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The Demand for Hairstylists Will Rise Tremendously by 2020 & Here's Why

The Demand for Hairstylists Will Rise Tremendously by 2020 & Here's Why

A Growing Industry

I have fond childhood memories of going to Sufronia Mitchell also known as Ms.Tiggy’s hair salon, in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. The best hairstylists around.

Ms. Tiggy was an older lady who had done hair for many years. She was our family beautician who laid hands on the hair of my aunts, cousins, my grandmother, and my mother. She was the go-to lady on the east side. Even as a child, I knew that my press out would be flawless.

She was kind, a good listener and a master at her craft. When I think of great hairstylists, I often refer to her because she was passionate and dedicated at a time when social media did not exist. All old school stylists had to go on was the word of mouth to maintain their business.

The game has drastically changed, and there are numerous ways to obtain a career in cosmetology.

The different avenues to promote and showcase skills within the industry have to lead to an uptick in hairstyling jobs.


Hairstylists Growing With the Times

Hairstylists who are currently making their way through school and mastering their skills will be happy to hear that their future job opportunities are ever growing.

There is an increasing demand for hairstylists in particular, but all cosmetology disciplines in general. Aaron's Academy of Beauty advises that some of the cosmetology areas of focus such as hair styling are expected to grow at a rate of 16 percent by 2020.

This growth is just a little higher than the national average of 14 percent, according to

Why The Expected Growth in the Hair Styling Industry?

The high demand for hairstylists correlates with increased birth rates over the last couple of decades.

There are just more people in the world. More folks mean more of them need hairstylists and other cosmetology services they so now are the time to take advantage of this career if you desire to do so.

Personal Opinion

I wasn’t able to locate any statistics about the influence of social media as it pertains to the job market increase.

But I am sure social media plays a significant part in more hair styling jobs. Through social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook, the stylist is able to showcase their skill with a simple photograph or video. Potential clients have easy access to locate the stylist they desire.

Being able to search for a hashtag to find a salon or stylist is a win-win situation for hairdressers and clients.


Don't Forget the Barbers

The need for more barbers will stem primarily from an increasing population.

Which in turn will lead to higher demand for essential hair care services, especially with the beard gang movement. According to Porter Chester, the need for hair coloring, hair straightening, and other advanced hair treatments has risen in recent years.

A trend that is expected to continue over the coming decade.

Upcoming Hair Artists

The future is booming for those entering this field.

As people predict the growth of our economy and the US attempts to avoid another period of recession, more and more people are looking for services that provide cosmetology expertise.

So, what does this mean for future hairdressers? Coming out of recession means that there is a higher demand for cosmetology students to take the place of retiring cosmetologists.

Or ones who are leaving the industry and to step into these roles and serve the increasing population.


More Jobs, More Money

Those who just graduated may be looking to get in at an entry-level position.

Trust me when I say there should be plenty of opportunities out there. There are lots of job positions open in cosmetology in general and hairstyling in particular.

More salons and beauty shops are opening each month all around the country, and it’s only sensible to think that they will need people to fill the vacant positions. They are looking for qualified and talented individuals.

But they also want enthusiastic workers, and new cosmetology students are perfect for the job.

Stats on Stats on Stats

According to Wikipedia, In 2008, 29% of hairstylists worked part-time, and 14% had variable schedules. As of 2008, people working as hairdressers totaled about 630,700, with a projected increase to 757,700 by 2018.


Pros and Cons of Becoming a Stylist

The fun thing about this career is that it requires interaction with clients and colleagues of different background.

Which giving cosmetologists an opportunity to build a diverse and reliable network and Interaction with clients and colleagues who may lead to invitations to networking events which will grow their clientele.

The cons are long hours, competition and starting your career with lower wages.

Be Your Own Boss

Take note future Cosmetologists. After you complete your certificate and Training, you will obtain with the skills necessary to create and manage a business which can turn into numerous several opportunities to run your own business!

Options Galore

Some cosmetologists rent booth space in hair salons, spas and resorts.

Renting allows a hair stylist to build a solid client base without committing to the expense of renting an entire space. Renting spaces can get pricey and may not be the best choice for some.

Cosmetologists may decide to open their own salons once they have enough clients to support their business. Self-employment gives cosmetologists the freedom to make decisions about their fees and work hours.

Cosmetology professional has the opportunity to help people feel good about themselves, making this job personally satisfying. Despite the low wages reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hairdressers ranked number 12 on the "U.S. News & World Report" list of best social services 2018.

The publication states that there is a 3.0 percent unemployment rate.


Numbers Don't Lie

If you are interested in becoming a stylist, now is the time to jump on board.

In a time when the economy is always in question, it is wise to choose an industry that you are passionate about and one which will provide multiple opportunities for job prospects. Set yourself up to win and work in a creative industry.

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Different Services A Hair Stylist Can Provide for Any Client Type

Different Services A Hair Stylist Can Provide for Any Client Type

Diversity Is Key

Once you decide to step into the world of cosmetology, you are sure to meet diverse clients throughout your career.

As a hairstylist, you should provide a full range of services that you can provide for any client type. Having the ability to do such will not only broaden your clientele, but it will also add value to your services and expertise as a hairstylist.

You must first understand the type of clients and personalities you will face, prepare yourself, and offer services to cater to each client individually. Don't know where to start?

No worries, keep reading here, to understand the different services a hairstylist can provide for any client type.


Understanding Each Client Type

Necessary groomer

This client views hair appointments like a trip to the dentist, it has to be done, but it's not enjoyable. This client type usually opts for a basic option and won’t come in until their hair is in bad enough shape. It is hard to persuade them to explore other avenues.

The Prioritizer Client Type

While they do value their appearance, creating a “new look” is low on their list of priorities.

This group usually are parents of younger kids and having a busy home or work life. Salon visits are likely rare for them. Try to suggest quick techniques to maintain their hairstyle and home and products. Allow special hours to accommodate their time and create a relaxing atmosphere.


The Young and Free Client Type

This client type generally ranges from ages 18-24.

They usually is easily influenced by a knowledgeable stylist and the hottest trends. This client type is open to suggestions and new products and styling methods; however, if they don't agree or don't like it, they are very vocal.

Making this client type feel at ease and ensuring they have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to achieve their new style at home is a bonus. Be sure to discuss all options.

The Career-driven Client Type

The career-driven client type has clear and concise ideas about the styling of their hair; which is to fit in with corporate America or a projected image their company implements.

They are frequent and consistent visitors and are familiar with the atmosphere of the hair salon. The career-driven client expects a well groomed and polished look as the result of their hair salon visit.

The career-driven client type may be less inclined to try different hairstyles but are open to time-saving techniques and styling products. Hairstyle decisions are clear, factual, functional, and promotions do not influence them.


Sporty Client Type

The sporty client type tends to choose uncomplexed short hairstyles or longer hairstyles that are easily styled and are ideal for a ponytail. Their taste veer towards comfortable and casual sportswear. Try showing them products for low maintenance upkeep.

Elegant Client Type

Elegant client types hairstyles range from short choppy cuts to longer hair that allows movement. The elegant client prefers timeless classic styles. Pay attention to their face shape, ensuring the hairstyle cut, shape, and color highlights their best features.

Trendy Client Type

The trend inspired clients change their hairstyles on a regular basis to match the seasons new look. Ensure that you understand their expectations of you. During the consultation ask for inspirational photos to ensure you are both in agreement of the styling direction.

Introverted Client Type

Introverted client types are reserved and inward-looking, thoughtful and contemplative.

The introverted client type may veer towards the safe choice. Their hairstyle often are functional styles opposed to a specific look to make a bold statement. Do not pressure the introverted client into a style that is uncomfortable for them.


Different Services A Hairstylist Can Provide For Any Client Type

Shampooing and Conditioning

Shampooing is the solid foundation that prepares your clients hair for the service you are about to provide.

