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How One HairGrammer Has Changed The Game with Natural Styles

How One HairGrammer Has Changed The Game with Natural Styles

Let's Meet Instagrammer: Shanilla26

Her Instagram name is Shanilla26 in honor of her eldest daughter, but her name is Soraja pronounced (So-ry-a). Soraja is a mommy of two whose hair posts of her daughter's beautiful styles on Instagram gained her Instagram fame and more than a few shares on other favorite social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Soraja currently has 283K followers and counting that tune into her Youtube and Instagram to see all 840 posts dedicated to her haircare and hairstyling journey with her daughters Shanillia and Janelle.

What Has Made Soraja's HairGramming So Special?

Soraja's hairgramming has set her Instagram apart because of her informative and quick posting style. Soraja aka Shanillia26 posts multiple times a week, and she makes sure to include the tips that moms are scrolling and hashtagging to figure out on Instagram or other hair enthusiasts wants to know. In all of her posts, Shanillia makes sure to post how long the style typically takes, the products used, where she got her accessories from and a bonus which is the catchy songs used for her videos! Soraja's Instagram also gained popularity because of her adorable daughters, the eldest Shanillia and her little sister Janelle. The girls are always featured rocking different looks and recorded enjoying all of their mother's visions for their hair. While both girls have long, healthy hair, they have incredibly different textures and tastes in accessories that make it fun to watch their transformations week to week.

Shanillia's Unique Hairstyles

Shanillia is the eldest of the two sisters and has 4C hair. 4C hair has a tighter curl pattern, is usually a dark brown color and is thicker and coarser than other textures. Before styling her hair is often stretched or blow dried.

Style 1: Bantu's And Braids

The Look, Bantu's and Braids:

I loved this fun hairstyle for Shanillia. Her hair braided in three directions, and instead of ponytails or twists at the meeting of her braids, her mother finishes off the look with Bantu knots in a straight line across the length of her head.

How To Achieve This Style:

To get this style Shanillia's mother to blow dried her hair then sectioned it off into four equal parts. She then sectioned off enough hair for two braids just above the ear and braided those sections forward. Next, the middle sections of the hair braided towards her ears. The hair in the middle of Shanillia's hair gathered into four small ponytailed sections then twisted and made into Bantu's going across. The last part of her hair braided into individuals. To polish off her Bantu's And Braided look add some beads to the braids bordering her ears. And one individual in the back was given a golden thread. The style took 2.5 hours to complete and was posted May 17th.

Style 2: Natural Triangle Braids with Gold Accessories

The Look, Natural Triangle Braids with Gold Accessories:

This style is regular 'poetic justice' braids a few sizes smaller created with Shanillia's natural hair and jewelry placed throughout her hair.

How To Achieve This Style:

To get Shanillia's look the hair must start off freshly blow dried or stretched and then parted horizontally across the length of their head. After making a straight horizontal part, make multiple slanted parts throughout the hair sectioning to make 'triangle shapes,' securing each section with a rubber band for security. Each portion of the hair is braided down to the end of the hair, with the steps repeated until the entire head is braided. The style completed with Gold hair clips, golden thread, and gems placed on each braid purchased from Ali Express. The Triangle Part Braids posted on March 1st.

Style 3: The Black Unicorn (Named by Shanilla!)

The Look, The Black Unicorn:

It's composed of braids lining the sides of Shanilla's hair and Bantu knots going down the middle like a Mohawk.

How To Achieve This Style:

Shanillia's hair was saturated in curls moisture curl Gelle to add hold to her hair, then sectioned into three portions, the middle part is the largest. On both sides of her head, she gets two cornrows backward that meet into one larger corn-row. Then the middle of her hair is section across into four equal parts that are then twisted and turned into Bantu knots. To add some color to her style, she has 'Satin Rainbow Cord' attached to the endings of her braids from Ali Express.

Janelle's Hairstyles

Janelle is the younger sister with hair just as long and beautiful as her older sister! She has slightly less dense 3B hair which means she has a looser curl pattern and her hair has a lower porosity.

Style 1: The Jasmine Style

The Look, Jasmine Style:

In this style, which gained its name after the princess in Aladdin, Jasmine, Janelle's hair creates puffs in a straight line back down the middle of her head.

How To Achieve This Style:

The Jasmine Style on Janelle was created by creating two parts to make three equal vertical sections of hair. Next four horizontal parts were designed on the scalp to give even sections of hair. Janelle's hair then tied in rubber bands in the middle of each section and then pulled into the next part and continues throughout the hair until the ending which can be left straight or curled. This style is beneficial because it is quick to create, low maintenance and requires little braiding, twisting or pulling. The Jasmine style posted on June 16th.

