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Tips on How to Tell If You Need A New Hair Vendor

Tips on How to Tell If You Need A New Hair Vendor

Come and Gather Around, Class!

Alright, we know good and well there are a million hair vendors all over this Internet who are mainly doing the same thing. But all of them just aren’t cut out for this business! Now, if I may add, Private Label Hair Extensions is by far my favorite hair vendor! They have fantastic customer service, great products and over so much! Sadly, every hair vendor can’t be on their level, and I’m here to help you out with that! When you have a hair vendor, it's important to make sure you have the best one. There are just way too many options out there for you to settle with a company or person who isn’t doing their best to serve you. Selling hair extensions has begun to be one of the top businesses in America today. Although, it’s a business that’s mostly on the Internet, it's slowly branching out to storefronts. As its continually evolving, and more people hop on the bandwagon, its important for consumers to spot out the fakes and know when its time to find a new hair vendor. Continue reading below as I go through such tips and advice on different ways to tell if you need a new one!

Hair Quality Begins to Decrease

Let’s be serious, there are hair vendors who start out doing the right thing, but they don’t always stay on that course. So many people get scammed when looking for a hair vendor, its crazy! Some may ship out one batch of good hair, and then all other shipments, have poor quality. One of the biggest talked about issues that people have over their hair extensions is that some of them shed! Who wants shedding hair? That’s a sure difference between low price hair extensions and higher price. Quality means everything and if your hair vendor is selling low-quality bundles, then its time to ditch them and find a new one, soon. But also understand that some level of shedding may occur, but if its over the norm than that’s an issue. A lot of the vendor customers don’t wear the hair product they sell, but they should. Because it's far better for the buyer to notice an issue versus waiting for their customer to say something and now they look like the bad guys. Quality of hair is the number one importance a buyer should be concerned over. It only makes sense for you to buy and wear the hair you sell. Test it out; wash it, color it, detangle it, etc. If you’re selling hair extensions, you must know all about it and love it because your customers will trust you. So if the quality starts decreasing, change vendors!

Vendor States No Washing Is Needed

If for whatever reason, you missed that fine print you supplier sent you when you first started with them, and it says anything about not having to wash the hair, run! If your suppliers' main focus is on how you should care for the hair, then it's because they are hiding something. What happens a lot of times is that hair vendors will put a coating or a chemical on the top of the hair extension that is supposed to prevent shedding and to tangle, but it’s a scam. There shouldn’t be a coating of any kind on the hair. The way you can find this out is by washing your hair extension when you receive it. Once the hair is clean, the chemical will rinse out, and you will be able to see the true essence of the hair you purchased. Now, if you wash the hair and can tell a coating was put on then you need to find a new hair vendor. The last thing you want is for your customers to find that information out and they suspect it was you!

Vendor Prices Skyrocket

I get it, prices don’t stay the same forever, but that doesn’t mean they can go up at any time. There are too many stories on hair vendors randomly increasing prices. If you’re a new buyer to a supplier and within 60 days their rates rise, run. As a new buyer, the prices they told you should remain the same for a good while before they go up. Even when prices begin to increase, it should be reasonable amounts. When I say normal, I’m speaking on fees may go up for a few dollars along with other quantities, but never drastically. A drastic price change, for example, would be, if you’ve been paying $170 for 30 bundles and now the price becomes $250; that is drastic, and it happens! If you like your supplier, I would recommend talking to them about it to find out why the prices went up without notice. If they work with you then great, but if they don’t then you should start walking away!

Your Customers Begin Complaining Excessively

If it ever comes a time where your customers begin complaining too much about the hair they were given, then its time to find a new supplier. Don’t forget you are only the middleman and can do so much! The main thing that some buyers don’t think of is their reputation. If your customers begin complaining too much or even start leaving nasty reviews, it can cause damage to your brand. It will be very wise to make sure your customer service is excellent and that you are ensuring the customer that they can trust you. However, if your customers complain too much and you’re not able to resolve their issues, then you will have to search for a new supplier. Because you’re the middle man and just supplying the hair to them, if they have too many issues then you know you have a problem. Don't allow your brand to get tarnished over something your supplier did!

Vendor Begins to Ship Orders Late

“Hey, I just wanted to know has my order shipped yet?” says many people who have patiently waited for their paid merchandise but still hasn’t received a shipping email! Remember, you can’t ship your customer’s orders until you have first received your order! Otherwise, you have nothing to send them. You are only the middleman, but the middleman still has to make it seem as if everything is coming from you. If your supplier continually is having a hard time shipping your order out, then it is time you find a new one. When you’re searching for a hair vendor, one of the top things to look for is if they are reliable and dependable. Of course, they very well could be that way in the beginning and then change later. Now, nothing is perfect, so if they ship your order out once or twice in a couple of months, I think that’s okay. However, if it begins to a habit, then find a new supplier.

