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20 Quick Contests to Market Your Hair Business on Social Media

20 Quick Contests to Market Your Hair Business on Social Media

Successfully Market Your Hair Business

Whether you are struggling to promote your hair business or wanting to know how to better your brand, these quick tips can help your success. Often, many business owners might not realize how prevalent social media can be to their company. In this day in age social media can be a great asset to helping advance your company in more ways than one. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more media sites are essential for networking your business. You may find more than what you bargained for using a social media platform to enhance the growth of your business. Using promotional business tactics may entice the buyer's interest. Here are ten easy contests you can hold via social media to increase your clientele and your pockets.

20 Quick Contest Ideas

#1: Referring a Friend Contest

Take this time to reward loyal customers you may already have. Friend referrals are always a good idea. Be sure to calculate your friend referral correctly to continue to gain more than you lose. You can accomplish friend referrals different ways. Try giving your loyal customer a promo code. Therefore when people order hair underneath the customer's name, you know who referred who. This is a major help to keep things organized. Think of it as a domino effect, once one friend tells the other and are satisfied themselves, they will tell their friend and the cycle will continue. Awesome way to expand your hair company. This software can help your website increase referrals quickly: RererralCandy

#2: Tag a Friend Contest

Come up with a head-turning ad on your Facebook business page and Instagram. Catch the reader's attention by promoting a big grand prize. Before posting ask your reader to tag a friend below and to follow instructions specifically for a chance to win. This tactic not only has your readers trying to win a prize but they are promoting your brand without them even noticing they are doing it. Make sure you always get the client to like and share as well. Set a date on when you will unveil the winner.

#3: Gift Baskets Contest

Create as many luxurious gift baskets as you choose. Include some free bundles for your customers and hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, edge controls, etc. Take pictures of the baskets and post them to your social networking accounts. Create a Facebook and or Instagram post about it and ask your customers to follow the rules specifically as provided. Give them instructions on sharing the post and liking the post. Once one of your clients share the post, it opens up an outlet for many more individuals who may be interested in the contest. Having more basket prizes open up more possibility for hopeful contestants.

#4: Hair Coloring Contest

Let your customer's show you how much they love their bundles. Open up a contest for your customers that are hairstylists and allow them to purchase bundles from your company to create a vlog on how they colored the bundles you provided them. There are many different reasons why this concept is excellent. First, customers are purchasing your bundles which will increase your sales whether they win or not. Second, your customer is promoting the business by posting these contest videos on their personal media pages and tagging your business page. Third and final, the clients are going to give you their honest opinions about the product they received. Feedback from your consumers is always important. The customer is always right, and this contest helps you benefit hair brand in more ways than one.

#5: Jump Start Contest

A jump start contest is pretty straightforward. Tell your audience that the first three, five, or ten people to like, share and tag a friend will win free mink lashes along with half off on your next purchase. You may want to construct or word it differently but, as I mentioned, a jump start contest is straight to the point. This contest is a speedy, efficient way to promote your hair business.

#6: Holiday Contests

No matter what the holiday, try to take advantage of it as a marketing strategy. People seem to love deals around the holidays especially when they have young daughters begging for bundles! You can hold holiday contests or holiday deals to gain more exposure. For example, a contest for October should include Halloween. How do you fit hair into Halloween, you might ask? Easy! Challenge your customers to do a photo contest. Allow clients to post their Halloween inspired looks using their bundles on social media and tag you. Holiday ideas are endless, get creative with this contest.

#7: College Giveaway Contests

Although I'm a college graduate, one thing that will forever remain is beautiful school girls who want beautiful bundles. To gain a younger more futuristic crowd as potential buyers for your company, sometimes you have to find out what interests them. Many females in college are struggling trying to maintain a stable living environment on campus and may be working to help pay for school. Not every girl can afford bundles, but you can bless a college student by holding a giveaway contest, free of charge. Have your college customers repost the contest and send you their GPA's. There are various ways you can approach this type of contest. The floor is yours!

#8: Drawing Contests

This concept of a contest may be similar to previous ones discussed, but there is one valuable difference. Entering a social media drawing you, again, want to inform your customers to share, like, tag, and comment. The game changer is that this is just for your customer to have an entry. Switch it up this time and don't just post the winner. Grab your phone and go live on your business page for all social media platforms. Record yourself live doing a drawing and announce your winners that way. Before announcing the winner, encourage your audience watching to share the post. This builds up excitement for your clientele. Take a look at WooBox which offers software to help with this!

#9: Birthday Contests

Who doesn't love free bundles on their birthday?! Birthdays are a quick way to gain exposure on social media. Whether it's your customer's birthday or not, most people always know someone with a birthday coming up. Tell your following on Facebook and social media to tag that birthday boy or girl. When they see the tag and feel like they can potentially win because it's their birthday, they feel more inspired to try the contest out. Not sure exactly how you may want to execute this one, what you would offer, and the process of choosing your winner but none the less, someone's birthday is always right around the corner!

#10: Promote My Business Contest

Essentially the reason for all of these contests is to help gain exposure for your company, build clientele and gain honest business relationships with your loyal customers. Why not do a contest about it? It's quite easy, inform your customers if they create a video of them receiving their hair fresh out of the pack and doing a quick overview of it they may have the chance to win big! Like I previously stated, the client's opinion always matters positive or negative feedback, someone is watching your customer's video. Your customer is opening the brand new package in front of their viewers and giving them their first thoughts that come to mind. What can get more real than that?

11. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are great for building your email list, You can also get people to engage with your social media accounts and check out items from your store. Try to be creative and allow participants to earn more entries with the more actions they complete. Then, choose a winner from there!

12. Father’s day story contest

Same as Mother’s Day–but with dads!

13. Curated Pinterest board contest

If your company uses Pinterest, try creating a contest around it. To enter your contest, participants create a curated Pinterest board featuring your hair products to create a pleasing visual all about what you offer.

14. Selfie contest ideas

Let users enter your contest by taking a “selfie” wearing your hair. This gives you the opportunity to show off your hair products and the customers who wear them. From here, select a winner at random or let your customers have a vote.

15.Depending on what the topic, you can have a contest for the best hair tips. Let customers share how they take care of your hair products while providing an incentive. This is a fun and easy way for to gain followers and shares of your product.

16. Fill in the blank contest

A fill in the blank contest is a great way to keep your followers engaged and see how much they know about your business. You can do something like, “This hair company offers extensions up to ___ inches” and then choose the first right answer.

17. Product-a-day giveaway

During winter holiday, you can giveaway a lot of product for a week. Try to giveaway a product a day and watch how quickly your following grows. People never want to miss out on a good giveaway.

18. Name a new product contest

Have a new product you’re bringing to the market? Let your customers help you with the naming process. Encourage customers to be creative and fun while they move through the process. You can let people vote on the name they like best, or you can Choose what you think is best.

19. Mother’s day story contest

On mothers day, you can hold a contest where customers share a story about their mothers in exchange for a chance to win hair from your company.

20. Video contest ideas

By letting your customers make videos with your products, you're allowing them to create fun content while also gaining a potential to win more products.

Elevate Your Business With a Contest

If you take anything from this article, let it be a sense of hope! Don't ever feel defeated when your business hasn't taken off the ground as you expected it too. As business owners, we may feel we have the product, so the clientele is going to come. That may be true, but an honest effort can take you even further than you ever dreamed. Times have changed over the years on how to market your business, but I'm hoping this article will help you see the light. Don't be afraid to tackle social media full force.

Utilize Social Media

Create a business page on every social media platform possible. Use that platform to gain a following. Persuade your audience at all time about your contests. Make sure the language in the captions are direct and to the point and try to make all of your future contests appealing to the eye. You want someone to scroll down their Instagram, stop and look to gain interest. Continue to do this over time, and you will see your following will grow. Critical advice to help you achieve more recognition on social media is to use hashtags! Use a hashtag with everything you possibly can as much as possible.

Consistency Means Success

Try your best to stay consistent with keeping your customers and followers informed. This may also be an issue we face in trying to have a successful business. We are trying to make ends meet in our own lives and sometimes forget we have a business to run. Consistency is key to the social media market. Do your best to hashtag, persuade, and hold consecutive contests as much as possible for your customers. Staying consistent is the most important thing you need to be successful in marketing your business via social media. Growing your hair business? Share a comment below with what techniques you've used or contests you plan to try!
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How to Create Your 2018 Hair Business Digital Marketing Plan

How to Create Your 2018 Hair Business Digital Marketing Plan

Do you Have a Plan?

Marketing is a term that is used so loosely these days. It does not surprise me when someone starts to indicate that their social media platforms are their marketing plans. Let me save you some time, social media cannot be and never will be a marketing plan. It is a tool. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk digital marketing plans. A digital marketing plan is a series of actions that you take to help you reach your marketing goal. These actions are all done using the internet and mobile technology to reach your consumer. Keep reading for the seven steps you need to create a digital marketing plan for your hair business.

Step 1: Know What You Want

While your website is a part of your business, you should realize that focusing on creating a great site will not get you the customers. Keep that in mind because the website itself cannot be the only thing you focus on. It is essential to know what you want for your business as a whole. Take your mission statement and nail down what and where you want to be as a company in the next five years. Then turn to your digital marketing strategy and create its objective based on where you want to be in 12 months. This 12-month plan will contribute to your five-year plan but give you actionable steps to complete in a realistic time frame.

Your objective should be something like this:

I want my brand to be the go-to online retailer for 3D Mink Lash Strips in Memphis, Tennessee. Be specific and concise. This is what will help you to flesh out the rest of your plan.