If you client enjoys the shampoo, they are likely to have more confidence in your hairstyling ability. After shampooing, it is essential to follow up with a conditioner to help replace the moisture the shampoo stripped away.

Conditioning Treatments

Hot styling tools, hair products, and the elements cause dry, brittle hair which leads to breakage, frizz, and split ends. Conditioning treatments are ideal for any client type because let's be honest we all do the things listed above.



Haircutting is an excellent service a hair stylist can provide for any client type.

Certain hairstyles and shapes are easier to maintain than others. Providing haircuts for high maintenance hairstyles like bangs or short bobs, allows you to cater to your frequented clients.

Also, while providing cuts for low maintenance clients and kids will enable you to cater to a diverse market.

Haircuts you can provide are:

  • Adult cuts
  • Wet cuts
  • Cut and shampoo
  • Cut, shampoo, and styling
  • Kids Cuts
  • Bang or beard trimming

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is also an excellent service a hairstylist can provide for any client type. From providing hair color to clients wanting to cover greys to clients who wish to look younger, there's a large clientele for this service type. You can offer:

Permanent coloring

allows grey coverage or going lighter or darker.

Semi-Permanent coloring

Color is removed after so many washes.

Specialty coloring

Dimensional coloring, ombre/sombre, balayage, block coloring, color melting, etc.

Grey Blending

Maintaining a more natural grey.


Mini (1-5 foils), partial (6-15 foils), full (16+ foils), cap.



Hairstyling is the most versatile service you can provide as a hairstylist. These styles range from blowouts to intricate updos; and are based on your clients' preferences and inspirations, what can be more versatile than that?

You can offer:

  • Formal styling/special occasion hair
  • Blowouts
  • Flatirons
  • Curling


Providing extension services as a hairstylist is another service to add to your service menu.

With the ever-growing market for hair extension usage its a no-brainer. Clip in, tape ins, sew-ins, and wigs are enormous in the extension industry and allow a lot of versatility which clients tend to love.


What Services Are you Offering?

Knowing what specific service to provide for each client type is hard to manage and does not happen overnight.

It takes time and energy to understand different personality types. Starting with the basic services you can provide for each client type is the best way to ensure each client is satisfied.

It is a learning process, take it one step at a time, makes notes, and ask for your client's feedback. Are you familiar with working with different client types as a hairstylist? How do you manage it? If you’ve implemented any of these suggestions and they are working out for you, please let us know below in the comment section.

May your best hair days be ahead of you!

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Meet The Curly Natural Hair Stylists Challenging Hollywood Beauty

Meet The Curly Natural Hair Stylists Challenging Hollywood Beauty

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

Can you believe that there used to be a time when natural hair was a rarity on the red carpet? Only straight hair was considered awards-appropriate, and that ideology is something that celebrities with a kinkier texture had to conform to. The Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, Tessa Thompson, and Janelle Monae types were not non-existent because they were underserved. Consequently, we did not have the opportunity to see how curly hair could be elegant, versatile, and provide a different trend on the red carpet. Thank God those days are over! Celebrity hair stylists with specialties in natural hair have been able to come to the forefront. They currently provide us with looks for days on the red carpet and trends that we can recreate on the day to day basis. Keep reading to learn about the heavy hitting stylists bringing the natural hair world to Hollywood and serving us formal moments to live for.

Lacy Redway

Coming out of Manhattan where she professionally studied her craft, Lacey started out doing hair for editorial runway shows. It was at this time that she assisted the greats like Guido Palau but quickly rose from assistant to sought-after A-list hair. She is now a full on Nexus stylist slaying magazine covers and red carpets alike. Redway stands out because she likes to do hair in untraditional ways. So when you have a non-traditional texture, which is anything curly, she is in her element. She shows her pride for her people through her work! Lacey loves being able to show that African-American hair can do the same thing that Caucasian hair can do. She makes statements like this not only show her talent as an artist and a hairstylist, but it also educates people, not in the curly culture about textured hair. These instances are what's causing the hair conversation around black culture and coarse textures to become more mainstream. Redway is pushing the conversation every time she does a hairstyle switch up on an A-list celebrity client. Whether she Is putting them in a natural style, a protective style, or a wig she is pushing the narrative of versatility when it comes to black hair.

Nai'vasha Johnson

Nai’vasha Johnson is the hair stylist that has you wondering if Yara Shahidi's hair is hers or a wig. Yes, her units just that seamless. Although she does not do Yara's hair on the hit show Black-ish or Grown-ish spin-off, Johnson is the one responsible for Shahidi's more iconic carpet and magazine moments. She's also the mastermind behind Zendaya's pixie cut, and again we are here for it. The secret behind her talents? This southern girl studies everything! From trends to historical references, runways, and editorials she knows it all! And she uses all this knowledge to then act like the fairy godmother to all of her natural hair clients. Curls, box braids, and everything in between is executed flawlessly by this natural hair stylist Born in Tennessee and taught at the Paul Mitchell school in Atlanta Johnson is a godsend for all of the girls trying to recreate the latest trends in natural hair hairstyles. Johnson’s signature is her hair coloring. She's able to make curly hair hold a color just as vibrant as if the hair was straight. This is something that textured hair struggles with because of its dips and divots. The color isn't able to take as evenly and be as bright as it would on straight hair, but in Johnson’s hair, this is not an issue.

Nikki Nelms

Nikki Nelms is the Picasso of celebrity curly hair! The FSU drop-out is known to decorate her client's hair with rolling googly eyes like the iconic Janelle Monae moment, Safety pins, earrings, pom-poms, and beads like the one that covered Solange’s braids in the Don’t Touch My Hair video intro. Ironically, Nelms always seems to make it work. Her styles are never too over-the-top or too messy. Nikki's first celebrity client was Lil Wayne who she met in New Orleans at Essence Fest. The story goes: she met Wayne at a bar randomly and asked him what his next video shoot was. He told her it was the next day, and she gave him her number to call if you needed her. And he did. From styling the hair of Solange for her wedding, Lala for the cover of Latina Magazine, and chopping Kelly Rowland’s blunt bob a couple of years ago we know that Nelms is not only unconventional but versatile. A plus, she is quick to let it everyone know that women rocking their natural hair are not making a political statement. It's not a statement when you are wearing what you are born with!

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

Takisha came into the hair industry swinging! She got her license, landed a job in a Manhattan salon, and moved out on her own all by the age of 20. Her first celebrity client and Hollywood heavyweight Kerry Washington met her through that very same Manhattan salon. Ever since then the duo have been making natural hair history on red carpets. Being that Kerry was one of the first celebrities to rock natural hair on a massive platform like a red carpet, it's no surprise that Takisha is known to avoid trends. Instead of throwing away from the work that natural hair might present to her Takisha embraces it. Knowing that every other hairstylist wants to blow out natural kinks immediately, Takisha is one of the first to use them to make her clients stand out in a sea of straight hair movie stars. Takisha is also a big proponent of hair extensions! She even has her own line called TSD Hair. She started the line because 50% of her client base uses extensions, but because their hair is of a kinkier texture, the silky straight extensions that she has access to never quite matched the feel of her client's hair.

