepared. Too many people think getting hair is makeup isn’t a big deal, until it’s a big deal and then its too late. Don’t be that person. Set a date to where you get your wedding hair, nails, and makeup done so that you know its what you want. Also, if your glam squad hasn’t worked with you before, then you want to make sure you try them way before the wedding.

Don’t Get A Non-Wedding Hair Style

Yes, you can get what you want for your wedding but make sure it's wedding-worthy. No matter what you’re wearing or how your hairstyle looks, people can always look at it and match it with an event. Think about it; would you rock a ponytail for your wedding day or do you also plan on going to a tennis match afterward? Exactly! On your wedding day, it's essential that you know to go outside the box. Be bold and be different. Your wedding day will be one for the books, and you want it to be memorable. When you walk down that aisle, you want people to first be head over heels at how stunning you look. You don’t want to feel or look basic. Save essential for next Tuesday.

Don’t Get Hair Color Within 30 Days of Wedding

I must repeat myself; do not get hair color within 30 days of your wedding. Don’t. Yes, we love hair color. It's different, funky and can change your entire appearance. But don’t forget that it's still a chemical which means anything can go wrong. What if you apply hair color two weeks before your big day and the color turns out being a tragic mess? If it has dye in it, then you will have to wait a while before you can try to fix it. Also, depending on the color and brand, sometimes it takes a while before the color to set. The last thing you want is to be walking down the aisle with orange hair knowing it should have been a burgundy color! But get me wrong, color is still a good choice, but as I mentioned earlier, you want to test out the hairstyle or color you will be wearing, well in advance, so you are sure about its what you want. However, make sure you try the color close to two months before the wedding.

Don’t Wash Your Hair The Morning of Wedding

If you have hired a hairstylist to do magic on your hair, please, let them do their job. Unless the hairstylist has instructed you to wash your hair the morning of the wedding, don’t. Often we hire someone for service but still want to make things smooth for them so we do as much as we can. However, if you hire someone for a job, you also don’t want to interfere with their plans. For instance, let's say you wanted a high bun for your wedding. Most people know that older hair holds higher styler, better. Sure, clean hair is the best hair, but when it comes to styling it, old is best. When your hair is older and needs washing, it usually has a lot more volume and character in comparison to freshly washed hair. Do yourself a favor and your hairstylist, and let them do their job. The last thing you want to do is mess up their process, in trying to make you look your very best.

Don’t Forget to Check The Weather

Although we all should check the weather often, for those getting married, you should check it a lot more frequently. Like, hourly. Checking the weather goes a lot deeper than just seeing if it's going to be sunny or raining. When it comes to hair, many factors of the weather can affect how it will look. For starters, we all know humidity is not our friend if we have shiny curls or straight hair. Certain humidity levels can cause your hair to be puffy which will ruin your style. And believe me, you don’t want a destroyed hairstyle on your wedding day or any day for that matter. Also, if you do check the weather a few days before your wedding, and its nothing something you like then you can change your style that will be more suitable. This section is where ‘plan b’ comes into play. Always have an extra hairstyle in your back pocket in case a storm is headed your way. When it comes to your wedding, you never want to be underprepared. Always have extra ideas and a strategy in case something doesn’t go your way. For example, if you were planning on wearing longs hair extensions and the weatherman is calling for rain, a cute, slick low bun would work just fine!

Don’t Bring Too Many People During Your Consultation

If you’re like most people, you will set a consultation with your hairstylist ahead of time to discuss what you want for your wedding. But beware, everybody and their mom don’t need to be in attendance. The issue with having too many people at your consultation means too many opinions and unless you’re a mentally strong person who knows what they want, leave the other people home. A lot of people don’t want you to have something just because you can't or don’t have it too. So regarding your wedding, always try your best to know what you want. When in doubt, remember you will have your hairstylist there to help you and maybe one other person with you in the waiting room. You may also be someone who knows what they want, but then their family and friends may go against that and say it doesn’t look right. Now you will feel confused or even upset because your mind is changed. Of course, we all want our loved ones to agree with us but sometimes its best it's you entirely have your way, only.