Key Performance Indicators

Now that your objective is set it’s time to measure your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. KPI is a measurable value that shows how a company is meeting performance objectives. You want to measure them after you have set your digital marketing goals so that you have a baseline. After you have measured your KPIs look at the different resources, you have available to help you measure your them going forward. For example:
  • Instagram Insights can help you to measure engagement.
  • Google Analytics can help your measure website conversion.
  • Podtrac can help you to measure podcast analytics.
There are a ton of other free analytics tools that can help you to get all of the information you need to measure your brand’s reach and start your digital marketing plan. You want to start off measuring the below metrics:


the number of visitors to your site.


visitors who have filled out an information form giving you their contact information.


contacts who have purchased from your site


the customers who are most likely to tell other potential customers about your hair and beauty products. Use this number to identify who would be less likely to refer customers because they may need an extra incentive before becoming your street team! After obtaining your baseline here’s a simple KPI template for you to steal to help you formally write your digital marketing plan objective.: (Insert goal, e.g. ‘Increase traffic’) by (insert figure)% in (insert number of months).

Step 2: Get the Right Offer to Your Best Customers

Be specific when it comes to thinking about your customer(s). As a business, you cannot serve everyone. The easiest way to be successful is to put each type of customer you may attract into separate groups. Then, analyze each group individually and determine which group is most likely to be your best customer. The word “best” makes this process subjective. Think about whether you want customers who come to you once a year with huge orders of hair, edge control, and lashes or customers four times a year with smaller orders of 3 to 6 bundles and two pairs of lashes. Remember, the customer making smaller orders has the potential to come back more frequently! So, depending on the order size, one of these two customers may be spending more in your store. And it may not be the first customer that comes to mind! Study these customer types when you are creating your offers to ensure that you are catering to the customer type that gives you the most profit.

Three Ways to Divide your Customer Base

1. Segments:

Customer segmentation is best if you consider dividing your customers by age, geographic location, or what brought them to your site. If your customers are funneling in because you posted an advertisement specifying a three bundle deal, then you need to know that. You are probably asking why, if the ad works, it works, right? WRONG! The customer who buys typically five sets of lashes may not have clicked on the add and belongs in a different group. Remember you are making these groups to serve the same type of people better.

2. Personas:

Creating a customer persona enables you to get to know your ideal customer a little better. They are fictional profiles of people that represent your target segments. You could use your segments to create this person. Think of it as breaking downs your segments into a more detailed group. Give your personas them a name, age, gender, psychological traits, and characteristics. Write down how they act, what they spend their money on, their profession, goals, skills, attitudes, and environment. Be sure to note whether they keep up with the latest beauty trends, or if they do the bare minimum to look presentable because things this will matter when it comes time to consider how much money you want to funnel into recruiting these types of personas as customers. Do not skimp on their living circumstances and their workplace. Details create a fictional picture of your target customer that feels real. Personas help you to get to know your customer and create a digital marketing plan that will penetrate their everyday life.

3. Lifecycle stages:

Keep track of when you first meet your customers. Realize that your digital marketing plan has to impact people who are not only just finding out about your hair business, but also the people who have known about your business or been shopping with you since you have started. You will not reach these people in the same ways so separate them.

Step 3: Make Sure YOUR Ideal Customer Can Find You

The whole purpose of a digital marketing plan is to convert the visitor to your website into a repeat customer or at the very least a profitable customer. Your website is the converter. Nevertheless, before you can convert anything you need to have traffic going to your page. Your advertising is what increase is the traffic to your converter. Traditional advertising is just not cutting it anymore. To be effective, you need to pop up in the world of your consumer organically. The best way to achieve this is to participate in paid advertising. Some of the best advertising tactics include:


show ads to visitors who have left your site and have not been converted to a customer yet.

Social Media/Social Advertising:

curate content from other people in the hair industry like wig makers or famous hairstylists on your IG feed to attract more visitors. Create on facebook add to get more clicks to your site.

Influencer Marketing:

Provide a guest post to a blog that is in the fashion and beauty realm! Use their influence to give your brand another platform to live on.

Email Marketing:

Build an email list and share information like a new product or sale with these customers directly in their inbox!

Step 4: Create a Simple Website

Did you know that a conversion rate from 2% to 3% is a 50% increase in sales? Yes, 1%. 1% is very attainable, but a lot of people forfeit that 1% when they create a website that is too complicated or flooded with unusual design elements. I'm sorry to tell you, but all the money that you spend on your website results in a customer interaction of maybe two or three seconds. After that small amount of time, the customer decides whether or not they're going to purchase from you. Meaning, you need to ensure that the copy on your website is simple and enticing! For instance, a phrase like "Real Virgin Hair Extensions Starting at $45 !" will let the customer many things. From that one sentence, they will: know that the hair they're purchasing after clicking on that link is authentic, they can color it, and it's relatively inexpensive. You said all of that in 7 words. It's when you start using flying headers and too many pop-ups along with various images that your customer gets confused. That confusion will cause them to turn away from your site to buy from a competitor with a cleaner aesthetic.

Step 5: Use The Right Technology

The technology that you use to help implement your digital marketing plan is going to vary. The amount of money you invest in your tools will depend on how much money you want to spend on marketing as a whole and where your business is at in regards to human resources. As a small hair business, you may want to stick with tools like Squarespace for your website. Google Analytics is a fantastic option to help track traffic, and MailChimp should be the go-to help you send out email blasts and create campaign newsletters. All of these tools are reasonably priced with different packages to accommodate you as you grow your business.

Step 6: Set SMART Goals

Most people are aware of the SMART goal setting model.

Specific –

Get Specific with your numbers as far as traffic, customer, and referral goals. Also, set a date to hold yourself accountable to that progress.

Measurable –

Track your goals!

Attainable –

Look at the segments you have created to make sure your customers can help you to reach your set goals.

Realistic –

Compare your brand's previous numbers to your goals an ensure that the digital marketing plan you have set in motion can happen. There is nothing wrong with going back and tweaking your numbers to ensure you meet your sales objective.

Time-bound –

Have regular check-ins (monthly is frequent enough) or benchmarks so you can make sure that you are on track. Take this time to evaluate and edit the parts of your marketing plan that may or may not be working! Remember that you need to think about your full customer experience! From the introduction and the beginning of the funnel engagement to customer success, sales, and referral goals.

Step 7: Get Help

The road to making a website-visitor your brand-consumer is a long one. All of the efforts that go into converting this one person can be very time-consuming. Even when it comes to segmenting your customer base, you might want to ask your employees or family members who are attracted to your hair or business model why they're attracted to it. These answers will help you create your personas! Remember, it's okay to ask for help, to look for inspiration in other businesses, and get ideas from your target audience when it comes to pushing your digital marketing plan forward. Even taking the time to meet with a couple of consultants can get you started in the right direction and help you make use of all of your time. You want to ensure that everything you are doing to put this plan together is working towards your goal of getting sales. So, do not feel ashamed to ask for help!

Technology Runs The World

When it comes to marketing your brand to a customer is it imperative that you meet them where they are. Because people are spending more and more time on their phones digital marketing strategies are an essential means of reaching new and existing customers. A digital marketing strategy allows you to study your potential customer, and tailor your outreach tactics so that they respond favorably. How have you achieved more sales digitally in 2018? Comment on your progress below.
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The Future of Hair Blogging You Need To Know Now!

The Future of Hair Blogging You Need To Know Now!

Hair Blog Growth

If you haven’t been living under a rock the past few years, then you will know that blogging is the ‘thing’ to do. People have blogs on just about every subject there is and some even blog about themselves. But if we could take a step back and analyze some of the most popular types of blog, we would see that hair blogging is up there! Hair blogging has transformed on so many levels that it is a big business now. The same goes for Youtube, another platform that has blown up to greatness. People realize its different ways to share their knowledge with the world and taking advantage of it. The future of hair blogging is bright so continue reading below to find out how!

Share Knowledge

Back in the day, like way back, whenever people wanted to learn more about hair, they asked someone. They typically asked whoever was doing their hair. Now, we have all types of knowledge on hair blogging at our fingertips. Studies show ‘blogging’ starting in the late 1990’s, but it became popular in the last ten years at least. If memory serves me correctly, hair blogging started out as people just sharing their experiences. If they got a bad relaxer or bad hairstyle, they wrote about it on their platform. But now it’s deeper than that. Most hair companies and hair providers, who have websites that sell products, have a blog section. Its become a necessity to inform their customers on the products they offer. In the past, we would buy a product online and find out how to use it later. However, consumers are now well versed on things beforehand. The future of blogging will continue to grow in that same direction, I’m sure. I imagined more people would hop on the blogging bandwagon and begin to share their thoughts, stories, and wisdom with the world, in an in-depth fashion.

Interaction Section

I believe the more hair blogging grows, the more they will be able to contact with their readers. We’re starting to see more people take time to comment on the blogs they read which are making a connection with their Writer. Relationships may even begin to form because people will start to find someone who can help them. Especially on the importance of hair care. Typically when people have questions about their hair, they have to pay a consultation fee to a hairstylist. But with hair bloggers, we can become their Internet mentor. We’ll be able to assist in answering their questions and guiding them, for free.