Felicia Leatherwood

Celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood is known for her expertise in the natural hair care world. She even created her own detangling brush: the Leatherwood brush. Its widely-spread bristles are flexible and release knots to move with the shape of your curl pattern and cause less breakage as you detangle. With celebrity clients that range from Yvonne Orji to Jill Scott, she is one of the most trusted pairs of hands in the hair business when it comes to kinks and coils. Leatherwood is known for her amazing updos and growing hands. She is the stylist responsible for growing out Issa Rae’s short hair and giving us the trendy hairstyles that we live for in Insecure season 2. Nicknamed “The Hair Whisperer,” Felicia has always specialized in natural hair. It is easier for her to manage. Outside of doing a-listers hair, Felicia also travels the world doing natural hair workshops. Natural hair care has become very popular in places like Europe. Felicia takes her talents across the pond to help everyone learn the language of their hair and the critical practices that she uses when detangling.
I Like My Baby Hair and Afros When you can be unapologetically you, it is a freeing feeling. Women with textured hair did not have the resources that reside in knowledgeable natural hairstylists. Nor did we have the confidence as a group of people with kinky hair to wear what is not considered beautiful or "normal." These women hairstylists mentions above are shattering the mold in Hollywood. Thankfully, they are creating a space for women with curl grades across the spectrum. And even though it is only a handful of them breaking down doors and jumping over barriers they are looking to reach back and help others come through the same doors that they've opened. That's beautiful for the next generation with curls and coils whole hair won’t have to be tamed. We want to know what you think! Comment below with your favorite natural hair red carpet look.
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How The Versatility of Black Hair Helps Black Hairstylists Thrive

How The Versatility of Black Hair Helps Black Hairstylists Thrive

Top 3 Reasons For Black Hairstylist To Thrive

Anyone that knows anything about black hair knows that black hair is versatile and malleable. When I was younger, I assumed that my hair was only capable of being kinky and coiled. At the time, I didn’t know how to love my unique hair and considered it to be dull yet untamed. I hated it. Then I was introduced to perms and relaxers which completely changed the nature of my hair. After perming my hair for the first time, I realized that my hair could look completely different without much effort. Yes, relaxers required some effort, but not too much effort where I couldn’t do it alone. After some time, I got tired of relaxers and switched to protective styles. I had also noticed that my hair wasn’t enjoying the harshness of relaxers. When I moved to protective styles, I was able to give my hair a rest from harsh chemicals. Then after protective styles, I moved to natural hair. After natural hair, I went back to protective styles and so on. When I was younger, I had to find a new stylist every time I switched up my look. For anyone that is a black hairstylist, we’re going to let you know how versatility in your services will help you thrive.

Find Your Niche First!

Before expanding your versatility, you’ll want to find your niche, and ensure that you know it well. For example, most stylists excel in one area when it comes to hair care. No matter what avenue you take career-wise, people will always advise you to find your niche. Yes, it’s essential that we have a channel that is catered to us and what we can provide. However, after finding your niche, why stop there? Finding your niche is important, but don’t let it limit you. If you’re not sure what your niche should be, think about what you enjoy most about doing hair. Do you like doing natural hair most? If so, then try working on natural hair when starting as a hairstylist. Don’t be afraid to try something new if you don’t like the niche that you choose. The fantastic aspect about being a hairstylist is that you have autonomy over your career. You get to decide what you want to do as a stylist.

Top 3 Reasons For A Black Hairstylist!

For black hairstylists, there are three ways to maximize your revenue and get work. Being a booked hairstylist is excellent. Being a scheduled, and demanded hairstylist is even better. So, how do you become that? You utilize all the advantages you have as a black hairstylist. Black hair is so versatile that you have all kinds of different avenues. There are three top ways to make money as a hairstylist. You can make money by doing natural hair, by doing extensions, such as weave, or braids, and by specializing in relaxed hair, or chemical processed hair. Yes, it’s essential to find your niche, but by specializing in all three of these areas, you are capitalizing in the best way possible. If you’re a hairstylist that’s just starting out, you should spend at least a year working on each area. Spend four months working on natural hair, four months working on chemically processed hair, and four months working on extensions. By the time the year is up, you should know where you excel and where you need improvement. The reason these three ways are the best is that they are the most common hairstyles for those with black hair. As mentioned before, black hair is versatile and malleable which means there are plenty of avenues for a black hairstylist to take.

Natural Hair

The natural hair movement has been booming in the past year, and hairstylists are at an advantage. As a hairstylist, you can teach your clients how to take care of their natural hair, as well as show them how to style it. Natural hair isn’t the easiest hair to manage because it requires a lot of time and effort. Also, because black hair is so malleable, it is profoundly affected by the different weather conditions. As a hairstylist, you should know about natural hair, how to care for it, how to style it (with or without heat), and how to maintain it for long periods of time. Natural hair is something that should be accepted and embraced in every salon. Not only will your demand increase, but you’ll also have clients that will want to stay loyal to you, your salon, and your brand. I know that whenever I meet someone that does natural hair, I get excited because I know they care about my hair, no matter what condition it’s in.

Chemically Processed Hair

Chemically processed hair, such as relaxed hair, is another way to be a versatile hairstylist. Relaxed hair seems easy to do, but that’s not always the case. Relaxed hair requires a lot of maintenance, and your clients will rely on you to help them. Also, as a hairstylist, you should be well versed on how to transition from natural to relaxed, and from relaxed to natural. By knowing information on both relaxed hair, and natural hair, you’ll be at an advantage. More clients will enjoy the fact that you can cater to their hair as much as possible!


Extensions, such as braids, weaves, and wigs, are the most common hairstyle that black clients wear. As a hairstylist, if you know how to do these protective styles, you’re sure to be booked an busy. However, it’s essential to understand that doing extensions isn’t enough. You’ll need to know how to do these different protective styles well. The better that you do them, the more your clients will spread the word about your work. Also, the more your clients will want to remain loyal to you and all you have to offer!

All in All

All in all, you have so many opportunities as a black hairstylist. Knowing how to manage the versatility of black hair will put you at an advantage. If you know how to do natural hair, you’ll cater to that community. Knowing how to manage relaxed hair will help those clients that need, as well as extensions. However, knowing all three will make you a well known, demanded, booked, and paid hairstylist, and who doesn’t want that? Are you a hairstylist that caters to all hair? Let us know about your experience!
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Top Five Hairstylists on Instagram We Love To Follow!

Top Five Hairstylists on Instagram We Love To Follow!

Hairstylist We Can't Help But Double Tap

I can't tell you how many things I have saved from my explore page to remind myself to book, buy or check out later on Instagram. Instagram has become a place where anybody can strut their stuff, and for hairstylists, it paved the way for a whole new way to advertise their flawless work gaining review, clients, and recognition everywhere. Stylists have mastered their work and earned a spot on the top five hairstylists we love from Instagram! (In no particular order, here are our hair favorites that run up our screenshots and bookmarks on IG!) The first couple of hairstylists on our list are weave connoisseurs and have elevated their hair page by going the extra mile when it comes to installing and styling closures, weaves, and wigs.

1. Alonzo Arnold (Wigs)

Instagram: Iamalonzoarnold, 562K Followers

Kicking off the list is Alonzo Arnold, with 562K followers trailing his name, Alonzo walked into our hearts with his wigs! Alonzo has slayed celebrities hair like Cardi B, Joseline, and Porsha from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He has gained notoriety for his #scalplike frontal installations, and his famous wigs. Alonzo's wigs always use quality frontals with the thin lace, and the knots are bleached to perfection! Often, we have to double scroll to make sure that we see a unit and he didn't grow hair overnight! Alonzo also gained for his funny videos in which he talks about hair, wig pieces and celebrity hair that he would love to get his hands on to style.

2. Cliffvmir (Weaves)

Instagram: IamCliffvmir, 102K Followers

Cliffvmir is the self-proclaimed "Hair Prodigy" that started being recognized for his work as a hairstylist at the tender at of 17. Becoming the tag #17YearOldHairProdigy when he began doing sew-ins and quick weaves that looked too perfect to be true. Cliffvmir is known for laying edges to the gods with flat and smooth swoops and dives gracing the edges of all his clients. Furthermore, he can part and smooth girls hair like Moses, he has incredible precision and makes every style look like it's too pretty to touch. While Cliffvmir has gotten older, now 21, his work has and will arguably stand the test of time for the undisputable sleekness of all of his hair looks. Although Cliffvmir is known for extensions, his page features looks that include short pin curls and sleek ponytails; he's a jack of all trades. Cliffvmir has branched off and created edge control, as well as flatirons to compliment his work as a respected hairstylist.