Vendor Doesn’t Return Calls or Emails

PSA: It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, or what you’re doing in life, communication is vital! It’s even more critical when you have to rely on someone! As a buyer, if you don’t have a clear, direct line of communication with your supplier than its time you find a better one, soon I understand people get busy, but there should be a standard of a one to three day period when you hear a response back from your supplier. When your customers begin asking you questions that you can’t answer, and you also have to wait a while for an answer, that’s a big issue. There may be a day where you have a customer that is requesting a particular curl type or length, and you will need to know if they carry it or not. Depending on whether you hear back fast enough may depend on if you have a new customer or not. Is it worth losing a potential new customer over lack of communication? No, it's not. You should be your supplier’s top priority no matter what.

So, Do You Need a New Hair Vendor?

As you can see, there are many ways to tell if you need a hair vendor. Some are obvious while some you may notice over time. When you have a hair vendor, you must make sure you have one of the best. Like I mentioned earlier if your hair vendor isn’t reliable or trustworthy or even has terrible hair, which can very well mess up your brand. Because your customers depend on you, you must find a hair vendor that is reliable. One of the most significant benefits of the hair industry is that it's very saturated. But saturation isn’t always a bad thing. As far a hair vendor is a concern it means there are many other suppliers out there for you to pick from who will give you the service you need. You don’t have to stick with one hair vendor because you think that is all you can find. Do your research and make sure you are only dealing with the best! Have you ever had to cut off your hair vendor? If so, I would love to hear your story down in the comment section!
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To Tell or Not To tell? Things Worth Mentioning to Your Hair Vendor

To Tell or Not To tell? Things Worth Mentioning to Your Hair Vendor

Hair Vendors Are Essential To Your Business, So Communicate

Wading through piles and piles of hair vendors online can be a daunting task for any entrepreneur, rather a seasoned vet in the hair industry or someone new. It is an overwhelming and often confusing process, that is ultimately worth it in the end. Finding the perfect hair vendor makes the process of building your hair empire run so much smoother, having someone reliable, offering a great product is pivotal for your hair business. No matter if you’re in the beginning stages or sure about the hair vendor you want to choose, here is a list of things you will need to mention to your hair vendor before securing them as your supplier.

Let’s Find A Vendor First

First and foremost, the way you approach your hair vendor all depends on your sourcing strategy. Are you drop shipping your hair to clients? Are you buying wholesale to have your hair on hand? Each source model requires a slightly different approach to contact and finding your perfect hair vendor.


Dropshipping has become the new norm for e-commerce stores, and selling hair extensions are no different. When looking for a drop shipping company be sure you have all your questions and concerns put together. Drop shipping is more of a partnership. It requires trust in your hair vendor. You would not allow anyone to make shipments on your behalf to your clients if you didn't trust them would you? Yeah, me either. If you are looking for a drop shipping company, check out Private Label Extensions, they are the leading drop shipping company, and they are US based! If you are looking for a drop shipping company here are a few things worth mentioning to your drop shipping hair vendor.
  • Is there a drop shipping fee? Most drop shipping hair vendors will charge a per order fee to fulfill your orders, be sure to ask if there is one.
  • How long does it take to ship the product once the order once you've put in the order? Huge deal breaker here, customers love receiving their orders ASAP, the quicker, the better.
  • How are orders placed? Via phone, email, fax, how? A smooth operation is necessary when using a drop shipping company for your hair business. Mention which method is most comfortable for you and your business.
  • Do they support EDI? Real-time inventory data from your hair extension vendor is pivotal, knowing what's out of stock is necessary so you can update your website accordingly.
  • How are orders tracked? Will they send shipping and tracking to you and your clients?
  • Can you place your company name and logo on the package? Branded packaging is an excellent source of advertisement for your business.
  • Do they ship outside of the US? You should mention if you’d like to ship you hair products internationally.
  • What are their return/exchange policies, if any? Your policies will have to adhere to their policies being they are your hair warehouse so to speak. Be sure to let them know your policies to ensure they are in line with your policies as well.
  • Samples, ask them if they offer hair samples, you must feel the product before purchasing it.