Opportunities Created

Do you remember when blogging was a one-man band? Well, I sure do. For the most part, it’s still that way. There’s a small percentage of bloggers that have a full staff, and by the way, the Internet is moving, I predict a lot more going that route. You have to think; most people are borderline addicts when it comes to social media, which means a lot of us are on our phone. Those who aren’t scrolling all day long, are reading, something! People love to read, especially on their phone because of it being right there. This method is where bloggers have an advantage; it’s their primary focus to provide meaningful content, that people need. So if the Bronner Brothers have an upcoming show, bloggers can begin to write content on things people may be searching for relating to the event. Maybe, how to prepare for a show that big, hair suggestions, etc. What all of this means is that the more traffic one brings in, the busier they become, and the faster they grow. Why not have teams of people helping you? If your blog is growing, you should want to find new ways of reaching people and figure out ways to stand out. Who will write if someone also needs to focus on marketing? I’ll tell you one thing; the big blog sites have staff on board. Hair blogging is turning into more than just a ‘blog.’

Get Some Coins

Who doesn’t like some coins? And no, we aren’t talking about pennies here. I believe the future of blogging is going to set every blogger up for greatness. More and more people are starting to get familiar with SEO and monetization; which are critical factors in getting paid. Hair blogging will be more than just posting an article on how to trim your hair and more about impacting the customer and setting your blog format correctly. You see, the pieces will still have a purpose but with more love on the back-end for the Writer! When you create a blog that allows you to make money, it also opens the door to being self-employed. How many people are tired of their 9-5 gig when they know they have dreams? Too many people! Some of those folks are hair bloggers are part-time when they could be full-time. Especially with new hair trends that hop on the scene so often; someone needs to discuss them. People realize that there is enough money on the Internet for all to have!

The Future is Now

So, I think we can agree that the future for hair blogging is bright, but we can only guess, right? Of course, nobody can predict the future but the likelihood of it is expanding is pretty high! I do believe we will see an increase in hair bloggers on the scene real soon. The future of hair itself is continually evolving so we’ll need folks to write about it of course. Although, there is a buzz going around that believes the reader base isn’t there anymore. That because of social media many people are satisfied with ‘bite-sized’ content. Well, I beg to differ. There are still readers of the world who enjoy their 2,000-word article on what hair extensions are the best to purchase. So if you ask me, the blogosphere is growing more each day, providing people with great content! Are you a hair blogger? If so, what do you predict to be the outcome of your blog? Let me know in the comment section below!
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Marketing Tips To Keep Your Hair Clients Coming Back

Marketing Tips To Keep Your Hair Clients Coming Back

Stop, Drop and Reevaluate!

We all know that to stay in the hair business, we must keep our customers coming back, right? But sometimes it’s hard to get them to go back because most people think it’s up to the customer. However, part of it is the customer, yes, but most of it should be the hairstylist persuading them! Don’t ever think that your only duty starts and stop with styling your client's hair. There is so much that a stylist can do, to keep their clients coming back. You see, customers are still people just like a hairstylist. They want to make they are treated correctly just like a stylist would, so its wise to just put yourself in their shoes. I want you to think of things that businesses can do to you that will have you coming back. Once you do that, apply that knowledge to your clients! I guarantee you; they will start knocking your door down! In the meantime, I have composed a list of ten different ways you can keep your clients coming back. Continue reading below.

Points Programs

Have you ever went to your local coffee shop or store and they ask if you would like to enroll in their points program? Well, if you’re like me, you have! The purpose of a points program is so the client can earn points from their purchase. Once a certain amount of points accumulate, the customer is eligible for a free purchase or discount. Having a program like this set up in a hair salon would be a fantastic idea! The more a customer gets their hair done, the more points they receive towards something great. The good thing about this program is that people love to feel included in situations, especially if its free! This addition is also a great way to make your customers experience a great one. They will feel appreciative knowing that their hair salon wants to give them perks and that they aren’t money hungry. So if you want your schedule book to overflowing, make sure you set up a Points Program.

Email List

There is nothing better you can do while running hair salon than having an email list! Many people believe that if you give your email to a company than they will sell it and get scam email. While there are times that some companies do that, it's not all of them. What is very important about an email list, is the many benefits they provide. As a hairstylist, they should focus on explaining those benefits to their customers and gaining their trust. One of the best benefits that an email list provides is a top priority. Explain to your customers that when they present their email address, they will instantly be up to date with special offers and updates. Customers love that! It also makes you look more professional and focus driven. There is something to be said about a person that is about their business. And because of that, your customer needs to know! This option will have your customers returning because they will see how much you believe in your business and that it goes deeper than hair. When you believe in yourself, those around you have no choice but to follow suit.

Educate Customers

One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back is to include them in what you’re doing! Too many hairstylists style their client's hair and chat about the latest dance moves or hot topic. But I know what would keep me coming back is having my stylist educating me on my hair. Now, don’t get me wrong, many people pay to have their hair styled because they want nothing to do with it. However, others go to learn more about how they can maintain their hair at home. No hairstylist should feel they are giving away their best secrets when they speak about hair. When that customer is in that chair, it should be a moment to educate. Customers should know the bare basics of hair. The importance of clipping their ends, how and when to properly wash and condition, and so much more. Also, I’m sure hairstylist don’t always want to deal with a messy head even if they are getting paid. If all of their customers had healthy strong hair, it makes their job easier and hairstyles come out better as well. So don’t ever think a customer doesn’t want to know about their hair because most do! Educate them, so they know you care and so they will return!

Keep A Great Atmosphere

I can’t tell you how many times I walked into a hair salon knowing I would never step inside of it again! High energy and a great atmosphere, without a doubt, will keep your customers coming back! Most hair salons have a stigma that they are loud and rude, and that’s why many people today don’t go to salons anymore. With all of the social media and the Youtube University, people are learning to do their hair on their own now. So before customers begin coming into your shop, ask yourself how is the atmosphere. Do things to make it lively and bright. Make sure other hair stylists know the importance of that. As I said, I didn't have to sit in the stylist chair before I knew I wasn’t coming back because of the surroundings I didn't t want to be around. So, set the tone for your hair salon before your customers arrive, and I bet they will always come looking for you again!

Go The Extra Mile

Don’t you know people still enjoy free things? Nothing gets a customer running time after time then them receiving free services from their hair stylist. Now, I’m not saying for you to do a free sew-in style and sit for five hours. What I’m saying is it’s imperative for you to go the extra mile with your customers, especially if they didn’t ask! If you’re styling their hair and you notice they could use a light dusting on their ends, do it! It won’t take that long, and they will thoroughly appreciate. When you perform acts such as this one, it will have lasting effects. That customer will never forget that you did something that needed to be done without them asking and it was on the house. Even when you’re styling kids hair; it doesn’t hurt to maybe have colorful hair ribbons or other accessories that you can add to their hair. You could also, let the child pick out the item! I’m sure that parent whos sitting across from you all would be excited that you did that. Going the extra mile is always something that most people appreciate and will have your customers coming back!

Be Flexible

Okay, I get it, the hair stylist is human and their time is just as important than customers. However, a hairstylist wouldn’t be able to perform their skills if they didn’t have any customers. What I’m saying is if you want customers to keep coming back, be flexible! One thing that some people forget is that life happens, to all of us sometimes. So when a customer calls saying they might be a few minutes or they weren’t able to cancel their appointment, depending on the customer, they don’t always deserve a late charge. You could also think of allowing each customer one freebie pass if they ever need it. Be flexible with your clients is beyond crucial and something they will always remember. Every time something isn’t right doesn’t mean it has to be a hard no. There are also times where a customer may have to book an appointment for a special occasion, but it may be on a day that you’re off or after regular hours; if you’re available it won't hurt to book them! I can’t tell you how many times I have been grateful because someone slides me in when they didn’t have to. Be flexible and open with your customers this year if you want them returning!

Be Confident

Have you ever heard someone say to wear your confidence? Well, it means that when you have confidence, it shows! There is nothing worse than someone working on my hair, and you can tell they are not confident in what they’re doing. You have to believe in yourself people! To many people, their hair is a part of who they are, and if it's not right, then everything is wrong. M ake sure you are proud and skilled at your craft because people appreciate that. There was a story I read one day about a hairstylist who cut off a little more of their client's hair than they asked. But the stylist didn’t freak out or anything. They realized what they did, and they evened the haircut and continued styling. They didn’t apologize or make a scene. That act speaks more volumes than you throwing a pity party would. Confidence is more powerful than people think, so claim it and walk into because those you’re working with and for will notice and it will always work in your favor.

Be Personable

You want your customers coming? Get to know them! There is nothing better than engaging with the person who is paying your bills! Get to know your customer while they are sitting in your chair for those next two hours. Ask them how life is treating them, find out where they are from and most importantly ask them how they’re doing. You never know how you can make someone’s day just be having a conversation with them. Being personable is crucial because it shows you care about the person. It may even begin to build a friendship. So smile a little more and find out about your customers. I guarantee that the next time he/she needs their hair styled, they will remember how you treated them and booked that appointment.

Host Events

Another great way to keep your customers returning to your chair is to hold events in your local area! Nothing gets people closer to you then them knowing you do community work! While the customer is in your chair, you can discuss different events that you will be attending or hosting that will focus on helping people. When you’re in the business field, your primary focus should be on impacting lives and giving people something to discuss. After your customer’s hair is complete and they show their friends, they will also tell them how you do work in the community. It will show they you’re not just behind the chair all day and that you are want to make a difference. Even if you were to host events about hair and educating people on it, that would make a loud impact. Keeping others in mind while you help change the world will keep clients returning. Hair Tip: After your customer's hair is complete, give them a card that has a certain percentage of it that will deduct from their next salon visit if they refer a new client! Please love to help, and it allows them to save money!