Style 2: Zig, Zag, Bun!

The Look, Zig Zag, Bun:

Janelle's Zig Zag Bun style brings together creative parting, buns, twists and braids for a unique and refreshing look.

How To Achieve This Style:

Janelle's hair sprayed with CurlyQMilkshake, and then CurlyQMoisturizer was distributed throughout her hair before being brushed out. Then starting at the nape, her hair parted in a 'zig-zag' pattern. Afterward, each section was secured using a rubber band and intertwined together to create a glowing upwards back like the jasmine style but smaller. The front was then sectioned off with one braid coming forwards dropping above each ear and another braid centered down the middle of her head braided towards the back. Then finished with two buns to top off the style. This style posted on February 8th.

Style 3: Kids Sideways or Lemonade Braids

The Look, Kids Sideways or Lemonade Braids:

The sideways braids have been made famous after Beyonce's visual earning them the name 'Lemonade Braids' and also seen on Nicki Minaj in the Motorsport video.

How To Achieve This Look:

On freshly washed hair, the hair is parted starting from either the left or right side and braided until the hair ends at the opposite side of the head. For Janelle's braids, the back of her hair plaited to the right, and the front braided slightly forward. The braided style on Janelle took one hour and posted on January 2nd. Many of the girl's styles are left in for a week or a week and a half. The girls also have 'break weeks' after wash days when their hair is shampooed and treated and then placed in loose buns, afros or chunky twists to allow the hair to breathe from all of the styling and products. The girls are currently both wearing individuals with added kinky hair that matches their hair texture as closely as possible for the last month of summer as a protective style!

What Kinds of Products Are Used to Create These Looks?

The products used on the girl's hair varies between each child because of the differing needs of their hair. Often they use products from websites such as the Milkshake serum, or the hair moisturizer to add softness and shine to their hair. Since Shanillia and Janelle are different people with two different hair textures who do not get the same styles at each period, their hair needs varying products at different times to compensate for each person's need for moisture, less tension or extra hold.

Why are Shanillia's and Janelle's Hair Textures Different?

Another thing that makes Soraja's page so interesting is the relatability. As the youngest of two girls, I know that the struggle of having a texture different than your sister can be like! My sister has always had long, thick, jet black hair while my hair was shorter, thinner and brown. Talk about opposite ends of the same pole! It's hard on the parent to switch up hair care, styles and work with what each kid has. Additionally, it can be hard when both girls are unable to rock the same styles. However, it is a huge mistake to assume that all of your kids or you and your siblings, whether girl or boy, will have the same hair. Shanillia and Janelle are sisters, their voice, walk, and fingerprints are different, and the same goes for their hair. Just like siblings can have varying skin tones and eye colors, they can also have different hair textures like Shanillia's 4C and Janelle's 3B hair. Soraja has thick hair that sits just above her shoulders, and it's evident that her girls both inherited their hair from their mama! However, siblings hair can be different even though their genetic makeup consists of the same mixture, each person's genetic coding is different and will produce their physical qualities. Hair is apart of the body and is an extension of the skin, so it is incorrect to assume that all siblings will have the same hair length, properties or texture! This varying texture does not have to be a negative thing. As individuals, each person is allowed to figure out what styles and products work best with their hair and experimenting is always fun!

What Is Important To Shanilla When Styling Her Daughters?

Not only is Soroja's page flooded with informational and fun to watch videos. But her photographs of her daughters drip with real tinges of the struggle of maintaining natural hair, as well as the plight of mothers instilling self-confidence in their children at such a young age. In addition to teaching good hair practices, they learn that hair is not everything in spite of their dutiful hair journeys. Her messages are aimed to showcase her variety of styles, teach good hair health and give mothers and daughters the same reassurance in their self-image and hair textures. The most critical objective in Soraja's posting is to ensure that she can show people that you don't have to be a cosmetologist to provide healthy hair for you or your children. As well as the enjoyment that a family can have together when bonding over hair! Lastly, a strong message in all of Soraja's posts is that hair growth, and strength takes time to develop and that parents should express patience and care when dealing with their children's hair health. Furthermore, it is apparent that she wants people to know that although she runs a hair page dedicated to children's hair that 'good hair' is not the essential thing in life to have.

Obsessed With This Family's Hair. Where Can I Find More?

In addition to their Instagram Shanillia26, they have another page ShanilliaandJanelle and a Youtube with longer full-length videos and Q&A's on the channel Shanillia26. I recently stumbled upon their YouTube, and I am in love. The videos are more extended versions of clips that she has posted on Instagram and break down the process of proper hair care that includes videos on how to take down braids, ways to avoid breakage and how to maintain hairstyles. As well as videos on completing these original styles that Soraja has created for her two girls!