3. Javelle_TheHairStylist (Specializing in Frontals)

Instagram: Javelle_TheHairStylist, 36.1K Followers

This hairstylist is known for her work with frontals! She's able to slay a frontal sew-in, a frontal wig, or a frontal-quick weave! Most of Javelle_TheHairstylist's client's photographs are of the naturalness of their frontals; she doesn't bog her frontals down with an abundance of baby hairs nor adds additional product. Her signature style rests on a natural looking hairline, highlights, and deep beachy waves.

Hairstylist For Real Hair

Now, I love a right weave, wig or frontal, just like the next girl but there's nothing like a stylist that can tend to real, live hair! All stylists are amazing at what they do, but these stylists go the extra mile.

4. Jasmine Collins (Alopecia Hair)

Instagram: TheOfficialRazorChic, 626K Followers

The Official Razor Chic based out of Georgia and her styling game is out of this world! Not only does this hair veteran offer hair care classes for people with hair and scalp diseases, but she is a massive advocate for nurturing your natural hair and sufferers of alopecia. Most of TheOfficialRazorChic's clients are women who suffer from Alopecia due to genetics or a poor hair care regimen, hair neglect, and tension styling. Her movement focuses on 'freeing' people from their weave or braid addiction or having to hide behind extensions due to the loss of their natural hair follicles. I find her page inspiring, educational and stylish. As a stylist, she provides information on a sensitive subject for women everywhere: hair loss and insecurities. Women from around the world pour into her hair shop and book her when she is on a 'hair tour,' to get her professional styling. She uses special cutting, shaping and styling techniques to cover balding spots and irritated patches of the scalp that she frequently encounters with her clients. The work this woman does go beyond hair, her transformations allow women to feel confident wearing their original crown and allowing their hair a break from extensions to enable restoration to take place. You would have to see her page to believe the way she has transformed hair, and the notion of 'only being cute with a weave.'

5. LaShayAsh (Natural Hair)

Instagram: TheHairMagician, 43.9K Followers

Finally, we get to a stylist whose love for color and silk presses have allowed her to adorn the name The Hair Magician! The transformations range from black curly hair to a sleek green bob on a head full of natural, healthy-looking locks to bleach blonde highlights or orange tinted hair! She has our mouth's watering and contemplating a perm (insert gasp) when we see her client's hair fall out of their silk wraps! While most of her clients achieve their silky style without a perm or relaxer, TheHairMagician gets their hair silked honey! Her client's hair boasts full and fluffy layers. Furthermore, she has a knack for applying vibrant colors to her client's hair and having rave reviews about hair growth, and no breakage while doing so!

A Little Love To Hairstylists

These stylists have made our list not only due to their Instagram popularity and many hashtags that have led us to their pages and their chair but their dedication to styling hair flawlessly and capturing a good picture afterward! The top five hairstylists got our #instagramlove while pouring their love, time and energy into the hair business and snatching our edges with every appointment and upload.
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How to Stay Loyal to Your Hairstylist

How to Stay Loyal to Your Hairstylist

Don't Be a Player

I don't know about you, but I like to try new things. If I visit the same restaurant twice, I'll order a different dish on each visit. I'm not the person who likes the tread the same path. But one area that I choose to exercise my loyalty is with my hairstylist.

Tale as Old as Time

Since I began getting my hair done by a professional, I've rarely switched up stylists. In fact, over the course of my hair-styling life, I've had a total of four hair stylists. The only reason why I've had four stylists, and not just one, is because I've moved to different cities and states. Overall, once I found a hairstylist that met my hair needs, I stuck with her. I mean, when I leave the salon, I want to be in love with my hair. And real love stories don't just happen overnight.

No One Night Stand

I'm not a licensed hairstylist. But I come from a family of cosmetologists, and I understand that to reach your hair panicle, you have to give your stylist enough time to build a relationship with both you and your hair. Achieving your hair goals isn't a "one-hitter-quitter." Just like any relationship, you have to stick it out with your hairstylist during the good and the bad times, and you can't judge by first impressions. My rule of thumb is this: If I didn't walk out bald (unless that's the look you're going for!), then I'll give you another shot to get it right. Hey, choosing your hairstylist is like an audition. Sometimes you need to hear another song before you can decide.

Who's the MVP?

Back when I was getting relaxers, I would have one stylist that took care of my relaxers and another for my summer protective styling. In fact, I had no idea that it was common for most women to have two different stylists that take care of multiple services. But like any other relationship, loyalty comes with its perks, and juggling two hairstylists can get messy. At some point, you need to choose which of the two (or three, or four) will be your primary stylist. There are a few cases where your separate stylists have different specialties. That's understandable. As women, we have our primary care physician, and then we have our OB/GYN. So, I think we can get a pass for having at least two hairstylists. However, if you do maintain living a double hair-life, then it's crucial that your stylists are aware of what the other one is doing. To keep the harmony, ask both stylists to write down your specific haircare regimen and share each with both of your stylists. This way, they can complement one another which is a win-win for you!

Never Settle

Deciding upon a primary stylist is not an easy feat. I mean, your life is literally in this person's hands. Okay, maybe not your life, but cut me some slack -hair is life! And if you have hair goals, you need a hairstylist that is enthusiastic about you reaching them. You also need a stylist that is committed and takes their profession seriously. Let's break this down:

Five Keys to Choosing the Best Hairstylist for You

1) Licensing

The very first thing you should look for in a hairstylist is a cosmetology license. Let's stop with the kitchen stylists, ladies! No judgment because we're all guilty of it, however, any person who is serious about their craft should back it up their services with a license. I understand that many circumstances might interfere with obtaining a cosmetology license, but I strongly caution anyone sitting in the chair of an unlicensed stylist. It doesn't matter how lit your style is, if this person does not have proper training, you're putting yourself in a tricky situation. If your hairstylist is going to ask for your loyalty, they need to prove their loyalty by educating themselves in their field.

2) Price

The price might not seem like a big deal, but the cost is the number one reason why clients fail to remain loyal to their stylists. It does not matter how fantastic your hairstylist is, if you can't afford their service, you're soon to go seeking someone more affordable. The first step to choosing an affordable stylist is to consider your budget. Be realistic and make sure that you're selecting a price point that you can manage long-term. Second, consider the frequency of your visits. If you need to see your hairstylist once a month, then you're better off keeping a lid on your expenses and paying a lower price point. If you only visit your hairstylist two or three times a year, then it might be worth making the splurge. At any rate, you can't change your stylists' price points. So take some time to check out their website and ask a few questions before booking your first appointment.

3) Trust

Trusting your stylists is a big one! Appearance isn't everything, but it's also something you shouldn't take lightly. You need to choose a hairstylist that you trust to take care of your hair. Your hair health is most important, and your stylist should accept that fact seriously. He or she should be transparent about their products and methods and should also be willing to share any concerns they have with you. Remaining loyal to your hairstylist is the same as with any relationship. It's all about trust. While trust is the most critical factor, it does take time to develop, especially with a complete stranger. Pick a stylist that proves they are worthy of not more than your money. Pick a stylist that is worthy of your trust.

4) Skill

I'll let you in on a little secret: Your hairstylist is not a magician. Your hairstylist should possess an adequate amount of talent to, literally, cut it. Skill might sound like a no-brainer but if you find yourself leaving the salon disappointed more than satisfied; it's time to find a new hairstylist. In addition to natural talent, your hairstylist should continue their education by taking classes to develop their skills and learn new techniques. When I was in college, my hairstylist at the time had been doing hair for over 20 years at the time. However, she never allowed her longevity in the field to override her desire to learn and grow within her craft. She made it a point to take classes and learn about the latest trends and styling methods. I wish this for every stylist in the world. The hair care industry is changing every day. Your hairstylist should be eager to learn about the latest products and tools. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Find out when your hairstylist last took a class. Remember, your hairstylist is offering you a service. You should have confidence in their ability to deliver the results you desire. Choosing a stylist that is knowledgeable about current trends will result in loyalty. If your stylist is always up on the new-new, then you're less likely to go elsewhere for the style you want.