Booked & Busy

Are you ready to begin having a healthy year styling hair? You don’t ever have to worry about customers not returning after you slay their hair the first time! Now, you hold the keys to bettering your business and craft, so you make sure your customer keep returning. Just remember that if times get a little slow, put your self in your customer’s shoes. How would a company have to treat you that would make you return? Putting your self in someone else’s shoes will always change your perceptive. Make sure to practice these tips and tricks so your customers will still come running back! Now going forward your 2018 will be booked and busy. Are you a hairstylist that might be having a slow season or just looking for ways to get customers to return? Well, let me know below if this article helped you at all!
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Affiliate Marketing Strategy with Selling Hair Extensions

Affiliate Marketing Strategy with Selling Hair Extensions

What You Need To Know On Both Ends

Since late last year, I’ve gained some traction on my social media websites. Due to my growing following, I’ve been asked by a variety of brands to promote their things. I admit, I the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing. I did not know about any programs where I would be able to make money. It wasn’t until I did some research that I found out about affiliate marketing and how affiliate programs can be beneficial to both companies and influencers. I also learned about the world of influencing and what it means to gain income as one. What I have learned throughout my journey is that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, to gain traction, and to create rapport with companies. If you’re someone that owns a company that is attempting to start or utilize an affiliate program, then it can be beneficial to your company to use influencers to gain or breakthrough an entirely new market. Affiliate marketing helps new companies learn traction as well, primarily when they work with influencers with a big following. My experience with affiliate marketing has been enjoyable to say that least. Hopefully, you’ll get an idea of what to do, and not do, when it comes to affiliate marketing, and influencer programs.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for companies to expand their market. It’s an easy way to simplify a complicated market or an oversaturated market, such as hair extensions. Oversaturated means that there are too many companies in the same field and competition is high. When competition is top, it is essential to have a way to break through and stand out. Affiliate marketing is an efficient way to do this. For affiliates or influencers, these programs can be a great way to get free product, to gain following, and to maintain rapport with companies. Also, it’s a great way to get paid. Affiliate marketing is beneficial to everyone involved when it is done right. Let’s look into how affiliate programs work for both companies and influencers. It’s important to know the logistics and understanding of both sides so that if you get involved, you know what to expect. Going into an affiliate program without research is the worst thing to do for yourself, and your company because there is the possibility that someone on either end may try to scam you.

Affiliate Marketing For Companies

Affiliate marketing for companies can go a variety of ways. Typically a company will have an affiliate marketing program set up where influencers can sign up to receive a product in exchange for a review. This is a primary option for companies, and often the most cost-effective. With this kind of program, companies don’t need to spend money and provide a product. They will need to provide the product. There is some risk while doing this, especially if there is no contract already set up. Some influencers will not fulfill the directions given by companies and still take the money. A great way to avoid this is to provide only half of the payment until all regulations are followed. Other means for companies to utilize these programs is to create an affiliate code that is specific to each influencer. This code would give customers a percentage off, and the more that the code is used, the more money the influencer receives. If you’re a small company, you can create contracts on your own that an influencer has to follow. You can also limit the amount of influencer you allow so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. All in all, an affiliate program can be beneficial to a company if it is done correctly.

Affiliate Marketing For Influencers

Before you consider being an affiliate, it is essential to understand your audience. If you don’t have a blog, website, email list or some online presence where people listen to your opinions, then you will need one before becoming a part of any program. You team up with a company that sells a product you want to recommend to your audience. For example, if you’re someone that likes fashion, it wouldn’t make sense to promote or sell products that have to do with fixing cars. It wouldn’t make sense to your audience, especially if they trust you. The most challenging part about working as an affiliate is getting paid. Most companies will want just to send you free material rather than give you payment for posting. There is no shortcut way to get a company to pay you. You will have to work hard and prove that you’re worth a campaign. Pretty images will not be enough. Showcasing what you can offer will be the best way to get companies to pay you. Negotiate as much as you can. If you receive free clothes, start there. Don’t jump right into getting paid. The more that you build rapport, the more willing companies will be to pay you in the future. If you do work with a company, primarily a hair company, it is super important to make sure that you are disclosing correctly. That is key.

Affiliate Marketing With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great market right now. Whether you’re a company or an affiliate, marketing hair extensions can be tricky. If you’re a company, you’ll want to choose influencers that will fit the look, and style you desire. If you’re an affiliate, you’ll want to research the company that wants to work with you. Make sure you’re making the best choice for you, your company and your consumers. Avoid companies that try to charge you for working with them, and avoid influencers that can’t create product content you like. When the right company, and the right influencer team up, magic is made.

What To Remember

Remember that affiliate marketing is beneficial to all parties involved. Companies can benefit from using influencers to expand their market, and stand out in the market. For influencers, these kinds of programs are a great way to get your name out there and create content so that companies can trust you in the future. It is essential to research both ends before taking the next step.
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Staging Techniques: 10 Ways To Stage Your Product for Social Media

Staging Techniques: 10 Ways To Stage Your Product for Social Media

Product Staging 101

When it comes to marketing, staging your product or subject can either make or break your strategy. Now, of course, you should always want to take the better route! Social media has become most of our online portfolios. You may get hundreds of views on your page a week, but are you bringing in hundreds of dollars in sales. Right now, the hair industry is booming, and so many companies are trying to persuade others why their products are the best. Well, whoever can sell an image or vision through the Internet is the one who usually gets more sales. Whether you were selling bundles, wigs, a book, or water bottles, the steps needed to capture that million-dollar image are all the same. Because when you think about it, you’re just clicking a button that snaps an image. You just have to know how to set that image up to get the best shot. When it comes to photography, it just takes a few tricks to master a great photo. You will know you did it correctly when you view the image, and the subject is standing out. Below I’ll go through 10 ways on achieving the best images.

Learn Your Camera

First things first, when staging, you must learn your camera. I can’t tell you how many people take photos wondering why they don’t get good images. 90% of shooting is all on your camera; this goes for professional cameras and smartphones. Yes, these new smartphones are almost as good as professional cameras. Either way, you must know what you’re, doing, first. Reading your manual book and practicing are the best ways on learning your camera. If you’re looking to learn how to capture certain images, you must know what settings you will need. The trick for capturing a certain subject while staging is to focus. It’s going to be important for you to learn what camera settings you will need to focus on your subject. Are you shooting indoor and or outdoor photos? It’s best to know ahead of time so you can prepare since that will require a different understanding and set functions. If you’re new to photography, I would suggest starting outdoor since it’s easier due to the natural light. Indoor photography requires a lot more knowledge. Both locations will give two different results as well. But don’t ever feel defeated when learning how to shoot your camera. After a few practices and having a great understanding, you will be fine.


Lightning has to be one of the best tips you will get on learning about photography staging. For the most part, bad lightening is what causes bad photos. When you snap a photo of someone, and his or her hair fades in with the background or isn’t detailed, it’s probably because your lighting is off. Once you understand lightning, you will be on your way to snapping great shots for your social media.

Use a Soft Box Light

You will typically see softbox lights in photography studios although you can use them wherever you need to. It’s a lightening device that normally comes on a tall stand. It is external lightening that will help shine the light on whatever you decide will be the focus. When shooting hair, you would want to have the softbox positioned on top of the person. The light will illuminate the hair so when you take the photo, whatever the light is shining on will get the most focus. Now, your softbox may not come on a tall stand that can go over the head. So what you would need to do is make sure you have two boxes and set one on each side of the person. This technique will make sure your image is lightened evenly and focused properly.

Use Natural Light

Don’t have a softbox to focus on the hair or product? Not a problem, just use natural light. Natural light is the best light anyway, especially the sun. When shooting in the sun, there are a couple of things to remember. First, depending on how bright the sun is, make sure it’s behind you and not the person. You don’t want to be shooting in the direction of the sun if it’s bright because it will cancel out everything in the image. When shooting hair in the sun, it would be best to get as close as possible to the person since hair is the focus. If the sun is on the side of the model, you could have them just turn their head to the camera, so the sun hits their hair. Your models face would be clear, but not the focus. This option would also be good if your model has a light hair color. If the color is too bright, it may cancel out.

Window Light

Using natural light through a window is another great option. Window lightening can create a silhouette with the help of a softbox. Place the softbox on top of the model or the sides; the hair would be well lit leaving everything else dark. This technique also gives the mysterious vibes of the image. If you’re just using the window light, you should have your model’s head facing towards the window while the rest of their body faces the opposite direction. This setup will give a nice glow to the hair. Are your products eyelashes? Having a model in a well-lit area would be great for capturing them. The model's eyes would bounce off from the natural light, putting all the focus on the eyelashes.


Because what is a photo shoot without any extra materials or tools? You will be surprised how a little effort goes a long way. While shooting on your smartphone or professional camera, having the following three items will help you drastically when marketing!

Blurred Background

The difference between a blurred background and a blank background is the effect it gives. A blurred background also is known as Boca, is a great way to have your subject stand out with a wild background. If you’re shooting a real dramatic hairstyle, a blurred background will give the appearance of chaos in the background and draw all attention to the face and hair. Doing it this way would be good for someone who has long hair and even bright hair. Having a subject that pops is key for a blurred background.

Blank Background

Because you’re if photographing hair, hair should be your only focus. Another great way to ensure it remains in focus is by having your model on a blank background. You don’t want to be shooting a long braided ponytail with three cop cars in the background. That will be a distraction. Also, have your model wear a light colored shirt. Light colors will draw more attention to your model's hair. Applying external light against a blank background puts the hair in a good focus as well. The best blank background is white too. Let's say you’re shooting a small product that’s red; making the background blank and white will scream look at me. Your audience eyes will immediately be drawn to your product making them wonder what it is you’re selling.