Don’t Think You Have To Hire a Stylist

I know one of the biggest things brides try to do is save money, where they can. So I want to remember you do not underestimate your ability to do your hair for your wedding! Nobody said you had to hire a hairstylist, did they? No. But I get it, you most likely don’t want to do anything for your wedding and want to be pampered. That is fine as well. A lot of times we pay for services that we are fully capable of doing ourselves. So in case you forget that you have your cosmetology license, remember you can save that few hundred dollar expenses and put it towards a honeymoon or even keep it in the bank! I’m sure your new significant other will be proud!

Don’t Ignore Your Hairs Health

Ladies, if you know you are getting married with the next 12 months, you need to make the health of your hair a top priority. I understand that life happens and sometimes we put the health of our hair to the waist side. We continue our lives with that same raggedy ponytail that’s breaking our hair off. That needs to stop, now. If your hair is damaged or in bad condition, how will your hairdresser be able to style you properly? If you didn’t know, but damaged hair is not always the easiest to work with you know! Also, because it's your wedding, you want to make sure you are looking your best, which includes your hair. If you know your hair isn’t in the best shape right, I would suggest setting an appointment for a consultation with a hairstylist as soon as possible. You want to make sure your hair begins to get the foods it needs and proper care! Remember healthy hair is the best hair!

Don’t Forget About Gloss

Last but not least, do not forget about that shine girl! There is nothing worse than someone looking their best and their hair ‘style’ is, but it seems dry! Trust me; dry hair is not something you want on your wedding day! That would be a complete mistake! Just think about the number of pictures you have to take from sunrise to sunset! You want to ensure your hair shine is bouncing off the photo! One cool tip is to have someone carry a bottle of hairspray with them, in case you will need throughout the wedding. Another tip is making sure you are keeping up with your deep conditioners and drinking plenty of water, in the months leading up to the wedding. Water is the best all natural moisturizer. As long as you are feeding your body with the best foods and drinks and taking care of your hair, shiny hair shouldn’t be an issue.

Now Say I Do!

Remember, your hairstyle is just as important as you decide if you want chicken or beef on your wedding menu. As I mentioned earlier, your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day that marks love and commitment for all the remaining years of your life. You will have the chance to share that day with many friends and family while taking lots of photos! Therefore, you want to make sure you look your very best. The above common mistakes that I listed are a simple guide to ensure you don’t follow the same mistakes. Little things like checking the weather several times throughout the coming weeks or even having a backup plan, will save you time and money! Just make sure your appearance is the top priority and have a fantastic wedding! Congratulations!
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7 Unique Ways to Wear Bangs and Rock Your Next Hairstyle!

7 Unique Ways to Wear Bangs and Rock Your Next Hairstyle!
Having bangs can be a great way to add an edgy look to your style. Bangs come in all different shapes and sizes from fringed to feathered. Are you running out of ideas on how to style bangs? Are those bangs continually getting in your way? Do you know how to make them last Well, I can tell you now that having the perfect bang doesn't have to be as tedious as it seems. One day while I was doing my hair, I wondered how can I maintain my bangs? What different ways could I wear the style? So, I have decided to compile together an impressive list that will hopefully bring some inspiration on how to style bangs. I'll also teach you how to keep them fresh, voluminous, and looking brand new! This information will be fun and helpful, so make sure to take plenty of notes!

Different Styles Of Bangs

There are so many different bang styles that you can rock! Straight bangs are one of the most popular bang styles, so I'll go into how to make those first.

Straight Bang

Now wearing your bangs straight is the most common way to style it. This can be a super cute and a simple look. It is also a fashion trend that is sweeping the world away. What's so great about straightening your bangs is how quick and easy it is to achieve this hairstyle. Here are the supplies you'll need:

How to Get Straight Bangs

    1. Grab your flat iron and make sure to set the temperature to between 300 or 350 degrees.
    2. Once you have straightened your hair into the appropriate position, use a little hairspray to keep everything in place.
TIP: If you're going to be straightening your natural hair make sure you put some hair foam or water on your bang beforehand. you do not want to burn or dry out your real hair.