5) Punctuality

Hairstylists have a poor reputation for running late. Lateness is partially due to clients running late which affects all the following appointments. Another reason stylists run behind is from having a little too much fun girl chatting. I appreciate a friendly hairstylist, but punctuality shows respect. I usually give whatever appointment I make a 10-15-minute grace period. Waiting longer than 15 minutes to begin your appointment is unacceptable. At its core, hairstyling is a service-based business. Your hairstylist should take their business seriously. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and punctuality is an easy way to ensure your customers are satisfied. In addition to being punctual, it's essential that you're able to communicate with your stylist easily. In case of cancellations and other emergencies, your stylist should provide you with a reliable way to reach them. When you decide upon your stylist, make sure that you're comfortable with the amount of time that you have to wait, as well as how much time you spend in the chair.

Communication is Key

We suffer enough awkward silences in life. At the bank or during your performance evaluation with your boss. These are just a few times when words escape us. One time when you should never be speechless is during your visit to your hairstylist. Let's face it, your relationship with your hair can be frustrating. Your hair doesn't always do what you want. You reach plateaus and might even suffer a few setbacks. It's easy to get fed up and give up on your hair care regimen or worse, do something drastic. Open communication breeds loyalty and your hairstylist needs to be your hair therapist. The voice of reason. Someone who can talk you off the ledge and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. That might sound like a heavy load for a hairstylist to carry, but your hairstylists' vision for the health of your hair should be bigger than your own. He or she should be able to see potential in even the most damaged conditions. It's imperative that you find a stylist who can speak honestly about your current hair condition and devise a plan to move you forward.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

I'm going to make this plain: If I'm giving you my money, then I want you to be 100% honest with me. Being honest doesn't always mean that your hairstylist has to be the bearer of bad news. In the past, there were specific styles that I wanted to try, and thankfully my stylist was honest and professional enough to tell me that my hair wasn't in the condition to try that style just yet. Think of it this way; you're a walking billboard for your hairstylist. They should take their reputation seriously to the point that they're okay with telling you, "not yet." The same applies to you as the client. Communication and honesty are priceless when you are choosing a hairstylist. You should feel comfortable enough to share with your stylist what is and what isn't working for you. I've heard far too many horror stories of women who leave the stylist unhappy with either their service or their style. The same way that your stylist should feel comfortable to tell you that you aren't ready to go Beyoncé blonde, you should feel comfortable enough to express to your stylist when you are less than satisfied with their service or your style. You'll appreciate that your stylist is open with you and values your opinion. That kind of appreciation only comes with building a relationship through loyalty.

Cooperation Is A Two-Way Street

You and your stylist should make a collaborative effort to help you reach your hair goals. Cooperating means that both parties are flexible enough to hear each other out and follow direction. Most clients subscribe to, "the customer is always right." Unfortunately, we as customers are not always right and this fact is another reason why sticking to a stylist you trust is so important. Your stylist should reassure you that she or he has your best interest at heart. In turn, you should feel capable of taking their direction, even when you don't fully understand the reasoning behind it and maintain the regimen they create for you. On the other hand, many stylists take the "do as I say" approach. While their professional advice is valid, only you understand your lifestyle and what is realistic for you. Your stylist should be approachable, understanding and know how to mesh their expectation with your lifestyle. You're likely to be loyal to someone who treats you as a friend rather than a child. If you feel like you can collaborate on your goals with your stylist, then stick with that person. You're likely to reach your hair goals faster since you both have the same mindset.

Lifestyle vs. Expectation

Let's face it. We live busy lifestyles. My life is not a Loreal commercial. I don't always have time to wear a 45-minute conditioning mask every week. Heck, I barely have time to sit down for a meal. I'm a wife, a mother of a toddler and a business owner. I work full-time, and I have a side gig. Other women may have jobs that require them to travel for long periods of time or have situations that put their hair through extreme elements on a daily basis. We all live different lifestyles your haircare regimen is not a one-size-fits-all formula. It's 0important that our stylists have a realistic idea of our lifestyles and possess the knowledge to tailor our hair regimen accordingly. It's our jobs as clients to maintain our hairstylist's efforts on a daily basis. It's vital that we know that our stylists can't fight this battle alone. Unless your hair is cared for by a professional on a daily basis, the truth is that you can do more damage at home than your stylist can fix in a quarterly hour-long visit. Neglecting the advice of your stylist and trying to keep up with unrealistic expectations will only cause both you and your hairstylist to become frustrated with each other. That frustration might cause you to stray away and try to take matters into your own hands. Speak honestly with your hairstylist about their expectations, your expectations, and what your lifestyle permits.

Take a Break

The idea of taking a break from your stylist might sound counterproductive to loyalty. Sometimes absence from your usual routine will make your heart grow fonder, a brief pause, and you'll be ready to get back on the grind. Taking a break from your routine salon visits is not only good for your wallet, but it can be useful for your hair health as well.

Protective Styling

One of the best ways to take a break is to schedule a protective style. Protective styles are not just for women with naturally textured hair. A protective hairstyle is any style that protects your ends and gives your hair a break from daily maintenance. Protective hairstyles include braids, crochet styles, and sew-in weaves.

Wear a Wig

Another exciting protective style is wearing a wig. Private Label Hair Extensions has an incredible line of 100% human hair lace front wigs suitable for all tastes. Discuss wearing a wig as a protective style with your hairstylist. But don't slap a wig on your head and call it a day. The purpose of a protective hairstyle is to give your natural hair a break, so you'll need to do some light care to the hair under your wig. More than likely, your hairstylist will want to shampoo and deep condition your hair before installing your wig. Afterward, he or she will probably give you a trim and then french braid your hair. Then, your hairstylist will put a wig cap over your braids and proceed to install your wig so that it sits naturally on your head. Take my advice. If you're not skilled putting on wigs by yourself, you should have your wig professionally installed. Trust me, having a wig installed by a professional is the difference between Martin Lawrence playing Big Mama and Nicki Minaj slaying a lace front. Protective styles are meant to wear for weeks (sometimes months) at a time. It's important to pick a hairstyle that is easy for you to maintain and one that you won't get bored with seeing yourself in day after day. Keep in mind that you will need to take your style down about every four to six weeks to wash and condition your hair. Just because you're wearing a protective style does not mean that you can neglect taking care of your hair. After a necessary break, you'll be ready to jump back into your routine and revisit your stylist.

Grow Together

Our hair care journeys aren't meant to be traveled alone. Whether you visit your stylist only for trims or to get your color retouched, it's essential that you remain loyal to your stylist so that you can grow together. I wear my hair naturally all year long, but I visit a stylist twice a year for a good trim. I'm aware that my stylist has a better vantage point than me getting my arms all tangled up trying to trim my hair in the mirror. I also visit my stylist three times over the summer to install a protective style. Even though I don't see my stylist frequently, I don't bounce from chair to chair looking for the best deal or out of sheer boredom. Despite that I don't see my stylist frequently, I know that it's vital to stay on this journey together.

Patience Makes Perfect

We have to understand that it takes time to reach our goals. Nothing happens overnight, and as clients, we need to allow our hairstylists enough time to deliver upon their promises. We need to be realistic about our expectations and then be patient enough to wait for the results. If you arrive at your appointment with ear-length hair, but you desire for your hair to be waist length, that's going to take a little time to achieve. It might be a difficult pill to swallow, especially in our microwave, instant gratification society. But remember, every time you switch hairstylists, you're essentially starting over.