How A HairGrammer Like Soraja has Changed The Game

Soraja dedication to ensuring that her daughter's hair is matching their personalities, strong, beautiful and always growing! Soraja's videos of her daughters make doing hair for others fun, realistic and easy to follow.
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How to Avoid a YouTube Hair Tutorial Failure

How to Avoid a YouTube Hair Tutorial Failure

YouTube: Friend or Foe?

I had this problem a lot growing up watching YouTube videos, especially since the day I decided to go natural. There were not many sources for natural hair girls except other natural hair girls, so the only way I was able to learn anything at all was through watching YouTube videos. I was probably in the 7th grade when I was officially transitioning, and anyone who knew me back then knows how rough I had it. I was one of the few girls to go natural and it was difficult because I honestly had no idea what I was doing. But, I think that made it more fun for me! It was a journey of self-discovery. I learned all of my initial information from upcoming YouTubers. I was scrolling through YouTube one day after school, and during that time I would be on YouTube for hours looking at all type of styles I wanted to try! I came across this one video that forever changed my perspective of my hair.

How It Started

There was this girl on YouTube who was also transitioning to natural hair. I could tell her hair texture was a little looser and more manageable than the kinkier types, but I did not care. I wanted my hair to look like hers, and that was final! She talked about the conditions of her current hair state, showed past pictures and did a little “How-to” while showing all of the products she used. You know, basic YouTube protocol stuff! When she finally finished with her hair, the results were uncanny. She had gorgeous and long spiral curls, and my goals were to have the same thing. I showed my mom and dad the video and that same weekend, and we purchased all of the same products the girl in the video had so that I could get the same results. The whole week I was in a class like, “oh, you guys don’t even understand what’s about to come.” I was so excited to finally have curls I didn’t take into account any of the details of the videos. The only thing that mattered to me was buying the same products and trying it out. How long did she wash her hair? How much time did she spend scrunching her curls? More importantly, what is her hair type and is it anything like mine? None of it mattered!

The Final Results

I finally get to wash day, and I had all hands on deck. My parents were helping me apply the product on my hair, and we were continually rewinding the video to make sure we got specific steps right. I was anxious the entire time. My hair had grown out the perm a good bit, so I knew that it was about time to see what my natural hair could do! Disappointment is not even the right word to describe how I felt when I finally finished. My hair was dry, brittle, and lifeless and I am pretty sure it had tangles and knots in my hair for days. A few of the kinks that had the gel product held up a nicely formed curl, but it was not nearly enough to call the process a success story. It was my first, and only YouTube fail. I went to school the next day with whatever was going on with my hair, and even though nobody said anything to me about it, I could feel the eyes probing with confusion all day. It was tragic! Let’s say that from that day forward, I learned my lesson and there is no going back for me.

What Is The Point?

I had to tell you guys my long-winded story so I could make my point clear and simple. YouTube failure happens to everyone at some end, and you can avoid all of this. We get so excited about the possible results of the process that we forget the details of the tutorial that made the process work in the first place. We can’t cut corners to get what we want, or we will end up with exactly what we paid for, a hot mess! There were so many things that I could have done differently to prevent the embarrassment I felt at school the next day. Fortunately, I have come up with a few essential tips I had learned from my failure and learning about other peoples’ failures. These tips will help you think thoroughly before even picking a YouTube video to emulate. On that note, let’s hear it!

How to Avoid YouTube Hair Tutorial Failure

1. Know Your Hair Texture

To know your hair texture is more than knowing what your hair texture is. It is about learning what your hair can do and is not able to do. It is about learning about the porosity and absorbency of your hair strands. It is about learning what products on the market that are making your hairdo different things. Once you know this part, you can quickly click on a video and see if it is right for you. Someone in the video may have the same texture as you, but if they are using a product that dries your hair out, then it may be best to click out of it. It is all about, first and foremost, learning about your hair texture!

2. Pay Attention to Details

This tip is where many people fall out! It is so important to make sure you understand every aspect of what the video is saying. One small detail could be the difference in if your hair tutorial because of success or a failure. You can’t cut corners when it comes to your hair, because your hair is alive and responsive to everything you do or do not do to it. Your hair is always going to know if you did or did not wash it long enough, put enough conditioner and other things that you may or may not had paid attention to most of the time. If someone in a YouTube hair tutorial conditioned her hair for precisely 25 minutes and you only do it for 10 minutes, it could make a difference if your hair turns out like the same or not. It may look the same or it may not. Pay attention to every aspect of the video. If the video doesn’t explain something that you believe you need to know, either wing it or dismiss the video and move on to the next.