Braided Bang

Another cute way to style your bangs is to have them braided. This hairstyle can be great for those of you who are trying to grow out your bangs. Dealing with excessively long bang styles can be annoying, so instead of using constant hair clips to hide them away give this look a try! Here are the supplies you'll need:
  • Bobby pins
  • Brush/ Comb

How To Get A Braided Bang

  1. You want to make sure that you comb out your bang first before you start to braid it. Combing your bang will help prevent your hair from tangling or knotting up. Try not to put too much hair product on your bang when you braid it because this can make the hair slippery and cause the braid to fall apart throughout the day.
  2. After you detangle your bang, it's time to start the braiding process. Don't feel discouraged if you do not know how to braid your hair just yet. You can wear this style in a two-strand twist as well. If you need extra help try watching YouTube videos, this was very helpful for me.
  3. Once the bang is braided or twisted pin it to the side of your hair and secure with bobby pins. If the braid is long enough, you can also just tuck it behind your ears. This style is a super cute look for a Sunday brunch or a lovely picnic with friends and loved ones. It also feels good to give your forehead a break from the constant hair being in the way.

Swoop Bang

If you want to go for a more elegant look, you can try swooping your bang to either side of your face. A lot of celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, even Emma Stone have been known for slaying this look. This style is also helpful for those who are trying to grow out their bangs. Here are the supplies you'll need:
  • Blow Dryer
  • Round Bristle Brush

How To Get Swoop Bangs

  1. To achieve this look make sure your hair is a little damp, then part the front of your bang to the side you would like the swoop to be on.
  2. Now take your round brush and place it underneath your bang. As you pull the brush down in front of you begin to blow dry the top of the bang and continue until you have brushed it all the way through.
  3. So basically you want to make sure your blow drying as your rolling the hair with the brush, see picture for details.
  4. Now your bang should be fully set to the side, use hairspray on the swoop for a longer lasting look. You can leave your hair as is, or you can try pinning the swoop into a back bun.
  5. If you are trying this method with the blow dryer and it does not seem to be working, try putting hair foam on the bang and using a flat iron to stretch the hair in a swooping motion. Now brush it to the side and use a little hairspray to maintain the swoop in place.
  6. Pull the rest of your hair into a back bun and put a headband on your swoop bang for about 15 to 20 minutes. After time has passed, you can remove the headband and put extra bobby pins if needed to keep swoop in its shape.
  7. Now you are ready for a gorgeous night out on the town.

Pull Back or Bumped up Bang

A bumped up or pulled back bang is a very familiar style to wear. It gives an illusion of a mini mohawk. I am sure we all had those moments where we are dreadfully tired of having those bangs hanging in our face. This hairstyle gives your face a total break. Here are the supplies you'll need:
  • Bobby Pins
  • Holding Spray

How To Get Pull Back or Bumped Up Bangs

  1. The first thing is to choose where you want the hair bump to be on your head. Some people may like it on the crown of their head and low, or high and more towards the front of their hair. It all depends on how you want it, and how long your hair is. The shorter the bang the closer the bump will be to the front of your hair.
  2. Once you find what looks useful to you, you can begin teasing your bang to create a fuller bump. To tease your hairdo, use your comb and go in a downward motion from the tip of the hair to the scalp, do this about three to four times. Then, slightly pinch the bang where you want the back of the bump to be and push it forward.
  3. Add bobby pins or hair clips to keep the style in place.
  4. If your natural hair is already pretty thick, there is no need for you to tease it, and you can proceed with the steps that follow. This hairstyle is very long lasting. Make sure to bring extra bobby pins if needed throughout the day to hold your bump in the same position.

Center Part Braided Bangs

A fascinating look you can do with your bangs is part it down the middle and make two twists or braids to the side. This style has been going on for years now. You probably thought this hairstyle was more for children, but no honey plenty of women, including celebrities, have been seen rocking this timeless look. Here are the supplies you'll need:
  • Comb
  • Rubber bands/ bobby pins

How To Get Center Part Braided Bangs

  1. To accomplish this look, grab a comb and make a middle part from the start of the bang to the crown of your head. Make sure you take the time to comb out the bang of any knots or tangles before braiding.
  2. Now proceed to two strand twist or braid both sides of the bang. Again, make sure there is not too much product on your hair, for this makes the braid fall or break apart throughout the day. Once you have finished braiding or twisting both sections, grab bobby pins to secure the ends to the side of your hair.
  3. If your hair is thin and braids are known for falling apart on its own, try using a rubber band at the end of the twists to hold them in place.