Reap The Benefits of Loyalty

It might be tempting to book an appointment with the hottest stylist on Instagram with over 1,000 likes but sticking with just one stylist is the gift that keeps on giving. It takes time to find a stylist that meets all your needs, and then, you need to allow additional time for that relationship to blossom. Honesty and communication are imperative to a healthy relationship with your hairstylist. Be patient on your hair journey. A good stylist has your best interest at heart, but it's up to you to remain loyal to see the results. How long have you been loyal to your hairstylist? Leave a comment and share some of the reasons you choose to stick with your particular hairstylist? Don't forget to Like our Facebook Page, Private Label Extensions, for hair care tips, trends, and inspiration!
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What You Should Be Looking for in a New Hair Salon

What You Should Be Looking for in a New Hair Salon

Characteristics of The Perfect Place to Get your Hair Done

Recently, I had to make the decision to find a new hair salon. I was tired of the long waits and felt that my hair wasn’t at the place that I desired. So I began my search by looking on Facebook and Instagram. I happen to come across a stylist via IG who I thought may be a good choice. We chatted on the phone, I scheduled a consultation, loved the energy of the new hair salon, the staff was friendly and professional, so then voila, I choose my new hair salon. This process can be simple with the right amount of research and time you can find a salon just for you. Here are several qualities to consider when seeking a new hair salon.

Who Else Digs the Salon?

Your friends or co-workers can give you good advice as it pertains to the qualities of a new hair salon. Ask them where they get their hair done, the cost, the vibe of the salon and which particular stylist they use or recommend. Word of mouth is always a trustworthy way to know you have found a good a new hair salon.

Reviews and Ratings

When I am searching for a new hair salon, the first thing I look for is the reviews. The reviews tell a lot about things such as customer service, styling options, and performance. A salon’s ratings are a good indication of the type of service you will receive as a new client. Check out online reviews of the salon and check the overall rating. If there are numerous negative comments, naturally that should turn you off. Take some time to take it all in.

Social Media and Website

Social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have become a go-to tool for hair stylists and other artists to highlight their work. This means that you can quickly locate a stylist that does precisely what we’re looking for, based on their actual work. If you’re looking on Instagram, just search with a hashtag search with your area and the type of style that you desire. For example, search with #hairextensionsatlanta will populate a ton of posts that can benefit you in your search. You can also view picture and videos of the salon and its staff.


The location of a salon is very important when you are deciding on a new shop. I prefer a new hair salon who has adequate and easily accessible parking. Do you want a salon close to your residence or maybe you do not mind taking a long drive to get the service you want? Also, consider the upkeep of the salon. Is it clean? Is it comfortable? Do you feel at ease when you enter the shop? You will be spending some hours possibly in the place, so, make sure you feel safe and content.

Chat with a Stylist

You can bypass word of mouth and go straight to the source by speaking directly with a stylist at the salon you are thinking about trying out. Ask the stylist about their expertise. Do they perform the types of services you need? How long is a typical wait time? What are their prices? You can get a feel for the vibe of the salon and the stylist who will be touching your hair. Another way to help you with you figure out if a specific salon is right for you is to request a consultation. I personally am a huge fan of consultations. Not only will you bypass word of mouth and go straight to the source by speaking directly with the stylist at the salon you are thinking about trying out. Ask the stylist about their expertise. Do they perform the types of services you need? How long is a typical wait time? What are their prices? You can get a preview of the salon and the stylist who will be touching your hair.


One important step is to review the salon’s prices. You want to make sure that your hair need fit the price tag. Salons and individual stylists can vary in price, so take into consideration that just because a salon has inexpensive services does not mean they will do a half job, and if a new hair salon is expensive, this does not necessarily mean that they will give you the service and style you want. Choose wisely based upon your budget.

Chain Salon or Private Owner

If you love supporting small business or like to stick with the known big name salons, you can decide what type of salon best suits you. Aside from the economic impact of spending my money locally, I personally feel like a small salon tends to do a better job. I like the home-like feel and the one on one personal touch of a smaller salon.


Before you consider making an appointment, get a clear understanding of the types of services a potential salon may have. Are you looking for a salon that installs hair extensions as well as a natural hair stylist? Are you looking for a new hair salon that may also do nails? These are all things to think of when you are committing to a salon. Variety and versatility are essential.

Convey What You Want

It can be very annoying for a potential stylist to ask questions about what style you would like and you are not able to answer the question. If you aren’t sure about what you want, you won’t be satisfied with the results whoever you select to be yours. Make a decision on the type of style, haircut, color, or whatever look you are going for before your appointment to avoid disappointment.

It is Up To You

Now you have done all the probing and may have even visited salons. You know what satisfies your needs so take a leap! I suggest starting off with baby steps such as a blowout or a trim and then move up to a cut or color.
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15 Things to Look For When Searching For A New Hairstylist

15 Things to Look For When Searching For A New Hairstylist

How to Start the Search For A New Stylist

Searching for a new hairstylist can be daunting, but staying in the dark with your stylist or not having one at all can become tiresome and damaging to your hair. Venturing out to find a new stylist doesn't have to be as heavy as it once was, you can use this list of fifteen things to look for in a hairstylist.

10 Things To Look For in a New Hairstylist

1. The Stylist Is Truthful

Honesty is the best and only policy when it comes to receiving and providing a service, especially a service dealing with hair. Usually, most people go to the salon with what they want or need for their hair in mind, for instance, you go in wanting a trim and pin curls, and after inspection, your stylist recommends you should have a protein treatment and some added clip-ins that will be an additional $75. When picking a stylist, you want to be sure that your stylist is truthful about the needs of your hair, and the reasoning for suggesting add-ons at your appointment. Furthermore, you'll want a straightforward stylist that will tell you the strengths and weakness of your hair. Some stylists will bleach, perm or flat iron your hair with no regards to what will happen to the integrity of your strands, while others will refuse the service and give you insight to why specific services might be detrimental to hair health. Additionally, a truthful stylist will let you know if she is running late, overbooked or is not confident in his/her abilities to complete the look you desire; instead of making you find out later or stringing you along about her capabilities. A truthful stylist is right for your pocket, hair and time.

2. Your Stylist Cares About Hair

Anybody can do a sew in, or a complete a polished silk wrap, but not every stylist is knowledgeable and caring when it comes to hair and hair care. Any good stylist cares about your hair worries and the natural strength, look and health of your hair and scalp. It is easy early on to tell if your stylist cares about your hair health if she asks questions about your last trim, perm, relaxer, and touch-ups; your stylist may ask you to book consultations before coloring and other precautions to avoid damaging your hair as her new client. While you will need to make an appointment to see some of this concern if your stylist uses style seat or acuity scheduling you may be able to see some of their questions and regulations before ever going in. This list of rules can tell you a lot about their attitude regarding hair practices.

3. The Prices are Affordable for Your Budget

I understand wanting a switch in your stylist, but it is vital that your new stylist's new prices still fit within your old budget. Your stylist prices should be in the ballpark of other stylists for the same services. For instance, if your old stylist charged $125 for a closure sew in, and your new stylist costs $200, it is okay to make that jump. This increase is due to their demand, experience, and location, and there should be some slight differentiation. However, you should not make that jump if that $75 will put a hole in your budget. If one of their prices is much higher, it is likely that their trims and color consultations will be at an influx price. You have to keep in mind that styles come with upkeep and your hair need redoing. Consequently, it is essential that you are still able to upkeep your hair with the services and frequency you enjoy the change in price.

4. The Stylist Can Do Your Style

I will not pretend that I am so loyal to my stylist. I am a person that has someone for everything because I'm so particular about how much I will pay, vibes and whose work I like. So I have someone that I love for wigs, braids, and closures. However, the best way to do things is to have one stylist that fits the page for everything; it's easier to have one stylist that can learn, treat and style your hair regularly. Be sure that your stylist can do a variety of styles, and you want to be able to turn to him or her for different things and know that you are in good hands.