Black Elastic Bands

Most people come to photo shoots with their hair already done but what if you change your mind on the style? Keeping a black elastic band on hand will help if you want to change a style quickly. Diving the hair between both shoulders is one look, but then you can also throw the hair up into a high ponytail, which will give another look. Although I mentioned a black elastic band, you can have any color but black blends in more. Keep in mind, depending on how you stage yourself or the model; you can have many different images.


Shine Shine Shine! As mentioned earlier, having your light on your subject is what you need to capture a great image. Along with that, is making sure your hair or models hair is very shiny. Hairspray should be your best friend for this type of shoot. The more shine you have, the more the hairstyle will be in focus. Have you ever seen long luscious hair grazing one shoulder and the white light sits on top of the image? That is what you want! Also, while you’re at it, holding the spray can be very useful as well. Will you be shooting with a fan? Maybe you only want part of your hair to have the moving effect. Use the holding spray to make sure certain parts of the hair don’t move. It will create a real nice mellow picture feel.


Whether you’re shooting hair or any other product, adding flowers in the shot gives a real natural, vibrant feel. Staging flowers somewhere in the background of a bright set would be ideal too. Flowers also add texture to your image. Shooting with a blank background is one thing but adding flowers in the corner will give it a new feel. Don’t worry about the price of flowers either because fake flowers are the way to go. They look real, and they're super cheap. They also come in many different sizes. So if your product is really small, like say a book, a small flower pot would be great to set next to it. Try to purchase fake flowers that are a bright, so your pictures always pop! When it comes to marketing, it’s all about doing what you have to, to gain the attention of your audience.

Don’t Be Picture Perfect

When staging your product, don’t worry too much about creating the perfect image. Sometimes the best shots are done when they are random or even when you’re testing a shot. When shooting, just play around with different styles and looks. You could have some that need to be just right and also ones that aren’t. The not so perfect ones allow the photo to be more fun.

Welcome Fly-A-Ways

Have you ever thought about how much character a messy bun gives? Well, it gives a lot. If you’re selling hair extension ponytails, play around with it until it looks a mess! Those are the best ones, of course. Slick the top of the hair back and then create the bun. You could create a “beautiful disaster” image with this look. Even if you’re shooting big hair, don’t focus on the roundness of the hair. Just let the hair do its thing and capture the image and see if you like it.

Use Hands

Using hands in photography is a great way to draw your attention to your subject. It enhances your image way more than you know. Have you ever been shooting someone and they say I don’t know what to do with my hands? Well, I’ll give some tips on the importance of them.


Using hands will frame your image just right. For example, if you’re shooting someone who has an extremely long braid that’s hanging on one side, have them wrap their hands around it. Doing so will essentially give a gripping effect. When your audience first looks at the photo, their eyes will go straight to the subject. If your product is something like a bottle or a notebook, you don’t always have to shoot it alone. Showing just wrist and hands while holding the product gives it another look. It tells your audience that this product is something you need to get your hands on; get it?

Turn Flash Off

Yes, that’s right, turn your flash off! A flashlights an object but it can also mess up a photo as well if you don’t know when to use it. Have you ever seen a nice photo but it has a glare on it? Well, if you’re staging a product, that’s what you don’t want to have. When you're staging your product or subject, you want to make sure there aren’t any harsh lights around. After you shoot the image, your photo should be smooth and clear. If you’re a photographer and you’re marketing for newborn photos, flash won’t be your friend. To capture those precious features of a baby, you will have to focus on all other lightening options. A baby shouldn’t have a flash in their eyes anyway.

Close Up Shots

Piggybacking off of the importance of having a blank background for staging; close up shots have the same effect. If you’re selling a look or product, you want your photo to only be about that and nothing else. The closer you shot, the better. Close up shots will also allow your audience to see the little details of your products that otherwise may get overlooked on a big background. Are you trying to sell sea salt almonds? We all know salt is the smallest thing ever, so it’ll be crucial to capture that tiny detail. You can also capture close-ups with smartphones and big cameras. If you were trying to capture the texture of hair extensions, using the close-up feature would be ideal. People can’t feel your product over the Internet so showing your audience texture would be a great idea.

Change Your Angles

If you change your angles, you will change your perception! Different angles when staging will give your images a lot more value. When you’re shooting, all you have to do is keep your product or subject completely still, and simply begin shooting from every possible angle. Taking photos from a high distance and then a low distance looking upward will give you different photo options to choose. Pictures typically tell a story. Although, it may not always tell a story to you, to someone else it will. Giving your audience a lot to choose from will change their perception of how they view your product. Of course, if they view it wrong, it may result in no sales. So remember, more angles more sales!

Now Set Your Stage

Regardless of what you’re marketing, making sure it’s marketed the right and the best way is what your focus should be on. Now that we’re living in a social media world, it’s important to make sure your images are better than ever before. People are constantly searching under hash-tags and most viewed images so much that “first impressions” are applying. You want to capture an audience within those first two seconds or else they will scroll right past your image. Mastering the art of staging doesn’t take long so once you get it, you will be on your way to the top. Have you changed the way you’ve taken photos for marketing purposes? Did your sales increase because of it? Tell me your story below; I’d love to hear from you!
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Top 10 Influential Hair Bloggers To Love On Social Media

Top 10 Influential Hair Bloggers To Love On Social Media

It's All Virtual Love

Hey ladies! Your girl is here to help you by sharing my list of some of the best hair bloggers. You can stop searching the internet for random hair advice. I am going to link you up with the plugs in the hair industry to make sure you get the right tips, resources, and advice to keep your hair looking gorgeous! I want to introduce you to my ten virtual best friends. Each of them is amazing in his or her unique way, and I know you’ll learn a lot from the content they share. I usually don’t share my friends with everybody, but I feel as if we are family so I know I can tell you all about them.
I chose my influencers based on some factors. The number of followers and subscribers they had was not the primary factor. My primary consideration is the inspiration. I want to share with you individuals who I think have a unique approach which inspires me. I know I have not included all of my faves but these influencers are always at the top of my list. I'm connected to their social media to get reviews on new products, hair tutorials, and to find out what they are up to in other areas of the lives. A few of them I have been following for years, and it’s cool to see them transform and grow brands. I hope my faves add value to your life. If you are seeking answers or how-to videos, check out my best friends below! You know what you have to do! Press play on your Lecrae playlist and let's get started!


Founded by Ty Alexander, is everything! She makes me feel like my gray hairs are a badge of honor. A lot of us seem to have a never-ending battle with these pesky gray hairs, and I promise you she can guide you on how to love, take care of, and even embrace your silver strands.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @gorgeousingrey Website: Twitter: @gorgeousingrey Youtube: Gorgeous in Grey Joined: 02/25/2011 Views 444,143 views Subscribers: 4958 Here’s a little background on Gorgeous in Grey directly from her website: “Gorgeous In Grey is a beauty and lifestyle guide dedicated to inspiring women to embrace their authentic selves. Curated by Ty Alexander, GIG is a reflection of what life can be if you take risks and adopt a fearless personality. Whether you are looking for tips on what red lipstick works best with your skin tone, or how to be happy at that job that kind of sucks–GIG is your digital best friend who is prepared to cry, laugh and celebrate with you. We want you to celebrate who you are wherever you are in your journey!”
She recently relaxed and cut her hair, and I love it! One thing I dislike is when people question me on why I did the big chop! It’s a personal decision, and so I am inspired when I see another woman choose to wear her hair in a way that makes her feel comfortable and empowered. Her new style is a short, relaxed pixie cut. She has her tips on how she cares for her gray hair which you can view on her website. I love her website, and it is easy to navigate. Her visual branding guided me to join her tribe. I joined her squad, and I encourage you to do so as well. Check out my tips below on how to build your tribe. If you have your website and want to build your tribe, here are a few tips to help you grow your following and engage with your target market more authentically. Regardless of what product or service you provide having a tribe is key to growth, connection, and conversion.

Grow your tribe

Here are three tips to grow your tribe and create long-term relationships with those who support you!

Tip #1 Choose the right platform to connect with your ideal client

Find out where your ideal client is and follow them there.

Tip #2 Connect authentically

The easiest way to connect with your ideal client authentically is to plan your content, evaluate it, and be consistent in what you share.

Tip #3 Be genuine

Make sure you are you! We all look up to people, and the tendency may be to cater your messages in the manner they do. Don’t do that! Share your news in your voice. People appreciate truth, realness, and authenticity.

#2 Kandee Johnson

She is the best! Her voice and perky personality make me happy whenever I read a blog or watch a video. She’s a beauty guru who has an extensive following on social media. I appreciate Kandee’s can-do approach and her ability to make you feel as if you both have been friends forever! To create a video script that will impress viewers like Kandee's check out my tips below!

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @kandeejohnson Website: Twitter: @kandeejohnson Youtube: Kandee Johnson Joined: 01/03/2009 Views: 440,154,501 Subscribers: 3,949,401 Here’s a brief introduction to about her from her website: “I started blogging in 2008, first with a blog about my daily life as a mom of 3. Then a blog about beauty and style. I uploaded my first video on youtube in 2009 and I thought it would be fun to teach people my tips and tricks. I would later be amazed that millions of people had seen my videos! And I humbly, still, cannot believe that almost 1 million people have subscribed to my videos! I am beyond blessed to be able to share love, laughter and some fun stuff with people online and occasionally in person!” My favorite video is the one in which she shares her setup to create her videos on Youtube.