Curly or Wavy Bangs

Another way to style those bangs is to curl them up. Many of you who have naturally curly hair may think this process is complicated, but I assure you it is not, whether you have straight or wavy hair check out these steps on how to slay curly bangs. Here are the supplies you'll need:
  • Curl Definers
  • Bobby Pins
  • Curling wand (optional)

How To Get Curly or Wavy Bangs

  1. First, make sure your hair is a little damp, this makes it easier to style. A method to maintain the perfect wavy bang without heat is using a good curl definer; these curl definers help your hair remain fresh and less oily than if you were to overuse a ton of hair care products.
  2. If you haven't tried curl definers researching different brands, and testing out what will work best for your curl pattern would be a great idea.
  3. Now take a small amount of curl definer and place it on your bangs and gently twist your hair while applying it, after a while curls should begin to form and use more only if necessary.
  4. This method is suitable for my natural curly sues out there; it helps you have more control over your curl pattern without it being too wild and free.
  5. You can also use a curling wand to curl your bangs. Add a little bit of heat protectant so you won't damage your hair too much. Once you have set your curls, make sure to comb through them with your fingers for a loose wave texture. You can now leave your bang as is or secure them to the side of your hair with bobby pins or hair clips.

Cut Bangs

Yes! The ultimate way to give your bangs a dramatic look is to cut them. I know cutting may seem extreme, but to get out of your old hairstyle ways a nice trim can be a significant step. When you cut your bangs, it helps them grow and adds dimension to your face. Also trimming your hair adds layers, and this can also be helpful when it comes down to styling your hair quickly and efficiently. You don't have to be afraid for I have listed some useful steps to help with the process. Here are the supplies you'll need:
    • Scissors
  • Small tooth comb
  • Tiny Brush

How to Get Cut Bangs

So, if you don't trust yourself I would suggest going to a hair specialist for trimming, but for those of you who are a pro with a pair of scissors, this is what you will need to do.
  1. Place your hair in a ponytail and proceed with combing your bang to the front, make sure they lay as flat as possible. Make sure your hair is dry. I repeat, do not cut your hair when its wet you may end up cutting your bang shorter than you want.
  2. Next, place your comb underneath your bang and move it down to where you want them to hit on your forehead.
  3. Now you want to take your scissors, most people will try to cut horizontally but its best to hold the scissors vertically and make small cuts right below the comb.
  4. Check to make sure the hair is even by using your fingertips to tassel and move the bang around.
  5. Once everything seems to be in order, use a brush to get rid of any tiny hairs that could have been left over by cutting the bang. Congrats, you have done it, and now your bang should have a little more style and dimension!

Seven Tips To Maintain Your Bang

Now that you've gotten some inspiration for ways to style your bangs let's give you some tips on how to keep them healthy and beautiful as well.

Invest in a Mini Flat Iron

If you want your bangs to be banging, you must invest in the proper tools. Investing in a smaller flat iron is better than a larger one. Smaller flat irons can get a better grip on the shortest parts of your bang. This hair tool will be beneficial and will save a lot of time when it comes down to styling your hair in the morning. While you are straightening, make sure to start at the root of your hair. When you come to an end do a slight bump to keep volume in the bang. The reason why mini flat irons are so fantastic is that it leaves your bang with a smooth finished look rather. This will prevent you having crimps or wrinkles in it. Even though buying a smaller flat iron would be easier a regular sized one can do the job as well. Try to find time to save money so you can purchase the best hair tools for your bang.

Blow Dry Bang In Opposite Direction

Blow drying your bang in the opposite direction may sound weird, but trust me it will give it a lot more volume. Certain things you should know, like if you want your bangs to lay on your forehead blow dry them upward. If you want them to stay more to the left blow dry to the right and vice versa. I promise this will leave your bang looking voluminous and bouncy.