When it comes down to sourcing products for your online store, buying your hair extensions wholesale is an easier process than drop shipping. You can email or contact your wholesale hair extension company you're interested in, tell them you’d like to sell their products and ask them to make a purchase. Although wholesaling has its positives, there are also things worth mentioning to your hair vendor. Minimums, try addressing the minimum purchase or minimum order quantity question first, before getting too invested. Mention how much you are willing to buy and how often you think you’d need to buy more. Try finding a hair vendor with really low or no minimums! Lead time for high demand hair? Mention the inches, hair texture, and colors you know are in high demand, ask the wholesaler about their lead time on these products to be sure you aren't losing clients. Payment terms, what exactly the discount amount you will receive when buying wholesale. What if the hair extensions don’t arrive? If your hair extensions are late or don’t show up how can it be rectified? What are their return/exchange policies, if any? Your policies will have to adhere to their policies being they are your hair warehouse so to speak. Be sure to let them know your policies to ensure they are in line with your policies as well. Samples, ask them if they offer hair samples, you must feel the product before purchasing it. Once you’ve found your hair extensions vendor, a line of communication is essential, if you receive complaints or praise about the products, inform your hair vendor.

The Bad

Mention constant complaints about a particular method or product. We all believe in our hair products; if you didn’t you wouldn’t sell it, however listening to your clients will help your business and brand.

For Example:

  • Hair Shedding
  • Bundle thinness
  • Inability to process color
  • Processing time taking to long
  • Issue with returns or exchanges
  • Lack of a certain length, color, or texture

The Good

Mention constant praise about a particular method or product. We all believe in our hair products, and when our clients do as well, it sends a boost of confidence so to speak. Just like you are sure to inform your hair vendor about the issues, also let them know about the good things they are doing!

For Example:

  • Hair not shedding
  • Full bundles
  • Great processing times
  • Smooth returns/exchanges
  • Having a fully stocked inventory
  • Awesome customer service

It's All About The Communication

Keeping a line of open communication is the best thing you can do for your hair extensions business. Mentioning when things aren’t going as smoothly as expected is necessary, on the other hand mentioning the aspects of the vendor relationship that is going great is worth mentioning as well. Cultivating a relationship with your hair vendor is the easiest way to allow you to specify all things good or bad. Have more things worth mentioning to you hair vendor; we would love to hear them! May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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Inside Atlanta's #1 Wholesale Hair Extension Supplier

Inside Atlanta's #1 Wholesale Hair Extension Supplier

From the Weave Capital of the World!

Welcome to Atlanta where the Hairstylists slay! Atlanta is the home of everything hair and that also includes the cities #1 wholesale hair extension supplier, Private Label Extensions. Our team loves when our clients stop by our office to talk about hair products and business. Our showroom is located just off the Freedom Parkway exit in the highrise on the corner of Highland Ave and Boulevard.

Inside the Office

Take a quick look inside the office with Zakiyrah and Avery. Our cabinets are always stocked and ready for your next wholesale hair extensions order.

Atlanta Wholesale Hair

Our specialty is working with clients in Atlanta and all over the USA. Orders that are placed online with us are shipped the same day if ordered before 3 PM ET. Our double check shipping quality control limits the chance of shipping errors. We take every aspect of the hair business very seriously. Although it is rare that a mistake happens on our side because of the QC that is in place, but if it does we will fix the situation with white-glove care. We know your customers are waiting for the hair and do not like delays.

Behind the Scenes

We love to give our clients a "behind the scenes" look at what we have going on inside the office and studios. It is important for our potential customers and current clients to see that we are always working to offer great products and content to connect with us. The photo below shows a video shoot for a few custom made wigs that were absolutely slayed to perfection. You will be able to find the video on our YouTube channel. Make sure you give it a thumbs up!
If you have any questions about getting started in the hair business please feel free to reach out to us. It would be our pleasure to help walk you through the steps of getting started. The Private Label Extensions team are experts at not only hair extension products but the technology needed for them to sell.
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Wholesale Options Now Available!

Wholesale Options Now Available!

Wholesale Hair Extension Options

Here at Private Label Extensions, we take the difficulty of getting started with your hair extension business. Our experienced team will work directly with you to help get your hair brand off the ground or possibly improve your current brand. Hair Extension Lounge
We have been working directly with salon owners and stylists that like to inventory their products with great success. Our branding options allow the stylist to have their own branded hair extension products. We help with custom printed hang ties, packaging and even hang tie strings. Our #1 goal is to make you successful selling hair extensions. Most orders ship the same day or within 24 hours from our Atlanta location. If you are in the Atlanta area we also offer pick up from our private office located in a high rise near downtown. As soon as your order ships we will provide tracking information to ensure you know the minute your order will arrive. Wholesale Hair Extensions Our pricing structure is simple. We have a minimum order of $300 for our wholesale hair extension products. This helps us separate our retail buyers from our wholesale clients. This pricing threshold is very competitive for a US supplier. If you have any questions about our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!
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