3. Write Down or Take note of Important Steps

Some of us can be forgetful at times. You do not want to be this way when it comes to your hair! When you are doing your hair, make sure you jot down some of the crucial details that you do not want to miss. This tip can go hand in hand with paying attention to details. Make a note to yourself to buy the products you need, so that you will not be missing any crucial pieces. Tell yourself to write down the time it takes to do each step. If you do this, you will be able to have a reasonable estimate of the total amount of time it may choose to do your hair. Your hair is your crowning glory, so make sure you take care of it and give it all of the love it needs to flourish!

4. Give Yourself Time

Following a new YouTube hair tutorial video can be stressful and has the potential to take all day. Keep this in mind when you think of a day to do the tutorial. Consider doing the tutorial on a day where you usually wash and style your hair. Give yourself enough time to make mistakes, start over, style your hair and get a good night’s sleep. Once you do this for yourself, you will see a significant difference in your hair’s attitude. It will feel like it is cooperating more with what you are doing and the stress will slowly go away!

On to the Next One

Let’s talk about things you should never do unless you have the certifications, skillset, and knowledge it takes to perform this skill correctly. Some YouTubers are hair stylists or hair gurus, so sometimes specific steps are things that only they can do.

1. Never cut your bangs

I can’t stress this one enough. I know so many friends who were trying to be brave, and then they ended up wearing a hat for the next several weeks. Unless you have the professional knowledge it takes to do this, do not risk your hair or yourself. Go to a salon if you believe that you need bangs. It is not worth the pain!

2. Never trim your hair

This tip is interchangeable depending on who I am talking to right now. But, a general rule of thumb is that scissors are not for the weak handed. Go to a salon and have them trim your hair. They know how to do it, and they will not let you down. Although, many naturals today are cutting their hair at home. Do not do it unless you feel comfortable and confident enough to risk putting scissors to your head. Ask yourself if it is worth it!

3. Do not permanently bleach or color your hair on your own

Temporary colors are a little different since they can wash out, but permanent is permanent. One mistake could turn your entire head green for weeks, and you will not even know what you did to cause it! Do yourself a favor and leave this part to the professionals. I know you want to be brave and do your hair, I get it! But, if you care about your hair’s prosperity and health, then it is best if you see a professional.

4. Never give yourself a haircut

Do I need to explain this one? A hair is a dangerous game that you should not play unless you know and follow all of the rules. You do not want to end up with a hot mess, because most of the time you will. You can’t see the back of your head, and you do not know how even your hair will be all around. One more thing. Do not give yourself layers! I know layers are glorious, especially on the long hair. But, it is not worth the trouble. Go to a professional at a salon and let them handle all of your biddings. That is what they are paid to do!

A Final Word

We all love YouTube for what it is! I am in no way against the use of YouTube as a source of information. YouTube is an excellent source for all types of news and entertainment. It is useful in learning and unlearning hair techniques you grew up with, and I am all for the hair movement. But, keep in mind your abilities and what your hair can do. The moment you learn everything you need to know about yourself, you will see that finding YouTube videos that work for your hair will not be hard to find! YouTube can be either your best friend or your most horrible foe. It all depends on how you want to use it. Have you ever had a YouTube Hair Tutorial failure? What happened and what did you do to come out of it? I want to hear your experiences! Let me know in the comments below!
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Meet Naturally Tash: Hair Guru of Instagram and Hair Shadows

Meet Naturally Tash: Hair Guru of Instagram and Hair Shadows

Hair Instagrammers To On the Rise

NaturallyTash is one of the women on Instagram that I love to stalk! What I have learned from her page is that something, even as small as an orange afro, can make you and other's feel better. It is important to share our uniqueness with the whole and branch out into new things. Natasha's hair page makes me smile; I don't know if it's the college of colors or if it's the variety that I draw me in. Either way, @NaturallyTash is one of my guilty hair pleasures!

Meet Naturally Tash!

Known as @NaturallyTash on Instagram, Natasha in real life, she is a self-professed beauty colorist with a passion for bright and bold colors and wild spiral curls. With over 91.5K followers all tuned in to see what color pattern she will rock. Next, she has quickly become one of the top beauty and hair influencers on Instagram. Natasha became natural in 2012 and decided to put down the hair dye and flat irons that were destroying her hair.

Taking Beauty Influencer To The Next Level

Beauty is on a new level with this Hair Instagrammer! She does not do hair nor does she sell bundles, but she is the owner and creator of @Crownpaint_colors on Instagram. CrownPaint Colors focuses on selling the hair shadows that made Natasha's hair famous. She is unique because of the color mix of hues that grace her beautiful curls, and her booming businesses. She is a favorite Instagrammer owns her own hair shadow business and has over 27K YouTube subscribers. On her YouTube, she focuses on her hair coloring techniques, how to use her hair shadows, and maintaining colored hair. Natasha also has videos that review other companies hair chalks and temporary hair spray. Additionally, she uses the challenge to teach excellent and sustainable hair coloring practices. And last but not least how to achieve her thick spiral curls that contribute to her signature look.