Blow Dry Hair Quickly

You want to make sure you blow dry your hair as soon as possible. The dryer or less moisturized your hair is, the harder it is to style. So, try wetting your bangs and then blow drying them. It will be easier to place into a style, and you will always have a clean look.

Try Using Less Product

If you use too much product, you are making your heavier and this, in turn, will weigh down your bang. Dry shampoo is an excellent alternative to thick hair care products. A small spritz of hairspray can do the job as well. If more is needed, then definitely apply just make sure it is in low doses.

Wash Bangs Regularly

Since your bangs are shorter than rest of your hair, you want to make sure you wash them regularly. By regularly I mean you'll probably have to clean them at least every other day. Bangs sit on top of your forehead, and unbelievably our skin can generate a lot of natural oils. To make sure your hair does not become too oily or greasy its best to keep them clean. Dry shampoo helps with the cleanliness. All of this hard work will be worth it when you have the hottest bangs in town.

Invest in a Bristle Brush

Invest in a small bristle brush. This is crucial if you plan to wear bangs for a while. These brushes will be your best friend. They are not costly and they help grab every inch of hair. Once you purchase this brush, it will be easier to blow dry every inch of your bangs.

Find a Good Salon

Lastly, find a good salon! I know life can be hectic, and we can have a million and one things on our plate. But we must take time out of our day to go to a hairdresser. Cutting and trimming our hair is vital to refrain from having split ends and to have healthy hair. If your hair is healthy more than likely, your bangs are going to grow at a faster rate. To keep your hair in good standing, make sure to visit your local hair salon at least 2 to 3 times a month.
I hope these amazing ways on how to style bangs inspired you to try a new look this week! Even if you don't get the chance to try out any of these styles at least you will have some tips on how to make your bangs last. You've also learned how to style bangs more efficiently. The good thing is you don't have to break the bank to attain any of these looks. Conquer your day, give it a try, and most importantly get more bang for your buck! Tell us which bang was your favorite and which do you plan on trying?
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Synthetic Hair Styles to Achieve Using No Heat

Synthetic Hair Styles to Achieve Using No Heat

Synthetic Hair? No Problem, Check Out These No Heat Techniques

So, most of us know that getting synthetic hair can come with a few pros and cons. We love it because of the low cost and even lower maintenance. One of the major downfalls with a synthetic weave is that it's typically hard to re-curl or straighten it over again. The blend of this hair is usually plastic mixed with other fibers that create the look of flowy natural tresses. So, if you were to put any intense heat on the synthetic extensions, they would burn or melt. Luckily there are some ways around this issue. So, check out this list of all the synthetic hairstyles you can achieve without using intense heat.

Straightening Synthetic Hair with Hot Water

Straightening synthetic hair may seem difficult to do without using a flat iron, but it is possible. If you have old synthetic wigs or weave laying around you will want to give this trick a try. You can uncurl your Kanekalon extensions by dipping it back into hot water. You can try this method one of two ways. First, you can boil the hair before installing it in your head. If you are heating the extensions in water, make sure you towel dry them afterward. Also, be sure to comb out any knots in the hair before reinstalling them back on your head. To prepare the water make sure you boil it to about 330 degrees Fahrenheit, any hotter and the fibers could melt. When you dip the extensions in the boiling water (Check out this article on boiling weave methods), make sure to leave it in for 15 seconds at a time. You can gently smooth out the weave with your fingers because brushing with a hard comb will damage the fibers. Let the hair air dry before sewing it onto your head.

Another Way to Use This Technique

The second way to use this technique is separating medium sections of your weave and dipping it into the hot water. Keep a cloth nearby to dry up any wet spots from hitting your body or head. The same thing goes, you want to dip the hair in hot water for 10 to 15 seconds. Finger comb the weave and let air dry before brushing it out. Dealing with hot water can be dangerous, so be sure to wear clothes that cover up the skin. If these techniques seem like something you that would interest you, buy safety gloves and use plenty of towels. Remember never go to sleep without wrapping the hair in a bonnet. If you lay on the straighten synthetic hair, it will take form in whatever position it was in last. So, protecting the hairstyle before bed will ensure that the style will last for a long time.