Creating your video script

You are probably still avoiding creating videos because you don’t know what to say, you don’t like how you look on camera, or you don’t know how to create your setup. Let me explain why you need a script for your videos and live streams. Creating a video script is vital whether you are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or recording content to share later. It helps to keep you on track, ensures you stick to the discussion topic and helps you to organize your platform for future content creation. To be successful, you should be clear of your purpose within thirty seconds of starting your video or live stream.

#3 Chic Natural

Kim is one of the first people I started following faithfully. She is good at showing you different ways to wear your hair and keeping it modern. I like the wig hack tutorials she shares on her channel. I admire how she lives her life and shares it with us, but she still keeps some of it personal. She’s a cool chick, and I know you will enjoy her platform.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @thechicnatural Website: Youtube: The Chic Natural Joined: 6/10/2010 Views: 132,237,404 Subscribers: 867,306 Here’s a little bit more about her directly from her website: “I’m Kim, a girl with a passion for fashion, food, and fabulousness! Here I will share with you guys outfit inspiration, my recent finds, beauty tips, and anything chic I think you should know about. “ Trust me! You will love her channel! Check out her website as well.

#4 Elenore

She's is affectionately known as Naptural Elenore. Hailing from the Philippines, she is known for her hair tutorials. She’s rocking her natural hair and has tons of videos on her playlist to help you through your natural hair journey. Whether you’re looking for information on protective styles or taking care of your hair, Elenore gives you tons of tips to help you.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @napturalelenore YouTube: Joined: September 11, 2012 Subscribers: 82,199 Views: 3,450,701

#5 Makeba

Makeba is serving melanin goals all over social media! If you like wigs but want to understand how to wear them correctly, she’s got you covered. I also love her hair dying videos as well as her natural hair tutorials and extension videos.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @ynotkeeb YouTube: January 3, 2012 Subscribers: 141, 650 Views: 6, 960, 126

#6 Shameless Maya

Maya is my all time favorite. I love watching her first few videos just as a reminder of how authentic she still is. It is incredible that with all the success she has she remains true to who she is.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @mayasworld Website: Youtube: Joined: May 23, 2012 Subscribers: 1,091,959 Views: 77,651,825
Here’s more about her directly from her website: “Maya Washington is a multifaceted Creative Producer and YouTube Star. "What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?" was the question and social media experiment marking the start of Maya’s online self-discovery. She initiated her #BESHAMELESS movement on YouTube in reaction to her life as a struggling artist in New York. Maya blended her passion for performance and photography, fashion/beauty and personal growth into an authentic mission attracting brand partnerships and viewers alike.” It is so funny to read the section above because it genuinely was so organic how she started her channel. The most amazing thing I have ever watched is the video she has of her cutting her hair. Forget a big chop! This creative beauty cut all her hair off. I can relate to her emotions and reasons for making her decision! You know what they say. When a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life! I guarantee her reasons for cutting her hair will resonate with you! Who’s the best friend you can call on to cut your tresses? Let me know in the comment section! Also, I am crushing over her natural curls in her recent videos.

#7 Beauty Can Braid

She gives me too much inspiration. Whenever I want a new protective style, I can always check out one of her videos to provide me with style ideas. She is fantastic at what she does, and I want to go so far as to say I believe this is her calling. I mean she doesn’t play any games at all, and she has created her niche in the hair braiding industry.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Website: Instagram: @beautycanbraid YouTube: Joined: 6/10/2010 Subscribers: 867,306 Views: 132,237,404 If you are thinking of getting your hair braided with braiding hair, below are some tips on how to prepare your hair before you create your style.

Why pre-clean braid hair

Does your scalp itch right after you get braids? Are you ready to take them out because your scalp is irritated? Has your protective style been in for about three days and your hairline and scalp looks like you have an allergic reaction? I love wearing braids, especially as a protective style, but my scalp gets so irritated. The reason your scalp itches and gets irritated is because of the alkaline lye used to coat synthetic braiding hair. I’ve got a solution for you so just keep reading!

How to pre-clean braid hair

Pre-cleaning your braid hair will help decrease the irritation you experience. Follow the steps below to clean correctly:


Plastic tubular hanger Kanakelon braiding hair Apple cider vinegar or White vinegar

Step #1

Fill a sink or large bowl with warm water

Step #2

Remove braid hair from each package and keep the rubber band attached

Step #3

Place the braided hair to the side

Step #4

Pour about four capfuls of vinegar (you don’t need much) into the warm water

Step #5

Place your braid hair into the warm water and vinegar mixture

Step #6

Allow it to sit for thirty minutes to an hour (there will be a white substance floating on top of the water)

Step #7

Drain the water from the sink or pour the water out of the bowl

Step #8

Rinse the hair until the water runs clear (no film on top of the water)

Step #9

You may have to rinse three to five times to ensure the hair is clean

Step #10

Squeeze all water out of the braid hair

Step #11

Attach the rubber bands to the hooks on the hanger

Step #12

Hang the hangers from the shower rod in your bathroom

Step #13

Allow to air dry or blow dry the hair if you don’t have the time to wait for it to air dry Okay! You are ready to create your braided style.

#8 Abby Smith

Abby gives us perfect hair all the time. From her braided styles to her daughter’s cute styles, her social sites are a go-to for hair inspiration and tutorials. The way she blends her love for hair with her family is admirable. I truly believe she loves what she does and that means she never actually works. Join her for her thirty styles in thirty days challenge from March 17- April 15th.

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @twistmepretty Website: YouTube: Joined: October 28, 2012 Subscribers: 313,562 Viewers: 23,524,558 Learn more about Abby as she shares her story on her website: “Over the years I’ve learned to become a photographer, a model, a web page designer, an expert in Photoshop, a graphic designer, a writer, a social media guru, and videographer. Blogging is constantly challenging me to think outside the box, to hone in on my craft and I’m ever thankful for the new friends I’ve made along the way. So please, jump in! And when you come upon a post or video published in my earlier days, I give you full permission to laugh. Hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere! So here’s to not being afraid of trying new things and just doing.” Will you try one of the styles featured on her page? Tag us in your photo on Instagram, and you may see your picture featured on our Instagram page.

#9 Beauty by Lee

Lauretta sets the bar high when it comes to being authentic and embracing your journey. I follow her because of her natural hair videos which I crush over all the time. I am love with Camille Rose hair products all because of her. It is enjoyable to watch her go through the beautiful phases of her life. I know some may not be as beautiful, but she’s one graceful woman. If you are an expectant mother, you need to check her out because she shares her journey through pregnancy. Go check her out because you will be inspired!

Connect with her here & check her stats:

Instagram: @beautybylee Website: Youtube: Joined: 03/29/2011 Subscribers: 205,000 Views: 9,135,731 Check out the blog on how to connect with influencers because your business will benefit from collaborations and partnerships.

#10 Malibu Dollface

He is that best friend that is going to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I just love his realness, authenticity, and straight no chaser approach. Whether he’s giving his opinion on a trending topic or teaching you how to slay your lace front, you will get your life all the way together following him.

Connect with him here & check his stats:

Instagram: @malibudollface YouTube: Joined: 11/08/2009 Subscribers: 536,010 Views: 50,831,548 If you are seeking to be more authentic on social media, I suggest you continue creating content. I know it may seem as if nothing is catching, but it’s essential you understand what you will need to establish a better connection with your followers. Below are three suggestions to help you move in the right direction:
  • Share your life with your followers. You can decide what and what not to share. The influencers I list in this article all have ranging degrees of how much of their lives they share.
  • Be true to yourself! You should create a presence which is a direct reflection of your personality. It’s hard to build content which is not true to who you are.
  • Stop seeking perfection because it will keep you stagnant. Start doing more, research, and learn as you go.

Follow Influential Hair Bloggers in The Industry

The internet provides us with the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. I follow my favorites on YouTube faithfully because they are consistent and always share useful content. It works out so well because if I have questions about a new product, like Hair Diagram's Bold Hold Tape, I can quickly search one of my favorite bloggers/vloggers to see their review of the product. If you are looking for the right people to follow and connect with, always look for consistency, honest reviews, and current content with what's on trend. I know you may have your favorites as well. There are so many established hair gurus as well as up and coming hair influencers that it can be difficult to mention them all. Who are some of your favorite hair bloggers? I may be missing out someone amazing, so please let me know in the comments below! Make sure you follow Private Label Extension on Instagram and me at @latayedavis on Instagram.
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Target for Success: How to Define Your Target Market

Target for Success: How to Define Your Target Market

Target for Your Business

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step. You decided weeks ago or months ago that you were going to break into the hair industry by becoming a hair extension retailer. Maybe you are an avid weave wearer who knows the difference between 7A, 8A, & 9A bundles and you decided to sell what you love to help enhance the beauty of other women around the world. Or maybe you’ve never worn an installation in your life, but you know that the hair industry is worth billions of dollars and you are ready for your slice of the pie.
Unfortunately, both scenarios are irrelevant when it comes to selling hair extensions and planning your business. Don’t get me wrong; your "Why?" is always important! Your "Why?" is what will keep you pushing when orders don’t start rolling in right away, or the influencer you hired is late on their review. However, to get started making money through your hair extension business you need to know who you are selling to and you need to know them very well. These people, this audience is your target market. Your target market will be on the receiving end of your marketing plan. You will invest time and money trying to reach them so you should at least know who they are before you start.