How People Like Her Have Changed The Hair Industry

Natasha B, along with other beauty influencers, are the epitome of #Boss and #HairInspo rolled into one. She's been able to take her love of hair and eye-catching colors mixed with popping profile pictures into a stable career. Natasha is fighting the good fight to show that colorful hair does not have seen as 'ghetto' or 'unprofessional'. Hair can be an extension of oneself and still translate in a public setting as a positive thing. She has transcended the lines of what a beauty influencer and business owner looks like and what's achievable through a few well-placed strokes of color.

How She Gets Her Crazy Colors!

She hasn't been crowned the Queen of Temp for nothing! Before she switched to her line, she used Maybelline power eyeshadows, color tattoo cream, Adore hair dye and hair chalks to change her hair color. NaturallyTash now uses her hair shadows and hair chalk to obtain her mix of colors. Often she colors her hair two to three colors at a time creating a rainbow or popsicle effect. Sometimes she even splits her colors directly down the middle, her hair half purple and half pink! No color is too outside of the box or farfetched. Hair Shadows were a new concept to me. I always thought that one had to dye their hair to get a purple or red color to stand out. Her hair shadows bring vibrant colors to your mane without bleaching or permanently dying your hair strands. It is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning that it is not made nor tested on animals. @Crownpaint_Colors comes in single packs, groups of six or a large sixteen package of bright, neon, and glow in the dark temporary hair colors. These hair shadows typically last three to five days and can be allowed to fade or washed out of your hair naturally. Hair shadows give one the option of coloring their hair without the damage or permanence that dyes carry with them.

Can I Get These Curls?

Naturally, Tash's curls are uniformly thick and full. She got her natural curls to flourish by denouncing chemicals, and heat. She also deep conditions her hair twice a month and throws in a protein treatment once a month. Everyone's curls are different. However, this look can be obtained using flex rods or large perm rods. My favorite for longer hair is Curlformers. For someone with shorter and thinner curls, like me, you may want to use short perm rods to get wispy curls, or a straw curl set and allow it to drop.

Different Ways You Can Achieve The Look

I Want The Color!

If you want to get the hair colors seen on @NaturallyTash's page but do not want to dye your hair, try dying or 'shadowing' 613 Blonde Extensions. Using platinum blonde extensions will allow the hair color to pop and give you a new look without jeopardizing the strength and health of your hair. Furthermore, it would make the extensions coloring process much quicker! Another option is to purchase hair that has already been custom colored for installation. While this option is a little more expensive, it skips the DIY dying step or you waiting for hours in the salon for a coloring job. You can even purchase small clips of colored hair from the hair store if you want to try a pop of color.

I Want The Curls!

As mentioned, to obtain the curl you can use rods or curlformers on your natural hair coupled with a hair mousse or oil. To get the look using extensions one can purchase a Brazillian Deep Wave or Kinky Curly textures. They can be curled tighter or kept at their natural curl pattern.

Would you try Natasha's crazy mix of colors? Or play it safe?

I would dive right into her world of colors, getting a wig in each color if I could. I love the expression of personality that bursts through her hair, and I believe that hair should be altered as many times as you wish!
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Wait, Let Me Take A Helfie: How To Take The Perfect Hair Selfie

Wait, Let Me Take A Helfie: How To Take The Perfect Hair Selfie

Tips to Master the Art of the Self Portrait

You’ve just stepped out of the salon or even out of the comfort of your own home with a fresh banging hairstyle. It’s time to show of your new do. A bomb selfie is now in order but how can you make the picture stand out? PLE has the recipe for the perfect hair selfie. But first, let’s chat about the origin and buzz surrounding the selfie. The New York Post states that "self-portraits or selfies have been around since photography became an affordable hobby for millions in the mid 19th century." Our friends down under have claimed that they invented the term “selfie” after its first known use was revealed to by an Australian describing a photograph taken while getting drunk at a 21st birthday party.
According to Wikipedia, “a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a smartphone, held in hand or by a selfie stick. A hair selfie, or known as 'helfie', focuses only on your hair. Now that we’ve cleared up the definition for those who may not know, let’s get to the good stuff. Here is what you need:
  • Your smartphone
  • Selfie stick (optional)
  • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or your choice of social media outlets
  • A fun mood and attitude
  • Self-confidence
  • Natural light or a light ring which illuminates a light for front or back camera.
Here are my top tips for helping you accomplish the most fabulous hair selfies.