Straightening Synthetic Hair with Steamer

You can also use steaming as a method of lightly straightening your synthetic hair. It's easy to try this with a steamer tool, so if you have one, it will come in handy. One important thing that a steamer can do for synthetic hair is to eliminate frizz. Steamers come with specific settings that will make sure not to burn your hair and leave you hopeless. Make sure to wash the synthetic hair with a specific shampoo that does not have harsh chemicals. Separate the hair into small sections. Then grab a fine-tooth comb and move your hand in a downward motion while steaming the parts. You do not want the steam to stay in one spot longer than three seconds, or it will surely burn. It will also help overall if you add a dash of heat protectant. Wig steamers an inexpensive and you can find most of them at the beauty supply and drug stores.

Use Trapped Steam from Bathroom

If you want to save money, you can also steam your hair in your bathroom using your shower. This method may be time-consuming but can be just as effective as using a wig steamer. Make sure to close all windows in the bathroom before starting. The goal is to strap as much seam as you can in the room as possible. You can run hot water in the shower or sink until the room is steamy. Next, grab a bristle brush or wide-tooth comb and free the hair of any knots or tangles. This process should be natural since the steam will heat up the fiber in the extensions and cause it to loosen up. After you begin to brush the curls, you should start to see the synthetic strands become straight. After you get the desired look you want, place the hair in a cool place. Let the piece air dry before installing it onto your head. As you can see steaming your synthetic hair can work wonders as a styling option. If you have a shower or hot water, you can achieve the straight look within a matter of minutes.

Curling Synthetic Weave with Hot Water

This method works fast but can be dangerous, so make sure to take your time if you are going to use this method. You do not want to get burned so take extra precautions to make sure that you are safe. First, choose your method of curling, you can use two strand twist, perm rods, flexirods, braids, or Bantu knots. Once you select the way, you would like to curl your hair, grab a full cup, and add hot water to the mug. You can heat up the water by boiling it or using the microwave. If your hair is already on your head, then you should dip each set of curl into the hot water. After about 5 to 10 seconds you can remove the coil out of the water and lightly dry it with a towel. If the synthetic locks are not in your head, then curl using flexirods and place the rods in a bowl of hot water. Tip: The water does not have to be boiling, just warm enough to set the curls in place. The entire hair does not have to dry for a long time before you unravel them.

Curling Synthetic Hair with Roller Set & No Hot Water

Some may not know it, but there are ways that you can curl synthetic hair without using the hot water technique. Using hot water can be dangerous, and there are plenty of untold stories of people who accidentally burn themselves in the process. So, if you have time try to invest in a good set of hair rollers. Once you have the curls in, let them sit overnight in a bonnet or head wrap, to ensure they won't fall out. The next morning unravel the rollers in a downward spiral and separate them to create volume. Try not to separate the strands too small, or it will make the hair frizzy and more accessible to tangle. If you are looking for a permanent curl, then this won't be the method for you. After 2 to 3 days the style will drop, and you'll have to reapply the roller sets (Check out this article: roller set natural hair). So, for anyone looking for a short-term curly style for your synthetic extensions give this method a try.

How Do You Style Your Synthetic Hair?

Trust us no-heat hairstyles do exist, especially if you are someone who loves wearing synthetic hair. These methods are foolproof and work very well if you take the time to review the instructions. Synthetic hair can be fantastic for those of you who love to save money in any way they can. Although this type of brand is cheap, that doesn't mean we can't make it look great and last longer. If you know you want a particular curl pattern, try using these methods on the hair before installing it on your head. Thankfully now you know that taking your tresses from straight to curly and vice versa doesn't require using heat at all. Despite popular opinion, there is plenty of hairstyles you can achieve without using intense heat. So, ditch that blow dryer and curling iron for a while and try some of these methods out if you dare. And if you have some techniques you use to style your synthetic hair, we want to know. Tell us all about it in the comments down below.
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