5. Keep Your Stylist Booked But Not Too Busy!

As I mentioned, I have three dependable hair stylists that I lean on to get me looking gorgeous! But the main issue with my favorite stylist was booked continuously! It is a good thing that your stylist stays busy and reinforces the idea that your stylist is good at what she does. You want her to be a little less in demand near your birthday and trips, so if you can find a stylist that actually has time on her schedule and isn't just your stylist once a year when you can break through the admirers beating down her chair! While this is not a definitive cut off reason to overlook a good stylist, it can become tiresome and inconvenient and blocked out continually and unable to book their hairstylist when needed.

6. The Salon Is Not Too Far From You

No one should have to travel an hour or more and then have to sit in the salon for three hours! Your new hairstylist's salon should be close to you for nothing other than convenience. It is for sure that if your stylist is affordable, accessible and quick to get to, you'll be a faithful customer, a win-win situation for you both!

7. Your Stylist Is Not A Product Pusher

Although your new stylist needs to use salon quality products and tools, products do not need pushing you as a client. There's nothing wrong with your stylist suggesting products to you for at-home use, but every word from your stylist should not be about the bundles she sells, the drops that are on sale today or the wigs she makes part-time. An appointment with your stylist should be flowing with good conversation, an exciting movie or an excellent background soundtrack, it should not feel like an infomercial, or like you're passing the people in the mall with samples! A stylist has to be more concerned with meeting your hair needs than making sure that you buy a list of things that they sell on the side.

8. The Hairstylist Has Good Communication

Your new hairstylist needs to be amazing at communication. Communication about added fees, lateness, changing appointments, and hair care are essential to the relationship between you and your stylist. A stylist that is easy and swift with communication before, during and after appointments can save you a lot of frustration over your hair's health and the finished product.

9. Your Stylist Has an AMAZING Reputation

I like to read good reviews or see banging hair videos and pictures from my stylist. I also love when a stylist has others that use their hashtags; Now, popularity does not translate into professionalism or good practices. Though, stylists with a steady flow of clients who speak of them are encouraging. I have met so many people who have gone to well-known stylists, and have negative reviews. Do not take all of their reputations at face value; take surveys and recounts into consideration.

10. You Enjoy Your New Experiences As Their Client

Enjoyable, quick and I love my hair! Positive reviews are the only ones cross your lips after the first few visits with your new stylist. If you are already experiencing too many red flags, go to the nearest Style Seat and get out of there!

11. Your Hairdresser Is Up On New Trends

A pivotal part of advancing in any career is to continue to learn and evolve. Your new hairdresser should be someone who is keeping up with the times, and able to follow trends. A new stylist needs to stay relevant and able to provide any style you may desire.

12. The Hairdresser Isn't Afraid to Recommend Another Hair Professional

As a professional, if your new stylist seems to be apprehensive about trying a new style such as doing a frontal or braids, they should be willing to recommend someone else. A real professional is truthful about their ability to do styles and will be ready to allow someone else the chance to style your hair. A professional is not concerned with competition or losing money as long as their clients are happy; they are satisfied with a job well-done.

13. Your Hairdresser Is Always Willing To Change Things For You

It has happened to all of us at least once and we may feel like we like the style, just not enough. In fact, totally left of what we wanted our hair to look. Instead of telling people that we hate our hair we smile in the mirror, fork over the money and sprint to the car to cry and plan our restyling plan. NO more! If and when, hopefully, you do, speak up about your unhappiness with your style, your stylist should be willing to change or alter the form for you, with genuine concern. The few times I have spoken up, I have met with mixed responses, but only once has a stylist went above and beyond to attempt to fix it for me. Most of the stylist, brush out a curl or add more gel and sent me on my way. Please, find someone that genuinely cares about pleasing you and making sure you leave the salon with exactly what you wanted!

14. Your Stylist Is Optimistic

For me, optimism and positivity play a prominent role in whom I go to and spend my money and time. It's essential to me because having thinner, short hair I used to be very cynical about the styles and things my hair could do. But after visiting two very professional and optimistic stylist, @A4_Ava and @Sydney_December, I felt much better about my hair. They talked me through hair options and were confident in my hair's ability and their skill. I think whether you are natural or getting a weave it is essential to have a stylist that has both the expertise and attitude to make your hair appointment worthwhile.

15. The Stylist Is Respectful of Time

Listen, honey, wasted time is the pet peeve of women everywhere! Somewhere right now a woman is waiting 45 minutes for a blowout when her style finished. Even worse, you can be waiting for your hairdresser to eat, or get off the phone. A good stylist is respectful of your time and will work to get your hair done quickly with few distractions or deterrents.

Finding Your New Stylist

Finding a new stylist can be difficult, and you won't know where your hair soulmate is until you go out looking for them. Some of the tips on the list can only be determined after you have made an appointment; so dive right in. Trying out different salons, and keeping an eye out for red flags, as well as praiseworthy qualities can make the search for a hairstylist easier. Do not be afraid to find leave your current stylist behind or to want to put your trust into a new hairdresser, your hair and comfortability is the top priority. Find a new stylist who is honest about your hair and their skills. Every head of hair needs someone who has knowledge and passion for their craft and can help hair become as healthy and full as possible. As a paying and concerned client, you need a hairstylist that is respectful in demeanor and of your money and time. Finding a new stylist doesn't have to be hard, create your list of criteria for what's important to you or go by our list of what to look for in when scouting a new hairstylist. Drop a few suggestions in the comments of what you look for in a stylist!
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7 Things You Need to Know Before Trying a New Hair Salon

7 Things You Need to Know Before Trying a New Hair Salon

Making Sure Your New Salon is Right for You

What is the one question that everyone asks when someone’s hair is popping? “Who does your hair?!” We hear this question a million times because we ALL need a hair stylist that will slay our hair while keeping it clean and healthy. Not only is it essential to choose the right stylist, but you also have to make sure that the salon you pick is the right fit for you and your comfort level. Going to a salon is an experience, so make yours worth the visit by selecting the best place for your hair care needs.

Choosing a New Salon Requires Research

So, you’re on the hunt for a new place to get your hair laid – let’s figure out what you need to know before saying “yes” to a new salon. You may think it’s just as simple as Googling “hair salons near me” and choosing the top business on the list. No. First, you need to ask plenty of questions and make plenty of observations. Before test-driving a car, you look around the lot and inspect the other cars, right? Do the same thing with your salon options! Here are some of the most critical questions that you need to research when looking for a new salon to call your home.

How’s the Pricing?

One of the most significant factors to consider is the pricing for the salon’s services. If the cost of a silk press (check out this article: how long does a silk press last) at one salon is $200, you may want to run sis. If the cost of faux locs at another salon is $25, run even faster. When doing your research, make sure you look up the average price for specific services and a choose a salon that has reasonable prices within that range. Every service may not be cheap, but it should make sense for the work that is involved.

Are the Stylists Producing Quality Work?

Pricing is important, but you also need to make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth with any stylist in the salon. Check their social media pages and websites for photos (and even videos) of their work to see if it is up to par. If a salon doesn’t have many CLEAR shots and videos of their clients, then avoid spending your money there. You need to have at least an idea of how your hair will turn out once your stylist finishes. It’s also important to know the quality level of all of the stylists just in case your "go-to" isn’t there one day. You may have a hair emergency that needs to be fixed right away by the next available stylist.

What Kind of Atmosphere Does the Salon Have?

Let’s be real – no one wants to spend their afternoon in a salon that has a lot of negative energy. You’ll have a much better experience in a welcoming environment where the stylists are friendly, and good vibes feel the air. You should also see what additional “freebies” they offer to their guests to make their visit more pleasurable such as water and wine, free Wi-Fi, free or validated parking, entertainment (music or television), etc. It may seem small at first but being in an atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and also improves your mood goes a long way.