Tip #1 Lighting for Your Selfie

For you to accomplish the best selfie, I advise you to look for the direct sunlight which can sometimes be very harsh. My suggestion is to use natural light and remember that daylight is the best. If you don't want to go outside, you can also take a selfie facing an open window. I have heard that it is even better than the ring-light.

Tip #2 Confidence

If you want a fire hair selfie; you need to throw all of your shyness and inhibitions out of the door. Showcase your hairstyle from the correct angle, give the camera your sexy eyes and duck lips, raise your brows, and show off your smile. I promise the pics will be memorable. If you feel insecure, this will reflect in your pictures. Either you are doing the "fake smile," or your face will seem tense to those who view your pics. Your mood also shows through the pictures you post. People are usually more appealing when they are happy people rather than upset or sad people. Positivity makes you more attractive in your photographs, and the effect will showcase the beauty of your hair.

Tip #3 Just Be You

Whether your showing off your hair extensions or natural hair, make sure the picture represents who you are. Don’t ever try to display pictures that make you feel uncomfortable. There’s only one you, so make your hairstyle shine for your viewers. People can sense phoniness so smile from the soul and let your hair shine!

Tip #4 Background and Props for the Picture(s)

The primary focus of your selfie should be your hair. But what’s something take could divert the attention from the focal point?: A messy background. So tidy up the room and make sure if your outside that your kid’s toys aren't in the background. Simply put, take at your surrounding before you click your camera. Also if you are taking a selfie in the mirror ensure that the mirror is clean!

Tip #5 Catch Your Good Side

There’s a reason you see people going back and forth to find the right angle on their phones when trying to take a selfie: they want a top-notch photo. There is a trick to capturing the most flattering hair photo. One of the essential selfie tips that you can ever receive is to know your angles which is key to any good selfie. Unlike what most people think, holding the phone at an angle from above is not the business. Instead, hold the phone vertically and slightly off-center at less than an arm’s length away from your face. And as for the shoulders: holding the phone slightly to the left or right of the center of the frame just enough so that one shoulder and half of the other is visible. Always make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new feature that has you so ready to flaunt your fabulous hairstyle. Don’t forget to add a good pair of sunglasses, a beautiful ring or bracelet or even a fresh manicure Adding a little movement (insert Beyonce Coachella fan) or prop to the selfie can instantly add some fun and appeal to your picture.

Tip #6 Makeup

I would suggest a bit of makeup to complement your hairstyle. Some options are: foundation, eyeshadow and liner, mascara and a tinted gloss or lipstick will add a spark to your selfie. But I would suggest not to overdo it because you want the focal point to be your hair, not the makeup.

Tip #7 Your Hair

Your face should be in the center of the photo frame, closer to the top and in the case of taking the perfect hair selfie, your hair should be brought and styled to the front so that those who see your picture can get the full view of your new style.

Tip # 8 Filters

From the dog ears to the flowered crown, a cool filter can add a fun element to your hair selfie.

Now smile for the Camera

So now that you have all the tools to take the hair selfie of your dreams, we encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and start snapping those pics. PLE has granted you the ultimate bragging rights so show us what you got in the comments!
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Big Body Wave Curls: How To Get Chic Hair Like IG Babe Tawana Morris

Big Body Wave Curls: How To Get Chic Hair Like IG Babe Tawana Morris

Who Is Boss Babe Tawana Morris?

Not only is business mogul Tawana Morris an entrepreneurial beast, but she is also a total beauty queen. If you aren’t aware, Tawana Morris aka @shesofly on Instagram is the founder of the online boutique Tawana is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and her long, thick, dark curled hair. Her long, beautiful curls and waves give her such a boss babe look. Tawana turns heads everywhere she goes with her woman-boss look! Do you want to know how to achieve her flawless signature style? Keep reading!

The Key to Beautiful Bouncy Curls

To achieve Tawana Morris's signature big bouncy curls, you'll need a few essential tools and techniques. First, you'll need a good curling iron that will be able to provide you with beautiful long lasting curls on your natural hair and your extensions. You will also need a reliable technique to ensure your curls last all day. Here are some tips.

Picking The Best Curling Iron

It is essential to pick a curling iron that will provide long-lasting curls with minimal damage to your hair extensions or your natural hair. The type of barrel that's on the curling iron will determine your results. Here are some of my top picks for beautiful bouncy curls.

BaByliss 1 and a 1/2 in Titanium Curling Iron

Stylist all over the world considered titanium irons the best because titanium is the only metal that yields such silky and shiny results for coarse hair types. If you have coarse natural hair or if you are wearing a course extension type like Brazilian or Malaysian hair then you will want to use a titanium curling iron to achieve the best results possible. With a titanium iron, you can expect the heat to travel quickly yet evenly which will allow you to achieve your desired style much faster than using a non-titanium iron. BaByliss combines pure titanium plates with ionic technology to create the sleekest results on even the thickest and coarse hair extensions.