B2C vs. B2B

When first deciding who you are going to cater your hair extensions you should know that you have options. Most companies choose early on that they will sell directly to a consumer that is their end user. They will buy at the wholesale price and then engaged in a few marketing tactics like posting a few pictures on Instagram, get a Youtuber to review the hair, throw an affiliate link in the mix, and begin to collect orders slowly but surely. B2C is a Business to Consumer method. This route is traditional, and a lot of small businesses use this business model to sell their products. The B2B or Business to Business model is in direct contrast to the B2C model because it involves one company selling directly to another business which is typically not the end user. The standard chain includes wholesalers selling to retailers or manufacturers. The day to day consumer is not a participant in this transaction. If you are looking to become a hair vendor to hair retailers or salons, you will consider the B2B route.
In some cases, you may want to consider targeting both consumers and other businesses to diversify your target market. However, it is important to remember that you cannot be all things to all people and this is especially true in the realm of business. The more you can narrow in on who your customer is, the better you will be able to serve them, and this service will ensure that they keep coming back. Keep reading for the steps on how to define your niche below:

1. Take a look at Your Competition

The hair industry is suffering from saturation with the abundance of beauty supply stores, internet hair companies, and quick weave shops. There is no shortage of competitors in this business. Take advantage of that resource and research your competitors. Who is the company catering to with these ads? Are they only using celebrity endorsements? Does this mean that their prices are unrealistic to the everyday consumer? A question like that makes you dig deeper and ask, who is this company trying to sell to, and does the marketing do that efficiently? If no, does that mean that you can use micro-influencers to sell your hair and capitalize on an affordability aspect? Take heed to all of the answers to the above questions. You can look at all this information and choose to target someone entirely different for them or better execute their strategy. This information can add to your list in step one and aid in your customer discovery process.

2. Analyze Your Product and Conduct Market Research

Decide on what type of hair you are going to sell and what are the benefits associated with this hair. If you are using Private Label Extensions hair, you may choose to sell only the Brazilian hair that they offer. You can then break down your hair extension assortment by curl patterns and create a small list for each item in your line. For Example:

Brazilian Straight 8A hair

  • Manageable
  • Colors well
  • Can be curled with heat tools
  • Has a life of over 1.5 years

Brazilian Afro Kinky

  • Matches natural textures
  • Can be made into clip-ins
  • Colors well
  • Can be straightened or blow dried
These are just a few benefits, but once you have these listed out make a separate list of people who need these benefits. A B2C example may be, a twenty-something naturalista who lacks the versatility of Brazilian Afro Kinky clip ins because she is always on the go but does not like to apply much heat to her hair. Knowing how your product will fit into your target market’s lifestyle will help you reach them where they are. The same applies to the B2B customer you may want to service, pitch your natural hair extensions to a salon that specializes in curls because that is a market that is underserved. You can justify their needs when you compare the current offering of natural hair extensions to the vast options of straight hair extensions available. Please note that these examples are general, but you now have a base to start your analysis!

3. Make a List

Test question: Who do you want to buy your hair? If your answer is everyone, wrong. Or, if your answer is African American Women that is better but still wrong. If your answer is African American women between the ages of 25-35 who make over $45,000 a year and spend their residual income on hair and beauty products, you may be on to something. Write down your customer and list out particular details. Who is she? What kind of money does she make? What are her spending habits? Where does she get her information? All of these questions are going to help you reach her. You need to write the answers down so that you can always go back to her if you notice your branding or marketing is getting off track or not penetrating the market you are interested in reaching.
It is imperative to note that just because you are catering to this customer does not mean that you are limiting yourself. Remember, your marketing dollars will funnel into campaigns reaching these people, and your sales will reflect the person you are describing in this step. Be sure to use the information gathered in the last two steps to help create this list! Here is a more precise list of the information you need to build your list.

Be sure you can provide these characteristics to your ideal customers:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Marital or family status
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic background
It is also important to look at the Psychographics of your customer.

These are their more personal characteristics:

  • Personality
  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Interests/hobbies
  • Lifestyles
  • Behavior
Additionally, It is good to know the psychographics of your customer because that can help you to understand your their frame of mind and enable you to reach them directly with your sales and marketing channels.

4. Test

Give your target market an opportunity to buy from you. A test does not mean a company launch; it means a soft opening or an exclusive offering. You can also do a market test by giving out free samples to a few people. It's great to see if your target market will be responsive to your product and or branding choices. The test will give you time to pivot your product line or fine tune your audience if they do not respond to the lengths, textures, or marketing campaign you have put in place. For example, if you are going to offer Brazilian hair extensions, you could purchase what you think would be your top 3 to 5 different textures. Select them after doing a product analysis of the PLE hair assortment. Make sure you purchase enough for 5 to 10 people. With the industry standard for a full head weave being 15 to 30 bundles, you can buy anywhere between that amount bracket. Then launch your marketing campaign to a controlled number of people or salons within your target market. Look to see what textures go first in a set amount of time, and that will not only be your winning product assortment, but you can also study what you did or communicated to your customer base through those winners. You can then fine-tune your customer and execute a launch that will hit your target.

Target To Success

A target market is a group of people with similar needs and wants who can potentially become your customer. It is vital that you know who these people or businesses are so that you can accurately target them with the correct marketing tools and bring them to your product. You do that by competitive shopping, conducting market research and make a wish list of who you want your customers to be. How have you gone about finding your target market? Leave tips in the comments below.
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15 Marketing Tips That Hair Salon Owners Can Do Right Now!

15 Marketing Tips That Hair Salon Owners Can Do Right Now!

Keep Those Stylist Chairs Filled!

Congratulations! You have started your new hair salon, and it wasn’t an easy feat. Now you have another hurdle to tackle, the marketing. How will you get people to notice your salon? Who wants to open up a hair salon for it to be dead? We feel your pain, and that’s why we are sharing with you 15 marketing tips for salon owners. So let’s get started on your journey to bomb marketing for your salon!

Marketing Tips for The Win!

#1 Hire a Publicist

“If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR” -Bill Gates
Even Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, understands the power of pr (Public Relations). While everything else here is essential, I think tip #1 and tip #15 may be the most valuable unknown nuggets that we will share with you. Hiring a publicist that specializes in public relations can help bring so much exposure and brand awareness to your salon. They help you build relationships and get the publicity that could lead to more sales for your business. While the title of a publicist may sound pricey, many publicists offer very affordable rates. If you can’t afford to have them on fulltime consider hiring them part-time, another option is getting a consultation from them so that you and your team can implement their advice in your marketing strategy.
Many publicists offer consultations at a more convenient fee than their full-time or part-time services. So this may be a more affordable route for you. There are also many college students looking to get their feet wet in public relations. Consider bringing on a college student as a PR intern for your salon and have them handle this part of your business. You can pay them by offering college credit, a stipend or even free services at your salon.

#2 Create An Instagram Profile

In this day and age, an Instagram profile is necessary for just about everything, everyone, and every business. If you don’t have one, it is almost like your business doesn’t exist. Creating an Instagram should be one of the first things you do to market your salon. You can use salon themed hashtags and post client before and after photos to draw attention to your page. Offer giveaways and incentives for your followers as well as create Instagram ads which you can run for as low as one dollar.
Getting your clients to tag you in their selfies and use your location as a geo-tag will surely get you noticed. You can also use Insta-stories to engage with your followers. Show the behind-the-scenes of your business and mini hair tutorials as well as new deals. Instagram is such a powerful tool and its free! Who doesn’t love free marketing? If you need some help navigating the world of social media check out our two bomb articles about social media and the hair industry below: “How To Brand Your Instagram For Success” “How Social Media Is Changing the Hair Industry

#3 Create A Facebook Page

Since we are already on the topic of social media, I have to mention Facebook. Creating a Facebook can be great for business. Facebook offers so much for businesses such as ads, analytics, groups, and exposure. Many companies are on Facebook because of this fact. Just like Instagram, you can create Facebook ads for your business to increase your salon’s reach. It also allows customers to leave reviews which can be great for your business and build trust for potential customers.

#4 Have A Website

Having a website is imperative for any business that wants to have a mark in the digital space. A website can also be used to host products and drive sales. Your site should showcase your services and also allow potential customers to book appointments at your salon. Your website serves as the digital portfolio for your salon, showcasing both your salon’s services and work. Having a site means that when people search salon’s in your area, you may pop up!

#5 Start a Blog

With a website, having a blog section is a great way to market your salon. You never know what people are searching. Having a website and blog with searchable content will allow people to find you! A blog is a great way to become a resource in your industry and prove you as an expert in your field. If people love and trust your salon’s blog, they are likely to visit your salon. Create content for your salon’s blog that is valuable, informative and helpful. We will go more into this in the next tip.

#6 Create Content

Your hair salon is a business and a brand. What's a better way to showcase that than by creating valuable content that is shareable? You can create various types of content from videos to photo shoots. All of this can be used to market your brand. You can showcase this content on your website, blog and social media platforms. Here are three types of content that you can create:


  • Having a resourceful blog with tutorials, tips, and valuable information is a great way to build content. We covered more of this in tip#5.


  • In this day and age video content is the way to go, especially for those in the hair industry. We have all seen hair tutorials going viral on social media and with tons of views on Youtube. Video content is a great way to build your brand and potentially go viral with it.


  • Photoshoots are an excellent source of content for your brand. Not only can you use the photos from the shoots as promo for flyers and handouts but you can also have photoshoots for your blog and create videos of the shoots for your Youtube channel.
A brand photoshoot is a great way to showcase your salon’s skills and draw customers in through captivating visuals.