Does the Salon Value Customer Service?

Is the receptionist unfriendly or rude? Are the stylists not helpful and unpleasant? These are clear indicators that a salon will not provide you with the best experience during your visits. Customer service is the key to maintaining a positive relationship with all clients, so your salon should put you first as their customer. Whether they agree or not, the customer is always right!

Is the Salon Clean and Neat?

One of my biggest pet peeves is walking into an establishment that is filthy and junky. I know you can relate! Choosing the right salon involves scoping out how stylists maintain their workstations and the overall appearance of the building. Imagine getting your hair done by a stylist whose work area is filled with junk while sitting in a filthy salon. That doesn’t sound so inviting, does it? I didn’t think so!

Does the Salon Have Certain Policies That Clients Must Follow?

Every salon most likely has a set of rules and procedures for their clients and guests to follow while visiting. Some salons require a 24-hour cancellation notice, and they may even charge a late fee after you exceed their grace period. You may even find that certain salons do not allow pets or children to enter the building due to hygiene, exposure to harsh chemicals, etc. Other potential rules include no use of cell phones while in the stylist’s chair, no eating or drinking, no cursing, and many others. Know before you go!

Are They Receiving Positive or Negative Reviews?

Read ALL reviews before visiting a new salon thoroughly. Customer reviews are essential when figuring out if a place of business is providing excellent service to their customers. While reading the reviews, look for patterns. Are multiple people complaining about the lack of customer service? Do you see various comments on the uncleanliness of the salon? Take those patterns as a sign that the salon may have a consistent issue that it is failing to resolve. Beware of reviews from unreasonable customers or customers. Some people are just mad because they couldn’t have their way for whatever reason. As consumers, we rarely leave reviews when we’ve enjoyed our experience with a business; however, we do not hesitate to tell the world how awful our experience was when we’re unhappy. So, take the time to read and filter through the reviews that appear to be more of an issue with the customer rather than the salon.

After You Research Online, Here’s One More Thing:

I know you’re probably wondering how you can feel out a salon without actually committing to making an appointment. Book a consultation. That is the perfect way to check it out in person. This is a better way to interact with the stylist that you’re interested in before he or she works with your hair.

It’s All About What’s Right for YOU!

Although researching salons can be quite a task, don’t stress. When testing out a new salon, it’s important to remember that you’re not contractually bound to that salon! You may do some research beforehand and find that it’s not a great fit for you AFTER receiving a service – that’s perfectly fine! It’s your hair, your rules. However, if you do find the perfect salon that you’re sticking with for a while, go girl! Lock down your appointments and flourish with your fresh ‘dos. Choosing a salon is essential for us all and will help us enjoy our hair journeys to the fullest!
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Things to Avoid: How to Lose a Hair Client in 60 seconds

Things to Avoid: How to Lose a Hair Client in 60 seconds

What Are First Impressions Anyway?

First impression - first consideration or judgment. We all form an opinion about someone almost immediately after meeting them, right? Research shows potential clients form their views within the first minute of meeting you or your brand. So, as a stylist, how can you ensure your brand is taken care of in all areas for the best first impression you ask? Be sure that you are not practicing any of these habits listed below in your business. If so you will be sure to lose a client in 60 seconds or less!

Self Perception is the Best Perception

How are you presenting yourself?

Although we do not want to admit it, if someone's appearance is not up to par we do not take them seriously. Is it right? Not necessarily, but it happens, so you must be sure that your appearance is together when meeting your clients. Being in the beauty industry, you are a walking build board for your business and brand.

Attitude much?

Never underestimate the vibes you are giving off as you are speaking to potential clients. Your attitude is just as important as your practical skill, appearance, and your knowledge. A friendly smile, a caring environment, and a positive approach will create a welcoming space. Never allowing personal issues to play a factor in your attitude toward your clients or you'll lose a client. Keep it polite, peaceful, and professional. The overall experience of speaking with you before any bookings or purchases will determine rather you will losing a client in 60 seconds or gaining one!

On the Outside Looking In

Your Marketing is inconsistent

First impressions aren't just about your appearance and attitude; it's also about logos, business cards, and websites, it's about the interaction with your brand. Customers interact with your company numerous times without stepping foot into your place of business, creating a professional image for your brand and consistently reinforcing the image across all marketing channels helps to ensure these impressions have a positive impact.

Not having Business Cards, yes they’re still important!

The more businesses become digital; the fewer business cards are seen to be as a source of communication. They can offer a lot and still are essential for your business. Business cards provide tangible information for others. Should someone want to hire you at a later date after meeting you in person, a business card will help ensure they have your information on hand. Be sure to include your business name, location, contact number, and logo on your business cards. When designing your card, ensure the colors, font, etc. are cohesive with your other marketing material.

Not having a Website

Living in the digital world, we are in today; it is essential for your business rather big or small to have an online presence. Having a website can help accomplish different marketing strategies that will help your business grow. The web has proven to have far more reach than word of mouth. Sites are also known for giving a business “credibility.” By building a website, you a providing a platform to put your business's best foot forward while having testimonials and facts back up the information provided. Be sure that you are focusing on your SEO and cohesiveness to your brand! Your online presence is seen first, not having a cohesive look and tone can confuse your potential clients.

You Need a Brand, Not Just A Logo

Your brand is the emotion behind what someone feels or sees when they interact with your company on any level. It's is an emotional experience, at the core. Your logo is your business identification in the simplest form, a recognizable mark or symbol. You must understand how to market your companies perception with your company’s goals, leading to making informed branding decisions that will endure and remain timeless. You must create a positive perception through, concise, clear, consistent communication throughout all marketing material. Without the ability to create this experience for your clients, you will more than likely be sure to lose prospective clients in 60 seconds.

Communication is Always The Key

Hello, is anyone there? Communication, please!

Not keeping in touch with your client consistently is a viable way of losing your client in 60 seconds. Inform your clients of progress or contact them when there's an issue going on! When your clients don't hear from you, they think you have forgotten about them or their orders, products, appointment. The No. 1 complaint clients have with business owners is they don't keep in touch. They fail to regularly inform clients of progress or contact them when there's a problem. Be sure to call or email your clients throughout the entire process. Also, answer your clients' questions or concerns promptly no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is.

Time Is Money and Money Is Time!

Time is valuable for everyone, we all know things happen, but be sure to have back up plans set in place for unforeseen circumstances. If you are backed up on orders, be sure to inform your client, being kept in the dark about those things will cause more issues. Overbooked and running late, tell your client, offer a discount, and try to reschedule for another date and time. If your client does not feel that their time is valuable, they are more than likely to find a competitor who does.

How much did you say that cost?

Being vague about your cost of prices and services can deter a potential client from working with you. Have a clear, concise, pricing menu including everything regarding your services and products. Do not hesitate to ask your potential client to be specific about what they are looking for in your initial conversation.

Pricing yourself out of the market

Understanding your ideal client (target market) and brand is the roadmap to understanding the right price point for your products and services. You don’t want to over or underprice yourself ever. You will have to put in the work in finding out how much your target market is willing to spend and how much of a profit margin you will desire! For an example of how to do this, check out our blog post on properly running a home salon.

The Bottom Line

As a professional in the beauty industry, you’re in a unique line of business. You make your clients look and feel fabulous with the products and services you provide. They are trusting you to make them look good, and they deserve your full attention and talents. Maintaining a positive experience for each client will reward both you and your clients, personally and professionally. Ensuring you aren't doing the things listed above will help you not to lose a client in 60 seconds! If you have any other situations, I may have missed. Please comment below! If you have been a customer who has been on the receiving end of bad customer service, tell us about your experience! May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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