Andis High Heat Gold Ceramic Curling Iron

Andis Ceramic Curling Iron is a second great pick because this affordable iron will also provide you with beautiful, bouncy long-lasting results. Although it is not titanium, this gold-ceramic iron will heat in 30 seconds and retains temperature. Complete with 20 variable heat settings, you’re sure to create a different variation of curls and waves. Andis High Heat Gold Ceramic Curling Iron also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you know you can keep this iron for a while.

Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Iron

The Hot Tools 24-Karat Gold spring curling iron is a fantastic tool for trading waves, beautiful bouncy curls, or just adding a little volume to your hairstyle. Although the curling iron is not titanium, it combines powerful technology to create very similar results. The Hot Tools 24 karat gold curling iron is complete with adjustable temperatures up to 430 degrees, soft-grip textured handle and a heavy duty long life heating element. This curling iron is perfect for the woman who's on the go but wants to create beautiful long lasting curls on a budget. Do not be fooled even though this curling iron is not titanium, the gold plating distributes heat evenly and provides a smooth surface for frizz-free styling.

The Best Extensions for Boss Babe Waves

The type of hair extensions you rock is crucial to the finished look. I always recommend Brazilian Body Wave or Straight extensions for creating this kind of look. Brazilian extensions are coarse enough to blend with your natural hair and hold a curl while providing beautiful shine and texture.

Mastering The Technique

Now that you have the perfect curling iron, it's time to master the technique. Section your hair into four parts with two parts on each side. Start with one section and take a smaller subsection. Spray heat protectant and brush thoroughly. Start curling a small subsection away from your face slowly following the curl by twisting the barrel slowly from the base to the end. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and then release. On the two left sections curl going clockwise slowly twisting the barrel as you go. On the two right sections curl going anticlockwise and slowly twist the barrel as you curl. Repeat the steps on all sections until you finish.
When Tawana isn't rocking her big bouncy barrel curls, she rocks a long bob with beautiful beach waves. Although this look is just as beautiful as her usual curls, it requires different tools and a different technique. Don't worry girl, I've got you covered. Here's how to achieve beautiful beach waves with your extensions. Spray heat protectant into your previously straightened hair extensions and brush thoroughly. Use a 24 to 25 mm curling wand and grab medium sections of your hair starting from the back and working your way to the front. Always be sure to curl away from your face. The key to getting a loose wave look is by leaving the last one to two in of your hair straight. Do not curl the last one to two inches of your hair when wrapping your hair around the curling wand. Hold each section on the curling wand for about 10 seconds for a looser curl and 15 seconds for a tighter curl.

Maintaining The Look

If you are wearing a lace wig that you removed every night, you should not have problems maintaining your beautiful curls or waves. If you are removing your wig at night, you should place your wig on a mannequin head and gently detangle at night before bed. Use your curling iron or curling wand on a low heat setting to touch up any frizzy curls. If you have a sew-in or a lace wig that is sewn in, You will need to put a little more effort into daily maintenance. At night time you can choose to pin-curl your hair with bobby pins, or you can choose to re-curl your hair with Flexi Rods. To pin curl your hair take each curl, rolls of curl up with your finger, and pin the curl down with a bobby pin. So use the flexi rod method take each curl wrap it around the Flexi-Rod and close the Flexi-Rod. In the morning, remove all your pin curls or flexi rods and calm with a wide-tooth comb.

What Technique Will You Try?

Now that you have all the tea on how to create beautiful bouncy curls, like Tawanna Morris, comment down below and let us know which method you are going to try first. Let us know what kind of hairstyles you would love to learn how to create in the future.
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Stuntin' On The Gram: Top 7 Instagram Hairstyles To Be Inspired By

Stuntin' On The Gram: Top 7 Instagram Hairstyles To Be Inspired By

Get Inspired, Get The Look

Need hairstyle inspiration? It can be difficult finding unique hairstyles on Google and Pinterest; everyone is doing the same thing! From color, blowouts, braids, weave, everything looks repetitive. No worries, I took the time to find the most talented and creative hair stylists and hair enthusiast to bring you fresh hairstyle inspiration.