#7 Brand Ambassadors

Having a brand ambassador for your salon is a great way to evangelize your brand. A brand ambassador (Check out this article: brand ambassador contract) can serve as the spokesperson, face, and advocate for your salon. You can get them to host events, create videos, model and so much more. The duty of a brand ambassador is to literally be the ambassador for your brand. They should advocate for your brand and serve as brand evangelists. They play a significant role in getting the word out about your salon. Learn more about brand ambassadors and how they can help your business in our article, “How to Select Hair Ambassadors for Your Extensions Business.”

#8 Host Events

Anyone who has a salon should consider hosting events. There are so many different types of activities that you can have at your salon. From classes and workshops to hosting a grand opening event, having events is a great way to introduce the community to your salon and services. Offering classes and workshops cause you become a resource to other hair lovers in the area. People are always looking to learn more about the hair industry, what better way to help out than to teach them. You can even charge a small fee and use the profits to upgrade your salon even more.

#9 Use Your Salon as an Event Space

Not only can you host events at your salon but you can open up your salon as a space for others. There are probably many local business owners looking to host various events in your community. Offering your salon as an event space gives them the option of hosting their event with you. Even the guests that they invite may consider hosting their next event at your salon. Opening up your salon as an event space is a great way to gain exposure for your salon while also getting some extra coin. You can post your location on sites like EVENTup for more exposure. This will help bring in a new crowd of people that may not know about your salon.

#10 Word of Mouth

I know we all love social media and press but never underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing, especially when it comes to hair. Word of Mouth marketing is one of the most natural marketing techniques to do because it comes naturally. Not to mention everyone has a mouth. Word of mouth marketing can be done by your brand ambassadors, staff, clients and most importantly you!
At times some business owners are hesitant to talk about their business to others. They don't want to seem like they are showing off or bragging. Well, I'm here to tell you if anybody should be advocating your business it should be you! You should be the biggest and strongest evangelist for your brand, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through word-of-mouth. So next time you're somewhere, and someone brings up business, hair, salons or anything related I want you to tell them about your business!

#11 Newspaper

Believe it or not, yes, people still read the paper, and they always go to it to find out about local businesses. Having an ad for your salon in the newspaper is a great way to attract clients to your salon especially older clients who are known to be loyal. You can offer coupons and exclusive discounts to readers that they can redeem at your salon. Another great way to get your salon in the newspaper is to have an article written about your salon. The article can talk about the various services that your salon offers while even giving some hair tips to readers.

#12 Radio

Local radios still get tons of listeners. A quick commercial advertisement talking about your salon on the radio can get you some buzz. Make sure the advertisement is straight to the point and very catchy so that listeners will remember your salon. Also, include the address and phone number for your salon so that anyone who wants to visit can do so with ease. You can use a service like Adfresco to help secure deals for top radio spots.

#13 Pass out flyers!

One of the classic ways to promote your salon is by passing out flyers. While many may think that this strategy is old school, flyers still work in this day and age. Flyers can be helpful for those times where you want to tell somebody about your salon, but you don't have too much time. You can even hang them up as posters around town, where it is permitted.
Flyers are also pretty easy to make. You can hire a graphic designer or get an intern to make you fabulous flyers. They are bound to grab anyone's attention. If you can't find someone to make your flyer for you, you can make one yourself using Canva. Canva is very simple and easy to use for creating graphics. Make sure to leave some flyers at your salon so that clients can take some with them to pass out and help spread the word.

#14 Offer Special Discounts on Certain Days

Incentives like special discounts will get the community hype. You can offer coupons or special discounts on specific services or specific days. Doing this strategy will cause your salon to be the go-to salon on that day or for that particular service. You can also offer college discount for your salon’s services. College students are always looking for the new hot spot to get their hair done. If you can make a college student happy with excellent service and a great deal they will spread the word about your salon. Your salon could become the go-to place for the college students in your town!

#15 Have An Email List

I cannot reinforce this last tip enough. Having email list is one of the best ways to market your salon. This advice is so valuable that we dedicated a podcast episode to it, "Email Marketing for Your Hair Company." An email list allows you to have a one-on-one connection with potential clients for free. All you have to do is write an email which everyone had. Not to mention in the digital world an email is technically the only things that you own.

Market Your Salon Like a Boss

It is vital to not only market your hair salon but to market it effectively and efficiently. These 15 marketing tips are various ways to create traffic outlets for your business and to make it known. Being consistent in your marketing efforts as a salon owner will set you apart from the masses and get you successfully established. I hope these tips were helpful! What are some marketing tips you recommend to salon owners? Let us know in the comments below.
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Facebook Marketing Basics For A Hair Extension Business

Facebook Marketing Basics For A Hair Extension Business
Facebook is the most significant social media network in the world. Facebook has over 1.23 billion active users, with 62% logging on every single day. Can you imagine how many Facebook users wear hair extensions? What if I told you Facebook has the power to put your hair extension business in front of your clients?

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the perfect platform to market to potential customers for a few reasons: Everyone Uses Facebook • Nearly everyone at least has access to a Facebook account, and 62% of users log in every day. According to the New York Times, users spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Facebook Ads Are Cheap • Purchasing an ad on TV or a billboard can be expensive, but you can run a Facebook ad for as little as $5 a day. Specific Targeting • Facebook allows you to zero in on your particular audience. You can target people based on location, demographic, and interest.

How Can You Market On Facebook

Facebook has three mediums in which you can use to market your hair extension business. These mediums are ads, pages, and groups. Lets go deeper into each.


A Facebook Page is free and easy to set up. A Facebook page is a great way to connect with your customers and fans without using your personal page. Having a business Facebook page means no accepting tons of friend request, and your fans won't jam your inbox full of questions. Users can like your page without a mutual friendship or approval. Users can also choose to follow your page to get your posts delivered to their feed. On your business Facebook page, you can post photos, videos, and go live just like you can on your personal page. You can also add additional information like your business address, your website, when you open and close, and reviews.


With Facebook, you can either create your own group or join an established group. Facebook groups are a great way to bring people with a common interest in one place to market to them all at one time. Do not spam groups with promotional posts about your business. Members of the groups are real people who desire genuine relationships, so you need to engage with the community.


You can use Facebook ads to increase brand awareness or promote your next sale. Facebook Ads are a unique targeting platform because you can target specific geographic areas, ages, education levels, and even types of devices used for browsing.

Using Pages To Market

Setting up a business Facebook page is easy. Visit, sign in and click Pages on the left side. Select Create Page and select a page type. If you are an e-commerce hair extensions business, you should use “Brand or Product” page type. If you have a brick-and-mortar storefront, choose “Local Business or Place.” I recommend choosing Health/Beauty as a category. Once you’re in, start building your page! In the about section, write a well-written description of your business. The about page is an excellent place to let people know who you are, what you’re about, and even post your mission statement. Be sure to keep the about section short, friendly and informal. Make sure you fill your page out nicely before sharing the page with others. Make your page look complete by adding a profile picture with your logo, creating a banner, posting some photos, etc. Once you feel like your page looks complete, start inviting your friends to like your page. You can utilize your Facebook page to educate your audience about your product or service, and let them know about upcoming sales. I recommend engaging with your audience with live videos, pictures, and educational posts that will build their trust. Don’t just create a page and bombard people with hard sales as this will turn people off.
Always keep your Facebook page 80% education/engagement and 20% promotional sales.

Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Pages

DO engage your audience with polls, contests, questions, etc. DON’T spam your audience by tagging them in all of your post or private messaging them about every post you make. DO educate your audience about the quality of your hair extensions and how you can care for them, style them, etc DON’T post promo ads every day on your page without going into detail about your product.

Using Groups To Market

Using groups is my favorite way to market because it is free, and is a great way to get feedback and page likes. Search for groups that focus on hair, hair extensions, wigs, weaves, beauty, etc. Join these groups and engage with the members so that they recognize you. Then go live on your business page showcasing your hair and share it with the groups you have joined. Be sure to read the groups rules about live videos before sharing yours. Show your audience how easy it is to wash, style, or even color the extensions. You can also make an educational video showing your audience how to make wigs or how to do a sew-in. The group members will ask questions about the hair and where it’s from, so be prepared to answer questions while on live. This method is guaranteed to get you more page likes and increase brand awareness.

How to Market with Ads

With education and practice, Facebook ads can be the most powerful way to market your hair extensions business. Facebook ads are more powerful than a traditional advertisement because they gather so much demographic information about its users. Ads run on a per-impression or per-click basis. You can set daily budget limits, so you are in control of how much you spend. If you have a storefront, be sure to set your ad up by location. It doesn’t make sense to set an ad to run in the entire United States if your location is in Tampa, Florida. You can set the ad to display to people within 10 miles of your business instead. If you have an e-commerce hair extension business, feel free to set an ad to display wherever your target audience is, and most importantly, where you can ship. You can even steal your competitor’s customers by adding the name(s) of your competitor(s) in the interests tab. Mastering Facebook ads can be difficult and time-consuming. Don’t get discouraged if your first ad flops. For your first few ads, I suggest keeping your budget to a minimum of $5 a day. Educate yourself on Facebook Ads to ensure you have some direction. This video is super detailed and is sure to get you running a near-perfect first ad.

You Should Try It Too!

Remember that entrepreneurship is a journey! Don’t rush the process, take your time when testing out these methods to ensure excellent quality work. Your audience will appreciate it! What has been your experience with Facebook marketing? Do you have any tips or lessons you can share? Let us know in the comments below! While you're at it join our amazing Facebook group "Start A Hair Extension Business", where we dish out all the tea on starting your own hair business!
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