#1 Pink Lemonade

Hailing from London, England, is @lulustone_. She is a curly-headed cutie is serving us Pink Lemonade vibes with her vibrant hair color. After thorough research, and what some would consider as Instagram stalking, I have concluded that the talented Lyndell Mansfield @hairdresserontour is the mastermind behind this brilliant color. To achieve a similar hair color, I recommend going blonde with your hair. Many women are afraid of going blonde, but with a talented stylist, you don’t have to be! Going blonde slowly over the course of salon visits can allow you to get high levels of lift without much damage. Once you are blonde, you are finally free to achieve bright and pastel colors!
If you want the fun without the commitment, I recommend Adore Semi-Permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent hair dye does not damage the hair because it merely coats the cuticle with color. It never penetrates the hair shaft or reaches the cortex. This hair dye will completely wash out within two weeks. Adore has a plethora of magical colors so get ready to have some fun! If you’re looking for a more permanent fix, I recommend seeing a professional stylist to avoid damage or color errors. Guy Tang’s color line has beautiful pastels and electric grays and blues for even more color expression.

#2 Fishtail Madness

I love this beautiful double fishtail braid on @emilyrosehannon. Fishtail braids might not be anything new, but Emily sure found a new way to rock them! Her beautiful and long ash blonde hair makes this style stick out even more. What’s so amazing about this style is you can quickly complete it at home. You may need a stylist to achieve this rocking color, but fishtail braids are relatively easy to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you can create many styles.

#3 Purple Pixie

Who doesn't love a fabulous color and cut? Stylists Najah Aziz @najahliketheriver, owner of Like The River Salon and Talaya Render @aigneestyles slayed this cut and color featured on @thecutlife. A pixie cut is always in style and is a great way to alter your look completely. This side-swept variation of the pixie cut is sexy and sophisticated. @jadamalan is loving her new cut and style by @zoey_mom.

#4 Shaved Side and Coils

@thehairsurgeon created a masterpiece full of design and coils on his client with light alopecia. Inspired by her hair loss, @thehairsurgeon used his talent and creativity to shed light on Instagram and produce a design that would magnify her small bald spot into a significant work of art. With faded sides and incredibly straight lines, she is sure to turn heads everywhere she walks! To recreate this look, I recommend using perm rods to create bouncy coils. Use your favorite styling creme to moisturize and prep your hair for the perm rods. Create small sections to wrap the hair around the perm rod. Be sure the wrap tightly with sufficient tension to create a smooth surface. If you have trouble getting your ends smooth, add more styling cream and use end papers to slick those babies down! Repeat until you complete all sections.
Air dry overnight or sit under a hooded dryer to set the curls. Once they are completely dry, carefully remove the perm rods and separate the curls. If you're not down for the commitment of shaving your sides, use bobby pins and a bristle brush to slick your sides down to create a faux shaved side look.

#5 Hair Color

If you have an Instagram account, you have probably seen the incredible @anthonycuts on your timeline. Anthony is the mastermind behind his model’s gorgeous hair color, cuts, and installs. This undetectable wig unit is flawless and will make you do a double take on your Instagram feed! The dimensional honey blonde highlights define the long bob cut and compliment the model’s skin tone. If you’d like to try this look at home, try Private Label Extensions’ Silky Straight Lace Front or Full Lace Wig with a 30vol developer and powder bleach. Private Label Extensions’ wigs are the same high-quality Brazilian hair that you love. This hair colors beautifully and will allow you to achieve high levels of lift without major damage. If you aren’t confident enough to color at home, take your Private Label Extensions wigs to your stylist, they will thank you!

#6 Long and Blonde

I’m a firm believer that every woman should go blonde at least once in their life! @tarajiphenson looks stunning on Instagram in this long shadow root blonde hair. The talented stylist behind this look is @tymwallacehair. You can easily achieve this look with some Wella Color, Private Label Extensions Russian Blonde Bundles, and some elbow grease. To achieve a shadow root, use Wella Color Charm 3N with Wella Color Charm Activating lotion and apply to the roots of your Russian Blonde closure or frontal. After you thoroughly wash the color out, you’re ready to blow dry and style!

#7 Braids, Braids, Braids!

These intricate plaits are fit for the most prestige African Queen! I am in awe of @jalicia35 ability to create such beautiful and intricate looks using her bare hands and braiding hair. Unfortunately, this may not be a DIY style, unless you are a master braider. Check out these purple ombre plaits with blonde ends!

What Hairstyle Will You Try?

Trying new hairstyles can be intimidating, but remember that with confidence you can rock any hairstyle! Within the past two years, I've done so much to my hair! I’ve grown it out, cut it into a short bob, dyed it red, then cut it off into a shorter bob, grew it out, chopped it all off to about 2 inches, went blonde, and here we are! Granted, I’ve made some drastic decisions, but I challenge you to try one of these hairstyles this year, and explore your options! Using tools like Instagram can help you unleash your creative side and step out of the box. Comment below and let us know what hairstyle you’re going (or wanting) to try first!
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